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Like being a browns fan in 2001

Yep like this..


Living on a flat earth

Jupiter Neptune square coming at you. 



What a weak effort.

We get to keep the political shit show for another 2 years. 
If you like the surveillance state you can keep it.
Nancy Pelosi is 3rd in line for POTUS. 

NOTE.. markets LIKE a government in paralysis. Onward we go to higher highs early next year like lemmings running to the sea. . 

I'm still processing this. 


Powerfull PCR

PCR born April 3 1939.. He has some Saturn transits going on. New moon lands opposed to his natal Uranus. Pluto squared his natal Saturn. I admire his bravery under such transits.

Wow that is a huge dose of truth. A very bitter pill indeed and cant say I disagree. 

Unless the American people rise up in armed rebellion, they are finished as a free people, and, of course, they cannot rise up in armed rebellion. Not so much because the police and every agency of the government has been militarized as because Jewish cultural Marxism and the Democratic Party’s Identity Policics have the American people disorganized and at one another’s throats.

My conclusion is that America is doomed. The people, with few exceptions, are not smart enough to continue to exist. Perhaps the outcome of the elections today will change my mind. If the vote goes to the Establishment, all is lost.


When the music's over
turn out the light



It took 50 years for things to go completely upside down. Bad is good up is down and the enemy is at the gate. 

The misuse of the music from 50 years ago is stunning


New moon in Scorpio

Exact on 11/7 at about 11 AM EST. 
The only hard aspect is Jupiter quincunx Uranus. 
The energy output of a new moon and full moon tends to manifest a day early meaning today.

The political machine forces verses we the people. 
The presence of Jupiter Uranus quincunx indicates a strong reaction. 
IF I was a betting man I might be inclined to fade the polsters and get some tech stock puts for a few days of snowflakes burning in hell. 


You are what you vote for

Up until recently, you might have just been going about your normal business, criticizing global capitalism, completely unaware of your anti-Semitic, white supremacist terrorist activities, but from now on there will be no denying them. Your hate thoughts are right there for everyone to read. Go back and check your Facebook posts and your Twitter feed. You’ll see what I mean. All those times when you impulsively lashed out against the global capitalist ruling classes, or globalism, or Obama, or Clinton, or the Wall Street banks, or, God help you, George Soros... well, you might as well have been tweeting blinking neon GIFs of dancing Swastikas or posting Adolf Hitler’s speeches with little throbbing hearts and smiley-face emoticons.

See, according to the “Anti-Fascist Resistance” (i.e, the the Democratic Party, the “intelligence community,” the corporate media, those Wall Street banks, the military industrial complex, and other components of the global capitalist empire that doesn’t actually exist, except as a Nazi “conspiracy theory”), any references you might have made to “globalists,” or “globalism,” or the “corporate media,” or “banks,” or “Hollywood,” or the “1 percent,” or any other “elites,” didn’t really refer to what they referred to, but, in fact, were anti-Semitic “dog whistles.” If you went so far as to literally mention or include an unflattering photo of Soros in any of your posts or tweets, then you weren’t just “whistling” to your fascist dog friends, you were openly calling for a second Holocaust, or “inspiring” some anti-Semitic psycho to senselessly murder a bunch of people, as recently happened at that synagogue in Pittsburgh.


Mr Pincher

BTC is compressing into a massive breakout in one direction or another.

I am sure there is a huge amount of BTC related news backed up in the system waiting for the election to be over. Goldman owned CIRCLE is the new shape of money.


The price of failure on 11/6

Chinese authorities also sought to control information within the nation. In 1998, China formally launched its Golden Shield Project, a feat of digital engineering on a par with mighty physical creations like the Three Gorges Dam. The intent was to transform the Chinese internet into the largest surveillance network in history—a database with records of every citizen, an army of censors and internet police, and automated systems to track and control every piece of information transmitted over the web. The project cost billions of dollars and employed tens of thousands of workers. Its development continues to this day. Notably, the design and construction of some of the key components of this internal internet were outsourced to American companies—particularly Sun Microsystems and Cisco—which provided the experience gained from building vast, closed networks for major businesses.

If we lose our sovereignty tomorrow it is the enemy within who has won. 

The most ambitious project of mass control is China’s “social credit” system. Unveiled in 2015, the vision document for the system explains how it will create an “upward, charitable, sincere and mutually helpful social atmosphere”—one characterized by unwavering loyalty to the state. To accomplish this goal, all Chinese citizens will receive a numerical score reflecting their “trustworthiness ... in all facets of life, from business deals to social behavior.”


Jupiter 150 degrees from Uranus

The 150 degree quincunx aspect between Jupiter and Uranus is exact about 1:30 AM EST on November 8th. The moon will conjunct Jupiter at about 2 PM EST on 11/8. Jupiter is going to ingress into Sagittarius also with Uranus retro backing into Aries on election day. 

That exact Jupiter Uranus quincunx is about the open in London trading hours. 

Jupiter Uranus aspects have to do with intuitive wisdom (being right) and the quincunx is a disassociation aspect so it stands to reason we have a COUNTER INTUITIVE situation presenting itself. This could easily be a vote fraud hang up of results to a point where no winner is established in key states. Is the supreme court going to do the deciding again? 

Day before 11/9 too which is where the naz has a crash pattern issue. 11/9 is also the key day to watch out for leftist's terrorizing the public for not following the so called "plan". 

I also see some potential for BTC to break out of the unbelievably narrow range it has been in since the introduction of USDC in late September. Since the low in June BTC has tested support THREE TIMES and has printed higher lows. Not a recommendation just an observation. 


Five waves down

The S&P is 5 waves down and a 50% retrace was achieved last Friday. Ducks in a row

The Nasaq has a simple ABC correction printed so far. It may very well be the Naz is one beat behind in pattern.. If so we should know Tuesday evening. 



The Democratic Party is in serious trouble. The hostility is off the charts and really the computer is showing that it really does not matter who wins the House, the trend is toward more obstruction and inaction. The Senate is more important for if the Democrats lose just one seat, they will elect a Bearish Reversal. We DO NOT show any chance that the Democrats would reverse the downtrend in motion. This is why the computer is rather ambivalent on this election. The volatility will rise next year so regardless who wins the House, neither side appears willing to accept the result.

A year ago I saw this election as a win of some magnitude for democrats.. That was before I saw the blood moon fiasco last January and before the progressive communists took control of the party. LOL that was before Hillary could not shut the F up too. And lastly that was before the dems exposed who they are regarding Kavanaugh and provoked the market temper tantrum that started a day after confirmation. 

A friend of mine used this saying a lot
Maybe things have gotten so thick that even a cave man can see it? 

The American people are responsible for the outcome. If they do not vote for their self interest to keep their sovereignty and instead vote for a complete collectivist takeover the die will be cast for the foreseeable future. If the trump supporters win this one I would expect a collective punishment to commence.


Seasonal affective disorder

Go figure the change of seasons and the increasingly dark 24 cycle has an effect on people. Those who are most sensitive are ... wait for it... the whitest of white people. You see they have a built in genetic response to the dark cycle because over doing activity during a very long winter is a recipe for starvation. Natural selection dictates those who do NOT understand or ignore the cycle will die and will not reproduce. 

Of course the very whiteness of white people is tied to the same cycle as the skin color is a response to a lack of Sun in Winter and those who had darker skin in northern latitudes would be less able to produce vitamin D and were less able to reproduce.

The worst day of the year.. some say cruel.. is TODAY when the clocks are set back from daylight savings time. Here on Mount Nebo I make it a point to allow the cycle of light and darkness to provoke my natural sleep cycle. My way of making the adjustment to standard time is to go to bed early for the next few days and make sure to get up before sunrise to get adjusted. It usually takes about a week and then I find I can get up naturally with no need to look at a clock in the dark to see what time it is. 

 The plus side of being consciously aware of the cycle is it only takes a few days after winter solstice to become aware of the light coming back. 


100 year anniversary of 1st FF on Wallstreet

September 16th 1920 noon NYC time.  New moon in Virgo on September 12. Jupiter Uranus opposition exact. Worst domestic terror incident up until OKC. Election year. FDR running for VP. 

So 100 years later September 16th 2020 is one day before a new moon in Virgo.  Mars Saturn square exact. Election year. 

It probably will reap dividends to study this upcoming 2020 election in the context of the 1920 event.,_1920

New moon in Virgo is VERY important to watch every year. Its the oligarch new year. 

The new moon in Virgo in 2019 on August 30th has a very exact conjunction to Mars. A wider conjunction to Venus and Mercury ... If you look at the new moon in Virgo in 1987 on August 23 a Mars Venus Mercury conjunction with the new moon in Virgo was the TOP TIC before the 87 crash. August 23 was the so called "harmonic convergence" day which was touted in advance in much the same way as 12/21/2012 was. 


The dems are over confident again

Lets hope they cannot help themselves with the wishful thinking. 

Keep in mind if there is a red tsunami the tech led stock market is likely to reflect reality very quickly. 

I figure the weekend should be a show us your hand few days as whatever psyops left in the bag of tricks comes to fruition. I figure the busses in Mexico will be full and all headed north today. 

The 50% retrace of shocktober is printed in overnight futures.. All ducks in a row. 


Israeli style border

In lew of a wall we can go to automated machine guns and a fence a deer could jump over. 

Oh and BTW I see the so called border states like Texas and Florida are the focus for putting a dem governor in place.

If Americans do not stand up for themselves next week we are going to see a shit show next year that is outside of anything we have seen before. Imagine waters and schiff tangling up any and all congressional remedy. God help us. I sure hope some behind the scenes hardening of the vote fraud issues are taken. 


Are you ready for some inflation

Jupiter square Neptune next years suggests you get ready

Early in an inflation cycle stock are a favored hedge. As long as the "real" inflation is below the rate for  margin borrowing. The October stock correction has set the fed up to get well behind the curve. 

The inflation that was present over the last decade was money printing but mostly went into stocks and bonds to benefit the 1%. The inflation to come is cost push inflation that raises prices of stuff you regular people need. Food fuel and necessity. The public will be blamed for wanting a living wage. Trump will be blamed for protecting American workers from predatory trade. 

How to protect yourself is quite a conundrum. The traditional inflation hedges like gold and silver and now BTC have been under the thumb of the fed and are more favored late cycle. The solution is not all that obvious to me other than swing trading like a mad man in the few weeks to a few months timeframe. . 


Technical retrace. 

Going back to the 38% retrace does not end the potential for a huge leg down. 
Post election week will be the tell. 


The sky is falling

Humans have a collective memory of the events that ended the last Ice age. 

We come now to the bit of evidence that may link between this comet business and Halloween. As it happens, the end of June and the end of October/beginning of November are the times when the Earth passes through the Taurid stream. That means that the event that marked the boundary between the Pleistocene and Holocene (present epoch) must have occurred at the end of October. It was a day when the boundaries between the living and the dead became very thin, because nearly every living thing on this planet perished and the memory of this event has come down to us in the 'End of Summer' commemoration we call Halloween, known in the Bible as the Flood of Noah. 



According to the Mail, Bulger, who was confined to a wheelchair at the time of his death, had been talking about outing people in the upper echelons of the FBI's informant program.

Bulger born September 3 1929.. pretty much top tic before the crash. 
Saturn has been squaring his natal Mercury Mars conjunction in Libra. Guess the old saying about loose lips came into play here. Stories out there about Mueller connection to the hit. 


Illumi.. not I

Mark and Mel do a good job on this history.

May 1st 1776. Beltane.. 
Moon Saturn conjunction in Libra. Opposed to Venus in Aries.. Focus is on the tipping point of the scales. 


War is a racket

All you slaves can listen to this on your commute to the salt mines. Written in 1935 before another 100 million dead slaves on both sides.. I imagine this book could not be published today.

Book review by Jesse Ventura


What is a short squeeze

When fear is overdone and too many hedges against the decline build up the stage is set. 

Jupiter moves into Sagittarius November 8th. We have a fun with numbers day on the 9th. I suspect there will be an all clear moment as whatever goes on November 6th is priced in. 

Yes it is indeed possible the low is already printed. LOL I am not betting on it yet but maybe some of you are bolder than the average bear and are ready to pounce on the potential of a short squeeze. I would be looking at the anti trump stocks if I was going to be looking right now. LOL.. feeling lucky punk? 

Post election we should see a relief in psychology if nothing else. The astro has suggested all along that the market should be up in a meaningful way right into year end.. Catching the low is catching a falling knife but if executed properly can be quite a reward. Dec calls with a strike at the 50% retrace level would be my choice because I am not advocating holding them for more than the initial pop. 


Fool on the hill

LOL  Bob on Mount Nebo?

His head in a cloud
The man with a foolish grin is talking perfectly loud
But nobody wants to hear him
They can see that he's just a fool
But he never gives an answer


The count

I am assuming readers know enough Elliott to know what the tape is showing. 

Wave 3 of an Elliott pattern should make wave 3 at least 1.6 times wave 1.
Not a prediction but an observation


Losers get fired day addendum

Late yesterday Hillary finally says enough to get roasted for good. Did she put herself in the position to be blamed for another election defeat?

Hillary Clinton appears to benefit from her progressive privilege - it is the only thing that protects her from getting the 'Roseanne treatment', and not being dismissed in disgrace.

Well well

The link.

The quote

“He was taken to my hospital and he’s shouting, ‘I want to kill all the Jews’,” Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, president of Allegheny General Hospital and a member of the Tree of Life Synagogue, told ABC. “The first three people who took care of him were Jewish.”

Another nurse, whose father is a rabbi, “came in from a mass casualty drill and took care of this gentleman.”

All of you tin foil hat types know what I am pointing out here. I wonder how long till the above quote is scrubbed from the net. 



Losers get fired day

Similar records as well. 

The Browns are 2-5-1 this season, doubling the win total from Jackson's first two seasons with the team. Cleveland was 1-15 in his first season and 0-16 last season.

Not to be raciss but they traded the number two pick in the draft to my team the Eagles a few years ago because Carson Wentz was a white guy. Oh BTW the Eagles won the superbowl last season. 


Not enough noise

One way to tell if an event is not as advertised is after the fact it is too quiet.
I think Pittsburgh is a case in point. Attempts to blame trump have faltered but then we have the caravan to focus on now. 

I think the markets are too quiet today and one thing I noticed is BTC is down a little today and to me that seems to be an all clear signal. Some money went back out of the hidey hole. 

My focus for a down spike of magnitude is the post election 11/9 fun with numbers day for now. That would be a day to keep in mind if the left fails to win. 


News cycle circus

The timing is all one needs to see to smell a rat.

Regarding the Pittsburgh episode. Once the names were released it struck me that there was a good chance they were old people who had already been dead and were used as props. Excuse me for being that cynical but it is the easiest way to explain the unexplainable. 

The market drop from the top right after Kanavuagh confirmation was a bit obvious.. The decline was just enough so far to get to max fear level without any actual damage to the still up bull market. Holding here without the big tail down conclusion event is not going to make a dent on the tech titans. As I noted yesterday afternoon it would appear to me the market pattern is a reflection of perception of how the left is going to do on November 6th. 

So Brazil goes all in on a Trump style guy. Merkle out ... Hillary starts bleating about running again. 

As of this post the S&P is up about 1% overnight. It will take some sort of a major setback to get the bottom to drop out and I figure they have to see some poll numbers first before going further pushing things too far today. I plan to post again mid day today so stay tuned.


To crash or not to crash
That is the question


I think the answer lies in IF the perception of a democrat victory which looked unlikely only a week ago has changed. If they think they are going to win now after psyop week the dogs will be called off. 
I have a great deal more I could say but think it would be unwise to do so. 



It has been almost 24 hours since the Pittsburgh massacre. I'm watching for what is left unsaid and what does not happen. It sure was on time as far as big picture. The mail bomber play did not produce results so the public had to be shocked into silence and any and all complainers about who it is behind the curtain pulling strings are now thoroughly demonized. 

Was this real or simulated? Since Sandy Hook and Boston the events have been in a much more controlled area and a lack of cell phone camera video is striking in the things that did not happen. So far no names either. So far I don't see enough detail  to tell if the event was real or a memory-X psyop. With the small army of sleuths already scrubbed off the net there is not going to be much resistance to the official story. 

The effect is going to be inevitable. NO COMPLAINING ALLOWED. No pointing out inconsistency.
No pointing out who it is benefiting when the market crashes. I find the last name of the perp interesting BOWERS and Bauer and the TV show 24 which ran for 8 seasons STARTING on ... drum roll.. NOVEMBER 6TH 2001.

This from an Allstate commercial series called mayhem. All Americans have been exposed to these toxic commercials. Mayhem being personified as a middle age semi retarded white guy. 

Sad to say I have to keep a lid on my writing on this entire subject. I can assure you that there is going to be blow back on the truth community. I fully expect the few places left where people are allowed to express themselves is going to go tits up here in the next week.. The ZH comments section comes to mind.

Lets see how fast links like this are scrubbed.


Turning Trump into Nixon

August 15 1971

Interesting astro on August 15 1971. Jupiter in same degree as now. Mars in same degree as now. Sun Venus conjunction same as now. There was a very real danger in 1971 of a high inflation episode due to a Jupiter Neptune conjunction and we have a square coming in 2019. 

Things are going to be interesting over the weekend because it seems a crash event next week is baked in the cake and the fed is signaling on Friday it is standing down using the PPT to stop it. Trump seems prone to acting in a chaotic manner when threatened. 

Nixon using executive power to micro manage the economy was the start of his downfall. 

The Saturn Pluto conjunction is 14 months away. Saturn Pluto conjunction has a fascist stench to it. Are we going to descend into a war type economy where we have rationing to contain demand and thus control prices? 


Black Monday

The two "classic" crash waves patterns are 29 and 87. 
Indeed the potential to follow a well worn path to an 87 pattern conclusion has arrived.

Every trick in the book has been deployed. The final act sets up to be a black Monday market scare that can be blamed on the republicans. Wow if that does happen it is an act of treason that rises above the twin towers. Can we call this final chapter "the Audacity of Dopes". 

Is the "white van" the new dead mule. I used to go to a watering hole in Chapel Hill called the Dead Mule and when I asked the owner why he named it that he said that every southern literary gem had a dead mule in the story. LOL you had to have a literary degree to tend bar there. 

If indeed we have a market smash the downside target is the Trump lows just after he won in 2016. That would be the "Full Monty". Think it cant happen? Well the May of 2010 incident says otherwise. A no bid situation showed up which had the nasdaq QQQ going to zero for a brief moment.. Of course that was testing testing testing and many trades made below the circuit breaker were canceled because the tape was running many minutes late.. Humm..
 Listen to this classic.
OH and don't forget that May 6th is the opposite zodiac degree to November 6th. 

This time is different? I had a conversation with a local last night and he was aware of the crash danger for weeks because his wife follows my site. LOL he was very keen on selling everything on Monday morning. I asked him why act so late?.. Mumble mumble I DON'T CARE I STILL HAVE A BIG GAIN. So this guy will call his broker Monday morning and say sell at the market and then?  

OH BY THE WAY.. using an at the market sell order in a crash is a guaranty of a bad fill. 

Hey I hope this does not play out and we can have a few days of relief before the election. 

So the close on Tuesday is the start of mischief night. 



Stablecoin USDC starts trading on September 26th. 
Bitcoin does this

Is BTC the super secret bunker for the right people? 

An alert reader asked me about the chart of first trade for USDC a few days after the 26th and frankly I don't see anything major in that date. I don't think the 26th is the actual first trade and without being at the top of the gold in my sacks hierarchy that date would be an unknown.. I do remember ousted Gary Cohn took a crypto job around that time however. 

Sherlock Holmes THE DOG THAT DID NOT BARK comes to mind. 


10 hours of dogs barking

Go ahead put those earbuds in and relaaaaax.

Hey it is a lot of relief from this


A year too soon?

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
and if there is no room on the hill
and if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon. 

I have to say I think I have done a poor job of warning people of the severity of the last months debacle. 
I can say I did a bad job in 2001 too.  I was on top of 911 in advance but severely underestimated the scheme. I think just like before September 2001 the magnitude of the post Kavanugh event had me a bit flatfooted. The supreme court was the strength of the left and when that was lost then the next strength is the FED.  The fed is OWNED by the collectivist oligarchic masters of the universe. 

The outcome in the next few weeks is ENTIRELY up to the fed's action or lack thereof. 


When does 5 revert to 3

A wave 5 move is a capitulation that sets a low. A wave 3 is a panic where the low could be zero. 

It was just like clockwork after the close the worst came true the FANG stocks did the emperors new clothes bit. The earnings "surprise" last night after the close was NOT what shareholders wanted to see and we have made a lower low on Nasdaq and the S&P this morning. 

This last night is the sort of mistimed bad news that turns a 5 into a 3. 

LOL.. it is like someone wants the market to crash. 
If indeed we have an engineered major crash in progress the 28 trading day rule suggests we have a potential for a huge drop Monday - Tuesday. I define huge as plus 10% down in one day. A logical target for such a move would be the post 2016 election low. That on the Naz is 4500ish. That for the S&P is 2025. That is near the 38% drop experienced in the 1987 drop. 

Ahh yes that type of downside would sure make the trump voters take notice.. Wrecked IRA .. 401K.. pension.. That will teach all you nationalists who is boss right? 

The fedspeak overnight suggests the PPT will be inactive over the weekend

The S&P back to the trump low.

The naz back to the trump low.


Mischief night

My very favorite holiday as a boy. It was the one night of the year us boys could do things like soap up cars .. throw toilet paper over trees.. Put a flaming bag of dog shit on someone's porch ring the bell and run. Ya know fun stuff. 


Is the USDC 
going to become the new "tax coin" ??


Brought to you by Goldman sacks.. 

The price of the most volatile trading instrument becomes the least volatile in a matter of weeks?
You need a microscope to see the price action in recent days.

I think I have heard the phrase never short a dull market before. 


Him too?

ALL the important people got a package yesterday. ... eye roll. 
Transparent as fake and certainly not as talented as the Unabomber. 
Waiting in bemused state of mind for what are they going to come up with today.
BTW has anyone bothered to check in on the crisis actor guild?  They are the experts with fake bombs. 

Yesterday was the first day in a while I was surprised at the downside activity. Nasdaq made a lower low which is not as clean a bear sign as the S&P but it could indicate a large shareholder selling panic as people start to move out of what would be the outgoing power. If the naz is tracing out an ABC correction A= C would take it down to about 6500.  

I guess I am looking at how far down would the market have to go before it starts to eat into the pro trump vote. Nine trading days to go. Are we setting up for one last very big bad day? The astro on Monday the 29th has a Mercury conjunct Jupiter that I have seen on some big down days before. Could be a black Monday as that aspect tends to be a "what me worry" type of mindset. Will the PPT boys sit on their hands over the weekend? Is this the financial version of the Sampson option? 

The December - January drop in 2007 - 2008 is starting to look like this episode. That drop from all time highs exceeded bears expectations and after the late January low the market went into a laborious retrace all the way into September. We will see. 


Nice chart

The difference between the high in February and the recent high? The tech stocks. Humm thinking back it seems the big tech/data companies came out swinging in the last 6 months to the point of blatant censorship and hubris rarely seen since the Roman empire.


Thought police

Get it right from the credible source wiki

In the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), by George Orwell, the Thought Police (Thinkpol) are the secret police of the superstate Oceania, who discover and punish thoughtcrime, personal and political thoughts unapproved by the Party. The Thinkpol use criminal psychology and omnipresent surveillance (telescreens, microphones, informers) to search for and find, monitor and arrest all citizens of Oceania who would commit thoughtcrime in challenge to the status quo authority of the Party and the regime of Big Brother.[1]

Every member of the Outer Party has a two-way telescreen in his or her quarters, by which the Thinkpol audio-visually police the behaviour of the populace; listening for unorthodox opinions and spying for visible indications of stress that the observed person is suffering an inner struggle (ownlife), such as the words spoken whilst asleep. The Thinkpol also spy upon and eliminate intelligent people, such as the Newspeak lexicographer Syme, who is disappeared and rendered an unperson, despite being an Ingsoc true-believer of fierce loyalty to Big Brother and the Party.

The Thinkpol usually do not interfere with the lives of the Proles, the working classes of Oceania, although Thinkpol agents provocateur continually operate amongst them, planting rumors to identify and eliminate any proletarian man or woman who shows intelligence and the capacity for independent thought, which might lead to rebellion against the Party's cultural hegemony.

1984 is a template not a novel.


The cold

Solar cycles.. the one ring that rules them all.
 Here where I live it is looking to the locals as a bad winter ahead. Country people have a 6th sense about that. 

What if we the people find out the human caused warming ploy is not just bad science it is a purposeful effort to misdirect the public at exactly the wrong time. Cold cycles are known to kill millions and history is unkind to those who have not prepped for that. 


Just shy of a 10% drop. 

The S&P shows a 5 waves down off the top and Nasdaq does not. Who to believe?
The same type of divergence happened in February. 
The astrological aspects are NOT indicating a crash YET but the political forces at work are clearly working towards that goal. 
So it appears to me. 
That the stock market is driven by political forces in an unnatural pattern. The election is a battle for the minds of we the people and the events since the Kavanugh confirmation are designed to get WE THE PEOPLE to sit on the sidelines and NOT VOTE. That is the only way that the people of the USA will be led to destruction. Your choice is to stay home or vote and the outcome is in the hands of the people. We are in an early voting period now and I would suggest that people take advantage of it. 

If the country does "vote" communist well we get what we asked for. Hello NWO
If the county votes to stay a republic (questionable I know) then we can expect collective punishment. 

Let me say this. A crash now is NOT the worst case scenario. A crash now is going to take the steam out of the boiler room.  The inflationary aspects next year would be less effective in jacking up prices of what people need to survive. A crash now telegraphs the defeat of the deep state. 

The amazing BTC chart. 
Wow that "stablecoin" from Goldman sure is effective in taking the volatility out of BTC. 
Coinbase is being engineered into the ONLY available exit from BTC over to USD. All roads out of the wilderness go through goldman. 
The pattern is very similar to the long term charts of silver crashing from 50 to 12 dollars an ounce. 


First bear sign

S&P is now 5 waves down from the top. Not a constructive pattern for bulls. Nasdaq has up to today NOT printed a bear sign. 

Note the retrace levels.


Ship of fools

Tucker Carlson interviewed by Adam Carolla promoting his book Ship of Fools. Carolla was one of the creators of the 1990s show THE MAN SHOW. Looking back that show was the last stand for the guys. My ex wife hated that show.

When men were funny.

Teaching young boys to be men.

That was the old days.. replaced by Sarah Silverman.. Amy Schumer etc.


5 waves down from the top

As I write at 7 AM the S&P has come within inches (a few points) of doing the 5 down wave pattern off the top. That is a bear sign if there is any follow through to a lower low today or tomorrow.. The nasdaq has NOT done that pattern.. The January blood moon crash had similar divergence between the two indices in reverse. 

The full moon is about 11:00 am tomorrow the 24th. Full moon is an emotional peak that OFTEN is seen on short term highs and lows but usually a day before. So ya I am looking for a low today. 

Maybe I have some bias BUT the way things seem to be getting out of hand has me concerned. The dems live on being DIVISIVE and what could be more divisive than our country being invaded and it cant be stopped apparently. The caravan seems to be a perfect opportunity for a false flag that could turn into a shit show. 

It might be a good idea for we the people to go vote in the window of early voting that lasts from today into a few days before election day. The more I see the more strongly I feel that this is a last chance for the American people to assert their political will. If we lose this one it is going to be a communist takeover. 


Another NPC in the wall

Nice editing work


Retracement zone

The threat of an elevator ride to 2014 lows in the next week is off the table. Now the process is retrace the drop from the highs with the 62% retrace in mind at the 2850ish level. We will see when that level is achieved if it is right after the election I will be going on a red alert status. 

Thinking about the recent incident in Turkey and how it was almost exactly one year to the day after Vegas. Humm.. Considering the reported death toll in Vegas it has sure disappeared down the rabbit hole. Something about Vegas is so messy.. Like it was a setup to blame the Saudi's and MBS. Who would do such a thing? Maybe the reporter being from WaPo had a clue in that factoid? Inquiring minds yada yada.. 

So this is a coincidence right?

Getting some reports from readers that they are feeling a doom loop energy. Not dissimilar to what was felt in front of 911. As stated here we do have a setup in November on the 9th after the election that concerns me. If the deep state has failed to contain the American people I am mighty concerned at what they might do to to protect themselves. 



Bookmark this link. 
Ten years ago I would have made the list.. Looks my strategy of being a small target has worked. 

Melissa Dykes of truthstream does a good job with the the 1984 theme.


Sometimes I wonder

I wonder about the vast majority of people around me.. Are they just extras in a drama I call my life?  Ya ya it is crazy idea but then again how to explain the strange coincidences and odd timing of things.

The big meme going around is the NPC which comes from gaming culture.

its humble origins are the computer-controlled characters of limited intelligence found in most video games.

What if in a bizarre way the existence of NPCs is true? What if they are actually a majority of the people we interact with? One thing I do know is if there really are a bunch of NPCs interacting with us they conform to the astrological script to a degree I see as way outside of chance. Is the matrix astrological? Ok get back to your coffee..

The comparison between NPC's and SJW's is pretty striking and simultaneously hilarious. 

SJW's aren't known for their individualism. All of their beliefs seem to be uniform no matter which college or protest you go to. Even if you bring the facts that debunk their beliefs, they can't or won't deviate from "their truth." They think what they're told with seemingly no capacity for critical analysis, and once their dialogue tree runs out on a certain subject they either clam up or begin shouting a phrase over and over againlike "BLACK LIVES MATTER," "HEY HEY HO HO (insert thing) HAS GOT TO GO," or "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!"

Having apparently received a memo from top mainstream media outlets, all liberals around the country dutifully stood up, walked outside, tilted their heads toward the sky, and shouted the slogan for a full minute. "We are not mindless NPCs, we are not mindless NPCs, we are not mindless NPCS" could be heard echoing through the streets of every major metropolitan area in the nation. 

Finally, their duty to defend themselves as being freethinkers having been completed, all progressives wandered back inside and awaited instruction from CNN, the Huffington Post, and clips of Saturday Night Live and Last Week Tonight. 


Energy prices

There is a distinct long term trend to limit supply.. Nothing new see the Iraq wars.. both of them.

It used to be this limiting supply problem would hurt the USA consumers.. LOL I remember the gas lines back in the old days. 

With the fracking industry almost at full capacity now and the pipelines going in at a furious pace the US can be so called independent at least for a while. The term while supplies last has a ring to it eh?

The nat gas weekly.
Huge spikes higher are seen .. 2001  2003 2005  2008 and to a lesser extent 2014. I wonder who the right people are who benefited from those spikes higher? 

There is huge support at 2.00 and the spikes have been up to and above 10.00. The spikes higher are located in front of crisis periods like market crashes and wars of consequence. Jupiter and Neptune are squared soon and will make three squares next year which I believe is bullish especially for nat gas. There is a huge amount of shaky debt in the USA regarding the fracking boom which could use a big boost in prices. The whole Russia threat meme is about nat gas. You could say this is what all the fighting is about. 

Anyone looking at the weekly chart can see the risk.  Here in my locality we went from summer to winter without much of a fall . A few weeks late for the trees leaves falling which is a LOT like 2012 when Sandy dropped 4 feet of snow here with the leaves still on the trees. If my suspicions are true the upcoming winter is going to be a tipping point in the global warmist ploy and the realization of the threat of longer term cold coming washes over the masses.  A great deal of nat gas is used in the fertilizer industry. Just sayin. 


three steps to the door


It was funny that Bezos has distanced himself from the other leftist tech companies in recent days. I figure he knows when to beat a path to the door.

 Gimmie three steps to the door.. HAHAHAHAHA


Post election
situational awareness


Today is the anniversary date of the 87 crash wave. Anniversary dates are important as they tend to burn a hole in the collective memory. Yesterday looked like it was down in anticipation of something bad gonna happen today. 

I think the left has been trying to engineer a crash since last January. The blood moon crash and the train wreck a day after the SOTU was part of a plot to take the Whitehouse back on or around the ides of March. I remember Bibi coming over to the states in early March and then heads rolled and Goldman guy Cohen is left out in the cold.  Post March 15th the market did drop but not to a lower low and no real damage was done technically. 

This current market slide was even more transparent than last February. The day after Kavanagh and then "crash" starts? Kind of obvious connection. This episode is not over yet but it could be if the "plan" goes sour. These things do take time hence my focus is on the traditional crash pattern (29 and 87) with the 28 trading day rule after an all time high as a guide to determine when it is a safe bet to be long again. There is a pass fail date. That is November 9th. 

So lets speculate. The election is NOT influenced and the red wave becomes a red tsunami. Not only that but the dems are caught "red" handed with massive vote fraud. The tech companies and Soros etc are rightfully so accused of treason. 119=911 is the last day I think that a crash pattern can play out and based on my viewpoint that is the day to keep in mind. 

The astro the day after the election on November 6th is quite exuberant and the few days that follow could be the classic retrace with a high coming on November 8th with a Moon Jupiter conjunction late in the day.. There will be a Jupiter Uranus quincunx (150 degree) aspect just past exact that the moon is triggering that day and Jupiter ingress into Sagittarius on top of that. My thought of the potential for a post 119 crash is limited to the stocks of companies who are going to be targeted for breakup (or arrests). Those companies are a large enough market cap to do considerable damage to the indices. 

In 2000 and 2008 the rats jumping ship had much to do with the selling. The power had shifted and the rats needed to make off with the loot. Why should 2018 be any different. The dems have been in denial since 2016 and that is one reason the tech led bull market continued but the sell by date has been only pushed back by the be.LIE.f that they could get rid of Trump. If that is not going to happen I see a very strong reaction as shareholders try to hit the exit at the same time. So anyone wishing to play on the bear side of this market post election needs to be selective as to what to short. The post election move could be 87 like in some sectors with a week or less crash wave. I dont see the money leaving equity for any length of time just moving sideways into sectors that would benefit from the swamp draining. 

The other scenario is the dems win. 
Life in tech land goes on and the country is swallowed up in a more permanent mind controlled borg like collective with no way out.. A year ago I saw this outcome as most likely due to women political power but Ford changed that. Now I think that is less likely even very much less likely. Maybe I am getting a bit of bias.. I simply don't see the dems have any real support and this looks like a 2016 repeat where they are surprised by the number of real Americans storming the polls. I am getting mentally prepared for both outcomes and the world hangs in the balance. 

The 55 minute bars are important to watch right now.


October 31st is Halloween

An annual heads up of the origins of that holiday.

Randall Carlson is one of the unsung heroes who have taken history where the academics don't want you or anyone else to go. LOL we have a skull shaped asteroid lurking in the Taurid meteor stream according to posts I have seen.. We have a big Hollywood blockbuster coming too that day just to get the death effect going on.  Everyone is going to die mindset apparently is not a new concept around this time of year. 

Randall's you tube channel is a wealth of information.


911 a bank heist

Yep.. Not much to say except hat tip to the authors. And adding in the counterfeit bond scheme and it makes for a great Hollywood thriller some time in the future when all the perps are dead and the truth can be known. 

Winning comment

"On that fateful day [9/11], the Securities and Exchange Commission declared a national emergency, and for the first time in U.S. history, invoked its emergency powers under Securities Exchange Act Section 12(k) easing regulatory restrictions for clearing and settling security trades for the next 15 days. These changes would allow an estimated $240 billion in covert government securities to be cleared upon maturity without the standard regulatory controls around identification of ownership."


Lying is stressful

Interesting article about job satisfaction relative to the pay. See graph in the link.

Clergy is tops followed by farmers. One has no one to lie to and the other has beliefs so strong that lies become truth. 

The bottom satisfaction vs pay is construction workers and telephone sales. Lie about construction and get fired.. The other is don't lie to customers and get fired.

Take a look at the chart. I guess the highest pay relative to stress is being the boss of the bosses where you pay someone to lie for you. 


Stable coin

A few weeks ago Goldman started to trade a new USDC coin. This is what some have said is the FED COIN and Goldman is the 1/5th owner of the fed so I guess if it looks like a duck it is a duck.

I saw a video posted on October 9th by a friend Clif High where he described a "weekend" event soon where BTC would rise by 10%. . It happened last weekend. the move was caused by a huge price drop over a short duration in USD TETHER. USDT is go to coin for trading indirectly into and out of the USD to Crypto coins. Good call Clif.. Maybe too good a call? 

The USD price of BTC has acted funny since about the time USDC was been born late September. After last weekend violent spike BTC has settled into a EXTREMITY NARROW RANGE. And this is while the stock market is rampaging higher and lower.. So I ask this question is the USDC meant to be stable  coin against the fiat USD or is it meant to make BTC stable against the USD. I'm a suspicious type so I am considering this price action as "fishy".


The big one

While we wait patiently to see the outcome of the current crash scenario the big one looms out on the horizon. The big one could indeed start early but if it did so it would not be on the magnitude scale of what I am expecting. Think February of 2007 when the sub prime fraud was first revealed and the reaction of the banksters was to double up on that bad debt in the next 6 months. The natural peak was February 2007 but the actual high was fall of 2007. 

Since it’s not possible to predict an exact date, those who don’t wish to be casualties of the collapse may wish to prepare for it – to get free of debt, to liquidate assets that will be devalued in a crisis, to turn the proceeds into real money (precious metals) and to relocate to a place that’s likely to be less impacted by the monetary and social crisis that will ensue.

 I beg to differ with the notion that an exact date can't be seen in advance. The question is only HOW FAR IN ADVANCE.
There is no logical reason we do not repeat the 2007-2008 scenario with the all time highs put in already being the ceiling next year. The market topped in fall 2007 and the crash wave took almost a year to unfold. The reason I don't see that scenario of an early high this year as the most likely to occur is the aspects next year are hugely speculative and one last bubble is likely to be blown before the big one hits AFTER September of 2019. 

As stated here before. The astro in 2019 is Jupiter Uranus and Jupiter Neptune stress aspects that represent huge injections of liquidity. The last aspects in that year long pumping up of valuations is in the fall of 2019 and then the hammer comes down. Saturn and Pluto are conjunct in January 2020. 

 This does not mean you sit around waiting. 
Right now my short term read is to sell a retrace rally and keep a tight stop on it. That is only for the most nimble of traders to attempt. 


28 trading day rule. 

In past major crashes the crash wave occurred right after the 28th trading day from the high. 1929 1987 and the crash that did not happen in 2012 which was aborted by Hurricane Sandy by closing markets on that day. That pattern has been a 5 - 8 day strong push lower from an all time high like we just had and a retrace that fails to hold above the 62% level and then the crash wave occurs starting after the failed retracements on or right after the 28th trading day. This sort of event to me is a year early in 2018 with September 2019 more in tune with the type astro that swings from waaay to high to waaay too low in a matter of months. 

If you look at the Naz and Dow that day lands after election day on November 9th
If you look at the S&P that day is 10/31

The October 31st astro does have an exact Venus opposed to Uranus. Could be a day to watch. You never know this market "event" we are in right now is almost 100% engineered. Rigged up like building 7? 

One reason I do NOT think that anything of consequence is going to happen is the astro after the election is rather tame.  We do not have seriously bad astro after the election HOWEVER we do have a fun with numbers day on November 9th (119-911) which relates to the nasdaq pattern. Lets say the left is swept out? What are they going to do? Considering the consequences of Trump gaining that amount of traction in the swamp draining it stands to reason a domestic terror problem could arise that day. Heads up on this. 

 Nasdaq is apple and google and facebook. Nasdaq is the determiner of the stock market. If Nasdaq  tech crashes everything else goes with it .. Sampson option anyone? 

Watch the retrace levels. 



Circle jerk

The cracks are staring to show regarding tether. Enter the dragon Goldman with it's new USDC which will mean you are trading against Goldman when you are long BTC.  Oh and Goldman is 1/5 owner of the fed. Doing god's work dont ya know.



Over the next two days Mars and Mercury are moving into a square with Moon conjunct Mars pre market on the 18th.  This is angry energy and can produce a loose lips effect. I have seen important people like the pope say things that are inflammatory when such aspects have been in orb. Trump maybe would want someone holding his phone out of arms reach during this time. 

This comes just in front of the 19th where the crash meme is strongest so we have that to consider. If this aspect set passes with not much but a tweet storm of some sort the market will be out of the so called woods and a base for a rally would be established. On the other hand a successful foray into new lows would be quite dangerous and the new moon on the 24th is the next time slot to look at for a low. 

Resistance levels and pattern shape are as yet undermined. The astro for the election is a new moon in Scorpio on the 7th in the morning. This is a NEW SITUATION that lasts a month and we can guess there will be election fraud and questioning of results. I think it will be a few days after the election when the picture becomes a bit clearer. . 


The Borg

Physicist Stephen Hawking's final prediction before his death seven months ago was that the human race will diverge - with wealthy, genetically engineered "superhumans" dominating the "unimproved."

"Once such superhumans appear," Hawking added, "there will be significant political problems with unimproved humans, who won’t be able to compete. Presumably, they will die out, or become unimportant. Instead, there will be a race of self-designing beings who are improving at an ever-increasing rate.

No comment necessary.

Liquidity matters

Risk transfer from banks to investors is yet another unintended consequence of the reaction to the last financial crisis – banks were the vector last time, so new capital regulation and investment rules means we now we face yet another classic “wake up and smell the coffee” moment as funds discover their asset valuations bear no relation to reality. Why? Because 10-year of bureaucratic handcuffing of the market’s invisible hand thru regulatory overkill means they are less liquid than ever before.

Meanwhile, markets are already massively distorted by the price-bending effects of QE on asset prices. You’ve got a whole market of buy-side investors who think liquidity and government largesse is unlimited, while the sell-side are muzzled by capital rules, MiFid, and all the other tosh. All these things together – successive waves of market distortion – are likely to trigger the RESET moment and the liquidity gridlock? That’s the moment cracks in the ice become holes…

V the new gold?


Guess the fight for lithium supplies is close to over?


Overly hedged

The last time that a real threat to see a classic crash pattern developed to completion was in 2012. That was when Bibi got in front of the UN with a cartoon about red lines. The reaction was howling laugher. The USA stock market nose-dived after that in an almost exact replica of the1929 crash up until the end of October when Sandy came to the rescue and Obama won coming from behind. The classic crash pattern of 2012 fell apart in the very days Sandy closed the markets.  The rally from those lows lasted up until now. Lots of deep state pieces to that puzzle. 

Since 2012 there have only been the 10% minicrash type market events and nothing trend changing

The reason is AI.. and overly hedged hedge funds. AND PURPOSEFUL MARKET ENGINEERING.

What I see is the ones who stand to benefit from a crash are the ones engineering one. The pattern of a big crash day on the 19th October the anniversary of 1987 is obviously present and IF THIS PLAYS OUT that is a sign of deep state dominance of the Markets.  My read is the attempt fails. I could be wrong and the crash happens a year early like in a few days from now but as I see it this one is being planned a YEAR EARLY and will fail. 

The question for now is if there is a similarity to when the initial move down started in December 2007 but the actual crash wave was in September of 2008 after numerous retracement rallies in 2008 failed to make a new all time high. I lean to that as of now. 

 Oh and BTC just did moon shot today up huge. As of this writing BTC hit 7800 overnight on one exchange blowing up anyone who was short the contract. LOL "never short a dull market".. This is called a short squeeze. Waiting to see if the other hedge against a major crash in stocks .. gold and silver .. will follow suit. 



Mr Irrelevant

The self labeled Dr Doom. Mr. Doom seems to be a pathological liar if you look at his DOB 3.29.1959. 
This guy sees only as far as his nose. Note the cell phone as a scam prediction in 1991. His genetic roots go back the beginning of the "money changers" in Babylon so go figure he does not like anything operating outside of the ancient money magic prison that has been imposed on humanity.

Consider the source. Note who he has worked for. Timmy Geithner tops the list. 

BTC has been very stable relative to many currency and the price in USD seems to be washed out of anyone willing to sell. 


They don't like competition

Oh my.

A Catholic bishop has said he is establishing a "delivery ministry" of people who will attempt to rid others of the devil and warned that using reiki or other new-age healing methods could open one up to the possibility of encountering malevolent spirits. 


Robo cop needs a phaser

Just another reason to vote in a few weeks. Do you want to live in a country where the dems have access to this? 


Being blinded?

First the mystery about the Solar observatory in New Mexico.
Then Hubble
Then Chandra

Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a trend. There are not that many satellites that are looking outward most are a spy on us earthlings kind for the military. Makes me very suspicious. 


Tail event

Wednesday was one for the record books.

Observations of Wednesday's move aside, Fishman also commented on what the potential implications of this violent repricing could be, and ominously notes that Wednesday's event bears similarities to February 2007, which "marked the end of an extended low-vol period." Specifically, as Fishman observes, Wednesday’s mathematical tail event was one of just six events in the SPX's almost 90-year history that had a one-day move in excess of 50% of trailing annualized realized volatility.


Rhyming with 1973 - 1974

Jupiter Uranus square followed by Jupiter Neptune square 73-74. 
This coming year Jupiter Uranus sesquisquare Jupiter Neptune square

The 1973–74 stock market crash caused a bear market between January 1973 and December 1974. Affecting all the major stock markets in the world, particularly the United Kingdom,[1] it was one of the worst stock market downturns in modern history.[2] The crash came after the collapse of the Bretton Woods system over the previous two years, with the associated 'Nixon Shock' and United States dollar devaluation under the Smithsonian Agreement. It was compounded by the outbreak of the 1973 oil crisis in October of that year. It was a major event of the 1970s recession.

Keep in mind the market was overly influenced by the Tricky Dick fiasco. 

History rhymes and 2019 is a slightly less clusterfuck astrologically than 73-74. 
Saturn Pluto conjunction in early 2020. Saturn Uranus square in early 2021. Looking for an all clear on the timeline? Think those two needing to be in the past before that. 


Oh and about that internet outage

Or maybe the test of the internet kill switch?  Maybe the president testing his ability to maintain contact with We the people on October 3rd was because he knows what is going on?

So the market crashes right after Kavanaugh gets confirmed. Out of the blue. Then a rather tame hurricane explodes into a monster in a 24 hour period right before landfall... Ahem like sandy did. . Out of the blue. Now we have the potential for a massive internet outage ... OUT OF THE BLUE?

So far the S&P has corrected about 10%. Humm nice round number. Same round number as August 2015. Same as last February. That is a number that gets peoples attention but is below the threshold of an economic damaging decline. One thing is clear enough to me the deep state can and will defend itself using any means available. Could the decline get out of control and an 87 crash occur in the next few days? OF COURSE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  Could we have black Monday on the 15th? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE but the astro on Monday is NOT indicating that so if it does occur then you know the entire episode is engineered and NOT part of a natural market psychology shift. 

You could say it looks a lot like this.

From the comments on the ZH article. or

owned by Cloudflare. The service functions as a recursive name server providing domain name resolution for any host on the Internet. The service was announced on 1 April 2018, and is claimed by Cloudflare to be "the Internet's fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service".

It could be a good day today to shift OUT of crypto exchanges and into a hard off line wallet. 


8 days down

So far the naz has dropped to an 8 day low off the top. This is quite typical of the start of a correction. 
The correction is a political act that started once Kavanaugh was confirmed. 
We could say this is a rats jumping ship.

When political power shifts in the USA the ones leaving power tend to take their cash with them. 
See the 2000 election.
See the 2008 election

So what I am seeing now is maybe front running the astro that is in play for next year. The market is certainly vulnerable near term for more correction with the full moon on October 24 the near term timeline point of interest. Very strong Venus Uranus energy. The Venus Uranus hard aspects are the most reliable short term trend change aspect statistically. 


Join the PARTY Kanye

LOL well before you know it the entire population of the USA will be the deplorables. 
Thanks Hillary keep it up. Stupid is that stupid does.

However, Don Lemon (along with is panelists) may have reached a new low yesterday, when they referred to Kanye West as a “Token Negro” and “Negro who doesn’t read”, for the “crime” of supporting President Trump.

That guy Lemon sure looks like he has less than 100% African American genes. 


Support broken in tech

The blood moon correction in January / February was not as strong on nadaq than the correction that started after October 1st. Both of the corrections this year were POLITICAL but this one in progress now is already in more dangerous technical territory.  The Naz now sits on the 50% retrace from the February low.

The trend channel going back to spring on the S&P has broken. Also trading at the 50% retrace of the rally since February.

BTC is not in the same type of technical danger BUT the support that must hold which is not far from today's price.

With very little place to hide from this tech wreck I am watching to see if BTC has indeed become a store of value.. If so the support just below 6000 should hold. 

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
And if there is no room upon the hill
And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon



Hurricane Michael path takes it to the rest of the southeast lowland that was not flooded by Florence. If I was a paranoid guy I would be thinking this is a non coincidence as that is all Trump territory. Considering the effect of Hurricane Sandy and how that storm had a direct effect on Obama getting reelected I have reason to think in a more paranoid way. Geo engineering is not just a tin foil hat concept anymore. Sandy dumped 4 feet of snow on my house 500 miles from where it made landfall so I have that on my mind too. 


What happened to us?

Being an old guy I have had the privilege of paying attention long enough to experience it.

As a society, we are more disconnected from one another than we have ever been before, and perhaps this is one of the big reasons why so much anger and hatred are growing all around us At this point, a large portion of the population doesn’t even seem to possess a basic level of empathy and compassion for their fellow citizens, and that has frightening implications for the future of our nation.

I saw things go from bad to worse about the very day that Ronald Reagan was shot. That was the day that the Bush crime empire took over the ship of state. Bush became Clinton and back to Bush again. THAT is a lot of decades of some say satanic leadership. LOL the main thing Obama did was give these people a way out of the crime wave with the profits and without going to prison. 


Who is on the other side of your trade

Here is one guy you should know about. Made 20 billon.

An ex .gov mathematician.  (if there is something called EX)
His DOB is 4 25 1938. The feature of his chart I note is the Mercury square to Pluto which is an obsession with research. What he describes as a method is close to the way I did research in the 1970s and 1980s. Endless trial and error boiling out the essence of what works. 

So if you are going to be a trader the art of war tells you to learn about your enemy you are trading against him. Him and his fellow mathematicians have boiled out the secrets and may I suggest those are astrological in the final analysis. This is why astrology works differently today than it did in the 1960s and 1970s. When a market strategy becomes known by enough participants it becomes increasingly less effective. In the old days astrology had a direct effect on Market psychology and life was more natural. Now the effect is indirect with algorithms standing in between natural forces and price discovery. Today's market is reactive to events themselves which is one reason why there is mini crash events and not the old style of bear market. I expect this unnatural market tendency to correct itself when price discovery returns in 2020.


Fractured Fairy tales

LOL a long running popular cartoon show when I was a kid.

The upcoming astro from the Jupiter Neptune square is coming on maybe like a red tide of toxic beliefs. The square will be present in Mid January and the episode will take us into the fall of 2019. This is dangerous astro to be unconscious of and 99.9% of the people are completely unaware of astrological forces at work around and inside of them. 

The left uses scripted planning probably done by AI to accomplish their goals.  2019 was going to be the equivalent of 1918-1919 of the takeover of Russia by the Bolsheviks. They have a bubble of beliefs about themselves as the DON'T BE EVIL CROWD and their self righteous perspective gives them the right to destroy what they cannot control. I would expect that includes various forms of cyber terror and using kill switches to disrupt the internet. I hope some forward thinkers come up with a workaround before the boiler rooms in high places in tech companies explodes. 

The UN TRUTHS that are going to be swept aside. 
Global warming caused by humans. The nature of fiat money. The reasons for war. The progressive democrat revealed as a globalist tool.  It would seem to me the 9 months or so of the Jupiter Neptune influence is not enough time to safely defuse so many toxic beliefs at the same time. During this episode Jupiter and Uranus are in a 135 degree sequisquare which is extreme speculation. I would expect the next year to be a TRADERS MARKET where those lost technical skills in the human trader will come in handy. The algos that dominate trading right now will be a vast sea of antelopes to a lion. Easy pickings to the last of the old school traders. 


Taking OUR country back

I believe that the Christine Blasey Ford gambit was an extension of the sinister activities underway since early 2016 in the Department of Justice and the FBI to un-do the last presidential election, and that the real and truthful story about these seditious monkeyshines is going to blow wide open.

Not to gloat or anything but the power of the people is starting to sink it's teeth in. I'm sensing a RED TSUNAMI in a few weeks. Given that will be after the November election when things really get interesting. The year ahead with the sort of nutso astro from Jupiter Neptune square is representing liberal heads exploding with the harsh reality of TREASON charges against numerous high profile lefties. 

I can say I saw the "me too" etc feminazi hordes coming from last year and as it gets closer to the 11/6 date I feel a lot better. If the Dems had had any sense it would have been a bigger challenge to hold them off.  I think in the end the good and sensible mature women of America are going to carry the ball to the endzone. 

The S&P is still on a trajectory to make a low at or near 2800 in the days ahead. 



 From the comments section on zero hedge

Ya it is an old joke but then again.




One of the very real problems in this world is that most people are giving consent to companies like Google and Facebook without being aware of what they are consenting to.  In the legal world this was NOT something that was the way business was done in the old days. Signing a contract that was intended to be deceptive did not pass the rule of constitutional law in the old days and that type contract was deemed invalid. 

This has changed over time and the so called FINE PRINT has been validated by the buyer beware thing. 

So we have tech companies that have embedded themselves into every corner of peoples lives now and if you complain and take away their permission to abuse then you end up in no mans land.. Just try to function in the world if you refuse their demands. 

Lets hope that TODAY with the new moon in Libra landing on the tipping point of the scales this is one thing that will change and SOON. Legal terminology should be plain and appropriate for both the signee and contactor. 

Kavanaugh Effect


Another Mike Adams post

The deep state is now in a state of panic. We can all fully expect attempted assassinations, bombings and acts of left-wing terrorism to become more commonplace. And if Democrats fail to take the House in the mid-terms, the radicalization of the Democrat party will very rapidly transform the Democrat party into a domestic terrorism fringe political sect, where the most radicalized liberals rise to the top of their power structure.

New Moon in Libra today.. His first day on the job. The new moon lands on the tipping point of the scales representing JUSTICE and the USA natal Saturn sits on that same degree. 

There is a lot of skepticism in Truthville based on comments I have read on articles like the above.. and good reason after all Kavanuagh was a GWBush legal artist for "them" for 8 years.. That works both ways because he know EVERYTHING and in DETAIL and saw his life pass in front of his eyes because he knows too much. So we will see if Justice is served or not in due time.

Meanwhile the stock market is still not liking the changed landscape. 


Next tactic

Smearing the now sitting judge? Opps now he is a bigger enemy than you imagined. What to do? Why not crash the markets and perpetrate collective punishment on everyone. 

Support on the S&P is at 2800 and the convergence of the uptrend support line and that price lands on October 11th.. The market is showing similar "symptoms" to the August 2015 mini crash and the February blood moon crash.  So a sharp drop lower mainly due to the now untenable tech stocks price should be a short and fast PLOP on the floor at 2800 and then a bounce and retest in a higher low at or around the Full Moon on October 24th. 

 The full moon on the 24th features Sun Venus conjunction opposed to a Moon Uranus conjunction. 
This suggests currency issues as far as financial markets are concerned. Because currency prices are linked to bond yields I would expect a USD that could develop into a down move and rates moving lower would be the result. Lower rates help stocks to rally so I am expecting a tradable low in stocks even before the election. The speculative energy from Jupiter Neptune square and Jupiter Uranus sequisquare should be seen as a build up into an unhealthy bubble high into early January. Some of the sectors in stocks are likely to see big cycle highs in January. 

Bitcoin is all of a sudden acting like a store of VALUE. Some even calling it BORING.. HAHAHAHA.. Be careful what you wish for? No sellers below 6K and not a lot of buying interest lately is a lot like what was seen in major cycle silver lows so take that as worth considering something such as adding to a hedge against a USD crisis in 2019.


Revisiting the Perseus vs Medusa story

It took one entire Mars cycle to get to today. Mars was at 28 Capricorn on November 6th 2016
Mars was at 28 Capricorn on September 1st 2018 after completing a retrograde period. 
This degree of the zodiac at 28 capricorn has some real significance. I have mentioned Bezos regarding this degree and THIS IS WHERE The focus of the triple conjunctions of 2020 are landing. 

On to the mythological story. Perseus sneaks up on Medusa from behind and cuts her head off. 
Perseus then uses the severed head of Medusa with her Gorgon stare as a weapon against his enemies.

I see now that Trump with the backing of the SCOTUS has acquired full use of the gorgon stare which in my mind represents the deep state spying ability.. There is no hiding from it. All the details of the treasonous plot are there to be seen and that power was used to come within an eyelash of taking the sovereignty of the USA. 

The confirmation of Kavanaugh was the second blow to the deep state and the drama returns in MARCH  of 2020 when Mars transits over 28 Capricorn. Transiting Mars is moving over Jupiter Pluto and Saturn during the completion of the voting for the presidential primaries. If Trump fails to fully utilize using the power of Medusa's gorgon stare between now and then we may end up with president Bezos inauguration in January of 2021. 


Beers for Brent

Its a guy thing.. Men around the country celebrated yesterday by tipping a pint and singing drinking songs. Even Brent did. See the Picture in the link.


Save the MALES

Paul Craig Roberts.. Old school guy who would make a good president. But alas he speaks the truth so that aint gonna happen.

In the assault on Kavanaugh, we are witnessing an Identity Politics assault on the White Heterosexual Male, an assault whose purpose is less to block Kavanaugh than to discourage white heterosexual males from standing for office as it is so easy for feminists to ruin a man’s reputation. The plan is to put the “victim groups” of the white male in office so that retribution can be handed out to white males in keeping with feminist professor Christine Fair’s agenda of killing them, castrating their dead bodies and feeding them to swine.


Deep state in deep shit

This fact makes them dangerous.. The Markets that are lead by big tech are particularly relevant as they represent almost all of the gains in the indexes over the last few years. The nasdaq broke lower at the same time the Kavanaugh confirmation odds rose. What those companies are doing is NOT going to be allowed in a conservative SCOTUS. The way those companies are using customer data is NOT going to be allowed to continue and it is possible they will have to pay huge to their users who have not given specific consent for types of data usage. I think that makes those stocks VERY vulnerable to setbacks and in the near term. 

Even if Trump does not go to the extreme of mass arrests of the deep state they have been set back biglly. 

I think the blowback from the hearings is going to put trump in a position for the next few years to undo much of the damage should he want to do that.. I question his desire he may prefer to have the circus of allowing the deep state to reveal themselves further slooooowly like water torture.

There are many other things going on in the world at present other than the political circus. 
I expect those issues to become clearer in the days ahead and much of the post election conditions are as yet an unknown. War is something I am watching because the last Saturn Pluto conjunction in the early 1980s started in front of the conjunction and it is possible that brings us closer to a military domestic economy before September of 2019 when the war window fully opens. 


New moon in Libra

The new moon in Libra is 10/8/2018 just before midnight EDT.. This new moon is 15 degrees of LIBRA at the tipping point of the scales. The USA natal Saturn is also at the tipping point of the scales at 14 degrees of Libra and is exalted in Libra. Oh and this is on the Monday after the Kavanaugh confirmation vote. A new moon sets the tone for the lunar month so that day is the beginning of something which is maxed out energetically around the full moon on October 24th. 

Saturn in Libra being exalted there and at the tipping point of the scales of Justice is exactly what the country is founded on. It is a KNOWN the founding fathers were masons and it is a known the masons have at least some knowledge of astrology.. Did they pick July 4th 1776 to place Saturn in that degree? I don't believe in coincidence. Mason is a dirty word to many people but not me. I would be a mason except for one thing.. I don't do secrets or Vows of secrecy. Hahahaha.. I have no idea why such a thing is so repulsive to me personally except for one thing.. I also have my natal Saturn in Libra to within 1 quarter degree of the USA Saturn. I do know that the masons take a vow which allows for the karma free execution of the leaker. Secret societies do NOT like me. Had I taken a vow of secrecy I would be vulnerable but I have not done so. 

 The center degree of Libra at the tipping point in the weighing of the heart according to Egyptian religious practice. That is when  the dead come to weigh their hearts against the feather of Truth. If the heart is heavy the soul is not allowed to proceed to afterlife.

In later kingdoms there is art containing a picture of one of the gods pulling on the feather side of the scales to balance the scales so the soul could pass the test and in return the soul has to PAY. In other words the process had been corrupted. 

I see this Monday as a day either the scales are being tipped by a hidden hand or allowed to tell the truth. 

The next few days determines the fate of the nation. If justice is being served or not. 


I know the truth But I can't say And I have to turn my head And look the other way

I'm not afraid And I won't lie As long as I see no wrong I won't need to testify 
I see the world And I'm looking from a high place Way above it all Standing on higher ground 
I breathe the air While they're running in a rat race Way above it all Standing on higher ground
Well I see the tears But I don't cry As long as I do no wrong I don't need an alibi


A warning

It was 2008 in October some time around October 10th. The credit markets were frozen and the banks made threats to shut down the ATMs ... or else.. They got bailed out to the tune of trillions by this power grab. It was a gun to the head of congress. 

Fast forward to now. This is as dangerous as that day in 2008. This time it will not be just the ATMS going down but all functioning internet also if this goes to that level. 

I suggest. 
Go and get some cash out TOMORROW.
Have your car gas tanks full
Be sure you have all meds you may need for a month
Food and water on hand for every person in your household.

Be prepared for a "glitch" in vital services you rely on.
"this aint no disco this aint no fooling around"

From 1983.... the last time Saturn and Pluto were conjunct



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