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Brave new world

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Occams razor

Oh my the suspense. Like in a Hollywood movie.  People forget that after 911 Dick Cheney hired Hollywood to create game plan scenarios for intelligence agencies that apparently were not creative enough coming up with the unknown knowns or unknown unknowns..  Cheney called it the office of special plans.  (game theory)   This is many billions spent on scripts of what might happen. 

And what have we seen ever since?? Crisis actors.. Staged riots.. Fake crisis. The list is extensive and long. The thought about who comes up with these ideas then becomes well moot.

Occams razor is the principle that the simplest explanation for something is almost always the correct one. When the so called el-ites get in big trouble there is a way to change the outcome based on game theory to make it go away. A magician knows how to focus on the one hand while he other is pulling something out of his sleeve. 

The astro over the weekend is not great. Mars Venus conjunction squared to Saturn.. Brief but potent window of upsetting and annoying things.. Normally this energy would come and go with it dissipated naturally through millions of minor scrapes between individuals. Emphasis here is on NATURAL. In an unnatural reality where game theory is constant factor in shocking the monkey on purpose maybe not. 

I have warned for years that it looks like someone knows enough astrology to use it to script special plans (terrorist psyops both fake and real) . Maybe consider this goes back well before 911 to the early 80s because we know Reagan was using astrology to time his plans and admitted it. Where did Reagan learn it to an actionable skill level? He was a Hollywood big shot. 

The reason I pointed out Weinstein's issue in the link above is I have looked at some of the timing of their movie releases and occams razor tells me they are not coincidental being strongly correlated to astro windows that increase the success rate. I think this is not just a Weinstein company thing.. The movie Blade Runner 2049 just released yesterday across the USA maybe is telling.. Have not seen it yet but is based on a Phillip K Dick story and the character K is the star of the movie.. Lots of research work by others has been put into revealing the so called predictive programming element found in Hollywood movies..  


Does the FBI want to know

Or maybe better said is can they handle the truth. 

I was struck by the just released netflix series MANHUNT which is the story of Jim Fitzgerald the FBI profiler who used an "unscientific" linguistic approach to solving the WHO DID IT part. I know the show is dramatically enhanced but it has a clear ring of truth while watching it. Fitz was a Philly guy to a T.. His mind is a lot similar to mine in the dot connecting and the KNOWING area. The story is about how hard it was for Fitz to get the attention of the bureaucrats at the FBI. They shit on him relentlessly even at the same time knowing he was a genius.  FBI dumbfuckness allowed Kaczynski to keep committing more atrocity because they DID NOT KNOW OR CARE TO KNOW what Fitz was doing.. Called what he we was doing unscientific.. As an astrologer I know that part quite well. 

The hard part for me is I KNOW that the FBI is infested from top to bottom with ignorant fools and worse yet criminals who became cops.. I also KNOW that the FBI has cultured up many a fake terrorist incident to make the guys at the top look like they are earning their big pay. It did inspire me however that Fitz cut through the bullshit even to a point of sacrificing his family life and continued the pursuit of Kaczynski even after he was taken off the case. Gotta love a Philly guy we have a form of persistence culturally hard wired. ... must be something in the WUDDER.. 

So here is an offer.. one I have never made before and is quite risky on my part. I can find people like Kaczynski like a finding a needle in a haystack. The biggest FBI center in the USA is an hour up the road from my current residence. Does ANYONE there want to actually know a whole bunch of things they are blinded to? Is there anyone up there who actually has a feel for what they do NOT KNOW. Are all of you PART OF THE PROBLEM?? 

My time is worth 500 an hour. (a bargain) ... I have a 20 year track record and lots of people know my work most of it has been done in PUBLIC. I also worked from 2001 till 2008 as a consultant for a top ten investment bank trading operation in City Of London. Ya I got creds.
Wanna know the truth? PAY ME. 
I will ONLY deal with someone who is qualified to even speak to me. Fitz would do but I figure he has retired. 
I also know how to vet other qualified astrologers who would obviously be needed to do any sort of larger scale work. 
I am quite weary after so many years of  pre crime watching making DOTGOV look like the three stooges. 

If there ever was a time for someone in a high place to get a grip before it is too late that would be NOW. I have to be convinced that the FBI is not actually a major source of terrorism before I do any work. I also need to know for 100% certain that I will be protected from the slime that infests the entire government currently. I will NOT work with or for the enemies of WE THE PEOPLE. I need to know I am dealing with someone at my integrity level. 

Ironically one of the best to ever walk on two feet "natural psychics" named Ingo Swann was born exactly 19 years and a day before me. That 19 year cycle is the math behind the reason why eclipses occur. You could call me the spawn of Ingo Swann. 


Bears facing extinction

Markets run by algos and AI do not react to danger the way humans taking risk do. In fact danger is emotion and algos don't know that.. The percentage of the market influenced by HUMAN decision making is almost nil now.

I had been looking at the end of September as a rollover back into sanity. BUT then Vegas and in my playbook all bets are off. Seen this before in April of 2007 with the VT shooter doing his deed on Monday morning before the open. The market gapped higher that day and broke the bearish technical situation and it took until December of 2007 to go down through the support.  It took until September of 2008 till any real consequence of the MBS fraud became stock market reality. 


Venus and Mars are NOT alright tonight

Tonight is harvest moon.. Also tonight is Venus and Mars in an exact conjunction at 19 degrees of Virgo which happens to be the exact degree the sun was in on 9/11/2001. 

I have discussed this area of the zodiac many tines before at 19 Virgo. 
The USA natal chart has Neptune near there.. Neptune in Virgo being the dreamscape of the nation. Attacks on the psyche of the nation?? 911 seems to be just that. 

The area from 19 Virgo to 22 Virgo is quite a powerful area of the Zodiac. In the human design astrological system this area is the only place in the zodiac that is double tagged as an INFORMATION avenue. Oh and there is the Jesus date of birth thing as well... as it is almost certain that that guy was born on September 11th or 13th in 3BC. The occult significance does not escape me. This was the reason the Fundies were so freaked out a few weeks ago because the new moon in Virgo last months on the 20th had strong correlation to the new moon description in revelations.. 


Well done
truthstream media


Heroic couple they are.

I noticed a LOT of my fav sites were having a LOT of problems over the last few weeks.. Zero Hedge seemed to act up every time a post came up that was attracting a great many commenters with a NWO axe to grind.. This was occurring using a Google browser and I have had to repeatedly switch over to firefox just to read anything on ZH.. had issues and now today activist post acted up where this link was located. 

Note.. info coming out about Paddocks planes makes me think his real-estate profits may have actually been from trafficking guns. Fast and furious has come up in some posts I saw today. Think about it and how many people have made a bunch of money in real-estate in the last 7 years. 


There's a killer on the road

There's a killer on the road
His brain is squirmin' like a toad

...................................................................Jim Morrison

The killer has a name.. WETIKO. The native American term for an evil spirit
Not unlike the character Smith in the matrix movie

Paul Levy ..... must read watch whatever. His insight into the nature of evil and how to deal with it is as insightful as anyone I know of.

NOTE... I am getting a vibe that the Vegas event is not the last shoe to drop. Previous post here about 10/13 a Friday may indeed be some sort of connection to this.. References to 911 numerology and occult symbolism are starting to show up in the "stories" and the style of the enemies of WE THE PEOPLE is often with a double tap signature. Might want to start to think about WHO BENEFITS from this before drawing conclusions. 

My view on 911 was that it was a financial crime disguised as a terrorist event. The  event sequence of this current incident of this is not necessarily over yet. 

Also note.. The CIA leaked out a problem with N Korea on Columbus day10/9.  Kinda nasty astro for a few days window already noted below. 


Even the brightest star wont shine forever

I studied on my own nickel for 22 years before I started to speak about what I was seeing. Cost a bunch of FRNS to get to point where I wanted to say much. In late 1995 I got into the internet almost to the day when the WWW was jail broken out of AOL prison. I first posted on the jail broken web in early January 1996. One particular song inspired me to do it. 

PRIME TIME live in 1995 when it was new and was a hit single

Still one of the best songs ever .. Parsons is still on tour to this day. This song lives in the hearts of tens of millions.

Something in the air
Turning me around and guiding me right

And it's a prime time, maybe the stars were right
I had a premonition, it's gonna be my turn tonight
Gonna be my turn tonight

Well even the brightest star won't shine forever
But all of the hands I play are working out right
And every move I make feels like a winner

Something in the air
Maybe for the only time in my life
Something in the air
Turning me around and guiding me right

And it's a prime time, maybe the stars were right
I had a premonition, it's gonna be my turn tonight
Gonna be my turn tonight

I was born a rock star but cannot play a lick .. I am a world class listener the other side of an instrument playing musical career. I have two hall of fame astro twins .. Neil Peart the lyricist and drummer of RUSH. . I am TODAY'S TOM SAWYER. Also Gerry Beckley of AMERICA..  YOU CAN DO MAGIC.  Call it an astro pedigree..  I bet both of my astro twins would be a little jealous that they did not spend the entire 3 days at Woodstock like I did. 

So in a few days I will have Jupiter passing over the midheaven of my natal chart at zero Scorpio. The midheaven has to do with professional status and with Jupiter landing on it on the 10th of October I am due to become ... for lack of another term.. FAMOUS. 

My experience of being famous before has been a huge problem for me. My astro twin Neil Peart says it best in Tom Sawyer.. Peart and myself are true astro twins. 

No, his mind is not for rent
To any god or government

Always hopeful, yet discontent
He knows changes aren't permanent
But change is

Though his mind is not for rent
Don't put him down as arrogant

His reserve, a quiet defense
Riding out the day's events
The river

What you say about his company
Is what you say about society

Catch the mist
Catch the myth
Catch the mystery
Catch the drift

Astrology is beyond fascinating is it not? 


Bad crops of people

While I discussed controversial notions in the article below I may as well dig deeper into some quite dangerous concepts. Because I have been an astrologer since early 1970s I have had the experience of knowing a LOT of people in an astrological way.. I have made it a point of knowing almost everyone who is close to me by date of birth.. I noticed quickly in early 1970s that people were born in waves of similarity which is caused by entire multi month groups being born with the same outer planet aspects.  One group I am VERY familiar with is the multi month Saturn Neptune conjunction people born in early to mid 1953.. I was born in Sept of 1952 in a very opposite crop of souls with Jupiter Uranus sextile types..  The early 1953 crop is a group of people I grew up with as classmates and also ex wife and various close friends male and female.  I have long ago come to the conclusion that this particular group of people is largely OFF in a very weird way.. I believe that is due to the Saturn Neptune conjunction they all share. If you are born in first half of 1953 I am sorry but this is shitty astro you were born with. Of course it is unfair to tag everyone in that group but then again. If you are one of this crop of people I will be glad to elaborate privately. 

They shared a complex personality trait that had a very strange vacant "no one home" lurking behind their eyes. I suspect that astro makes it easy for unknown entities to slip into their body like SMITH is the matrix movie. One person of note that almost everyone would recognize is JEB BUSH. Yep there is definitely something "vacant" about him. One guy I know born a few days from Jeb is a professional gambler / math genius who wins consistently enough to have been thrown out of casinos world wide. He had to resort to disguise to even get in the door. 

So the Vegas shooter 4/9/1953 was born right in the thick of this group of bad seeds. 

One of my great fears is that astrology would be used as a tool for profiling by totalitarian government.. That level of info about intimate and intricate inner workings of crops of people is extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.. I feel like Nic Tesla holed up in a hotel room in his later years with a head full of dangerous ideas that I dare not share. 


Algos specifically trained to
 "buy when there is blood on the street"


My comparison of the VT shooting with the Vegas shooting is based on my VERY controversial hypothetical notions that goes back to before 911.  In a nutshell very big emotional traumatic events that effect billions of minds in the same moment changes the course of events and focuses public mind on something.. The so called game changer event.. There is a scientific GAME THEORY  industry in play in our reality now for decades that finds areas in the mindscape to tweak for geo-political advantages and is sophisticated enough to GAME THE MARKETS.. I fingered VT shooting as something along that line in 2007. 

I am no going to take what has been said about the shooter on face value. I looked up his date of birth 4/9/1953 to see if he was capable of such a thing and I say he was indeed capable.. Depending on the time of day he was born he had a Moon Mars Pluto T square so ya violence is hard wired. The transits to his chart from the recent astro alignments hit his chart hard so it is possible he melted down over the last few weeks.. That being said I don't have a clear knowing that he was not a victim rather than the perp. The Aurora shooting comes to mind. Some things simply do not add up.. Excuse me for being suspicious after so many fake events so now I don't take the media seriously in the truth dept. The MO of so many events since VT is the perp is dead and cannot reveal anything to challenge the official story. 

One thing I DO KNOW is the timing is very similar to the VT shooting as far as big picture with markets at an unsustainable high getting ready to blow.  Both events were before the open on a Monday morning. In the case of VT I was relatively close to the location 60 miles west and the night before there was for lack of another term a psychic storm here all night at my location before that event. I was up all night which is rare for me. I had a report come in yesterday from someone relatively close to Vegas who reported something similar last Sunday night where he was. Was this only something that a precognitive type would have felt I have no idea. 

A POTENTIAL TRIGGER for this event no matter who did the deed or maybe even predictive programming.. 
A series now showing on netflix as of a few weeks ago is a show called MANHUNT. This is the dramatically enhanced story of Ted Kasinski and the FBI profiler who tracked him down using profiling and forensic linguistics. I suggest watching it. Kasinski was a 165 IQ and went to Harvard at age 16 where he was recruited into an MK Ultra research project while there decades before he became the UNABOM perp. Quite clear in the series that Kasinski had his subconscious mind tortured while he was at Harvard. Kasinski had a birth chart that matched the acts for sure with a Sun Saturn Uranus conjunction semi squared to Mars so no doubt he was the perp. Tracking him down was the key reason the FBI started using profiling with huge interconnected data bases ever since the mid 1990s. After I watched the show a few weeks ago I thought about the potential that an unstable person might be triggered by watching it. humm. 

I do NOT see the small army of truth researchers sifting through the numerous vids looking for anomalies in the evidence. The silence is deafening. 


Run Like hell

You better make your face up in
Your favorite disguise.
With your button down lips and your
Roller blind eyes.
With your empty smile 
And your hungry heart.
Feel the bile rising from your guilty past.
With your nerves in tatters
When the cockleshell shatters
And the hammers batter 
Down the door.
You'd better run.

I can say proudly I grew up with a Pink Floyd mentality. I saw them perform on their first US tour in like early 1971 in front of 500 people on Un of PA campus in center city Philly.. HOLY SMOKES no one even knew what surround sound was because Pink Floyd INVENTED IT. . The crowd was about 80% tripping and it was like taking on in a UFO. 

So this vid is the round circle for Floyd performing in 2016 where it all began in Pompeii. I saw them live 7 times this lifetime.. from 1971 till 2010

As a soul this is quite an honor to have seen it from start to finish. 500 years from now this will be STILL THE BEST rock ever ever .  Buy the fking DVD.. 


When illusions are shattered

The going on yesterday in Catalonia and Vegas have HUGE implications. The illusion of the EU has been shattered by an 89% "get me out of here vote" The mass shooting certainly makes having fun in Vegas unpossible any time soon. Oh and the new NFL team in Vegas has turned into a rotten pumpkin also. 

The hangover from the astro sequence since last year that has created the bubbles.. illusions.. and out to lunch delusions has the dangerous effect when the illusion is shattered people lose it. It is still very unclear who was involved in Vegas and what was the motivation but the shooting DID occur when the illusion of antifa being somehow politically justifiable was shattered by the VID IN THE BELOW LINK. 

The now 2nd biggest mass shooting in US history that was NOT a scripted crisis actor production was Virginal Tech which occurred a few days after the revelation of the disaster of MBS fraud in April of 2007 ... just when the market was rolling over from an obvious pre crash market high. The market went on to go sideways with no correction of consequence for another 6 months after VT with the problems in MBS doubling in SIX MONTHS. 


It takes a comedian

So lets get a grip on this.. It takes a comedian to infiltrate a violent organization who we KNOW has been active in causing violence for several years when the taxpayers are spending up to 100 billion a year on so called security??  Must watch video in the link below.. PRICELESS!!!!.

The modern bolshevist movement has been financed by HILLARY'S BOSS who was also 0bamas boss and apparently most of congress boss. .. I thought there were anti terrorist laws against funding terrorism which gives the gov the ability to confiscate the assets of the funders.. 

The modern bolshevist has run out anyone within the media who is willing to report on anything exposing them. The question then becomes is the media COMPLICIT or INCOMPETENT.. Oh and where is Sessions who is been busy busting pot smokers and now even senior citizens who sell off their pills to be able to eat. His behavior suggests he is being blackmailed from day one. 

Think about what went on Charlottesville just a few short weeks ago. LOL first they came for the statues and no one said anything.. then they came for NFL football and?? Seems very few people are smart enough to see what is going on. The integrity of the game is in complete disarray after last week's Raiders game was allegedly thrown and the owners have no one to blame but themselves because they sold out to the MIC for the money after 911. Pat Tillman is rolling in his grave. He was going to expose to the world what was actually going on and he never got home to say it.

All this Antifa nonsense could have been avoided IF events such as sandy hook and Boston using crisis actors to create a fake news event were dealt with after a small army of truthers exposed them. The reason not a single one of the crisis actors was arrested is because it goes all the way to the top well above so called government. 


BTW I would rather watch the LFL


Wow that is fun to watch.



Trumps plan is the most hopey changy tax garbage ever conceived.. 
HERE IS A REVIEW OF WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR FROM A GUY FROM PHILLY. I left Philly (libtardia) in 2002 because my effective tax rate at that time was very close to 50%. LOL I was considered middle class at the time. 

“The best way to teach your kids about taxes is by eating 30% of their ice cream.” 
– Bill Murray

I fucking hate taxes and want nothing more than to see them cut dramatically. 
I voted for Trump for the following reasons:


  1. He wasn’t that evil hateful shrew named Hillary Clinton
  2. He promised to repeal and replace Obamacare
  3. He promised to build the wall
  4. He promised to keep out Muslims
  5. He promised to reduce our military interventions around the world
  6. He promised to reduce my taxes


Well, one out of six ain’t bad. Right?

The one promise he made to not be Hillary is also questionable as of right now.

Astro note.. The very complex alignments that have played out over the last few weeks is breaking up over the weekend.  The first hint of post bubble astro is a week away. Kinda like the first winter blast from the north. This is NOT a major negative aspect between slow moving planets but it has a high irritation factor.. Call it a gentle push of humpty dumpty off the never going to be built trump wall.  


Is Friday October 13th 
Atlas Shrugged Day?


Ayn Rands book Atlas Shrugged is a fav book for people like Alan Greenspan. A dystopian tale of what happens when the few left who have been patching up the ship of fools decide to quit working. Who is John Galt. 

There are some indications that are plain as day we are flirting with such a thing. 

The accident of fate this October.. 710 years exactly on the 13th. The anniversary of the destruction of the Templars is a cautionary tale.. Maybe what happened in 1307 was so fucking bad it takes 710 years to come full swing around the bend.

There was for lack of a better term a BENDER over the last year with Jupiter Uranus Pluto and Neptune all tangled up in hard aspects with each other for most of that time. The timeline ahead has none of that.. Call it sobering up. 

The situation with the NFL is they were the ONLY ones providing content that supports the advertising model of the media. Other than that the pain of having to watch extremely annoying pharma ads.. Ads with nasty jingles that stick in ones mind like a leach also.. The content is not good enough to put up with the annoyance level for 18 out of 60 mins an hour. Could it be that advertising is about to become so old fashioned no one will be willing to put up with it without COMPELLING CONTENT. 

Netflix is totally dropping the ball here. The content they are self producing recently is so bad it is unwatchable EVEN WITH NO ADS. I am close to running out of things on netflix that are not painful to watch. 


Its the debt .. stupid

Mannarino is as good as is left of the technical analysts still at work who are honest.

Debt based money systems have a push effect that requires a "successful" person to be predatory against those who cannot defend themselves. Almost all problems the world faces is caused by the use of debt based money. 

That chart in front of you has to continue to rise. It can never stop. We can never pay off the debt.

If we try to do this the system implodes… the system is dependent on debt being borrowed into existence in perpetuity, in greater and greater amounts… that’s why the debt has doubled under Obama… it will double under Trump as well… until the system hits a moment of maximum saturation… when we cannot borrow anymore… that’s when the system implodes…

The scary thing about with that hockey stick?

The global population is paralleled with that hockey stick… So what does that mean?

If the debt were to correct… and it is going to at one point… what do people think is going to happen to the human population?

We are going to have, unfortunately, a biblical event… there is no way to stop this. People think that their lives are going to go on the normal way if the debt bubble bursts… People think that things are not going to change dramatically…

You are in for a wake-up call.

Look around the world… people are eating animals in the streets… cats and dogs… just to survive.

Trying to boost the velocity of money when most of "the money" is in a few dozen oligarchs hands is like whipping a dead mule. Seems like the only oligarchs who actually spend money into the economy are like Soros using it to destroy the fabric of society. 

Mooney.. Moon Money. A reflection of the real source of wealth. 

FIVE YEARS SEEMS TO BE A LIMIT.. 1994 - 1999 bull market run results in a 2 year crash to reality.... 2002 - 2007  bull market run results in a 2 year crash back to reality. The current run is now... drum roll.. FIVE YEARS LONG... 2012 - 2017.. 


Bubbles bursting

If it seems the world is going craaaaaazy...  it is. 
The Jupiter Uranus opposition and the Neptune Uranus semi square tied to it is VERY EXACT today.. This is the end of the astro bubble that started last year.. Mid year 2016 a grand cross in mutable signs was the astrological trigger for trumps election win. Then Jupiter and Pluto and Jupiter and Uranus made three guard aspects each from fall into today. This politically incorrect and speculative energy that has fed the madness of crowds. 

The astro today is related to "other" bubbles as well as economic ones.. Specifically spiritual bubbles. This is a credibility problem for MANY INSTITUTIONS INCLUDING THE NFL.. Oh and allegiance to the flag is a religion as well. 

There is NOT a clear shift to negative as this bubble ends. The best astro related trades have a boost into too high and then a quick bust to too low.. What we have coming after today is a deflation of the 'belief" bubble like a balloon that has gotten a slow leak rather than an outside pin bursting. I am not looking for a crash like we had in 2008 at least not this year. A 10% drop is not a crash. 

The tech companies have created a bubble. The apple disappointment over Iphone8 was a sign and many consumers resisted the impulse to buy something just because it was perceived as cool.. What is cool or not is an issue now and apple and the NFL seem to have forgotten that when you kill off the fun in your product you ruin your prospects. netflix has polluted it's selection of shows with PC social programming. Google has polluted the waters of truth .. Facebook even worse. People might find out in the near future that a 40 dollar trac phone does all the calling and texting they actually need and maybe going to that alternative will allow for more just plain old conversation using voice that seems to be missing from society. 

Keep in mind in the first tech bubble Yahoo was at 200 and then a year and a half later was at 10. I was yelling SELL SELL SELL in January of 2000 of that tech bubble at the time. One subscriber DID sell a huge position in yahoo on the day of the high and booked millions. Many could not do that due to psychological attachment to what made them feel like they were winners. 

 I told people to wait for shorting stocks until AFTER late September astro for over a year now. Is it time to buy puts? From a trader perspective yes at least you would not be fighting the astro .. If you don't have technical skill and understand how markets have been used as a wealth creation scheme since 2011 then NO don't buy puts you don't have an arm long enough to box with god. 

When everyone hates the same stocks they love now THAT IS WHEN LOWS OCCUR. Gonna be a while for that to happen.. The Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunctions out in 2019 - 2020 look like the exact opposite of the over exuberance we have just experienced. 


USA and WW1

In 1913 the fed created itself a private money monopoly. In 1914 the world entered the first world war and the FED was the vehicle to create the money to make it happen. The US gov borrowed a huge amount the equivalent of trillions well before it entered the war in 1917. We the people are still paying interest on the money created for war 100 years ago.

Without the power to create money out of nothing world war was not possible. The war propaganda 100 years ago is the same as it is today see the above link. Back then the citizens had very little interest in a fight in Europe so president Wilson conscripted 10 million to fight. Why go against the will of the people?? The BALFOUR AGREEMENT which I an sure was not known to the public at the time. USA involvement was engineered not consented to. Pays to know history because it rhymes and is literally the same old shit repackaged for present consumption.  

The NFL is taking a huge risk especially the Cowboys all kneeling last night.. The NFL is supposed to be a GAME as in ENTERTAINMENT.. It was militarized right after 911 and frankly was part of the MIC from that time till now.. The ALLEGIANCE to the flag  ceremony was NOT a televised part of the game before 911. That changed when the MIC started to fund the NFL with huge advertising budget to recruit our so called voluntary military. It just might be the controversy brewing is a sign the American people are getting wise to war and being tricked into becoming cannon fodder AGAIN. If so the conscription solution is not an unthinkable outcome just like pre WW1.  


The end of the world on the 23rd came and went

Mike Rivero does a good job at the details

Maybe just maybe the bubble of beliefs that are obviously taking anything like reality out back to the woodshed will pop. Maybe the Christian zionsists that think god gave them permission to create Armageddon on purpose will get a change of heart. 

The astro lately has had Jupiter opposed to Uranus and Jupiter 135 to Neptune and Uranus at 45 to each other.. This has generated a lot of "madness" and lets hope the effect of another end of the world going by will allow some voices of dissent within those circles. 

To say all 3 Abrahamic religions are OFF is an understatement. 



Trump must want out. Getting into a fight with the NFL is not just any blunder it is an excuse to question his sanity and those of us who voted for him also have a reason to question our own. Is attacking apple pie next?? Even Hillary would have known better... Just when the Soros financed mayhem had started to settle out and become moot it got a huge boost.. Hidden below the surface is the ratings decline of NFL games announced last week and The games last Sunday should reflect a huge boost to ratings .. 

The opposition between Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces was exact on Sunday and if there ever was a proof of concept to astrology shaping events we saw it. All around that aspect with the others like Mercury squared Saturn near exact came like down like a hammer. The sequence building up for weeks is almost over the last one is when Venus moves into opposition to Neptune on the 28th and then the hurricane of bullshit will die down.

After the storm of bullshit dies down there is going to be a notable shift in focus to other matters probably related to central banking and cryptos with mid October a huge focus for me. The events ahead over the next few weeks appear to be bigger big picture over what we have seen over the previous few weeks. 


One of these days

Live at Pompeii 2016. Long live rock and roll.

The full concert DVD is going on sale September 29th.. Red hot astro day. Would be nice if it broke record sales because they don't make em like they used to. 

Posted this today in light of the so called end of the world tomorrow. 
LOL.. ya never know. One of these days?? 
BTW happy equinox. 


Jaguar shaman

Twelve years ago to the day I had the most profound experience of my life. I was a high flying astro trader at the time and had the money to do things I wanted to do.. By twist of fate I had reason to check into going to an Ibogane clinc like Eric Calpton's due to a person very close to me have an addiction issue and ran into a web site HEART OF THE INITIATE that offered Jage ceremonies in Brazil. After a day reading I was totally all in on going. I ended up on a 10 day experience in late September of 2005 on a beach in Salvador Brazil. 

I was not all that aware of Meso American tradition back then being more western occult type in my path.. Having done my share of acid as a kid I was not the slightest bit fearful of what was described as the shamanic experience but then again it was 30 years later. Turns out was like riding a bike.. WOW I had forgotten what high was. But this is not just high it was deeper and wider and I discovered the shamans knew what we all need to know again just by remembering it.. About ourselves ... and especially our ancestors that still live in everyone's hearts. 

It is maybe a bit late in the game for most people to have this type of experience. But then again I cannot take people who have not taken it upon themselves to walk the walk all that seriously. Purposely ... as an act of will...  experiencing an NDE is to be taken very seriously. 

I am certain of my immortality. The jaguar shaman showed me. 


Taking away the punchbowl

The fed has rang the LAST CALL bell yesterday indicating it will begin to sell off 4 trillion of QE debt acquired when it attempted to patch up the deep state USSA empire starting in 2008. 

LOL  The astro clearly indicated the timing...  like the giant clock in the sky hitting 3AM and the financial atmosphere is like a popular bar at 3AM is it not? 

The FED announcement yesterday was this "normalizing " would begin in October.. Could it be the 13th a FRIDAY??  That day is the 710th anniversary of the takeover of what was the first central bank created by and run by the Templars. Mr Burns AKA Fischer resigns on the 13th.. My dot connecting apparatus has registered a red blinking light.  

I intend to write some more detail on the events 710 years ago in days to come. 


Bankers and generals

Cohnheads to the left and Gomer Pyle on the right.

LOL.. what could go wrong. 
Keep in mind there was a few days in early August when the lunar eclipse was exact that turned what was a circus already into a scary clown convention.. Trump went on "vacation" ... kind of like a time out chair .. When he came back the day of the great american eclipse he found that he was not allowed to talk to ANYONE without it being cleared by Gen Kelly first. 

It seems like a year has gone by since the eclipses in August. Maybe the ancients were on to something when they focused so much on eclipses. Lets see...  I count 5 natural disasters since. 

Meanwhile hillary the poodle keeps peeing on the rug.

BAD DOG !!!!


Every picture tells a story

Ronny Raygun would not be speaking at the UN today with this in the sky. This alignment is a bit sticky as it is is in play for a few more days. 


The message of today's astro

Guess they did not get the memo at the Emmy's last night.


Nuf said. 


Word magic

By spelling the words berth and birth slightly different and making them sound almost the same, the Dark Forces and their minions (the Dark Magicians) can trick you to agree to be a product of a ship, so that they can have jurisdiction over you. They know that they can not have jurisdiction over the real you (the living, breathing man or woman made of flesh and blood), which is why they need you to consent to be an artificial person, so that they can treat you like a product and make money by selling you on the stock market.”

Jordan Maxwell has made a career of detailing such things. Hat tip to him he has suffered many setbacks and still keeps it up.

Turns out we living flesh and blood beings have to give our consent to become slaves. 


25 years to the day


Soros made a billion that day.. A LOT of money back in those days. 


Mission accomplished

As predictable as the sun rising every morning.

This is why we saw Trump neutered in early August. A president needs to know his place in the COG scheme. Trump now has as much real power left as the president of your local rotary club. So much for draining the swamp. 


One by one the mighty are falling

I might remind Mr Hendry about a quote from the past

"Millionaires dont need astrologers but billionaires do" JP Morgan... who had the best astrologer in his time Evangeline Adams as a constant companion.

Not that I would have worked for him had he asked mind you because I would have to actually know him first. I could have been a whore many times over the last decade but I am concerned about my own soul not a bunch of toxic FRNS.. 

Hendry’s joining a long list of vanquished fund managers for 2017

With the closing of Eclectica, Hendry joins a long list of hedge fund managers who have folded up shop this year – including Eric Mindich, Leland Lim and John Burrbank. Just shy of 260 funds liquidated in Q1, which followed a record number of closings in 2016 – with more managers liquidating funds than any year since the financial crisis.

Meanwhile netflix burned 6 billion on content that is so bad even the flies wont land on it. The content decline of quality is still a tiny bit better than MSM but the gap is becoming slim. Every offering I have seen in the last year is social manipulation to an extreme and is practically unwatchable even with no commercials. All those unemployed writers who refused to participate in this type of content are getting ready to gloat.

Blame Russia again??

NOTE I have been pointing out the astro building up over the next week or so for a while. This is a crescendo of  batshit crazy coming in with the 18th and 19th a doozey. Mercury Mars conjunction in an opposition to Neptune??  The overflowing sewers from the recent floods quite a correlation. 

Homer says DOH. 



Down from 5000 to mid 3000s in two weeks. Attacks from China that run the largest ponzi fiat currency scheme and JPM (1/5 owner of the FED) Jamie Diamond adding fuel to the selloff. JPM was in the mix big time pumping silver up to 50 and then crashing it to 10. 

Support on BTC is at 3000 even. Break that pivot and BTC comes back to the price of gold. Then things get interesting as Gold could be the new focus for hedging for disaster

The Jupiter Uranus opposition getting close to exact.. As is always the case in a crash move the time to buy is when everyone hates what they loved before it crashed. We are still in the second quarter of a 4 quarter game and nothing has been decided yet. The convertibility back into fiat is and has always been the issue. 


Tyranny of ignorance

Here it comes the NEW INQUISITORS needed to enforce ignorance.

Imagine knowledge being set back a thousand years and being Galileo in his day pointing out the obvious..  I am quite sure the scientists in his day went along with the PROGRAM and used their data to prove the earth was the center of the universe. 

Using the word DENIER is the tip off.. That word has been shaped by 70 years of mental programming already and it has a extreme reaction built into it in many peoples minds. 

Considering I have oppositional defiance "disorder" according to the DSM am I at fault because god made me that way or do I have to be burned at the stake for being me? Thanks to us brave souls who don't buy into the new "Humans are bad" religion we have held off the taxation scheme for 20 years but for how much longer? 

Saturn Pluto conjunction coming up in 2020 is very strong tyrannical energy. How long is it going to be that being labeled a denier is going to get you cut off from .gov services and civil rights?? Internal exile for deniers in the cards? Cut people off from medical care?? Things are already at a point where if you speak against the new religion you get fired from your job. The already vast horde of trolls set upon the truthers since 2009 have destroyed most of the viable truth sites already so they don't have anything to do. Even zero hedge is infested and management seems to allow it. Viral Ignorance is a plague. 

The Borg directive is resistance is futile. 


No word on if COG continues

Every year since 911 the emergency declaration from Sept 12 2001 it has been renewed. I assume there is enough "emergency" present to let this "minor detail" slip by with no mention in the press coverage focus about the climate booggie man. I looked at the early August chaining of trump to a junk car and figured he got the memo about COG and the presidents role in it. 

So another year another emergency status that makes the visible government into actors pretending everything is AOK for the sheep (consumers) and not AOK for the 20% of the public that work for .gov. 

The way our economy works if there is no new borrowing there is no "growth" No growth means there is not enough so called cash to pay the interest on existing debt. The storms washed up a huge amount of new debt ... 300 billion in one day.. all is right with the world now and the new money poured into the stock market like the ocean in Charleston SC did yesterday. 

The focus now is the 9/16- 9/23 period with maximum speculation theme. The bubble for the last year has been served up by the Jupiter Uranus opposition which exits stage left after late September. The astro beyond that point on the timeline is not sharply negative at first but the absence of the punch bowl will feel like it. I figure we have a normal type of bear market develop after that.. By normal I mean a NON CRASH decline in the stock market of 20% over 18 months or so like what used to happen before financial engineering took over such as was last seen  in the 1970s. That type of market has not been seen by the vast majority of market participants because they were not born yet. 


16 years ago

One sunny day 16 years ago the USA was attacked and the perps got away with it. 

If the perps had been brought to justice we would not in the bizzaro world we live in today.  Maybe 30% or more of the population has a good understanding of who did the deed but that is not going to change the outcome and lack of justice now. They got away with it. 

Where the twin towers once stood now stands a stylized 6 pointed star looming over  NYC and the USA. Liberty Tower is a joke on we the people. 


The emperor has no clothes

Paul Craig Roberts is a statesman.. Up there with Ron Paul in stature.


The American people are clearly out to lunch in their insouciance. Americans are fighting among themselves over “civil war” statues, while “their’ government invites nuclear armageddon.

Driven like cattle from one shelter to another the last few days based on the hubris of weather models.. The US spends trillions fighting wars to impose our ponzi money scheme on the world and cannot afford to plan for weather events that happen regularly.. 

Please watch the movie IDIOTCRACY...


Oligarchs ... LOL

Imagine being so rich that you don't think you have human limitations.. Imagine other people look at your pile of money as as sign you are really smart.. Imagine risking you and others who you actually care for because you have a LOT of very expensive wine in the cellar and maybe a ton of cocaine as well and are so worried someone is going to get it  you would rather ride out 200 mph winds than take a chance someone poor is going to steal it.  My guess his security team said fuck you to Branson when he ordered them to guard his wine.

Tweet of the day
I hope there is a God and she turns all your wine into water.

NOTE .... Now that the scary storm has shifted to the west I wonder how many 100s of thousands went to Tampa which now lies in the area of max impact? Got to love the computer models that are like god to .gov and then nature constantly proves them wrong. Are we supposed to believe that .gov got it all down pat when they failed to see even a few days ahead TWO TIMES IN A ROW and then want to tax us based on climate models. 

Note 2.. I see the debt ceiling can being kicked down the road to December as an attempt by warmists to tie any reforms in the monetary system to some sort of carbon taxation.  The FRNS are backed by nothing more than FAITH since 1971 and this new money in store for us maybe would be based on STUPIDITY. Perfect for the slaves.. 


Homer does comfortably numb

Warning this is so funny it will make you die laughing


Oldie but goodie

At least listen to it on headphones.. Pinhead size speakers on an Ishit phone a sacrilege.

Did you stop it to consider?
How it will feel
Cold, grinned grizzly bear jaws
Hot on your heels

Do you often stop and whisper?
It's Saturday's shore
The whole world's a savior
Who could ever, ever, ever
Ever, ever, ever

Ask for more?
Do you remember?

The sweat, look at it
Optical promise
Heh, heh, heh
You'll be dead and in hell
Before I'm born
Sure thing
Brides maid
The only solution
Isn't it amazing ?

Peace Frog
Just about the break of day... 


action reaction

Problem reaction solution.. the Heglican dialectic..  I'm thinking maybe someone has really pissed the gods off here on the blue marble lately. Do hurricanes hunt like big cats??  How bout that solar storm yesterday.. Caused my TeeVee to act up during the big game last night. And the biggest quake in 100 years off Mexico.. Ummm .. that would be BIG.

I would certainly forgive the fundies for seeing this as gods wrath. 

Note on the 10/13/2007 Templar threat deadline.. REMEMBER.. Ron Paul emerged right after then in 2007 and was going to win in 2008 hands down.. .He ran on an END THE FED platform. He was waaaay more popular than Trump ever was. 
He got Bernied.. Tragic... Fkturd mccain stole the nomination in a most obvious way. So instead of a real patriot we got Trump 8 years too late. Better than Hillary but by how much I have no clue at this point. In any case trump is surrounded with ZOG but I at least give him credits by appearing to piss them off. But then again everyone in DC is a screen actors guild member. 


710 years ago
the first Friday the 13th


It was 1307.. the Templars had invented a central bank system and had amassed more wealth than the pope and various royalty.. Something had to give and the pope and the king of France decided to rub the Templars off the face of the earth. 

The mass arrest took place on FRIDAY THE 13th of October 1307.. This is where the date got is unlucky reputation. 10s of thousands were arrested all over Europe.. jailed and then tortured the rest escaped reportedly to Scotland.  They became the freemasons. Jacque Demolay the grand wizard of the Templars was tortured for 8 years and eventually burned at the stake. A story worthy of your investigation. 

Back in 2006 the remnants of the Knights Templar located in Herefordshire UK made a threat to the pope (bennie the rat I think) to come clean and reveal the templars had been framed by October 2007 OR ELSE and to give the Templars a pardon and apology. It was taken seriously apparently by the Pope he did give a sort of apology and it seems was not enough because the peak of that bubble occurred right after October 13 2007 and eventually lead to the 2008 crash. 

I wrote up a long piece about this modern day Templar threat back in 2006 on this site. 
A week later I got a call from someone who said he worked for DHS who was nice but did want to know what I was getting at.. Apparently the DHS was quite concerned about the modern Templars. Was creepy for me and was obvious I was quite popular with .gov people. Yikes!!

"Mr Burns" retires a few days before the Trump Shumer delay deal and it indicates they will get rid of the debt ceiling. The FED IS DEAD if that is the case. Fischer obviously knows that. His resignation effective on FRIDAY OCTOBER 13th 2017 tells me he is sending a signal to the others about the importance of these events. 

This could mushroom into a crashing USD along with a crashing Equity market. I have been saying for a while the next big bust would be a VALUE bust of dollar down plus equity losses at 80% VALUE totals. Many have scoffed at that notion. Dollar down is supposed to be great for equity market. 

I am for sure going to keep on this story as it seems it is of max importance. 


Here it comes

When Trump and Chucky Shumer agree on something .... Pigs fly.

Add in the resignation of Fischer effective Friday 10/13.. 

Once the debt ceiling is not in play PERMANENTLY the USD is going to be on very thin ice. ... maybe it already broke through as I see that USD chart and it has broken support. FULL FAITH AND CREDIT yada yada...  there will be inflation and a whole lot of consequences as in interest rates will be going up A LOT to defend the value of the ponzi FRNs. My estimate is USD at least 30-40% lower from the January highs.  10 dollar loaf of wonder bread. 

BTW the USD actual value is not very easy to measure. The EU does not want the EUR to go up.. The BOJ does not want the yen to go up. Gold is several 100% below a fair value in USD.. The one thing that is registering a better picture is BTC which seems to be pricing in a USD devaluation. 


Music and magic

Not a surprise at all. 
"The magic is in the music and the music is in me" John Sebastian. 

You can do magic by Jerry Beckley my astro twin


Neptune = Poseidon

The full moon was conjunct Neptune yesterday. This is also the full moon after the great American eclipse.. It is fortunate the full moon was well before the landfall in the USA because the tidal forces would have generated a much larger tidal surge when hitting a land mass if it was a few days earlier. BTW Superstorm sandy hit the coast almost to the exact moment of a full moon. 

It is a common event when there is too much prep for something like Irma that it does the unexpected and either fizzles out or goes somewhere other than expected. I think the hysteria in Florida qualifies as over prepping at least in south Florida. I think the storm calms down a bit and turns north and goes up the coast and hits Charleston South Carolina simply because Harvey died out on the solar eclipse path across mid USA. The eclipse path went right over Charleston on its way out to sea. What category of storm it will be at that time is an unknown but that is a LOT of land mass with no more than about 8 feet of elevation. A landfall in that area could make Harvey flood look like a kiddie pool.. 

Meanwhile the Dow high still stands on the lunar eclipse date 8/8.. 


Mr. Burns resigns

Otherwise known as Janet Yellen's brain

This is effective October 13th A FRIDAY. 


Regarding September 23

IF 6 WAS 9.. 

If the sun refuse to shine
I don't mind, I don't mind
If the mountains fell in the sea
let it be, it ain't me
Alright, 'cos I got my own world to look through
And I ain't gonna copy you

Sing it Jimmi

There is a huge meme going around regarding 9/23 and the end of the world scenario that is misinterpreted in revelations. I have been warning for at least 10 years .. maybe 20 that demented "Christians" are purposely trying to CAUSE their version of prophecy to come true and destroy the world so Jesus will come back. The WHO is fomenting this meme for their own benefit is obvious to me but I wont say it anymore because it is dangerous to do so. 

Yes the astro at months end is very crazy.. Crazy enough to get them to pull the plug on the human race?? I hope not but then again.. 


Religious mind control

Unfortunately for myself I live in a god fearing bible believing area where if you are not a church member you are an outcast. The other non believers usually huddle in bars drinking away any sense of guilt about being condemned to hell. I have no idea which group is more destructive but at least the drinkers have fun .... er they do until the hangover kicks in. I drink rarely now so I doubled up on my outcast status.

There is no use asking agents of the Matrix to validate the truth of your awakening, for you will only end up being diagnosed and medicated. You are simply becoming sane in an insane world. Now, more than ever, it is time for those who have already lifted these veils of deception to assist others who need the ‘survival’ band-aid ripped off quickly. A considerably-revised history lesson with regards to our true human origins is in order for the majority of humanity. Access the information, educate yourself, grab the sword of truth, and start swinging. 

If you want to check in with yourself about whether you are acting out of love or fear, then see how often you censor yourself from speaking about, and sharing the truth regarding subjects that might challenge somebody else’s mind control conditioning, particularly when it comes to religion. Sharing the god-awful truth about religion is an act of love. It is a service to humanity. It is not a matter of being intolerant of people, nor has it anything to do with hatred, racism or bigotry. It is a matter of identifying the limiting religious programming running through the minds of humanity, which is acting like malware within the mainframe of human consciousness. If a computer has a virus running through it which is corrupting its operating system to the point of paralysis, you do not accuse it of being intolerant or a bigot – you simply identify the problem and install a program to clean out the virus.

Astrology is NOT a belief system. 


Long Paranoia


Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
Step out of line, the men come and take you away

The Mercury Mars conjunction exact today has manifested as Lil' Kim playing with bombs.. This is the second of three conjunctions the last one is exact September 16th and as the conjunction passes exact the moon comes along passing over those two on September 18th.. A picture worth a trillion words. 



The astro over the weekend is rather testy.. Mercury and Mars are conjunct on the eclipse degree.    .. But wait... there is more. 

The full moon on the 6th is the energetic dump after the solar eclipse and the Moon is conjunct NEPTUNE the planet that rules liquids.. Mercury will go stationary that day .. and starts to chase Mars and makes another conjunction on September 19th.. LOL whatever arguments are started this weekend will be unsettled until that last brush with Mars and I suspect this has to do with the debt ceiling. 

Exact at the full moon on the 6th is Mars at has 135 degree sequisquare with Pluto.. This is a minor aspect but one I have seen to be as powerful as a square for a shorter duration and with the landfall of new "monster" Irma not far down the timeline from today it looks like this violent aspect is exact at a bad time. 

 Harvey died out as an organized storm almost exactly on the solar eclipse path in middle of the country.. Was the eclipse path some sort of strange attractor to the storm?? If that is the case then Irma would be attracted as well so the bull's-eye might be on Charleston SC where the eclipse path ended.  Just sayin. They don't call it LOW COUNTRY for no reason. If Harvey had dropped 50 inches on Charleston it would have flooded the Savanna River nuke plant where they make all those new high tech dial a bomb nukes. 

As far as markets ... It has occurred to me that Trump is neutered and is basically now being funneled into doing what ever Hillary would have done. So Hillary would have dealt with the debt ceiling by raising it in a massive way.. VERY MASSIVE.. Shockingly BIG. The timing at end of September with Jupiter Uranus opposition suggests something unexpected and something that could could turn out to be a bust generating (in long run) final race to the top of Mount Stupid. Maybe double the debt ceiling?? Maybe make it UNLIMITED?  Best to game plan a bit on that notion. Doing something like this is an admission of a technical default and the effect on Bonds gold and ... drum roll BTC would tend to reveal that fact. 

SEPTEMBER 19TH stands out as a day to remember. Moon Mars and Mercury conjunct and in an opposition to Neptune.  Venus landing on 29 Leo the eclipse degree. The exact max astro occurs just after the close of trading on Monday September 18th. 


Techno tyranny

The idea of technocratic rule is not new it has been in play since Jimmy Carter brought Zbig man Brezinski into his admin in 1976. What we see today is the result of 50 years of shaping minds of men to bring it to reality. You are slaves to your phones but enjoy it. You enjoy no privacy yet it seems liberating. You talk to your digital assistant and not the person next to you.

The black silicon squid of hyper-technology sends its powerful tentacles into every domain of human activity, its vice-like grip stultifying thought and any hint of animalistic defensive counter-measures. Our species suffocates in the death-grasp, yet lacks even the primal survival instinct to respond effectively. Is humankind fatally trapped by techno-blindness? 

As reported in the Swiss Das Magazin, with just ten Facebook ‘likes’ as input, CA could “appraise a person’s character better than an average coworker. With seventy, it could ‘know’ a subject better than a friend; with 150 likes, better than their parents. With 300 likes… (the) machine could predict a subject’s behaviour better than their partner. With even more likes it could exceed what a person thinks they know about themselves.”

The Borg imperative is RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. Could the tipping point really have been the 11/11/11 Calleman Mayan calendar end date? I thought so at the time and nothing has changed my opin since. 


Mercury Mars and Regulus

The Mercury Mars conjunction on the 3rd is taking place with mercury in a slow speed.. meaning it is going to be in orb for a longer time. Happening in close proximity to the eclipse degree and the fixed star Regulus adds an exclamation point to the significance

Mercury Mars energy is fast minded also too fast and has in the past been an aspect that causes notable people to blurt out something that is either taken the wrong way or is just  very stupid. I think this one is especially relevant to kingly types with Regulus in the mix so heads up for very notable verbal blunders in high places. Would love it to be George Soros. I think Trump suffers from sleep deprivation which explains his blurting in weee hours so there is that as well. This aspect set has been a market mover in the past and is LOOSE LIPS and .... you get the idea. 

NOTE now that the naz has made a new high it is not to be taken lightly. The FAANG tech companies have unlimited borrowing against the mountain of cash in offshore accts and they have shown they will buy their own stock with it. Jupiter and Uranus opposition  bull energy still weeks from away from exact so being aggressive with shorting them is asking for a kick in the ass.  Hint.. pick on the little guys first if you are determined to get into a bar fight on last call. 


That buzzing sound in your head

The eclipse landed on 29 leo. That is the location of the royal star Regulus one of the 4 stars that mark the fixed cross in the zodiac. Sort of an important feature of the eclipse which could be a point on the timeline that is looked back at in hindsight as the beginning of the AGE of AQUARIUS.. The changeover from empathic (and delusional) age of Pisces is going to happen and it seems to me maybe the Boatman has reached the other side of the river Styx. Aquarius traditional ruler is SATURN so this turning of the ages might look like a tyrannical communist takeover which it sure looks like to me. The Borg collective sure seems about right. 

The face of the future??

In a few days MERCURY RETROGRADES BACK OVER 29 Leo and MARS WILL BE IN SAME DEGREE. September 3rd to be exact. This is like an angry hornet buzz and may make a lot of people quite insane for a time. The Mercury Mars conjunction is in a near exact trine to Uranus so it may be quite a nice ride for people of a more spiritually mature nature  like a good hit of acid. 

The less sane and the ones with evil intent are certainly to be avoided over the weekend. 

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad


Selling shovels in a gold rush

the market likes a committed CEO! You don’t hear about Elon putting his dick on the line do you? Forget getting an MBA, swing your dick around the boardroom and see your company reap the rewards
Love the guy.. Old school Virgo bad boy with the talent to back up his bravado. 

Winning horse??

Bitcoin is vulnerable to law enforcement because each user must display a public ID, a complex cryptographic combination of numbers and letters, in order to tansact in bitcoin. By tracing the movement of coins between accounts, CNBCexplains, intelligence and security agencies can follow the money and arrest the criminals when they try to withdraw their ill-gotten games in US dollars, or another fiat currency.

Bitcoin is going to go legit and that is going to involve making it taxable if it moves into a fiat acct.. A seriously large percentage of BTC holders have ALREADY generated a huge tax bill that for the most part has been unpaid or even unrecognized. The "correction" that I see coming (buying op) is possibly caused by the sudden realization that BTC is going to be treated like any other currency and everyone knows that if you make a killing in say EUR you have to pay tax on the gain. 


CIA counterfeiting

Back in Sept 1981 well researched revelations now suggest that 240 billion US Tbonds were counterfeited with an expiration that had to be cleared back into the system ON SEPTEMBER 12 2001. Those terrorists with box cutters could not only fly planes like the Red Baron they also were so good they hit the number ONE and number TWO bond trading outfits right in the computer rooms with those planes. You guessed it on the 12th we saw an emergency bond clearing process declared that allowed all those bonds to pass on to bond heaven in some dusty vault in the bowels of NYC. 

Implausible you might say???

Aww man they would not do that.. er come to think of it..  Superstorm Sandy was the mop up girl of that caper's final chapter.. Someone left the vault doors open that night when NYC flooded and ALL THAT PAPER TURNED TO SOUP. 

A few days after Sandy is the date when this greatest of all time stock market bull market started up. Did those fake bonds get rehypothicated like 30 times over and become the fuel for the rally?? Isn't dot connecting fun?? 


Trillion dollar storm

Just wait.. This is a crisis that will not go to waste. The carpetbaggers wont waste it. The climate nazis wont waste it. This is the 4th largest city in the USA and the home of the oil industry. I suspect that the amount of spending required to "fix" the damage is going to run into the trillion dollar range.. New fresh off the press FRNs and what is the effect going to be on the USD and especially phiz gold the only actual hedge against USD FRN devaluation. BTC is all well and good I consider it to be a speculative vehicle for now and may indeed become a replacement for FRNs in the longer term after mid 2018. I DO SEE a BTC correction of consequence related to the end of September astro so just keep that in mind. Know when to hold em and when to fold em as the song says. 

The USD index is sitting at VERY IMPORTANT SUPPORT RIGHT NOW. Any overly large disaster relief spending might not be a good thing when the USD is hanging over a cliff. Oh and WW3 .. is that priced in yet?? 


Dear Mr Trump

Please resign and hand over the gov to the people who are making it impossible to govern. 

It would be a shame to sit there and take all the blame for what would have happened anyway if Hillary had won. 

Like Bannon you may as well do far more good outside the swamp than stuck in it up to your eyeballs. 


Full Moon madness

September 5th is the full moon after the solar eclipse. The second energetic peak with the solar eclipse landing in the middle.. The Lunar eclipse 14 days before the solar still stands as the Dow high so far which is not a surprise to me and the solar eclipse did indeed have a rather positive "end of the world party" feel to it at least when it was exact..  Solar eclipses are bigger and longer term energy which does not reveal itself exactly in one day.. We did have a 1000 year flood start up on the quarter moon after the solar still in progress in middle America so not quite a party for those people..  Oh and that situation is far from over. Imagine what life in Huston is going to be like after the water recedes. Mercury made a direct station close to the the eclipse degree late Leo and is direct now.  Sloowly  moving into a conjunction with Mars which will not be past exact until September 17th. Mercury Mars energy is ANGRY MIND.. 

The Full moon coming on the 5th is in a conjunction with NEPTUNE the watery planet. 
The flood may not crest until after that both figurative and physically. The psychological flood may take a lot longer to crest. The full moon is going to be like an overflowing septic tank gushing filth on the surface.. Overall I expect the madness of crowds to get to Noah's flood levels. 

I think this is what the 1918 Bolshevik takeover of Russia looked like.. Trump Playing the role like Czar Nicholas did. Trump has squandered what ever chance he had of turning back the madness of crowds and is now the Republican Jimmy Carter.. He is only ALLOWED to see information that is filtered by a general. 

Trumps cabinet has become the politburo.. Goldman.. Generals and reps of the various crime syndicates from the last 40 years sit at the table now. We the people?? Absent!!!!!

The Hebrew calendar date of 29 Elul lands on Sept 20th this year.. If there is going to be a crash wave that date stands out as there is precedent for one being associated with that date. Jupiter and Uranus opposition near exact and Venus passing over the the eclipse degree adds to that notion. What is coming seems to me maybe orders of magnitude bigger that just a stock market event. If there is a downdraft in US equity where is the money going to run too?? BTC may be a huge part of the equation. 


Summer of love

1967.. The summer of love was 1967  NOT 1968 as I have seen repeatedly said on Bullshit news TeeVee in recent weeks.

The summer of hate that ruined the vibe was in 1968. Abby Hoffman and Jerry Brown etc hijacked the hippy movement and riots ensued .... ..   The 49 year shemitah cycle is play in spades right now as 1968 was 49 years ago. The 49 year cycle is the banksters cycle and history does repeat.  Charlottesville 2017 = the DNC convention 1968


Higher ground

Texas is kinda flat. 35 inches is maybe an over statement by the hysteria inducing weather channel but then again. I saw 9 inches in 2 hours here in my county in the mountains last year and it washed away entire towns. 

Best to top off your tank and get all the gas jugs filled. Reports of 35 inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey in Texas might be a Katrina level event. This may be the equivalent of the Bush Blunder in dealing with that natural disaster causing a LOT of disruption in the gasoline distribution system. Hummmm who named the storm HARVEY is it a hat tip to Harvey Milk the hero of the LBGQ crowd?? 

A hurricane in 2004 hit the same area in the gulf coast and caused an almost instantaneous spike in gasoline prices from low 2s to high 4s 1000 miles away in the stations that ran out of fuel served by the pipelines running to the east coast. 

Blame it on Trump ...  lets see how this one turns out. 
IF we have a FEMA controlled deep state COG government it stands to reason there will be a very big mess that would serve to be an excuse to topple Trump. 


Short takes

Grumpy old man.

Netty spills the beans

Netanyahu's comments are a reflection of an extremely disturbing view which has become so prominent within Israeli defense circles as to be considered establishment: that ISIS is ultimately preferable to Iran and Assad. This is to say that continued ISIS presence in Syria and Iraq is a viable option and possibly better than pro-Iranian or even Russian spheres of influence in the Israeli prime minister's mind. Of course, this "lesser evil is ISIS" view is nothing new. In Israel, for example, there are even "respected" think tanks tied in with major public universities which openly call for allowing ISIS to thrive in Syria.

I love the smell of hypocrites burning in the morning. 

We are soon to all become Venezuelans..   Being forced to use debt money in a hyperinflation as if it is worth something.

I had a funny thought that the two of them went into the vault and made a bed of gold and did the deed.. hummm Did they clean up afterwards?? 


ETHical money

The choice we have going forward.. Use money that is structured to reward savers by its design or be raped for saving in a cartel currency that has proven to decline in purchasing power as is it is intended to do. . 

The FRN is ONLY created as a debt and NO PROVISION is made to pay interest as new money has to be created as a debt.. This is simply SLAVERY. If you are one of the El-ites you can roll over your debt and never pay interest.. If you are one of the slaves you have to find a way to TAKE the money to pay the interest from another slave. Explains the crash in morality as a direct effect of using debt based money. 

Uranus is Taurus is going to turn tables on the moneychangers who have taken over the temple of man. 



The faang stocks are growing old..

I saw the tech bubble and collapse first hand in 2000. The bubble was based on buying in a POTENTIAL to make a profit but then came the little boy and the emperors cloths and 90% losses in stock value commenced. With the exception of Apple the list of stocks below did not even exist in 2000. 

Facebook.. LOL for old people. LOL.. not this old person. 
Apple .. where is Steve Jobs when the company needs him. I see little need to buy an 800 phone that they want you replace in 6 months. to stay "hip".  
Netflix... I have become less a fan when I see social engineering in almost ALL new content. 
Goog.. Dont get me started.. EVERYTHING THEY DO IS REPLACEABLE. 
Amazon.. Selling knockoffs to their customers.. Very much more than just eclipse glasses. Bezos the clown is a future meme in the aftermath of a trillion dollar class action for fraud. 

The list above may qualify as the most arrogant corporations ever to pretend to be a living person. Can a correction similar to the 2000-2002 bear happen again? Do they not realize that if you piss off your customers they will LEAVE?? Fuckerberg for president?? OH MY. 

I certainly see a potential in scaling into some leaps here. The astro suggests a major decline is more likely after late September but it's never too early to lay in wood for the winter. I also am getting a notion that the insiders in the faangs are laying off some stock into BTC and other crypotos. Once a bear actually is in evidence it could be a mad rush into higher quality cryptos with a vengeance. See the below post.. 


Time has come today

I think it says in the bible someplace that you should put up your wealth where no one can steal it. Our .gov bureaucrats can at any moment and with no real reason confiscate your wealth if it is in FRNs. 

I see great trials and tribulations for the FED. They are going to be looking at a systemic problem when Uranus enters the MONEY SIGN OF TAURUS in May 2018. I think they have a plan in place to go cashless but they do NOT have a competitive product to push than what already is being used in BTC and the cryptos. This is a huge problem that can only succeed by the use of force to impose a DEFLATION CURRENCY over one that increases in value systemically. The FED has the power to create a calamity and continue to force debt based currency that is actually ODIOUS DEBT. 

That is not to say they will choose to allow use of crypto with FRNs I think they will choose a WAR instead as this would allow a ration based economy that would only accept FED debt notes. 

 I am expecting .. (hoping) that there will be a tradable low this fall in crypto (BTC ETH ) that allows for a better buy in the cryptos than now. Meantime the speculative astro energy late September suggest a peak about then and a potential for a big correction like an 87 style in a waterfall producing the last good opportunity before MONETARY MAYHEM in 2018. 


Rebranding Trump

The big eclipse is past.. Looks like the US equity markets are buy the dippy here. 
Trump says he know wants to WIN in Afganistan. LOL they all say that. 
Mr Magoo drives our warships.. who knew.. 
My expectation about the president is now lower than low.. Learning to be a statesman on the fly looks he like a 7th round draft pick going up against a starter. 

The astro focus is now on the full moon Sept 6th.. Neptune is conjunct the new moon so dont expect much except FOG.. The big event with the last Jupiter Uranus opposition will be mostly seen after that full moon. 


The new crypto called BRAVE

The crypto markets are starting to get very very interested. The BTC and ETH markets are trading against the USD in an antagonistic way most days. USD up cryptos down. Logic right?? 

Not so fast.. There is a whole host of coins and tokens being created weekly that are subsets of the main coins BTC and ETH and they do not trade directly in USD.. The reason is there is HUGE MONEY trapped in crypto space that becomes problematic if it comes out of the exchanges back into USD thus going back into federal reserve banks. A little thing called TAXES. So what to do if the USD goes up and BTC goes down?? HIDE IN THE BASEMENT. The basement is this ever growing list of sub coins that are generally held more by insiders who have no reason to sell off their holdings. My buddy calls this SLOSHING.. 

Talking to an expert in this matter it is reported that huge amount of crypto wealth is being created in the basement level.  If BTC drops with no where to go except cash out into USD and be taxed seems like a plan at least for a while. . 

Some of these new coins/tokens are interesting.. Remember when BTC was like a 10th of a cent?? 

BAT. a new coin or token. 

I have stated more than a few times here that humans have an INTRINSIC VALUE called ATTENTION.. Paying attention is the currency that in a spiritual sense is the REAL POWER WE ALL HAVE. After all we are made into slaves being made to pay attention in a JOB in exchange for FRNs.. Advertisers pay HUGE FRNs to capture your attention for just a few seconds.. Indeed attention is a currency. hahaha.. Stealing your attention is kinda criminal is it not??  

Finally someone else gets it.. The new coin BAT and browser called BRAVE pays for your attention. Down the road when robots take everyone's job the only currency left to earn is going to be paying you for your attention. The augmented reality schemes ahead are going to be become a LOT of unemployable people's new "job".

 Note I have it installed but the spell check is not functioning. Hey beta dont ya know but is not crashing my computer.
Seems to NOT need an ad blocker. I think I will be getting paid in bats one day soon  but ONLY when I CHOSE to see ads. Think about how PURPOSEFULLY annoying most ads have become and how this will change that.

BAT: Coming Soon

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