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I smell a rat

Last week I saw what I considered to be a tipping point come and resolve to the upside.. The Naz went up to a new high which changed the equation. Any decline now has more layers of support in that index.

I saw a shift in geo political forces as well and it looks very suspicious with Cohn leaving and Blankfien moving on right after.  Did they get caught in some sort of plot? Did the new young head of the Rothschild empire assert himself? Did Bibi intervene in what was going to be a place coup? Does turning off the N Korea threat for now allow the US to concentrate on the Israeli need to start a war? 

The downside potential this coming week is going to be muted with the FAANG stocks now in charge of every other index. 

Anyone shorting has to play downside potential with a more realistic set of odds and I pass on it personally. 

BTC looks like it wants to bottom and this low forming now looks like it could be a buy. BTC is trading more responsively to the astro than stocks are since all the way back to last September. The question is where is the low we should be buying and one last drop would be a capitulation in my mind down at 8000ish. Scaling in makes sense now if not already..



Halbig is a hero's hero

Wolfgang Halbig blew the story line about sandy hook out of the water. He went so far as challenge the people in Newtown Conn. in court. The guy has impeccable credibility. He was harassed repeatedly about his revelations of protocol breaches at Sandy Hook. 

He was a school safety consultant for 2/3rd of Florida school districts. HE WROTE THE PROTOCOLS..  That were not followed at Parkland.

Lets see if youtube dares to delete this one... I think this one is NOT going to go away.

The events on Valentines day were part of a greater scripted series of events. See the below post this is maybe going to blow the roof off the false flag / scripted psyops that we have been dealing with since the late 1990s or even earlier. 


BTC wave count

Things have changed in the potential for the S&P to crash in a major way near term.. Not impossible but far less likely today than it was last Tuesday night.. I don't argue with price it is not an argument anyone is going to win. 

BTC took a big spill and seemed to suffer the brunt of negative market reactions last week.. BTC has moved down before the stock market a few times so may be an indication of what was supposed to happen more than what will happen.. My read of the BTC chart has a bullish spin as of now with a lower price action to down to what could be A VERY IMPORTANT BUYING OPPORTUNITY. If the major low is in at BTC 6000 and the moves since are wave ONE up and now an ABC correction as wave TWO down in completion phase of the c wave of TWO it should be down to low the 7000s where it is finishes.. From that TWO low a wave THREE UP could propel BTC up to new highs above 20000 again with a time target out into late 2018. Just sayin.


The plot thickens

Like going to the instant replay of last week like a ref in a football game.. 
Cohn leaves, market down.. 1 AM eastern time London trading begins and the down market moves to unchanged. Thursday market levitates up to a close almost above the March 6th high. Friday the Non Farm payroll comes out well above expectations and a blowout rally move higher starts that blows the crash pattern up.. Blankfien resigns from Goldman on Friday..  Oh and all of a sudden Trump and N Korea are talking.  

I sense palace intrigue worthy of an episode of house of cards. The crash pattern in the stock market started on the day of the train wreck the day after SOTU. That was a brazen act of treason to my trained eye. The technical side of the pattern since the January high was very exact almost as if a hidden hand was at work. The pattern was too obvious by last week as even Dennis Gartman saw it.. Crashes do not happen when too many people are seeing it. The setup was also totally ripe and ready to fall through the floor on the Cohn firing.. Was a plot engineered by GS like many of those other crashes since the 90s have proven to be? 

Bibi was in town during all this "stuff". Bibi works for the red shield. Israel has access to intelligence that even the CIA does not have and in fact Israel knows everything and I mean everything. Did Bibi tell Trump about a plot to oust him that was in progress?? Did Bibi finger the Goldman Sachs trading mafia as behind the plot? Was the too exact crash pattern leading up to Tuesday morning a sign that Goldman was the wire puller? Does the red shield in London now become the Trump version of the financial Swiss guard?  I see Bibi has moved up to a powerful position if any of this is close to true. 

The fed is owned by 5 banks. Goldman is one and Rothschild is another.  If Trump has found out that Goldman boys had plotted to dethrone him using a market crash ..  oh my. This maybe is a political judo move  by Trump and if so have the tables turned for what was planned for next week. Is the IDES OF MARCH play now going to happen to the plotters? Blankfien left for a reason.. Did he commit treason? 

The crash potential had it played out next week was an opportunity to reset the risk part of the equation which would have taken a lot of inflation potential out of the system at least for this year.  No crash in the early crash window we just saw leaves markets with no brakes to the upside. Based on the astro I do NOT see the potential for a September October crash event so this one we just saw was the only one this year. There is very toppy and inflation driven astro out in 2019.. No crash now leaves an upside that is much higher going forward. 

The crash potential near term has dropped down to close to not going to happen levels. 


Fake news = fake data

OMG more Americans are "working" than expected.

The gov stats have been massaged for?? Hey as long as I have been watching since the mid 1990s. It is funny how the so called experts jump on anything that suits their trading conviction and ignore what is not a bennie to their trading book.

The rise above 2750 this am in reaction to NFP has me pulling in my horns a bit on my bearish expectations next week.. I saw the reaction to Cohn and the market tantrum after the close on the 6th was erased in London trading hours.. The Red Shield at work??? .. Bibi in town.. N Korea off the table all of a sudden.. Does Bibi need a war in middle east to save his political life? Does he need to be sure the USA is not spread too thin in Asia to accomplish his great work of greater Israel? 


Time to dump netflix

I used to love netflix as a way to be entertained without the commercials. In the last year or more it turns out the shows ARE the commercials.. for leftist propaganda.  It was nice knowing ya Netflix.

Combine this with the other fang companies and you see the swamp of swamps. You tube destroyed.. feces book is ... well the name applies.. Apple funds SJW propaganda..  The list is bad from top down.. 

People are going to have to understand that voting with your money is waaay more effective than voting on election day.


3D chess

Wow what if peace breaks out.. What will the MIC do with all those weapons.. 

Maybe the Chinese are feeling a bit intimidated?

Talk I hear is some sort of currency reset is in the works. Maybe the long awaited gold backed international currency to replace the USD? If you look what has happened the last week in BTC it looks like some big players are bailing out. To where ??? 

Pay attention today .. TODAY is the day that the bear case for a deep dive near term hangs in the balance. The astro over the weekend looks like something disturbing is due to be in play but that should be reflected in today's trade which should be down hard late in the day if something over the weekend is going to be a "reason" for more selling on Monday. 


The currency cycle

In light of the Uranus into Taurus ingress coming in May.

Somewhere around extreme indebtedness and sovereign debt crisis and headed to rising rates of interest. 


I'm not here to give free trading advice

I'm here to report what I see.. Not just in markets but the bigger picture beyond markets. 

The way you the readers uses this info is up to you. The example on the 6th a few days ago is I saw a top / shorting opportunity from a month in advance but what is used in that play and how it is handled is not my business. An aggressive type would go full leverage with short futures. A conservative type would get an un leveraged short ETF. A person who knows the option game would be looking at out of the money puts. Some people would just stand aside in cash. I cannot get into catering to each persons style.

Just for your information I like the April or May puts with an expiration out of the money at a strike below 2400. This a good bang for the buck.. If it is a correct position for a big move down it is a home run. 

Lets say there is a drop in the near term to S&P 2200.. That would take those puts several hundred points into the money for whatever period of time the tail price on the down move lasts.   The advantage here is there is only the initial risk so it cuts down on the nerve-racking risk angst fever.. I think 5% of trading capital is plenty for such a thing.  There are only a few trade setups like this that are worth it in a year to use this option type trade.  Being a habitual put buyer is a losing game but once in a while is OK. If the current trade setup is negated it is possible to get out next week with your shirt if it is recognized as a mistake quickly. Just sayin. 


The daily S&P chart

The chart has a 89 period basis for the Bollinger band. The yellow moving average is set at 233 bars

The established support level is at the Feb lows and below that at the next major pivot at 2200

The reality is if there is a move down to 2200 it is still a bull market and will be considered a 4th wave correction on this daily scale so a new higher high would be likely.. I say 2019 for that ultimate 5TH wave supercycle high if this current correction is a 4th.


Very similar to the VT 2007 situation

In February of 2007 word leaked out that there was fraud in the MBS market.. A bank in seattle went bust.. The stock market reacted by going into a pre crash precursor pattern similar to right now and it stayed in tact until the 28th trading day after the all time high in February. The Friday before the VT event was flat when it should have started down.. FIRST CLUE.. Then at 8:30 AM on the next monday there was an overnight decline that could have become a serious star of a reflection of the sub prime fraud ... BUT wait... the news about VT erupted right before the 9:30 open and it was bulls in charge .. 

That event canceled what would have been a correction of significance and the pattern broke allowing the market to continue to rise all the way into the fall of 2007.  The MBS problem grew by 100% from April to October. The delay of the market reflecting reality had consequences in 2008. 

So as of today we have a coiled up pre crash wave pattern.. IT IS OBVIOUS.. too obvious. Even Dennis Gartman sees it. Every day another pundit on zero hedge sees it.. Are we in the WATCHED POT NEVER BOILS setup?? Is this just a simple VIX pump so the cronies can continue to sell volatility?

Time will tell the astro that could precipitate a huge drop in a major degree market event is over the coming weekend. If this passes by over weekend with nothing at that level coming up then it is clearly a sign of something. Not necessarily a good thing in the longer term. 

Did BTC take a hit yesterday as a sacrificial lamb? 


 Mercury squared Saturn X3

Over the coming weekend Mercury will square Saturn. This is a negative thinking aspect and can be termed a WORRY FACTOR.. bad news is expected.  This aspect happens THREE times because mercury will retrograde. 

The first Mercury squared Saturn happens on March 10th
Then mercury retrograde stations on March 22nd and starts to move backward from our view from earth.
Mercury retrogrades into a square to Saturn for the second time April 4th and also Mars which is conjunct Saturn then. 
Mercury squares Saturn for the third and final time April 25th

I think here is a reason I believe the market downturn that should kick in over the coming weekend in spades will linger and not be giving any all clear signs until late April. What ever comes up over this weekend is likely to be a lingering and possibly unsolved problem into end of April.  


Perspective on BTC

Here is a 55 min chart of BTC since the Feb lows. The retrace so far has been tame at 23% and I assume a stock market debacle would push prices lower at least to below the 50% retrace. It is not out of the question it would hold there.

There is a time problem because I do not see crypto going into a full blown ramp up until later this year into the Jupiter Neptune Jupiter Uranus astro in 2019. Buying dips in a conservative scaling in plan is how I would do it. I suspect if the selling gets hot and heavy in stocks it will cause liquidation of BTC to cover margin elsewhere. IF A LOW COMES IN LATE APRIL I WOULD THINK IT WOULD BE TIME TO GET MORE AGGRESSIVE. 

Crypto is a long term "investment" and is not an easy market to trade. Oh and it is time to get some PHYSICAL GOLD / SILVER if you are light on the percentage needed to hedge against a USD bear market and the hyperinflation that is possible in 2019 due to desperation at the fed. 



Its on now.. Keep in mind this is a start and not any guarantee the entire pattern plays out as a huge drop. Those who got short on time yesterday are in good shape and can bring the stop on the trade to breakeven and relax. Those who are late and short today are going to carry a 30 point plus risk which in my book is unacceptable. Those who want to get in a short with less risk maybe use a limit sell at 2715 and see if the market comes up to meet your level. . 

Cohn leaving is a big deal to the banksters and I do expect them to register their contempt over the next few weeks. I saw some references to his replacement and Larry Kudlow name was floated. OH MY that would be really bad. 

Now if trump were to bring in a good .. PERSON.. to replace Cohn that would be nice but I doubt that is going to happen. I suggest MAX KEISER.. Watch this. The whole thing.

A pic is worth a 1000 words

Gaps like this one in the technical position is in do not get filed USUALLY for some time. If it does not fill today it probably wont until months.

Another guy I like is Jeff Berwick.. This from just a few days ago. He basically says the same things I do.


Cohn Heads

Kinda exited we had a gap down on the ooen at 6 PM eastern time this evening. Dow fut dow 3-4 hundred. AlL because of THIS
don't forget the comments.. got to read some free speech while you can.

I don't think I need to explain why Cohn is like god to the bankers and him leaving sort of sets the place on fire. Best case scenario if you shorted today would be you will be richer. Or maybe very rich if it plays out as I have described the next few weeks. Tip jar is over there on the left side of this page. 


March 6th. D day

The most accurate in a reversed way pundit out there .. D .. Dennis Gartman went short this am. My first thought was F@&K that guy has the worst track record since the days since Leon Lett played football. I was bit concerned since he likely was single handedly responsible for the rally off the morning low. I'm paying attention to signs the bear setup would break down due some actual reason and as things turned out even a bearish call by Gartman did not spoil the brewing bear case. It would be a hoot if the guy would be spectacularly right once in a while.

As things stand late this afternoon the best astro of the week will pass this evening, a Moon Jupiter conjunction and then the rest of the week starts to ramp up with bear food astro with Mercury square Saturn over the weekend. We will see. 


Uranus in Taurus

This is a stand alone post which I have not done in years. My site as it has been is more theft proof with everything in one big page but I am looking to start to post things that have a potential to go uncontrolled and viral again so here goes. 

See post at


Let it roll

Humming Roadhouse blues..

The March Futures roll over on Thursday to the June. The March futures are expiring March 16th so those who want exposure either long or short want to take the next week to switch over to June.  Quarterly expirations are points of interest on the timeline as this week ahead tells us a LOT about how much conviction is present in market psychology. Lotta games being played.

Last evening I posted the chart in the below post as this is the day I suspected was the high water mark of a relief rally. I also posted a comment about watch the news. Well Well
Maybe it takes a bully to deal with another bully? Futures liked it they are up a half percent overnight. It This a top?? It sure looks like a relief moment. 

I saw a video with Ron Paul and Gerald Celente in January.. In the interview he was adamant about N Korea NOT being a war problem that it was Syria and Iran and Israel that was the war problem. That could be an Armageddon event brewing because????? Drum roll.. Russia. 

Bibi comes to DC it seems for a visit for every Purim, a visit many of us observers see as giving our government marching orders..  The headline about N Korea peace breaking out is well timed it would seem to focus US attention on the middle east now does it not? Seems we do have troop movement too...

The S&P rose overnight to a technical buy signal above the upper bollinger band. I guess the message is .....Feeling lucky ? Punk....   A message to the short sellers?? Does that buy signal not look like RELIEF?? Moon is in Scorpio today and will be conjunct Jupiter in less than 24 hours so that is astro that is kinda feel good a why worry mood in the sky. Would not be a surprise if there is a high up at 2750 today as the capper on what I consider to be a wave 2 of 3 relief rally until proven otherwise. 

 In 2007 it took blood on the street to stop a similar setup. The VT shooting occurred exactly where a sharp wave 3 down was due to start. Algos and sub human humans love to buy when there is blood in the street. Just sayin. 

The Fed controls markets but who controls the Fed??
Inquiring minds want to know

Max lays the lumber. must watch this one is worth the time to watch from start to finish



A month ago I projected MARCH 6TH would be the day to short for a bigger drop than early February. .

Here it is .. If we see a crash wave start tomorrow I have done my job to point this out.. PAY ATTENTION TO THE NEWS. This is a setup not some sort of fated outcome. Things can change in a NY minute. Bet accordingly. 


My new you tube channel


I abandoned my old channel called astroecon in 2009 never to return to it. At the time I had moved from Mount Nebo to North Carolina to have access to better technology to get up to speed. I got locked out of the channel due to google new ownership because I would not agree to their terms of use. This was not just google  buying youtube which was transparent to me but because facebook ousted My Space in 2009 too. It was another part of a massive .gov attack on "conspiracy" people back in 2009.. One of the first things Obummer did  in 2009 was bring in Cass Sunstein as disinfo czar and gave him like 10 billion bucks to hire trolls and hackers and hacker was not just online it was in person as a human virus was purposed to fuck up peoples lives. I KNOW this first hand and by mid 2009 I gave up trying to make a living on and moved back to Mount Nebo.  I decided to work for free if I had to so I could say what I wanted. 

I have seen the thought police going for the coup de grass since early February and all the deletions of my "friends" channels so I thought FUCK GOOGLE. So I am going to go ahead and post the stuff on ASTROECON1 channel with no sound for the time being as a form of protest.. I do intend to WRITE here on this site the way I want to and also give some written explanations of the animated astro clocks.. I am NOT going to give the thought police any reason to delete my astroecon1 channel. 

The S&P bottomed as wave 1 of 3 last Friday and should drift higher in the next few days. That "rally" should run out of buyers once the late arriving bears who shorted late are forced out by the 2 of 3 relief rally. THEN the 3 of 3 down is due to kick in and that looks like it is going to come on late in the week. A 3 of 3 is the impulse within an impulse move and for lack of a better term is a CRASH move. Caveat is that setup is oh so obvious to the algos and the fixers have done dirty shit in the past on that type setup like the VT shooting in 2007 on a Monday morning before the open. If 3 of 3 is allowed to take place it will be ON PURPOSE and seems to me that is what the PTB wants as far as I can see. IF the market goes into a 3 of 3 down it is specifically being let happen to force the public to hate on trump. The IDES OF MARCH.... beware. 


April 19th till May 1st

April 19th is a huge anniversary date. The shot heard round the world that started the revolution. The first shot of the civil war.. Waco. There are more. Simply said this is a bad day that still resonates death every year.  Because killing is not a one day deal there is May 1st too that is the pagan Beltane (BAALtane) also the day of celebration and parades in Communist countries. Oh and that day ALL THE INCOME TAX  is paid up and the checks cleared to give an F about what we peeps think for another year. 

The astro on April 19th .. Sun Conjunct Uranus. Greeeeeaaaat.<sarc>
Mars is approaching a conjunction with Pluto. Will be exact on April 26th. Also Mercury is squared to Saturn that day. Nasty.  May 1st is not so nasty I think whatever death dealing in the period will be focused on the 19th till the 26th of April. 

Wonder why 4/20 is pot day?? LOL ya got to be stoned to forget what happens on 4/19. 

I have a strong notion that the markets are looking to bottom in late April based on the Ewave pattern in place already.......... so there is that. 



What A Mf*!ing A-hole
Dont forget read the comments I have to be civil here.

I would like to remind voters in South Carolina that he thinks it would be worth it if N Korea sends a nuke up yur ass. His DOB is July 9 1955.. Let me see why is he so willing to incinerate women and children in his district?? OH he has Mars Uranus conjunction in Cancer squared to Neptune in Libra.. Oh I get it are there pics of some kind of pedo perversity going on?? Took a sailboat to Epstein Island maybe? The chart does not lie this guy has a 98% chance of being a perv. Used to be the only way to get in congress is if you were a freak that was pre blackmailed before even running. They called it VETTING. Hee haw it is Dr Strange Love in the flesh.


Road map

Out on the timeline there are aspects in 2020 that are usually found on lows.. 
In 2020 Saturn is conjunct Pluto
Jupiter is conjunct Pluto
Jupiter is conjunct Saturn
Not exactly a triple conjunction of Saturn Pluto and Jupiter those conjunctions are spread out over the entire year in 2020. Ya it is an election year. This is going to be a dump trump crime fest. Saturn Pluto conjunction is in January of 2020. There is not ANY aspect more fascist than a Saturn Pluto conjunction.

That being said the road from now till 2020 is where the meat is. We might have a good idea of the destination on the timeline but the path to that is where success or failure of individuals is won or lost.

I like this guy Nenner. Oh and I like Greg Hunter too in the Vid
I agree that holding gold is the only traditional way to protect profits BUT Crypto being a non correlated asset maybe is even more protection that even gold and silver would be. I suggested that owning BOTH at 10% of assets years ago which is a perfect hedge and it might even be time to increase the percentages of 10% allocation in both hedges maybe up to 20% each now. Scale in please, that is not a market timing recommendation just common sense. 

I agree on the Nenner notion that 2017 was where a top SHOULD have been seen but the Fed led by Mr Yellin thought it would be better to push the market top back when it should have been a correction off a top in September 2017. Remember Vegas and know that event timed as it was, took many eyes off the ball and used up a lot of pent up negative short term energy. Its the same trick (blood on the streets) they always use it when it suits THEM.

The crash that started on the blood moon on the last day of January is playing out in perfect Elliott wave form SO FAR. One down SURPRISE.. 2 UP to relief and denial.. We are in the early waves of a wave 3 down now with 1 of 3 low in place on Friday. 2 of three relief rally off the Friday low now at bat. It should be short lived rally maybe Tuesday Wednesday retrace high and THEN the 3 of 3 impulse wave is due down to 2200 on the S&P which is a reasonable downside target for 3 of 3. The bear move would need a 4 of 3 and a 5 of 3 which I project as of now to be late April to finish the wave.  I am willing to stand corrected IF this somehow plays out differently and prices negate this price pattern. 

In 2007 the market hit a rough patch in February and SHOULD have dropped off into a bear market from that high. Instead the VT shooting occurred EXACTLY on the day that should have been the beginning of an impulse wave down in April. Negation on that point on the timeline pushed the all time high into late 2007 and that delay made the problem MUCH WORSE and led to the 2008 crash that led to a 30 TRILLION bailout of banks and big corps. You little people have to pay .. oh and your children's children are on the hook for it because the debt is passed along like a negative inheritance. 

So lets say IF the current pattern plays out as a crash low and a test of that low from now till late April then what happens? The early May low is indeed tradable, it should hold into 2019.. The astro in 2019 consists of Jupiter Neptune square and a large dose of Jupiter Uranus stress starting in January 2019.  I can see on the bigger scale a rally out of the lows in late April of 2018 into year end.  I can see this is driven by INFLATION caused buy the repatriation of huge amounts  of TRILLIONS of USD stashed overseas by Corps.  If money printing always leads to inflation it has ALREADY BEEN PRINTED and is out of the control of the fed where it goes after it is printed. That genie has already left the bottle. 

So in a nutshell on the bigger scale wave pattern.. wave ONE down into May 1st. Wave TWO into year end or mid year 2019.. wave THREE down into early to mid 2020. Wave FOUR into early 2021.. wave FIVE  an a FINAL LOW probably related to the Saturn Uranus square in 2021 and could be in 2022. If this plays out it is OVER for the USA empire and many Americans will be destitute and begging for a communist form of Government. 

Make NO MISTAKE.. This scenario is not some financial accident. It did NOT have to be this way. This is planned and as far as I am concerned by people who have a strong sense of the astro even it is only the AI that sees it and understands it. I do suspect that there are astrologers who work with the dark side and that is something I do not take lightly. 

BTW I posted an animation of the entire year 2018 aspects over in the left column. I will post more as time goes along out into 2019, 2020 and 2021.. I will add audio comments at some point. I am considering doing weekly or monthly animations in the future as well. All in good time. For now readers MUST get up to speed on astro aspects and such, PLEASE don't make me explain things over and over.. The ASPECTS of the outer planets are what drives the timeline. On that animation page I also have posted aspectarians showing when the aspects of the outer planets are exact in a list. 


Testing testing

I'm testing a way to post an animated video of the astro so I can post a weekly vid approximately 5 min long weekly presentation including voiceover..  As of right now I am hosting this test vid on my own server but I plan to use D-tube when I feel it is up to the task. This is a TEST. I sense this is the best way to show what I am looking at in a way that most people will go aha .. and get it. 

Here in my neck of the boonies the internet speed is slooooow 2.7 mbs so when I look at the vid link from here it is choppy when posted on my server. Comments??  When I start to do this as a product it will be  hosted on D-tube and cover the entire week ahead with comments. This is a work in progress. 

The S&P dropped yesterday down to the 38% retrace level and was a nice FRACTAL of the big move in early Feb. If so we are in for a bounce up to a level of relief back above the 62% level. I would think it would be mid week for that minor relief to play out.  THEN... Drum roll.. The wave 3 of 3 down impulse move would be due to play out as a week or two of crashy panic dropping the S&P below the Feb. low in mid March. This is a big IF because that type of impulse move down has been stopped by the PPT on numerous occasions since 2000 with the exception of when the right people stand to benefit from such a market crash. 


This is the face of evil

Get used to looking for content on D-Tube.!/v/sgtreport/3j4acw2v

Looks to me the end game is on like donkey kong. 



Trump is cornered.. The latest gun play by the dems has him going against the will of the people who voted for him and they don't like it. He is being isolated by removing any close outsider in his ranks. They are making him crazy and now he is advocating taking preemptive action against gun owners on mental health grounds. I glean a huge amount of the justification for a manufactured ET TU BRUTUS power play close to March 15th. Serious shit I tell ya.

Meanwhile the book burners at goog etc are busy making life for the masses into the truth equivalent of prison gruel. History is being scrubbed off the net. I would love to be able to post video updates but as things stand at present I have no confidence I would be able to say what I see. Dtube may be the alternative but it seems it is maybe not mature enough to handle even modest traffic yet. People wonder why I have my site operating in a stone age way but that is the way to avoid the thought police. People who have gotten all techy with traffic generating methods with truth content are finding out how vulnerable they are. 

Meanwhile every single thing that fed chief Powell says is being twisted into a market tantrum. The S&P turned down yesterday a day early but at the price levels that indicate a full measure of relief prior to a downturn that could turn into a wave 3 down panic selling event larger than the one in early February. 

Today's S&P chart link on the left column is my best read of the current count and unfortunately being right as rain since early Feb is unnerving. I'm not advocating loading up on puts because I am happy about what I see. Most people who come here are not prepared technically to deal with that type of trade and if it is not executed perfectly can be a loser even if it is the right play. Think PHILLY SPECIAL in the super bowl. 

The biggest astro cluster ahead that could be associated with crash wave down is MARCH 10th  

This episode lasts into March 13th. Mercury and then Venus make squares to Saturn and trigger a Jupiter Saturn semi square that can only be defined as BAD FOR BUSINESS. The timing of the astro is exactly where a crash wave would be located on the timeline for technical reasons. In recent years this type of coiled up bearish energy has been defeated by distraction events but that was then and this is now. 



The canary in the ocean

Based on what I have read since 2000 the island volcano in the canary islands called La Palma is the most dangerous to the USA.. The reason is if it erupts it may split in two and half of the island slips into the Atlantic causing a tsunami aimed at the US east coast. Maybe Zero Hedge scare mongering.. maybe not. I have seen estimates of the height being 200 feet going inland up to 40 miles. The entire east coast would be effected with Florida being overrun from coast to coast.

This is a KNOWN danger. The entire government being self absorbed children has not addressed this danger because it does not profit them. A millimeter of ocean rise is reason to tax the economy to death but a real danger is ignored.  I did see the story about the Russian boogey man a few months ago about them having a tsunami bomb so the response to such an event is going to be blame the Russians. 

During 2003 - 2005 I lived on the coast of Carolina on the SOBX at 8 feet above high tide and I had issues waking up in the AM with a feeling of a wave coming onshore at above treetop level... Very unnerving. This was BEFORE the Indian ocean tsunami in Dec 2004.. One reason I live at 1500 plus feet  above sea level now, well west of the continental divide is being creeped out by that repeating flash or vision of this potential. Just sayin..

I picked up this vid in the comments section.. This is a known known vs an unknown unknown.


The Spoos do not like our new fed chief. His first day on the job was the Feb VIX crash.. His first brush with CONgress yesterday was an ugly day too. The full moon is tomorrow and a rally today would be a fade in my mind and reason to own some puts if you are exposed to downside risk just in case this plays out in a wave 3 down. If we do see the wave 3 down the price target on the downside would be at or below S&P 2200.  Again just sayin. 


Eustace Mullins

I'm thinking it is good to go back and look at some of the old guys who have already done the work over a few decades. This type content is hard to find now and could be scrubbed in the near future. People who are new to the truth movement probably don't know who this guy is.


Nothing to see move along

Steem and D-tube maybe coming of age?

You tube in the last year especially has become increasingly difficult to find anything but trash content. There are alternatives and the idea of STEEM blockchained content using D-tube maybe is the work around. Time to move on?? 

One thing recent events have done is wipe the blood moon trainwreck and Vegas off the news. Cnn is unreal they just keep going and going and it is hard to imagine what the minds of the public still watching them is like. Oh and take a gander at google news .. such blatant propaganda all sourced from the same lib places. 

Meanwhile Trump is acting like Pavlov's dog only being concerned about N Korea. Seems Trump is worried peace will break out and weapon sales would dry up? 

The path beyond the full moon on 3/1 is still a crash setup on the Dow and the S&P with the 78% retrace in play for a high. Naz has a potential to make a new high in the next few days unsurprising that they are allowed to rig the fangs stock prices. Imagine what would happen to the FANGS stocks if it is revealed by a whistleblower the depth of the deceptions that have been used on the public? We can be hopeful on that although a crash would be their last gasp to maintain control of the public mind for sure.




This seems credible to me considering the same type of eyewitness story seemed to be in play on many events just like this.. Makes sense that in a scripted event there is no way to trust a kid doing the deed and the kill count has to be high enough to register in the mass mind. Better watch the vid in this link before youtube erases it. 

Oh and this link popped up too. Oh my. Must read


Technical difficulties

I got a late start this am only to find I had a rebellion in the ranks of my soldiers the computers. Got it fixed  now so chart is posted with a new count that makes sense. The new count has this move up today as a capitulation move as a 5th wave in progress with target on the ES at 78% retrace level with a time target very close to the full moon on 3/1. 

Anecdotal evidence of a capitulation is this.. God bless this guy he is such a tell it is amazing

So it still looks to me that a short is only an appropriate move AFTER the 3/1 full moon on some confirmation that there is a wave down after the high. 


Full Moon 3/1

March 1st is the full moon.. 13 degrees of Virgo / Pisces . The Sun will be conjunct Neptune the planet of mass confusion among other things. The overall astro on the full moon is not drastically negative with Mars and Venus squared which is an annoyance aspect. I am still seeing the 1st as a retrace rally top with leanings to find no real buyers there just shorts covering leaving a level of disappointment for recent dip buyers. 

Until proven otherwise it appears post full moon would be at or near a retracement high and a down move develops after into mid march. Worst case for bulls is the down move is a wave 3 down panic move to a new cycle low. If so the price level would be about 2200 on the S&P in a 3 down with a possible retest of whatever the low is late in April as the 5th wave low. 

The move down fron the VIXplosion occurred in February and March 1st is the first day when the damage from the VOLcano will be a known and WHO has suffered terminal damage. A wave 3 down could be triggered by a big player going into a nosedive.. Think like 2008 Lehman.. Maybe think CALPERS this time as they may have been destroyed mathematically by the VIX blowup.  

I'm still very concerned that Trump is in personal danger mid March and Julius Ceaser is the script of the plot that kicked off on the blood moon (train wreck etc). Public opin has been stoked for sure by events since then and a lot of people have been primed by hate. I wish this was not the case but I see what I see..  

The tax issue for BTC has come back into play today with news that Coinbase lost a court case and has to turn over 13K customer records to the IRS.. I can tell you first hand the IRS minions do not understand trading and will put out a tax bill that you then have to prove otherwise by documents. One reason I am not all that excited just yet about crypto trading is this is very unresolved issue and if a bunch of BTC millionaires get a huge tax liability soon it is going to be forced selling in March April setting up a potential dip low in early May. That problem has had my attention since last December. 


Behold a Pale Horse pt 2

Bill Cooper was quite a guy way out in front of so much that came to pass after his death in 2001. I took a look at Coopers birth chart .. 5/6/1943 and I see he had Mercury conjunct Uranus which is a combination of the lower and higher minds blended together ... Brilliant mind. Independent mind. He was also a bull in a china closet with what his mind came up with.. He declared in the 1992 vid linked below that HWB was the most evil man on the face of the earth very specifically.. Hat tip on that one.

Cooper was gunned down at his home November fifth of 2001 in the aftermath of 911. He had been a fugitive since 1998 on some trumped up charge and the attack on his home was another trumped up situation..  So what do I see in his transits the day he died? Mars and Neptune conjunction in an opposition to his natal Pluto..  PLUS Saturn and Pluto in a transit opposition in a square to his natal mars. The Mars Pluto element was in play two different ways with the most violent type astro transits possible. He was assassinated..  I wish I had been able to warn him the transits were screaming danger. Considering the Bush crime family he exposed. He also revealed along with that the Clinton's involvement in that crime family.  It was not the first time or the last time murdering a whistleblower would come to pass. Copper was that dangerous to them. 

Just a few days after Cooper's death an A300 jet plane that took off from LaGuardia fell out of the sky with the UN a minute away with a full international meeting going on at the time. I still think to this day the plane was electronically hijacked and the pilot overrode it causing it to crash before it hit the UN broadside in full session. Had that gone as planned we would have never recovered it would have been WW3.. 

 Indeed 911 is still the issue of issues. The USA was hijacked by it and remains that way to present day. There is no solution to the SWAMP without solving that crime. 


Behold a Pale Horse

The book by Bill Copper, Behold a Pale Horse, is prophetic as many know.  This Cooper interview from 1992 came up on on a Rense link and LOL it was with CNN. Pre Time Warner I might add. Start at 45 min mark.



The archives of AstroEcon from 1998 till present have material that needs to be published. I took the archives off line in 2013-2014 to protect them and myself from harassment. Boiling this body of work down to a presentable book / books form is a huge amount of work. The first one I am going to release is an updated astro lesson book that was first presented on the site in 2000 and redone in 2009.. This is something I do not see out in the net jungle and without it the newer people who have been coming around due to crypto excitement have little idea what I am talking about without the context of a book and why I see things the way I do. I hope to get something done in presentable form soon. 

The S&P dropped over night to below the 2685 stop out level for the recent dip buyers. Also a place that makes a bear want to get back into the sell vol game.. The astro is not all that bearish at present so I am not seeing the crash potential just yet. Get into the post Full Moon period from early March till late March and then it could happen if patterns still persist till then. Mid March till end of month is problematic if there is already a scripted plan for that timeline to crash it and it seems to me even since last year it has to with paying taxes.. 

The price level where a crash wave could be generated.. 
Think May 2010..  The same vulnerable technical situation then is at the 2/14 low at 2626 now.. Break below that level in the way that May 2010 did and it becomes a Waddle and Reed moment. ( W&R sold a full hedge of it entire portfolio to the tune of shorting a million S&P contracts on the May 2010 support break crashing the already fragile price pattern to the tune of 1000 Dow points in a few minutes. )

The audio replay of that price action in May 2010


Robbie Parker Jr

Starting a crisis acting career earlier these days?

To top it off, the other students featured in the CBS news piece (and founders of the #NeverAgain movement) are all openly hard-left extremists who seem to have messianic views of themselves and are only too happy to attack Donald Trump, much to the delight of Hollywood and the establishment press.

Its almost like it was a giant left wing conspiracy or something.

BTW the S&P is off 45 points from the Friday high.. It is trading between the 62% and 50% retrace level with a bias to go lower based on the technical pattern. The 2685 level is my minimum downside target where I believe stops are located. 


It must be Tuesday

The S&P has dipped back after Friday wedge up to 2750. If bears were snipes this would be a snipe hunt AKA stop run to the downside. The stops are at the lows going up so tails at 2685 and 2625 are where the stops are located. 

BTC is up but is not confirmed by other than LTC .. The so called whale trade reported as a 400 million long on at the lows at 6000 is interesting  because we don't know who that was.. LOL.. probably Goldman.. BTC is fine with DC as long as the right people are making profits. Resistance is at the 50% retrace at 12800 and just below that at the 89 moving average Observing the price action at resistance levels is a tell about WHO is long.. 


0care ..the elephant in the room

Having some experience with the medical mafia since 2014 I can say it is the fraud of all frauds. Its almost like they know how much they can steal before hand. This is a trillion dollar theft but done in a way that a patient is unlikely to challenge it. My recent experience was being billed in such a way that it was impossible to determine what the charges were and had to wait 7 months to get a plain English breakdown of the bill. When I challenged the bill right away on the first bill I received I got a letter from an out of state lawyer that stated I signed a consent form therefore I owed the money. Lesson learned next time I know not to sign ANYTHING. My name is John Doe.


BTC hits 38% retrace

See chart.

A swing trader would have had a price target there to take profit on a rise to that level. the elliott wave psychology of a wave one up is surprise and that ends when it it becomes convincing.. Then the denial comes as wave two denial.  we will see. BTC dropped over a thousand off that retracement level. 

A Monday holiday for US stocks. The S&P has also retraced to a target 2750 at 50% of the post blood moon crash wave. If there is going to be something come from that it will be expressed by overseas markets and context. USA only holidays often have outlier effects such as the price cut on oil on a 2015 thanksgiving holiday.. 

What a toxic atmosphere. Mars Neptune square stinking the joint up.


Target 2750

The retrace in the S&P needed to rise up to the 62% retrace to complete a standard retrace. I thought it would be earlier in the week but the Shooter timed his deed to give the bulls a hand and it turned out to hit the mark on Friday late in the trading day. Along the way several obvious stick saves but only amounted to painting a rising wedge pattern to the wave up..

Elliott wave counts are subjective. They always are clear in hindsight but are always subject to alternate counts in the moment. If the count posted above is correct the wave THREE panic wave is started as of the close on Friday. The wave three down would typically be 1.6 times the distance of wave one from the top of wave TWO. Roughly speaking it would be a price target of 450 spoos points down from Friday's close. 

The internal price moves in wave three down are 5 waves with the so called crash wave being the 3 of THREE panic move wave below the previous wave ONE low. 

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
and if there's is no room on the hill .. See you on the dark side of the moon.

When would that be likely? We have a highly emotive full moon in early march ahead.. Looking at what is present at that time I see the holiday called PURIM which is based on the lunar calendar and go humm. Do your own research on that it is not uncommon that something bad happens related to that holiday. I used to call it human sacrifice season because the holiday celebrates a massacre of Persians millennia ago.


Where's the beef?

Ok let me see.. Mueller wastes taxpayer money on the Russian thing and all he comes up with is 13 Russian trolls?

Ahemm.. OK so trolls are a nuisance right? How bout the hasbra trolls? or Cass Sunstien army of obamaniods.. How bout the climate change trolls. ALL of those were having "influence" on the minds of US voters. 

Oh and while we are at it how bout the numerous false flags and drills gone live.. Some have been factually proven false like Sandy Hook and Boston. So when are the arrests coming?  


Rogue wave

Sent in by a reader.

Very very interesting read. As I see the last few days it is a major disturbance in the force we are in since 1/31 lunar eclipse and as best I can tell it is not over yet. 


Dark side of the moon

And all that you spite
and everyone you fight
and all that is NOW and all that is to come and all that is gone
and everything under the sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon

BTW the only time the entire dark side of the moon is illuminated is in a solar eclipse. 


Another VT

The market cracked yesterday morning. 50 points down in 3 mins. Like a hockey goalie the fed stick saved it and the round turn was only 2 hours later. The rest of the day was the bears covering to save thier lives.. The S&P was up enough at the close that the danger level of a crash wave is minimized at least for now. 

The identical story at NSA headquarters to one in 2015 with two guys dressed in drag was in the news early AM. I thought it was groundhog day when I read that in the AM. That was VERY SUSPICIOUS.. I thought it was a fake news item posted posted by a market wire puller.  

The market position yesterday was very similar to when the VT shooting took place. Ready to nose dive. Then like magic a major nose dive was canceled by the HEY LOOK OVER THERE play. Algos are trained to buy when there is blood in the street dont ya know. 

They took the shooter alive.  Was he on psych meds.. Was he a jihadi wanna be. Did the FBI know about the kid? Did they contact him because he was posting shit on facebook? Did they fuck with his head? 

The market position is now in tact as a target at the 62% retrace level but much sooner than it would be with the 28 trading day after the high in mind but not much has changed except a compression of the time line as it stands now. Interesting the wedge pattern now points to the 78% retrace now.  see the chart on the chart page. 




A bit much on valentines day

Fun and games before the 9:30 open with a 100 spoos point round trip in 2 hours. 


BTC break higher

I want to note that after a price compression in BTC and other crypto a break higher out of the compressed range occurred this AM. Is this another fake out? Or is this a rally that will be slammed down by overhead sellers? Watching to see. 

The S&P drifted higher over night. Not trusting the move considering the astro going into weeks end.. Being neutral is also a position. 

A geopolitical note.. It seems Netanyahu is about to be arrested ... or something. Maybe the Israeli's have reason to cheer it would be nice to see that dickhead shown the door. of a jail. 


On cue

The wave B denial move and the test of the lows on the S&P ended on Friday and good chance the rally off that low is the initial wave up of a wave c of an ABC retrace rally.. The rally since Friday would be a wave one of C yesterday on the Moon Pluto conjunction.. A tiny bit short of my expectation of hitting 2700 but I will take it.. 

The next few days have the solar eclipse on Wednesday and the Mars Neptune square on Thursday. This is astro that I do not see as bullish and especially the solar eclipse which usually is on or near a low in prices.. Call what I expect to be the wave 2 down of the wave c rally to be a higher low. Solar eclipses are a calm down energy and in this case I would expect a drop down into high 2500s or a bit lower move over the next few days. The low has to be enough to scare out the weakest hands in fear of another crash wave. 

The larger pattern which I see as ideal is called a rising wedge topping out in early March somewhere above the 2750 level and tagging the 62% level. If there is going to be a major crash it would come on from a high in early march ideally around the 28th trading day after the February high . max distress would be around the Ides of March.. 

What has happened since the lunar eclipse is textbook Elliott wave.. Seemed for years that regulator of price movement was a non factor but as I have seen before when the emotional levels rise natures way of doing things returns. I might add that the astro ALSO kicks in at the same time and prices resound much better to the specific aspects when the heat is on. 

I punted on the crypto for now. I am likely to go back to great interest when I see Uranus move into Taurus in May. My view is Crypto people and crypto itself is not ready for prime time yet. If one is to trade it is best to trade where there is max liquidity and the S&P is where that is. When things mature in crypto I do see prices going up dramatically especially in the more speculative astro periods in 2019. My read is that the tendency to HODL is so strong and there is such uncertainty due to political interference that Crypto is not very tradable yet. Just Hodling is a position trade and allocating a small percentage to such strategy is really going with the flow but should be limited to 10% of liquidity. Oh and that same 10% in metals as a hedge against the USD.. 


Moon Saturn conjunction

There it is. Almost at the exact time of that conjunction ON SUNDAY the 11th. Obvious enough for anyone who has a clear mind about what is an accident and what is not because of the timing. Obvious who is the perp too I might add. Same old same old. 

So today we have Trump going to announce his infrastructure plans to the tune of 1.5 trillion. Moon and Pluto are conjunct today at 3 PM .... This is astro that tends to cause greed to run wild for a day and when a market is coming off a low it tends to cause a run on the bears stops. I think the destination is the highs at the 50% retrace at S&P 2700. Just a guess...  an educated one for what it is worth. Could be a flop too because Trump is in a dangerous position right now and his enemies want to see a major crash on his watch. Trading S&Ps right now requires expertise most people do not have.  

The same oligarchs who engineered the run up to out of bounds highs are the same ones who have precipitated the post lunar eclipse train wreck and the current market meltdown.. Oh and the 2008 crash came to you by those same creeps hands as well. You can imagine what I feel like seeing this and having an understanding that astrology has been used to time such things as a scripting tool. That is not speculation I know first hand because I was one of the ones who was too open about the inner workings of astrology back in the pre 911 period. I was also the one astrologer who called them out post 911 and paid a price for it.. My behavior here for years is to say what I want when I want to rather than give too much astro details in advance that would be useful to them. 

I'm carefully considering how far into the crypto space I want to go because if I start to charge people for the work there I will be obliged to offer the fine details to the wrong people. Being comfortable as a retired debt free American (very rare) I am not sure how stressed out I am willing to become to satisfy that group of mostly newbies to trading and not reveal information I do not want in the wrong hands. The only threat to my well being is the obamacare medical industrial greed monster and going into battle again which requires a 12 hour plus work day to be up to my old standards is about as unhealthy as anything I could do. 

 I think going back to my old routine here is the way to go forward. 


Monday is a Pluto day

I coined that term back in the old days.. It is a day when Pluto is active in the astro mix and by nature this is a power play energy. Monday is a Pluto day because the Moon will be conjunct Pluto late in the trading session at about 3 PM EST.

This is stop running energy. Da Boyz in action. As far as S&P the Friday low was a push hard on the bearish psychology .. The greatest fade of the last decade Dennis Gartman went all in on the short side according to Zero hedge.  This guy has an almost perfect track record in being wrong and that takes a perverse skill to be that consistent. 

So I expect a strong rally on Monday.. For no other reason than too many are on the other side of that trade. When Gartman turns bullish I will pay attention to the bearish scenarios but I doubt that will be on Monday. "When Dennis Gartman speaks everyone listens"

The reckless Mars Uranus sequisquare 135 degree aspect sure manifested with the Is Real attack on its neighbor. As I write this post in the AM the Moon Saturn conjunction is exact and so far no tragic event which is fine with me. 

 I watched the old classic version of Julius Caesar last night and OH MY there is loads of material in the first half of it that an aniti Trump person would consider reasoning for action. All kinds of justification for treason.. We ALL KNOW that this play is required reading in University so you have that too. One way to stop a plot is to shine a flashlight at it so it may be a good idea to spread the news on that potential. One thing I know from being in the truth movement is plots can be stopped. 

BTW one reason I was so sure that Trump would win was because the ancient myth of Perseus and Medusa battle was looking as the template for that election drama. Perseus always wins in that story. Post election the biggest mistake Trump has made is deviation from the story line because Persues would have been using medusa deadly stare as his own weapon..  I posted this pic on the site the day after the election.

My view is that our human history is a rerun of those stories with different "actors" and changed setting. I am sure the Shakespeare plays are based on older archetype stories too.  Over and over we play out our games as if it was a cycle or something. The "gods" are entertained. 

10 AM NOTE.. I posted the above at 8 AM.. So there was indeed a tragic event at 9AM with Moon Saturn conjunction.. An airliner from Moscow to Kazakhstan (of all places) drops out of the sky from 6000 feet. OHHHHH. In context of the situation yesterday which had an Is Real f16 shot down by a Russian S-200 and one pilot dead. The old eye for an eye in play?  Nuf said.


Bannon plays Brutus?

The current atmosphere in DC is as bad as the Roman senate was in the play Julius Caesar. Seems like a mythical story is playing out in DC. There is about the same level of treason as in the play and keep in mind the Broadway play running pre election with the Trump like character being killed. Just who would use a script of a classic play to plan a coup? Inquiring minds yada yada.. 

Bannon seems to be perfect type cast in the role of Brutus to me. But maybe someone else even closer to Trump currently will step up to the role. ITS ALL BEEN SCRIPTED IT SEEMS. 

As we crawl along the timeline to March it is important to watch for confirmation in the events and MEMES. If I was Trump I would ACT NOW and start to arrest people even if it is going to require some sort of martial law .. Treason has already been provably committed so waiting just makes the odds of something  even worse than treason higher odds. Trumps JOB as commander in chief is to protect the American people from enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. 

The stock market crash has been purposely timed by delaying it to now but should have really happened as Obama left office. Had it occurred in late 2016 - early 2017 blame would have fallen on him. It would have been too obvious then that the economy was rigged to crash hence the delay. The delay has created a several orders of magnitude problem for the American People. 

This charade is so obvious to me why not in high places? Trump has a Sun Jupiter trine in his natal that is as protective as any aspect can be. If somehow he is able by luck or skill to tame the treasonous plot I will start to have some positive outcome thoughts about the next few years but I am not in that mindset until I see what he does with the deck stacked against both him and the American people in the month ahead. Where are the generals who surround him.. Too busy war gaming to pay attention? Yikes. 

This weekend I am on watch for some incident related to the Olympics.. Sunday in particular is problematic with the Moon Saturn conjunction early in the AM EST. What concerns me is not just that monthly brief downer lunar aspect but the Mars 135 to Uranus (recklessness) is also exact on Sunday.  Mars square to Neptune (dirty tricks) that follows it is exact on the 16th of Feb. Oh and the solar eclipse on the 15th is in play too but is a more big picture energy that has a longer term effect. Mars Neptune square energy has a potential for some kind of infection which could be a bio terror thingy. 

If Sunday is a non event I will be glad about that but that is just one day less of the potential damaging setup. The markets are VERY wound up with stress and that means tread lightly as far as making assumptions just on technical measures. 


In a world without trust

haha.. dystopian "future" ??

There is no theoretical upper limit to the value of bitcoins in a wallet, but if we assume each wallet secured by this disk contains as much as the largest wallet today (180,000 BTC), this single disk could “hold” all bitcoins in existence and remain less than 0.5% full. Assuming a bitcoin market cap of roughly $190bn (as of late January), this disk would be the equivalent to either: 95% of the 4,583 tons of gold in Fort Knox, or 1,344 Very Large Crude Carrier supertankers of oil."

What was most interesting, however, was the Fed's observation under what conditions cryptos could not only match, but supplant fiat as the dominant currency. The answer: bitcoin would dominate payment methods in a dystopian world, in other words a "decentralized" world, in which there is no more faith - or trust - in central banks.



Philly Philly

I watched the parade yesterday in my home town from afar on national TeeVee.. What a wondrous sight. Me being 12 years old and experiencing the nightmare of the 64 Phillies when I was in little league..  We all know that as the reason for our nasty reputation as crazed fans and it was seeing your team be 8 games up with 10 to play and then seeing the team reel off 9 losses in a row and NOT get to the world series. Kinda has a multi generation psychological effect. Lots of stories of people bringing dead loved ones ashes in a jar to the parade yesterday who could not see it when alive. IT REALLY WAS THAT BIG A DEAL

 Sometimes SPORT is larger than life. There were maybe a million or two there. 


Very fast

That was a quick wipe any smile off a bulls face day.. The B Wave of two that is. So fast it is a bit questionable if the Monday low will hold. But in essence that is the function of that particular sub wave wave to scare the bejeesus out of the longs ..If the low holds the the C wave of two rally will commence and the rise up to 2750 at the 62% level in the early March area of the timeline 28 trading days from the high is still in the cards. 

This view is based on watching over a long period of time in what most would consider "normal" market conditions. Maybe there is a new normal??  One where for the first time in history a huge crash like 87 comes right off the top with speed enough to catch everyone without any retacement.. If there is a move below the Monday low on the futures it is clearly a 5 waves down printed on the initial drop off the top which is very bearish sign for later in the year. 

Stepping back and looking at the context of this I see Trump speech and the train wreck "accident and the new fed chair  with the obvious evidence of Hillary/obama treason and well it all looks very purposeful indeed this situation. Is this a "pull it" demolition of the US market? Going out of bounds below the Monday low too quickly would be a sign of that. 

BTW if you are going to see the action for what it is it is a MUST to use the ES mini price chart because a huge part of the price action is going on in the London and Asia trading hours. 

the chart..


Ideal day for a B wave of TWO low

That would be Feb. 11th. 

Moon Saturn conjunction. A monthly nasty energy location. Sometimes is associated with  a deadly event ..natural or otherwise.  Sun Saturn Jupiter exact square semi square aspect. Mars 135 to Uranus panic energy. A few days from the solar eclipse and ideal time to have a test of the 2600 level in the S&P based on an incident over the weekend.. Olympics related?? 


From the horse's mouth

Goldman Sachs is 1/5th owner of the federal reserve. Ya know ... THEM..  those who who print our debt based money supply out of your promises to pay.. Interesting to read some hints on what is on their mind about the cryptos the only real threat to their slave money system.. Looks to me THEY are into owning crypto just not letting you know which ones because YOU are just Muppets who are easily bullied into serving their interests.

Blockchain in a centralized form owned by the Fed is the perfection of slavery. Especially so if it is part of a carbon credit money system .. Keep this in mind as you invest in crytpo.. Bait is the chance at freedom. The trap is the switch over to something that looks good but is centralized. 


The denial rally

In Elliott wave terms the so called crash was a wave ONE down.. The element of SURPRISE. once surprise is OH NO by the majority it is over and then the retracement rally wave TWO up which is denial phase. Nothing to see here.. Once denial becomes the majority mindset wave TWO is then over  (has to be a lower high) .. Then the real danger of a crash which can only happen when surprise/denial turns into a seriously nasty realization that the PANIC phase has arrived. This sequence is a TEMPLATE not a prediction. 

So here we are in the wave two rally. DENIAL.. I see wave A of that TWO was accomplished yesterday with a retrace up to the 50% level and as of yesterdays high we are in wave B down of wave TWO. Target about 2600 which is enough down movement to take the denial of the table even if briefly. During this phase SOME stocks will make a lower low than Monday. The FANGS appear to be where that would be but not limited to FANGS

This all takes time to work out.. the 28 day rule ... The target for full denial is early March. 

The IDES OF MARCH is the location of the impulse wave down barring a PTB hail Mary false flag event to change investor mindset.. Think Virginia Tech which was timed to wipe any thought of selling stawks out of the public mindset. That incident came right when the post 28th day down stroke was due. 


Snap back to 50%

The S&P futures snapped back to the 50% retrace yesterday.. almost to the tic. Very typical price action as the shorts have to cover by BUYING the dip to make a profit. Is this over? Not if history has anything to do with the future. 

A test of the lows soon is what will make bulls confident. I figure that will will be at 2600 level which is the regular trading hours low. This should be some time near the solar eclipse on Feb 15 if history holds up. 

A successful test there allows for more serious buying to boost prices back up to the 62% retrace level at 2750 and THAT is where the bull either breaks out of the fence higher or the panic selloff begins. 

In simple terms it would be an ABC correction wave TWO up denial wave. Before the impulse WAVE THREE down crash if the rally fails. Impulse wave THREE down would be typically 1.6 times wave ONE measured from the wave TWO high.  Aprox 2000- 2200 level .. 

The 28 day rule applies.. If the retrace has not succeeded to break above the 62% retrace level either before or at the 28 day the market it is bombs away for prices. NOTE this pattern is historic as in it has done it repeatedly with 29 and 87 as prime examples.  There have been times this pattern has failed too.

 The Feb. - April 2007 revelation of sub prime disaster also had a crash move happen from the then all time high and it retraced back to the 62% retrace level on the 28th day and then VT happened on a MONDAY MORNING at 8:30AM before the open of regular trading.  The shock the monkey move worked to distract attention long enough that April day to take prices safely above the danger level. Six months later the market had STILL not reflected the sub prime reality and the underlying problem grew by 100%. 

So we need to game plan it here to tell IF the PTB are wanting a real crash or will save the day again with some dastardly deed timed to save the day. Right now I favor them letting Trump roast in a real crash.  The crash lows would be due within a day of the Ides of March. A friend pointed out that the Broadway play which included a trump assassination portrayal was based on Shakespeare's JULIUS CAESAR.

 The current episode started on the Blood moon on January 31st. Nuf said. 


Game plan

Here is a technical chart of the situation.  Suitable for framing HAHAHAHA

The solar eclipse lands on Feb 15th
The 28th trading day after the 1/26 high is MARCH 6th
The 34th trading day after the 1/26 high is MARCH 16th

Popcorn anyone?? 


This is your market on dope

Over hard

Read all about it.


short vol = death

Wow that is some VXX chart.. Those who have been feeding at the fed volatility selling tough have been sent to the meat house. My target for a correction at S&P 2600 was hit in regular trading yesterday and then the short volitility ETFs when boom overnight and if things play out today there should be an open at or near the 2600 yesterdays closing low. If things go as I see it the tail on today's futures chart will be at ... drum roll.. THE VEGAS LOW .. 

I could blame all this mahem on Satans team the pats losing but ... 

The Blood moon eclipse is the actual reason.  If you go back and check I have been pointing to that date for months as the top and a 10% correction would result. I kinda figured it would take a week more to get to 2600 but that is OK with me. 

This is a setup. The memo.. The train crash. The market crash. 
The first day on the job for the new fed guy. 

As I write this at 7:25 AM the spoos are trading above 2600. 


The stars misplaced

Just a little change in climate

From Hendrix song UP FROM THE SKIES.. This was written in the late 1960s well before any actual evidence of the event 12800 years ago was known. BTW the reference to climate change in the song is the first one I saw.. Did Algore hijack that term from this song?

I have lived here before
The days of ice
And of course this is why
I'm so concerned
And I come back to find
The stars misplaced
And the smell of a world
That is burned
A smell of a world
That is burned

Yeah well, maybe, ehm...
Maybe it's just a... change of climate
Hmm, hmm...
Well I can dig it
I can dig it baby
I just want to see

So where do I purchase my ticket?
I'd just like to have a ringside seat
I wanna know about the new Mother Earth
I wanna hear and see everything
I wanna hear and see everything


Wow that was fun

ya ya ya ya.. The long suffering eagles fans have a winner. Very big deal ... Kinda like the classic myths about the unlikely hero slaying the dragon. I knew last off season when Foles was signed as a backup that he would win the superbowl (and MVP) and become the most unlikely sports hero in Philly since General Lafayette. Don't know why I knew it back then it was simply just and right that it be that way. 


Oh and now that I look at the so called real world the blood moon crash in stocks continues. 


Moon at 15 Libra for big game

The USA has Saturn at 15 degrees of Libra, Saturn is exalted in Libra and 15 degrees of Libra is the tipping point of the scales. For Saturn it does not get any better than that. I have the exact Saturn at 15 libra  in my natal myself.. An ultra keen sense of fairness and a desire to right wrongs and also a sense that things work out fairly in the long run. 

So My team the eagles is in the superbowl tonight and are playing the New England cheaters. Caught TWICE and one of those was the last time they played the eagles in the 2005 superbowl. Seems to me universe has some righting of wrongs to take care of tonight. Ball bounces and odd things should be seen. I think I speak for all the long suffering iggles fans that it is about time for justice to be done.. 


Blood moon rising

Weeks ago I speculated the blood moon would be a toppy energy and that a 87 type of crash would look immanent. So far so good on that yesterday was not actually a crash.. Could be a full blown crash like 87 ahead BUT that was a type of correction when markets had an ability to move out of a predetermined range. The events around the blood moon were as orchestrated as the sit and stand and clap seal show was in DC during the SOTU. Cmon man a trash truck on the train tracks the next day after the SOTU?? LOL and the Dow being down 666.. Oh that is a scary message eh? 

I think whatever happens in the next few trading days is centrally planned. A 10% correction would not even put a dent in the bull market and would be advertised as a "healthy" correction. As of now I see that limited correction as the more likely course the market takes. 

The astro in general involving the slow planets aspects is not ripe for a major crash YET.  The coming off the top action we saw is not where crashes occur they come on after a retracement rally fails to get prices above a safe level. The danger of a deep low ala 87 starts 28 trading days AFTER the high if it is going to be an 87 event. So March EIGHTH is 28 trading days. In 29 and 87 the crash lows occurred on the 34th trading day. Which would be drum roll the day after THE IDES OF MARCH the 15th. 

So looking at the astro from the 28th trading day to the 34th after the high we have MARCH 10th with a mercury Saturn square and moon conjunct Saturn. Keep in mind that on that date the sun is at 19 Pisces the so called birthday of bin laden and at the exact opposite degree that 911 occurred on at 19 Virgo. 

Another interesting astro fun fact is Mars will be at 29 Sagittarius on March 16th which is at the galactic core..  a spot in the zodiac that has been associated with GOLD market turns. Let me point out that a crash of any consequence is going to cause the fed to go all in on a QE rescue regardless of inflation so that spells a major reason to own gold. With the cryptos being cut off from an exit in fiat currency there is a strong chance that GOLD is the only escape route as things stand at the moment. Maybe a gold backed coin convertible into phiz that actually works? 

 Maybe time to read up on Shakespeare play Julius Cesar. 


"I said crash not TRASH"

Its what she said. "Block trump with a crash."

The bond market is in a crash zone now.  IF A = C that means something like 120ish on the T bond chart

Trump gonna get Jimmy Cartered? 
BTW at 1.6 times wave A wave C would be down to 110 or lower. Hello normal as in 6% yield



Turn of a friendly card

An oldie but goody

"The Turn Of A Friendly Card"

There are unsmiling faces and bright plastic chains
And a wheel in perpetual motion
And they follow the races and pay out the gains
With no show of an outward emotion

And they think it will make their lives easier
For God knows up till now it's been hard
But the game never ends when your whole world depends
On the turn of a friendly card
No the game never ends when your whole world depends
On the turn of a friendly card 



The wave C of the big ABC correction is on in crypto.. The end of it will be seen when there is a capitulation low and not very long from now it would seem. The solar eclipse on the 14th of February is about right.  US stocks are in a correction now too that appears to be tracing out an 87 type of correction.. We should know today as that would be a hard down day leaving everyone in limbo over the weekend waiting for the PPT to clean things up and save all the buy and holders..  Those who buy the dip with no plan and think they are genius meet MR MARKET.. When that group bails out it is over and the real dip presents itself. Again we have an eclipse situation in play now and lows tend to come around the solar eclipse.. the 14th. 

This juncture coming as it does today on a critical day for markets and the day of the FISA release today is not coincidental. The most recent actual market correction was in August of 2015 with a 10% correction culminating over a weekend. Could be this is the standard model for corrections now in the post 2011 cheaters market. 

The so called deep state is willing to crash everything to protect itself. It is ONLY their future that matters and yes they hate Americans for the freedom. Fingers point to the obvious as usual. Isn't it a coincidence the flu is running rampant this year at the same time? 


Nearly impossible odds

Just hours after the blood moon eclipse was exact yesterday a train carrying 200 republican members of congress was on a train to Greenbrier (50 miles from Mt Nebo) and was somehow crashed into a loaded trash truck on the track. The possibility this was an "accident" is close to trillions to one. This was less than a day after the SOTU.. AND DRUM ROLL A DAY BEFORE THE RELEASE OF THE MEMO. 

With the exception of Alex Jones I saw not a hint of suspicion that in media that something bigger than an "accident' occurred. Trey Gowdy resigns just after that. MY GOD is everyone asleep? 

Could you imagine what today would be like had whatever the plot was succeeded? 

This smells of scopolamine the jungle plant drug that takes a persons free will away. Of course we will never know because who do you think will "investigate" this so called accident. Oh and not very far from Charlottesville Va too I might add. 

This also smells of desperation from the deep state to avoid the consequences of what is already in motion. 

Oh and this rhymes with Virginia Tech (darpa U) in 2007 not that far away from the scene.. A story out that was lost in the moment was an Asian was caught there with semi auto with ammo about the same time. VERY CREEPY AREA over there in western Virginia. 


Trump Speech

Saw it.. was kinda impressed it was more presidential than I thought it would be. Could not help myself in feeling relief that we were not watching Hillary doing the second year in her SOFU speech. Seeing all the sad faced dems gave me a tickle. I suspect one line relayed the YOUR FIRED element coming on very quickly as in weeks aimed at the deep state operatives. Hoping for Sessions to be included. 

Crypto had a very bad day yesterday with the TETHER meme doing the damage. In case you don't know about tether it is offshore creation of USD proxy (fake) dollars used by traders to jump out of crypto to safety in some exchanges. The accusation is USDT is not backed with anything?? haha how charade you are. Creating money as debt with nothing to back it but promises to pay is only allowed for the right people. Tether does make it possible to cash out of the Crytpo into a not taxable transaction space and is a good idea if executed properly. 

The rally if you want to call it that was a false start buy signal seen on some coins generated in the last few days by news that ROBINHOOD a millennial targeted brokerage is going to allow crypto trading in a few weeks .. Only in 5 states but including California. News out is they signed up a million new accounts.. As I see it the millennial are getting ramped up to assert their will on the system. Good luck with that from a babyboomer/activist who has spent a lifetime fighting the "man". The deep state now runs a risk of really pissing them off at the same level I saw in my own generation resulting in social chaos. The especially powerful Pluto in Scorpio's born from 84 to 95 are not going to take a slap in the face lying down.. They don't get mad they get even.  I am certain that is the group of Americans who swung the vote to Trump in 2016. They are watching carefully now as to who is for or against them. I can attest the Pluto in Scorpios  are not the snowflakes that were born with Pluto in Libra from 1971 till the mid 80s. 



What could go wrong??

Hello "Mc D style health care.. Get yourself a dollar meal of health served up by a robot in a meat suit. 

These guys are the three stooges of oligarchy.

They cited the "ballooning costs of health care" as the inspiration for their decision.

Just how fat is a fat cow. Oh and how long will it be that Amazon cloud will be used to determine your habits and thus your eligibility to have any healthcare at all. 


Fireworks soon?

The Q-Anon thing just gets more and more interesting

Oh and about the SOTU tonight at 9:00. Trump (6/14/1946) speaks less than a day before the now obviously emotive lunar eclipse. The eclipse lands at 11 Leo Aquarius and Trumps PLUTO is at 11 Leo. Based on the astro tonight is all about a show of power. He has the ammunition with the FBI etc and lets get some popcorn and see what he does with it. Trump has pulled punches before and if he does it is not going to be entertaining to his MAGA followers. 

Meanwhile the stock market seems poised to reflect the real swamp draining in store. Keep in mind the swamp has been at least been fetid since HWB in 1988 so that is a lot of entrenched criminals in high places. I don't expect them to react in a nice walk away mode but to approach their doom in violent fashion. 


Eclipse week

Seems packed with "events" on the economic calendar.. SOTU.. Then the superbowl on Sunday.. The solar eclipse on the 14th is actually the calm part of the equation. 

This from veterans today.  Not liking the "security" outfit G4S. I'm seeing VT as something to be wary of in the end Gordon Duff and some others there turned out to be deep state tools in my opin.. Seems to go a long way around the bend to framing trump if something does happen.

Just paying attention here. 


Dennis K

Dennis Kuciinch.. 10/8/1946.. a bit left for my taste but then again. Would have been a very interesting country if the 2008 election was Ron Paul vs Kucinich... I was all for him as the dem candidate in 2008 but was very unhappy when he caved on Obamacare in 2009 being the swing vote in the house for that.. At the time I figured the blackmail machine had got to him. 

His natal sun is exactly on the USA natal Saturn at 14 Libra.. This is a sign that maybe he can restore the SPIRIT OF THE LAW that was written into the constitution. I'm getting the feeling that when the astrological three ring circus ends at the end of 2019 and the Saturn Pluto conjunction is exact in January 2020 that a very formidable Dem candidate is going to emerge. I'm thinking it may be Kucinich... But first he has to win the Ohio Governor in 2018. 

I'm interested to see what Trump does when he has lost congress this year.. I'm also interested to see what Trump does when challenged by a REAL candidate and statesman who is capable of doing what Sanders could not which is defeat the Demonic element in the Demon-cratic party. I will be all in with him IF he has a platform that includes undoing what he enabled in 2009.  He might be the only one who can do that. 

I see Kucinich as a package deal with his wife being an anti Hillary superstar that could make it possible.


Anniversary date

300 and 18 years ago this happened

Here is a chart adjusted for eastern time. The natives that lived in Cascadia had plenty of stories about this event to share with Lewis and Clark many moons later. The exact time of the quake was a known because the Japanese kept records of the tsunami.. 

NOTE the grand cross Mars Pluto Moon and Sun at 7-10 fixed signs and there is also a Jupiter Saturn semi square present with a mercury retro station.

There is a Jupiter Saturn semi square at present and the supermoon eclipse next week on the 31st is at 11 fixed signs. NOT A PREDICTION just an observation.



Plunge protection team.. Not a household name anymore. This "group" was created by .gov/fed after the 1987 crash to stop another meltdown ... Er stop another meltdown that affects the wrong people.. 

The rally since 2009 was fueled by the PERCEPTION that the greedspan/bernak/yelling PUT would backstop all the stupid human tricks...  and has succeeded to a point where markets are not markets but some sort of bizarre wealth generating mechanism. 

So the trick as of now is to determine what is an acceptable correction or not. The last one was in August 2015 and hit 10% in overnight trading but in US trading hours only 6ish % .. I am on record already that a 10% correction is very likely either near term or in the fall. The lunar eclipse on the 31st and a fed meeting and the SOTU and it looks like that could be a the opportunity to see the PPT in action .. to stress test the markets to see how much stress it will take to go the edge of the abyss but without falling in. The one in 2015 was a Friday - Monday deal. 

TEN PERCENT used to be a normal correction and they happened a few times a year. A dose of reality which resets the risk premium.

The trick then is to time a low because once the PPT succeeds at stopping the decline at the 10% level it will reset the "equation" and allow a full on next leg up. Just based on the outer planets aspects it would be a leg that will likely run into early 2019 with some very speculative and INFLATIONARY energy for most of the year. I think the rally in stocks will lag metal and crytpo gains but then again I am "talking my book" as I do have a bias about what is money and what is fake money.  I think the underperformance of stocks vs alternatives will grow while a nominal rally in stocks will hide that from the unwary. Gold has suffered for 5 years and who is going to sell now?? Same in crytpo that has a 50% decline in the books. They used to call that the STRONG HANDS.

The other one.. The LT US bond is where things get tricky. I see a new QE in the works to buy them to keep them from falling too much as those funny money promises start to become unpopular outside of the recycling plant in RICHmond Virgina. Post 2019 I see a very important set of aspects...  Jupiter Saturn.. Saturn Pluto ..Jupiter Pluto conjunctions. Call it an astrological gauntlet.. Think Jimmy Carter suffering through the highest real interest rates in the last ??? I have no idea maybe in US history. 


Consensus opin

Nuf said


11 for 11

BofAML Bull & Bear indicator has given 11 sell signals since 2002; hit ratio = 11/11; average equity peak-to-trough drop following 3 months = 12%

Rhitt in line with my observations. 


Sea of green

Dollar down stocks up.. Just like Venezuela in the most green stock market in the world.. Stocks are perceived to be a hedge AGAINST CURRENCY DEVALUATION..

This works until it does not as an investment strategy. Considering the debt load on the economy a perception of interest rates raising to above the inflation rate meaning a REAL INTEREST RATE is the turn in the sea of green to a tsunami of red. 

The S&P is looking ripe for a short.. No sell signal yet but not unreasonable to build a hedge incrementally right now with MARCH OPEX in mind. 


It's feeling like it's 1987

An eclipse pair is coming.. Lunar on 1/31 and solar on 2/14. 
These eclipses are prone to reset equations and if that be the case it could be a minicrashy setup with a 10% correction but with the fear factor of the 87 crash 3 times bigger than a simple 10% crashy episode. 

A 10% correction in the S&P would be about 300 points. 

10% corrections were not uncommon until central planning made them verboten. 10% corrections were in the old days a refreshing cold shower that befitted strong hands and astute traders who avoided them and bought the crash lows. One of these ten %ers is likely this year and the near term is more likely than the fall "crash season"

Just sayin. 


The reality of truth

From the people who did the movie Thrive. Really good and especially so for millennials who have been violated so much by the false reality we live in but they were BORN into. A horse sized red pill here.

Aya its not just for hippies anymore. 


Ron Paul and Gerald Celente

God what a fun interview to watch.. Celente on FIRE.. Hahahaha Gerald has the same Mars in Sag I have the same degree too.. Gotta love him. Ron can hardly keep from bursting out laughing. I wonder what Paul is going to say at Jeff Berwicks anarchist convention in a few weeks??


SPX a bit overbought

Well not a bit a LOT.. the most in a long while. Does that mean it is going to crash?? Nope.. But it does mean that when it does correct it should be a good trade. 


I'm going to start to cover the SPX more considering we have  an eclipse pair coming up and that has been an astrological play over the years worth considering. Im watching for the spoos to drop below the upper bollinger 1.6 band line AND have some divergent action on the MACD on this 144 minute bar chart.. A correction starting about now would tend to play out in front of the paying taxes period. 


dip alert

Crypto is testing the recent low in the next day or three. If one was inclined to buy the dip we have that about now.  Stocks on the other hand are on an opposite situation being at peak everything .. 

There is a lunar and solar eclipse coming in the next month that may be the table turn on recent trading situation. Eclipse piars and crash type conditions are correlated so maybe today is a good day to pla attention. 

Good read.


Fly Eagles Fly

Underdogs at home?? Ya right. 38 to 7.. Against the best defense in the NFL.

Foles was brilliant against the Vikings, going 26-33-352. He threw 3 TD passes and didn’t turn the ball over. Foles did this against the #1 defense in the league with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. And he made it look easy.

Still waking up.. 

OH the gov shut down?? Huhh. 



I'm going to visit my grandson over the weekend.. Will be a bit distracted Sunday night with the biggest game in Philly since the 1980 championship game.. LOL I was there in person for that one with minus 20 wind-chill and it was great..  The iggles beat the cowboys as an underdog playing at home to go the superbowl. Been a long time since they won it all.. almost a lifetime I was 8 years old in 1960 when they won well before superbowl one. This year they are home dogs once again like 1980. Ya it is a big deal and no I will not be up early Monday morning. 

Bleeding green football hooligans that we are. Guess the writer of the below link is not a fan or lives anywhere near Philly.. Probably a Dallas fan LOL..


Must read

Might want to look at this gold chart over the weekend. Very long term play but then again it pays to think way ahead.

Nice winter here.. A pic worth a 1000 words. Right out my front window The pic is the other side of the holler.. My place is a double wide but I get to see a great house framed like a post card I did not have to pay for haha. .


First they ignore you

Then they laugh at you.. then they fight you.. THEN YOU WIN.. Gandhi.

The debate is getting testy.. The laughing at you part is on in spades..

Decentralized crypto is not going away just the same as Gandhi would not go away. The issue is the price and the convertibility to fiat. Given an actual choice ... as in freedom .. who would want debt money over something that is not designed to go go down in value so cronies can pay off loans easier.. 

THE FIGHT YOU PART is coming. Kinda big retrace was in play yesterday.. Kinda funny the CBOE original future contract expired yesterday eh? Kinda funny that the two crash waves in the last month occurred when the moon was in Capricorn. Oh and the next moon in Capricorn is Feb 11th which is a date duly noted here already. 

THE FIGHT YOU PART seems to me to be in April when there is an attempt to tax people who are not subject to it because they are not in USD. 

The THEN YOU WIN part is still a long way away I think it is revolving around the triple conjunction of Jupiter Saturn and Pluto out in 2020. Right now we are in the phase where it is IMPERATIVE to learn how to defend yourselves by learning TRADING and stop being a sitting duck. Ya know like making money the old fashioned way by earning it.  The current crytpo exchanges are already obsolete and run by geeks who are mostly HODL and would not know a bear even in a zoo. 


Is it real or Memorex

Posted in the don't panic lighten up section of SOTT

Actually not funny because I was a 11 11 11 observer due to the Calleman mayan count and that is really close to the start up of CERN. 

NOTE that was when it seemed to many of us truthers reality somehow became a past tense idea. 


Lions and Tigers and Bears


Wow that was some fast shifting of sentiment.. The carnage in BTC and crypto was big.. Couple of 100K billions went out the window yesterday there .. but the S&P did something too as it traced out a KEY REVERSAL day yesterday. A ton of "investors" had the realization that they were really traders and were unprepared for that.. Most who were rather happy gloating about how smart they were found out all about MR MARKET.  Mr Market is the enemy of those who don't know what is going on and stand around waiting  for him to shower them with wealth. Mr market loves informed and experienced traders and rewards them. Mr market is the decider on who wins.  Same as it ever was. 

There have been violations of support and a shifting of Ewave counts.. the astro last weekend was Sun Venus conjunction in a square to Uranus.. CHANGING VALUATIONS theme and now you see astro at work. The good part (silver lining) is the crytpos are responding to astro aspects and that makes it a lot more predictable than the zombie equity markets that have been mindfucked to the point of insanity. BTW wait for the equity market mavens to start to gloat and then expect them to deal with Mr market as well. If you have bearish trade tendencies you are getting in a good position now of getting ready to eat. 

I will be updating the new technical situation in the crypto section this am. BE SURE TO READ MY POST FROM YESTERDAY AFTERNOON THERE. 



One guy

One guy decided to steal 440 k of stellar lumens from a so called SECURE wallet yesterday and resulted in 150 billion in lost market cap last night. Carnage was across the board.
ETH triggered the trailing stop at 1220 that I noted on the chart page in the crypto section yesterday morning. The ETH long was from 775 to stopped out at 1220.. For now it is wait and see as far as ANY long trades in crypto. I am not a dip buyer I am a continuation signal buyer. 

Trapped in a long position with no exit?? I'm working on a way to help readers to trade on a much more professional platform that allows for hard stops and short selling ... give me a few days and I will give details. 


Venus squared Uranus over last weekend

This was actually Venus Sun conjunction squared to Uranus. By definition that says CHANGING VALUATIONS as it applies to market psychology. If I was an old school astro pundit I would be calling it a turn date over the weekend. I'm not into astro being called that so because that is also the way people thought of markets over a decade ago. I see CHANGE and VALUATION and let that be the theme.

ETH is making a divergent new high
BTC is making a nearly or just completed wave E of FOUR correction low since December high.
US equity is acting like a drunk driver running every light at high speed
Bond are hanging ten over a rather mean looking potential to finally reflect reality
Gold looks like that pretty girl in the corner waiting for you to talk to her.

So ya trend changes are in the air. The weekend Mercury Saturn conjunction is another factor called worry but it seemed to concentrate in manifesting in this eras version of duck and cover. Ya ya it was a fat finger on the wrong button. Think of the mental damage to kids who had no idea they could die in a minute. 

About that BTC chart .. The Dec high had a  the characteristics of a wave three high.. An over shoot in parabolic run.. Then the correction after as wave FOUR since has the psychology of confusion. "why is it not still going up. The confusion has to be discouraging to be meaningful and I think we are at that part now which is a sign the next move will be up into the capitulation phase going up to a new high lets say high enough to accomplish it at 22K more or less. Timing of the start of that rally to new highs is the tricky part. Nibbling now makes sense but there is NO BUY SIGNAL YET on my indicators.  

The next astro of significance is the lunar eclipse at months end that should bring in a highly emotional wave of traders acting on impulse so the next wave up to capitulation should be associated with that time frame. Watch for a huge hubris meme to develop in those who have been right and nay sayers to be silent. . 

HAHAHAHAHA.. If you are going to attempt to trade on this info please be advised that trading just on astro without sound technical reasons to back up your opinion is not wise. Be a good trader and use the tools you have available and keep in mind the FOUR AGREEMENTS
Don't take things personally
honor your words
always do your best.


Mercury Saturn conjunction

This aspect was exact yesterday and manifested as a scare in Hawaii that an incoming nuke was aimed at them.  That aspect manifests as a WORRY FACTOR and wow that was quite an example. Telling parents to hide their kids in storm drains??? Wow.

The aftermath of the false alert was "crazy," she told NBC Bay Area, and prompted people to run around on the streets "crying and screaming," wondering what to do.

That aspect is not all bad.. The Philly Eagles won yesterday to advance to the conference championship game yesterday with backup quarterback Nick Foles who had that conjunction land on him in a way that made him a steely eyed imitation of all pro starter Carson Wentz.. The game was one of the most tense (for fans) as I have seen in my 5 decades as a fan. A hand wringer from start to finish down to the last 4th and goal defensive stand with a few seconds left on the clock. Wow.. They were home underdogs. 
pretty cool


Contracts for differences

Contracts for differences have been around a long while but are NOT AVAILABLE to US residents But that is changing due to the emergence of crypto.. We at astroecon are at work now to blaze a trail out of the "company store" and we should have links and instructions on how to get an account in the next few days. I have used one based in the UK when I was working for the city of London bank 10 years ago and it is very clean and transparent way to trade crypto .... FX.. gold silver oil and a bunch of equity indexes stocks etc. All outside of US regs.. ( greedy controllers )... 

If you live outside of the USA you are lucky. If you are in the US it takes a bit more effort to get an account funded. Once you are out of the slave money system it feels like freedom. 


The forgotten asset class

In the midst of the crypto hype there is a laggard of interest. The new wealth of BTC becomes a difficult job in preserving that wealth due to exchange issues and high fees and potential regs and taxes.

Interesting discussion on Keiser report yesterday about Gold.. Keep in mind that it is FAR easier to convert crypto to phiz gold and silver than into the bankster FRNS and I would suggest that Stacy Herbert is right on with her doing some wealth protection now.  


Contacts for differences

Contracts for differences have been around a long while but are NOT AVAILABLE to US residents But that is changing due to the emergence of crytpo.. We at astroecon are at work now to blaze a trail out of the "company store" and we should have links and instructions on how to get an account in the next few days. I have used one based in the UK when I was working for the city of London bank and it is very clean and transparent way to trade crypto .... FX.. gold silver oil and a bunch of equity indexes stocks etc. All outside of US regs.. ( greedy controllers )

If you live outside of the USA you are lucky. 


Valid question

I would say in a more tactful way.. Who is pushing the USA into current immigration policy. Are they American first types or not. If not WFT. I think the answer is obvious and it is "people" who are either globalist from outside the US or zionists that want more slave voters to further "punish" the existing American population AKA white people. The dems have admitted they cannot win without illegal voters so you have that too. 


The Asians learn the pump and dump

Remember when the Chinese were going to shut down the crypto markets? Turned out to be fake news. Now S Korea is going to shut them down. The reaction is understandable with downward pressure on prices. In technical terms not much different today with eth still hanging ten in the bull move and the rest continuing to base out hopefully at a level that allows for a buy a dip soon. 

There is a battle going on with many exchanges dysfunctional and not taking new customers. High fees.. Slow as shit execution. This is going to force a lot of traders to shift over to the CME and sets up the new BTC etfs for great attention. Anything to keep the rubes in the USD casino. 

I am doing some work on the genesis block birth chart of BTC and it does appear to be sensitive to transits to that natal chart. I notice a big transit day Feb. 11th to keep on eye on. Details in the crypto section. 


The day the market died

No not the day after tomorrow.. It was on May 6th 2010.. rigger mortis did not set in until November 2011 when the the theft of billions by John Corzine went unpunished. There has NOT been price discovery since late 2011 and the rally in stawks ever since is a lot like financial pro wrestling.

The play by play action from the CME that day. May 2010 mini crash

Posted for those that think that the USD fiat currency denominated markets are "safe"


You better watch this

Just like in the matrix movie??

Wow what are we doing?? 


Prez O

I think I mentioned that the coming election in November 2018 would see a euphoric "win" by female political power. Hummm Got to say I was not thinking Oprah but it may as well be her. Hey I don't know maybe will be an improvement. 

The astro in front of the midterm is telling me that in essence trump will be a lame duck 1/2 way through his first term by a massive shift in congress. Then a woman wins the 2020 and that is ALL SHE WROTE for the good ol USA as we knew it. 


Big short position

I suspect the shorts are not all that aware of what BTC and the cryptos really are. I'm thinking Clint Eastwood saying FEELING LUCKY PUNK?? Of course it maybe fake news about it just to scare BTC holders out of their coins too.

I think this does explain why ETH has all of a sudden taken 2nd place in market cap and has risen to 1200 overnight. 


1996 all over again

I started this site in January 1996.. Ancient times when there were no html editors and email was too challenging for anyone over 30. The net was a patched up with duck taped unreliable mess on a good day. Yet the early adopters had an unbelievable head start in the biggest change in the economy since the invention of the steam engine. 

Years ago I advocated hedging USD exposure with 10% metal and 10% crypto. Few listened including close family who rolled their eyes. If someone had done it then they would have to rebalance that 10% crypto now by selling some crypto off and shifting it to phiz metal. Annnnndddd you would have some fun money to play with on top.. Maybe buy a Benz or a yacht. OR MAYBE buy some so called shitcoins like STELLAR with some of it. Lol I like the name and am going to start to follow that coin in the crypto trading section. 



People question Trump's sanity and I am not surprised. I don't think Trump is crazy but I do see him serving his masters. His cabinet is a collection of reps of the various crime syndicates who are forcing their will on policy to a point of insanity. Sessions is a tool of the big money narco mafia / police state that is the very definition of the swamp.

Losing support?

Locking up anyone using or growing a plant that has proven harmless when an epidemic of young people are dying of legalized opiates???  That is indeed insane.  

I do not think anyone who has been using pot is going to stop it because sessions has a bribe to pay off.. All it does is remove any shred of credibility of the so called law and I say fine we the people will take it upon ourselves to bypass the entirety of the slave system by creating an ALT ECONOMY. 


A buddy of mine for almost 2 decades CLIF HIGH is on a roll. Clif and I have collaborated various times over the years and it is great to see him getting his due. I am very impressed that he is so popular with younger people who need the guidance of an old dude who knows the ropes. LOL.. he is also popular out in the jungles of South America and rural China. Tip of the spear against the debt machine.


About war

Seeing the astro today and thinking we have peak bluster going on. Mars and Jupiter are Conjunct in Scorpio and in a sextile to Sun Venus and Pluto. This is powerful energy and not necessarily "bad" in a sense that it is likely someone blinks at least when it comes to North Korea. Iran maybe not as I see Israel behind what is going on there and we know what they want. 


Sessions... AKA monkey man

WTF man it is clear that the will of WE THE PEOPLE means nothing in DC.

Really he has nothing better to do than this? He serves as a pawn for the clinton/bush narco crime empire who is going lose out big if we the people can grow our own.  He serves the police and prison industry also who have STOLEN BILLIONS of taxpayers money in the fake war on drugs. He serves the interests of BIG BEER as if alcohol is some how OK when it is proven to be up there with opiates in destructive results.

If the gov wants people to respect the law it should be that the laws are respectable. 


OMG it is cold

I wonder how many tons of carbon it takes an hour to heat AlGore mansion?

LOL I am old enough to remember winter as god meant it to be. The warmist would like everyone to get amnesia and think this is something new and dont ya know that humans are causing it. 

There is clear evidence that the output of the sun has a DIRECT effect on earth temperature and guess what the location of the large gas planets relative to each other has a direct effect on the solar cycle and solar output. Some people would even call it ASTROLOGY.. HAHAHAHAHA


Hide the decline no longer

From Marty Armstrong

The danger to humans and civilization is COLD. Same as it ever was. The human caused global warmists are misdirecting the public for a few sheckles and the results in the longer term are going to be an extinction level problem the longer the real danger is ignored.