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My purpose here is of a spiritual nature now. I work for free and don't ask for anything other to for a reader consider what is posted here. I have done what I can to not be some sort of guru and do not like being pretentious if I can avoid it. I know my writing style is a bit "blunt" but I don't know any way to express myself but blunt so please forgive me. OH and I have a great need of an editor so forgive me for that too. 


Maybe you noticed.

I don't do facebook or twitter. I don't use fancy blogware. I don't sell anything.. I don't beg for money.  I don't do ads. My FULL NAME name is in one place on this home page. I don't seek adulation or try to drive traffic to my site. I did a few vids back in 2009 that are still on youtube but got shot out of the water right quick by hackers so I don't do that either.  I don't get asked to be on radio because I don't bring in traffic to the show.  No one owns me and I have been very aware of not getting myself into any position to be blackmailed and there have been enough attempts to rope me into shit since the 90s that I lost count. I would rather die in poverty than do things differently. 

 My style is to frame ideas I come across with my own commentary.. If you don't go the links YOU MISS THE POINT. 

 This is one of the oldest sites on the internet registered in early January of 1996 and running continuously ever since. My budget for hosting this site has been 35 USD a month since 1997. I used to make a lot of money here and gave subscribers overwhelming value for their money. After 2009 I work here for free with 2400 out of pocket to show for it. The price I paid for speaking truth to power I have no exact figure but is 6 figures. 

I love what I do and aspire to do it for all the right reasons. I hope you find ideas here that you will love as much as I did when I  posted them.  If you hate what I do or cant see the humor I don't even allow you to complain. Just go away. 




Est. January 5th 1996


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi

Medusa vs Perseus


Now the hard part.. Arresting the traitors and dealing with sabotage on every level. 




The phrase is thought to be a stand down order for Gort the robot to not destroy the earth.


Days of future past


Yep we will know on Tuesday afternoon. The moody blues were at the top of any list you can think of as being a huge boost to the spirit of mankind in the late 60s. You youngsters have NO CLUE what it was like to be innocent and FREE and have a bright future. Such a shame it was not the outcome we had in mind back then. So many songs from back then say the same thing. We will find out if you have a future worth living or not on Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon
I'm just beginning to see
Now I'm on my way
It doesn't matter to me
Chasing the clouds away

Something calls to me
The trees are drawing me near
I've got to find out why
Those gentle voices I hear
Explain it all with a sigh


A brief history of the truth movement

As the moment of truth is immanent it would be wise to introduce the story about those few who have been involved for quite a long time.  And I mean a long time. But first a timeline must be established. 

Our country was taken over in a coup in November of 1963. Even at 11 years old I had a strong suspicion that the incident was not what it seemed. Information was very slow to become available it was in BOOKS and on PAPER.. The extent of the criminal banking cartel was a known by maybe a few hundred people. It was not until RFK was shot down minutes after winning the 1968 California primary that my generation started to see en mass events as conspiratorial. 

By Nixon's second term the incident in 1963 was widely known as a CIA led takeover of the USA. Nixon was so paranoid of being the fall guy he had his bay of pigs crew break into a dem headquarters to steal any evidence linking him to JFK assassination. BTW Nixon was going to win and there was no logical reason for him to do it unless it was something that big. The blanket pardon given to Nixon on the way out was from Ford a warren commission member. Whoa did the stink or what. 

So it came to be we had an illusion of choice when Carter came in in the aftermath of Nixon Ford. Seemed like a nice man. We did not know in real time Carter was a Brezinski protégé.  But looking back that was when the globalists started the technotronic lockdown of human consciousness. Bad drugs bad music bad culture.. 

The 1980 election was as bad as this one in 2016 but it only became clear what had happened in hindsight due to the information flow still being at a pace of a glacier.  The Iran contra affair morphed into a full blown takeover of the country by what we now know as the Bush crime family. After taking office in 1981 TWO THINGS HAPPENED.  March of 81 Reagan was shot although he lived he was never the same man. HWB still to this day is directly implicated. A second thing that was not known until more recently was in September of 81 a 240 billion treasury bond counterfeit operation took place. Those bonds all expired in September of 2001 on the 12th. The planes few into the two largest bond trading operations in the world on 911 requiring emergency procedures that cleared that loose end up. 240 billion was a lot of money in 1981. 

During the Reagan Bush years that 240 billion was used to undermine EVERYTHING. A law unto themselves approach led to the gun running and drug importing operations out of Mena Arkansas. Guess who was governor of Arkansas during that operation. The huge amount of cash involved required a massive money laundering operation. Savings and loans were used. The S&Ls were so defrauded in the process that it required a gov bailout. There was a much wider understanding of this than many people think in the present. The problem was information was still too slow and the truth was only known in small circles. 

Enter the Clintons in 1992. The extent of their involvement in the Bush crime family was unknown to most people until 1994 when a news show called FRONTLINE exposed what went on in Mena. At least for myself personally I was really really pisssed that I had not connected the Clinton dots before that. I resolved at that point to use my skills in finance to stop this outrage by following the money. I was not alone. Those of us who had talent in finance started to get traction and word spread through trader networks about the frauds. In 1992 the internet had been invented by al gore.. NOT.   But it did start to become a tool of choice to share information among us conspiracy investigators. Looking back it was email treads that birthed the truth movement in it's present form. .Most traffic on the new net went directly to AOL located next door to the CIA which you could call a limited hangout. It was only in late 1995 when AOL was forced to allow internet traffic outside of itself. The WWW type of wide open wild west web became a reality. It was a full on jailbreak of information that had been previously privy to only the most die hard researchers. 

A side effect of that jailbreak out of AOLwas REAL TIME MARKET DATA BECAME AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC. The common man was empowered to beat the market with talent and to actually follow the money trail of the now massive financial frauds in real time. This site was created in January of 1996 only months after AOL lost containment. I was not alone. Probably the best truther site on the net still standing tall today came on line then too. The ability to communicate IN PRIVATE and in real time created a self organizing movement and what we know now as the truth movement became a reality. 

The financial people could see the frauds in real time. We could CATCH THEM IN REAL TIME TOO. We could win in trading because we KNEW MORE THAN THE CRIMINALS DID. The first incident I was able to see in real time that connected financial crime to terrorism was TWA 800. All of us who had been networking saw it for what it was. The battle against the criminal empire took off and it was the financial trader types who were the ones being taken most seriously. After all money talks bullshit walks. 

So as the moment of truth unfolds take a moment to thank us. Without the few who started the truth movement on the net in 1996ish we would not be in a position to take our country back now. Trump is the beneficiary and he had better not forget what got him to where he is. So many of us who have been in the battle since 1996 have been attacked and had lives careers and family's ruined .. yet they cannot stop us. 

It did not have to take so long.. We saw 911 in real time and caught them quickly.. We saw 2008 in real time and even in advance as per the movie The Big Short. We saw so much it became difficult to reach the public it was so huge. Obama's first couple of months began  a 10s of billions eradication psyop of truthers. It DID NOT WORK BECAUSE WE WONT QUIT. 

If Trump wins. He owes us.  We will not tolerate what is and should never be. TWENTY YEARS late is better than 30 years or 50 or whatever the time it will take to get another chance at righting such wrongs. Trump has a very big ego and that is to our advantage. He is not going to allow his name to go down in history as the worst president in history. If he is determined to be the best he can be that by cleaning the mess up that started in 1963 as a first priority. 



As predictable as the sun coming up. OK now lets go to the replay booth and figure out if the boogie man is now our enemy again. Are there they moderates meaning they take orders from a political party or are they enemies that take orders from one of our best friends in the whole wide world..  Inquiring minds want to know. 

I seem to remember that Hillary has ADMITTED on camera that the CIA had created alqueda to fight the Russians.... Humm..

Considering the entire government is full of treasonous operatives it is no wonder that we heard recently the DHS is somehow considering the election a national security issue. If the truth comes out it will indeed be because half of our politicians will be implicated... BTW the astro does not look all that threatening on Monday. 


Downside up

Quite prophetic. 

I looked up at the tallest building
Felt it falling down
I could feel my balance shifting
Everything was moving around
These streets so fixed and solid
A shimmering haze
And everything that I relied on disappeared

The woman singing is Peter Gabriel's daughter. 



It it imperative to vote early and not wait till election day.. I recently did so and expected to be in and out in a few mins but there was a long line of other people doing the same thing.. A very good sign. 

This is the way to ensure that rigging is going to fail.. Rigging a close election is not so hard but when the results are a landslide it cannot work. 


It takes a wiener

LOL to pillage a campaign.  Stroking gun.. dikileaks  LOL there is a god.

Of course those who identify with the Clintons will not see the irony. Makes one wonder about the judgment of the people in the organization who see fit to have chosen partners that are proven to be predatory pervs. THAT more than anything else should be the issue. 


The first Halloween

It was 11,900 years today. The bolide streaked out of the stars of the constellation Taurus and looked like a hairy star or as some later thought it was a witch riding a broom. 

The giant meteor that hit somewhere in Canada apparently changed the spin of the earth enough that the ice shelf that covered half of N America melted quickly and the biblical great flood resulted in a 3-4 hundred feet rise in sea level. Talk about being bombed back into the stone age. 

If my sort of educated view of events of the late age of Virgo period 12000 years ago is near correct the population at that time mostly died but the survivors had a hard time figuring out what was what because the sky and the seasons and even the times of day changed.  It took many thousands of years of direct observation to figure it out.. The star watchers were the first astrologers tasked to bring some order back into the new sky ... Naturally they were keen to know when another hairy star would arrive.. 

For thousands of years people blamed themselves for the calamity and the post catastrophe population kept coming up with new angry god stories that turned into religions.  It seems no one had the ability to see the obvious.. SHIT HAPPENS.. 

Soo.. The SJW are ruining Halloween have no sense of humor.. OR ANY CLUE as to why Halloween is literally written in the genes of the survivors.  They might consider that the gods might get angry and hurl another broom star our way. 


The dirtiest campaign in US history
John Quincy Adams vs Andrew Jackson


History rhymes.

Pay for play is nothing new. 

There, in what Jackson supporters called the "Corrupt Bargain,” Henry Clay, an influential congressman (and also a presidential candidate that year), threw his support to Adams, and in return, Clay was named Secretary of State once the Adams administration was in place. Jackson’s camp cried foul. The groundwork for the nastiest campaign in American history was laid.

As the mud flew back and forth, the campaign got so nasty that Adams completely withdrew from any active participation, feeling that he was above such campaign filth. One Adams newspaper even wrote, "General Jackson's mother was a common prostitute, brought to this country by the British soldiers! She afterward married a mulatto man, with whom she had several children, of which number General Jackson is one!"

In the end, Jackson won easily in 1828, with 56 percent of the vote and 178 electoral votes to Adams' 83.

Yes it does rhyme. Jackson was the ONLY president to succeed in getting a private central bank closed down. The power to print money for the people without interest was restored. 


Stand your ground

Lol.. A "legal" term that has been vilified since 2013. The concept however is you have a right to defend yourself. Taken to the bigger picture you have a right to defend your family and culture and your inner self as unique. 

The tactic of the globalists is to convince everyday Americans into thinking they don't have a right to defend anything.. Us older ones have a hard time seeing just how cowed the generations born after us seem to be.. They suffer from LEARNED HELPLESSNESS

In a real world trump has a landslide edge already.. stand your ground and let it be .. 


A serious problem for astrologers

Been doing astrology 45 years.. seen a LOT.. I ventured from the start to PROVE astrology was the root cause of the cycles of significance in peoples lives and used the stock market as the empirical scoreboard to accomplish my goal. Markets and everything else on earth respond to the way the planets interact with each other in the sky above.  THAT IS THE STORY LINE of the world around us. Astrology is not a belief system.  It is simple..  Us peeps here below on earth are a mirror of that which is above. 

When it comes to individuals the astrology factor is a fine balance of free will and fate .. We have a life map and a knowledgeable person can choose a course using free will. Free will comes with a RESPONSIBILITY to choose wisely.. Ahhh.. that is the rub. Turns out that almost EVERYONE I RUN INTO in recent years is so irresponsible it is very unhelpful to tell them that they even have a choice. The proper use of astrology is a way to guide people intellectually through their individual possibility fields but that also requires one to actually learn how it works. 

I don't see it. People that want to learn that is.. EVEN PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE THE FIRST ONES TO STEP UP AND LEARN when exposed to my 45 years of experience. This includes most astrologers that I run into who are making a living giving BAD ADVISE using mechanical rather than magical understanding. Even the most otherwise enlightened people seem prone to accepting fate and don't learn enough to make the astrological information valuable as in CHOOSING AN INFORMED COURSE. .. Sigh.... I don't know why but is seems people are very lazy. 

One reason I say so little now is I really really know how to be responsible now that I am an old guy. Giving people a heads up on what transit is coming into their feildspace knowing they that they don't have the capacity to use that information wisely is irresponsible for me.  If I do too much talking I have to carry a burden of their bad choices.  It is not fun and I have determined that for the vast majority at present they are better off NOT KNOWING. 

I generally get the birth charts of the people around me because I am curious.. So I have to observe in silence within myself and be forced to watch them set an unconscious course that is right into the rocks.  Uggg.  Doctor my eyes.. 

 I hope and pray that we are entering much more enlightened times. I would love to teach  talented people and would love to be able to show people astrological magic who actually WANT TO LEARN and are willing to WORK and BE RESPONSIBLE for their choices. 


Indigo people

Yep I am one of them.. Chances you are too if you read here as well. We might be a higher stage of evolution or might be the LAST few holdouts from being zombified. LOL we don't know or care. 
IN ANY CASE THE BANKSTER CLASS HAS IT WITHIN THEIR POWER NOW TO FIND US AND MAKE US STOP ASKING QUESTIONS. This is a very good reason to avoid Twitter and especially FecesBook which mines data for them.


Medusa vs Perseus

We are living in a hall of mirrors. The outside reflections we see are cyclical and the stories keep the same plots with different actors. The myth about Medusa and Perseus played out before it was written in ancient times and continues to play out in history ever since. 

Check it out yourselves

 In the story Perseus always wins. 

If so .. the criminal empire will have itself beheaded and the once scary power they had will be used against the monsters. Think of all the laws that have been used to coerce the public mind being used to lock them all up. Maybe the patriot act will turn out to be ACTUALLY PATRIOTIC.. If so we have a LOT of treason trials coming. Imagine Trey Gowdy as Atty General.. 

BTW the astro is starting to ramp down as of today and the odds favor today's Perseus .. 


My read

I got an email from a former subscriber who noted what he called an amazing election prediction I made 3 weeks before the 2000 election. I called it a TIE and the results would be unknown for many weeks.. I also advocated SHORTING THE MARKET ON ELECTION DAY.  I did say Gore would win and he did BUT that was not suitable to the criminals who had a lot of dirty deeds already in the pipeline. I saw GWB as the lesser evil believe it or not. I think history bears that out as a Gore win would have taken us into a totalitarian climate tax regime by 2003 had manbearpig won. 

So here is my response to his question

lol.. thx for remembering.. Those were the days when we had a fairly natural reality not algos with godlike power..
Trump should win in a landslide. That being said the actual vote and the counted votes are going to be just as divergent as everything these days. I sense this is going to be a lot like super Tuesday in 2008 when Ron Paul was going to win the nomination and they just declared mcinsane the winner without even counting. Criminals keep doing the same thing over and over until someone stops them.
I figure the real vote of the real us citizens is going to be up at 65 % trump or higher. I think we have a chance to do the same as brexit but it probably requires an even higher margin than 65%.. Jupiter is going to be at 12 Libra on the 8th and will be on the USA natal Saturn at 15 Libra on the 17th 9 days after the "election". The vote fraud issue may be in play and the outcome could become a legal matter. With Scalia out of the picture at the SC any deciding is going to be at best a deadlock.  I can see legal issues dragging this out to a point where Obama tries to claim we have to have a new election. 

I do NOT even want to think about the consequences of a Hillary victory. Considering the 49 year cycle and the 1918 shemitah jubilee as a heads up we have a marxist style outcome unless the real American people rise up and take the vote beyond any possibility of being rigged.  IT IS POSSIBLE.. 


The air is thick with scumbaggery

Keep in mind the Clintons were SELECTED to follow up with cover ups after a 12 year crime wave from the bush mafia.. I admit I was fooled by thinking there was something positive when Clinton was elected and did not have a clear idea how deep the connection to the bush mafia was until a FRONTLINE report about what went on in MENA ARK back when there was journalists in 1994. 

I was not asleep back then just innocent and busy raising kids. There was no internet then so learning required books and time to read them.. I did however start to see the Perv Factor right away because I was trying to protect my young children from it. So this election is all about sexual misdeeds which were promoted as "normal" back then? And in spite of that Trump was never a factor in that he was NOT promoting the perv factor but was promoting a much more classy type of feminine energy in beauty pageants and such.. And THAT really pissses them off. If the Clintons lack one thing it is class. LOL.. stealing the whitehouse furniture on the way out?? 

Compare the two and you come off seeing Trump as really just a red blooded male who had money and was desirable and genuinely likes females... THINK.. has any of his actual women friends OR wives said anything contrary. There is no smoke and no fire. With entire NSA etc digging for dirt and they only find NOTHING !!!!

Meanwhile WW3 is hanging in the air .. I think Putin is really really really smart to not be taking the bait. And Putin is being hit rather hard astrologically right now with the Mars Pluto conjunction squared to his natal Libra planets. Thanks Vlad I don't want to die for Hillary's sins. Just a few more days and that energy starts to fade a little and the chances of a nuke exchange begin to diminish. 

ALL GOOD PEOPLE just stay calm and continue to visualize a Trump win.. 
VISUALIZE a Trey Gowdy led Justice department holding the criminals up to face the consequences for messing up our country. One part of the Mars Pluto conjunction exact right now is it could be a LOT of guys "man up" and reject the feminization of the young guys who grew up starting in the 1990s. 
GUYS LEARN BY EXAMPLE so be a good example please. 


Today's Andrew Jackson

I made this point about Trump at least a year and a half ago. Jackson was the ONLY president to successfully rid the country of a privately owned central bank. Trump can be the next. Jackson won the war of 1812 in the battle of new Orleans only to find out that traitors in government had already surrendered to the British demands that the USA establish a foreign OWNED central bank. Jackson was livid. He ran for office and won on a platform of taking the power to print money back for THE PEOPLE.

“If congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given them to use themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.” -Andrew Jackson

"Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, 
and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out."

Now you know why the entire ESTABLISHMENT is ganging up on Trump. They are all OWNED by the banks because the banks OWN THEIR MONEY. 
Quite simple really. If Trump did not know who the real enemy of the people is I doubt he would have run for President. 

So you either want a US owned bank that serves the people or you want a foreign owned bank that serves the oligarchs. Just making the effort to learn a tiny bit is going to make your choice clear. 


Sooo. Are you ready for WAR??

Glad I am not the only one who sees this. The people at Zero hedge are educated by EXPERIENCE.. This is where the best of the financial resistance still has a voice. Everyday people who do not know finance will not understand what has happened.  My experience since 2008 is people do not want to know. Wonder why??

No one went to jail for this. 
The same people who engineered that in 2008 are backed into a corner now and will stop at nothing to avoid being held into account. 


Last chance hotel

Mike Adams is one of the few who have stayed on task and who is still clean.  Let me tell ya this is rare now it seems so many have been compromised..

Indeed this is the last chance to walk the USA back from the brink of complete loss of sovereignty. Once the USA falls the rest of the western world falls with it. Non Americans living in Canada. Australia. Northern Europe are several steps AHEAD in this globalist end game.. It would be a done deal already but the USA has the second amendment meaning we have still the means to vote with lead as well as in a voting booth. 

Lets all be aware that the actual support for Hillary is thinner than the cheapest toilet paper. The vast number of people are fed up. The ONLY WAY Clinton can win is to bluff everyday Americans who still want a country into not voting. . 


If 911 was an inside job

If it was an inside job it was planned during Bill Clinton's term. 911 was a financial crime disguised as a terror event. That crime extended into 2008 that was orders of magnitude bigger than 911 in financial terms. The end game is win or go to jail for many thousands of people in high places.  
We know now that the Clintons and the Bushes were colluding going all the way back to the Iran Contra guns for drugs scam running out of Mena Arkansas in the 1980s
The corruption has run so deep for so long both political parties are neck deep in creating the security state that resulted from 911.  The security state purpose is to give THEM security not the American people. 

There is extreme fear from all the ones who let 911 happen and did nothing that the truth will become known. There is a word for acting like that and it is called treason. Fact is that makes them very dangerous. 

The US stock market pattern is poised to crash. A bit like the sword of Damocles hanging over us.  There is war in the air as well. Not a fake war but the real thing with Russia. Meanwhile the Israelis count their money. 

This election is all or nothing.. If Trump wins I would not be surprised that the market crashes and a few nukes get used to declare the election void. If that were to occur it might take another 49 years to undo the damage. Those who were formally called citizens will have to fight that fight as SUBJECTS without rights.. Seems improbable considering the security state would become godlike in its power to control the minds of the subjects and punish those who resist. 



Are you guys ready for THIS??

So lets not take our eyes off the ball. You have a CHOICE.. Here is where they are going to take your sons if you let them. 

TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.. Vote or you are going to have future generations of men look and act like him. LAST CHANCE to save the males. 


Paul Levy rocks

Author of the book WETIKO he is one of the more enlightened souls on the planet. 
This post is about Phillip K Dick and compares his understandings with his own.

It is as if our species is suffering from a thought-disorder. PKD writes, “There is some kind of ubiquitous thinking dysfunction which goes unnoticed especially by the persons themselves, and this is the horrifying part of it: somehow the self-monitoring circuit in the person is fooled by the very dysfunction it is supposed to monitor.”[11] When we have fallen under the spell of the wetiko virus, we aren’t aware of our affliction; from our point of view we are normal, oftentimes never feeling more ourselves (while the exact opposite is actually true; i.e., we have been taken over by something alien to ourselves). Working through the projective tendencies of the mind, wetiko distracts us by exploiting our unconscious habitual tendency to see the source of our problems outside of ourselves.

NOTE.. The election is a travesty because we are CREATING IT.  Don't be fooled the "people" at the top know how to harness the collective unconscious and make it do it's bidding. This will stop only when a critical mass of humans decide otherwise. 


The ugliest day in USA political history

The action is overnight on the 14th into the 15th.
Mercury is squared to the near exact Mars Pluto conjunction and opposed by the moon. A very strong emotive kicker to an already contentious setup. 
The sun is opposed to Uranus bringing a chaotic element.
The final push to destroy Trump and win total hegemony over the USA and set the table for removing the country's borders and sovereignty.  



Mischief night

The night before Halloween is mischief night.. When I was a kid we had a license to do whatever we wanted that night. LOL.. soap windows and throw toilet paper in trees. In other places like Detroit people would fire guns in the air not knowing where the bullet would end up. Ahh those were the days.. The days when cops were not going to shoot anyone getting out of line on sight.  

Did you know that Halloween is the oldest of holidays?? It goes back further than anything were are told about in "history".  Randle Carlson explains. It commemorates the impact event from 10900 BC..

It appears that in an attempt to get ahead of the next event people all over the ancient world became obsessed with the sky. They were obsessed with the specific stars in the shoulder of the bull which is where the bolides appeared to come from. The Pleiades .. 

I suspect the survivors of 10900 BC watched the sky so long they became aware of what is now called astrology today. 



Censoring Graham Hancock AGAIN. Him a few non believers in bible "stories" proved that history's timeline as taught in "schools" is wrong all the way back in the 1990s. Yet it is unacceptable to the judeo-christain model of history because if the truth becomes known the bible becomes a laughable self serving tool of those who have claimed divine rights of OWNERSHIP of the rest of us. It would be hysterical if it were not so tragic.

If we knew................
That there was a highly advanced civilization prior to the younger dryas 12,000 ago then all the bible stories become BABBLE.. It is one thing to be dumb as a rock but another to insist on being one in the face of EVIDENCE. 

Here is Hancock's you tube page.

Cohorts in debunking the false Biblical timeline
John Anthony West
Robert Buval
Randal Carlson
Robert Shoch

A lot of people are getting smart about this.. Here is a 15 min segment on a recent Joe Rogan podcast.


British pound crashy flashy

Imagine what the experience is for regular people having 20 % plus lifted from their wallet.. 
This is in fact what has happened to the purchasing power of the British pound since brexit
HAHAHAHA.. the so called regulators are trying to figure out why this latest WTF moment occurred at 3 AM USA time. 


100 miles from the coast

Did you know that the ENTIRE border of the USA 100 miles in is a constitutional free zone? 
The evacuation of South Carolina stands out as something new.. Up until now the 100 mile rights free zone was thought to be only necessary in the south west to "stop" illegals from border jumping.. A hundred miles is a loooong way in. A hundred miles from the border might include a majority of Americans.

I have lived in low country and saw cat 3 eye of a hurricane go over my head.. Just a few miles north of me the storm surge had 8 feet of water flood homes in less than 15 minutes. I also saw boats stuck up 30 feet high in trees after hurricane Hugo. I get it but at the same time WTF is with the 100 mile from the coast order. Where the F are they going to put up a million people in Columbia SC?? Are they going to call in the mercs like they did with Katrina who had shoot to kill orders??  

Oh and how bout the curve ball hurricane seemingly doing a dispsy doodle and looking like it will hit the same area twice. A little climate change reinforcement?? 


Hurricane Sandy PART TWO

10-4  .. An old radio saying to confirm you get it. 

Lets go back to the last "election" shall we?
Mit was going to win. 
The stock market was in a perfect crash pattern almost identical to the technical pattern from Sept 1929 that started in early September of 2012. The pattern was TOO PERFECT.  Very suspicious. 
The landfall of Sandy late October in New Jersey changed the outcome of the election.. The exact days when the crash was due to go into full wipeout mode were the two days days Sandy closed the NYSE. Basements were flooded.. Trillions were rehypothicated from vaults in the basements of NYC. The bull market we are in the process of topping out right now started a few days after Sandy made landfall. 
The most important swing state in 2012 was NEW JERSEY which was devastated into switching over to Obama. Fat boy Chris Cristie broke ranks. 

Sandy was very very similar to what we see now with hurricane Mathew.. Looks "biblical" already.  In 2012 it was New Jersey that was going off the reservation by voting the wrong way. In 2016 the state of North Carolina is going off the reservation. If you live there it is time to get ready. I lived in the low country on the coast for 4 years and was flooded 3 times and I had reoccurring blinks of a scene were the waves were at treetop levels. I moved to Mount Nebo on very high ground as it unnerved me.. 

I do see geo engineering of weather as a fact now.. Sandy was what finally convinced me. I had 4 feet of very wet snow land on me 500 miles from landfall before the leaves had come off the trees. You can imagine the mess. 
The astro ahead has a violent Mars Pluto conjunction in an exact square to the USA natal Saturn. This is likely an assault on the rule of law. The astro energy ramps up into the 18th and I can see a scenario where it makes landfall in the Carolinas in a week or less  and then an off the scale looting situation takes place requiring marshal law. You can figure out the rest. 


An astrological phone app for android


The switch over to phones from windows based computers left many people with many areas of non functionality.. That has changed as AstroLabe has come out with an app that is VERY GOOD and it is FREE.. The current free version is a beta but I see a newer pro version as being functional as an astrological clock which is a MUST for anyone who is wanting to learn to use astrology in real time by actually watching the sky and how it affects the possibility feild. SEEING IS BELIEVING. 

THIS IS A MUST GET APP.  This is a huge step forward for astrology.


Gerald nails it

Got to love the guy.. Very important to watch this. LOL.. He said it so I don't have to.


The eye of the needle

This is a chart that is violent. Specifically so toward the USA and it's citizens.. this represents a challenge to the RULE OF LAW .. To fairness..  The USA natal Saturn is located at 15 of Libra.. Saturn is exalted in Libra and at 15 degrees Saturn is located at the balance point of the Scales of Justice. Mars and Pluto will be conjunct at 15 Capricorn in an exact square to the USA natal Saturn in the middle of October. 

Are WE THE PEOPLE going to allow the oligarchs to rig the election by force?
The choice is simple. Vote for trump not because you like him but because you love your country.. The vote has to be a historic landslide because a close election will be almost certainly rigged.
There are people who lived in a conscious way through the entire last 49 years and have given YOU the PEOPLE a chance to save yourselves and future generations from total slavery.

There are no excuses left. VOTE FOR YOUR LIVES.

49 years is a LONG TIME...