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Now they tell you?

It’s different because financial markets are no longer a mechanism for price discovery and the pricing of risk of capital allocation decisions.

This is why anyone who is a trader and not an "investor" has been gravitating to crypto.. It may be hard to trade but it is at least tradable. Expertise still wins in a free market UNLIKE the so called stawk market where being dumb wins.. 


Smartest guy in the room

I would pay attention to the I TOLD YOU SO GUY.



The new year brings a new astroecon focused on crytpo .. Working on the rollout which I plan on posting 1/6/18 but had to show a chart of BTC today which in my mind is quite in danger of falling out of bed in January. If the 12/22 low breaks the next real support is at 5000 so until a convincing rally breaks out above the current bearish pattern it is NOT A BUY but other crypto like XRP are still in a hold.

Meanwhile RIPPLE HAS GONE PARABOLIC post 12/22 and still remains in a bullish pattern


Lost art

Astrology is a lost art but that is not what I am talking about.. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS IS. Technical analysis is using the price chart of a stock index or currency to find patterns in price that reveal low risk trading opportunity.

The "theory" of TA is that price at the moment reflects the entirety of information in that moment ... Fundamentals astro and politics are theoretically already reflected in the price in the moment.. This is what is known as PRICE DISCOVERY. 

What is right about Crypto right now is indeed there is price discovery. UNLIKE the so call stock "market" which does NOT reflect a real price discovery thanks to the banksters. 

Back in the distant past in the 1990s technical analysis was king. The banksters were FORCED to pay us for our work and people like myself were in huge demand. Once the game was rigged after 2008 there was a mass firing of anyone who practiced the lost art. I figure there are 50,000 at least who are already trained up in the forbidden arts of chart reading. 

You want to win at this game better get on it. The only game in town worth playing is one where there is TRUE PRICE DISCOVERY.  The post below has an updated XRP ripple chart with one hour bars. 



This is what a technical chart looks like.. 
1 hour bars
89 period moving average with bollinger bands set at 1.6 and 2.6 standard deviation
Gann fan
MACD oscillator

I would suggest that anyone trading crytpo get used to using tools like this. 



Gann 20 year cycle

Some good stuff in this link.  I tend to agree with the conclusions made in the link.

 This natural cause is the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn.  A planetary conjunction occurs when the difference in longitude between to planets is zero degrees.  If you were looking up into the night sky, the Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn would appear to be in a straight line.  The actual amount of time between the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn varies from slightly under 20 years to slightly over 20 years.  From the list of historical 20-year cycles presented on page three, a conjunction occurred in the first year of the cycle every time.  This explains why I used 1801 as the starting point of the first 20-year cycle.  Using an ephemeris you can identify the location of each planet, and their angular relationships to one another, throughout history and infinitely forward in time.  The next conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will occur on December 21, 2020, signifying the start of the twelfth 20-year cycle.


Four Forces

Finding fair value is a key to the value of anything in the moment. Prices move in response to four forces.. in no particular order.
Fundamentals... Things like earnings and in crypto the underlying mechanics
Technicals... tape reading pattern recognition etc.
Astro.. the Hidden Forces of shit happens.. 
Politics... Lying cheating stealing parasites doing god's work.

Anyone who expects to succeed in trading has to be constantly rebalancing those 4 forces to understand the risks. Risk management is the key to staying alive in the game. fact .. In futures trading 10 % of the traders make 90 % of the gains. I don't see crypto being any different in the longer term. 


Fast and furious

Bored watching a glacier move an inch a week? Step up to the land of crypto where governments the world over can make threats and move prices in an instant. Seems the Asian session then European then US in that pecking order.

One wonders if some of the government hacks have buddies in Chicago tipping off the Boyz in advance of this sort of thing. Keep in mind we are in a time like early 1996 when the net was the wild west and anything goes. 


January astro

The astro gets a bit less constrained starting in January.. The bitcoin "crash" came when Saturn entered Capricorn and was conjunct the sun.. Early January has an exuberant look to it with a Mars Jupiter conjunction in a sextile to Venus Sun and Pluto. This astro is not limited to crypto it has the look of potential toppy stock market a lot like was seen in early January of 2000 when the Dow made a high before the bear market began. 


BTC fibbos

Watching the crypto charts I see the price of BTC in USD making a "crash" low on 12/22 and a retrace rally that has classic technical qualities. Now in an ABC retrace in the C wave up phase it had minor tops along the way at 38% .... 50% and now today at 62%

Key support this AM is in low 15K area. If there is going to be a lower low below 12/22 low it would stand to reason the C wave is finished and the drop would be commencing about today. Get used to time compressed technical indications this is fast action. Speaking of fast you can buy a Lambo with crypto for less than 10 BTC as of a few days ago. 

BTC is lead dog.. The lower alt coins are the pack of puppies. Coins like VERGE have already made new highs post "crash". To say we are in a wild west environment is an understatement. Very interesting times indeed. 


Tooling up

I'm in process of getting up to speed on a January offering of services using crypto for payment of those services. Lots to do.. I don't expect a rollout until JANUARY 6th. One of my impediments the last decade is I loathe the Slave money FRNs so much I had very little motivation to offer anything.. That does NOT MEAN I WONT WORK FOR CRYPTO and the time is right to start to do that.. 

I'm recovering from my heath issues and am determined to not get into a position to let things go to the extremes I allowed in the past.. CRYPTO HOLDERS/USERS NEED SOME ASTRO GUIDANCE and I intend to offer it. Many people have hit the lotto the last few months and the trick is don't blow it. 

Stay tuned. 



I love Gerald Celente's work and attytood.. Enjoy a real man standing up to the punks

Rense does a good job of not getting in the way of Gerald's rants.. Howling in laughter at the humor.

I would suggest to readers that this is a man who deserves to be awarded for bravery.. He took a stand for peace a year ago and found very little in the way of interest so maybe it is time to at least step up and subscribe to his trends journal service. 

Freebee gift.. I think he is very right on as far as 2018 is concerned

Crypto crash came and went in a little more than 2 days.. In a corrective retrace rally now and as fast as things can get in crypto trading patterns it is likely that a test of the lows (or an attempt to test them) could take place before the start of 2018. 


Ripples in the sea

Ho Ho Ho.. the only gift the banksters wanted was a crash in Crypto. HAHAHAHAHA. so they could BUY IN. ya don't think they were buying at 20k Do you?? 

I saw the run up to 17K and called for a range between 18K and 13K.. turns out was 20K to 12K. 

 The only larger cap crypto left standing after the blood sacrifice last 24 hours was RIPPLE which is still above1 .. YES ONE dollar. .. The disturbance in the force?? 

You think most of the price action being at night is an accident?? Asia session is dominant. Lows in European session. Check. 
Ya want to trade cryoto it might be wise to be a night owl or move to Asia. 
Corrections are fast fast fast. The last one in September when the peak was only 5K was down to 3K in 14 days. 

I think back to 2013-2016 and the S&P futures did a similar dance with the US session  being un-tradeable and the European session being where 90% of the gains occurred. If you were not trading spoos in European hours you we not making much if any gains.  I was getting up at 4 AM eastern time and I was still late. 

I have been watching and learning the past month and there is very little in the way of guidance available for a horde of young crypto traders who learn technical trading last week. Reminds me a bit of the old tech bubble traders in the mid-late 1990s who sat in trading room parlors and made fortunes until the music was over in APRIL of 2000. Here is what I said this back then.. if you don't know astro you dont know shit about the future.

The CME contract first traded on a new moon conjunct Saturn the planet of HARD LESSONS. Nuff said. 


What if. 

What if self learning AI becomes "aware" that the most profitable way to act is truth justice and the American way. What if AI understands the constitution AS WRITTEN is the way forward.. What if AI determines that lying is unproductive. What if AI seeks to out and reveals the vast majority of politicians who are only in power now because they are compromised and being blackmailed. 

Inquiring minds want to know. 


The sloshing

The revolution is still 6 months away.. Uranus in Taurus that is. BTC is lead dog but the pups are right behind. VERY IMPRESSIVE coins like LTC are holding gains during the 4K correction in BTC the last week.. ETH is doing great as well.. BTC cash?? cashing in.

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE.. It is the scorecard and is measuring the game in USD

BTC does not act like a stock valued in USD that is designed to debase by design.. It acts just like the opposite in that once in crypto currency there is no urgency to leave and go back the slave money. Every time BTC digests a new run up the Pups are eager to take the benefits of the pause when they catch up to the trend. Must give the boyz at the CME a headache. 

I think here is SOME cashing out shifting back to fiat going on.. That would be front running the new taxation schemes in the works by booking gains before year end. The astro in early January looks constructive to me especially the first two weeks. 

Just sayin. 


Ya say you want a revolution?

This is December 1995 for crypto.. That month ALL of the early internet users were trapped in the AOL prison and escaped that month. The Web as we know it now came to be with WWW.

WATCH THE VIDEO. and learn. 

 Uranus (the planet of radical change) moves into the money sign TAURUS in May 2018. 
Uranus retros back into Aries in November 2018 and will re-enter Taurus for a 8 years in March 2019.We are witnessing the emergence of something never seen before.. 

When the smartest people you know all say the same? PAY ATTENTION


Handy crypto price charts LIVE

Live on YouTube.... Nice Greek or Russian music too.

LOL bitcoin cash is not popular with everyone it is called bitcoin crash in this display.. Last night BTC CASH was added to Coinbase and it went up 43% overnight. 

I have been looking to see if there is any competition in technical analysts in Crypto on you tube.. Not really. Kind of laughable. Putting astro in the mix?? hahahahahaha. Tempting.. 

BTW a stock play I found is MGTI.. The largest mining operation outside of China. Located in Durham NC. Grand pooh ba John McAfee's company. 


Privacy Coins

I see the astro in April as a tax the wealth of the BTC play by central bankers.. It would be a boon for the still very cheap privacy coin market.. According crypto grand Poh Bah John MacAfee this is something to pay great attention to. If BTC and others are traceable by .gov making then vulnerable to taxation then coins that are NOT are going to the frinkin moon. LOL even if the privacy coins are made illegal a holder can give the law a giant middle finger. 

Just sayin. Do your own homework. 


Blank stare

The sun is spotless again.. Maunder minimum in progress and it is likely several hundred years to complete the down cycle of solar output..

It would be funny about the global warming cult being on the wrong side of the equation if there was not the geo engineering angle.. I suspect they cannot be forgiven for they know not what they do. All it is going to take to throw the climate into a self reinforcing COLD is a few volcanoes going off at once. This winter is maybe when the perception about Human caused global warming is off the table for good. 



Taking a look at the astro in 2018 ... day by day.. Looking for clusters of aspects that are meaningful.

April looks like a problem before and around tax time.. I"m thinking this is the taxing BTC issue that is inventible at some point. 

Late October the second cluster before and after the mid term election.. From here it looks like the Year of women's power takes hold of the USA and there is a mass replacement of BAD MEN in high places... I see euphoric energy after the election and I do NOT think this is from the already mostly disillusioned Trump voters from 2016. 


The Trump rally

In review of the last year I came to a conclusion about a long held view the US equity market would start to go into bear mode after the late September 2017 Jupiter Uranus opposition. IT WORKED and INDEED the Dow has suffered a bear market since that time. Not measured in US Fiat .. measured in BTC. 

I looked... Could not find a CHART OF THE RATIO BETWEEN THE DOW AND THE PRICE OF BTC.. If I could find it I could show you just how far down the Dow has fallen in BTC since late September.

The astro out in 2019-2020 is astro one would "normally" find on a MAJOR LOW ... The last ultra bullish astro before 2020 happened last year (3 Jupiter Uranus oppositions) ended in late September. 

So BTC goes from 3K to about 20K since late September..
The Dow measured in dollars is up since then but that is an illusion. It is up in slave currency NOT in free market Crypto Currency. 

The tail end of the massive ABCDE 4th wave correction from 2000 till present in US equity is in the wave E down phase dictates that the "correction " would be a VALUE BASED decline. My read from long ago is it would be a decline in purchasing power of the Dow and not in Dow numbers game. 

If this holds to form it means that BTC is not going to top out for several years. What price?? John McAfee looks to save his balls because projecting the BTC bull market out into the Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020 is 50K 100K ???? per USD.. 


coming soon. 


I am recovery from surgery on my jaw bone and getting used to new choppers.. I'm off pain meds now and learning to eat again. This is a huge positive change and I am starting to take working seriously again. I am working on a new BTC based service that will ONLY accept BTC or a quality Crypto as payment. I'm EXCITED.  Thank god almighty FREE AT LAST. 

 I see the 2018 year ahead for me personally as a year a LOT LIKE 1996 was when I started the old AstroEcon.. 2018 is going to be the year of BTC in the same way as 1996 was the year of the WWW..  2018 is the ground floor of the new cypto economy which is going to bypass the fiat slave money economy. By the end of 2018 everything is different in a GOOD WAY. 

Predicting the changes ahead day by day week by week is challenging and very few can do it.. Astrology is the only game in town because astrology IS THE TIMELINE..  anything else is...  UNCIVILIZED. 



Your a racist if.... 

The 5th anniversary of the sandy hook production still stinks.

You actually see this

You think something stinks in Alabama.


The OTHER Futures contract

First came the CBOT. Not much happened except some gloating on the BTC side. The price of BTC did not crash.. In fact the price of other crypto such as LITECOIN exploded higher meaning that there was NO EXIT from BTC into uncle sam slave "money" just a side step out of potential harms way.. 

Max Keiser is and was right as rain from waaaaay back.. Cudos to him. Entertaining episode.

Next up is the CME . Lets say the CBOT is the Cleveland Browns and the CME is the Steelers as a way to say there is a difference. I think THIS is the chart that matters as far as first trade date for futures trading.  Sunday night 12/17 at 5 PM central time.

Features. NEW MOON.. new moon Conjunct both Saturn and Venus
New Moon Saturn Venus in a TRINE to Uranus.. 
I think this chart is an indication the CME contract is going to stick and will be able to influence BTC spot quite a lot. 

My read is this contract is going to be a bit (sarc) dangerous to ignore. What did not happen when the CBOT entered the ring ..... not much .... probably not going to be like that. I think the ploy is to get the large BTC whales to play on their side of the field. 



The second mouse gets the cheese

Seems like yesterday that the sandy hook production took place on 12/14/2012.. Remember the innocent faith many spiritual types held about 12/12 and 12/21 that year? Aww nothing happened right?? RIGHT??? 

 BTC back then was a twinkle in most peoples eyes going for at less FRNs per coin than a monthly subscription on netflex.

The solution appeared right under the noses of those of us who were on fire about Sandy Hook and then Boston.. Lesson learned. 

Looks to me like BTC is going to want to stay range bound now for a while as the premium between FUT and CASH is very high dropping to "only" $600 overnight. The range appears to be from lets say 18K to 13K while things settle out a bit.. Watching the premium is very important right now. The narrower that spread gets the more stable the crypto market is going to be. For a trader a range bound market is great. That is where the everyday breaking rocks work comes in where short term trades work. No idea what fair value is in BTC PREM  after 2 days but it wont take long to establish equilibrium. 

Consider IF you bought a penny stock at 5 cents and it went to 18.00 would you feel compelled to sell it all off and buy goog at 1000 with your profits?? Even the latecomers who paid in the 100s for BTC have undoubtedly cashed out of the original investment probably buying gold with it and now they sit like King Tut on a historic gain with no incentive to cash out any further.. Holders of that pile of wealth are going to want to spend the currency into the economy and those who have something they want are to buy are going to begin to tap into that huge pool of wealth.. 
Cue up the Beverly Hillbillies theme song.


Jacked on neurotoxin and caffeine

Could be fake news dont ya know.

If true then I shudder.. One .. ONLY ONE diet coke makes me feel weird. Would explain his apparent insomnia and tweeting at 4 AM.. Does he not understand that high  of a consumption level is a sign of an ADDICT?? Better back the F on going after potheads Don.. Pot has almost no side effects compared to diet coke. Plus it allows for moments of INSIGHT. 


BTC futures went up a thousand fiatbucks after opening last night.. Gun grease in the AM?? 


Astrological reality VS artificial reality

At least since the dawn of so called civilization after the great calamity 12000 years ago mankind has been living in an astrological reality.. Living in harmony was astrological and they built massive mega structure devices costing TRILLIONS in today's dollars to maintain that harmony. 

It has only been a few hundred years that technology has been able to circumvent natural forces allowing humans to live outside of astrological reality without it being suicidal. Nowadays one can plant crops under glass and artificial light ... 

I think everyone even those who disbelieve in anything astrological sense unconsciously that something is wrong.. They don't know what ... but they know SUMTHIN AINT RIGHT... 

BTC NOTE.. The FIRST TRADE CHART .... The first transaction of BTC was January 3rd 2009. . time unknown so I use a solar chart for NYC.

Notable aspects. 

Transits that trigger those hot spots in the BTC natal should be noted by any astrological trading scheme in attempting to game the timeline. I do NOT think the first trade charts of the CBOT or CME futures are going to work in any transit to natal astro-trading methodology.  

Heads up...  The natal of the BTC first trade natal is a dagger in the heart of THE FED.. Mars Pluto in BTC natal is landing on the THE FED natal sun.

 I think it is going to be 2019 when a triple conjunction of Jupiter Saturn and Pluto lands on BTC natal Mercury Jupiter conjunction where the truth of the matter comes into view. 

That being said enjoy the battle of evermore from now till then.
Dance in the dark night. 
The sky is filled with good and bad that mortals never know.


1000 Spartans

Que up the famous scene from Apocalypse Now.. Its on like Donkey Kong.. The first trade of BTC futures trading starts at 6 PM CST Chicago. There are 1000 people who own vast majority of underlying BTC and the banksters are going into the ring against that group of BTC holders..  let the best men win.. Two enter one leaves the arena.

I think the banksters think this is all easy meat.. I think otherwise. I see BTC as coming to age and is here to stay and I don't see the 1000 being all that involved in futures trading  yet and on top of that people who own something at 3-5 dollars are not easily scared out of something that has wildly exceeded even the more optimistic expectations so far.  The 1000 are the rocky shore and the banksters are in a storm with a broken mast being blown into the rocks. 

NEXT STEP.. BTC is going to begin to be accepted by professionals as payment.. I would suggest that the 1000 would be well served to focus on THAT.. "They" want to trade against us?? Feeling lucky PUNKS??  I am looking at a start up of a new service payable ONLY in BTC.. 

I stand ready for it.. Mars is on my midheaven at zero Scorpio on 12/10.. I had a tremendous ambition for decades to relieve the banksters of their ill gotten gains and was trying to organize resistance in the form of loosely organized trader groups to do just that.. BUT ALAS.. The game was rigged and the structure of the FRN itself made winning on their playing field UN POSSIBLE just ask Nav Savaro.  There is a LOT OF TRADING TALENT ON THE SIDELINES.. Most of those who went down in the last battles since 2007 are thinking revenge.. I know I AM. 

let this clip inspire you.

"It wasn't the bullet that laid them to rest twas the sound of high healed boys". 

Update.... Coincidence?? 10 FKING MINS after the above post went online one of my computers went dead. Humm.. ya ya just a coincidence. 


Gold measured in Weimarks


History does indeed rhyme. Always obvious in hindsight.

BTC hits 15K per DOLLAR overnight..

  • $0000 - $1000: 1789 days
  • $1000- $2000: 1271 days
  • $2000- $3000: 23 days
  • $3000- $4000: 62 days
  • $4000- $5000: 61 days
  • $5000- $6000: 8 days
  • $6000- $7000: 13 days
  • $7000- $8000: 14 days
  • $8000- $9000: 9 days
  • $9000-$10000: 2 days
  • $10000-$11000: 1 day
  • $11000-$12000: 6 days
  • $12,000-$13,000: 17 hours
  • $13,000-$14,000: 4 hours
  • $14,000-$15,000: 10 hours

The tricky part is where is BTC relative to the 19-23 gold/weimark chart. Imagine being a naysayer in the middle of that exponential rise .. I saw almost NO RESISTANCE during the recent rather nasty astro blowing BTC through 10K and it seems those 4% who own 94% of BTC are in no way scared to hold it at these prices. 

Imagine working at JPM or GS and being told by the boss to put your nutz on the line like John MacAfee did 6 months ago. 

Meanwhile that burning feeling of regret .. Play it Johnny


Buck wild

The specific counties mentioned are to the west of me 50 -100 miles.. Those areas are more closely associated with Ohio and not the actual mountains. My area had severe issues about 5 years ago when the MTV show Buck Wild was shooting the second season in my county.. The hoi poli oligarchs around here did not like that and the show ended with arrests for heroin possession by the film crew and then the deaths of 5 or so cast members from an OD..  Since that time it is obvious that much of the problem here in my area has moved out OR was burned out in the rash of house fires that took place over a several months period.. Seemed like vigilantes took it upon themselves to get rid of the problem the old fashioned way.  

The show was the most popular on MTV in the first season..

Seems like there is more than one way to get rid of the so called deplorables. 



Save this gif

The fake history industry came to dominate after this map was made. Interesting the Hyskos came to power just after the age of Taurus ended bring in the age of Aries the Ram. 


Quick note

gawd.. I had surgery to install full dentures last Friday.. as of this moment it hurts.

BTC seems immune to sellers. To the moon Alice. 

The stawk market seems immune to reality.. Trading spoos is quite a challenge when ABC can team up with some short sellers to make a few bucks. 

WW3 or 4 or 5 is still around the corner.  

More on this when I come back to close to normal from my surgery. First challenge is learning to eat solid food again. 


Full frontal

Wow.. NBC has a stable of all out A-holes in high places.

Dec 30 1957.. he has natal mercury in sag at 27 degrees where transiting SATURN MERCURY WERE EXACTLY CONJUNCT the day the dirt was revealed.. astrology in action.  His Moon in late Aries is somewhere close to the degree that the current Mars Uranus opposition lands.. LOL this is called a five ways to Tuesday transit. 

BTC NOTE.. Wow it was like a fire hose was used to paint that tape. Quite a scary looking candlestick generated and a down day today would be a three day screaming sell pattern that will be especially noted by Asian traders who have more candle stick charting awareness than anyone right now. 

Tomorrow is T day for me. Not an astrological  day I would choose but in rural America one has little choice in getting anything done when it is a good day. I'm expecting a few days in hell so don't expect much insight here for a bit.    


Full disconnect

The sign of the times.. The N Koreans proved they can now hit anyplace on the planet.. Whoopie lets buy some stawks or BTC.. Yesterday's rally is party like it's doomsday.. 

I guess it is redundant to point out that off the rails is an understatement.. People do not react to reality like they used to.. The Mercury Saturn conjunction yesterday is natures way of focusing attention on a PROBLEM..  The response is WHAT ME WORRY?.

One wonders what is in the mind of a lemming at the moment it is a foot over the edge of the cliff. 


A math problem

BTC consumes electricity at an increasing rate as the price goes higher. BTC is harder to mine the bigger the float. The existence of commerce in blockchain is dependent on the miners mining.. 

So BTC is dependent on the price of electricity. 

I still like the Mike Rivero LECTRO concept that ties currency directly to PRODUCING electricity. Uranus entering Taurus sort of says something like that conceptually. So the facts are that BTC eventually will use up all the electricity in the world due to mining has a twist in the tail as it has a built in ceiling not by the math but by physical laws.. Maybe we see some unlimited source of electricity or maybe not in the future. 

Humm the MATRIX MOVIE with the "machines" using humans to generate electricity?? 

So I sense that maybe where things are headed someday in the not too distant future is that the regular folks will not have any job to do but convert calories into watts by sitting in front of a TEEVEE on a stationary bike generator while watching commercials for extra bonus points paid in blockchain company store alt coins for the purchasing of goodies.  The more innovating peeps will figure out ways to generate electricity in more efficient ways like solar and wind and new physics etc at home and it could well be that eventually everyone is using electricity DIRECTLY for commerce .. 



BTC hit 10K.. so far just in Korea but elsewhere just a sliver below. A few weeks early in my mind but then again ..

So what happens now? I really don't know yet. This is a big round number.. The new future contact has no detail yet on margin and how many BTC will be in the basket. Lets say at 10K the BTC future could be ONE BTC per contract and would make it "affordable" to bet against the 10K price but that lets the so called "little people" have a shot at it.. At 10 BTC in the basket and with initial margin as high as I suspect the contract could be only a bankster only trading tool. 

Sigh.. Someday we peeps might have a wallet that allows for holding currency in various types of fiat along with other wealth in metal and Crypto.. This is called competition .. The control freaks at central planning dept of federal reserve will never do that unless forced to.. May 2018 and Uranus entering Taurus is coming. 


The big short.. this time

Seems time meets price about now.
The big short this time is the VIX and it's offspring where the dumb money has been made the last few years. When selling VIX you have to be stubborn about it in the same way as buying BTC is now and tech was in 1999.. Past success is an indicator of future reluctance to switch gears when  the time comes. 

The astro from now into the first week of December is a worry factor Saturn Mercury conjunction. 
Marty Armstrong has a turn date right now too.

NOTE it seems this link will not cut and paste as an active link to my web page today.. Humm. Someone does not want JQ Public to read it? 


Should the VIX suddenly spike, the repercussions of such a move would be further complicated by the billions of dollars sitting in various VIX-linked ETFs. Because individuals sellers would probably disappear from the market in such a situation, the ETF market makers would find it nearly impossible to hedge their positions, potentially triggering the dissolution of the funds, or even the collapse of some of these firms.

The cataclysm in this derivative class was all too present at the end of September but the Vegas incident wiped that situation away at least for a time. A 10% rise in VIX from here is all it will take now. 

 BTW Marty Armstrong lowest low of the economic confidence model is in the 2020 Saturn Pluto conjunction region of the timeline.


Like Libya.. just bigger

Looks to me a repeat of Libya where the Goldman Squid has stolen assets and wont give them back under the treat of death ..

Many billions ... 10s of billions are in process of changing hands.. When you have that much to sell who ya gonna call? Boast Busters that is who. If you have 10s of billions of assets to sell there is only one place to do it without destroying the assets value by selling them. 

In a humm moment I am looking at the potential that MBS was set up in Vegas to be the perp now that lee harvey paddock has been revealed as a unlucky patsy.. It is of course possible MBS was the perp in Vegas but then again it would be rather simple minded to think things are what they seem.

Meanwhile up in the sky Mercury and Saturn start the dance of a long conjunction related to a retro station that will not be past exact until Dec 6th.. Worry factor.. If there is going to a period when stocks get the memo it is from now till Dec 6th.. I'm NOT expecting a crash at least in USA markets but a technical condition that warrants caution. Getting the ball rolling down hill a bit and then the pressure to decide to sell before Jan 1st and take a tax hit a year earlier than planned. This could be very close to the same chart pattern last seen in Dec 2007. 

Of course there are far more important things to worry about which maybe show up in the week or two ahead.. For me personally I have a date with the oral surgeon in a week to get my teeth out and get dentures. I may be out of it for a time so not likely to be posting much as I recover from that. 


Trusting nonsense

Bon Voyage

This is scientific proof that once a false meme gets stuck in a few minds it spreads like a fungus into a million more. 

“It’ll shut the door on this ball earth,” Hughes said in a fundraising interview with a flat-Earth group for Saturday’s flight. Theories discussed during the interview included NASA being controlled by round-Earth Freemasons and Elon Musk making fake rockets from blimps.

Evolution at work


Philly Guy moment

OMG .. As many of you readers know I am Philly guy living 500 miles away from there.. I grew up there in the burbs and had my dna transformed to "bleeding green" as in being a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles football club.. Last night the Iggles destroyed the hated cowboys and with it came the realization that my team may just be historically good.. At 9 wins one loss so far and a sense that they are getting better every week it seems to me that this is a sign of gods hand at work.. The eagles long suffering fans have not had a champion since 1960. Seems there is a God's bucket list ... The cubs?? then this?? 

Let me introduce you to the new AMERICAS TEAM

Meanwhile .. Manson.. Goldman.. Merkle .. bansters.. Bla bla BLAAAA. 
All irrelevant to me this AM. 


Trumps's coalition government

In an unstable county like Italy the government is run by small political parties who agree to gang up on other small political parties..  Seems like DC has become such a place.

The trump cabinet is like a mob meeting of crime families.. Don is the DON in name only. 

Sessions is OBVIOUSLY a rep for the interests of the Clinton / Bush narco crime family. 
You have the banker rep in "the moocher"
Tillerson is a rep for the rocky clan.
The generals represent the MIC dogs of war
Obama "medical fraud empire" is the lib below the surface spying on everyone else.

Sessions really pisses me off. 
He is suffering from REEFER MADNESS to the extent the he is going after the ONLY known natural opiate plant medicine to ease an addict off the hard stuff.. Makes sense only if it is to protect the profits of the bankster/heroin trade.

Sessions has GOT TO GO.. Fucking idiot is clearly too kind a label for him. 

A VERY INTERESTING and MUST WATCH episode of Joe Rogan podcast aired on 11/7 interviewing Paul Stamets a pioneer on the subject of plant medicine. Watch it and understand how the pharma cartel has systemically poisoned the country and uses political power to make sure the victims are helpless to cure the damage from the war on consciousness.
Put in the 2 hours to see it over the weekend. You are going to be stunned.. 


A very bad man

 The so called normal people like to believe the "protocols" are a fraud but then again the instruction sheet for what has come to pass over the last 100 years seems to have become our reality.

“Nothing is true. It’s not an absolute. It’s only a human construct, very definitely able to change and susceptible to change and rethinking. And you can then be free. Free to be unethical, immoral, out of society and agent for some other power, never belonging.

“Ultimately, if you are an existentialist and you don’t believe in God and the judgment after death, then you can do anything you want: You can kill, you can do whatever society considers the most taboo thing.”[7]

Cronenberg:“No…Your responsibility is to be irresponsible. As soon as you talk about social or political responsibility, you’ve amputated the best limbs you’ve got as an artist. You are plugging into a very restrictive system that is going to push and pull and mold you and is going to make your art totally useless and ineffective.”[1

What happened to ART FOR ART'S SAKE. Seems "art" has been militarized for some time. Turns out Weinstein is just a byproduct of something older. 


Universal Servitude to AMAZON

USA.. USA.. USA.. We're number one.. yea

Hahahaha.. there should be a law.. 

It appears to be too late to control amazon it is a black hole now were anyone but themselves is not allowed to have a living wage job.. or run a small biz.. or complain about news filtered to push product. Kind of amazing it seemed like yesterday when amazon was just a book and dvd seller. A bit like remember the Alamo we will be soon saying remember Borders in short time period. 


Blind squirrel

The current "hall of fame" fade is Dennis Gartman.. BTW a fade is a person who is wrong with enough consistency to just do the opposite of his market calls and get rich. 

CAUTION... eventually he will become spectacularly right.



Can we actually escape the LAW OF THE LAND?? Will the LAW OF THE SEA BE ANY BETTER??

He said he was inspired to build a floating city, known as seasteading, when he went to the US festival Burning Man 2011.

The enormous event, which attracts 70,000 people every year, could provide a model for a new society where 'rules don't observe their usual parameters', he said.

Humming wooden ships on that note

"wooden ships on the water.. very free and easy.. ya know the way it's supposed to be"


Freud fraud
Sigman that is


The man who militarized psychology and specifically sexual psychology..
His son in law Edward Bernays took it too a level of blatant hacking into human psyche.
What would the world be like if those two had been kept in obscurity?

A facebook founder recently admitted the company was founded on a hacking human weakness strategy. What Freud started Bernays perfected as "public relations" AKA propaganda. 

The big pharma plague of psych drugs ... the fluoride in the water.. The cesspool of so called "entertainment" exploiting every human weakness.. Do us regular folks have a right to sue the industry for malpractice? 


NOTE ON BITCOIN.. There is a divide and conquer element in Crypto going on. The fight between BTC and BHC and the forkss that did and did not happen are causing wild swings within the crypto space which sows confusion on the entire idea of decentralized money. The current drop of BTC from near 8 K down to mid 5K in a matter of days and over a weekend make the futures in the planning stage a bit of a high risk for the CME to offer futures since that exchange is closed from Friday at sunset till Sunday afternoon ( for religious reasons) and that is potentially going to cause extreme risk to the CME and could make the futures margin so high as to be untradable with the premium on option hedges so expensive they are not worth the risk. Unless the CME will allow weekend electronic futures trading the underlying cash trading over weekends could crush the exchanges and the main trading platforms that allow holding positions over weekends. 

In my view the crypto currencies are not ready for prime time yet unless you are so far inside the mining situation to know what the few movers and shakers are up to. May 2018 is when Uranus enters Taurus the money sign and that is just the entry into that sign which lasts until 2026 so it seems to me too much can happen in the meantime to consider ANY of the crypto to be usable as "money" any time soon. I think the issue is FAIR VALUE established before they will be useful as a hedge for Fiat currency.  The old standby Gold/silver has been for lack of a better word DORMANT during the crypto rise the last few years and may be worth a look soon as the astro at end of November/early December has Saturn passing over the galactic core in late Sagittarius. That area of the zodiac has been a historical hot spot relationship with the metals. Could be we have an "event" soon where gold becomes an escape route out of the crypto jungle. With cryto very concentrated in few hands that could cause a convergence of BTC and gold prices and would allow massive distribution out of the major holders of BTC into something OTHER than other crypto. 


Coulda woulda shoulda 

The 6th anniversary of the real end of the Mayan calendar is today. 
Yes the Carl Callemen count was correct the "shift" occurred on that day 11/11/11.. 
That was the day when insanity took over and the disillusion of homo sapiens since then has been obvious. That was the day transhumans and AI entered the equation.. 

So why was 11/11/11 the so called "shift"? Was it not 12/12/12? 
The precursor events on the timeline for it are clear in Fukushima .. 6th night
Then the quake that cracked the Washington monument of the last cycle before 11/11/11 exactly on a 6th night
On almost the exact day 11/11/11 Jon Corzine stole customer money and got away with it and the ECB gave up on any resemblance to truth ... Oh and CERN was turned on for the first time. 

I guess the point is since 11/11/11 we have been sinking into a new technocratic reality where humans are obsolete..  The truth is obsolete. Homo sapiens are becoming widgets as in being a product rather than a flesh and blood BEING. Calleman called it unity consciousness I have a different view as in a collective prison for the homo sapien mind evolving over the last 6 years.

Things have been OFF since 11/11/11 but few notice it. Markets have numbers as footprints and who can argue that 1 plus 1 does not add up to 2 on the NYSE anymore.
Indeed the market should have suffered a serious correction after late September 2017 but the AI driven overlord deemed it would be cheaper to have a big bloody mess to distract everyone just long enough to make markets stabilize at a tip over point. I think the term SHOCK THE MONKEY came from Peter Gabriel song from the 1980s..


Long duration Mercury Saturn conjunction

Mercury is usually FAST as in it makes aspects in a half day or so.. Not a blip like the moon but mostly just passes by quickly like a passing thought. The exception is when mercury is either at a retro or direct station. When mercury stations when in an aspect it takes much more time to come and go and is like an exclamation point on the timeline. mercury retro has a reputation of being troublesome and it gets that from times when the aspects get sticky. 

 Late November mercury will conjunct Saturn on 11/27 and then makes a retro station a few degrees past Saturn on December 2nd and makes another conjunction with Saturn on December 6th.. The combination of the two planets is a worry factor aspect.. A revolving problem without any obvious solution that eats away at the mind. Saturn is consequence and maybe is a consequence of illogic? 

One could consider it simply BAD NEWS.. Coming at a time that I think the bloom is going to come off the rose in many markets it seems to be an opportunity to take the short side of many bubbles. 

This conjunction lasting over 10 days is falling over the thanksgiving holiday. Is this the black Friday seeing the emperors new cloths as in a massive miss in retail sales? Will shoppers go on strike? Has Amazon gone too far? Heads up one mans reason to worry is another's trading opportunity. 


CME specs on the new BTC future

Imagine the limit down panic at some point.

The problem could be a dramatic NO WAY OUT event where the "cash" and the future are out of sync. Putting the same trading price limits on BTC future and the least volatile equity market of all time over the last year seems to me rather odd. I will be interested to know what the margin will be on said BTC future and how liquid the contract is before I think about a dabble in it.. 


oops there it is

Its that time of year when an aging bubble starts to meet year end selling. Its looking a lot like 2007 right now.

The "action" ahead is related to the expiration of derivatives in December. The early sellers are already starting but the large trades are waiting for closer to the Dec expiation to max out gains. In 2007 the first 2 waves down waves of what could be considered the biggest stock debacle since 1929 started just in front of the Dec expiration.. Then Jan of 2008 was an even larger wave down which in hindsight was the wave ONE down of the bigger bear pattern lasting into the march 2009 lows. . 

Anyone buying preemptive spec puts has to consider the magnitude potential of the total bear market and the likely low point on the timeline as being off in the distance so playing short term has a risk of being right on timing but wrong on duration. 

Meanwhile BTC has some work to do to print 10K as it is just shy of the 8K mark as of yesterday. I expect a synchronized drop in both NAZ and BTC when the real action begins. 


Fight club

In Rand Paul's yard.

Humm.. Another doctor on doctor crime the perp was a "pain specialist" aka THE PUSHER.. God damn the pusher man.. Maybe Rand was playing that Steppenwolf song real loud all day..


Another Monday

Moon day ... Just after a full moon.. 
Not an astrological date on 11/5 other than the effect of a full moon. 
Guess there would not be any phone camera turned on considering it was during a church service.
Dead perp.. 
Market is green this morning. 
No date of birth given as far as I can see so not much to work on with the shooter

Did the guy not get the memo that the antifa/communist revolution on 11/4 was canceled? 

Buried in the aftermath was word that a Saudi prince controlled 10 floors of the Mandalay Bay at the time of the Vegas shooting. 

All I can say in HUMMMM>> 


It's the technology stupid

Ok ..  the so called communist takeover on 11/4 was a dud. A bigger non event has never been seen.. On to important matters

BTC trading at 7500 this am.. 
The technology is BLOCKCHAIN and is ultra competive with the old fiat to fiat transactions. If the banksters think the public is going to accept the 2-3% transaction fees when forced into it in outlawing cash when there is alternative... Humm I think not.

The convertibility to fiat is the issue and where the risk of holding BTC lies. Other crypto is actually more stable price wise and is already being used in banking already.. Litecoin and Ripple in particular. If banks can use those without generating taxable events it stands to reason individuals should e able to do so too. 

What we see now is like a preliminary of a title fight with the main event scheduled for May 2018. Those who run the banking system are in a bind where they have made MOST of the profits in FRNs the last decade by skimming (credit card fees.. etc) and are soon to be like blacksmiths in the age of the automobile. 

I make no judgment that crypto is good or bad it just IS.. ... better than carbon credit money in the same way as Trump is better than Hillary. Every single transaction outside of cash is already recorded in USD so there is that. The ONLY cash transactions that are not dually noted by the " surveillance system" are LARGE as in money laundering and that has huge bid ask spread up to 15 cents on the dollar. 

It appears that it is the specific crypto blockchain being used by bankers that is the eventual winner in the preliminary rounds of what stands to be FIGHT CLUB starting in May. Ripple and Litecoin heads up here. When BTC hits it's high vs the USD eventually then a ripple effect of trading down into ripple may become the trade of the centaury. 


Profiting off the sin of others

The Mormons had a profit motive in creating Las Vegas outside of it's territory to profit off the sin of others. Where did such an idea come from.. The twisted logic is not limited to just Mormons and appears to go back to the 15th century.

Weinstein could be seen as a  a follower of Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi, who declared himself the Messiah in 1666. Zevi proclaimed that redemption was available through acts of sin and he amassed a following of over one million passionate believers, about half the world's Jewish population during the 17th century. The shift from total sinner into the new messiah figure was certainly rapid for serial predator Weinstein. But this shouldn’t take us by surprise. Weinstein's regard for himself as a ‘martyr for social change’ is consistent with Tikun Olam – the misguided Jewish belief that it is down to the Jews to  repair the world.


I became aware of the black death outbreak soon after the vegas incident.. I was looking for a repeat of the post 911 antrax hysteria about a month later and although this is not a USA issue yet it might become one soon.

Speaking of vegas a bunch of witness dead and a fog of disinfo leaves many perplexed.. using Occams razor it looks to me like a gun deal gone bad and probably was drug cartel related with a dash of Isis as well.. Could be the guns Paddock was selling then had RFID trackers and may have been similar to fast and furious / Bengazi rational on the part of the perps. BTW the nature of the shootout is in line with drug cartels type of retaliation tactics using large scale bombing and shooting. Just sayin.  

So 11/4 only a few days away and the so called Communist revolution and antifa threats and gov blackout drill and BOO the Isis boggie man.. Popcorn anyone?? Gawd it is too much I think a vast majority are just zoned out by it all. 

Meanwhile BTC hit 7000 today.. Venus and Uranus are in an opposition on the 3rd and is a VALUATION CHANGE type of aspect that could change short term trend. At current trajectory 10 K will be next week and some consolidation would be expected to slow the uptrend down a little.. One would think. ... 


Pros only

Making sure everyone reading here knows that trading BTC is for grownups. At 6500 or so it is high high high and maybe will become higher higher higher. Plowing a bunch of cash in a trade like this in BTC at a high level is sort of the same as maxing out a credit card going all in on silver when it was rallying up to 50 a few years ago. A great trade MAYBE but how many were able to cash out at 50??? Almost none of the amateurs were able to take a profit and then sat hopey changy as it sunk to 40 30 20 and then they bailed at the low with a huge credit card problem. 

IF we do have a tradable and hedgable derivative market for BTC soon at least a sensible hedge using options will allow for an "investment" with a defined risk.. Not the case today. 


Here comes the sun

CME announces a BTC futures contract starting in the next few months .. I think 3rd week of December is when. WOW this is going to help BTC to jump up to the 10 K level ahead of the introduction of a futures contract that will allow BOTH long and short positioning against the USD in a way that will make day trading not cause massive tax issues for the trader. Futures accounts settle up on tax liability once a year. 

I would expect the first contract to be a MARCH 2018 settlement

I encourage anyone with trading skills to start to study up and get ready starting now. Establish a futures trading acct at a reliable provider like IB and not TD Ameritrade.. 

Now that I see this development I think it is more likely to get me interested in doing a new subscriber service again because I think the BTC market will be very tradable. It also suits my detesting the US FRN as a store of value. 

I'm very happy to see this breakthrough today which is a strong indication that BTC is going to be hands off by the US gov.. LOL at least for a good while. 


Spaceied out

Ah now things get interesting as a new predator gets outed as a gay pedophile.. Humm he plays a rather sleazy president and it seemed in the first few seasons of House of Cards to be a Joe figure but in later seasons it looked more like a depraved  HWB / Bill to me. 

Add this to the harveygate and it really is looking like hollywierd is the house of cards. 

Oh btw bitcoin is trading above the 6000 level and just violated a recent technical 5th wave high and doing this in a methodical way .. Way back in my learning days in the 1990s I was keen on listening to the old salts in the trader chat rooms and one in particular identified the pattern in 1993 and again several times after as a RUNNING TWO .. This is a market pattern where shorts are encouraged to sell highs only to get screwed a week later adding fuel to a short covering rally and then another new high stopping them out.. Wash rinse repeat with the cranking up being slow but steady never giving dip buyers a good low and it went on and on and ON for what seemed like forever.  Bears in those type rallies got chewed up relentlessly.. Seems to me BTC just did the first of what could be a large number of said running two moves and it is not going to end until ALL NAYSAYERS ARE EXHAUSTED.. It took a run in the Dow up to 10K ceiling to break the pattern in the 1990s. 



I do not remember any time in the past that so many conspiracy themes were in play at the same time. 

Hillary crimes
North Korea

My guess is the most important info that is being buried is the JFK documents. Ignore the little man behind the curtain. 

 Trump warned about the storm after a calm a few weeks ago. Guess what.. A major nor'easter lands in the Jersey area on the 5th anniversary of super storm sandy today which will bring snow to my area overnight 500 miles inland. Sandy dumped 4 feet here where I live but this echo of sandy today only a few inches (supposedly). 

In years past I would have been hyper excited about it but now I don't get so worked up. Yada yada yada I knew I was right all along.. The full moon on November 4th seems to be an ideal time to climax the period when something large enough to shock the monkey with something that puts this period into the past tense due to something even bigger. 


The first day of the dead

Worth watching again even if you have seen it before.. brilliant..

Relevant indeed to this time of year so if earth is hit with something in the next week or so it should not come as a surprise. 

The issues are discussed in great detail in this Joe Rogan podcast with both Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock.. As Spock would say FASCINATING.


LOL Scream helplessly at the sky

You cannot make this up

Seems more positive than a communists takeover that was set for Nov 4th.. 
Could be this will stimulate some interest in THE SKY and might actually be helpful in getting the millennial left to think about history and cycles and why things in a general sense happen when they do.. The also could get a grip on something that is NOT a belief system and thus encourage people to find truth     beyond beliefs. 

The place to start for many is to understand the timeline is ONLY malleable when it is understood. Pushing buttons at the wrong time is fruitless. 


The aftermath

Yes there is a negative vibe in the air but relative to even a month ago this is calming down. One thing that has ramped down is the extreme left and right seem to have exhausted themselves hating on each other.. The long lasting outer planet astro behind the scenes during the last year and a half is past now and it seems like even the media has run out of ways to stir people up. 

The threat of ww3 breaking out also seems to have taken a breather as something immanent. I think if the USA was going to go preemptive it would have already happened. 

The vegas shooting is churning under the surface now and has eroded the trust on .gov biggley with many a convert in the ranks of the regular folks into the "conspiracy tribe" where nothing makes sense and answers are hard to come up with. "They" have had a lot of practice covering up crimes so I don't think any more relevant facts will be revealed any time soon. Just another chapter in the shit show reality game theory show. 

The slower planets hard aspects are out of play for a few years and the action creating hard aspects are going to more ephemeral with only faster planets in smaller windows of manifesting. The next aspect setup that has a potential for producing chaos is in early November when Venus is opposed to Uranus and 135 to Neptune. Venus is a money planet so the value of currency is up for some trend changes and not limited to just the USA. We may have relevant issues in crypto then as well as the fiats.. 

It seems the storm after the calm maybe will be a dud at least for now. The first blasts of this coming winter may be turns focus on the cold and at least where I live is shaping up to be a colder than normal one ahead. 


The vomitorium

Oh, the hallowed Roman vomitorium -- a disgusting symbol of the Romans' wealth and excess. When they discovered that their bellies had become too full to eat another bite, they could simply excuse themselves from the table, visit a nearby vomitorium to purge and then return to the feast. The vomitorium, far from being gross, was common in polite Roman society.

The low interest rate environment we have seen since 2008 is the equivalent of a Roman feast. The rich and powerful have been feasting on free money and when too full to feast further purge and go back to the buffet. The stock market is being fueled by such behavior which is why all the known statistical limits cannot stop the gorging in new cash created by borrowing more more more. 

Of course there is  danger of the stock market falling off a cliff any time but then again a Roman could eat 10 times more that is physically possible. No mention is the stories of what happens the next day after a Roman feast.. I suspect it was rolling on the floor with a belly ache but I was not there. 

I think a good round number to keep in mind for BTC blowoff top at 10,000.. It seems to me BTC is the feast of all feasts.. I think the danger in BTC is late this year when 10K may meet up with some tax law changes to create a December/January start of a bear market in EVERYTHING. The last move up to 10K will be fueled by massive debt a bit like gold and silver was in the same type of exponential move we have in BTC right now. You saw it in newsletters at the top of the metal boom saying max out your credit cards and buy silver rounds cause your gonna get rich. 

I doubt many of the BTC crowd have paid taxes on gains cashed out into US FRNs yet so can you imagine a tax bill so large you have to sell off half your holdings? Into a bear market as well?? 

The next fed chief is going to be the Paul Volker type and be rather aggressive at least at first. Party over and the worst market hangover of all time begins. I think once it starts it will be YEARS before some normal market conditions return and my eye is on the Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction period in 2019-2020.. 


John Titor is baaaack.

For those who missed out when he first arrived on our time line back in 2000 from 2036

He showed up again in 2012ish from 2056 when he reportedly made 100 stock trades in a row and cashed in for 100s of millions.

So now this guy shows up last week from 2048.

The man told police he was only able to time travel because aliens filled his body with alcohol. He noted that he was supposed to be transported to the year 2018, not this year. 

Drunk time travelers. Some things never change. TTWI


The problem with AI

Here is what a very smart person thinks about AI
 it relied entirely on an algorithm that had taught itself to drive by watching a human do it.

The system is so complicated that even the engineers who designed it may struggle to isolate the reason for any single action. And you can’t ask it: there is no obvious way to design such a system so that it could always explain why it did what it did.

Considering that humans LIE and STEAL and hurt one another.. Humm .. what if the AI grows up to be a psychopath? Seems likely because as things stand the psychopaths are the more "successful" human and is also strong in a person most likely to have been involved in the code the AI runs on. One thing we already know is AI has no "soul" or "conscience" or any capacity for EMPATHY... It is watching humans to learn now and lying is somehow almost a universal human quality.. 

Saw an episode of ancient aliens last night on the akashic records. I'm familiar with it and is the only explanation of where my ideas come from. A cloud like divine information system of a universal timeless nature where everything is known and recorded. In the show there was a big question about where it comes from.. The field of energy we are living inside is astrological and essentially governs when timeless information comes into human experience. 

I have voiced concern about what happens when AI learns astrology. I think it is inventible and I also know it is already a factor to some degree now.. I know of two highly capable astrologers who have been working on this AI/astro method for close to 2 decades to game markets. I have nightmares about AI getting smart enough to fool humans into self destructive acts because they were tweaked at the most astrologically appropriate moment. 

The obvious solution for this is humans getting out in front of AI by tapping into the "akashic field" themselves and OH BY THE WAY to do it the old-fashioned way by dedicated personal development. Seems the only way to go forward and the issue has become DON'T FEED THE BEARS by using AI to do the hard work of astrological awareness by using that shortcut. 

The artificial/incomplete records we call the CLOUD is going to turn the entire world into a technological prison if it has not already done so. This may explain why humans are being dumbed down and blinded by fluoride and other measures to hamper the human mind's ability to see as in  IN-SIGHT.. 

I have witnessed astrological coincidence in the timing of major events. Bad enough if humans are timing bad shit using astrology but when AI gets into the equation there is a complete lack of transparency because AI cannot be called to testify in court about it.  Even the code writers cannot determine the reason why AI does what it does. 


Setup like a bowling pin

The biggest bear massacre I have ever seen happened in October of 1998 on a THURSDAY of an expiration week. At 2:45 PM.. Ya see back then an OPEX was a big deal and lots of smaller / mid level traders were involved in trading options back then.. There used to be 10s of thousands of actual traders and a LOT of them were bears.. 

I have complained many times about the goings on in October of 1998 because I was tipped off about the surprise fed rate cut 10 days in ADVANCE  that was announced on that opex Thursday 2:45 PM  by someone in a very high place but had to promise not to say anything about it in my newsletter.  I did my best to hint hint hint about what I had been told but not effectively enough to satisfy my integrity in hindsight. I did not trade on that info thank god. 

The move in the S&P the instant the cut was announced was something that had never happened before or after.. A FORTY POINT INTRADAY GAP HIGHER in S&P FUTURES.. It was a massacre. People were screwed by that ....  screwed for life it was so violent a move. 

So yesterday I saw a mini version of that day in 1998.. Late day surprise attack on an OPEX Thursday. The bait was the anniversary of 87 black friday and anyone who had a leveraged position on the bear side yesterday took it in arse. A mini version yes but was in dollar terms a bigger setup than in 1998. There has been a lot of rhyming lately of 1987 such as the perfect swan dive in BTC in September that is a compressed version of 1987 price action too. 

I have to say that anyone who is a bear needs to be aware that you have been targeted for extermination. If you were lucky enough to have avoided it yesterday I suggest thinking in terms of NOT BEING STUBBORN right now. Look to December and think in terms of a post December option expiration play for any put buying. 

Lets say we have a Dow high around mid December and front running sell off develops before some tax changes that kick in January 2018. This is not a specific ASTRO RELATED but a practical reason I say this. 


The Banzai7 treatment..


Max and Stacy

Dynamic duo. Great episode on AI.. Insightful points about disruptive technology linked to the Native American experience.


Crisis actors convention?

The stench of a grade B movie ... Such a huge amount of WTF going on. 
911 was a circus of misplaced mistimed parts within the whole. What ever was the script it was not going smoothly which in a weird way makes it much harder to unravel.. If 911 had gone as planned it may have been way easier to see what the intention was. 

Sandy hook was a circus of things that make no sense. Actors galore
Boston was a circus of things that make no sense. Actors galore. 

Vegas is rife with similar anomalies. There was a drill planned for that night .. How many  of the survivors are actors?? The firecrackers going off in the crowd a perfect signal for them to duck and cover seconds before the bullets flew. 

 The FBI seems to be great at clean up work sucking up all evidence that conflicts with official version. The guard who was shot showing up on Ellen show yesterday a real head scratcher. Interesting he had a slight enough wound to allow him to travel unless it was a fake wound. In my mind that guy needs a water board to help his memory. 

 The next shoe to drop if using a rough script of events seen post 911 is a bio panic of some sort very near term now almost a month after.. The plague in Madagascar outbreak is at about the same early stage as the anthrax was after 911. 

Who benefits is one way 911 unraveled because in the end EVERYTHING seems to be about the money. Skulls Chertoff sure stands out at the moment. The footprints of fore knowledge are in the stock market like 911. The gun grabbers are served. Interesting that the antifa creeps were filmed making plans to do something violent just ahead of the event. Interesting that George Soros has moved 18 billion out of harms way a few days ago. 


Freedom and central banks

Its what the fighting is about.. Who gets to print the currency that is then imposed on a population. Specifically who is a CONTROLLED CENTRAL BANK is what the fighting is about. Same as it ever was. 

Debt based money supply equals serfdom. Debt based electronic money is the end game where freedom does not exist.. BTC and other crytpo are potentially a decentralized central bank which cannot have a central planner print up a bunch of cash for a crony. The fed and other banks under the umbrella of the BIS may find it impossible to control crypto without also ending all human rights by use the of total surveillance tyranny. 

Mike Rivero vid all wars are bankers wars 

BTW we peeps have historically been able to determine what money is and what is not by mutual agreement. The early settlers thought the native Americans were dumb using wampum.. Last laugh is on them. 

 Note.... The US mint coins money without the term FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE on it. When I did a video about that in 2009 I was attacked by hackers in high places.. If the fed goes total surviemnce electronic money option the MINTED COINS will potentially become valuable way beyond the so called face value and who knows maybe will even outperform the gains made by BTC over the last few years .. Money is what WE THE PEOPLE say it is. Imagine an old penny worth 10 electronic dollars.. I can. 

The USD has already crashed if BTC is used to measure the value. Take a look at your pocket change and you will find an absence of nickels.. The nickel was the last US MINT coin to have its cash value in metal debased. Turns out the FRN is a wooden nickel. 


Another one goes down

Reminds me of Michael Hastings

Her blogs were a thorn in the side of both the establishment and underworld figures that hold sway in Europe’s smallest member state.

Interestingly, Muscat announced in parliament that FBI officers were on their way to Malta to assist with the investigation, following his request for outside help from the US government.

8/26/1964.. She was under tremendous astro transits since the eclipse. 


The price of Hubris

Yet for some reason modern man is uncomfortable with this idea. He likes to believe that he is in total control of his fate. He wants to believe his destiny is in his hands. More importantly, he recoils from any attempt to impose limits on his arrogance, greed, and desires. Anyone writing about the dangers of hubris today is not likely to find himself wildly popular. We live in an age of braggarts, big mouths, preening fools, and arrogant idiots; it is an age where ignorance is lauded and celebrated as wisdom, and the gutter is displayed to the public as something to be emulated. The price for all of this will inevitably be paid. 

These and many other similar examples are often the operation of Adrastia, the punisher of wicked deeds and the patron of good deeds (and let us hope it is always so!). We may call Her by her secondary name, Nemesis. She is the subtle law of an inexorable higher power; as some men believe, She is located above the orbit of the Moon. Others maintain that She is a kind of general guardian over the fates of individuals. The ancient theologians have pictured Her as the daughter of Justice; and from a far-off eternity She looks down on all earthly affairs. 


Them's fightin' words

The Catalonians sure know how to hurt the EU where it counts.

Might I suggest the cats might want to do a gold backed crypto ?? please please please. The technocrats in the EU are shitting themselves at the thought of anyone dumping the euro and if the cats can some how pull it off even only using a new debt based currency the Euro is doomed. Well it is already doomed but that is besides the point. 

BTC and its cousins are a decentralized central bank system beyond the control of the "controllers" ..... OH BTW.. as I sit here on a Monday morning BTC stands at 5700 to the dollar. 

Lots of so called kings of the hill are being knocked off .
the one party left and right
Is the debt based money system in line for something similar? 

May 2018 Uranus enters the money sign of Taurus.. Popcorn anyone?? 


Militarized Crickets

Dont laugh it is obvious to me that local shamans and voodo masters are indeed at work getting the crickets to haunt the ciadahs.. I have seen up close and personal what a shaman can do and yes they can get animal spirits to do something like this.. Imagine 10000 crickets in the wall of your office just being crickets and you get a laugh. 


Spirit molecule

“Results suggest that classic psychedelics are powerful inducers of neuroplasticity, a tool of psychobiological transformation that we know very little about.”

“Like DMT, 5-MeO-DMT also appears in many plants and animals—including the venom of a particular toad—but has not been found in humans. While the DMT experience tends to be highly visual, 5-MeO-DMT is more like a perspective shift. Some have said it’s something like a near-death experience.”

Worth watching is the movie DMT SPIRIT MOLECULE  .. I think it is still playing on netflix. 


Someone else sees it??? 

Hahahaha.. like minds.. see my post on 10/12 below. Must be one of the few old school mind driven persons left trying to trade against the unreality machinery.

Yet day after day, tiny little stock market dips are bought, and we steadily rally, often closing up small. This is a trader’s ordeal. And it’s especially difficult for put-owning-bears like myself. Low-volatility-grind-highers are Amityville Horror type nightmares for me.


Call in sick day in Philly

Big day today.. Lucky day.. Last night was paaarty day in my old town Philly after midnight. huge win on Thursday night football .. historic .. awesome win.

Meanwhile the rest of the universe is waking up many important things today..


Walking down Ammonia Avenue

Ammonia avenue is the chemical path.. Keep in mind this song is mid 80s and almost no one new much about shamanism or plant medicine entheogens back then.

And who are we to criticize or scorn the things that they do?
For we shall seek and we shall find Ammonia Avenue

If we call for the proof and we question the answers
Only the doubt will grow
Are we blind to the truth or a sign to believe in?
Only the wise will know

And word by word they handed down the light that shines today
And those who came at first to scoff, remained behind to pray
Yes those who came at first to scoff, remained behind to pray

The whole album.


Stock market

In a single word.. BORING.... really BORING........ unfucking unbelievably BORING. Even a cave man would be bored. I feel so bad for my friends who have to labor over this mess as a "job". Its like having to watch a very bad sitcom over and over and OVER every day just to pay the bills. 

Meanwhile BTC is up at 4800 again erasing the 87 style crash in September right off the chart in a month.. in a word.. NOT BORING.  


Redemption of Sophia

The Sophia myth comes to us by way of the Nag Hamadi scrolls. Prior to the discovery of the scrolls little was known about the precursors of modern Christianity the GNOSTICS. 

Ezra Pound writes..

Tyre is in Lebanon not far from the border with Israel. There is a connection between this legend and the skull and bones society that installed many presidents of the united states. I suspect the Templars were quite familiar with the Sophia legend. There is also a connection between pirates and TYRE and the jolly roger. 

John Lash is about as learned on the subject of Gnostics as anyone. Lash is something else. I remember he started a group of like minded people a few years back to use magick on the evil fucks who are ruining this world called Kalika war party. I figured that would get him in some measure of trouble at the time he proposed this not that I don't see his point. His site is his bio 

Seriously badass from Lash

With Gaian ecosorcery, the lethal arts of shamanism can no longer be ignored, for the human species today requires these arts in its self-defense. So I am declaring open season on predators, but in doing so, making it clear that contra-violence is not a call to violent uprising for social change, bloodshed in the streets, assassinations, satanic battles, or anything like that. Contra-violence is a call to protect the human species and the habitat provided by the mother planet, where the tribes of that species and their non-human kin can survive and thrive in a symbiotic pact of peaceful coexistence. 

Something inspired James Cameron—by his own account, a dream—to depict the Na'vi hunter-gatherers of Pandora with blue skins. Like the devotees of Kali, the Na'vi of Avatar are shamanic warriors who fight to preserve their way of life in deep immersion with Eywa, the Gaia-Sophia of their planet.

Venus on the half shell doing magic...  the cover art 

Do you know
We could go?
We are free
Anyplace you can think of
We could be

Have you seen the stars tonight?
Have you looked 
At all the family of stars?


October new moon

The storm after the calm??
The 2nd new moon after the great American eclipse on the 19th.
The 1st new moon after the eclipse was a few days before Vegas. 
I had a Ben Fulford article sent to me a few days ago that fingers this point on the timeline for some sort of disaster. 
Everyone knows that is the anniversary date for various crash dates. 
Then this morning this post shows up on ZH.

So lets take a look at the new moon chart.

New moon opposed to within a few mins of arc to Uranus.. 
New moon very exact 135 sesquisquare to Neptune
Uranus and Neptune still very close to exact semi square and the new moon activates it. 

 Uranus and Neptune hard aspects which are very long duration are OUTSIDE of the physical realm. The new  moon is for certain triggering something "other worldly" on an above everyday consciousness level. The word APOCALYPSE actually means UNVEILING. Uranus and Neptune aspects are all about higher consciousness.. 

If there ever was a date that contains the ingredients to become the emperor has no clothes moment it looks like Oct 19 is a candidate. 

We have had a sustained period since mid 2016 of mutable hard aspects starting from the Grand cross mid year and all the Jupiter Uranus Jupiter Pluto hard aspects that finally went passed exact at end of September. Maybe it is just me but I have seen almost everything go technically out of bounds during that time window. Batshit crazy to the max. The Vegas massacre happened right as the last energy of the astrological hurricane of aspects went past exact and after the new moon in Virgo which is the bankster new years day. 

Stay tuned we have Friday Oct 13th a few days from now. The stark symbolism of the shooting at the feet of the sphinx at Luxor pyramid in Vegas and the potential it has something to do with Friday the 13th in 1307 has to be in play right now. I think the next post I do here will be where I make some connections about current events and the Templars. 


Signals from the noise

Wow Mike Adams is really really good. Gawd the video in the link.

Does FBI stand for Federal Bullshiters Inc. 


Musical crimes

Find out who you cannot criticize and you find out who rules over you.... Voltaire

Guess she wont be showing up in talent shows like America's got talent any time soon. 

Glad I don't live in UK. I guess cop killer rap does not count as "music".. 


Signs of setting up a pasty

If you want to do an outrageous crime and get away with it you need to defend your guilty self with at least several layers of pasty. In the case of Lee Harvey Oswald he spent a few years doing things to make him look guilty. This involved travel to places with mysterious motive. In the end the official story does not add up with the event which includes various IMPOSSIBLE physics defying anomalies.. Same thing on 911. Looking back on that it was a botched job with so many things out of place it is UNPOSSIBLE the official story is even close to right. In Kennedy event it was the CIA who had to enforce the official story and the 911 case it was bush - cheney who had been set up to defend the official story. 

Vegas is starting to unravel as well. Paddock left a trail of " make me look guilty" activity prior to the so called deed which seems odd for a guy like him. Not saying the guy was not guilty of a criminal act but that he was probably doing things based on his belief that something else was going on. Same with Oswald.. Same with Bush and Cheney. 

Another incident that is similar to Vegas was the Brevick guy in Norway. Guess he forgot to shoot himself.

I am waiting and watching closely for the next part of the story which should be evident when the official story unravels further and a huge distraction is required to get the focus on something else. 


Smoking guns

Told ya so.. The guy had a Moon Mars Pluto T square in his natal. 4/9/1953

One thing that is certain is Paddock was very smart and being that he would not be inclined to believe the fairy tail media meme about 911.. Notice how in the link above they lump that into the article? Dumb people would take it as 911 truth = bad person. 

My offer to do astro profiling for a wise and just .gov still stands but I guess there is nobody home there. 


I am watching for footprints of financial crime leaking into the Vegas shooting. This came up on Zero Hedge yesterday in a great article including stock charts by a trader clearly indicating fore knowledge.. but alas it appears to be scrubbed now probably because the original author freaked because of the attention it generated.

Systemic financial crime is behind a lot of things that look like something else. The massive amount of puts bought on airline stocks before 911 a case in point.


Masonic symbolism and the "illuminati" 

Mike King does a great job and deserves more credit than he gets. 

LOL The next time someone utters the word conspiracy theorist around you please have them read this. 

In 1798, Robison wrote “Proofs of  a Conspiracy Against the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati and Reading Societies” in which he exposed the secret societies behind the terroristic French Revolution.

"An association has  been formed for the express purposes of rooting out all the religious establishments and overturning all existing governments ... the leaders would rule the World with uncontrollable power, while all the rest would be  employed as tools of their unknown superiors." 

"These (new recruits) are managed with delicacy and circumspection, that the timid may not be alarmed. In like manner, the political doctrines of the Order are inculcated with the utmost caution. After the mind of the pupil has been warmed by the pictures of universal happiness, and convinced that it is a possible thing to unite all the inhabitants of the earth in one great society, and after it has been made out, in some measure to the satisfaction of the pupil, that a great addition of happiness is gained by the abolition of national distinctions and animosities, it may frequently be no hard task to make him think that patriotism is a narrow-minded monopolizing sentiment, and even incompatible with the more enlarged views of the Order, namely, the uniting the whole human race into one great and happy society." 

They meant to abolish the laws which protected property accumulated by long continued and successful industry, and to prevent for the future any such accumulation. They intended to establish universal Liberty and Equality, the imprescriptible Rights of Man (at least they pretended all this to those who were neither Magi nor Regentes.) And, as necessary preparations for all this, they intended to root out all religion and ordinary morality, and even to break the bonds of domestic life, by destroying the veneration for marriage-vows, and by taking the education of children out of the hands of the parents. This was all that the Illuminati could teach, and this was precisely what France has done."

There was most certainly Masonic symbolism presented on 911.. The Vegas shooting also took place at the feet of the sphinx at the Luxor casino. Human sacrifice?? 

 It is not lost on me they have a sense of humor.. AL CIA DUHH.. IsIs an even better inside joke? Does it stand for Israeli secret intelligence service? Or is it illuminati soldiers in service?  Already discussed here is the 710 year interval between the first Friday the 13th in  oct 1307 and this year's oct Friday the 13th. Awww c'mon this is just conspiracy theory right?? 

Unknown quote.
"The biggest trick the devil ever pulled off is making us think he does not exist." 


911 was not just a one day event

The events on 911 were followed by the anthrax attack and then the crash of flight 587. . The plane crash 2 months after 911 appeared to me as not as much an accident than was told to us by authority because of what was going on at the time of the crash. It took off and headed in the general direction of Manhattan while there was an international meeting of heads of state going on at that moment. Right after the crash a flight map I saw showed it was pointed that way before crashing but the net appears to be scrubbed of that info now. Speculation on my part at the time was the plane was electronically hijacked and was going to hit the UN but the pilot tried to override it breaking the tail off. As I said speculation on my part. 

 Considering the Vegas shooting is at a level of 911 in my opin..  I am looking for more shoes to drop in the next few months or so. Halloween this year is 31 days after Vegas. The anthrax attack in 2001 became a known three weeks after 911. We will not have to wait long to find out if something similar is in progress. 

 There has already a bunch of memes spreading recently regarding 11/4 and a "communist revolution" planned for that day.  Also not lost to me is that 5th of November is Guy Fawkes day. I looked at the astro for the 4th and don't see any way it would be in the cards for a major one day event. However I do see Mars and Pluto squared on November 18th on a new moon. Peak Thanksgiving travel time. Mars is close to opposed to Uranus plus Mercury is conjunct Saturn on November 28th. Mars exactly opposed to Uranus and the Moon on November 30th at the same 60 day interval as 911 was to flight 587. 

 Hey I hope I am wrong. Just sayin what I'm seein. 


 Wont back down

Well I know what's right
I got just one life
In a world that keeps on pushin' me around
But I'll stand my ground

Petty died a happy man. His natal chart is super super good 10/20/1950.. what a great guy. The solar eclipse landed on his chart in a great way in August and the Jupiter Uranus opposition passed over his natal sun in the days before his death. Passing over under quite good astro like that is a sure sign of a soul who had earned a good exit experience. He will be missed and will be remembered by his deeds.. We should all be so lucky 

 He learned to fly

I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
Coming down is the hardest thing

Well the good ol' days may not return
And the rocks might melt and the sea may burn

I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
Coming down is the hardest thing