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Save the MALES

Paul Craig Roberts.. Old school guy who would make a good president. But alas he speaks the truth so that aint gonna happen.

In the assault on Kavanaugh, we are witnessing an Identity Politics assault on the White Heterosexual Male, an assault whose purpose is less to block Kavanaugh than to discourage white heterosexual males from standing for office as it is so easy for feminists to ruin a man’s reputation. The plan is to put the “victim groups” of the white male in office so that retribution can be handed out to white males in keeping with feminist professor Christine Fair’s agenda of killing them, castrating their dead bodies and feeding them to swine.


Deep state in deep shit

This fact makes them dangerous.. The Markets that are lead by big tech are particularly relevant as they represent almost all of the gains in the indexes over the last few years. The nasdaq broke lower at the same time the Kavanaugh confirmation odds rose. What those companies are doing is NOT going to be allowed in a conservative SCOTUS. The way those companies are using customer data is NOT going to be allowed to continue and it is possible they will have to pay huge to their users who have not given specific consent for types of data usage. I think that makes those stocks VERY vulnerable to setbacks and in the near term. 

Even if Trump does not go to the extreme of mass arrests of the deep state they have been set back biglly. 

I think the blowback from the hearings is going to put trump in a position for the next few years to undo much of the damage should he want to do that.. I question his desire he may prefer to have the circus of allowing the deep state to reveal themselves further slooooowly like water torture.

There are many other things going on in the world at present other than the political circus. 
I expect those issues to become clearer in the days ahead and much of the post election conditions are as yet an unknown. War is something I am watching because the last Saturn Pluto conjunction in the early 1980s started in front of the conjunction and it is possible that brings us closer to a military domestic economy before September of 2019 when the war window fully opens. 


New moon in Libra

The new moon in Libra is 10/8/2018 just before midnight EDT.. This new moon is 15 degrees of LIBRA at the tipping point of the scales. The USA natal Saturn is also at the tipping point of the scales at 14 degrees of Libra and is exalted in Libra. Oh and this is on the Monday after the Kavanaugh confirmation vote. A new moon sets the tone for the lunar month so that day is the beginning of something which is maxed out energetically around the full moon on October 24th. 

Saturn in Libra being exalted there and at the tipping point of the scales of Justice is exactly what the country is founded on. It is a KNOWN the founding fathers were masons and it is a known the masons have at least some knowledge of astrology.. Did they pick July 4th 1776 to place Saturn in that degree? I don't believe in coincidence. Mason is a dirty word to many people but not me. I would be a mason except for one thing.. I don't do secrets or Vows of secrecy. Hahahaha.. I have no idea why such a thing is so repulsive to me personally except for one thing.. I also have my natal Saturn in Libra to within 1 quarter degree of the USA Saturn. I do know that the masons take a vow which allows for the karma free execution of the leaker. Secret societies do NOT like me. Had I taken a vow of secrecy I would be vulnerable but I have not done so. 

 The center degree of Libra at the tipping point in the weighing of the heart according to Egyptian religious practice. That is when  the dead come to weigh their hearts against the feather of Truth. If the heart is heavy the soul is not allowed to proceed to afterlife.

In later kingdoms there is art containing a picture of one of the gods pulling on the feather side of the scales to balance the scales so the soul could pass the test and in return the soul has to PAY. In other words the process had been corrupted. 

I see this Monday as a day either the scales are being tipped by a hidden hand or allowed to tell the truth. 

The next few days determines the fate of the nation. If justice is being served or not. 


I know the truth But I can't say And I have to turn my head And look the other way

I'm not afraid And I won't lie As long as I see no wrong I won't need to testify 
I see the world And I'm looking from a high place Way above it all Standing on higher ground 
I breathe the air While they're running in a rat race Way above it all Standing on higher ground
Well I see the tears But I don't cry As long as I do no wrong I don't need an alibi


A warning

It was 2008 in October some time around October 10th. The credit markets were frozen and the banks made threats to shut down the ATMs ... or else.. They got bailed out to the tune of trillions by this power grab. It was a gun to the head of congress. 

Fast forward to now. This is as dangerous as that day in 2008. This time it will not be just the ATMS going down but all functioning internet also if this goes to that level. 

I suggest. 
Go and get some cash out TOMORROW.
Have your car gas tanks full
Be sure you have all meds you may need for a month
Food and water on hand for every person in your household.

Be prepared for a "glitch" in vital services you rely on.
"this aint no disco this aint no fooling around"

From 1983.... the last time Saturn and Pluto were conjunct

Back to the routine

I am glad I missed a lot of the last few weeks having fun and out of the fray.. 

MY GOD what a sham.. Maybe people should go back and watch ANIMAL HOUSE before they make much of the accusations against Kavanaugh and go to vote in a few weeks. WHAT about what was considered "normal" in the 1980s.. How did the GIRLS BEHAVE BACK THEN?? .. I am old enough to know first hand. I was a married man and was so glad I was out of play back then. IT WAS NUTS. This was before AIDS became an issue and behavior of both sexes was off the scale raunchy to say the least in the early 1980s. It is amazing that type behavior is not discussed by women about women's behavior as if it never happened.  

Next subject is the Kavanaugh confirmation on Saturday and the astrological mess that follows it.

MAX ANNOYANCE is on October 10th. Venus is near a station conjunct by the Moon and Mars is squared to them on the 10th which climaxes the period. Sun squared Pluto.. Mercury opposed to Uranus also. This is an extra long aspect between Venus and Mars so it should start to kick in this weekend. Venus and Mars stress aspects are a very annoying aspect that usually lasts just one day.

The Market started to go into a sharp break lower on Wednesday (yesterday) and it would not be a surprise at all if a mini crash has started. If so the support is at 2800 on the S&P.. A break lower than that support level will change the technical picture and a bear market might be underway. For now I believe that support is going to hold and it is a buying opportunity for a ramp up into January 2019

The Prez has tested his ability to speak directly to WE THE PEOPLE this week. With the astro coming it very well may be hat Trump knows what is going to happen as the aspects on the 10th have the potential to produce riots and it may require a declaration of martial law. SEE  POST BELOW BY MIKE ADAMS.


Roger Stone

Good read.. He is a 1952 Virgo and is quite a brilliant thinker

Secrecy is the currency of spycraft.  Without secrecy, spying is merely intrusion and can devolve into brute force thuggery. Secrecy is what allows “Covert Operations” to remain covert.  Secrecy can be a legitimate tool of the State for securing the safety of its citizens, but secrecy can also be abused.  Abused secrecy can destroy entire nations.


Light work

I will not be posting the rest of this week due to entertaining an overseas guest..

Looks to me I picked a good time to pay less attention because the shit show in DC is just going to get on my nerves. 

I expect to get back into a regular posting routine late this week around the 5th. 



The "delay" of a week in the confirmation of Kavanaugh is a window of opportunity to DEFANG the snake of the deep state. See the links below

At this point the yes or no about Kavanaugh is not even the most important thing. The revelation of the deep state agenda is what is on display.


Price discovery

Price discovery in markets has been destroyed. That was a long term process that became extreme after 2011 when the blatant criminality of the EU made lying about the price of it's bonds a matter of policy. The quote that stands from the ECB was WHATEVER IT TAKES

 The political world has also been distorted by a lack of price discovery which has been a growing long term process. Elections are rigged.. The term "dirty pool" is the best way to describe this. Yesterday was the worst display in my lifetime. 

 The vile display that took place yesterday in the Kavanuagh hearing was about as dirty as most people have ever seen of this DIRTY POOL politics. I had to watch the entire process yesterday to be informed and it was like having my nose rubbed in shit. That was a soul rape of Kavanaugh and I really thought it was going to wear him out to the point of exhaustion by the time it was over. A weaker man would have just stood up and said I QUIT but I have to tip my hat to him that he made it through the process. 

As I noted yesterday today is dominated by a Moon Jupiter opposition that if nothing else is a sense of relief that this is over. I still expect some of that late day astro to show up as a confirmation of Kananaugh.

Brilliant comments on that post. READ THEM

Ladies and gentlemen we are mere spectators in this process.  The house has not been this divided since 1858.  I find it absolutely amazing that the national edifice is being propped up by the eloquence of Lindsey Graham.  He for once listened to his better angels and voiced reason in the middle of this insanity.   Any reasoning being knows this was a political hatchet job against Kavanaugh.

If the left wants to take to the streets and burn down Washington, San Francisco, Miami and Chicago have at it.  I am simply going to hide and watch.

Know this, whether you be on the left, right, or in the middle.  If you come down my street throwing Molotov cocktails, I’m going to shoot the bottle not you.

The life of our country hangs in the balance.


Kavanaugh Vs Ford

The show trial of the century is today. The aspects relevant to the outcome are...
Moon square Mars at about Noon 
Moon opposed to Venus this evening
Moon Opposed Jupiter late Friday

The exact date of birth is NOT available for Ford the only info is November of 1966
She has Venus in Scorpio and very likely was born on or near 11/12. With only a fraction of the information I need I can say she looks delusional and very likely to have been overly promiscuous at the time she claims to have been victimized. Neptune in Scorpio is almost certainly a huge factor in her natal and THAT is sexual fantasy or delusional memories. 

Kavanaugh Was born on 2/12/1965.. His chart confirms in my read of it the tendency to be a virgin at the time of the accusations. Mars in Virgo is NOT an aggressive Mars. Venus in Aquarius is IMPERSONAL EMOTIONAL NATURE and when he says he was friends with the girls it is near 100% true. Plus the tone of his chart is NOT indicative of predatory behavior. Moon in Cancer. (which I have in my own natal) is VERY good with women and tends toward looking at women in positive emotional way and I cannot see ANY indication of sexual misconduct in his nature

So the show trial of BOTH of their character today should be.. 
An angry buzz in the air mid day and a BIG nothingburger this evening and then a celebratory atmosphere on Friday. It is very possible that Ford either does not show up or is caught lying OR is made to look like the Hillary clone that she is. 

That is my read. If I am wrong I will have crow for dinner this evening. 


BTC fractals

A fractal is a repeating pattern that can expand or contract in the same shape of previous patterns.

The decline since last December is the big pattern and since then the same shape decline has repeated in smaller and smaller versions  This now a 5 fractals into the lows.  There is band compression now to a point where when the fractals play out into completion and the reversal rally could be a massive rally.. No Promises but as a trader I have seen this before in the S&P in the post 2008 crash and the low at 666 In March of 2009 had fractaled prices into a low with no downside risk and the rally from that low is still in progress 9 years later. 

Just saying.


I had a dream

I need to report a very vivid dream I had last night.. This type of dream only shows up once in a few years in full color and in a way that resembles a movie that lasts an hour rather than a rapidly flashing landscape.. In the past this type of dream has been quite prophetic. 

The dream was about me winning TWO contest of skill on the same day with the prize being a million dollars each. The second contest was run by trump who presented me with a million dollar prize. 

Upon awakening I started to consider what it meant.. The first "contest" was probably representative of my prediction that trump would win the 2016 election. I have so far only found ONE other astrologer who predicated the Trump Win and that astrologer was NOT a US citizen.  The second contest in the dream was a much more difficult challenge according to the dream and I suspect that my notions about the upcoming election is what I have been saying for almost a year now about the rise of women political power is that the US women will be the deciders of this up coming election. 

As things stand at present the American people are FINALLY starting to react rationally about the leftist takeover and I am seeing this as causing a huge shift in US women's political perspective AWAY from the left wing which would completely dismantle the leftist agenda.  Net result would be a confirmation of Kavanaugh before the election and a move after the election to bring in a mass arrest of the communists who have been attempting to destroy American sovereignty for the last 30 or so years. That means that Clinton Obama Soros etc and possibly 10s of thousands of other lower level political leftist's will be arrested and imprisoned for TREASON. I agree with the read from Mike Adams in the below post that if that would be the case that Trump succeeds in dismantling deep state he would probably go out on top and be a one term president. Keep in mind that George Washington was NOT interested in a second term as president and was goaded into running for his second term. 

I wonder if the dream I had last night means that Trump will recognize my skill set and give me a million dollar bonus? hahaha. A lifetime membership at one of his swanky golf resorts would be Ok too. 


Mike Adams

Must read


Time flies

I have been quite busy the last week with a visiting overseas astrologer. In spite of the lack of posting here I have been paying attention (generally) and wow what a shit show it has been in the so called "real world". The leftists are revealing themselves as who they really are. 

I am going to be tied up time wise for the next 10 or so days so I may or may not be posting much during that time.  Suffice to say that the election is more and more the fulcrum of the future of the USA and the rest of the so called civilization hangs in the balance. If the leftists are able to cheat to win it could be very VERY destructive to the future of the entire human race and I stay focused on a positive outcome because the alternative is worse that even I can imagine. 

Markets are doing what I expected as the astro since Hurricane Florence flood has tapered off and between now and election should continue the uptrend. Bitcoin is once again trying to break above resistance at the 89 day moving average. I see support has been tested FOUR times this year and that is usually a sign that an upside breakout of significance is going to take place with a target of mid 8000s near term and much higher in 2019. 



On vacation for the next week.. Posts will be spotty if at all. LOL I was maybe going to go to the beach but my being a resident of Beaufort NC for 3 years has me going the opposite way. I actually forget the last time I took a week off. Could be 2012. 

S&P up a tree like a scared cat in a hurricane.
BTC still scraping the bottom but still afloat
Politics.. war mongers and deep state vs we the people. It's halftime

The astro has been in a hurricane for weeks and weeks as Mar and Uranus have been squared and that aspect has been in orb 10 times longer than usual due to a retrograde Mars. Jangled nerves and reckless behavior. The peak energy unload is the hurricane and the astro starts to break up stating TOMORROW and a sense of ease should be present after the 19th. . 
The calmer astro ( relatively) will last into early October. 


reefer madness x 100


Makes ya wonder what the feds are smoking. BTW it is legal in Canada and almost half of the USA. So now a person can be banned from coming to the US for doing something that is perfectly legal ... Speculation....  The price must be kept as HIGH as the black market price so the big pharma US producers profits are protected. 


Burning Man 2018

One day I might make it.

One day I might have a big ass Class A RV to go there in old guy styling mode too.. 


Blame THEM

Meanwhile beyond the boarders of weather channel hypnosis. Never let a crisis go to waste.

First, globalists use guerrilla-like tactics to achieve their goals and they often act slowly and quietly over the course of years or decades.The Fabian Society was named after the Roman General Quintus Fabius Maximus who famously used tactics of attrition and delay to defeat his enemies. Liberty activists need to start thinking in terms of the long game, much like a chess player does, in order to grasp the globalist agenda. The events triggered today may have intended effects which are not necessarily obvious to us now unless we consider how they relate to the greater scheme.

this is especially true in terms of economics.  Globalists stage fiscal bubbles many years in advance, and use economic crisis as a catalyst for social change on a grand scale.  Usually this results in ever increasing centralization of wealth and power.  However, the shift of financial dominance is subtle to those who do not pay particular attention to the details.  A market bubble might take a decade to develop before it is deliberately popped.  In the meantime all the fundamentals are screaming that something is very wrong, but the majority of the public remains oblivious until it is too late.

most globalist actions today rely on 4th Generation warfare; meaning, few things are exactly as they seem, ever. I suspect the success of liberty activists has forced them into more elaborate forms of theater. Nothing they do is ever simple unless you have studied the motivations and mindset of the globalists, then they become rather predictable, unoriginal and bizarrely robotic in their behavior. They appear brilliant in the execution of their agendas only because they have centuries of experience implementing the same con games over and over. They are sociopathic grifters; they are clever and without remorse, but not geniuses in any sense of the word.


Blame her

Someone must be blamed for the "weather".. may as well be her.. Named FLO a well known character in Progessive Insurance ads

LOLOL found this.. 
She has committed more crimes than Trump has LOL. Arrested for DUI after an accident and ... get this.. She did not have auto insurance..  Bwhaaaaa .. 


Hurricane DUD?

Months ago when talking markets with a long time trader friend I noted that the astro was going to ramp up into today and tomorrow.. Haha.. My 66th birthday. Quite an exact set of aspects in the sky right now. This astro has been working up to a frenzy for weeks and has produced a nervous wreck psychology. 

Astro manifests in the real world around us. Energy gets dissipated sometimes in a concentrated way like a STORM or EARTHQUAKE or a MARKET CRASH EVENT. Sometimes the energy is dissipated in millions of personal situations that are hidden from being in the news. 

I lived in 3 different places on the Carolina coast from 2002 - 2005. My rented houses were close to the water one with a dock in the back of the house with the living room floor only at 8 foot above sea level. I experienced 3 floods while living there but the water only rose to 6 feet above sea level at my house when the eye wall went over the house during hurricane Isabel. Just 10 miles north of my location the storm surge was 10 feet plus. I had friends tell me the water at their house went up to the windows in only 10 minutes. I moved to the mountains after Ophelia came up to only 1 foot of flooding my ground floor in fall of 2005. Where I lived in Beaufort North Carolina is vulnerable to this storm and I am glad not to be there. One of my friends who lives there is a born there "down easter" and is refusing to evacuate. The house is a block away from Blackbeards house which is 300 years old.

The weather channel makes its money by scaring the shit out of everyone. Keep that in mind when watching it. The astro intensity drops off DRAMATICALLY after the 14th. By tomorrow a few million people who evacuated are not going to happy living with their dogs in a cheap motel room with no power  no AC and waiting for FEMA to let them come home. 


Censorship machines


There goes the internet.

“This whole proposal has wide implications for virtually everything on the internet. If you make a funny video at the club, that music in the background is a copyright violation. Repurpose an image for a meme and suddenly you’re violating copyright. Take a selfie while wearing a Metallica shirt and you could see it vanish before it hits Instagram. Say goodbye to mashups, remixes, and fan fiction because fair use would be a thing of the past. In this mess of copyright-filtering dystopia, if the algorithm picks up that one sampled snippet of music that’s part of your rich original tapestry, it can be taken down until a dispute is resolved—if a dispute is resolved at all.

Another link.. 
While I can still share a link and not be concerned I am going to have the "thought police"  sue me or shut my site down. FU to the EU.  Oh and thanks Obama who gave control of the internet to the UN.

The style of this site astroecon has been established in the late 1990s. I use articles I find on the net to make points I want to demonstrate. OR illuminate.. OR debunk. and I make commentary on the content of those links. My written response to those links are sometimes funny sometimes scathing.  
IF I AM NOT ALLOWED TO SHARE THE LINKS FROM OTHER SITES...   I am going to limited to an extent that I may just post a weekly here and not bother to keep up with current events. 

I saw a comment on Zero hedge I thought was great comment on a post from an astrologically aware person . 
.. Pluto is in the zodiac position getting ready to move into Aquarius that was previously where it was located on Bastille day
Pitch forks and torches please. 

TAKE NOTE.. The NFL just tried to put in a new rule about using the helmet to initiate first contact on a tackle. During the pre season games the refs tried to enforce this new rule and it was just stupid. Fans were booing . . It was unworkable. The refs are NOT enforcing the new stupid rule change now in regular season. If enforced it would be better to put a tutu on the players and call it a dance party and not a football game. 

 I figure this EU "rule" will go the same way and there will be only selective enforcement if any at all. .  


American thinker

Hat tip to the other thinkers. American or not.

For decades, we have allowed the American left (public education, Hollywood, the Democratic Party, and fake news media) to indoctrinate our children, teaching them that America sucks and is the greatest source of pain and suffering for people both here and abroad.

Corporate executive operatives of the young enemies within movement believe that a majority of Americans share leftist disdain for their country.  This is why the NFL originally rallied behind Kaepernick, leading the charge of pro football players taking a knee in protest against our National Anthem.

The NFL protest is really highly paid, privileged celebrities giving our military (active and veterans), our brave men and women in blue, and America their middle fingers.  It is stunning that NFL executives originally thought supporting such disrespect was a good idea.


C'mon man

Campaign Trump acted like he was going to give 911 another look.. Ya know like actually delve into the real scenario not the "myth". Oh well that aint gonna happen. 911 is still the best test of character as a LITMUS TEST that clearly identifies who is who.

“Rudy Giuliani did a GREAT job as Mayor of NYC during the period of September 11th,” Mr. Trump tweeted. “His leadership, bravery and skill must never be forgotten. Rudy is a TRUE WARRIOR!”

So Trump is buddies with Netanyahoo who was physically present in NYC on 911 and coincidentally also on 7/7 in London. Who was hanging with Netty on both occasions... Rudy. . Nuff said. 

I have a "theory" that Rudy knows where all the bodies are buried in the 911 event so to speak. Seems like Mule-er was neck deep in cover-up from day one. So Trump is using Rudy to threaten any deep stater who was involved (mostly the entire neocon element both parties) with exposure unless they back off. 

One reason I knew trump would win in 2016 was he was playing out an ancient myth where Perseus  sneaks up on medusa .. cuts off her head and uses the gorgon stare against his enemies. Hummm. I guess if I twist myself into a logic pretzel I could say that is what Rudy is up to which is using the deep state against itself. 

Read up on the myth.



Max fear right now in affected areas go figure it is 911. Where I live is not in the line of direct impact but we have have power outages here in the boonies when the wind picks up so my posting could be interrupted over the next 5 or so days. 

I moved here to high elevation from the coast of North Carolina in 2006 after three hurricane floods in 3 years. This current storm would have me leaving the coastal area and heading away from the coast to a hotel room.  


It is war season

New moon in Virgo. New football season ... new TEEVEE season and election follies on deck

Based on the rumors of war we have a scenario where Israel gets to provoke a major escalation in Syria. The level of propaganda is astounding.. Netty is making bellicose threats which are a lot like North Korea in style. Israel may be in a rush because of uncertainty over the election results and if nothing else they are opportunist. Assad using gas makes no sense at all yet it is all over the news as if they would broadcast such a plan in advance. 

Big tech appears to be so afraid of a setback in the election they are willing to be blatant in actions against free speech. Blah blah they are corporations so are they above the law? ESPECIALLY WHEN they are all taking Government money for cloud services and selling our data to the government? The fact that it has gotten this far is a clear indication we are in a fascist system where corporations own the government. 


In Crypto World BTC is holding at support levels for the 4th time this year.  ETH is NOT. The next few weeks is a season low last year so it is possible BTC will need a leg lower in the weeks ahead but I think the damage in the other than BTC crypto is severe enough to be a capitulation move even if BTC holds the support line.  The Crypto market cap is below 200 billion now and BTC percentage is over 55%. 


News blackout?

With the exception of the mainstream perspective all news is being blacked out by the big tech companies.

This is an ominous sign that something BIG is ahead which would be very transparent to those of us who "know a thing or two" . 

Russia is now positioned. Turkey is positioned. Israel is positioned. I have written for years about what I consider blatant attempts to fulfill biblical prophecy by producing a reality show called ARMAGEDDON THEATRE. The current setup is not the first time an attempt to trigger the shit show of the millennia it was seen also was in 2006.. 2011 and 2014.  We might call them a preview of coming attractions maybe the trailer for the big event. In front of mid term election seems to be a part of the timing of these attempts in the past. My guess is this the most ripe it can get for no resistance coming from those few in congress who would otherwise speak up. 

The Russians are not very cooperative to the effort to fulfill the role they were given by the "director" of this shit show. Oddly the Russian orthodox church is not on board with the plan to trick American Christians into participation in WW3 for Jesus. 

Going viral on Drudge

ALL THREE of the so called Abrahamic "religions" are going loco with the thought of Jesus coming back. 

Albert Pike wet dream. 



Fan mail

Sent in .... from a MINDS post. Seems a lot of intellectual discussion has shifted to that platform.

Indeed Pluto is a very important "planet" .. The 250 year revolution of Pluto correlates to the many big picture cycles in the death and rebirth of nations and The USA is at an inflection point because Pluto is returning to it's birth location on July 4th 1776.  

USA Natal Pluto is located at 27.33 Of Capricorn. 

Transiting Pluto will be at that degree APRIL 2022. Pluto will make a direct station at 27 Capricorn in October of 2023. During the Pluto return for the USA it will experience a form of death and rebirth. Geeeeeez. Does draining the swamp take THAT LONG? Apparently so. 

If you think about the political system as is is today it is NOT a republic... RE-PUBLIC.. REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PUBLIC .... get it??  When the country was born the ones who had a vote were the ones who had to PAY FOR the policy. Quite different from now in that the ones who vote for a policy make someone else pay for it usually people who are not even born yet. 



Up late last night because I was watching the Superbowl champion Philadelphia Eagles start the new football season off last night the way they ended last season. BY WINNING.. Went down the very very very last second too. Nick Foles who was/is the backup QB played again.. Runs like a baby giraffe.. Plays like Godzilla.

In other worldly affairs Elon Musk does JOE ROGAN PODCAST last night

Got to hand it to Rogan he is next man up as he is becoming a force of nature in whatever ya call the new media. Getting Musk on air is bringing him up to legendary status. There is no one else who could have gotten Musk buzzed on air talking for 2 and half hours. It is going to be interesting what Musk says I will watch it tonight. Rogan podcast interviews of Paul Stamets Randle Carlson, Graham Hancock, John Anthony West are worth watching too BTW. 



The guy has some keen wit. 

Emotional incontinence

And on another note a saboteur is loose in the Whitehouse. Gee ..  ya  dont say. 


Bear markets usually last 2-3 years

Sometimes the high is easy to identify from a distance using astrology.. Sometimes the low is easy to identify. Getting both right is the art of the thing. 

What we know. 
Saturn is conjunct Pluto in January of 2020. 
Saturn is squared to Uranus in January of 2021
Those aspects are far more associated historically with LOWS than highs. 

So the question then is...  If the lows are due in 2020 - 2021 where is the high located. 

January March and September of 2019 have Jupiter Neptune and Jupiter Uranus stress aspects. This is speculative and inflationary astro. Stands to reason those aspect time markers will be associated with highs of over expansion of HOPE and discounting of FEAR. So 2019 is the preferred location on the timeline for an over thrust rally high to waaaay tooooo high. 1929 and 87 type of way too high. In a manipulated market such as we have now there is going to be a very high stock market for a crash to be possible. 

CAVEAT... Political forces (enemy within) may panic and do some very real damage to the economy and or the general well being of the American people prior to the November 2018 election. The ideal top as far as astrology is concerned is in September 2019 but this does not mean it could not be a retrace type lower high rather than an all time high. Just making sure you the reader knows that the risk factors of the 2020 and 2021 Saturn aspects can start to manifest in a lower price trend as early as RIGHT NOW in September of 2018. 

We have the usual yearly fear about another 911 at present.. The astro does not look ripe for anything major this year. But then again there are political reasons to be on guard. There are elements in the deep state that have a fake Armageddon reality show agenda planned for Syria. It bothers me that the truther community has been attacked so successfully that it may be the forewarnings that we have broadcast during other high risk windows in the past successfully (I might add) could fall on empty screens right at the wrong time in the near term. 


If 6 was 9
I don't mind


Here is a post by Carl Herman. I can see that he sees clearly what I see.

I can imagine our .01% opponents inventing QAnon for Patriots to self-declare, be targeted with sealed indictments, then arrested/disappeared after a colossal false flag attack blamed on dangerous conspiracy theorists

Glad I am busy minding my own business these days. Keeping my site going as a low traffic humorous fringe blog was an evolution that took 5 years to get it into the current format. HAHA .. My bad spelling comes in handy eh? 


Alqueda is the Washington Generals of terror

 The generals NEVER EVER WIN.. except one time in the last 50 plus years. They were doing the job of making the all black Harlem Globetrotters look unbeatable. What a concept.

As best I can tell tell globetrotters exhibition games were the first time when I was a boy that black people were allowed to make fun of white people. The Generals were an all white team who ya know could NOT JUMP.

Such innocent times. When racism had a fun side. 


Your arm's too short to box with GOOG

Next up in the trillion dollar market cap derby is Goog. This is a pure tech play now as Apple and Amazon have physical products as a foundation of the business. GOOG is in catch-up phase in that way with probably the more exciting physical objects of desire for consumers. 

The so called FIVE EYES.. Amazon. Apple. Facebook. Google.. and Microsoft

Maagog from the Revelations? No F in that anachronism so maybe that says something. 

These companies are not too big to fail they are too big NOT TO SUCCEED. The entire economy and  electronic infrastructure of western civilization now is dependant on those 5 companies. If they succeed this fall to manage the election in a way that is favorable to themselves we have created a new form of Government. I don't think it has a name yet. I have speculated the so called age of Aquarius could start off as a form of collectivist communist/fascist tyranny and what would you call it? 

The astro in 2020 is landing right at the end of Capricorn and beginning of Aquarius. 


The bezos factor

In this sense, it can be best compared to the evils of factory farming. Most people just simply have no idea about the immense damage going on behind the scenes as they indulge in incredible convenience and what looks like a good deal.

I am on record about the transits to Bezos chart in 2020 when he has massive astro from 3 major conjunctions landing on his Capricorn Mars. The Jupiter Pluto conjunction lands on his mars on a spot on the timeline that tells me he is going to be making his move to become emperor or something similar. 

The Woodward book about Trump that came out over last weekend is a WAPO produced hit piece.

 A theory.... next year attempts to reign in Amazon such as not allowing them to use postal service to put competitors out of business will result in MUCH HIGHER PRICES and the INFLATION will be blamed directly on Trump. A market crash in last quarter of 2019 is the result. 


A warning from the UK

Very witty woman politician from UK. Where is this kind of brave woman in the USA?

Her DOB is 2/13/1975. 


Market quake coming?

The new season of "bet your life" is on tap for September 9th on the new moon in Virgo. This new moon in Virgo is important because it starts a new financial year based on the old Jewish calendar. 

September highs HAVE IN THE PAST been precursor to a crash.  Example is the all time high on the new moon in Virgo in 1929. The closest match astrologically to 1929 was the new moon in 2012 with 5 planets in the same signs as 1929. The market went into a crash pattern September October 2012 but was stopped in its tracks by Hurricane Sandy. I have expressed my opinion about that numerous times. 

I think right now the US equity market is driven by POLITICS more than any other force right now. There is a strong desire in high places to crash the market to make Trump look bad.. The chart above of 9/14/2018 is my tell on IF a crash attempt has any chance of being effective. Past the 14th is smoother sailing astrologically so once past that date with no technical damage of consequence I assume the attempts to crash the market will fail. 

BTC is sneaking up on the shorts
Gold is is looking runnerish in Baseball parlance
Bonds ... Who wants some less than inflation rate debt?
Currency.. OH MY.. the USD is crushing many a country ... The USD is too high to allow many countries to pay off debts denominated in USD so there is a problem of a raise in rates to tame inflation at home and  not crush everyone who has to pay back loans. This is why I believe the fed is going to way behind the curve next year. 


21 trillion in dark money

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby is a broker of physical precious metals by the ton for wealthy clients, and he says people are quietly panicking. Kirby explains, “If you look at a duck moving across the water, it looks very graceful. But if you take a picture of what’s going on underneath the waterline, you see the duck paddling seriously. In the precious metals space, what we see above the waterline is the reckless suppression of physical precious metals . . . but what’s really going on beneath the waterline is mega, mega money is on a ‘seek and acquire’ mission to secure physical precious metals in amounts that would stagger most people. . . . There will come a point where physical precious metals will be hard, if not impossible, to find in exchange for fiat currency. . . .The amount of money seeking physical precious metals would alarm a lot of people. You are talking stupid amounts of money.”

TRAINS..  not trans

Check out this hysterical twitter storm over the kids show Thomas the Tank.

Does AI have phonetic difficulty when words sound the same?  


Road map:

2018. Some politically charged market manipulation from September till mid October. After the election in early November a sense of relief with little real damage from attempts to crash the market and a rally into year end. Could be a doozey of a rally so stocks could go up as much as 20-30%

2019. The main aspects are a Jupiter Neptune square with a Jupiter sequisquare (135 degrees) to Uranus. This is an interaction of Jupiter to a Neptune semisquared (45 degrees) to Uranus. That aspect set is in play most of the year with peaks of energy manifesting in January and September with a retro period in March. The theme is EXPANSION of liquidity which in economics means loose monetary policy. Lets say that it is very likely the fed is going to be behind the curve raising rates too slow and be unable to raise interest rates fast enough to control stock prices and consumer prices. It sets up an inflation driven bubble. I see this as a negative REAL interest rate as fed rates will be lower than inflation rates. This condition was last seen in the USA in the late 1970s. Real-estate did great unless you were a baby boomer trying to buy in to a rapidly rising price. Gold did very well. Lots of preemptive buying of all kinds of stuff before prices rose even further. 

This inflation driven pre emptive buying mindset is something that has not occurred in the post baby boomer generations lifetimes they have no idea what it is like. POSSIBLE that 2019 is 1979 all over again which younger people COULD decide to go strongly into BTC as a defensive strategy. 

2020. Late in 2019 AFTER September I expect a rapid acceleration of monetary tightening. In January of 2020 Saturn and Pluto conjunction is excessive CONTROL and may even bring a type of martial law (price controls?). I think there is going to be a bubble burst after September of 2019 and a bear market develop in last quarter 2019 all the way into January of 2021 when Saturn and Uranus are squared. 

I reserve the right to change my outlook as new information comes above the horizon. 


Fly like an eagle

Amazing.. not just fly like an eagle but SEE LIKE ONE.  I want a full sized one of these.

Learning to fly

Tom Petty

And yes this post relates directly to the one below this one.


War on consciousness

The current war on anyone who does not adhere to the main stream perception of reality has been going on for YEARS. The war was mainly a war on "drugs" for decades but the war on drugs was very much like prohibition in only controlling the who part of who gets to supply the banned substances. 

I remember as young man when I was a teenager those times when LSD was NOT ILLEGAL.. It was the rage of the super smart and the spiritually bold back then. The deep state was not amused it had side effects like telepathic communication and clairvoyance and all kinds of spiritual understandings. People who had experienced this were then considered a national security risk because they could see through the lies. There was a movement back then (long live rock and roll) that was working on getting everyone dosed in one way or another as it was deemed a cure for the mental illness that had befallen the public. 


Have you ever been experienced?
Well, I have

I know, I know you probably scream and cry
That your little world won't let you go
But who in your measly little world
Are you trying to prove that
You're made out of gold and, eh, can't be sold

The banning of the TED-X talk by Graham Hancock was when the war on consciousness rose above the rubble of the War on Drugs into unbounded levels of TYRANNY. Not only was the using of substances that have the potential to enlighten being banned but it became technically ILLEGAL to talk about it. There are now laws on the books in the US that can get you arrested for talking about your psychedelic experience and recommending to others to go to places where it is not illegal to do so. 

The Ted Talk

A great visual art treatment of the Ted talk


Oh My

Imagine if your 4 year old brought this home from art class.. It might require big pharma medication

You better make your face up in
Your favorite disguise
With your button down lips and your
Roller blind eyes
With your empty smile
And your hungry heart
Feel the bile rising from your guilty past
With your nerves in tatters
When the conch shell shatters
And the hammers batter
Down your door
You'd better run


Signs of life BTC

A higher low on August 14 Check
Holding above the 89 day moving average   Check
Tested pivot support successfully Check

Resistance is at the upper 1.6 Bollinger band basis 89 day MA
Resistance is at the downtrend line from recent retrace highs

Once resistance is broken the rally could become impulsive and last for a multiple months.
A major retrace high after a stop running to the upside would be at or near the 12K Price target that was last seen In February.


Political football season kickoff

Just as The NFL and the TV companies roll out new seasons in September the political reality show is debuting a new season of dung throwing drama. 

I think we will have huge talking points about the new season rolled out this weekend.

Get stocked up on the popcorn this is what you call entertainment. 
WrestleMania should look lame in comparison..
In this comer Robert The MULE-FACED Giant..
 In this corner the Orange Genius.


Must be the astro

OMG now THAT is funny.. It made me fall outta my chair funny
Fight club is on full steam in the comments section

 It even beat THIS ONE. Bezos a cannibal?


Shit coins... the musical

Never stops being funny.. There is a lot of hodling going on in the lower tier crypto. Hey if BTC would just go back to 20K those lesser coins could come all the way back to breakeven. 

My read is the only lesser coins that will avoid the meat grinder are the ones that have TECHNOLOGY integrated into them that solves a real world problem. LOL this is called fundamental analysis. Old fashioned I know. The only guy I know who does that much research these days is the eTrade baby.

Who needs analysis in a bull market? 
The old adage about buying when there is blood in the street seems to mean actual blood


Caption contest

Here's Johnny. 


September new moon

You could call it "seasonal" or you could call it seasonal price patterns of astrological phenomena. 

The stock market seasonal is highs in September in years there is going to be bearish end of year. Those highs are OFTEN on or very near the new moon in Virgo. If there is bear in the air the lows come in October ... late October and tests of the lows in November. 

 This year there are no strong indications astrologically to indicate a serious decline in what I call crash season. There is for sure POLITICAL REASONS that the market could take a spill but I think the crash energy for this year was used up last February. The Blood Moon in January was OBVIOUSLY an attempt to crash markets and pave the way for Trump ouster. I detailed what I saw back then it is in the archives

So the seasonal selling in stocks as I see it should be mild with current pivot support at about 2800. The New Moon is on September 9th so any semi serious wave of selling should be after that.. 2018 does not look like a meaningful high in stocks BUT 2019 does look like it because it should produce a high enough high that would become very unstable particularly in SEPTEMBER of 2019.

BTC is in progress of attempting to get off the mat.  BTC seasonals with not a lot of price history to work with looks like LOWS in September. Last September was a retrace low before the massive run up to 20K in December. I don't expect fireworks like last year and in my eyeballing the chart it looks like any dip in September could be a buying opportunity but with a less than exuberant rally at least until after the election.

Gold and silver seasonal has lows (buying opportunity) showing up in August. . 


rest in.. WAR

He almost managed to destroy the US aircraft carrier Forrestal by setting it ablaze. To top off his illustrious military career, he surrendered to the enemy and spent five years in a Vietnamese prison. This made him a hero - in Americans’ eyes only, while the rest of the world saw in him a murderer of Vietnamese children.

McCain deserves to have a gigantic sausage-shaped obelisk erected in his honor, made of the same lumpy, brown material that he was so full of throughout his political career.

It is a sad moment now that McCain’s untimely demise has sent him off to an eternity in Hell, because he didn’t get to finish his life’s work: destroying the United States. Nevertheless, we should call it a job well done, for the course on which he helped set the country is now unalterable. Even if he is replaced in his Senate seat by someone actually competent and able to act in his nation’s interest, this won’t alter its course by much, and certainly will not reverse it. Let us now observe a minute of silence in honor of John McCain, for upon his passing the American Collapse Party has lost a true leader.

Read the link in detail and see how fortuitous that big grand trine/new moon was over last weekend. 


49 years after Woodstock

I was at Woodstock for the entire 3 day event I went alone alone and was only 16 years old. There are probably only a few thousand people who where there in person the entire 3 days still alive today. By the end on Sunday night 90% had already left the scene. It was very muddy... oh and it got cold. I heard Jimi Hendrix play the national anthem at dawn on Monday morning from my campsite. This event shaped my life to this day because it was a MIRACLE and all who were there knew that something larger than themselves was at work. Woodstock changed everything. The Government tried to ruin it with bad drugs and reportedly cloud seeding.. The feeling of being defiantly HAPPY what ever else was going on sticks with you. 

 From my fellow attendees. hysterical vid

Another. I am somewhere in this film produced after the event by a 15 year old as a high school project.

Burning Man is the offspring of Woodstock. This year there is a lot pf propaganda and not much positive in the media perception machinery about Burning Man. F'em.. I would go if I thought I could handle the physical part of the event at age 66ish. Maybe next year on the 50th anniversary of Woodstock I can make it there. Or maybe I just go to Yasgurs farm and sit in the cow field for a day and take in the 50 years of life that has transpired after Woodstock. 

No rules. No money.. No problem. Well done vid on the Burning Man event this year.



Here comes winter

Farmers Almanac

And just how do they predict the forecast accurately? Well, they won’t say for certain,but according to the 2019 Almanac: “It’s all very mathematical and astronomical, they say, based on sunspots and tides and the position of planets. The only person who knows the exact formula is an almanac weather prognosticator named Caleb Weatherbee.”

From my view as an astrologer the cold this coming winter 2019 will be less than in 2020 and 2021 which looks VERY cold based on Saturn Pluto and Saturn Uranus aspects landing in January. 


Its our country and we want it back .. NOW

Trump seems a bit distracted defending himself from nonsense. 
Maybe he needs a reminder from WE THE PEOPLE

Just DO IT. In fact spread this above link as well. Plenty of time to set this in motion. 


Looks like a mycelia network to me

I would be interested what effect something like magic mushrooms have on these newly found cells. Hint.. maybe it disables those particular cells temporarily disrupting the so called "normal"  thinking processes which filters out information so consciousness can focus in the physical.  Call it information throttling. 

Jimi Hendrix .. Room full of Mirrors.  Pretenders cover

I used to live in a room full of mirrors
All I could see was me
Well I take my spirit and I crash my mirrors
Now the whole world is here for me to see
I said the whole world is here for me to see
Now I'm searchin' for my love to be


So THAT is it???

Although it's often said that those who can't do teach, the reality is that the best doers are often the worst teachers. 

It wasn't that they didn't care about teaching. It was that they knew too much about their subject, and had mastered it too long ago, to relate to my ignorance about it. Social scientists call it the curse of knowledge. As the psychologist Sian Beilock, now the president of Barnard College, writes,"As you get better and better at what you do, your ability to communicate your understanding or to help others learn that skill often gets worse and worse."

Second, consider how difficult it was for the educator to master the material. We often gravitate toward prodigies like Einstein because their expertise seems so effortless. That's a mistake. We should be learning from overachievers: the people who accomplish the most with the least natural talent and opportunity. 


Teach your children well

The thread was kicked off by a nursery teacher on Mumsnet, who described how a toddler in her class predicted both her pregnancy, and that of her colleague.

The woman revealed the young girl had placed her hand on her co-worker's stomach saying 'babies', weeks before the woman discovered she was pregnant with twins. 

Other parents quickly shared their own spooky experiences of their own children seeing ghosts and recalling historically accurate memories that happened before they were alive.


The dirt on McCain

Red-Ice rips him a new one.. posthumously

Guess big tech attempting to shut Henrik up did not work. Don't mess with a Viking. 


The energy of astrological aspects

Aspects are the angular relationship between one planet and another AS SEEN FROM EARTH. 

All of us are "astrological beings" who have a birth chart of the moment of the first breath. That is a frozen moment of first independent act (breathing) and the horoscope is the chart (map) of that moment. The way the planets are arranged by angles to each other in a birth chart shows how the different actors in the birth chart relate to each other. So as an example if Jupiter (expansiveness) is in a difficult angular relationship to the moon (feelings) it can result in an OVERINDULGENCE based on feeling like it and can be manifested as an OVER EATER. Other types of manifestations of that aspect are valid but they all will be defined by expansion and feelings. 

So we all have aspects in our birth chart that is the roadmap of a persons inner activity. The story line on when those aspects become either a positive or a negative are the planets in motion in the sky passing over the planetary positions in each of our birth charts. If a TRANSITING planet happens to fall in a sensitive place in an individuals birth chart it is a CAUSE of the outer expression of a persons birth chart as in some worldly action. 

My theory about how astrology effects financial markets is based on how the planets in the sky are having an effect on each and every human on the planet. So bad astro in the sky is transferred to enough people in our 4D reality that it shows up in the markets as good or bad decisions. So when I am looking for important market events like a top or bottom I am looking at the transiting planets in the sky knowing that they are going to transfer that energy into a large number of humans around the same time and thus move prices. 

In the 1990s I started to notice that when a market was manipulated and not allowed to be an expression of astrological energy manifesting the energy of that aspect would tend to fall on the FEW as in a focused event. like an earthquake.. Or a hurricane. Or a terrorist event. So when bad astro would come along it was focused on the few and not the many as if it was on purpose. This started to be so very coincidental in late 1990s early 2000s that I started to conclude the the wire pullers were using tragic events as a way to soak up bad astro that could damage the market patterns and produce an undesired result. If that be the case then astrology is being used as a weapon. My bad attytood about the banksters is because I have seen such activity too many times and have called it HUMAN SACRIFICE going back to the late 1990s. If I seem mum a lot here it is because I am determined to NOT be part of that equation and allow my insights to be misused. 

I believe that AI is a huge factor now in market manipulation.  IF the AI has either data mined the effects of astrology without knowing what it is on OR actually has learned enough astrology to have an ability to use it to tweak markets is an unknown as of now. BUT I SEE FOOTPRINTS of too many coincidences to ignore this. I do know for a fact that at least one very good astrologer has been working on neural net self learning astro trading methodology going all the way back in the late 1990s. I have met him.  Did not particularly care for him and what if after 20 years of his activity the AI gotten to not just predict the future BUT TO MANAGE IT. Even if he is personally not the bad guy his work is transparent to the all seeing AI. 

The big outer plants transiting through the zodiac forming aspects to each other are less game-able than the shorter term inner planets. This is why I am focused there now because those aspects are as NOT GAME-ABLE they are big and last too long. Even the oligarchs arms (and the AI that comes with them) are too short to box with god. 

Whew I hope I did not confuse everyone with the above. 


Back in the old days before google

This is before "social" media. There was just the internet.. People had simple web sites and helped each other by linking to like minded information on other people's websites. People communicated using Emails .. sometimes several pages long.. Web sites that had good content had huge traffic flow. Mine had 90K hits to my home page in one day back then. Good content won. 

It was easy to research any subject even the controversial ones. 

So around the time the USA was attacked by those who HATE US FOR OUR FREEDOMS in 2001 things began to get testy for the perps of that event. The authoritarians got caught flat footed and thought that the mainstream media would eventually get the job of bamboozling the common man done but by 2008 or so that was not going to happen. 911 truth and a lot of other true information was winning. So Obama hired Cass Sunstien to fix that right away in early 2009.

Facebook and Google emerged as superpowers AFTER Obama took office. 
The shift also moved a huge amount of internet traffic over to Smart phones
Web sites that could not keep up with the new technology became the equivalent of a used book store
Trolling became a profession and paid well

I can say that NO ONE censors my site. But my site is censored by the misdirection of traffic going to it. My site is a legacy site started in 1996 when there were maybe only a few hundred thousand domain names in existence. If the table had not been tilted in 2009 my site would still be getting the type of traffic I got before in the early 2000s. 

So what is missing now is the CULTURE that made the internet what it was in the good old days. 
If everyone with a facebook page would just get a simple web site as a personal page instead and go back to the sharing culture we had before facebook and maybe just communicate using EMAIL the problem of censorship would be eliminated. AND there would be a huge amount of trolls going unemployed.

In May, representatives from Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oath, Snap and Twitter met with Christopher Krebs, an undersecretary at the US Department of Homeland Security, and Mike Burham from the FBI’s foreign influence taskforce.

VOTE WITH YOUR FEET and simply refuse to allow yourself to be censored. 
Support web sites and not Facebook etc. 


Warrior Spirits

The full moon over the last weekend awakened some of the sleeping ones. Some of them as old as the hills themselves. Those who lived here in North America before the Europeans came lived here without ruining the land.

The indigenous people on other continents have something to share as well. Spiritual knowledge that pre dates the plague of the Abrahamic "religions". Gnostics come from before 2000 years ago. John Lash is a scholar on the Gnostics and he is advocating using what power god gives us to right some wrongs.
This is tricky business and not for the inexperienced person to attempt.  My way of doing this was established all the way back in the hippie days to SEE and REFLECT negative energy back to sender and NOT generate new negative energy. Lash maybe is allot more strident about this than I am. To each his own and I hope he is good at side stepping the potential of psychic blowback if he goes too far. 


Caitlin Johnson

…now, while they are telling us that we are not permitted to speak about McCain’s unforgivable record of facilitating military bloodshed in Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere, it is precisely the time to speak. By publicly disrupting the narrative of McCain’s sanctification, we make it harder for the war propagandists to manufacture consent for more war. It really is that simple.



 BTC is in a technical breakout position hanging just below the 89 day moving average and a well established price pivot. Let price tell you what is next. Finding support ABOVE the 89 day moving average is what is required to give a safe to enter signal.

Note from this position it is ONLY appropriate to start to scale in with an intermediate term Position.and NOT to jump in with both feet. 
What this chart suggests is an absence of sellers and not an impulse buying spree in progress as of now. 

Astrologically supportive aspects from Jupiter to Uranus and Neptune in 2019 tell me a retrace high is likely next year and probably above 12 K where many shorts will be forced to cover. September of 2019 of particular interest. This could be the wave B high of an eventual ABC correction with a final low out in post 2021. Judging whether BTC is going in to a new bull market to above 20K is NOT a consideration as of now. Essentially what I see is an intermediate term position and NOT a Hodling friendly situation long term. 

Blockchain is the technology of the future but the use of blockchain for decentralized currency is a bit dicey  because I know how the Fed deals with competition. Study a monthly chart of Gold going back to the 1970s and you see the pattern they use. 


The drought clock

Solar cycles .. Outer planet cycles. The movement of the barycenter of the solar system from inside the sun surface to outside the sun surface.

Of particular interest to me is the Saturn Pluto conjunction and the Saturn Uranus square in 2020 and 2021 landing in a January. Two brutal winters in a row? Once started a cold cycle tends to self reinforce itself and in the past it caused full blown Ice Ages lasting 1000s of years probably reinforced by volcanism or asteroid strikes. 

 Late add in from Marty Armstrong


The royal stars

Formalhaut  has drifted from Aquarius over the millennia and is now located in early Pisces. The degree is.... Drum roll..... THREE DEGREES OF PISCES and THAT is where last night's full moon was in the zodiac. I have noted before that star has much to do with the Age of Aquarius starting EARLY by a few hundred years due to the drift of this royal star.

The fixed star Fomalhaut is positioned at 3º 52′ Pisces in the southern fish. It is situated in its eye and the fish itself, which is found at the foot of the water bearer. Originally this star was part of the constellation Aquarius as Greek Astronomer Aratus mentions in 270 bc. Fomalhaut is “One large and bright by both the Pourer’s (Aquarius) feet.” To me it makes sense Fomalhaut being part of Aquarius, as then it forms part of the fixed cross of the four Archangels; Michael (Aldebaran), Raphael (Regulus) and Oriel (Antares). Fomalhaut is Gabriel, the human. The others are beasts…

The Egyptian temple ABU SIMBEL is a temple to FORMALHAUT.  The day when the sun is conjunct Formalhaut is Februray 22nd. This is the day when the sun shines all the way into the rear of the temple illuminating the 4 gods. . John Anthony West did an entire episode of Magical Egypt about this.


Big Grand trine on a full moon

Last night was one of the most exactly aspected full moons in quite a while.  There was a huge psychic energy present with all the energy focused on the full moon in Pisces and people around the world had an opportunity to enjoy it and stay up late.

I sensed a shift last night. I know of people in several continents who were aware of the significance of the full moon and had aya ceremonies. I'm suspecting that ceremonies were widespread and a lot of spiritual work as done around the world. 

 So about the peak energetically last night McCain passes and takes the down elevator. Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran led to another massacre of children in Yemen about the time of his passing. God works in mysterious ways.  Maybe his passing will lead to a better chance for peace. He was in the top ten turds in the political punchbowl and maybe some of the others will see that their time for the down elevator grows near also. 

Low Spark

the lyrics

But today you just read that the man was shot dead 
By a gun that didn't make any noise
But it wasn't the bullet that laid him to rest, was 
The low spark of high-healed boys



19 years is the length of the sun moon cycle of repeating the same zodiac degree positions every 19 years. 

Events and people repeat on that 19 year beat. Every 19 years people are born with the same sun/moon position as your own. They are your astrological parent/ancestors born before you. 19 years after your birth your astrological offspring are born. 

1999    19 years ago.. the year of fearing y2k. The frenzy to buy a new computer that was immune from y2k was the eventual catalyst for the tech wreck after 1/1/2000 came and went. 

1999   19 years ago the year the Matrix movie was released on March 31. We are 19 years after that movie came out now and oddly it seems the movie has come true in real life in 2018. 

Lets talk about that. 
March 31 1999 had an EXACT Sun Jupiter conjunction and that conjunction was exactly trined to Pluto. That is very beneficent energy when it comes to truth telling. LOL it was like someone knew astrology to time the release.... mmmm. That particular movie was a massive wakeup call for many many people it was a concept that was far enough outside of the thinking patterns of the "normals" that it had a clear path into the idea center of the brain where consciousness resides. In other words the concept stuck.. like a splinter in the mind. EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT THE RED PILL NOW. 

The Wachowski brothers  (now sisters) were the directors of the Matrix. Great job directing but the concepts they directed may not have been their own concept. 

J Michael Stracynski was the screen writer on the following Wachowski films JUPITER RISING and SENSE8.. The Matrix was released on a JUPITER SUN CONJUNCTION which is not an accident and that was arguably the most successful movie over the last 19 years. Stracynski date of birth is 7/17/1954 and his birth chart shows that he would be the one who knew actionable astrology enough to time a movie release. 

In 2015 the netflix series SENSE8 was released on June 5 2015 after Jupiter Rising bombed after release on Feb 6 2015. Throw up a chart of that sense8 release date and WOW a Sun Mars conjunction in Gemini setting off a Jupiter Uranus trine the day of release.  Now THAT is some good astro there and was the most illegally downloaded film of all time on release day. You can if you like go back in my archives and see what I wrote about sense8 when I first viewed the series in June 2015. The concept of astrological twins born at the same moment of first breath in different places around the world is something I have studied. The concept is handled in sense8 in a way that is consistent with my observations about it. Sense8 is showing that the matrix is in fact an ASTROLOGICAL MATRIX and there are more in the flesh "YOU" beings on earth than you might think. Same moment of the first breath and the same planetary positions as your own. ONLY the setting is different. The concepts presented in Sense8 are off the scale advanced even more so than the matrix movie. Could it be that 19 years from now the astro twin concept will be as common knowledge as the red pill in the matrix movie is 19 years later as in right now? 

Sense8 is a bit over the top with the gay shit. A shame it would have been way better had it been more hetero friendly to watch. If you can get past that and focus on the astrological /metaphysical concepts you will see what I am talking about in the importance of astrological twins. THIS IS A GREAT SECRET. 

To create the theme song for Netflix’s new sci-fi show Sense8, producer J. Michael Straczynski picked a few brains—eight of them, to be exact. 
Be sure to watch the vid in the link.


The above post came to my mind after reading this ZH link.



Very good and needs support from viewers. Mel and Melissa are doing something about what they see  .. and hat tip to that.



Scumbag. Our road to hell is paved with his "good" intentions. So when is this going to be called TREASON against the American people? I think we should organize a way to sue the guy for full damages and then when he is broke give him a one way ticket to Syria to start to clean up so the weaponized refugees he created can come home from Europe.

The strategies are impeachment, expanding Media Matters’ mission to combat “government misinformation,” ensuring Democratic control of the Senate in the 2018 midterm elections, filing lawsuits against the Trump administration, monetizing political advocacy, using a “digital attacker” to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and damage Republicans, and partnering with Facebook to combat “fake news.”


A distinction is needed

The world is being run by various mafia organizations that operate ABOVE the state and they control the state to a great extent. Here in the USA there is a gay mafia. A Black mafia.. a leftist mafia. a tech mafia  a globalist mafia and a Jewish mafia and OTHERS also.  They are all criminal organizations under the surface but are sanctioned by layers of the deep state to do its bidding. Useful idiots maybe but are controlled by the wire pullers and not the Government. 

I am sure Russia has the same thing. So when we are talking about "Russians" are we talking about Russian mafias or are we talking about the Russian STATE being the protector of the actual Russian people. 

Mafias are multi national. Or extra national in nature. Mafias find BORDERS to be inconvenient. 

The way I see it the mafia organizations are run top down a lot like the NFL and it's "teams". Trump when he was just a businessman had to deal with these teams as a matter of getting any business done. I don't know who the so called commissioner of the league of mafias is currently but you can be sure Trump knows. Trump will get nothing done without having to deal with him/her. 

 I also see the USA is in a gang war right now like the gangsters of old in Chicago used to fight over turf.. Indeed Chicago seems to be an obama/hillary kind of place so they are in the thick of this gang warfare. They don't call it CHIRAQ for nothing. 



Grand trine

A very exact grand trine in earth signs is the dominant astro over the next few days. Saturn and Uranus are trined and the sun moves into position at 2 degrees of Virgo. Grand trines are thought by traditional astrology to be "good" but in my experience it is more like stasis where directional momentum becomes frozen. After the grand trine is past exact next week we should see more "movement" but not usually a single event generated rise in volatility. Think Ice jam on a river. 

Hyped up hurricane. lots of earthquakes. catatonic Atty general.  The full moon after the last solar eclipse adds to the mix of things STUCK over the weekend. A good weekend to UN STICK your self and do some inner work. 

It appears that Trump has come into this time frame with relative strength and it would be nice to see some movement on the fact he is surrounded by spies and traitors and enemies of the American people. September is the month when new "plans" are rolled out so lets hope there is MOVEMENT in the swamp draining we were promised. It is kind of embarrassing watching Trump appear to be pushed around by the deep state. He has had almost two years to mount a counter attack so lets see it. The American people know who needs to be arrested so lets get to it. 

The new moon in Virgo on 9/9 is when the rollout SHOULD commence. 
This could include a false flag event which maybe is transparent enough to become a catalyst. 
The market appears to be vulnerable to some drawdown in front of the election as it appears the left actually wants a market crash.. I think that fails.. Something like 5% correction is not going to do much damage. 



What a name for a guy who runs a tabloid? Mr Pecker eh?

Now that is some major league investigating reporters working on that rag. 

Some classic covers so take a minute to feast your eyes.


Dirty Jobs

Yo Mike Rowe this would be a great episode on the TeeVEE show Dirty Jobs.

the SF Chronicle has revealed just how much each member of this apparently elite "poop patrol" team will cost the city: $184,678 in salary and benefits

The comments are priceless. 

Uh oh... What this will result in is Poop Patrollers paying street walkers to take a shit on the street for $2-$5 a pop! 

That's the "shovel ready jobs" Obama was talking about.

Why not move the shitters to the Pelosi Vineyards and let them fertilize her grape vines for wine rations? 

Too big to pail.

I'd do it. You guys don't get it. This is city work. Five people and five work days in a week. Each day one person shovels shit and the other four watch.

I would eat like 10 pounds of taco bell and drink a case or two of schafers beer, and paint that town brown.  


The longest bull evaaar

Not since the great pyramids

And it will take a greater than 10% "correction" to end it.. Last time a 10% was seen was 2012. 

September of 2012.. 
Bibi goes in front of the UN and presents his wraskly wabbit cartoon about "red lines".  Hilarity ensues.
In early September of 2012 there were 5 planets in the same zodiacal place in the sky as the 1929 September highs. From the early September 2012 highs the stock market did a very exact pattern match off the top to the 29 starting moves down and that pattern stayed in place into October when the impulse down day (black Monday ) was due to hit...  Hurricane Sandy hit NYC and the markets ended up being closed on the very day black Monday crash was "baked in the cake".. The very day that a 10% plus down day.. a CRASH .. was due ??????  Wow. 
BTW Obama was going to LOOSE in November as things stood at the time. 

It was a miracle I tell ya. It was like the hand of god came down and moved the chess pieces. God was even generous enough to leave the vault doors of the basement repository of trillions of paper bond and stock certificates when NYC vaults flooded by the super storm Sandy they went back to the wood pulp they were printed on. Amazing that meant the OWNERSHIP of trillions went from DOCUMENTED to Electronic (paper so old fashioned.)  Gods grace also fell on the fake 240 billon in US 20 year T bonds that had been counterfeited and placed into the system in??   Drum roll.   September 12th of 1981.....  911 was the day before those 20 year T bonds were due to be cleared back into the system but in another miracle new rules went into effect that day in an emergency clearing process. Hurricane Sandy destroyed the evidence of the fake bonds. 

Bottom Line is the trillions of proved ownership "assets" in paper form were rehypothecated 30 times as new money and THAT was when the bull market really got started to my trained eye. 

Oh and 0bama won in 2012 when fat man Chris Christy endorsed Obama after his state was leveled by the storm. LOL we got RomneyCare anyway. 

The above is dangerous info. Deep state seems to have knocked down skyscrapers and geo engineered super storms to avoid being caught.. 240 billion in today's money is who knows 5 trillion? 30 trillion? But hey look at all that wealth that has come from the bull market that started a few days after Sandy. Oh and a few months later Sandy Hook Pyops so that storm was a gift that kept on giving. Now when inquiring about Sandy it gets you links on THAT. 


That is all they got?

Last evening after the close a plea bargain from Cohen and conviction of Manafort came out on the exact day the S&P made a new all time high.. Coincidence? The futures did react last evening a bit but I get up this am and see a green number on the spoos. LOL.. The market says MUCH TADDOO ABOUT NOTHING.  A case could be made this coordinated move was an attempt at market manipulation. Humm who loaded up on puts yesterday.. 

Teflon Don has a new meaning. Mueller's "investigation" seems to be an attempt to keep the process of seeing into the decades long Hillary Crime spree under the rug till after the election and wow he has got nothing but a crooked lawyer? 


0bama's affordable clean energy policy

When 0bama and affordable are in the same sentence watch out. 
Trump just dumped that so called plan and thank god. The picture in the link below is where my electric is produced by coal about 30 miles from my house at FOUR CENTS a KWH. These plants already have emission controls / scrubbers so all the fuss over them was only because of the 'carbon' problem. There is several thousand years coal left supply in the ground here. And we have our own carbon absorbers here too in the 100s of billions of trees within our borders so we would still have no net effect on carbon so F off warmists.

 Meanwhile, the President is scheduled to hold a rally Tuesday night in West Virginia, a top coal-producing state. 

If 0bama clean affordable energy policy was allowed to continue electric rates would have doubled. 

If other states don't want to burn our coal now with the new rules in place maybe we will just use the extra coal to mine crypto here within the state borders and we all become billionaires. Call us deplorables all you like. RICH ones. Imagine we could be like Alaska with the state paying a big dividend to every citizen of the state. Lib heads would explode. 



"Taken by Storm" a film about Storm Thorgerson.

Hip GNOSIS..  Indeed!

His art. Many an album cover here.


We are all Chinese now

A black mirrors episode NOSEDIVE coming to life.

So glad to see the Zuck wants to define the morality of others for me. 
I'm so F%#king confused by people on facebook lying about everything I need his guidance. 


The public square

It would not matter to me that facebook and the psyops became big except that it came with the bought out their competitors tactic. This is the equivalent of blocking all streets to the public square. 

Waaay back in the day there was such a thing as PUBLIC BROADCASTING which was a Public and Private supported town square of freedom of speech. One of the best shows I learned a lot from was FRONTLINE.  In 1994 this show first revealed to me that the Clintons were involved with the Mena Ark guns and drugs ops and it was then I knew just how dirty they were and obviously in bed with the Bush mafia.. The info is still out there.

GW Bush ruined PBS/NPR in about 2011 by defunding it and it became the left wing mouthpiece maybe even intended to become the anti Jones network. Less truth there now than abccbsfoxnbc if that was even possible. PBS even has "brought to you" by commercials now. 

When trump was elected he promised a public square where those to the right of the extreme left could have a discussion about ideas.  So where is it?  The so called Right wing could IF THEY WANTED TO fund such a thing but ya know they don't want that because .... drum roll ... Corruption. 

Maybe we should employ a tactic that sports teams use to level the playing field. A  salary cap and a luxury tax on teams that overspend and ruin competitive play. Imagine facebook and the others being forced to PAY FOR a level playing field. It works for the NBA and NFL and why not give that a try in social media. Imagine Mike Adams being properly funded? 


The power of sarcasm

Highly rated post from the intelligencia of ZH in the comments section.. Oh and a huge amount of trolls have disappeared from ZH in the last week or so.. Did one of the Tylers get out a can of Raid? 
LOL the comment thread has been made great again. For now at least.


The gold / Bolivar price

Hundreds of millions per ounce.
Also note the prices are quoted down from pure to less than pure gold all the way to 10 carats. I wonder when the quotes are going to be quoted in atoms of gold. 

This is a country on the drug called socialism

The Jupiter Neptune square coming in 2019 has a theme of EXCESS LIQUIDITY. That says inflation to my simple mind. I guess Venezuela is a precursor of something much more widespread. 

My thinking is inflation will heat up in the USA after the November election. If the dems some how shovel enough bullshit at the public and win the house it will be twice as bad as if the republicans hold serve which will still be bad. Gold looks very cheap here considering the astro next year no matter who wins in November. BTW you want it in coin form and delivered physically not on paper. 

The highs came in September of 2011. 7 years of pain. 

BTC is coiled up right now and I suspect the shorts are about as fat and happy as they are going to get. Considering there is going to be a lot of Hodlers who would be overhead sellers above 10K now.  I'm thinking Gold and silver outperform crypto at least into September of 2019. My thinking is gold surpasses price parity with bitcoin some time sooner than later. Either BTC has way more downside to go or gold has way more upside. 

Hey call the Brits now is a historically good time for them to dump their remaining gold. They timed a long term low in the past so c'mon Blokes just do it. 


BTC .. something has to give

The bollinger bands are compressed and price is wedged between support and resistance. Generally when price is this compressed the break out from a tight range is going to be quite dramatic. The other cypto with lower market caps are in a mostly bearish position so maybe a wholesale selloff of alt coins is the capitulation I was looking for. BTC prices may be are supported by the Futures right now as in short covering.


Bordain's girlfreind

Might explain a few reasons why he hung himself. Also is an example of how Weinstein intends to fight back. 


A truthstream video on Technocracy. Mel and Melissa do a great job.


The Hersh ceiling

It would appear to me that in this new era of "journalist" there has not been an actual boundary defined as how far a story can go before it is censored. Seymor Hersh appears to be where the boundary is. 

Ya Ya he got Pulitzers for My Lai and Abu Ghraib so he did do some truthing. BUT he also was a gatekeeper on such things like 911 for a long time. Not a peep that I know of on a host of other things as well. In my perspective he is defining how far one can go without stepping into a "forbidden zone". Saying that 911 is not the official story is not SAYING WHAT HE SEES.

When people are comforted by government lies, trafficking the truth becomes hellishly difficult. Disclosing damning facts is especially tricky when editors en masse lose their spines. These are some of the takeaways from legendary Seymour Hersh’s riveting new memoir, Reporter.   

So Hersh was born April 8 1937.. lets take a look inside the chart

He is good with words with  a Mercury conjunct Venus. Maybe he can sing
He is politically incorrect a bit with Jupiter Pluto opposition. Jupiter is sextile Saturn which is a throttle on it however. The three planets in aspect give a this is business type of political incorrectness. 
He has an empathic moon In Pisces. His moon could also be muddy waters so this moon position has potential issues. Hillary has Moon in Pisces. just saying. 

Nothing glaringly wrong about the way he is put together. He does not show a hall of fame birth chart so making him be the gold standard that defines where the rest of us can go in investigating things and reporting our findings is rather limiting in my view. 

Just because he won awards is of no consequence to me. I pay attention to what is NOT SAID more than what IS SAID. It would be impressive if he went a lot farther in his recent article I posted about a few weeks ago when he blasted the Russian phobia in DC. As I see it he is comfortable with allowing EDITORS to filter what he gets published so is the new gold standard for the rest of us being defined? Are we being set up to have an editor approve what we write? 

His wiki

Of note... meh mixed reviews from me. Still at least SOME truthiness.
  Hersh has appeared regularly on the syndicated television news program Democracy Now![14]

In The Samson Option: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy (1991),

In September 2013, during an interview with The Guardian, Hersh commented that the 2011 raid that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden was "one big lie, not one word of it is true".


New California
It is definitely possible for part of California to secede from the state.. 

I live in such a place. West Virginia used to be part of Virginia but in the civil war period the citizens of this area of "Virginia" decided the state did NOT serve the interests of the people. Cant find the reference this early in the AM but one of my Hitt kin was one of the movers and shakers here in the civil war secession movement after it happened. 

This map shows the counties that are at or above 2000 feet were the ones who wanted out of Virginia.

Up until a few years ago there was a new secession movement growing here this time to leave the USA and become an independent republic. The leaders of that movement were arrested (go figure) and Trump fever swept in so not much noise from that right now. West Virginians are patient however maybe due to the pace of change in the oldest mountains on the planet so I'm not going to say this is a dead issue. If the country goes commie (after the current civil war) I expect a resurgence of some sort of independence movement. May I suggest starting first with a STATE OWNED bank like North Dakota has? 
Like ya know the SWISS BANK?? 

Geographically West Virginia is a lot like Switzerland is to Europe. Nothing but mountains. Impassible mountains if we want them to be. One of the most impassible areas has a old settlement of ex pat Swiss in a town called Helvetia started in 1860s,_West_Virginia

Maybe I am living outside of the ethic social engineering problem here to see clearly there IS a stealth civil war ALREADY happening. The first shots were fired here not far from where I live. It was May 5 2016 and made international news for days. Trump was sagging in the pols before this rally. It seemed like half the state showed up in person. I hope to God Trump remembers this and the promises he made. 

 The eventual state flag of the Republic of West Virginia? Maybe without Mattis please.


Musk describes his bad astro

Musk born June 28 1971. His natal sun is 6 degrees of Cancer. His natal sun is squared to Uranus at 9 Libra. Musk has sun sequisquared to Mars in 21 Aquarius also. So transiting Saturn stationed at 9 Capricorn and then backed up to oppose his Sun over the last 3-4 months.. Ya that is huge challenging aspects and HE DOES NOT KNOW about his astro ( I assume) and has no idea what to do about WHY he is in such a bind. 

Note the resolution of the his transiting aspects from Saturn in Capricorn don't come until November - December when Saturn finally moves past the 6-9 degrees of Capricorn. 

The old saying from JP Morgan who was a pal of astrologer Evangeline Adams says
"Millionaires don't need astrologers but billionaires do" 

Yo Elon 
I am available you might want to talk to me. Millionaires turn out to be cheapskate types but billionaires maybe have a better sense of the value about someone like myself who brings into the equations things others cannot. Astrology was good enough for JP Morgan .. Go to the JP Morgan library in NYC and in the back of it is a room full of astrology books. Ya might want to find out why you wanted to go to space. .


Jade helm?

That was the name of a military drill a few years ago to train for control of the human realm within US borders. We only know about it because of whistleblowers.

This a concept is from 1933 when the country went bankrupt under FDR where all ordinary citizens were declared an enemy of government and thus could have assets stripped.. Ya it goes that far back. This was used to confiscate citizens gold in exchange for green pieces of paper in 1933. I guess you could say this approach toward ordinary citizens has experienced "mission creep" ever since. 


Sky pilot

An ode to Richard Russell.

Red-ice take on it

Oh ....and his name was SETH RICH. Another young white guy doing something he knew was dangerous. 


Go back to where we blew it

I think when we blew it was the 1972 election... 
The momentum of the peace movement was at high tide. Peace candidate George McGovern was the Dem candidate. Nixon won. Nixon cheated and got caught.. Nixon resigned 2 years later. Gerald Ford who was on the warren commission became president for a few years. The we then got Jimmy Carter who we know now was a Zbig man (pig man) Bresinski puppet.  Technocracy was policy after 1976.,_1972 

Nixon's reelection committee broke into the Watergate hotel to wiretap the Democratic National Committee's headquarters, a scandal that would later be known as "Watergate". McGovern's campaign was further damaged by the revelation that his running mate, Thomas Eagleton, had undergone psychiatric electroshock therapy as a treatment for depression. Eagleton was replaced on the ballot by Sargent Shriver.

The Watergate burglars did the deed because of the fear of what secrets the Dems had about Nixon's involvement in the JFK conspiracy. It came out way later that Nixon's "plumbers" were the big players in the Bay of Pigs fiasco that we now know was being run by HW Bush a young CIA black operative at the time. 

So this is important. Wallace was running 3rd party in 1972 who was at first thought to take up democrat votes in the solid dem strongholds of the south but then as things turned out he was going to chew into Nixon vote possibly making Nixon loose. So we had THIS.

Alabama Governor George Wallace, an anti-integrationist, did well in the South (he won every county in the Florida primary) and among alienated and dissatisfied voters in the North.[citation needed] What might have become a forceful campaign was cut short when Wallace was shot in an assassination attempt by Arthur Bremer on May 15. Wallace was struck by five bullets and left paralyzed from the waist down. The day after the assassination attempt, Wallace won the Michigan and Maryland primaries, but the shooting effectively ended his campaign and he pulled out in July.

Back then here was NO INTERNET. The only form of effective communication of ideas outside of the mass media was ROCK AND ROLL and FM Radio. 

rattle that lock
loose those chains. 
Go back to where we blew it
and loose our heads along the way

 Pink Floyd emerged in ... 1972. 
I was there and saw the first US concert tour in Philly in front of only 500 people stunned to hear surround sound for the first time.


Is Trump a political Sandbagger

A sandbagger is a golfer that manages his handicap to a higher number so when the money is on the line in a golf match they always win because they pretended to be a worse golfer when nothing was on the line. Trump does know golf and unlike Obama is not seen on tv playing it very much. Sandbaggers usually have a handicap of 12-18 shots giving them an almost insurmountable advantage in a golf match against a low handicapper who plays to a 5 handicap. 

The good golfers at the club with low handicaps don't like the sandbagger. When one is revealed they don't get many friendly bets with the good golfers again at the club after that. 

Might this explain the trump tendency to act unpresidential a LOT. Is he pretending to be a loose cannon? I can attest to being a 4 handicapper and playing against sandbaggers and you just keep thinking they are going to fuck up as usual so you will win and it does not happen. 



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