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I love what I do and aspire to do it for all the right reasons. I hope you find ideas here that you will love as much as I did when I  posted them.  If you hate what I do or cant see the humor I don't even allow you to complain. Just go away. 




13th month edition
9/1/2016 - 10/2/2016

Est. January 5th 1996


“Nonviolence does not mean meek submission to the will of the evil-doer. It means the pitting of one’s whole soul against the will of the tyrant. Working under this law of our being, it is possible for a single individual to defy the whole might of an unjust empire to save his honor, his spirituality, his soul and lay the foundation for that empire’s fall.” ~Gandhi
Counting coup 


Its a wrap

With today's new moon the jubilee year is finished. 

The last 6 or so weeks have been one of the best periods I have experienced in many years.  The great part of that goodness is I am not alone in receiving such blessings. A good friend and ally Les Visible visited here on Mount Nebo for a few days recently on the first leg of his victory tour of the USA..  He is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. He has been getting huge amounts of blessings too. KARMA BABY.. 

As noted below we are entering a danger zone as the Clinton - Bush crime empire is on the ropes and is in grave danger of being exposed for crimes going ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE DAYS OF MENA.

The crime empire has stolen 100s of billions from USA citizens and laundered through the bankster system potentially 10s of trillions. The levels of crime that have occurred since 1979 are beyond most peoples imagination. 

If we can stay on the path of freedom a few more weeks and see it to completion on election day it is going to turn out to be the most significant change for the better in the last 12,000 years. 


The next astro hotspot

The 13th month of the jubilee year is ending on October 2nd. I have to admit this last month has been almost off the scale good for me and MANY others who appear to richly deserve a good boost. We all know about OCTOBER SURPRISES IN ELECTION YEARS. This one ahead stands out as Mars and Pluto are going to be in a conjunction on October 18th at 15 of Capricorn in a square to the natal Saturn of the USA chart located at 15 of Libra. The oligarchs in the top .001% know that if they lose the election it is doomsday for their 49 year plan to own it all.   Based on seeing this type of aspect over the last 20 years it stands to reason that AT A MINIMUM there is going to be a false flag in the week or so in the window before or after the 18th of October. I urge anyone who knows how to do it to conjure up a failed attempt that is the equivalent of an emperors new clothes unveiling of the FF plot. 


If Trump wins

It wont just be the Clintons going to jail.. Trey Gowdy has that look of a hanging judge but ya know that would be too merciful.

There are so many in .gov who have committed treason that it maybe is too many to escape to Israel.. After all they do have very strict immigration there. Maybe Russia will rent us an old gulag in Siberia? I am sure Cuba would be amenable to a temporarily expansion of gitmo ... Too bad Alcatraz is only a tourist attraction now. Maybe Haiti has some room? Maybe that old air base in Mena..  Wherever it turns out to be we want a LIVE FEED to watch them fighting over grewl and who gets to sleep with Bubba. 


Equinox 9/22/2016

NOTE.. Mercury is stationary direct. - time stands still- .. Sun Jupiter conjunction.. Mercury is squared to Venus but that is not bad a bit like a person singing out of tune. The other stress in the chart is from separating aspects..  This chart bodes well for the 4th quarter of the calendar. 


Roger Waters and BDS

If Waters did not start BDS he was on board very very early. He is a billionaire but one that EARNED IT the old fashioned way. He does not have to keep touring.. Yet he does and that is an act of defiance that should earn everyone's respect. . 

The former Pink Floyd frontman, who has recently toured the world with a show based on the influential 1979 album The Wall, went on to describe the Israeli rabbinate as "bizarre" and accused them of believing that Palestinians and other Arabs in the Middle East were "sub-human". Waters suggested the "Jewish lobby" was "extraordinarily powerful". On the subject of the Holocaust, he said: "There were many people that pretended that the oppression of the Jews was not going on. From 1933 until 1946. So this is not a new scenario. Except that this time it's the Palestinian people being murdered."

His works speaks for itself. The ANIMALS ALBUM released in the 1970s is full of songs that are relevant today. Especially PIGS and SHEEP. I had the great privilege to see that performed live in the late 1970s. 

"I have looked over Jordan and I HAVE SEEN
Things are not what they seem"

... Sheep 1970s



It's a miracle

Mars was stuck in a negative feedback loop for a many months as he went retrograde in Sag backing into Scorpio. The direct station occurred on June 20th in the 23rd degree of Scorpio. Almost from that day going forward it has been ramping ramping like a racehorse jumping over any fence it encounters. This transit slingshoted Mars into the Fun Zone starting on August 3rd moving back into Sagittarius.. OMG has been VERY good for the wise and very bad for the unwise. Many of us that have suffered under the thumb of the NWO for decades are getting our "reaping what we sow" rewards it seems.  I have been watching a long time and I cannot remember such a momentum of positive energy maybe going all the way back to 1967 during the summer of love. It really does feel like the shift that we have waited so long for is coming on like gangbusters (INDEED) ... 

Mars will pass into Capricorn on September 28th. Mars in Capricorn is exalted because it focuses energy in a restless climb up the success ladder. WE NEED TO FOCUS ON BUILDING ON THE SUCCESS AND POUR IT ON.. Mid October is a VERY VERY much a deciding point when Mars and Pluto make a conjunction at 15 Capricorn which is squared to the USA natal Saturn at 15 Libra. We know the NWO is not going to just let us take our country back without a fight. VIGILANCE IS REQUIRED. 

Its a miracle. .....Roger Waters. 
"miraculous you call it babe
you ain't seen nothing yet"

"An honest man finally reaped what he has sown"


The Nose Knows

Came across this and it does indeed seem like a body double is standing in for Hillary.
We could call it the new idealized Hillary. 10 years younger at least.. Does this woman know what happens to body doubles when they are not useful anymore. Ask Saddam or Bin Laden body doubles. Er maybe not.



The blowback of the vanities

The lunar eclipse was one of the dates on the timeline I had been looking at for some activity from the New Madrid fault area. The gasoline pipeline break in Ala. not all that close to the fault .. but then again it brings up the biggest problem of the seismic area which is the fuel supply lines that criss-cross it. Interesting indeed.. even "coincidental"..  that almost all the states said to be most effected by the break are Trump States.  It is going to be very interesting also to see what SPECIFIC LOCATIONS run out of fuel.. The delicate flowers of the millennial gen have never seen gas lines and odd even days and rationing.  

That particular pipeline company last experienced a break in my old neighborhood (if memory serves) when a large spill happened in the Valley Forge vicinity. The break spilled huge amounts of gasoline that flowed into the storm sewers under what was one of the largest shopping malls in the country at King Of Prussia Pa. The fix took a VERY LONG TIME.. The EPA took charge and the entire area was paralyzed for month after month while the repair crews stood around doing nothing.  

So I expect very FOCUSED shortages.. NY and Philly and DC are going to get gasoline by tankers.  The rest of you despicable types are going to get long lines and high prices. 

So we also had a ramp of the terror boogie man over the weekend with a few trashcans blowing up.. You can tell when the PTB are involved when nothing that they care about blows up and then gets blown out of proportion in the press.  There is still October and "surprises" ahead with a really strong Mars Pluto conjunction landing at 15 Capricorn in late October on the 20th that is squared to the USA natal Saturn at 15 of Libra. This is a wipe that smile off your face type of energy.. Violent energy to the max and could possibly be enough to allow the O man to cancel the election. Stock up on popcorn. The 13th month of the shemitah jubilee is going to end on October 2nd and with it a gloves off approach ends with it. 


Satan cashes in his chips
Bayer eats Monsanto


My Satan (monsanto) has been acquired by Bayer (bauer) for a dripping with irony 66 billion.. ALL CASH DEAL TOO. I wonder what Satan plans to do with his 66 billion in cash.  

This merger puts almost all agribusiness under one corporatist umbrella. 


Lunar eclipse 9/16/2016

Wow the 9/1 solar eclipse was strong eh? Was very good for me.. 
Now comes the lunar eclipse tomorrow 
NOTE the Sun and Moon are squared to Mars in Sagittarius.
Mars in Sag energy is sporty philosophical feisty and competitive and .. 
I have one myself at birth.. Is my FUN ZONE.  Bogus belief systems beware. 



Wow this is way cool. The long snapper for my team the Philadelphia Eagles Jon Dorenbos performs live in the finals of America's got talent. 

He should win. What a great message to boot.



 Or lack thereof.. IB is one of the last places left a trader can work trades where there was still a good deal of SIMULATED FAIRNESS.. They just set up the few traders still trading for not being able to protect oneself. 



The hammer of Thor 
Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius 
on 8/23/2016


My jubilee year finished last night.. The year started on 9/13/2015..  What a year it was.. many of the long term "negative" effects of being a truther were made moot. I am standing on higher ground and my yard which was an impossible situation was transformed in only TWO WEEKS time with the finishing touches done today... except for growing grass. 

The miracle on Mount Nebo started on 8/23/2016 when I made a deal with a mine reclamation contractor ..  one of those COAL PEOPLE ... to re-deploy his earth moving skills in a residential sculpture kind of way. I estimate about a thousand tons of earth were moved around leaving me with a stunning platform view of the southern sky and the ecliptic out in front.  Standing at the view point it is like a Mayan pyramid effect. I intend to put some measuring of the sky features on the ground next spring.. 

I will post the pics of the finished art work after today.. no time to waste as I have to get grass growing or face a winter of mud... 

BTW maybe you noticed that after that conjunction on 8/23/2016 it seems like a tidal wave of refreshing enlightenment has taken root in the mass mind. 


If you like your police state
you can keep your police state


Half of the voters alive today were not old enough in 2001 to be aware of anything other than being in high school in 2001.. This is a serious problem.. They think this election is about gender or race or whatever..  They became self aware at a time when the country was normalized into being cowering bunch of morons who don't have any sense of history.

The EVIDENCE regarding 911 is so clear.. The fruit of thousands of very brave people sacrificing their own future for the chance to have the current younger generations make a choice to be free men and women. 


There is no other issue other than that. The people who are funding Hillary do not like borders. They want America to dissolve into semi autonomous regions under the thumb of a hidden bureaucratic machine in a simulated democracy.

Trump like him or not is the present day version of ANDREW JACKSON. LOL.. Tell me how many people know anything about the battle of New Orleans and the way New England snatched defeat out of the jaws of Jackson's victory in the War of 1812. How many know that Jackson had to run for president in order to close down the private central bank the Rothschild's started the war to force on the young USA. How many people know he succeeded by refusing to give that bank a new charter. The power to print money went back to where it belonged in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE.  The CIVIL WAR was fought over the same issue because the Rothschild's financed the Confederacy. Lincoln was shot out of revenge for the audacity of printing greenbacks rather than submit to Rothschild usury. It was ONLY after 1914 that the current central bank was put in charge after blackmailing a sitting president WILSON into signing off on it. 

Yep a lot is at stake and very few Americans know enough to even understand what the core issue is. I don't know what Trump will do... I do know the banksters hate him. 

Lady Luck is golden;
She favors the bold. That's cold.
Stop throwing stones --
The night has a thousand saxophones.
So get out there and rock,
And roll the bones.
Get busy!



The Trump is going to win crash 9/9

I had been pointing to the astro on 9/9 for a good many weeks as it relates to energy that is a table turner over. The quake potential is there but quakes are not just earth moving they are seismic events of other types too.

It was not an accident that a 400 dow point drop from the ledge of 40 days of extremely low volatility took place on the same day that the first votes are registered. The stops under the S&P support levels were run out and buying crash insurance just got very expensive. 

On Sunday night the sun passes over the 19 degree of Virgo hot spot and MARS is going to be squared to it. danger of a terrorist incident for sure considering the PTB are not looking too good. By the time the regular trading begins in NY I suspect there is going to be the equivalent of hitting a hornets nest with a broomstick. 

Get some popcorn.. The game of political football is ON LIKE DONKEY CONG. 
The banksters are going to try to scare people into submission if possible. 


The real mafia

Just a note.. notice that the NFL season started just a few hours before the first votes were cast?.. yes voting started at midnight in North Carolina this morning. I guess that means that Hillary is not going to be "replaced" and so it becomes a HUGE HISTORIC VOTE between having a sovereign country or being some semi autonomous region in the NWO bankster empire. GOOD..  LET'S decide. 

A few good links on the nature of the enforcement arm of the NWO

Gordon Duff has gone full retard but there are still a few writers at veterans today with some brain cells still working.  This Preston James write-up is long and detailed and actually is must reading for most people who have no idea how deep the rabit hole is.


Bob's temple to the stars
phase one


I bought a property in rural West Virginia in 2006 after dwelling for a long time whether to abandon my country after the Jon Kerry faceplant of an election effort in 2004. While in Costa Rica on a scouting trip I came to the conclusion that I could not morally leave my country to the dogs.. So in 2006 I bought a nice plot out in the sticks and put up a modest home.. All it took was 6 weeks from purchase to "finished" with full functionality  The headline of my daily writing then became. 
I had a place to stand and fight from higher ground and as readers know I pulled few punches in my writing back in 2006 - 2013.  Lots of blowback for saying what I see I might add. 

So ten years went by after the 2006 move in and the speed which I had to do the initial development  of the property caused a complete lack of landscaping.. The house was hanging on the side of a hill  on a narrow shelf and in spite of it being a perfect orientation for solar and star watching it was surrounded by trees and had a giant rock in the way of doing much correction of the situation. 

So... as if by magic a few weeks ago the opportunity to correct what could not happen in 2006 presented itself. This is a buddies version of a lawn tractor. It weighs in at 104K pounds.. The bucket holds 4 cubic yards in one bite. This machine moves mountains

As of yesterday I have moved many millions of cubic feet of the mountain behind my house to out in front in only one week.. I seem to gotten my magic wand back.. The effect is to create an amphitheatre shape behind the house and a platform view 100 feet above the valley floor in front that directly faces the southern sky. BTW it is very dark at night here with almost no light pollution. When completed it is going to be possible to measure the sky from here the old fashioned way like the 2000 years old serpent mounds were designed to do. 

I will give updates on the progress over time.. Right now I am just in phase one.


The GOD molecule

The cure has been around forever. Big pharma cannot do anything about it.


The market for bullshit is crashing

There is a point where the BS is so thick that even a caveman could see through it. 
It seems that the moment has arrived in the last several weeks A huge change is taking place where all of a sudden TRUTH IS BACK IN FASHION

Put another way: a world in which BS has depreciated to zero is a world in which everything must challenged and the cost of sorting truth and honesty from BS is permanently high.

Once faith in BS drops to zero, every opinion is equally suspect and equally “true” until costly  investigation proves otherwise.


Paul Craig Roberts

Destined to be a key player in a future trump Administration. He certainly has some of the founding fathers gonads. Him and Trey Gowdy and David Stockman all seem to be on the same page. This link here is one to show your clueless libtard friends. 

The success that the CIA has had in stigmatizing skepticism of government explanations has made it difficult to investigate State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD) such as 9/11. With the public mind programmed to ridicule “conspiracy kooks,” even in the case of suspicious events such as 9/11 the government can destroy evidence, ignore prescribed procedures, delay an investigation, and then form a political committee to put its imprimatur on the official story. Professor deHaven-Smith notes that in such events as Kennedy’s assassination and 9/11 official police and prosecutorial investigations are never employed. The event is handed off to a political commission.

Professor deHaven-Smith’s book will tell you the story of the assassination of President Kennedy by elements of the US military, CIA, and Secret Service. Just as the Warren Commission covered up the State Crime Against Democracy, Professor deHaven-Smith shows why we should doubt the official 9/11 story. And anything else that the government tells us.

Read this book. It is short. It is affordable. It is reality preparation. It will innoculate you against being a dumbshit, insouciant, brainwashed American. I am surprised that the CIA has not purchased the entire print run and burned the books. Perhaps the CIA feels secure from its success in brainwashing the public and does not believe that American democracy and accountable government can be restored.

OH BY THE WAY.. The 5.9 quake in Oklahoma today is not a good sign regarding the 1811-2016 New Madrid quake correlations. The August 2017 solar eclipse path goes right over New madrid.


Zen Gardner

I know him in a casual way since his site went online years ago.. He just experienced maybe the most powerful astrological transits I have seen in decades. The transits did not have to play out in the stake burning situation that he found himself over the last month because IF he had a better astrological understanding in advance he could have pulled the teeth of the monster that mauled him before it happened. 

He did an interview a couple of weeks ago with VERY difficult transits and it did not go very well. Bad timing.. Now that the solar eclipse is over and the astro starts to let up on him I expect him to recover but be refocused on higher matters.. I urge him to look at the proof in his astrological clusterfuck as a reason to get up to speed on a better working knowledge of it. 

LIFE DURING WARTIME. Talking heads.. 
"this aint no disco.. this aint no fooling around"

Much better interview


DHS to run elections

"Give me the power to print the money and I do not care who makes the laws.. "

Nuf said.  


The burning man eclipse

Exact at about 5 am my time. My god this is the most fun event in the world every year. The spirit of the summer of love lives on in the hearts of the wise.

"dance in the dark night
Sing to the morning light"

"The sky is filled with good and bad that mortals never know."



The 9/1/2016 eclipse.

The moment we have been waiting for ... or maybe the moment we richly deserve.
I am not going to say much specifically but what we have been seeing lately is the consequences of inaction and also the fruit of many years of dedication.  The collective effect and the personal effect are not the same. This is the chart of the 13th month. 


September 29th
A VERY special day

Back in the day.. I think 1972 I was in my hippie occultist phase before knowing much about astrology .. I studied like I was in an ivy league undergrad program. One night a few us decided to take a "trip" and it was one of those nights that stay with you forever. Might be considered a top 5 or 10 experience of my entire life. The orange barrels we had taken were not very precise and it was REALLY STRONG who knows but it turned out to be what McKenna called a heroic dose. 

The peak lasted 4 or 5 hours.. The spirit world unfolded inside and outside. I guess the term acid test applies. It was unspeakable.. beyond words and even beyond idea. 

As we came back to earth I laid in my  back yard as the light in the east started to glow and the moon rose with a planet cradled in her arm just above the sliver crescent. I KNEW I was seeing something along the line of the end of days or something of cosmic significance in the future. Ahh words cannot describe. I do not think I was the only one who had an experience like that on the date it happened to me. I became all in on astrology after this night.. I HAD TO KNOW WHEN. 

Watch the glow of the sunrise and the Moon cradle Mercury as she rises in the east. 
This is only a few days before the end of the Shemitah Jubilee year on the new Moon in Libra 10/2.