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Over on the right of this page is what I am willing to say. I am very aware that saying too much is more helpful to the bad guys than to the few good spirited traders left so COY is the way I write these days. 

My purpose here is of a spiritual nature now. I work for free and don't ask for anything other to for a reader consider what is posted here. I have done what I can to not be some sort of guru and do not like being pretentious if I can avoid it. I know my writing style is a bit "blunt" but I don't know any way to express myself but blunt so please forgive me. OH and I have a great need of an editor so forgive me for that too. 




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Trump first 100 days edition

btw this site is OPINION

Trump Acceptance Reality Disorder


Big pharma has a golden opportunity to invent a new disorder so a pill can be created to control it.  BEEEEELIONS in profit to the industry. A heroic dose of LSD could be a cure but big pharma is never interested in any actual cure. I suspect they will come up with a cocktail of SSRIs nick named "the straight jacket".  


As usual read the hysterical comments. hat tip to the one who came up with the title of this post. 


God given abilities

The length of time the project was acknowledged to be in existence, nearly 20 year, suggests that it the results of the project were promising enough to keep funding it to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars over two decades. The idea that the program simply became public in 1995, and was ended after 20 years, is a nave proposition. There is great likelihood that the program was simply rolled over into another Special Access Black Budget Program (SAPs) meaning that all of the information and findings within these programs remains secret and unknown to the mainstream world.

One of the functions of the project early on was to find people who have natural ability that the gov could harness. Kinda funny really because having functional ability requires a high moral character and especially so when it comes to lying. Not an esay task to find people who had not blinded their own third eye with lies. The RV project in the 70s focused on tapping people who had very little knowledge of their ability prior to their participation. 

And if you lie you will lose it,
Feelings will show.
So don't you ever abuse it,
Don't let it go.

..............................................Eric Clapton.. 

So what happened is the level of frustration increased to a point where the major players, MICHAEL AQUINO in particular, resorted to satanism as a workaround. What we have seen especially since the project was admitted to in mid 1990s was it had morphed itself into a satan club of cracked souls who used any and all methods including pedo and trauma based techniques to "enhance" their perception of having what would otherwise be quite natural to a non evil person. 

I believe things went from bad to worse from 1995 on because the details of various CIA / bankster plots and crimes kept leaking into the minds of people like myself in advance and there was no way to stop us from seeing. Their fears included firing Ingo Swann who was a key man for being a telepath who could see into their minds. 

Based on Mr Trumps birth chart I see him as a natural. Sun Uranus conjunction trined to Jupiter with Moon Mars adding a booster. Trumps chart is GREAT!!!! Misusing his ability is not indicated. I don't think he lies much because he knows that a breach of trust is bad for business and I also think he sees through a liar quickly. Imagine what is possible when a president has a functional third eye.. The founding fathers were mostly masons who were well trained in the art of seeing. LOL.. as the song says IF YOU LIE YOU WILL LOSE IT. 


The right to move act

We need this.. the single most negative part of the 2008 debacle is an actual worker who has for reasons not of his own doing trapped by an un-saleable house/with mortgage. So instead of being able to move to a new place with better opportunity the only thing available is a bartender / convenience store part time job in the locally depressed economy. You could call it workers wearing cement shoes. 

This problem extends to punitive lease terms on rentals as well. Lets say you FINALLY find an out of town full time job after looking for months and then find out you are on the hook for rent for close to a year. Do you dump the wife and kids on welfare to take the job?? Many have done that here where I live. Lots of single parent households here. 

In a functional economy a worker can move to greener pastures without penalty. And do it without breaking up the family.. or suffering from credit score damage.. 

Lets face it the FED owns the vast majority of mortgage paper and Fed cronies still own the vast amount of foreclosed property now turned into rentals..  Some sort of UNDER USED HOUSE bank is a solution where workers can switch property with others in the same situation elsewhere and the MEGA BANKS THAT OWN THE PAPER ON THOSE HOMES are required to do the paperwork necessary to accomplish a move to facilitate the switch. 

Of course this is simple but then again the 2008 reforms make it PROFITABLE for the SERVICING BANKS if the home owner just defaults.. How bout a lease to own option where a homeowner who has equity can transfer that equity to a new location without penalty. And if a worker has negative equity the BANK has to eat the loss without generating a tax problem for the worker. hahaha.. Too simple? 100 million workers are out of the workforce because they cannot afford to move to a place that has a job for them. 

 I hope this idea lands on Mr Trump's desk. 


Stop feeding the dragon

If you want to succeed you have to stop feeding the corps that suppress your rights.. A good place to start is AMAZON. STOP PAYING THEM 100 FOR PRIME. This is a corpse of a corp that sucks the life out of everything even Wal-Mart. Now THAT is impressive in an evil sort of way. On top of that they are in the fake news biz with WoPo and work for the CIA to mind fuck you on the net. Start there and BTW cut the cable and make it be known when you do it that you are NOT going to pay CNN every month whether you watch it of not. 

The banksters can be at least tamed if you and I refuse to borrow money from the top of the pyramid. If you need to borrow join a credit union. Pay off any credit card every month do not carry a credit balance.. 

Be patient with your reality challenged friends. Many of them will get worse before they either have a total breakdown or get a grip on the unreality they have been steeped in the last 25 years. You may have to give up on some of them. Kinda strange to see the flip side of the peace and love 60s manifest as such hypocritical hatred eh? It was like a Seinfeild show rioting about nothing yesterday almost like they were doing it for pay rather than having an actual cause. hahahahaha

 Give Trump some credit for handing the last 4 presidents their balls in a jar yesterday. He made some very bold promises and I for one will raise hell if he backs down on them. I see the fight as just starting and it will take 20 years at least to fix a problem of criminals running government that started in November 1963. The grand poobaa of evil HW Bush almost met his maker yesterday and that was about the only thing I was disappointed about. 



A new president is inaugurated on the day that the sun enters AQUARIUS. Ha someone very wise picked that date. Aquarius is the sign of WE THE PEOPLE and not the saturnised EL-ite which is a Capricornian feature.... 

I am very optimistic as far as what the very strongly positive astro has in store this year. Let it be known that positive is a relative term because the old/new world order is not likely to be happy about the changes and are likely to organize many impediments to the well being of WE THE PEOPLE. 

I think those of us who have been studious about the truth have to understand that a change of the magnitude we are undertaking is not supposed to go smoothly or it could be stopped.  Change usually happens in sudden ways and this will be demonstrated in February when a solar eclipse and a Mars Uranus to Jupiter opposition takes place at the end of February. 

The equity markets have been in over optimism mode since the election. It is POSSIBLE you aint seen nothin yet. The Mars Uranus Jupiter energy late February is recklessly optimistic. All the fear based hedging for a disaster from the libs side might just be the speculative fuel needed to produce a rare UPCRASH in equity. We are not talking bull market we are talking MOON SHOT. I am not promising such an outcome but would be remiss to not warn you that it is a greater possibility than a downcrash of any significance at least from now until AUGUST. The odds favor the upside continuing considering the astro and it would not be a surprise that the markets rose up to a 1929/1987 type of nose bleed high around the time of the Great American eclipse on August 21st. 

 NOTE.. a post inauguration downdraft is a set the hook move to get the emotional driven anti Trump traders all beared up. 

So enjoy the ride. I think it might be brilliant that Trump has brought in the Goldman boys at least in the start of his presidency.. I think the other 4 fed banks some of whom are clearly enemies of Trump are going to be a bit wary of causing trouble at least near term. Sad but true Goldman seems the least rotten at the bottom of the apple barrel. 

Don't be surprised if a new alliance forms this summer between USA Russia and post brexit UK to replace NATO. 

Don't be surprised if Israel starts to chatter about the Samson option again. A USA Russia alliance would be a direct threat to Israeli hegemony over the anglo west. 

Don't be surprised to find out that Hillary has a massive multi decade blackmail operation revealed. It might be time to do a mandatory lie detector test on ALL government officials to find out if they have been blackmailed into being in the service of the enemies of WE THE PEOPLE. We can start with McCain and Graham.