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My purpose here is of a spiritual nature now. I work for free and don't ask for anything other to for a reader consider what is posted here. I have done what I can to not be some sort of guru and do not like being pretentious if I can avoid it. I know my writing style is a bit "blunt" but I don't know any way to express myself but blunt so please forgive me. OH and I have a great need of an editor so forgive me for that too. 


Maybe you noticed.

I don't do facebook or twitter. I don't use fancy blogware. I don't sell anything.. I don't beg for money.  I don't do ads. My FULL NAME name is in one place on this home page. I don't seek adulation or try to drive traffic to my site. I did a few vids back in 2009 that are still on youtube but got shot out of the water right quick by hackers so I don't do that either.  I don't get asked to be on radio because I don't bring in traffic to the show.  No one owns me and I have been very aware of not getting myself into any position to be blackmailed and there have been enough attempts to rope me into shit since the 90s that I lost count. I would rather die in poverty than do things differently. 

 My style is to frame ideas I come across with my own commentary.. If you don't go the links YOU MISS THE POINT. 

 This is one of the oldest sites on the internet registered in early January of 1996 and running continuously ever since. My budget for hosting this site has been 35 USD a month since 1997. I used to make a lot of money here and gave subscribers overwhelming value for their money. After 2009 I work here for free with 2400 out of pocket to show for it. The price I paid for speaking truth to power I have no exact figure but is 6 figures. 

I love what I do and aspire to do it for all the right reasons. I hope you find ideas here that you will love as much as I did when I  posted them.  If you hate what I do or cant see the humor I don't even allow you to complain. Just go away. 




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Post election edition


Reality aint what it used to be

Reality is that which when you stop believing in it does not go away
.. Philip K Dick

Ahh believing. LIE is in the word. Seems something has gone rouge in the belief dept lately what could it be. SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS THAT IS WHAT.  Saturn has been in that sign for about a year and a half now and Saturn is the solar system consequence mechanism. Sagittarius is philosophical and religious zodiac sign and is very much a rationalization of things unknown. 

 Believe it or not you don't have to believe in anything.. rhitt

Astrology is NOT a belief system.  What we know of it was acquired by DIRECT OBSERVATION over thousands of years. The simplest observations are quite obvious.. The day night cycles the seasons and the lunar tidal effect. HAHAHA even a caveman understands or he would have died and we would not be here. The more complex long term observations required  very precise measurements of the planets movements so you see megalithic structures all over the world built for that purpose some that are 12000 years old  Not a surprise they are the oldest remains of any signs of civilization because we now know that some of calamity occurred 12000 years ago. .  So I still get a chuckle when someone says I DON'T BELIEVE IN ASTROLOGY.. HAHAHA the look in their eyes when I say I don't believe in it either. I don't need to believe it. 

BELIEF in human caused global warming ie climate change. Very tricky of them to rebrand it in such a way that it somehow links a LIE into an obvious truth. Climate DOES change and guess what it has everything to do with the sun and the outer planets effect on solar output. 

Belief in religions especially the abrahamic religions are under Saturn's consequences right now. The do what I say that god says is not cutting it right now. FACT IS the bible stories have been used to trick people into into believing some of the more stupid ideas ever conceived. Want to know why it seems the radical islamists seem keen on destroying ancient sites? They PROVE the entire timeline of the believer is UN TRUE. 

Belief in so called education.  It is so obvious now that the more educated a person is the less likely that person is to have DISCERNMENT. I have never run into a more educated group of morons as I did when I lived smack in between UNC and DUKE in 2014 - 2015. Reality entering the room has them freaked out and am so glad I headed back to the hills were dumb people know they are dumb. You could call it refreshing. 

Saturn will be in sag another year or so and when he is done his work and moves into Capricorn the word REALIST is going to be in vogue. 
I suspect that the biggest belief going ... the belief in FRNs being "money" is on the chopping block in 2017. 


A radical idea

In a debt based central banking currency the interest to pay the debt is never issued. That means that either you are EL-ite enough to be able to roll the debt over indefinitely so the interest is never paid ... OR if you are a serf you have to fight the other serfs to get your hands on the money to pay the interest. This only works if there is NO ALTERNATIVE CURRENCY available to escape the endless suffering of the 99%. The predatory nature of private central bank money makes the serfs work harder kinda like whipping the slaves. It results in tremendous poverty at the bottom of the food chain. Great for bankers but not so much for anyone not a privileged EL-ite. 

Not a surprise that the fed feels threatened by any alternate currency .. EVEN BARTER. 
Did you know this was not how the country worked before 1913. Did you also know that the fed model is the same thing on a grand scale as the so called company store that was test bedded on the miners in west virgina in the late 1800s. Back then the mining oligarchs were paying "employees" with company script that was ONLY good in the company store. The script was not accepted elsewhere and was not convertible to US currency except at pennies on the dollar on the street. 

Bitcoin is certainly a potential alternate currency.. But the catch 22 is it is totally reliant on the internet working. Considering there is an internet kill switch the risks of using such a currency are too great to have all of ones assets in it. Gold has been attacked with paper promises to a point where THAT is also to dangerous to hold except for disaster prevention in physical form. The funny thing is THE CONSTITUTION ALREADY HAS DICTATED THE ALTERNATE CURRENCY from the beginning. The last president who played that card was JFK when he minted silver money issued directly to the people. Yep it was 100% convertible to fed res notes and we know that did not last long. Take a look at a 1964 Kennedy half dollar.. IT DOES NOT SAY FEDERAL RESERVE ON IT. 

The way to end the fed is COMPETITION. The fed money is shitty money even NEGATIVE MONEY. DEBT MONEY THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL?? Right now you cannot get a return on your holdings of FRNs because the owners of the money and their EL-ite pals are so indebted they cannot pay the interest unless is is close to zero. 

If trump is going to fix this mess he should issue US Notes.. Lets say that by design this money carries a minimum of 3% return to anyone who is productive enough to save some. If this alt to FRNs comes to pass you can imagine how fast the holders of money would switch to US notes out of FRNs  The only way the FRNs remain in use is to offer a competitive return and run itself in such a transparent way that people trust the fed res.  

Low interest rates do not help anyone but the massively indebted who just roll over the debt and never pay it off. Japan has been in ZIRP mode since the early 1990s and the negative effect on the population is so depressing they don't even have sex anymore. 

Why 3% return guarantee???? ..  That is a natural rate of population growth.. Anything below that is going to produce stealth deflation. 


Major Psyops Alert

A week from now we have a cluster of astro meeting up with the opportunity to fuck with peoples heads. The fed meets 13th - 14th. then OPEX on the 15th - 16th... the electoral college votes on the 19th. 

The 14th is the 4th anniversary of sandy hook. If you dont know that sandy hook was a psyop drill using crisis actors turned into a fake news event to promote gun control?? Then go back to school and study history. The operation was so amateurish it cost Janet Napolitano her job. Just go to youtube and search for sandy hook actors. It would be hysterical if it was not so lame an effort and it is sad that so many were taken in anyway in spite of all the so called BAD ACTING. 

We know now that the Hillary campaign was using AI to plan every detail of the election. This is why they were caught flat footed by the loss. They BELIEVED that the all powerful AI was going to win the election for them. Fact is they very well might think that AI is still going to win it for them. The last chance is the coming over the next week - 10 days. 

I fully except to see some of most sicko shit since sandy hook but this would be a real deal op not the Hollywood production type. They will make it LOOK like a fake but is actually a real event. HEADS UP to the members of the 200 forbidden sites club.... 

Keep in mind this is last ditch desperation mode because failure means a lot of people are going to jail.  No idea how big it might be a global event such as a nuke event. Odds favor a retooled operation that was originally scheduled to reinforce what was already planned as the kick off of the hillary agenda. 

 The Full moon is opposed to a Sun Saturn conjunction on the 13th. The 14th has a wide grand cross triggering the Uranus Jupiter opposition. Mercury goes retro the day before the electoral college votes. Very concerned that 5 things are going on at once and somehow the vote is postponed. The 2000 election had a mercury retrograde station on election day.  Prepare yourself for a clusterfuck.

NOTE TO ASTROLOGERS. Am I the only one who actually does this kind of work?? 
Are you all just life coaches? Are you all blind?? Please anyone who is is good enough to be a seer who does not work for the dark side contact me. 


Darkmoon rising

Here is a list of the so called forbidden websites .. I looked at the list and about a 3rd of them I know and use.. VERY GOOD PEOPLE RUN THEM. An astonishing assault on free speech.

Should the hillary brown shirts some how get a hold of our country and steal the election this list is going to be used as a kill list. I do NOT think that some of the sites mentioned in the list are doing anyone a favor by constantly focusing on pizzagate clickbait and such. Some on this list are actually disinfo sites created to fuzz up the minds of WE THE PEOPLE to distract us from what is important.  One way to filter out those sites is to look at when they were created.. If it is after 2009 the odds favor them to be a cass sunstien creation intended to dilute the net with massive bullshit. Think about it.. If you just started speaking up after 2009 it seems to me at best you are hopelessly behind the curve. 


Paul Craig Roberts

A very smart and brave guy. Should be a part of the Trump admin but may very well be a replacement for a fired insider down the road.

Before I give an explanation, let’s be sure we all know what an explanation is. An explanation is not a justification. The collapse of education in the US is so severe that many Americans, especially younger ones, cannot tell the difference between an explanation and a defense, justification, or apology for what they regard as a guilty person or party. If an explanation is not damning or sufficiently damning of what they want damned, the explanation is interpreted as an excuse for the object of their scorn. In America, reason and objective analysis have taken a backseat to emotion.

We do not know what the appointments mean except, as Trump discovered once he confronted the task of forming a government, that there is no one but insiders to appoint. For the most part that is correct. Outsiders are a poor match for insiders who tend to eat them alive. Ronald Reagan’s California crew were a poor match for George H.W. Bush’s insiders. The Reagan part of the government had a hell of a time delivering results that Reagan wanted.

So lets let the PROCESS play out a bit before getting all pissy like the snowflakes do. One thing we do know if an appointee does not perform he is going to get fired. Patience with ineptitude is not one of Trumps strong suits. 

The more Trump is criticized, the easier it is for the neoconservatives to offer their support and enter the administration. To date he has not appointed one, but you can bet your life that Israel is lobbying hard for the neocons. The neocons still reign in the media, the think tanks, university departments of foreign affairs, and the foreign policy community. They are an ever present danger.


Why so many have ZERO situational awareness

All the technical fans and astro fans I deal with these days have a problem it seems in that they don't understand the CONTEXT of the methodologies. I guess I am an old school .. old guy.. who was doing great work in the 1990s when markets actually reflected reality. I am still good even in retirement because I know reality aint what it used to be. 

What we saw in 2008 was a crash because there was a rule change that forced valuation of massive debt bubble to MARKET price and not MODEL price. That crash did not resolve itself until mark to market was removed and mark to model was the way of the accountant making things uncrashy. 

Mark to MODEL is how the AI and ALGOS see. Mark to market is how the actual flesh and blood PERSON sees reality. Mark to market is by definition PRICE DISCOVERY. Mark to model the last 7 years is why we are in such a state of confusion.. 

So you want to trade the three Jupiter Uranus oppositions coming on?? Here is what it is going to be like. Add in some barrel rolls. Maybe a few people jumping out of their seats.

The ONLY way we return to mark to market reality is to resolve the unpayable debt. Could take a while. I am assuming it eventually means the FED and its owners are going to have to eat 10s of trillions of losses. I think I see trump pitting the 5 banks of the fed against each other. Hey if I was him I would jump on Goldman back and put all the bad debt on SHITTY BANK (Citi) . btw they deserve it .. This was Clintons bank of choice in the 1990s run by Rubin. LOL.. it is hard for me to root for Goldman... but in this case I cannot wait to see the mauling Goldman is going to put on the others... Hysterical to see Jamie Diamond being tapped to create all the jobs he was so busy destroying since 2007. Hahahaha.. Like being put in detention with a dunce cap in the corner. 


Playing your cards right

Trump won by a 3000 to 50 mark if the score was done by counties. This I guess is what is called a LANDslide.  Attempts at manipulation of the electoral college were thwarted by my 40 year home county in PA when a Montgomery county judge refused to submit to Jill steins attempt to muck things up. Bravo... 

You could say the DEAL IS DONE. But wait.. those creeps who were not just in power for the last 8 years but have been subverting the US since 1979 are going into desperation mode KNOWING the gig is up for real. Both sides of the political aisle. There are as many republicans as democrats involved and this is where things get tricky. 

Lets let things like pizzagate and even worse wait till there is a functional government after January 20th. Job ONE.. the electoral college. Job TWO inauguration. Job THREE make sure that trump does not end up like RFK in June 1968.  Provoking desperate people who have nothing to lose before you are in a position to ensure against a repeat of RFK seems a bit foolish. I have a hunch if we let some time pass there will be insiders lining up to squeal to protect themselves. Lets give them all rope and let them hang each other. 

1967 was the last jubilee year 49 years before 2016. 1968 was the year AFTER that jubilee and the USA lost a chance to right the wrongs that occurred when JFK was gunned down in a coup.  We need to learn from history and not sit around letting it repeat itself. 


Trumps security

Trump is very aware of being threatened. He also has to protect we the people from purposeful sabotage of critical parts of the government and economy and MARKETS. My read on things is what is now just annoying with the lame riots and the recount bullshit is the prelims .. But first it seems we need to get past the December expirations of derivatives. LOLOL.. Friday the 16th.. A wide but VERY intense grand cross on Thursday afternoon the 15th is certainly a potential OH SHIT MOMENT. 
Then the electoral college will vote on the 19th. 

 Jupiter and Uranus will be opposed and starts getting into a tightening orb till Christmas day. .. Things are going to get really interesting this is HUGE speculative energy. Here is a tip for all you amateur traders picking up pennies in front of an ETF subway train. If you don't be careful it might be you get picked by the EMTs in tiny little pieces. If you are not a pro and trade futures that execute stop orders 24/6 you are asking for it. 

Bob the lifeguard is blowing the everyone out of the pool whistle as the dark clouds and the lightening rumble gets closer.

Some of the trump choices I see with posts being filled with less desirables maybe is understandable in this way. Who would you personally hire to protect your ass in a real hostile situation where loyalty is not so much in premium  A BAD ASS BIKER GANG. I get it. Calling Jesse Ventura.  He would put the fear of god into the weasels. 


Computers and such

Getting reports about lots of attempts to screw up everyone's computers who are in the truth movement. LOL.. has not worked to deter us for the last 8 years. Kinda funny. Cupcakes we are not. It took about 3 hours today to do some uninvited windows update  on this PC before I could write.. Glad I don't give a fuck. 

Got a really nasty cold after thanksgiving.. Probably as nasty as any I have gotten since 2009. I figure it is best to wait for it to pass before saying much. I can only think for a few minutes at a time right now. 


Swamp Things

God the stench. No one told us what it smells like when the swamp is drained. Everywhere one looks it stinks more every day. 

The internet has gone wonky. Thanks to obama who gave away the internet control over to globalists the DNS is constantly screwed up it seems. . 
The recount.. OMG.. they cannot accept reality. 
I see MANY plans that are being rolled out that were in the pipeline assuming a Hillary win. The gift of giving your friends and relatives a goog or amazon spying device being one. The VR glasses are cool but what of the content that is available being harmful to ones perceptions as in hypnosis.  

I have a suggestion for truthers. Stay away from the pizzzagate story. This is a potential meme that was designed to make it possible to sue and discredit the sites pushing it allowing for huge censorship. Not that the story is not trueish. I lived in DC for 6 months early in 2006 and it sure as heck felt like the whole place was covered in slime even back then. I shudder to think what it is like now. 

We can expect a rough ride at least in the early Trump admin. A gale force headwind which was plan B if Hillary lost. A WAAAY to high US dollar. Rising interest rates. Wobbly stock market mid dec into end of January. Oh and the Obamacare implosion. Americans should be taking note of this attempt to destroy Trump's chances of getting positive changes in motion.  


Thanksgiving astro

Ramping up to black Friday. Venus and Pluto conjunction squared to Moon Jupiter conjunction. LOL its going to be a politically incorrect time of it for starters. Those of us who know what is going on might consider this is an opportunity for diplomacy and less than an opportunity to ridicule. Treat the millennial as you would a retarded person and use small words and easy to understand concepts. 

The stock market is already responding to this oversize Jupiter effect as well as the Uranus Jupiter opposition in December. THERE IS NO WHERE TO HIDE EXCEPT EQUITY From the snap back of deflation to the inflation ahead. Had gold been allowed to be a commodity and not a tool of deception it would be significantly higher already. Those who have sold 500 times the amount of physical that exists need to give themselves an out so the price is low for now. Bonds KNOW an interest rate hike is coming and I figure the hike could be as much as a half percent. The USD is now so high it is suffocating US domestic business. In a debt based FX model a higher dollar is a sign of distress. 

This astro is a polar opposite of thanksgiving 2014. That one was Saturn conjunct Mercury at the exact midpoint of the Uranus Pluto square. Remember what happened?? The Saudis did a suicide bombing of the oil market on a day when US markets were closed.. This set up the last 2 years as a soul sucking deflationary spiral. LOL.. the Saudi hillary connection was not so known back then but looking back at it now was an all out assault on the US economy which had just made itself energy independent for the first time in 50 years. 

A very big paradigm shift is starting. The Jupiter Pluto and Jupiter Uranus expansive energy is lasting into at least mid year. In our upside down world this obvious inflationary energy is only possible to manifest during a republican lead gov. Rehabbing a deflationary economy will require a HUGE amount of spending going straight from the printing press to John Q Public and bypassing the bankster middlemen. I see infrastructure projects the size of 10 Hoover dams. Nasa actually used to explore space again.. Restoring a small business economy which was once the foundation of our lost prosperity. In the longer run the USD is going to have to come down enough to make Americans want to buy domestic made products again.  We already see some come to Jesus moments in the big monopolistic giants who have been shoving cheap and deflationary products at consumers. 

Interesting times indeed. A peace time post war inflationary boom. Most of the traders left  these day have never seen this it was last seen in mid to late 1970s post Vietnam.  


Fake news events

Ok lets say you are responsible for events that LOOK like news but are simply scripted psyops intended to bully public opinion. You are getting kicked out of power and if it became a known that most of the events of importance were performances not events what would you do?? Hilariously throw aspersion on anyone who spoke about this when it was occurring. We don't have to look that far back to see the fake events .. 

SANDY HOOK. Very bad acting.. Was not even up to B movie standards. Did you notice that this event was so poorly executed that Janet Napolitano was shoved out of DHS right after it. Did you notice that a new law was rolled out quickly making it LEGAL for the news media to lie about the facts. I DID. 

BOSTON. The perps in the sandy hook psyop were recycled in Boston.. I guess the no blood and no bodies play was deemed to be the reason it was ineffective at bullying the public mind so you got that added in. It was still easy to see the fakery and the small army of unemployed smart people who picked through the video evidence only took a day or so to completely destroy the credibility. And amazingly there were the same actors caught on camera at sandy hook and then Boston. 

 PULSE. The video evidence of a faked scenario was overwhelming. 

There are too many others to even count. Oh and do not forget the fake riots. 

So is this treason?? It is in my book. Passing laws to cover ones butt after the fact does not change that. 

 And the biggest fake event of all time is 911.. A financial crime disguised as a terrorist attack. 911 was revealed for anyone who cared to look by 2002- 2003.. Had those of us brave enough to speak up about it then been taken seriously we would NOT be in the tenuous position today with the outgoing administration in full blown destruction mode of truther sites. 

The perps took an approach of attacking us truthers on the revenue side since 2009. They made it impossible to make a living online. The most determined like myself  then went to doing the job with our own money.. Come to think of it the men who fought the American revolution had to do that too. Almost all of the signers of the declaration of independence went broke even though the war was won. 

It is funny how caught off guard the Borg like tech industry was by the Trump win. The new products from goog rolling out.. the goog phone. the goog HOME device that is your personal spy hub recording every word and then telling you what to think. And the new goog VR glasses that are really for promoting an augmented fake reality. 



New sheriff in town

Trump has to vet a LOT of people to create his new government. Since 1992 the vetting has focused on passing people along to positions of who were blackmailable.  William Binny (since a whistle blower) was part of that vetting process and found out by accident that all those he cleared as being clean were not picked for positions and those who were tainted were picked for high positions. 

 If I were asked to be part of that process I would start with one simple question while hooked up to a lie detector.. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BLACKMAILED. 

The process of filling positions is going to be tedious at best.  Seems like Jeff Sessions is going to be atty general. I looked up his chart and he sure looks good to me. A double Capricorn with sun mars conjunction. A really hard worker who cares about his reputation. 

Seems fat boy Christe and Guliani have not made the cut. Looks like Paul Ryan as speaker has been leading a circle the wagons attempt to protect various neocon traitors in big gov. Ryan controls the republicans in the house and could turn out to be the biggest stumbling block in history. the congress has become a festering boil of corruption because of the decades of ACTORS and THIEVES being put into power. Trumps answer to that is term limits but that approach is going to take at least 4 years to remove them. 

I think it is very likely that when all is said and done the new gov is going to have a LOT of people you never heard of. There will likely be apparatchiks placed in those areas that have to back burnered at first. Trump knows he cannot fight the corruption on too many levels at once. This is just a fact of life so get used to it. You cannot fix a problem that started in 1992 in a few months. Justice dept and DHS are where to look as far as first steps. 


The leftists and the 49 year cycle

Anyone who has read here over the last few years has been informed about the Shemitah and Shemitah jubilee cycles. This is a seven year and seven times seven cycle that goes back to the roots of the Hebrew way of seeing the world.  The seven days of the week in Genesis as an example of organizing things using the MAGIC NUMBER SEVEN. The number relates to the Saturn cycle.. Hey the Sabbath is on SATURDAY which is Saturn's day. We could call it a 3000 year old Saturn cult. 

Anyone who has any experience trading knows the 7 year cycle is there using ones eyes when looking at long term charts. The REASON that cycle is there was not a known until mid 2014 when the Christian right was planning for the second coming in during the 2015 - 2016 jubilee. LOL.. they gave us the heads up. Once the correlation was made known to us non elites it was very clear WHO was using that cycle.. The bankster EL-ites. HAHAHA.. EL is an ancient name for SATURN. Saturn and satan seem to come from the same word also and all the negative parts of Saturn energy is obvious. 

So we can look back and see history correlating with the 49 year jublilee. The 1918 jubilee brought on the Bolshevik revolution ...  the 1967 jubilee brought at ATTEMPT to take the USA hard left too and the remnants of that leftist movement are the Hillary Clintons and Obamas both ALINSKY-ites. Not understanding ALINSKY makes it impossible to understand the players in this drama. 

The Bolshevik revolution would not have succeed if not for the murder of Czar Nicolas. 
The emergence of the populist Bobby Kennedy would have defaeted the attempt by the left  to hijack the country so he was murdered in 68. 
Trump had better understand what he is up against .. 

Communism is really oligarchial collectivism. That is OBVIOUSLY what we are up against right now.  


Self destruct switches have been thrown

Trump has a lot to consider in the next few months as he is not able to do anything about NUMEROUS planned destruction events in the works. I expect most of the results to be seen in JANUARY. They are determined to put Trump in a no win situation from day one. 

OBAMACARE is set to crash and burn. My so called affordable subsidized policy is going from 40 a month to 400 a month. On top of that all the copays have doubled to 20%. Cruel joke and is meant to punish Americans for voting them out. 

The bond market is set to blow. Count on a rate hike in December. 

The USD is going higher at a time that is extremely unhelpful to the main street economy. A higher dollar is a headwind for any domestic company in this so called free trade economy. I think there is going to be a huge amount of dumping of products below cost making it tough on US enterprises. 

The stock market seems destined to rise into mid dec and a whole lot of selling seems likely after January 1st. A host of shorting opportunities as the fraud based economy takes leave of the country. I expect a lot of moving headquarters to Israel .. 

I think provoking China and Russia is going to get nasty as well. I expect a cyber false flag at a minimum. 

So what do we do about that. Maybe arrest Soros and hold him hostage and make him pay for every dime of the damage done. I think it is not possible to drain the swamp in DC unless Soros bank accts are drained. 


I agree with Marty

Yep Marty Armstrong is the worst nightmare of the market riggers and con men running things now. He is getting OUT IN FRONT of the plots in motion. He uses computers to divine the possibility field.

The future is malleable but at the same time is subject to momentum. My theory is that if you can see out into the possibility field you then have a CHOICE as to change the momentum maybe just enough to lower the possibility field potential at a particular time for a negative outcome/crime. Just the seeing in a precog sort of way has an affect on an outcome. 

There was two time periods this last year on the grand cross in June and during the 13th month of the shemitah jubilee in September and October. This was so much an unintended consequence of the attempt to hijack the human mind and heart to vote for communism. LOL.. It all of a sudden dawned on a huge percentage of the USA citizenry that they did not have to put up with the country being invaded. Akin to being forced to leave your front door open in a ghetto.  People like me have been harping about this invasion for years yet it could not get traction until that grand cross. Not just limited to the USA as in brexit. 

So we see astrology in action this past year. I know the bad guys are using astrology with hysterical unintended consequences at times. How bout we do something about the EL-ites having their way with our collective possibility field. 


Trump is a newbie truther

Trump has been busy doing business up till the campaign. During the campaign he was busy doing what he does which is to motivate people. He is now entering the learning part of his "be careful what you ask for" phase.  I see by his behavior that he is having a VERY HARD TIME vetting people to be trusted advisors. I think he has found out the swamp in DC is way more fetid than he realized. If I may suggest trump needs to tap into those of us who have been fighting the fight against the satanic elite for decades. 

 One reason I was convinced Trump would win from almost the start of the election primaries is TRUMP IS A VERY GOOD MAN. Those of us who have walked the walk for decades have learned by instinct to recognize others like ourselves. HAHA.. being able to do that is self preservation because if you don't have a feel for that you end up being tricked.. or even dead. 

BTW when I look at a persons chart I start with the tight orb chart as above. I want to see what aspects are most exact and what is operational every day.  Aspects that are not very exact are sometimes operational  but not consistent. So lets take a look at how Mr. Trump ticks from the inside.

Sun Uranus conjunction in a trine to Jupiter. 
Very lucky and GOOD at the same time. catalytic but wise. a winner. 
Also note that the sun moon opposition is a lunar eclipse. That ties right into the Sun Uranus Jupiter aspects and increases the good energy by orders of magnitude. WOW. You do not get an aspect pattern that is this super good for no reason. He indeed does have divine protection. BECAUSE HE EARNED IT by his deeds in previous lives .. I might add that he is going to need it. 

The Jupiter Uranus trine is an indication of bringing INTUITIVE WISDOM into this life. This is an indication he has had exposure and some understanding of astrology in previous lives. Hey make sense astrology up until a few hundred years ago was the pinnacle of wisdom that ALL wise men were required to get a grasp of. Ahem.. Ben Franklin ... I think he grasps that forces are at work that are cyclical and rhyming down through history. A wise person knows this and does not fight it. I look at this chart and I can say I WOULD GLADLY WORK FOR HIM. hint hint. 

So what is it that upsets so many women. Venus Saturn conjunction in Cancer. This an indication he can be unapproachable emotionally. Him liking younger attractive women is part of who he is with this conjunction. Usually this aspect also results in unbelievable loyalty once he trusts his women I would think he a very monogamous once he commits to it. His wife reflects this perfectly she is oozing class and has a natural way of being MATURE beyond her years maybe demure is a good word. She represents exactly what the Hillary led feminazis have worked for 2 decades to make unpopular.  You can feel the ENVY like it is a fart in the room. They just cannot stand it that a WOMAN can be desirable yet deferential to her husband.. 

 Mars in Leo is well placed as well. Mars in Leo is ... Kingly energy.. A huge and powerful WILL. Mars is rising and is in a favorable position found in many top athletes who also have extreme will. I don't think we have to worry about trump being indecisive. This is another indication of previous lives spent wielding power and in a good way. Lets say a wise powerful and BENEVOLENT king is in his past life portfolio. I have a suggestion for opponents. DO NOT PISS HIM OFF. The whole "your fired" theme in a nutshell. 

SOOOOO. Please take the time Mr Trump to tap into the best and brightest and those willing to fight for decades before you went into the battle to save our country.. I KNOW that Ronald Reagan was the astrologer and not Nancy. I am light years ahead of whatever Jean Dixon was doing back in the early 1980s.  I also have a Sun Jupiter trine with Uranus Moon woven into the fabric of my own chart pattern. I am waiting for a tap on the shoulder. Who knows might be that I was the court astrologer who advised your wise and powerful reign many centuries ago. 


Jabba the Hut
public enemy number one


Half "human" and half slug

Lets imagine that eventually Soros is arrested for treason and sentenced to hang.. Not wanting to contaminate the earth it is decided to blast his corpse into escape velocity out of the solar system. This is what his DNA morphed into as some other very unlucky star system down the road came to be ruled by him. Come to think of it maybe we here on earth was the unlucky solar system ... a victim of the same thing. . 


Back to work

I spent a few days enjoying the amazing feeling of a once in a lifetime reversal of misfortune for our country. It is a relief that my efforts now look like they were worth the sacrifice. 

The people have spoken. There will never be an election going forward that has a chance of being fixed. Actual citizens voting for their interests is the way forward. VERIFIED voters .. no dead people. No illegals.. No voting multiple times. 

Looking out at the horizon. The big force ahead astrologically is the JUPITER URANUS OPPOSITION. .. This is also going to tie in with the JUPITER PLUTO SQUARE. so is a very big dose of Jupiter ahead. Jupiter is EXPANSIVE.. JOVIAL is a word derived from Jupiter. In terms of market psychology this is bull market material. 

The first Jupiter Uranus opposition is ON CHRISTMAS DAY. 
The second is March 2017
The third is September of 2017

This represents a rebirth of markets. I think there is going to be easy pickings as price discovery returns and LOTS of traders return to the trading desks from the sidelines. There will be inflation themes we have not seen since 2007. SKILL will be rewarded not limited to a few back room cronies. Those of us who spent all our energy stopping the crime ridden Clinton Obama regime are now able to go back into markets and hand them their heads. 

So if you are a trader who was thrown off your horse by the most manipulated cesspool of a market post 2008 begin to retool and get ready to rumble. Word on the street is the banks are going to be able to prop trade again VERY SOON as Dodd Frank goes BYE BYE. Imagine how are they going to have to bring in personnel again after firing everyone who knew what they were doing before the 2008 crash. LOL this is going to be like feasting on a sea of wildebeests as far as the eye can see to all of us who are 20 - 30 years experienced. 

OH .. along with the very speculative Jupiter Uranus opposition the Jupiter Pluto square is also going to be doing the same in social terms. An explosion of politically incorrect changes. Just wait till the comedians get retooled. God I cant wait I have had to stifle my humor for 15 years. 

The first Jupiter Pluto square is on November 25th.. HUMM.. thanksgiving. I see it as a victory feast. IMAGINE being able to discuss with family ANYTHING and EVERYTHING again. Be funny it works. The specific astro on black Friday the 25th has Venus Pluto squared to Moon Jupiter. I think retail sales are going to be historically good. 

The second Jupiter Pluto square is late march 2017.. 
There is a Jupiter retrograde to direct station on June 10th.. The station is at 13 Libra THE SAME DEGREE WHERE JUPITER WAS ON ELECTION DAY. sweet!!!!!
The last Jupiter Pluto square is august 2017

Prepare. This is going to be an astonishing change and MANY MANY people have never seen this type of exuberance translate into actual economic activity in their lifetimes. 

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. Take note of it. 
I am willing to get back into biz as a market technician / seer again with this caveat. I am not going to do all the work. I will do only what I am good at. I am not going to come cheap. I do NOT have to work because I am debt free. Working again has to be FUN for me. If you are interested in working with me send me a resume and explain why you deserve to work with me. Tell me what you bring to the table.  Tell me what you will do if you get rich. I will vet you. 


Your Welcome

Trump thanks Alex Jones and the rest of  us.

I know my truth activities cost me a half million over the 1998 - 2013 period. I sure as heck was not doing it for the money. LOL... in the end it is that type of dedication that wins eventually.  

Trump cannot stop us now and I figure he is so confident in his own conduct that he does not care what we know about him.  What a concept. 


Reactionary retards

Let me tell ya I have seen it all now. The anti Trump rioters are on the same level as lets say Cleveland browns fans rioting after the team's 10th loss in a row. WTF. 

As a old guy who was a Woodstock hippie let me just explain a few things. We rioted back in the late 60s because they were DRAFTING US AGAINST OUR WILL.. And then MAKING US KILL PEOPLE we had no beef with. The Vietnam war killed maybe a few millions Asians and MY GENERATION lost 50 thousand dead 250 thousand wounded and at least a half million more to psychological trauma now termed PTSD. Guess what...  we DID stop the war and DID stop the draft and saw to it Nixon was kicked out. All you complainers let me know when you win at anything.

I hope there is a booming business coming up to help with DEPROGRAMMING the minds of those born after the mid 1980s who have never suffered any adversity whatsoever. They have no clue what was real before they were born. They don't know the difference between war in a video game and the actual blood stink and trauma of a war that you are being forced to wage. BTW the only way you got free college back in the late 60s was to sign up and kill people which is volunteering to be a mercenary.. 

I told my daughter who is 30 on 11/9 .
I CARRIED THE STONE FOR 49 YEARS and as of today I DROP IT AT YOUR FEET. It's your world now because it is your future. Up until a year ago she was one of those who rolled her eyes every time I tried to tell her facts relevant to her situation. The light went on for her because I was a responsible parent and refused to shut up..  and also because she looked around at her friends and saw utter cluelessness. 


That did not take long

well well.

“First of all, the original 9/11 investigation is a total mess and has to be reopened” Trump announced to supporters. “How do two planes take out three buildings in the same day? I never got my head around the fact that nothing is mentioned about the destruction of Building 7 in the 585 page document,” he explained, talking about World Trade Center 7 which also collapsed – inexplicably – during the September 11 attacks.

So...  what if Rudy was duped and or blackmailed into his obvious participation in destruction of evidence after 911. Hey buddy there is no way you ever get into the cop hall of fame unless you undo the perception YOU were in on it. 


First indications

This sounds rather good.

Regarding markets. It appears that prop trading is going to come back into play and that means it starts to behave with MANY more inputs from individuals so we just might get a semblance of price discovery again. 

It looks as though that many people who are in charge of doing the changes are those who were involved with the destruction themselves. When Obama did this in 2008 I did not like it but in this case in 2016 I say.. YOU BROKE IT NOW YOU FIX IT. 

ATTN Rudy.. Ahem.. 911 ... a case that is still open. You were at best an enabler so it seems fitting that your penance has to be to actually prosecute the real perps. 



I will have a lot to say after the dust settles. We went to the brink of doom and pulled back.. Don't be complacent.. Mr Trump needs to understand that we will not allow a continuation of the criminal empire that almost swallowed our country and if he is going to make promises we will be watching if he does what he promised.