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3/31 prep for April 4 am
mars and Saturn conjunction squares my midheaven today, yesterday was great I got the hands guy who I need to retool my office show up. gonna take a week or weeks or the month to get back to a pain free and efficient work environment. once finished you can expect much more grafic content embedded into each days update.  yes each day will have its own page.  And navigation will make sense. it has been since 2013 since i was doing the site this way. i may go back to a password protected daily update at a reasonable price with a more substantial weekly stand alone post designed for investor types in april. the goal is to be all set up to produce a  consistent product by May

what I expected was a game changer in April and a return to excellence in may all possible because the hands guy showed up. moving furniture doing carpentry now possible. lol my ambitions about creating club bob here also possible. 


3/31 3am
Question everything

the snp appears to be completing the 4th wave of one and all that we need to see is a modest decline back to 2450 to get wave 5 down in progress, ahem that would be 1of 5 of one,  then 2 of 5 of one back to relief then the more dramatic 3 of 3 of 5 which takes the snp back to below the 2350 pivot. finishing the episode off with 5 of 5 of one down to capitulation to 2050

the above is a road map to make sense of what seems nonsensical. because leftist politicians want the market lower and more dead citizens so trump looks bad. 
so if this plays out according to my game plan a nice fat dip opportunity should present  itself as an ABC rally after that low as a wave two relief rally all the way back to the 78% retrace of the whole crash since feb high  my fav time for that two  high is September around my birthday on 13th. 



3/30 laying low
 the plannedemic  good read 5 am

update 3 am 
 I live in a county where here is zero cases.  I moved here in 2006 knowing this would be a great place to isolate myself in the event of bio terrorism, something I thought was inevitable. 

not a surprise this comes along in the 19th anniversary year after 911. one wonders is this the same perps as 911 after all they followed up with the anthrax in 2001. 


the snp is behaving in a expected 4th wave confusion pattern and could be days until confusion starts to clear up  with a new wave of selling kicking in  as the 5th wave capitulation

 the astro today and tomorrow. Jupiter Pluto conjunction a huge amount of bloviating politicians peddling their agenda. the mars Saturn conjunction is the feeling of having authority oppressing  you. lockdown a good description.  I did expect the mats saturn conjunction to force buyers to buy as if they are in a forced march  owning puts now is warranted considering the 5th wave potential to drop prices to 2050.  






celebration day. 3/29/2023

 only 3 years to go
 Pluto in Aquarius for a long stay. the Pluto in Aquarius children born after 3/29 2023 will rival the power of the Pluto in Leo baby boomers. I am on record for years predicting the usa will rise to beyond dominance to lead the world in spiritual science and the start will be 2023 . the children born after 2023 start to come of age after 2042  you could call them the children of the sun.



3/28- 3/29
 weekend post

 3/29 1 am

big stirring of animal spirits going on. 
 I get a strong sense the baby boomers are being shocked into awakening to the plot to get rid of them. do the spoiled brat millennials really think they can stop boomers with a cold virus? bob dylan says no way

 murder most foul with lyrics

Jupiter conjunct Pluto. mars conjunct Saturn  this is huge political energy, if the boomers wake up there will be hell to pay for ruining this once fine country. 

 rattle that lock lose those chains


 3/28 pm
 so who benefits from the madness/  those who can create a shortage can write themselves a blank check soon right? 


3/28 am

 I must admit to being unhappy with my presentation the last two months. I got some things right.. some things I was late in recognizing. doing my best and considering the immense amount of damage I suffered physically since 2017 on top of having my home ransacked and turned upside down numerous times since late 2017 I guess it's a miracle I have come back to this low grade success. 

Looking forward. I can put the really tough triple conjunction behind me as soon as mars and Saturn conjunction ends this coming week. whew I thought it might kill me but nope I'm determined to not just hang on for dear life but thrive going forward.


the giant left wing conspiracy 

This started in the early 1990s when Hillary was barking like a dog about the giant right wing conspiracy against them when it was about investigating whitewater crimes. 

is the music over?
 could be. 
 the last truly significant rock concert enjoyed worldwide as a  simulcast event  was David Gilmore live in Pompeii performed 7 7 2016. 11 years exactly after live 8 July 2 2005. 
 live 8 was huge  message going directly at the G8 the source of the genocide of 3rd world peoples
so effective it was at spotlighting the NWO oligarchs it generated a terrorist event  the London tube bombing to distract the world from the message

so Gilmore tried to carry the ball with live at Pompeii  and was so good it will live on as  the best live concert ever recorded on dvd setting the bar very high




all you need to know. This is obvious. dare to cure the virus you become an enemy of the nanny state

think of it the virus gets cured by something trump recommends  means doom for the libs plan to take over the world. 


3/28  3am

 murder most foul

 dylan trying to get himself john lennoned?
 stirring up Kennedy now could be dangerous
eventually the search for the perp in this bio terror event will have to go back to the root of the case in 1963. hum who was running the cia duh shit show when operation northwoods was cooked up? oh them .. 
maybe Dylan will come back to being the icon of an entire generation

must listen

 This song he admits to being used as a tool many years ago.  
maybe he is turning on his master?


not to add to the fear mongering. 
 the above link is must read




3/27 4am
today's range on the esh2020 is 2634 to2550.
the spy has run up to the 38% of the decline from all time highs a perfect place for the wave 4 of one to conclude wave 5 of one down target is 2050 I expect that price needs to be printed in April or early May



 playing their hand
 temporary? ya  right

Brown wants international organizations like the WHO and the UN to be given executive powers that would supersede national sovereignty as part of a new system overseen by world leaders and health experts.

war on Saturn Pluto conjunction

In short, the authorities have whipped the masses into an orgy of shrieking, white-eyed FEAR of this new, evil, “invisible enemy” that is coming to kill them and their families. Millions of people (now confined in their homes) have taken to the Internet to pump up the hysteria, share totally un-sourced personal accounts of the horrors their therapists’ accountants’ doctors have personally witnessed on the war’s “front lines,” and hunt down any infected persons, or potentially infected persons (or otherwise uncooperative persons) who might have gone outside for some air.


more polly

 my words but a whisper your deafness a shout
and your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick




3/26 5am



on deck. 
Jupiter Pluto conjunction and mars Saturn conjunction  both exact on April 1st
the 4th wavish rally is painting a picture. the astro ahead in the next week is huge probably topping off this rally.  I was thinking after April 1st fools day a high before a mini crash a lot like april of 2000. so if the 4th competes the 5th wave down could drop the market back to snp 2050 late April



 12 monkeys

predictive programming ?  also early 1990s

directed by Terry Gilliam of monty python fame who also directed another gem of a movie BRAZIL that has come true in a way. oh lets not forget time bandits. lol..

very deep rabbit hole. 

Amazing Polly vid

Polly could be my long lost oldest daughter.
 well worth watching.  
wow gen Flynn at the end of the vid






Celente speaks

“We are going to go from ‘Dirty Cash to Digital Trash,’ which is also the title of the current Trends Journal. They’ve got people freaked out. They are going to give us digital trash. That’s what they are doing. They are going to get rid of the currencies that you have.”



Simpson's predict corona virus in 1993

geez this is from 1993 .. hum we had a new president in January 1993

15 times the show predicted he future

6 am
shitting on Easter
 so trump is all in for Easter holiday filling churches and everyone being happy. ah huh the opposition party will have something to say about that. make America miserable again is how they roll. MAMA stands for nanny state. 
4 am

The wave 4 confusion period has begun.. .. the confusion is about why is the market not still in crash mode. nice moves in the snp yesterday between 2350 and 2450. so I'm getting a sense that trump is winning. um  record Dow rally etc

I use 8 min bars to see enough prospective at the current degree wave. handy time frame to determine where the stops are



this wave 4 should have an abc or abcde look to it with wave e high at a stop running level. def above 2600


 cra cra world a billion souls on lockdown
for your entertainment I've had enough w/ lyrics
 from early 80s  ju sa pl triple conj period

oh when mars is conjunct Saturn we should see forced buying. only then we will see if shorting makes sense for an eventual crashy drop back to 2050. April fools day has looked interesting to me for a high with mars sitting on Saturn's head like a bald spot



4 am

china wins?

"China wants to take advantage of this calamity to wrest global leadership from the United States. It will be the communist country that makes us the most energetic medicines to fight the virus. It will discover the vaccine before anyone else and distribute it worldwide in record time. It will buy our assets and invest in our countries to rescue our economies. Ultimately, it will claim to be our savior."


This site was started in 1996 to present a white paper I wrote in the mid 1990s about the very long cycle I discovered in the 1980s generated by Saturn Pluto and Uranus. the key to finding this cycle was Saturn Uranus Pluto  T square that coincided with the 1929 crash and  depression that resulted

I noted right away after years of study  the T square had Uranus transiting over at the midpoint of Saturn Pluto opposition..  the formula is u =s/p

this exact midpoint combo is long cycle aprox 68-72 years. 

 the exact combo landed on 1776 1852 1929 and finally in 1996

in 1996 i predicted the usa would fail it's hegemonic role and the world domination it had enjoyed  would move west to Asia. at the time i discovered the cycle in mid 1990s   Ithought Japan would move into dominance 68- 72 years after 1996. 
BUT something happened in 1996 that modified my seeing japan as becoming a world dominating power.. that was uk giving hong kong back to china.  aha I thought there it is.. the historical shift put china in position to take dominance from the usa  and become the world's dominant power in the 2060's. 

as one can imagine my prediction was quite unpopular in 1996 I got emails telling me i was full of shit to ever think china would  dominate the entire globe.
 the early subscribers to astroecon would remember the controversy.

 i elaborated my prediction over time noting hong kong would add the financial clout to an already emerging superpower and the usa was failing to gracefully give up the dominance it earned in operation desert storm plus the Russian defeat in Afghanistan. 


 so looked at when would china assert itself and that would be the half cycle of the 68- 72 year period and drum roll.. that is NOW.  

 I also predicted in early writings on this site that usa would become very unpopular around the world and numerous enemies would take the usa to it's knees and devastate the american people.. so china would accomplish it's eventual rise to power by saving the usa from the wrath of the rest of the world.. in other words i thought china would win ww3

It was all so very clear to me as the 1990s played out and then 911 I was exactly rhitt haha 

 I thought I deserved a Nobel prize in economics  as everything was clear as a bell. china was going to be the dominant world power in the 2060's and would achieve dominance by saving the usa from the wrath of the rest of the world

 the original white paper has been lost. computer and web server crashes have repeatedly destroyed the site and I had to rebuild it brick by brick from rubble 5-6 times already

I used to have a hard copy a subscriber sent me but that has also been lost in the moves in the 2001- 2015 period

the wheels of time grind slowly..  the moment of the shift is already in progress.. Saturn Pluto conjunction this year.,. two Saturn Uranus squares in 2021. china will win and Americans will find out that there has been collusion between the oligarchs in the usa with the oligarchs in china starting in 1996. 

the very few people who have been coming here daily since 1996 until now are my witness to back up my claim I discovered the master cycle of history


 That Nobel prize money would come in handy right now

In the weeks and months ahead I will revisit the subject of the S= U/P  midpoint cycle.

the link at the top of this post from zero hedge today 3/24 is the proof my thesis in 1996 was utterly spot on from the get go. 

In the late 1990s  I realized that the benefit of being knocked off the perch of dominance in finance and warfare would put the American people in a position to dominate one area of human affairs in the post 2030 - 2060 timeframe.,. that would be in spiritual science leading the world back from the brink of utter destruction and tyranny. 


yes in the end the hippies were right the whole time

 here is PROOF

high hopes
 the ringing of the division bell had begun.

oh my the lyrics

I know I generate resistance because I am an old hippy and I am still positive that many artists of my generation over the last 60 years saw it all from long ago when I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of my eye. 
 the dawn of the 2000 year long age of Aquarius is at hand right now. 

there is no pain you are receding 
a distant ship smoke on the horizon

running before time took our dreams away 
yes print it out. rare gem. 

The above link. a must read if you are over 50. If you are older sigh.. I hope you don't have to walk the plank of time alone like I do now. older guys in this once great country are treated like dog dirt on the younger people shoes. Careful what you ask for youngsters. 

god bless this kid's parents





3/21 - 3/22

weekend update


3/23 noon
 markets took back all the gains from trump going back to January 2017
 One wonders just how high the top tic would have been feb 2020 if the treasonous behavior toward the president the last 3 years not taken place. 


I think I feel wave 4 confusion starting today. the achievement by the left to take it all back seems to be a non event and there has not been much technical damage done.  below is a wave analysis I think is very accurate indicating the decline since early Feb. is not quite finished all 5 waves down and at best I think the 2050 area is as low as the political bears are going to get probably in early may when a wave 5 of one low is due to capitulate only that low. Once that low is printed a vigorous retrace rally into September is my fav scenario.

3/23 4 am

new moon in Aries

new moon full moon a turn in trend quite often
 this new moon is fairly tranquil with the exception of mars Pluto landing in conjunction with Jupiter.  there could be a notable change in political power I noted below Hillary and china are forming a power couple. ..... does this surprise anyone reading here?
could we be talking about china meddling in the election soon.. In 2000 Al Gore was  deep in that with illegal fund raising. 
 I notice Venus is landing at 20 Taurus conjunct my 4th house natal Jupiter.. ummm me thinks I might solve some of my own fund raising woes in the next 28 days. 
 I have ambition.... an Aries thing.. regarding fixing my clumsy arrangement of keyboards running 13 feet of monitors and many other improvements around here I may as well get home improvements done while I am on lockdown. sooo all you billionaires reading here .. even prospective billionaires chip in today it should pay dividends in the weeks ahead. 

oh good vid on historical cycles
 oh no Hillary?

Corbet on medical marital law


3/23 midnight

Rand Paul jan 7 1963
 I think it is wise to consider if the virus has been specifically weponized/ aimed  against individuals to disable or silence them.

 rand has mercury in Aquarius at 5 degrees.. mars and Saturn are gong to make a conjunction in early Aquarius on Paul's mercury in the weeks ahead then Saturn too and I do think he is in some danger of some severe mental anguish. .

 his illness may make passing some legislation difficult which could effect Sunday night futures and Monday trading.  

 amazing polly covers a lot of ground

clif high a buddy. goes out in the wilderness. he has a track record of being on target so watch and enjoy

 oh  and I saw Hillary make her move to team up with the Chinese today. 
 Mar Pluto Jupiter  in action. 

tarp may or not pass

3/22/ 2 pm

near term ewave count
 ewave is a subjective subject but is useful. 
 chart is 55 minute bars

 shown is what I believe to be the completed wave one of an eventual 5 wave decline 
 the low on 3/20 is labeled wave 3 low of one. if so the next wave  is wave 4 of one topping out around April 19th. 
 wave 5 of one down a completion in early may with a capitulation low below the 3/20 low. 

once the entire 5 wave structure of wave one is completed a wave two rally of the same degree as wave one should take an abc proportional path higher to top out in  my preferred astro timeline zone September. 

 in the following next few weeks the theme of the market is confusion which is wave 4  signature psychology. the confusion could be about why is it not crashing harder. 

once the confusion ends the wave 5 takes price below the wave 3 low in a capitulation which is wave 5 signature . wave 5 can be quite dramatic and extend lower than common targets. for now I think aprox 205.0 on the spdr 


3/22 6am

a good sign that a period of relief is not too far from now

Our skittish elites have been so baffled, infuriated in fact, by our calm response to their hysterical warnings that they have invented pathologies to explain our unacceptable behaviour. The therapeutic language of ‘denialism’ is used to explain the masses’ refusal to fret over climate change. Environmentalists write articles on ‘the psychology of climate-change denial’, on ‘the self-deception and mass denial’ coursing through this society that refuses to flatter or engage with the hysteria of the eco-elites. Likewise, the refusal of voters to succumb to the dire, hollow warnings of the ferociously anti-Brexit wing of the establishment was interpreted by self-styled experts as a psychological disorder.

the profitable notion of a sucker born every minute is wearing thin


3/22 1 am

lol ya it is late.. I don't sleep much the pain gets worse when I lay down. so I  burn the midnight oil

 The astro ahead is what it is our reaction to it is the determiner of the outcome. 

 god I'm looking at the astro out on the timeline. Saturn and Pluto tracking close to a conjunction all the way into October2020.  Jupiter hanging close to Pluto too.. seems we get blowhard politicians exercising excessive control over the population.. Saturn Pluto wants to control or determine the animal spirit of the general population. lol don't panic obey orders love your masters 

soo how is the stock market going to react? I am on record saying the location of a large relief rally should be may - September. 
the relief rally could see a lowering cost of everyday items like energy food mortgage / rent the addition of direct stimulus payments to citizens could generate savings ...  could it be Chinese products go up in price.. and Americans stop buying them. inflation stats low. employment gets new dealish.  lol Bernie starts to work with trump? 

once the relief rally tops in September 2020 not far from new highs. the wave 3 down starts to be seen with one of 3 down into and past election. wave 2 of three up tops into early January as double top . then wave 3 of 3 down rolls over early January into February 2021.  then long drawn of 4 of 3 down drags out as sideways lower lows scraping the bottom into later 2021 and then capitulation 5 of 3 down to finish the bear market in late 2021
 downside targets for bear low as low as the 2009 low at 666
The presence of Saturn Uranus squares early and late 2021 supports this wave count. 
it could be fashionable to be old fashioned pioneers off the grid commune/ kibbutz lifestyle. 

 I predicted a long time ago that the adversity of the big down cycle in America due 2021 till 2030 could result in America becoming a world leader in what I call spiritual technology. What I envision is a return to widespread consciousness development and legalizing the use of psychedelic plants Americans might come back to traditional north American  shamanic practices and re discover a lifestyle fitting to thrive on the land we live on.  
 his is the age of Aquarius dawning for real. bypassing high  technology totalitarian control to go to higher consciousness making it irrelevant. ahh the pursuit of happiness. 
 in the end a revival and an understanding the hippies were right the whole time lol


 haha my posts sometimes turn into drum solos
an influence that comes from my astro twin neil peart. 

wow I blush  it is so interesting seeing someone interviewed who has the same birth chart as yours.

 I am very keen on living out  the promise of the huge amount of talent loaded into the September 12 - 13 1952 birth charts we both have hard wired. 

I am aware that Neil had terrific front men  to round out his band and sing his songs . 
 I'm still waiting for those guys to show up for me and become legends in astro trading.
 Neil passing in January has me understand I have a lot of work left to do to live up to my astro birth chart potential . 


 want to know me personally watch this

I sit here working on mount Nebo surrounded by 13 feet of monitors at arms length  not unlike a drum kit. 

 haha I have gotten some negative feedback lately about my use of music to express myself and constantly bringing up my hippie mentality. oh well fk it. 

high hopes acoustic fab version at 00:21



3/21 11 am
 max fear now max relief at some point inevitable  but when?
 the astro is rather nasty all the way into April fools day. 
 violence is in the air over this weekend 
 then next week mars Saturn conjunction repression  by the nanny state and this conjunction being in Aquarius alerts me to a soviet style morphing into Chinese style mass control. 

none dare call it terrorism
 terrorism an act meant to produce fear for political gain
sleuths in the truth movement have been good at unraveling many a false flag since the 1990s starting with twa 800 then 911 and lots of staged mass shootings. 
 OK so I thought about it and came up with rudy guliani as a guy trump should tap into for some real investigation. What if he finds the same slugs under all the rocks he turns over? 
 the almost laughable Q keeps the hope levels high but nada on the white hats




Banzai 7 masterful post


my astro twin expresses what is inside of me .

Neil Peart was not an astrologer but the lyrics of mystic rhythms suggest he has seen it maybe through my spirit which is inside of him. 
  song with lyrics

we suspend our disbelief and we are entertained

3/21 1 am

oh boy tomorrow is bonesman day 3/22. pay attn to what goes on. I expect the so called deep state to assert itself. I see Lindsey graham is on a meat hook

oh ya lets get more sleeper cells into high places. 

I am still concerned that trump will find he has a lot more RINOS in his party.
 after all the blackmail machine is not going away any time soon as things stand,. 

Mars Pluto conjunction today. is this going to be bloody Sunday?

this in an election year?
minus  24% i wonder do they still call their clients muppets around the office?

this is what a controlled demolition of the economic vitality of the usa looks like


 I read a Marty Armstrong letter to the president and the forecaster sure has a handle on things


 posted 3/20 2 pm
 cmon man

ok so the all time high rolls over into a wave one down which by it's nature a surprise, and the natural landing spot for a wave one decline is 38% which is ? drum roll 2350 on march future 

so the cme goes all electronic no open outcry and the nyse does the same so the algos rule and respond to events and new release not psychology ..   What I saw was the march emini trade within a dollar of 2450 most of friday afternoon and closed trading 2438.. but the nyse arca spy etf traded lower late in the day pressuring the future. the spy closed at 229 leaving a tail below 2350

. It appears that new york is dominant over Chicago futures so if you are using astrology make the location ny. 


first look at the june emini. pivot support / resistance at 2330


 add ons over the weekend hit refresh for latest posts.

situational awareness. The soviet union collapsed in 1990 and the state issued money started to be worthless. For two years the currency of choice to get a product that was" out of stock" was packs of Marlboro or L&M cigarettes. the paper money changed hands but no product without the "bribe". 

the way things look as of this rhitting it could come down to something similar. 


oh and I am old enough to have thought gas lines were silly?

Update (1240ET): In an alarming video that shows just how huge demand is for COVID-19 tests, a drive-thru testing site in Bergen County has a line that's "several thousand cars long".

I wonder if you could butt in line using a pack of Marlboros?

Trump also said that he probably won't ever institute a national lockdown, feeling that decisions like that are better left up to the states.

thank god trump  is giving the leftists as much rope as they need. 

amazing display of extreme micro control by nanny state governors and mayors

As states crack down around the country, with increasing legal penalties for people who put the public welfare at risk by venturing outdoors for no reason, or not taking the proper precautions, Baltimore appears to be readying for a crackdown as some residents steadfastly refuse to follow curfews.

I think trump is leading the way with a light touch on the leash which should make a difference in November in large cities.


 I also see trump is focused on an actual treatment that appears to work not a vaccine. with unknown unintended consequences. I am not interested in being a guinea pig for big phrama / darpa 





3/20 noon
 The goldman number is esh 2450 so I think the march contract settles there. 
 you Muppets just try and f with the big G and trade against them 


am updates  below best to read them some of it will be detailed further  in the weekend update

 It looks like the lockdown is on  and by a state to state process. now getting reports about the totalitarian way this is being done in leftists run states.. like new York and California  Saturn is creeping into Aquarius right now.  Saturn in Aquarius has a Stalinist feel to it.  

I can just hear it now that when the virus burns itself out now the commies will claim they did it and saved everyone from trump . citizens are being conditioned to see a nanny state as good for them. 
 Mars and Saturn conjunction going to be an over the top display of commie style government. 


 oh and those brave souls trading the es now must pay attn to the trading pivots and supports . 2350 very much in play.  triple witch is today and the es will settle where the most important people win.  since goldman had 2450 pegged a week ago I figure that is about where the march contract settles. 


 sorry I cannot help myself. 
I am a rare conservative hippy
life during wartime from the last time Saturn Pluto and Jupiter were triple conjunct.

this aint no party this aint no disco this aint no fooling around

slippery people hysterical| 


I became a pantheist at age 11 after reading stranger in a strange land
Pantheism is the belief that reality is identical with divinity, or that all-things compose an all-encompassing, transcendent god.

So I am a conservative hippy  I was not alone and those few of us left carrying the torch of truth are going to win in the end

you are the god of everything. he's inside of you and me !!


as of 5 am 

the little tail that broke below the 2350 support has fooled many bears into thinking there is no bottom as we hover over oblivion


real stupid considering mars and Pluto are conjunct on the fun with numbers bonesman date 3/22

I have a right to ask do they want violence? who benefits?

a list of "them"

ya explains a lot eh?

 huge giveaway

I am thinking the picture of beiden with tulsi gabbard yesterday might be making things a bit frosty at home .. joe may take gabbard as running mate. 

here comes the cold
 Saturn in Aquarius in as day or two
looking at winter 2021 I am thinking the next crisis is going to be cold.  Saturn square Uranus feb 2021. also dec 2021 brrrrrr .
 the carbon taxers should be forced to pay for every citizen's heat for 2021




update noon
so the country is on lockdown like it or not. Americans have a history of running toward danger.. lol hurricane parties  an example. we have an astrological aspect coming up that concerns me.. mars will be conjunct Pluto Saturday 3/21 through Monday 3/23. mars Pluto stress is violent so don't be surprised at hearing stories of typhoid Mary types being dealt with in a brutal manner. dems have been talking about contaminating republicans so who would come up with ideas like this .. Oh who came up with antifa black lives matter etc and funds such things?  yes that guy who is a billionaire. 

 So following the mars Pluto conjunction is mars passing over the Saturn Pluto midpoint. this reactivates the past exact Saturn Pluto conjunction. This effect maxes out 3/23. I sense huge overreach by .gov   Then mars moves on to conjunction with Saturn at zero Aquarius on April 1st  I am going to add a quake alert on or near 4/1 due to the nature of mars Saturn stress. tension feels stuck then snap.



update 7 am

mars Jupiter conjunction today
busy hard working energy
no nation wide lockdown yet but many cities and states have done so 

there is an ocean of cash ready to pounce on stocks once the government guarantees profits  for those companies being bailed out. 

technicals this am are the snp grew a tail below the 2350 38 %retrace of the entire bull market since march 2009. at some point a relief/denial rally will drive prices back to the 3020 area. a full measure of relief could take a while I am still looking at early September as a high if so could it be a wave 2 high before the main bear energy asserts itself in a massive wave 3 down lasting into feb 2021?

umm.. me thinks Joe beiden winning paints that picture. 
 so if we get this pattern of relief in September that  is where the biggest short is located. 

Saturn and Uranus are squared early feb 2021.  the last hard aspect between those two was September 2008. systemic collapse is indicated . 




2350 support broke..  close 2418 now in aftermarket they call that a stick save in hockey

update3/18 10:30 am

the support at 2350 is as stout as any support I have seen in years.  haha that does not mean it is unbreakable but the implication if it does is a no bid condition. not likely when markets are floating on a few trillion liquidity. 

update 3 am
following markets day and night is quite a challenge overnight a selling off period yet no break of the critical support at es 2350. as long as support at 2350 holds the market is healthy and if not lower targets will be discussed. for now the line of least resistance is up 

today a good day to get last minute chores done.  the astro sequence the next week or so is detailed below. 

 daily spy chart with fibbo retrace levels


accidentally on purpose

ya i have been reading the 20 something's think it is good the virus will  kill off old people. 


 posted 3/17 10 am 
 Saturn Pluto conjunction the very definition of lockdown

mars is chugging away a half degree a day  into a conjunction with Jupiter Pluto conjunction on the 18th.. this is the very definition of hubris 

I expect to hear an announcement about the lockdown before end of the work day on the 18th the lockdown starts march 19 when moon transits over Pluto and Saturn

enforcement is going to be mars conjunct Pluto style 3/22 and become extreme 3/23 - 3/30

April fools day going to be interesting with mars and Saturn conjunction. various examples  being made of scofflaws.  haha into the dungeon with you. 


so Saturn moves into Aquarius for a long stay. Mars follows in a conjunction 4/1.. This energy is the first whiff off a communist takeover of the usa. no I do not think it is a sure thing trump loses the 2020 election but I think trump may move very much to the left or  to what appears to be the left as nanny staters. 

so what of April 19 and patriots day? 
 kiss your constitutional rights goodbye if they happen to be in the way of :progress"


pull it
the economy that is

the last Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction early 1980s. 
 this is a song written after ronny raygun was elected in 1980. 

 some songs never  get old. lol a 2017 cover.. not bad..


any questions?










3/17 2 am
 snp still holding above the critical 2350 support. 

event 201

no wonder bill gates resigned form msft board

wow some deep stuff in this link

Only three months ago, John Hopkins, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum (a hive of self-professed globalists) ran a "pandemic simulation" called "Event 201" specifically focused on Coronavirus. 

Event 201 played out almost exactly as it has been in China today.  Some very disingenuous or perhaps rather stupid people have been arguing that this kind of thing is "normal", claiming that we are "lucky" that the elites have been running simulations in advance in order to "save us" from a coronavirus outbreak.  I assert that Event 201 was not a simulation but a war-game to study the possible outcomes of an event the globalists already knew was coming.  Set aside the fact that before almost every major crisis event and terrorist attack for the past few decades authorities were running simulations for that exact event right before it happened; does anyone really believe that Event 201 is pure coincidence?

If the outbreak has led many to be suspicious of the official story, it is exactly because of the history of U.S. biological warfare and the elite’s potentially genocidal and pessimistic worldview that the only way to prevent the demise of humanity is by thinning the herd.


humm wormwood?

Frank Olson one of the biowarfare scientists and CIA employees in the program who died under mysterious circumstances in 1953, is the subject of the Netflix docu-drama series Wormwood, directed by Errol Morris and featuring renowned journalist Seymour Hersh, which reveals Olson may have been a potential government whistleblower on the CIA’s activities and U.S. bio-war crimes.

More disturbing is that in regards to environmental concerns about man-made climate change, Gates has made public his views on curbing human population growth as a solution. At a 2010 TED Conference, Gates stated:

“First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”


long term planning? trump says could last till august

so feeling lucky? punk !

 so mike rivero has bugged out .. on vacation the last week or so.. mike very smart guy born a week or so before me, mike is aware he is targeted. when he bugs out I pay attention

mike's output recently falls into the must read category
 things you wont find elsewhere
 he is very lucky guy has a great wife on the same page a force of nature those two since WRH started up in 1996 same year as astroecon. 

mike early virgo 1952 not far from same day as roger stone. 
 mike sun square mars in sag. when Hillary henchmen blackballed him when he started to talk too much about Vince foster cover-up at his Hollywood place of employment  in special effects he left moved to Hawaii and started what really happened .com



3/16 4 am

 3/16/ noon

the low has printed on the es at 2360.. the spy etf at 237


 I believe the lows are in and the behavior after those lows is bullish. 
Tuesday moon mars conjunction mars very close to Jupiter. very positive.  I do not see anything bearish until moon Saturn conjunction late Thursday trading 
 lol if you got long on the lows trail a stop to protect gains don't get cute or greedy








es opened limit down sunday night

the test of support at 1450 in play 

 the bigger test of support will be at 2350  which opens Pandora's box if broken


 the fed meeting on the is 18th
 at fed time 2:45 pm the moon will be conjunct Pluto and then Saturn around the close. 
I think the support at 2350 will hold. I know a lot of dip buyers are sitting and waiting to buy at 2350. 

this is a political market what ever it takes to make trump look bad is what I expect. 

must read

I said to myself, when the DNC picks its globalist/corporatist, that person will only be able to muster tiny rallies and can only win with rigged elections, much like how Biden has been ‘winning' all along. Trump’s rallies were growing, especially after the impeachment hoax. So how could the media show a rally with Joe Biden and 800 people (including fawning media) alongside one of Trump's — with 30,000 attendees -- and then later claim Biden won the election? Problem (for the Deep State) solved! No rallies for anyone. In November, the ‘election’ can be easily rigged, boosted by CNN, Google and Twitter disparaging Trump morning, noon, and night and with electronic ‘voting’ machines.

I believe this virus was dumped on the world to destroy the economy and therefore Trump, under whose administration for the first time wages grew for lower-paid workers. The elites don’t like that too much. Sounds crazy and there’s no proof, but then again there's 'no proof' that 9/11 was an inside job and yet - it was. Six ways from Sunday.”


3/14-3/15 weekend update 
 I am taking it easy this weekend 
nice to be in the only corvid free state 
 the  coming week is mars week. mars conjunct Jupiter Thursday through the weekend 
mars Jupiter Pluto triple conjunction. 

i think .gov is going to be too busy ... doing too much is going to turn out to be harmful



is this treason

google is a government employee.  they are taking taxpayer money paid by we the people
 when they take government money they are bound to work in the interest of we the people. 

so Amazon.  manipulating an election is also treason?

one reason I thought there would be a tech wreck in April is I thought they would go too far. 

lets imagine that google etc manages to put joe biden in the whitehouse. what if he becomes a terrible president ruining the country. . is big tech liable for the damage?


maybe we should take away thier phones


soo do you trust DARPA?

DARPA scientists working on PPP have been sequencing the B cells of a Covid-19 patient who has recovered. B cells, also known as B lymphocytes, are a type of white blood cell that produces antibodies that aid the immune system in its fight to fend off an invading microorganism.


interesting word consent
 consent is not possible when coercion is used
 big tech tricks all their customers ,, we the people.. into consenting to massive mind fuckery

 I do not consent. 
 is this darpa med refusal going to result in my incarceration?
 are all of my computers going to go further into the dysfunction I have been dealing with?





3/13 3 am

 Friday the 13th eh


I get up this am to a bunch of computers acting like 5 year old children

goog is particularly petulant

 windows also..    fuck off NO I don't want another update



I am seeing the internet being broken right now.  it kinda works but something is wrong
 my computers are a battlefield between gog and magog 


the ES low 3/12 was 2450 A Goldman number issued a few days ago maybe they painted the tape yesterday?

the 38% retrace of the entire bull market since the march 2009 low is at 2350

 a lot of traders are looking at 2350 one would expect that to be a low and how ordinary is a 38% correction of a bull market? very

i am still of the opinion rhitt or wrong haha that the low to come at 2350 will hold and a relief / denial rally from that low to challenge the old high could extend to September.  that rally should  be labeled an Elliott wave two high. If so the wave three down coming after would be a doosey.  Jupiter Uranus square then Saturn Uranus square in early 2021.


 strange day have found us

say it aint so joe

“Well, I’m surprised that, uh, Sanders is joining Trump,” Biden said with a straight face.
“And, you know, it’s just surprising,” he continued as his campaign team ushered him into a waiting SUV and quickly slammed the door shut.


lol I noted recently Bernie could have a strong influence on Trump maybe even a positive influence. A trump sanders cooperation could change everything. 


 Bernie burning down the house?


lyrics must read

















3/12 10 am
not so fast .

 the low at the 38%retrace level is 2350 I am thinking it might pay to wait on that low as far as bottom fishing

there is a good chance whatever low is printed today will be tested and with the fat retrace being at 2350 i would expect at least  tail down there. 


are the political enemies of trump enemies of we the people? The leftovers from the previous administration formed a never trump club in high place .. big tech. big banking.. big pharma. big medicine. 
so are we the people in a state of war with the enemy within?
 so joe goes off with vulgarity on a guy with legit question  who's side is joe on ?
 joe and his family up to their eyeballs in corruption so that is obvious. . 

so how much to cough on a trump voter??



update 4 am

Friday the 13th again?

this is starting to get too obvious 

Expect all other cash, future and derivatives exchanges to follow in the CME's footsteps, as the world's professional traders no longer welcome in their place of business, scramble for office space in their parents' basement.

the floor traders are actual humans trading for thier lives.. NOT BOTS trained for political mayhem.. floor traders are the last line of defense against market manipulation.  the e mini is the source of huge trades that have caused market crashes before like may 10 2010 waddle and reed dump of a million contracts at a key support.


update posted 3/12 3 am edt
burning the midnight oil again  after waking up in my living room chair at midnight. I have to admitmy lifestyle living alone being disabled and in pain is challenging and I think it has caused my work to suffer. 

snp march future is trading at 2630 as of 3 am. the price magnet at 2450 not very far below now.  the EU travel ban is starting to look like maybe trump knows there is a potential of the usa being contaminated ON PURPOSE by the political machine that has been working against him for his entire term in office. THINK OF THE BLOWBACK IF THAT TURNS OUT TO BE A FACT.  
 crashing the market is not a new weapon it has been used two times.. the blood moon crash after the state of the union. .. the Christmas 2018 crash...  BOTH were OBVIOUS acts of market destruction provoked for political gain by people in high places .. Soros and cronies?


where are our intelligence agencies and the FBI?  oh those were stacked with never trumpers from the beginning in 2016 so? do we have a high treason problem? Is the corona virus infection of the usa an act of political war?. Inquiring minds might want to explore that possibility. 




posted 3/11 4 pm edt

the test for shutting down a large city was the Boston bombing 4/15/2013
 it seems the momentum in the usa is toward what we see in Italy now and china a few weeks ago. oh it is for the greater good don't ya know. A health driven police state is still a police state.

This coronavirus epidemic, which has brought China’s Orwellian surveillance out of the shadows and caused Italy to declare a nationwide lockdown, threatens to bring the American Police State out into the open on a scale we’ve not seen before.
 the triple conjunction with mars passing over it is 3/18 till end of march. especially brutal is mars at the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto March 26th. the owners of serflandia are likely going to go to extremes of herd management and this astro is indicative of totalitarian  actions.  

 the rest of the aspects on the 26th are moon Uranus conjunction in Taurus  mercury semi square Jupiter  this suggests a surprise move late in the day maybe this is last chance extreme policy change to stop the economic calamity. negative interest rates?

lol it is starting to look a lot like Hillary in November. 

I think the ultimate destination of the trend is spx 2450 the dec 2018 lows and I suspected that would be in April may but there is no sign of relief and or denial yet which is required to get a retrace rally of any quality. 

 So maybe I drop back and punt.. there is a increasing chance the crash wont stop until the price magnet at 2450 is touched and at the rate of decline we are in now this could be a matter of days or a few weeks
 the dec 2018 low was right in front of Christmas and that decline was relentless going into the holiday so Easter is April 12  so black good Friday the 10th is a possible low?


so maybe the relief rally denial phase is delayed a bit till may to  September period? 
If that is wave two retrace high in September 2020 then  the wave three down in early 2021 could make the bear cycle low way way below 2450. umm president Hillary? 666 again?

this is the world they are creating agenda 2030... 

through a FOIA request, the training video titled “Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity” provides a chilling glimpse of what the government expects the world to look like in 2030, a world bedeviled by “criminal networks,” “substandard infrastructure,” “religious and ethnic tensions,” “impoverishment, slums,” “open landfills, over-burdened sewers,” a “growing mass of unemployed,” and an urban landscape in which the prosperous economic elite must be protected from the impoverishment of the have nots.






3/11 4:30 am edt

Markets are not going to rally much until this calms down. 

politics of fear

the Jupiter Saturn Pluto triple conjunction early 80s same result 2020



 posted 3/10 4 pm edt

the anniversary date of fukushima

 rumblings off California

mars will be joining Jupiter and Pluto in a triple conjunction 18-23.  a great danger of political violence.  mars then joins Saturn and Pluto in a triple conjunction. 23-31

if the Saturn Pluto conjunction is the astrological stimulus of the covid-19 pandemic it stands to reason late march is a surge in fear again and also totalitarian measures from governments. we may see attempts to co-opt sovereign nations with international agencies. conspiracy theory 101 says find out who benefits from a crisis to find who caused the crisis.  globalists stand to benefit from covid-19  the issues with covid are likely to return before month end. 



Neptune is transiting over the 18-19 degree of Pisces.. this is exact opposite of 19 Virgo where the sun is located on September 11th
 the way the covid-19 scenario is unfolding it seems this problem could come back near the election

spy 55 min chart



retrace levels reset with the 3/9 low
 The existing pivot is between 38 and 50 percent retrace. 

an astute reader sent in this observation spx high 3400 spx low 2734 = 666

 humm is this a signal the fun with numbers crowd  is giving the OK sign  everything is in control? is it a signal the bull market that started at spx 666 is over???



3 /10 20206 am

very much more negative than  I expected yesterday

as of this hour the es is off yesterdays low. looking for the relief part of the equation


3/9/2020 3 pm

 Arch Crawford be like this today after his brilliant call for this crash

   haha pass this on to him..  he will roll on the floor laughing



3/9 2020 12 noon
 today is Neil Peart appreciation day
 the full moon lands exactly on his natal sun 

 lol those who wish to BE must put aside the alienation and get on with the fascination the underlying theme 


3/9/2020 update 10:30 am

 Huge full moon in Virgo today I suggest you take the time today to see the full moon rise above the horizon at sunset your local time no matter where you happen to be the moon will rise as the sun sets

I have 21 degree Virgo natal sun . this is where the moon will be at sunset today.. my sister and mother both have 21 degree Virgo moon.. I hat tipped my sis this morning to let her know how big a day today is and she is going to visit my mom now 99 years old at the nursing home she is happy to be living in. 


 A thought occurred to me just now. This September on my birthday the 13th is very important day very close to the 19th anniversary of 911, Are we finally going to get the crime of the century solved? so who can be the whistle blower TO BLOW THE LID OFF/?Rudy Guliani.  5 28 1944



distant early warning

the lyrics of this song ends with absolom absolom absolom 
is this Neil Peart mysterious hint about something? civil war?
 some of the song is referring to Atlas Shrugged also 

humm William Faulkner
 this book is about American experience during the civil war era 







3/7 -8 weekend update

posted 3/9 3 am

\lock limit down

posted  3/9 5 am est
 very ugly overt night oil crash  spoos limit down treasuries near zero yield
new low on spoos 
 crypto crashed over night btc in the 7 k handle
the sun conjunct Neptune did a number on equity partly because oil crash is going to cause some credit issues for fracking and certain funds the selling fed on itself

thefull moon is about noon which is energetic so a turn higher could be seen and if news is relief mode the bottom of the cycle low could be set in stone

many short term trend changes are timed by new and full moons

with news so dire like 1/4 of Italy on lockdown it is gong to take something dramatic to get into relief mode

triple witch is not too long from now.. I still think there is a rally into opex but I have underestimated the effect the virus has on psychology of investors so take that notion with a grain of salt

 Saturn Pluto midpoint could be a factor. Saturn  Pluto midpoint will have mars landing on it march 25-27.. that is sure ugly and dangerous. theme violent brutal and painful
 Jupiter moves over that midpoint may 8-9 which is assumed to be bringing a positive so this is one reason I was thinking a wave three impulse down wave would bottom there

no doubt we are witness to something unknown which could turn into a serious bio war.  remember the anthrax right after 911  and if something like that comes up it could delay the election. 

oh about today watch the snp futures just before the open of pit session for a reversal of the limit down condition.  i have seen a 100% reversal of the condition by the close a time or two. 


oh this from ZH

The latest estimate from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts life expectancy in 2018 at “78.7 years, an increase of 0.1 year from 2017.” It’s a welcome reversal for a three-years-in-a-row trend of declining longevity. The phenomenon that has come to be called “deaths of despair” - i.e., white, middle-age folks killing themselves with booze and drugs and suicide — may have maxed out. 

“Living Longer” offers the gloomy reminder that old age is “associated with an increased risk of disability, disease and multimorbidity — having two or more chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.”

rhitt comment ya tell me about it
 i think i am getting better but then again. I need to continue my project here at the mount nebo location to turn this place into a proper convalescent home if I am going to reach my goal of 125 years old. I need to get some construction done like ramps and also make the place friendly to the little scooters disable people race around on in nursing homes. 

 my office needs work so i can install all the equipment at arms reach.  i expect to get this improvement soon.  lol I will be sitting in front of three 37 inch monitors and one at 50 inches with a 65 also . two 24 and another couple of smaller ones all in arms reach. 

back at my peak productivity 5-8 years go  I ran 13 monitors with 6 computers. 

A 2013 analysis published by the American Medical Association’s JAMA Internal Medicine probed the health of Boomers, “relative to the previous generation.” Progress, overall, was nonexistent. Obesity? Hypertension? High cholesterol? Diabetes? Regular exercise? Worse, worse, worse, worse, worse.

Much of the funding for Social Security and Medicare is delivered via the payroll tax, a hideously regressive levy that redistributes wealth from the working young to the retired old. As Urban’s Howard Gleckman notes, “income tax payments don’t begin to exceed payroll taxes until household incomes reach six figures, and only really dominate for those making $200,000 or more.”

I paid 15% tax off the top for all 25-30 years of my self employed life I think I got ripped off 
 obamacare is aimed at getting white middle class men in a grave sooner. 
I intend to defy them and live to 125. 



this is the market related part lol
 I moved most of what I had written about the spiritual event on the full moon 3/9 over to the view from mount nebo.  the link is on the left

I did not mean to be so extreme in the part of the weekend update I moved over to mt nebo blog but it is clear to me we are in a period of time ahead into May that is historical.  And this period has been seen a long time ago by visionary people such as jim morison. 
 it appears we are in the so called end times at the end of the age of Pisces.

the very nature of the full moon  landing on 19 Virgo Pisces axis of the zodiac is to be taken into account in market timing over the next few weeks into the equinox on 3/20

full moon chart


What ever comes and goes in the weeks ahead I stand by my read there should be a relief rally topping out in early April and a large correction bottoming out in May at or near the snp 2400 38% retrace level. This is a testing of the Dec 2018 low. 

the attytood of the  so called elite is never let a good crisis go to waste and the end game is the long march to world government. 

as I see it the age of Aquarius begins in January of 2021.  
Saturn enters Aquarius and is co ruler of that zodiac sign with Uranus and those two planets are going to be squared in the first months of 2021. don't panic haha but everything is going to change so dramatically market timing is almost a moot point by the start of 2021.  


 don't worry I am not quitting my market timing updates here. 
 I am going to continue my running commentary as long as I can. 


 3/8 6 am est

I see Italy large scale quarantine. I see the crash in oil prices as panic driven. 
 Alarm bells are ringing it seems

I noted on the monthly chart the hurricane sandy low. that was when the depository vault below wall street was flooded. trillions of securities were rehypothicated which fueled the rally from that date into march 2020. 

the panic in the air now could be related to solving the mystery about WHY the vault was flooded. 
  humm building 7

What if the crime of the century on 911 is being solved?

considering the astro ahead it is possible this is  at hand

Kashmir lyrics

I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen They talk of days for which they sit and wait and all will be revealed

kudos to roger waters

a world class Virgo one of my heroes growing up



the vix bites back

what happened is that the VIX ramped as a major Chicago market maker was caught in the infamous gamma short squeeze, which forced them to keep buying the VIX as the VIX soared, in the process ending the VIX even higher, only to get margin called out of their position by their clearing firm, puking their entire position while liquidating anything they could, and unleashing the VIX selling avalanche and the 700 Dow point rally.

buying and selling vol is the go to trade for many firms. live by the sword,,,, dot dot dot . hysterical chat in the link


X: "Consolidated Trading was well known across Chicago as degenerate risk takers who would always maintain a short vol/gamma position regardless of market conditions. Finally bit them in the ass last week and they blew out even after the market gave them tons of opportunity to get flat or long vs vix 23"

the trading places clip very funny.



bio war could be in progress. seems half the Iranian gov has the virus. now this? 
Jupiter is only 3 degrees away from a conjunction with Pluto. this aspect is huge political power. is there assassination attempts in progress? March 18.. mars conjunction Jupiter Pluto and the moon transits right over that triple conjunction making it into a rare quad.  Saturn within minutes of moving back into Aquarius when the moon moves over it.  oh and this is a triple witch expiration Wednesday so heads upon that. Saturn in Aquarius appears to be Bernie friendly so is he going on a populous lucky streak? Poor Joe is one more gaff away from retirement. Moon Saturn conjunction around the open on  expiration Thursday the 18th. equinox on the 20th makes the march opex stand out as a game changer. 


I am still of the notion the wave three down off the top is in April lasting into early May. this is a rhyming with 2000 when twin April mini crashes wiped out the day trading tech stocks fad. 
The wave three down should be 1.6 times bigger than wave one so is the Dec 2018 Christmas low the logical destination of that impulse leg down?  What could roil the market that much? 


 We should look at the big communist holiday May day the 1st to see what is in the possibility field that day.


sun mercury Uranus conjunction and Mars in Aquarius opposed moon in Leo. might this be the day Joe with his overload of Scorpio planets bites the dust and Bernie goes exponential?  If so this is the logical catalyst for a wave three low .. full moon in Scorpio on May 7th..  haha lands on Hillary Scorpio planets  like a rash. 


So if mike pence coughs on trump is that an assassination attempt?  I suspect we see Niki Haley moved into the veepstakes  just in time to spoil the dem convention. lets say Bernie teams up with the fake Indian and trump fights back with a real Indian.  Trump was treated like a rock star in India recently and just changed the h1 b rules to favor India so humm. 


So Monday the big astro day so what to expect? Powell resignation?
 humm Powell 2/4/1953.. I knew a guy born inside a day or so of Powell.   there is a distinct possibility Powell has some perv dirt on him.  the whole crop of early 1953ers  jeb Epstein etc  have same slow moving planets. 

3/7 9:30 am. 
 perspective. 11 year anniversary of the 666 bottom 11 years to the day

interesting the Dec 2018 low is just above the 38% retrace it appears that is the low that must be tagged in a wave 3 down event. 



lol market timing stuff will be posted Sunday after you have had time to digest the  musical interlude I moved over to the view from mt nebo blog

oh and if you have not had enough feakiness yet Terrance McKenna lecture
psychedelics before and after history 

wow what a mind. 


3/6 2:30 am

moon Saturn opposition and the t square with Venus has kept prices on snp below pivot  overnight at 3020 with  this level becoming resistance today

a recovery above 3020 today is a support level for a potential large rally on Monday


Venus Uranus conjunction in Taurus could give crypto a boost and get btc back above 10k next week

gold and silver have benefited by very close to zero treasury yield so the Monday full moon could be more of the same


 no reason yet to get preemptive yet today buying calls for a market boosting intervention on Sunday/ Monday


obamas interfering in 2020 election


3/5 4 pm est








3/5   4 pm est

 back down to pivot support at 3020

moon opposition Saturn after midnight.  should put a damper on prices overnight

big astro day Monday 9th so buy the dip?  a risky move. 

3/4 9:30 am

snp hanging above support at 3021 pivot.. with the next big astro day Monday the 9th I had a thought that if this support level holds maybe Monday is an up day like big 10% up day to 3222 to get a 62% retrace printed on the chart

just a suggestion. 


3/4  4am 

Who are you who the fk are you?

 who should be spelled NWO

steele chimes in

yep this is the dont let a crisis go to waste moment

end game is cashless and has been all along 


Libra by another name is where this ends up



Still a hint of the Venus Saturn square just past exact with sun semi square both at the midpoint of the square. Tthis aspect setup has been in the mix 4 days in a row. 

moon will oppose mars after the close.. humm anger in the air?
 moon mars is not directional but could be a false start type of effect. it seems the area where anger will be seen is politics. 

 Thursday has moon in cancer opposing Jupiter Pluto and then Saturn well after the close.  Around midnight Thursday night moon Saturn opposing will square Venus, a negative for valuation effect  which could effect trading on Friday. moon squares Venus at 7:30 am Friday maybe testing the lows moon squares Uranus at 10 am which is a short few hours  aspect of market  unchanged mostly . mercury semi squares mars most of Friday so odds favor someone says something stupid. 


 We will see Friday if there is any reason to position for the big astro on Monday March 9th  If the market is dragging anchor Friday  maybe some calls are a consideration to hold over the weekend . 


3/3 posted 2 am  est

chart retracement levels

3222 the 62% would be a price magnet

Venus Saturn square past exact today


Wednesday 3/5 mild astro early but big news 

moon opposes Saturn Pluto Jupiter friday

Friday mercury semi square mars 
a test of the lows around 2900  on friday?

 bit too positive thinking bordering  on bad judgment 

 the big astro day is Monday the 9th. does an announcement about the plague is over come on Sunday 3/8 then a reverse of last Sunday crash open as  an upcrash? 
 Monday full moon conjunct Neptune Venus conjunct Uranus, 
could be printing money is a miracle cure?

 Saturn Pluto conjunction 1983

the Saturn compression factor of a plutonium core is the mechanics of the weapon. 
 mars conjunct Saturn April 1st even more symbolic.

So concerned was Moscow about these exercises, and the possibility that NATO might use them as a cover for an attack against Soviet forces in East Germany, that the Soviet nuclear forces were placed on high alert. Historians have since observed that the threat of nuclear war between the US and the USSR was at that time the highest it had been since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

of note in October 1962 Saturn was 4 degrees of Aquarius, . mars in Leo was opposed Saturn. 
Saturn returns to 4  Aquarius  with mars Uranus conjunction squared to it February of 2021

maybe a new boom in bomb shelters  like in the 1960s

Bernie vs aipac
 could it be that many liberals have an anti war mentality and understand the warmongers are pro isreal neoconers .. project for a new American century types?

update 3/3 10 am

 with the made for teevee Armageddon brewing in Syria Bernie might do better than expected today in super Tuesday voting. sleepy joe having declared himself a non Jewish Zionist years ago might work against him today too.  trump at least gets it Americans are weary of paying for wars with his truce in Afghanistan. 

lots of life left in the rally this morning maybe the dems in disarray is the catalyst

update3/3  10:55 am est

closing in on zero
the half point cut by the fed a surprise?

 maybe on a Tuesday
 sure did spike the spoos up 90 something. 

 ok wait a few mins the nay sayers will throw cold water on the dogs in heat


looking ahead on the timeline the astro on march 9th has a potential to  take the market up another notch.  the 78% retrace is 3300 so this would be the confirmation of denial which is the ingredient of a wave two high before a three down takes all the supports out below. the last line to defend is the dec 2018 low so that is way down.  April /May on my radar

update 3/3   3pm est

so today turns out to be what I expected yesterday Venus Saturn sun very strong 3 planet aspect.. call me a conspiracy guy but yesterday acted like some insiders knew what was coming. today once the bears stops were run out there was nothing left but sell. the pivot at 3020 played a role today and as of this writing is resistance








3/2/8:30 am est

hes up hes down.. the spoos roared off the opening low Sunday night and has limped into the ny open in mid range of Friday

the astro is unlovable and i doubt there will be a positive close today 

 the dems are dropping like flies as smoking Joe rebounds into contender. joe will be debating himself not to long from now. 

Bernie did well when Saturn was in Aquarius and after Saturn retro back to Capricorn the entire party ganged up on him.  

3/4 is super Tuesday and sun is still at the midpoint of Venus square Saturn.   maybe it favors the candidate with Alzheimer's so Joe could rack up another win. 

screwing Bernie is not a good look for a party that was named after democracy.


red pill or blue?
This is it. This is the part of the movie where we collectively choose the red pill or the blue pill.

If we, the many, don’t have the spine to stand up against the few and say “No, we get to find out facts about you bastards and use it to inform our worldview, you don’t get to criminalize that,” then we certainly won’t have the spine it will take to wrest control of this world away from the hands of sociopathic plutocrats and take our fate into our own hands. 



when Saturn moves into Aquarius for good it will square Uranus. systemic crisis occur when Saturn and Uranus are in a stress aspect. the last one was 2008. the next is 2021 February.

so are the oligarchs hiding behind Bernie saying not us

the danger is oligarchic collectivism not communism. Bloomberg is one of those. 
 so how to get the population from 7 billion to 500 million?  and leave all the valuable stuff alone?   germs seem to fit the bill. 

Saturn takes a peek into Aquarius recently the corona shows up.











3/2  1am

 nice Sunday night open
for bears

open was down 2890 the ppt was on the job so prices are up to 2960 as of 1 am 
 so today looks tamer than the open crash would suggest.  it sure pays to have futures  that trade 24 hrs a day 6 days a week, I don't expect a big rally today in regular ny trading but staying inside the Friday range. 


considering the astro over the next month the odds of the biblical war at the end of time getting going is increasing.  mars will conjunct Jupiter Pluto conjunction on the 21st which is an anniversary of gulf war 2003. umm this time the rooskies are around so who wins is up in the air literally.  
 good distraction from market woes though. 

snapshot of the overnight action and a look at the Friday range

Venus sun Saturn stress aspect  pattern not bullish astro usually

 boj to the rescue


was a large move off the opening Sunday night crashy low
 high for today is exactly at the pivot at 3200. 


it is only 4:30 am and the big question is do usa traders think this matters. boj lending mo money mo money. .  Venus Saturn stress aspect says probably not but the range for the day has been established. 


weekend update 
2/29 - 3/1

first post 2/28 5 pm est

The rally on 2/28 into the close I was hoping to see was lame  but the daily spy chart showed a big green candle off the low. The nyse scared off any potential bulls with an announcement at 9 am about a drill on a floor closure due to covid -19 on March 7th. I'm  thinking Monday 3/2 is an inside day staying inside the range of Friday 2/28


I have to give Arch Crawford a hat tip he called for a crash move on 2/26-27 and did a fine job. This was not the so called big one I did not read exactly what he said I do my own work  but people told me a week ago he was calling  for a big very big crash for those dates .  Arch and I have been at this a long time so we both did well for our readership last week

A big hat tip to a few astute readers who took the leap trade  reco from 2/6 and cashed in nicely  on 2/27and they threw me a generous tip in the tip jar. THX GUYS!!
 If people use the tip jar it makes my job easier and allows me to improve everything. 

where do we go from here?
I think Monday 3/2 has bearish astro. 
 ny open astrochart

Venus is in an applying square to Saturn with sun semi squared both so is  strong Venus Saturn negative value awareness, this is astro I have seen on lows and I do suspect 3/2 is a day to get some calls with retrace levels 3220  in mind the 62% level
 my time target is April 1st with a high there or a week later April 7th before a tech mini crash event  in April. 


update 2/29 2 pm

nice close the moon Pluto square late Friday did the trick to get a rally strong enough to move up to the pivot that has become resistance now. 
 8 min bars esh 2020 contract chart

update 2/29 3: pm

like a mirror held before me large as the sky is wide

as above so below as they say

I use a solar fire astro clock to do the work of being a seer. I can go forward or backward in time and see what is in that moment with a mouse click.  the moment is a possibility field, a snapshot of what is possible or not at that moment. 


 It would be helpful and more efficient if all of the astro traders who come here have a solar fire program with the same settings I use.. tight orbs on the aspects and color coded the same way I have it set up.. anyone who is interested I am willing to spend a 15 minute phone call step by step to set the clock up so it speaks to you. being able to see a future time and what is in the possibility field  there is a form of remote viewing coming close to what is thought of as time travel. My astrological progenitor born exactly 19 years before me with exact same sun and moon as I have 9/14 1933 is Ingo Swann he was the father of remote viewing who came up with the protocols and also the guy who single handedly taught 1000s of people how to remote view. oh and Ingo was also a long time astrologer. 


soooo. loaded into the moment Monday morning is a Sun Saturn Venus 3 planet aspect setup that says the possibility of a good low that day that could hold for many weeks is presented. a dip to buy some calls to cash in the money profitably by early April. 

lol use fun money because this is not exact science just playing the odds.


Regarding the covid-19 plague. as long as Saturn and Pluto are close enough to each other they take transits from the faster moving planets and recharge the potential for even bigger manifestations of the deadly pairing.  At end of March Mars passes over Pluto then Saturn April 1st. I'm thinking the effect will become a known after the fact. so a bunch more get sick around then and we find out about it later in April. Mars squares Uranus April 7th and the potential for a panic is loaded into the possibility field. . Jupiter and Pluto conjunction suggests big political forces at work maybe huge disruption of world trade. Amazon might be a vector spreading germs from warehouses of packages from china being coughed  on  by infected workers?  
oh my 

remember the anthrax after 911? when everyone was afraid to open their mailbox?

so this sort of thing is a possible crash catalyst. 

more deep thoughts will be posted sunday. 
 the below posted 3/1 3:30 am



 I think from Monday 3/2 lows a strong denial rally unfolds into April fools day which should be an Elliott wave two  high. Then a real tech wreck in April would be the wave three down with downside target to be determined by price action in the next few weeks. Possible is a test of the dec 2018 lows 

  A Sunday night 3/1 Monday 3/2 drop back that could be a lower low but then again holding above snp 3000 on Monday would be a confidence builder for the denial phase I expect into April fools day


Jupiter the creator of more
so what happens when Jupiter join Pluto conjunction close to Saturn 
 Jupiter conjunct Pluto 3/20 then mars comes along conjunction Pluto also on march 22nd. this is for sure a heads up for an acceleration of political reaction  

This is looking like 2008 when McCain declared himself the winner over ron paul on super tuesday in spite of a lack of visible support.. Beiden appears to be setting up to do a similar end run around actual voters on 3/3.  If so expect a very negative reaction around the 20th of March. screwing Bernie out of the nomination is going to lack appeal to many democrats. is this going to give hillary the opening at he convention she wants

I think this would be favorable to trump and markets would react positive to that turn of events, 


meanwhile trading is on my mind and the setup for a rally from 3/2 into april 1  looks on track. if there is a perception the democratic process is being manipulated by big tech i think there will be negative consequences and calls to break up the tech monopoly . 






    Monday close   is time to take a profit on puts bought on 2/28 and get some calls.  with expiry 3/20


the next triple witch

 that would be March 20th. My thoughts are a bearish Monday March 9th has a potential dip before a rally into the 20th. Mercury goes stationary direct on March 9th  moon conjunct with  a mars and Jupiter conjunction with. lots of positive energy 3/17

Moon conjunct Pluto and then Saturn Wednesday the 18th.  I think most of the gains from a dip on the 9th rally till triple witch exp day 3/20 would be into mid day the 18.The 19th and the 20th  forms a double top for the week with easy astro into Friday 20th  close I am hoping for a retrace strong enough to have momentum into early April where I would love to see a 62% retrace high to sell short  or get some puts before a tech stock mini crash in April.  

ahh well laid plans. we shall see. 

good read
Monday could be a lower low my conclusion after reading the above

my ex got the same deal too 19 years ago . 
 she sure was a pro victim  I had a lame lawyer  she had a militant feminist lawyer
 so I lost 80% of the fruit of 25 years hard work

 updated 3/1 2 pm est
next big astro day ahead march 9th

merc stationary direct. the end of the retrograde. 
sun Neptune conjunction opposed moon .. a full moon .. looney energy for sure.
 mad man moon
Venus conjunction Uranus in Taurus..  humm monetary policy?


 as far as my game planning I figure this is a fed boosting full moon
bring it on  April 1st is going to be a fat pig  to sell. 



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