History of this site AstroEcon.com  born January 6 1996

haha astroecon.com was one of them in the late 1990s.

I acquired my domain name before almost all of the top 100 sites today back in early January 1996
Huge traffic pored in to this site from 1997 - 2000 because there were not many sites operating that had much interesting content. ..


those were the days. horse and buggy internet back then.
 In late 1995 AOL had most people trapped in it. And then the wwww came to be in early 1996 after a legal ruling  so I decided to get a web site on the world wide web then to post my findings. 

My site was hosted in a garage not far from my home in suburban Philly for the first  few years. most of my early traffic came from people who used a dial up modem. 

astroecom was a result of research I did from 1974 into the the late 1980s, using a 7000 dollar heathKit computer. I upgraded to a Tandy 1000 in the 1990s  . lol I have many computers resting  in a graveyard in my attic My cost for equipment over my web career ran to well over 10k  maybe 20k 

This site was created using notepad in 1996 and was written in raw html code no spell checker Haha. 
No front-page was available at first and I dare anyone to do a site like this  one in 2019 without even having any html editor 

in May 2000 I got a big break after this article posted on Thestreet.com 
astroecon became a force of nature  in 2000 with up to 90k hits on my home page a day


  .  The  day this endorsement came out I had 300 subscribers sign up  in 24 hours time at $500 a year for the daily update subscriber part of the site. 

fast forward to today. In feb 2019 I suffered a mild stroke and then had radical bypass surgery against my will  called axillo femoral bypass in late February   https://www.jvascsurg.org/article/0741-5214(86)90040-6/fulltext

   late February 2019 until march 2019  I was here

then I spent 5 weeks in rehab for the stroke here

It is a miracle I can be back at home in Mount Nebo now  in August 2019 and still get up and post something here almost every day. My best friend Ellen is doing a great job helping me to recover at home since early May and it looks like a few months past my 67th birthday in mid September maybe  longer is when  I can come back to closer to my old form.