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The above advice is well heeded for crypto newbies, like me. I've been getting lost in the nitty-gritty of all things related to wallets and exchanges. It's helped to consciously switch back and forth from this micro-perspective to a more macro-perspective of how many people around the globe are and have been embracing this fully. Ain't no stopping it!

Last night, my friend sent a small quantity of Litecoin (LTC) to my latest new Exodus desktop wallet. It seemed strange that this wallet download had never asked for my email or a password, nothing. The LTC took about an hour to arrive <*theory being floated: smaller quantities (amount was = $2.42) have less priority on the blockchain OR, maybe it's not that at all>. It wasn't until I went to access the LTC in the wallet that the wallet app asked for my email address and to create a password. Then, I had to go through (and retain for records) a set of twelve words that will be used for any necessary recovery issues. 

One of the highest rated wallets long time running is the Mycelium HD wallet. With over a dozen coin options there, I opened one of those today, too, very easily. They required I do a "master seed backup" where I got a 12 word recovery set and opted to set a pin. This wallet has no cryptocurrency in it yet, I was made to go through the security route first. Go figure. From this wallet you can print paper wallets that hold the private keys to your assets - it's ESSENTIAL to save these long number/letter private keys or it's lost. And don't ever try to send one type of coin to a different type of coin's wallet directly, it will also be lost forever.

My attempts to sell some LTC from one Coinbase (CB) wallet into another CB wallet for Bitcoin (BTC) has met with no luck so far. Having set up my CB account via their mobile app which has a super simple UI <user interface> that shows all of your wallets values, I tried out their website access for the first time to see if  the sell/transfer might work from there. They did the usual and texted a code for me to enter in order to VERIFY ID me. The dashboard opened with a lot of nice features. I was surprised to learn they allow the use of Paypal to SELL your cryptos <they'll take a 2.5% fee. When I attempted to sell the LTC for BTC (again, a transfer between two wallets within my CB account), it again asked me to VERIFY ID. Two tries later - still no luck, I didn't get to do that transfer. Maybe it's user error? TBD. All day, their site actually had a bright yellow (apologetic) notification that they're still working on completing things from December so, crypto-patience IS a virtue. 

Bittrex also wasn't taking new accounts due to overload. Three weeks later, Gemini did respond to my new account registration with an email to log into their site to verify me. Went there and learned that they just need me to wire some money to the account in order to be verified (tff). Not expecting that I will since it appears they only offer BTC & Ethereum (ETH) wallets and, as you now can imagine, I really DON'T desire anymore wallets but, suspect I haven't seen my last!

At the corner of CONFORM and OR BE CAST OUT Drives 

Having been born in the summer of love in 1967, my default is towards peace and love. My natal astro chart clearly indicates the themes of this inherent nature as to why I've always leaned towards us all getting along merrily on this lovely planet. You know, sharing and caring… having ever greater opportunities for living out our unique ambitions. Well, the general populaces voracious adoption of cryptocurrencies is indeed carrying that reality to a whole new level right before our very eyes. If you do nothing else regarding cryptocurrencies - keep your eye on reliable cryptocurrency news daily. It's a fascinating global phenomenon to be watching right now! I really am enjoying the Crypto News app. 

As the proud owner of numerous new wallets, I find this part takes some getting used to, for sure. It's just part of the deal when engaging in cryptocurrency transactions, by necessity, which require yielding many types of wallets (online, desktop, mobile, portable+). I took very small positions in all four coins that Coinbase offers and they gave me a wallet for each one. The lag time for those transactions to get from my usd bank to show up in Coinbase was 8-9 days. These wallets are in the possession of their exchange and I need to get my cryptos out of there asap since exchanges are known to still be vulnerable places to keep an asset. Currently, many exchanges are so completely overwhelmed by the demand that they have suspended new account registrations. I haven't heard back from Gemini in 3 weeks since I signed up for an account. It also seems to be important to be clear and comfortable where an exchange is based in order to consider international ramifications. Bittrex, Coinbase and Poloniex indicate they're US based. 

You can open a btc/usd wallet at the crypto shop at with just an email and receive a personal btc & usd wallet address to buy or sell stuff on Purse, a unique eBay-like Amazon-connected environment with already over 10 million transactions, they claim. Purse also gives the option of opening a desktop wallet direct from their page to hold your asset under your personal care plus, they provide the ability to make direct deposits from Coinbase and Shapeshift. So, my days of selling on eBay are over as I'll be selling as "theArchitect" on there asap. If you decide to participate there, you can use my referral # to get $5 in free BTC.

Coulda… Woulda… Shoulda… 

In 2009, shortly after walking away from a twenty year career working in the casino/luxury resort construction industry, I pondered buying 100 bitcoin for around $100. Recommendations to get onboard the crypto-train were coming in from lots of folks online who I believed to be extremely informed and their messages were resonating with my newly emerging worldview. By that point, I had fully accepted the truth about our global fiat currency systems – they’re debt-based, centralized and completely rigged to benefit the few to the detriment of the greater part of the global population. I wanted out so badly that I made every attempt to remove myself from the established systems as best I could since, genuinely, I no longer wanted to support any of it.

Back then, however, and until quite recently, cryptocurrency as a concept was still too foreign for my brain to fully digest. One of my paranoia's was, how could I even trust that the internet would not be taken down by TPTB? Since then, I’ve realized the unlikeliness of such an event happening. The path that I’ve pursued up to this point has been as an intense investigator into the pioneers, places and principles associated with socially responsible, sustainable means and methods. The initial part of my journey exposed me to more earth-friendly lifestyles where I spent years living in intentional communities and eco-villages around the world learning about permaculture, biodynamic agriculture, alternative currency systems, off-grid sustainable construction, aquaponics/hydroponics, and as many other alternate approaches I could find to carry on a purposeful life without wearing what felt like the shackles of the corporate/government/financial conglomerates.

And now, here I am, Robert Hitt’s new assistant, who will be delivering commentary on my research and engagement as a newbie who has just entered the cryptocurrency economy last month (Dec. 2017). 2017 was officially the year that cryptocurrency became a new asset class. It’s proving to be the most exciting and unique landscape that I’ve discovered in a long time! Having been referred to as the “resource queen” in my former life, I have agreed to bring my cultivated hound dog research skills at aggregating complex fields of relevant information to this platform to share with you all. The powerful motivation to get up to speed on the vast complexity of this disruptively innovative market has driven me to uncover many useful resources that I’ll be sharing in the left column of this page. Since I genuinely have no geek gene, you can be sure I will be using an understandable vernacular to deliver the latest cutting-edge cryptocurrency information that I can find, as well as, some of the accounts of my experiences at this early stage of getting into the cryptogame.

There are many clear leaders in this field that I will be referencing. Today, I’d like to share a quote from Jeff Berwick, aka the Dollar Vigilante, that expresses the enthusiasm I feel for where we are heading as we begin the new year:   

The world is (now) innovating on top of the first decentralized consensus building technology, the blockchain. Everything that has occurred since the inception of bitcoin has shocked central planners because for the first time in history they are lost; they no longer hold power. We now vote with our money. That’s true democracy

We choose what we find best as different technologies compete for our money.
What we are witnessing when we see the volatility in crypto is nothing more than natural human motion through price. The innovation and volatility of the crypto market may seem unorthodox to some because it is.

For the first time in history we are in a true free market. The true free market connects you to everybody and for this reason alone the market shouldn’t surprise us for feeling "crazy." Volatility is a sign of your connection to a market that is alive. Radical innovation is a sign of a market that is in its infancy still discovering itself.

We are entering a brand new world as we enter into 2018.”