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 Thanks to the former subscribers who have checked up on me after a long hiatus from communicating by Email. 

Based on what I have seen in the last few months there is no market for a newsletter except what I post over to the right of the page for free.  There are not very many professional traders left and those few who have survived post 2008 are good enough to not require much assistance. It is considered great performance these days making less than 10% a year for fund managers so who needs much precision in timing when the bar is set so low. 

Over on the right of this page is what I am willing to say. I am very aware that saying too much is more helpful to the bad guys than to the few good spirited traders left so COY is the way I write these days. 

Feel free to contact me if you think 10% a year is dreadful performance and want to do 10 times better than that. 


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The year of the sledgehammer

One reason the page is so long is I do not want my posts read out of order and I also do not want singular posts linked independently of the context of the whole page.

Lynch mob

It was so coincidental that almost hours after AG Lynch was confirmed that an incident in Maryland sparked a potential major race riot.. Do you find it funny that the new AG has a name that is a hot word for blacks? I don't. American spring? A catalyst for federalizing police? 

All the talk about jade helm seems like a look over here don't look there play. The helm of a ship is where the controls of direction are located and the helm is always pointing in the direction of movement. Jade is GREEN.. you can figure it out. GREEN DIRECTION? 

I have noted a while back that we are in an astrological aspect period when saturn and Uranus are at a 135 degree sesquisquare which is a minor aspect of the same type that was present in the 2008 - 2009 period.. the one just ahead  is the SECOND of three with the first one exact last thanksgiving. That one started the deflation spiral that is still very much in effect. I have pointed out that now is another episode in an astrological cluster fk that will not be completely over until this fall. Saturn and Pluto in semi square as part of the overall pattern.. SYSTEMIC BREAKDOWN and BRUTAL CLAMPDOWN defines that in the fewest words possible. Keep one thing in mind that on 11/25/2014 the S&P was about 2075 and since that time there has been almost no gain. Treading water.. And against the backdrop of a big rally in the USD since which tells us something is very very wrong because both stock and bond prices do not go up at the same time in any type of normal market. With no yeild in bonds I guess there is no place to hide except in stocks. So either stocks are wrong or bonds are wrong OR BOTH.. My view is that once the deflation goes full bloom again that the jubilee coming up in September will precipitate an up crash in stocks.. I doubt the central planners are going to allow that until after the stops to the downside have been run out below S&P 1950.. Maybe even a one day tail below 1800 which would really do the job. August expiration on 8/21 looks interesting.. 

On another note.. Is Obama on a strict diet of Michele school lunches? The guy looks like he is well under 150 pounds now.. Is he chain smoking again? He reminds me of a guy I knew back in the early 1980s who was gay and was dying of aids.. he went from 225 pounds to 120 in a matter of a year.. 


Back to the "future"

More comments about the kid from London who beat the HFT algos and supposedly caused the 2010 mini crash event. Here is a test to see if you "have the right stuff" too. You have heard of fast twitch in athletics well it takes that to beat the squid on any given day. Got to love the comments on this one.

Word out a year or so ago was the squid was seeking to hire autistic people to trade for them.. Now you know why.. Only a person so fixated in the moment at hand without emotional limitations can hope to out perform. 

One thing to note however is the HFT scheme is only able to get nanoseconds closer to the present using even the most sophisticated technology..  They are up against latency in the equipment and the fiber connection and then the reaction time in the brain of the algo cowboy.   The kid Sarao was able to get close enough to the present to be able to get out in front of SOME of the algos and THAT was why he was singled out. 

In 2008 and 2009 I already understood what was required to win in a HFT environment.. Rather than spend my time trying to get close to the present I worked on a scheme to get OUT IN FRONT of the present.. My goal was to get 5 seconds ahead on the timeline using precog skills. FIVE SECONDS is an ETERNITY in this game. FIVE SECONDS will win every time. As you can see I did not have a lack of ambition.. Maybe I was lucky I could not pull that off for more than a few days at a time at a high level before running into my own personal latency which is commonly known as exhaustion. It took a few years of practice practice practice to even get to that skill level but was still just microns above break even in truth.  When exhausted my timing limitation was 5 sec late rather than 5 sec early and was a lot like Sisyphus. As fate would have it my not being a kid was fortuitous because had I been younger I may have been so good as to end up in jail for being able to do something that "science" says is impossible. 

Remember the guy who won so many times in a row that he was arrested.. He said he was a time traveler from the future.. .. Maybe only 5 seconds from the future? He took 800 squid bucks up to 350 million in TWO WEEKS.. 

Could have been me
Whereabouts unknown but assumed to still reside in Rhambos warehouse.

"It was just too tempting to resist," Carlssin allegedly said in his videotaped confession. "I had planned to make it look natural, you know, lose a little here and there so it doesn't look too perfect. But I just got caught in the moment."

Oh well was simply not possible for an over the hill person in his late 50s to keep that level of hyper stress up without a tag team effort and is now all MOOT..  A trip to the not  so affordable ICU a year ago swallowed my trading acct like a black hole. Looking to a find a nice beach where I can watch the tide go in and out which is about my speed now. So much for heroics. 

MAYBE.. I will see a return to a natural market that has actual price discovery and is based on pricing data using OPEN OUTCRY again. If that were to happen the 30 plus years of work on the bigger picture astrological pattern recognition etc will mean something again. 


Exploding myths

Hancock is one of my heroes.. Him and a couple of guys back in the 1990s PROVED that the version of history that supports all sorts of religious nonsense is FALSE. The biggest culprit in archeological fraud is Mr HawASS who has done more than almost anyone to delay deceive and destroy the truth about the nature of the pyramids and WHAT WHEN AND WHY about them. Apparently what set off HawASS rage was the mention of Robert Bauval who is the one person who connected the Giza sites in the 1990s with PRECISE astrological dating of an extremely sophisticated civilization which goes back to 10,000 BC 

It would appear that HawASS is working for someone.. A curious person would look at who would benefit from the now OBVIOUS scientific fraud.. Humm.. Who benefits the most keeping the biblical story line as advertised?   The same ones that allow destruction of numerous ancient sites in the middle east almost immediately after any military action.. Keep in mind the ENTIRE structure of Jewish Christian and Muslim theology is based on a time line that was proven wrong 20 years ago. 

If the mainstream Judeo-Christian story line is proven FALSE?? (and it already has) 
Then the so called chosen people myths are not what they seem. 
Apparently it was the HYSKOS who invaded Egypt and enslaved the Egyptians for a few hundred years rather than the other way around. Also clear is a similar pattern took place as today with an infiltration at the beginning (trade) and a full takeover over time and was not a  typical military takeover. In the end the Hyskos were expelled after much misery for Egyptians and that is a consistent pattern ever since too. After Hyskos rule it took a long time for Egyptian recovery and very possible the previous spiritual technology that was prevalent for 1000s of years maybe even back to 10,000 BC was stolen or destroyed..  

Are we still dealing with the results of the Hyskos misadventures 3000 years later? Do a little poking around on the net and you will see. There has been a systematic destruction of evidence over a long time but there is enough evidence left to be able to put the true story together. Mr HawASS is apparently terrified of this and other myth busting physical evidence. 

Google it.. The truth is there on youtube.  
Magical Egypt
Pyramid code. 


Delusions 'R us

It seems that with the exception of a very few the pubic is lost in one delusion or another. Here is a list of what cannot be seen through a filter of delusions

The money is just company script
The climate is changing (so what) and humans have little to do with it changing
The doctors are working for corps not patients
Our (s)elected politicians are working for corps not citizens
Religion is a political tool to forge learned helplessness
Evil people are NOT mind controlled by alien reptiles.
Israel is blackmailing almost every country on the planet. 

Suffering even one of those delusions is enough to make a person technically crazy. Most have multiple delusion disorder. 

The sad part is this is the case not by accident but by design. 
Former CIA director Casey  CIA chief 1981 - 1987 put it this way.. Well know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.
I would have to say good job Casey your program is complete. Keep in mind who Casey's real boss was. Keep in mind that rummy and dickhead chaney were already neck deep into this at the time the above quote was spoken.  
A later quote in the Suskind interview in 2002 of Carl (turd blossom) Rove kinda seals the deal as far the reason why there is 98% delusion rather than reality. 

He expressed the White House's displeasure, and then he told me something that at the time I didn't fully comprehend -- but which I now believe gets to the very heart of the Bush presidency.

"The aide said that guys like me were 'in what we call the reality-based community,' which he defined as people who 'believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.' I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. 'That's not the way the world really works anymore,' he continued. 'We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.'"

So much had already taken place by 2008 that Obama was more like a clean up guy than an actual insider in any of this.. By 2008 there was momentum so strong that he was merely a placeholder. The same people ran the economy and military as before and the only line of defense against the tsunami of delusions was the ALT press which Obama has pretty much destroyed. I don't mean to be negative but WTF. 


Rewind of a comment from the bottom of the page from back in january

Here is what I think about anyone left trading in the cesspool of corruption formally know as the "market".....

I swear when I heard that the HFT bandit that caused the May 2010 flash crash was caught it HAD to be the E trade baby.  But turns out to be this guy.. A few years older but not much. He really does live in moms basement.
Read that the top notch "investigator" who bagged the scary man who beat the squid outta some cash on a single day has been on the job for a year.. Good catch. I wonder who is older him or the perp. 

Covering ones tracks

Last Friday the Chinese market flash crashed to the tune of 7%. The footprints of a manipulation were clear to anyone paying attention.. The main tell was when the entire Bloomberg platform went dark world wide for at least 12 hours making it impossible for many players to deploy any defensive strategy..  I would have to say that it is 99% possibility that the Chinese were NOT AMUSED. It stands to reason they considered that an act of revenge for the new gold trading hub on Chinese soil. 

So what is the oligarch scum club to do when even a cave man can see what happened was not an accident?? The stick save on Monday morning took place after 900 or so brown people died in an "accident" too.. The old saying IT TAKES A PILLAGE" applies.  

The scum club makes headlines a few days after that obvious screw job after 5 freakin years of blaming waddle and reed for protecting their clients they FINALLY have caught the single culprit in the May 2010 mini crash.... LOLOL>   ONE GUY CAUSED IT and from London to boot.  Banzai7 does a great job pointing out the nature that one guy

So let me get this straight.. one guy in London with probably less than 10 million in trading power takes the Dow down 500 points in 5 minutes using a computer algorithm..  He was a brown person to boot. Unfortunately for him he made 40 million trading that day. Aha.. making money like that outside of the "boyz club" is NOT ALLOWED.. This guy has also been trading the SAME WAY up until a few weeks ago and some how the so called regulators did nothing about him until they needed cover for the obvious flash crash scam last week?? 

Back in 2010 I was a forward observer for 14 hours a day and was all over the mini crash potential because of the gulf spill.. From APRIL 19th till MAY DAY the market was levitating at the same time as the oil spill was becoming known as the biggest environmental disaster in history and BP was on the ropes. ANYONE and I mean anyone who had any trading skill was waiting to pounce on the inevitable pricing in of that event. The guy I was working with at the time made a huge trade loading up on puts before the flash crash day.. I hope he does not get in trouble too for being right.. 

So if you think I am cynical and have a bad attytood then try paying attention like I have for the last 15 years.. 


Interesting man says.... 

Ahh 4/20 day.. This used to mean something.. Was a day of open carry of joints and just maybe was the single most successful protest in 40 years..  Just goes to show what can happen when a group of CITIZENS gets motivated.. 

A quote from interesting man.. 
"I don't always drink koolaide but when I do I drink XX sewer water brew from Neo fascists media sources..  Poured out without too much foam by the likes of Wolf

BTW we did have a strong start to human sacrifice season.. 500 - 700 dead in the Mediterranean. Apparently brown people so divide by 100 to see the real score.. not quite up to par with Waco or OKC yet but this bloodsport game is still the 1st quarter.. 12 days to the final whistle.  Guessing the capsized boat was sort of like when a country boy goes out COW TIPPING at midnight but using a German made submarine tipping all the cattle at once.  Style points for sure.  Nice shot across the bow in China on Friday too running a huge amount of stops on an expiration Friday... 


Happy "patriots day"

So I wake up this morning go to my screens and when I clicked zero hedge I got...

Glad someone else picked up on that one quickly..  Look up RUBE in a dictionary and you have the whole campaign platform condensed down to ONE WORD.. 
Priceless comments.. I guess this is the new normal for "working moms" 

Takes one to know one??  Is this an outdoor game of JEOPARDY? 

Hey taxes are now paid.. On with the pre jubilee destruction of the last of the middle class all huddled together in ONE TRADE. Seven year shemitah cycle anyone?



I have been reluctant to go around saying this because it is unbecoming of a Virgo to go around bragging and beating on the chest..  IN THIS CASE I am taking the gloves off and using my recent call for mini crash activity in the post April 15th to May 1st time frame as a rare I TOLD YA SO.   This call was not based on astrology alone it was based on how long I have been paying attention..  One reason I was highly paid for over a decade was I could think like a criminal without being one. Fact is if one is paying attention one has to understand that post April 15th is when all the tax checks clear and the 'boss' has no incentive to keep stock prices up at nosebleed levels. The most powerful post April 15th  effect was in 2010 when the largest and fastest drop in the Dow occurred in 15 minutes wiping out almost everyone's stops on long positions. BTW I got THAT ONE RIGHT with 3 weeks advance warning to my associates at the time.. 

The Friday trading was really humorous.. Right as the Asian session opened the ENTIRE Bloomberg worldwide network which is by far the largest trading platform for bankers went dark. The Chinese equity market went into mini crash free fall off about 7% before the us market opened at 9:30. Ho Lee Fuk must have been ready to jump out a window. The platform was "repaired" well AFTER the US open trapping many traders who were not in the pre warned privileged class.. 

One of the disturbing parts of the episode is that I have seen a move like that start in front of 911 and 77 and few more.. In those cases was an indication that there was foreknowledge that something big was coming which was painted all over the tape.. What we saw Friday could be the opening salvo of a bigger move in the next few days maybe all the way into early May.

Heads up to the forward observers in the truth movement to PAY ATTENTION.. If enough of us do that the odds increase that whatever is planned will have to be scrapped.. Keep in mind that cover ups are AFTER THE FACT and if history is a guide the first few hours after an incident is when the truth is easy to see.  The next alarming astro is on 4/21 and 4/22 when Mercury and Mars are conjunct.. That one is certainly an anger producing  trigger alignment which is basically AN ANGRY MIND. Saturn and Uranus are in orb of a 135 degree sesquisquare in the past few days which tends to generate systemic crisis and will be exact on MAY THIRD.. 


The cult of EL

Tis the season for nasty things for unaware humans that one could consider to be sacrifices to the "gods" which starts 4/19 and lasts into MAY DAY. I have detailed the "coincidences" of the goings on in that part of the seasonal solar cycle but this post is about the WHO and WHY part of such a thing. 

Google the term cult of el  .....  Seems that EL is a name for SATURN. 

The root astrological meaning of Saturn amounts to CONTROL.  One could even consider Saturn the GRIM REAPER in that if you do not cooperate with him he takes what you have including your life. 

We can have fun with the EL phrase too as it shows up in many words that may have a secret meaning.. Start with the word elite.. El ite.. An EL ite is a member of the cult of Saturn...  it is RIGHT IN THE WORD.  Keep in mind that English was not a written language for much of the time of it's use so the PHONETIC sound of EL maybe applies to the word ev..EL as well.  The Sabbath is Saturday which is SATURN'S DAY which is the 6th day of the week (cough HEXagram) and is the day when "god" rests which maybe means don't expect any divine help on a SATURN-DAY.

Humm explains a lot eh?  It might be fun to play a game with other words to see where the EL shows up in so unexpected places. Fact is the words we use do indeed have secret meanings... Keep in mind that WORDS are POWER and we all can use them to SPELL using a WORD.. Come to think of it a spell has EL in it too.. sp.. EL.. l 

Check out what Jordan Maxwell has to say about this 
At 26:00 of the vid you will get an explanation of WHY the 4/19 - May 1st is so significant as it has origins going way back to the time when BAAL was worshiped..  MAY DAY is also used to announce a DISASTER .. and pagans celebrate Beltane on May 1st.. 

Baa EL..tane... Nuf said!!! 

Bill Cooper had a worthwhile take on this subject all the way back in 1968 too. 

 More Maxwell..


The difference between 
the USA and EU

EEK like a mouse.. And this is the guy who ruins the lives of millions of Europeans with soul crushing economic policy? Consider what would have occurred if this happened to ol' Yellin.. Josephine Witt would have been tased and dragged out by the hair and spirited away to Rhambos dungeon never to be heard from until such time as she was re educated and willing to become a psyops agent that feeds off the 10s of billions of newly minted fiat earmarked for paying the trolls.. 
Many of the comments are from the old school trader types that at least have a few molecules of testosterone left in them. 

Here in the USA the young men have been feminized by psychological means and BHA in the water bottles that they are forced to drink out of. I have mentioned before in recent writings that in 1967 the same sort of psyop took place to tame young people with a tsunami of acid and it turned out to have had UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES as a good percentage of young people got to wake up for a time. Some stayed awake..

The scream of the butterfly 

No arguments with her obviously superior self knowledge

A hint for you 20 something guys who work at Chiptole part time live off tips and live in moms basement playing video games for 10 hours a day.. YA YOU!!.. If you have no balls how attractive do you think you are..  You have no one to blame but yourselves for your lack of desirability to a young woman who seeks out a HERO and then has to do it herself because you are bleating like a mouse like Draghi.  NO WONDER in the bankster empire counties they struggle to maintain population growth and have to import men from all over. 



OMG this is so funny.. She is doing the Lambeau leap. She looks like a blitzing linebacker and with such good form going for the sack she deserves to be considered for the NFL draft in a little more than a week.

Wait till William Banzai gets on this one.. 

Morning sickness

My usual routine is to get up very early and methodically cruise through what is left of the truther sites and then on to other propaganda agregation sites to see what memes are being pushed. This is is increasingly difficult because the truther sites are drying up and the propaganda sites are ramping up the volume of BS.. With 18 months to go we already have a tsunami of BS building up to a crescendo so that is an indication of how bad it will get next year. 
So what does a benchmark of 2.5 billion for Clinton fundraising mean? At LEAST that for the eventual winner on the repub side. I figure between now and November 2016 at least 10 billion will be spent on political adverts on TV and the web.  Best to disconnect from as much exposure as possible now starting with the TV to preserve as much sanity as possible.. 

I found the initial rollout logos of the few who have announced already interesting in a forensic way. 
Hills logo. This way to hell... to the right please.
Rubio goes with NEW AMERICAN CENTURY? Geez is that a joke?
Cruz has a logo that I think represents a BURNING BUSH. or is that a burning country. 
Rand Paul has a snake on one bumper sticker.. how appropriate.. 
And Bush .. The one named Jeb has not done his rollout yet. I think maybe the third one is the charm is one they might consider. 

Meanwhile I am seeing something very suspicious going on as the push to make vaccinations mandatory has my attention. When something is pushed so hard against an obvious non threat it is telegraphing something else is going on.  We KNOW that there is something called the Sampson option because it is a stated policy of Israel to take the world down in a nuke holocaust if Israel is attacked by ANYONE.  Now THAT is enough to explain US and EU behavior which is consistent with being blackmailed..  So think about that and then consider that MAYBE there is more than one Sampson mass destruction threat in play. We already know that there is a financial version based on the 100s of trillions of DERIVATIVES laying in wait for a trigger to create a black hole for every dollar ever created to fall into.. One FAT FINGER and oops no moe money. 

The one I am even more concerned about because it is more likely to be used is a BIO Sampson. 

Lets game that thought a bit and then we might see why the vaccines are going to be mandatory. Maybe we have some secret ingredients slipped in that are sort of like installing an OFF SWITCH in the vaccinated people. Instant zombies? I have also read that there is a strong chance that race specific bio weapons have been invented many years ago. Hummm.. Just wondering. If you let your imagination go into this it could be a motive for requiring everyone to get the JAB. Just like your phone you need to have a personal off switch preinstalled for national security reasons so we can all "feel safe".  

It is not an easy job paying attention these days. I point out this not to upset people but because it is everyone's civic duty to speak up if "you see something say something" 


Why so counterintuitive

Why is down so up these days.. Why is almost everything the exact opposite way of what would be expected in a natural world.. The answer is DERIVATIVES.. 

So why is the USD going up when it is obvious the world is moving quickly to trade without using it. DERIVATIVES

Why are bond yields so low in spite of the printing press running at almost light speed? DERIVATIVES.

Why is the stock market at record highs when it is driven by stock buybacks using proceeds from massive corp bond floating.  DERIVATIVES. 

The rubicon was crossed after the 2008 crisis when the clock was turned back to 1999 and accounting fraud based on MARK TO MODEL was reinstated.  MARK TO MODEL IS JUST AS BOGUS AS RECORD COLD WINTERS AS AN INDICATION OF GLOBAL WARMING. 

DERIVATIVES are being used to over hedge almost everything wrong to a point where it is not possible to reflect reality.. For instance.. Greece is and has been bankrupt.. The problem is IF a default occurs the derivatives used to hedge against that outcome would cost the system MANY times more as the simple write-off of the greek debt.. The Greeks are NOT ALLOWED to default for that reason. 

The crushing deflation here the last year driving the dollar higher is a result of an accumulation of over hedging by 100s of percent for a USD crash. If the USD were to crash it would be a lot like the samson option.. If the usd goes to where the fundamentals would suggest every one involved goes broke and the hedges that so many believed would protect them from a reality scenario become worthless promises. 

DERIVATIVES are theoretically supposed to be priced based on the value of the underlying "asset" but things have gone so far down a rabbit hole now that the derivatives are what is determining the price of the underlying now. AND HERE IS THE KICKER.. The value of a derivative is based on A PROMISE to pay off other side of the trade.. The last time in 2008 when the counter parties could not pay up the taxpayer became the other side of the trade some say to the tune of 30 trillon. I think it is instructive to realize that as soon as the bailout was accomplished after 2008 the MARK TO MODEL fiasco was brought right back in play and we find ourselves in the same position.. This looks to me like a crooked poker game where every player has a gun under the table.. If even one player attempts to exit the table everyone starts shooting. 


... if six became nine

Ever wonder how an obscure community organizer could rise to the presidency in such a short time? Sometimes the reasons for things fall into ones lap if you are paying attention doing everyday things.. In my case I have been on a star trek voyager marathon on netflix recently to amuse myself with the predictive programming aspect of it. The show was originally broadcast from 1997  and ended May of 2001. As Spock would say FASCINATING..

The character played by Jeri Ryan called SEVEN OF NINE a rescued borg drone was no doubt the most fascinating.. This was a human borg character relearning to be human again while still maintaining the borg machine capable qualities including nano bots as  an enhancement.. A PERFECT PROJECTION of the Trans-humanist agenda which back 15 years ago was oh so syfy..  Keep in mind this was 170 Emmy award episodes during a time when many millions of people suffered through 15 mins of commercials per episode.. That was 2500 minutes of commercials. 

So in real life.. Jeri Ryan was married to JACK RYAN.. former white shoe Goldman guy.. but divorced him in 1999.  He was running for the senate in Illinois in the lead up to the 2004 election when divorce documents were unsealed by a judge that contained accusations of sexual perversity on the part of Jack Ryan.  He had to scuttle the election campaign and OBAMA was given a clear path to the senate and all of a sudden became a player in American political life.  Sooo. Jeri refused to disavow the formerly sealed accusations released by a judge and Jack was toast..  In steps choom boy and the rest is as we say HISTORY. If not for that judge we might have goldmanite Jack Ryan as president now. Hard to say in hindsight if what we got was better eh or maybe Obama is actually a transhumanist drone which would explain a lot? 

Back to the series.. of special note is the eyepiece that 7 of 9 wore..  How very illuminati to start with bit but also a clear reference to GOOGLE GLASS at a time when google was still a figment in the imagination of the founders who started the company in 1998. Seems the founders were attendees at BURNING MAN back in the day..  hahahaha.. Even if one were to go to burning man with the intention of staying straight it is unlikely that anyone  in their 20s would be successful in doing so. In fact goog incorporated right after the 1998 burning man festival. Wow that must have been some good acid and goes to show that psychedelics are waaaay more of a factor in the history of innovation down through history than would be accepted by "normal" people. 

Soo..  file this post in the how did we get here dept. 


A bully walks into a bar....

Well said.

Since the 9/11 disaster, the neocons have turned America intoMurder, Inc. with over two million deaths overseas, with many millions more injured, sick, and rendered homeless. 


Title taken from a song on the last great American rock album made just before the deaths of Hendrix Morrison and Joplin.. It was titled BLOWS AGAINST THE EMPIRE. This is must listen and is on youtube as a full album. This was a clever masterpiece considered a threat to the nixonian reality at the time. If you listen to the lyrics it is advocating taking our world back using what can only be termed MAGIC.
The opening  lines go 
"hide witch hide..  the good folks come to burn thee
Their keen enjoyment hid behind a gothic mask of duty" 

Venus on the half shell doing magic.

I have hammered on beliefs for most of my career.. Beliefs are the force behind almost everything that is wrong here for 1000s of years. Beliefs "feel" like reality as long as one is only associating with people who have the same belief.. The reinforcement of a belief within a group can be seen in the structure of CULTS.. 

 How is this any different than witch burning.. or what happened to men like Galileo or Giordano Bruno?? Or even the Jesus man who had a huge belief structure hung on him posthumously. In those cases the status quo enforcers found it could only maintain a belief if they got rid of the ones who debunked those beliefs. I don't think there is anything more evil than creating and enforcing a false reality in others. You could say it was an inconvenient truth that got those people killed to shut them up.

Note... I have gotten used to people I meet casually saying " I don't believe in astrology".. LOL well I guess I agree because I don't BELIEVE IN IT EITHER.. Astrology is NOT a belief system.  Take a look at the world and how it works and astrology is there in the inner workings of everything.  We could start with day night cycle and go on to the lunar effect on the tides and the earths wobble which causes the seasons.  YEP it seems no belief is necessary just an open mind. 


Mr toad's wild ride 

Here is something interesting.. Indigenous peoples of the past have known a lot more than we westerners gave them credit for.. This little bit of magic involving this toad is probably 5000 years in use.. An interesting question comes to mind.. How do we know what an alien being from beyond the earth looks like? I think many of us assume that they are bipedal and about 6 foot tall and are a lot like the characters on star wars and star trek. All one has to do is look at nature and realize that even here right in front of us is DIVERSITY in the billions of species.. IN OTHER WORDS.. We would not know an alien if one hopped right out in front of us.

It cracks me up a lot of what I see now in new agey blogs that goes into great detail on aliens and what they do to use peeps down here and even some present a complete history of the galaxy going back millions of years.. No matter that this is coming from channelers or people who have NOT proved anything at all about their stories claiming to be part of some corporate secret space program .. I guess if you look at this without bias is the same thing as say the ancient greeks and the myths of the gods they created that were acting out in all too human ways. LOL.. Talk about hubris !!!  

Have you ever been experienced? ....  WELL I HAVE.  
Please don't talk to me about aliens until you can say the same.  Once you do have the experience required to actually have an opinion on the matter of aliens you may conclude like I have that the entire universe is nothing but life itself..  Whatever you consider an alien is actually all around you already but they are dressed up in a different meat suit than you thought.. You may even conclude that humans are a bit retarded in developing spiritual consciousness and had to learn (or relearn) it from plant and animal spirits. 

Keep in mind I am a spiritual person FIRST.. an astrologer second.. And became a market timer third. You can see my priorities in what I post here. 




The past few months have been wild as it seemed the truth movement was gaining ground.. I was excited enough to even start to pipe up here again.  Just in the last few days it seems the wind has died and we are in a listless drift with not even a slow current to help get us out of the gyre.. My perception is after another major push since February there is not really any progress in recovering our country back and holding traitors to task.. I lay the blame on younger people who have to get cracking if they are going to avoid what is coming for them..  It is their future that is at stake.. Us older folks who remember what it was like in this country 50 years ago are dying off and we wont be able to witness much longer. 

There is still at least one group of truthers that are as persistent as a badger.. I also see that they feel similar to myself as momentum is slowing.. hat tip to them


 Flashy crashy season

Looking at the S&P chart I see a pattern quite similar to the May 2010 chart when the most violent and fastest mini crash in history took place..  The trigger for that lightning fast round turn of 1000 dow points was a break of CRITICAL support and a very large sell order on that break down by one firm. Once the break occurred the algos went wild and it got so bad that at one point the QQQ went bidless all the way to zero for a time.. Of course we know that a huge amount of trades got canceled after the fact but the vulnerability was revealed even if the trades did not count on the scoreboard.  lesson.. If a huge amount of stops build up well below current prices it is not impossible to see them taken out so quickly it is like an eye blink. 

Also keep in mind the price action in April of 2000 and the strong rhyming of that market and the one we find ourselves now. In 2000 there were TWO mini crashes focused on the tech stocks before April 15th which rubbed out the vast majority of day traders.. 

Just a heads up on this.. When complacency is as high as it is now it stands to reason that something could be in the works to sober up those are who not really paying attention to the risks. 

There is a cure

This is a follow up to the 4/4 post.. What needs to be cured? The damage to the collective mind is what needs to be cured.. The damage has had multiple causation but the main focus should be the PINEAL and what fluoride can do it..  The pineal is the location of the human brain where the production of NATURAL amounts of DMT comes from.. There is a good reason why the location of the pineal is also the so called THIRD EYE from where the mind is able to SEE.. 

I grew up in a time and place when large doses of fluoride were handed out a LOT like candy.. The dentists would scare the crap out of us little kids and would drill teeth without Novocain to punish cavities and then passes out the little red pills TO SWALLOW.  We were told it was mandatory.. Our parents were read the riot act to force us and I can still remember that resistance was futile..  I look back on this now and see this was purposeful and maybe one of the darkest secrets we face today.. Keep in mind the mind numbing effect on consciousness was first used on people in the camps of Nazi Germany. 

So along comes the 1967 consciousness revolution and the huge amounts of LSD that was consumed after that for about 5 years.. My estimate is up to 25% of us 20 something's had experience with it during those 5 years. I understand that the gov maybe wanted to make us all crazy so we would stop protesting the war but it also seems to me there were a LOT OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES from that..  One of the main unintended consequences was the third eyes of a lot of us was turned back on and a good many had spontaneous psychic experiences.. I always have described this effect on myself as having  had the scales blown off my eyes and that description was 30- 40 years ago..  well before I had any idea what fluoride could do. 

So my suggestion that the connection of 1967 and 2016 is rooted in the understanding of WHO was responsible for the overdosing of a generation of children with fluoride back then and the WHY they would do that. ... IF ONE HAS A THIRD EYE OPEN ONE CAN SEE TRUTH .. It is SELF EVIDENT.. So what was so important that the lies required poisoning us so we could not see it? THE EVENTS ON 11/22/1963 .. THAT IS WHAT.  That as it turns out was every bit a big a botched job as 911 was.. And the same dastardly people were responsible for BOTH of those events.  Ya it was an inside job but the motive was the controllers of our monetary system in BOTH CASES had to blind people to the truth about it. IN BOTH CASES the laws of physics were suspended for starters. 

 So by 1967 Bobby Kennedy was almost a fait de compli to be president after the 68 election. . Had he become president the whole house of cards monetary system would have collapsed. So as we see today a fixed election was the key and in those days the addition of 10s of millions of illegal voters was not possible so getting young people to be disinterested in voting was the choice. Hence the flood of LSD which some estimate was 100s of millions of doses. Ironic indeed that one hand was working against the other. Gov MK ultra stuff only worked on some people and then there was those who had been TURNED ON which was obviously not in the plan.. I am sure a few heads rolled at CIA over that massive FK up which produced a hornets nest of truthers.. The awakening of so many people at the same time like that caused HUGE concerns and so murder inc struck back in RFK and MLK deaths before mid 1968. Once Nixon got in instead of RFK he started the war on drugs which was really a WAR ON CONSCIOUSNESS to hide the crimes. And also keep in mind the war on drugs was a war on anything that could raise ones ability to see. Anything that was BAD for awareness was encouraged including a lower drinking age to 18 in many places.. Oh and a whole lot of bad acid was going around starting in 1969 with strychnine in it and that problem became so prevalent that blotter and window pane was invented by the hippy chemists to work around it. It really was tit for tat back then. 

Fast forward to today.. Fluoride is in almost everything now and in very large doses too. The majority of the psyc meds used today are fluoride based..  The public cannot even BUY expensive bottled water to avoid fluoride now because our dear leaders have decided we need a dose every time we drink water and that NO LABEL is required to warn us. This is far worse than not labeling GMO food. 

My suggestion to young people is to take heed and understand that ubiquitous fluoride cannot be easily avoided BUT that the cure has actually been around a long time. The cure is PLANT MEDICINES.. How long are you going to tolerate having the gov medicate you so you cannot SEE how you are being screwed. The damage done to the third eye is MUCH EASIER TO REPAIR WHEN YOU ARE YOUNG.  With the 2016 Jubilee year at hand starting in September isn't it time to get clean and ANY WAY POSSIBLE is required with time being short. This is why I wrote the below. The jubilee year in 1967 was essentially a jail break and we have another one coming in 6 months so start to do something constructive with that knowledge or your future will be lost in a trans-humanist nightmare for 50 years. 

The 1967 - 2016 connection is going to be a focus for me going forward. Those younger  old hippies like me born in 1952 are perfectly positioned to help the next jubilee year become a consciousness raising phenomena that cannot be stopped. I have strong opinions because I saw 1967 first hand and I intend to step on some toes in the so called new age movement. 


Shine on you crazy diamond

The assault on the 15th degree of Libra is now past and finally the USA can look forward to some actual RULE OF LAW..  TODAY IS THE THIRD BLOOD MOON AND IT FELL AT 15 LIBRA. This is very personal to me because I have my natal Saturn in the same degree of the zodiac as the USA.. Keep in mind that 15 Libra is at the tipping point of the scales and Saturn is exalted in Libra.. In other words Saturn having a well deserved bad rap energetically is at least at it best in Libra and has everything to do with FAIRNESS IN RELATIONSHIPS while in Libra. It can even be interpreted as libra-tarian  (copyright that one) which is a "leave me the FK alone with imposing your silly rules approach" to everything. 

I am not going to sit here and say everything is going to be all of a sudden OK at least in the near term. BUT I do suspect that the current absolute mess the consciousness of the country is in cannot get any worse. We few who have any libra-tarian left within us are already beyond the expectation of any conventional miracle cure and a Floyd quote says it all.. 

"And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too.. 
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon. " 

Come to think of it today is one of the only days in a year you can actually see the entire dark side of the moon during a lunar eclipse.  HAHA .. maybe that is why I am writing this today. 

I want to emphasize the upcoming jubilee year starting on 9/13/2015 and why we should LEARN FROM THE LAST ONE IN 1967. I was 14- 15 in 1966 - 1967.. I had very liberal anti war  parents and had a LOT of alternate media access even back then in the form of printed materials and was already politically aware back then.  WHAT I SAW was the emergence of LSD in 1966 as far as public awareness of it.. IT WAS NOT ILLEGAL and was considered SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY..  By the time 1967 rolled around many 10s of thousands of people had tried it.  Then came the tipping point.. The first really big rock festival where almost the entire crowd was tripping at the same time.. THAT was Monterey Pop.  A bunch of hippy kids ripping the status quo a new one.

"You want to find the truth to life.. DON'T PASS MUSIC BY" 
MUST WATCH or you will miss the point. 

So ... 2016 = 1967. Us old hippies need to rally round the campfire one last time. LETS  PARTY LIKE IT IS 1967.. Lets show the young clueless ones WHAT REAL FUN IS. The great thing about being in your 60s now is we can get away with about whatever the FK we want..  The dupes in the DHS are as clueless now as the cops were in 1967. They cannot watch us all eh? 

Here is a suggestion.. I have done ayahuaska 10 times staring in 2005 and am a veteran of acid tripping about 75 times in the early 70s. It really really REALLY is the answer to this mess.  Having a real spiritual experience is THE ONLY KNOWN CURE for stoopid. So why not use our expensive educations to find the plants here in the good ol USA that when combined produce a workable dose of the safest but most potent psychedelic on the planet DMT.  IT IS ALREADY IN EVERY LIVING THING IN FACT.. This is something that cannot show up on any "drug" test.  Lets just say the answer to the right combo is really simple.. maybe a dogwood bark and an oak leaf soup.. maybe carrot greens and kale with some seaweed.. Who knows ... The ideal thing is to find the NATIVE plants growing all over the place that cannot be criminalized. We need you up and coming young shamans with bio-chem degrees working on this problem. We need a young determined version of Shasha Sulgin. HELL YA!!! The people who step up to the challenge in the NICK OF TIME might become the most revered people in the history of the human race. 

The theme of new jubilee starting September 13th 2015.


Telling it like it is

This interview is a must watch for anyone who thinks what is going on is something new.. Catherine was an INSIDER all the way back in the 1980s and when she bucked the criminal system she earned a huge amount of blowback. She was one of the FEW who saw the problem and tried to do something from within the existing system while there was still time left to avoid the outcomes that stand before us now.. Her experience is instructive and she has tremendous good advice on how to deal with the situation ahead. 

 Interview from a year ago..


Why is April 19th so important

Those few actual technical analysts left paying attention are keenly aware of ANNIVERSARY DATES. The significance of the hottest dates on the calendar like 4/19 for traders goes way back.. apparently there is a connection to the pagan holiday Beltane on May 1st which is MAY DAY.. Some say the period between 4/19 and May day is a yearly human sacrifice period and who am I to argue based on the evidence.. 
So a refresh for those who are new to this concept about 4/19 comes up thusly.. 
The shot heard round the world
The US civil war
Gulf oil spill
Boston martial law shut down
Yep it does seem to be something to this. Also note that 4/19 is the day that checks to the IRS clear.. IS IT POSSIBLE that certain things have to wait till the money is in safe hands before provoking a crisis?  There are many more relevant events on April 19th if one cares to do some research. 

So I pay a lot of attention to this date which is about on par with 9/11 on the list of repeating nasty phenomena. This year 2015 has especially relevant astro between April 19th and early May because there is a return of the astrological energy that triggered the current DEFLATION EPISODE which started on Thanksgiving day 2014 when oil started to crash below support.. On that day Saturn Uranus and Pluto lined up in an exact alignment with a Uranus Pluto square joined by Saturn in hard aspect to both AND VERY EXACTLY.. This is RARE that this precision occurs with planets that are so slow and it sure as heck means something... This is similar energy to the Saturn Uranus Pluto T square during the 1930s that generated the depression but in 2014- 2015 the aspects are 8th harmonic with Saturn at 45 and 135 degree stress to Uranus and Pluto rather than 4th harmonic at 90 - 180 degrees.. Same energy but lasts for less time only a year in the present situation.. The concentration of this energy was MOST STRONG on thanksgiving 2014 but the Saturn Uranus 45 and Saturn Pluto 135 aspects repeat again in 2015 because of Saturn going retrograde. 

So Saturn at 135 degrees to Uranus gets in orb almost exactly on April 19th and is exact on May 3rd.. Saturn Uranus stress is a SYSTEMIC CRISIS.. Recent example being the 2008 - 2009 crisis. Oh wait that date May 3rd has a full spectrum of astro stress during this human sacrifice season so this year's pagan holiday rollout is a really unfortunate one. 

Saturn will be at 45 degrees orb to Pluto starting May 13th and will be exact on June 19th and then Saturn goes direct and this nasty aspect stays in orb into SEPTEMBER.. Saturn Pluto stress is the generation of fascist repression and generates POVERTY and HARDSHIP..  Keep in mind 911 took place in a period when Saturn and Pluto were in an opposition.. The mini version in 2015 stays in orb a very long while too so the energy is going to feel a lot like a vice squeezing the collective mind in a torture chamber. 

LET ME BE CLEAR.. the start of this aspect energy setup was November of 2014 and the geopolitical mess that collapsed the price of oil was the singular event we can point to. This was the most deflationary event we have seen in a long while and as I said last year the echo or shadow of this lingering mess lasts a long time and ends only after OCTOBER. Lets just say it like it is this is the final shakedown of the US public and is in my mind the end game in terms of forcing all real assets out of the pockets of a vast majority of Americans. If you want to know that what I am saying is not an overstretch then read the 4/1 post below to understand what you are dealing with.  The people in control of our country actually believe god has given then permission to crash things and kill millions or more and take their stuff.. 

All this is IN FRONT of the September 13th solar eclipse and IN FRONT of the start of the so called jubilee year. The final tail of the astrological donkey beast is Saturn at the last of three 135 degree aspects of this pattern in mid October.. LOLOL.. Crash season. oh boy.. 

So if readers think I have a bad attitude please imagine what it is like to have seen this current point on the timeline 20 years ago and have had to watch it happen really slowly and also knowing that I have been mostly ignored when I pointed out that THIS IS NOT THE WAY IT HAS TO BE. The outcomes that seem baked in the cake at this point are NOT some random clusterFK fated by god it has been crafted by psychopaths to be the outcome that it is becoming.. I suppose there is a slim chance that things turn out well but do you really see any sign that the people in charge are even the lightest bit interested in that? 


April fools?

Apparently not..

No comment. 


Hanging in the balance

A few days to go before the 3rd blood moon. This biblical lunar eclipse is at 15 Aries / Libra which is landing on the USA natal Saturn at 15 Libra.  The rule of law is under attack. IN FACT there is no longer any rule of law.. there is only fraud. 

I wish I could paint a pretty picture and tell everyone it is going to be all right. What had to happen for that to be possible did NOT happen just a few weeks ago. Ya know they HATE US FOR OUR FREEDOM and it took 14 years to get to this point. The American people are none the wiser now as to what REALLY HAPPENED in 2001. With almost 1 trillion spent on homeland security since we find the only ones honest enough to speak truth  to be the actual enemy of the state.  Gov is even practicing rounding up anyone deemed to annoy the oligarchs and their slave boys.. 

One reason I don't keep a lot of my past writing up on the server is I have no idea how illegal whatever I said in the past is going to be down the road. I have to be vigilant here to at least say something relevant without crossing a line that seems to be moving. 

 The path ahead seems to be all about finishing off whatever was left of the middle class..  If there is ANY sort of sensible deal with Iran the deflation will accelerate.. If we have a real war we will see RATIONING and with that the ultimate loss of PRICE DISCOVERY on EVERYTHING.. Supply and Demand??  LOLOL.. ya right....  how 20th century to think that is what determines prices.. 

So.. ROCK MEET HARD PLACE. What is clear for the last few years is that the equity market is the mechanism to boost assets enough so that taxes can be paid. So in the next few weeks that reason for hopey changy stock market action will be put to bed for another year. I am not going to say this will result in a crash because there is also the possibility of the USD becoming the paper it is written on and in that case stocks will be perceived as the only way to protect purchasing power.. 


When the music's over... 
turn out the light

Oh ya .. you cannot make this up.

The title is from an old doors song from back in the day.. it was released during the last JUBILEE YEAR 1967.. The new jubilee year starts on September 13 2015. Could it be possible that some people actually saw what was coming all the way back then? You be the judge. The album was called STRANGE DAYS. 
this is haunting to say the least. 

So we have gone through the Mars Uranus Pluto in mid March and the equinox eclipse and all I can say is ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? I have had a few comments like... "what happened?? " and well here is the clue of clues.. IF YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION NOTHING AT ALL EVER HAPPENS.. perception is indeed reality. Yet reality is NOT only what one perceives is it? 

I think we DID have a chance to head off what is been planned a long time in a mere 6 months.. I know many brave souls did a final push to avoid what is now clearly coming this fall. Hat tip... we can rest easy knowing we refused to be part of the problem..  

The upcoming Blood moon lunar eclipse lands on the same sensitive place in the zodiac as the Mars Uranus Pluto aspect from March 11th last month. That would be the 15th degree of the sign Libra.. Saturn is located in 15 Libra in the USA natal chart. THIS IS VERY CLEAR NOW.. The rule of law that is represented by that USA natal Saturn has been under assault and not just this year but also in 2014 when the grand cross occurred on the first of the 4 blood moons. The most exactitude of the grand cross was?? ... drum roll.. APRIL 19TH 2014.. How very ironic..  long time readers know what I mean.

So let me see.. the nothing happened part of this recent destruction of justice is?? 
Word that voting will be mandatory and voting age lowered to 16
Word out is vaccines will be mandatory no exceptions
Word out is a massive "drill" takes place this summer including navy seals training to track down those who might not be on the same page as the oligarchs.
I could go on.. IN FACT I DO PAY ATTENTION which is apparently the hardest thing to do for the peeps in these times of "strange days have found us". 

So cue up this oldie.. DOCTOR MY EYES. Worth your time to listen to a bunch of Jackson Browne considering the circumstances .. RUNNING ON EMPTY in particular.


Counter party risk 

What ever one wants to call it "the market" now is one of the many mislabeled things we are surrounded by.. The word market implies that there is a balance between supply and demand to achieve a "price" that both parties agree on. This is based on BOTH sides having the same data and a transparency about the risk on both sides. A REAL MARKET achieves what is called PRICE DISCOVERY. 

Price discovery was the fatal flaw that blew up the markets in 2008.. The value of mortgage securities was determined by a fraud in faking the stated quality of the securities by rating agencies.  Had there been transparency the securities would have been priced to reflect the actual risk of default which was great. The existence of credit default swaps masked the actual risk and when the major issuers of that exotic insurance began to issue CDS several times on the same bad batch we had AIG eventually on the hook which required US taxpayers to bail them out for 180 billion. The bailout occurred to make whole the OTHER SIDE of the CDS coin such as Goldman Sacs. 

LESSON.. skewed price discovery leads to mis-pricing. Mis-pricing EVENTUALLY comes home to roost and usually in a crash like manner.  Making a promise to deliver something that ones does not have is what has now gone on to an extreme in GOLD and SILVER.. Who know but it appears to be 30 to 50 times more "gold" sold on paper than physically exists. So in the case of PM "market" the price is based on a LIE pricing in something that DOES NOT EXIST. What we see listed is only the price of how credible a lie is and not what reflects a price reality that an actual holder of the metal would be willing to sell it at. 

I am a very good financial astrologer who has done decades of research and am also good at pattern recognition and technical analysis.. I am also WITNESS to the slow motion destruction of price discovery that began to accelerate AFTER the 1987 crash.. ANYONE who is "investing" right now is investing in mis-priced securities and that is not going to end well.  LOLOL.. Investors think they are buying stocks but are really investing in derivatives which are ALL BASED ON COUNTER PARTIES paying out on the other side of the bet. If 2008 showed us anything it is when push comes to shove the counter party bet is ultimately the responsibility of the US taxpayer.. BAIL IN ANYONE??


Quick hitters

Found a few things that should be of interest today

This here is called Gnostic Astronaut on audio recorded in 1984. This shows just how advanced things were getting before the bush crime family took control of the country. Back then there was the SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT.. not new age movement. Amazing listening to this 30 plus years later especially so now that a bunch of people who were in diapers back then think they know what is what.

 And this.. maybe we can locate the time in so many peoples lives when they went from human being to compliant zombie.. it had to be school.. what humanity was conditioned out of people is something to rediscover. This looks like fun.. lets PLAY

And last but not least this vid is going viral and is one that needs to stay that way longer than a few hours. puts things in a nutshell. 


Just a coincidence?

The major reason I stopped posting here in January is I got wind of a situation I saw culminating in early March 2015 as an attempt to silence those left who have been the most effective at the truther thing..  And by TRUTHER I mean those few who actually address the fiat ziocrime debt factory that has swallowed up the majority of the planet.. Those out there who are promoting BS like the aliens are coming to save us are as the say "doing god's work" to distract others from what is so so so OBVIOUS to those of us who have our feet on the ground. 

So when over the past year or so I see almost some of the best and brightest have had brushes with death it does tend to ring alarm bells. This post today was necessary after seeing what happened to morris108 just recently.

In reviewing the last year or so I go back and see 
Mike Rivero almost died in 2014
Richard Sauder almost died in 2014
Les Visible almost died in 2014
Jean Haines almost died in 2014
I almost died in 2014
I am sure there are many more incidents some fatal that I don't know about. 

I can say with certainty that all the above generated crippling huge medical bills.. 
I am not prone to being paranoid however I am also logical enough to start to calculate odds of the same thing over and over in the same year so this coincidence has not been lost on me. If one goes back in history one sees that poison is a tool of choice and is the style of play used by people who have no moral guidance left. IN FACT this is not just used to attack individuals it is also historically been POISONING THE WELLS of entire countries.. Never a clean fight it seems. Keep in mind that 10s of billions of taxpayer money goes into perception management and who knows how many millions is available to compromise the people around the most effective individuals at truth telling.  

So those of you who know what is what and say nothing.. YA YOU!!
You do realize that when you hide under a rock that you are leaving those of us who continue to speak out sticking out and that makes us more vulnerable to attack. Being silent gives the dark side the idea they are can win by attacking the most outspoken. If you scroll down to my Jan - March post at the bottom of this page at least I gave some cover to Duff and left what I considered to be a pointed message on the page while I sat on the sidelines waiting to go back in the game. During that time I also took notes about who came around in my quiet time experiment as a tell on who might be an "agent" of sorts..  A few seemed to be a little too interested in my plans and such for comfort.. Glad it was only a few.. I take that as a good sign I am doing enough but am also being smart to keep a low enough profile now as well. Anyone snooping on me has to be bored as all get out my life now is the equivalent of watching paint dry. Glad I am tying up the resources and time of our masters budget. If each of us would just be a small candle.. 



Heads up for medusa's head

Hat tip to the bonesmen today is YOUR DAY.. For those who are looking for a heads up (pun intended) we have a new moon on May 18 at the same degree of the zodiac as the fixed star ALGOL.. This star has been used as a signal for starting many a military adventure and has a baaaaad reputation going back into antiquity..

"The most evil, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens" - the words in Manly Palmer Hall's Astrological Keywords caught my eye, and I knew I had found my laboratory rat. This was *Algol, Beta Persei,from the Arab Ra's al Ghul - "the Demon's Head". To the Hebrews it was Rosh ha Satan, Satan's Head, and to the Greeks it was the severed head of Medusa, the serpent-haired Gorgon who was so horrible to look at that one glance would turn an ogler to stone. "Violence, beheading, hanging, choking, asphyxiation, electrocution, murder, mob violence." (Just in case you missed the message, Algol is further described as "unfortunate".)

Ok so the star sounds like AL GORE and the medusa thing is very much like what Hillary is generally thought about. Just a coincidence. Imagine those two as running mates? How's this for a bumper sticker. We need text for the slogans so be creative. 

What bothers me is in the post election orgasm over there in likudistan be aware that bibi may see this recent victory as a sign from heaven. The smiter in chief seems determined to start WW3 and this May 18th new moon landing on Algol is not amusing..  Keep in mind that there is a glut of oil now and all available storage on the planet seems to be heading to top off level about then.. After that there is no where to put it and that means many wells will have to be shut down and many may never be profitably productive again.. A PERFECT TIME FOR A WAR ... 


CON - cerned

Sub title 
Robert Oppenheimers ghost lives

Whoopie we have an experiment this week to see if we humans can break the universe.

What could go wrong eh?  We peeps are being told they are looking for the god particle but I suspect that is a red herring.. The massive electrometric field this Shiva device produces is 17 miles in diameter and this is what it looks like.. Based on when they first fired this thing up a few weeks after 11/11/11 there maybe is a very good reason why reality seems to be a bit unstable since then.. WHAT IF there was a FK UP when something broke back in 2011 and they did something unintended to the timeline? Maybe they are trying to fix it? Maybe they want to break things even more? I seem to remember a passage in Revelations about opening a pit to hell and letting out some sort of monster.. 
Pass me the popcorn.. 

If you are feeling a little strange this week maybe it is for good reason. 


The cure

I found myself in conflict with almost everyone's belief systems for what seemed like forever.  Even most astrologers.. I certainly have a gift of being controversial eh? Good thing I don't give a shit. That is nothing new it goes back to when I was a kid.. What happened was at age 15 a new radio station started up in philly called WMMR which was broadcasting for a whopping two hours a day for its debut year.. Playing something called PROGRESSIVE ROCK.. I think I was one of the few dozen people who started listening "religiously" when the station started up but after about 10 years WWMR was 1 or 2 in the world pouring acid rock out on a world that was obviously not really ready for it. So what was it specifically that planted the spores of the consciousness revolution in 67 which is RIGHT NOW reaching critical mass?  It was none other than TED NUGENT and a band called Amboy Dukes who was a one hit wonder.. Ya Ted Nugent who as things stand now is the poster boy for being a red neck asshole old rocker gone neocon. That song was called JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE MIND.  .. Hat tip Ted if you wanted it or not your one and only hit song changed the world. Oh the irony.. Oh ya.. The unintended consequences of so much of what went on in the aftermath of the Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo in the mid 1960s is right there in the lyrics.. After almost 50 years I still know the lyrics by heart I must have listened to that 45 vinyl ten thousand times back in the day. 

For at least 5 or so years after the mid 60s conjunction doing the journey was not illegal. About a hundred million tabs of acid were consumed and the whole hippy movement was based on THAT. Nixon was the guy who started the war on consciousness. Nixon set the world back many decades but we find ourselves just beyond the first square between Uranus and Pluto now after that mid 60s conjunction..  So is it now time to BREAK ON THROUGH to the other side? Seems that is the only way out now. What are you afraid of? Going crazy???? ....  BWAAA. 

I am a veteran space cadet elder 60 something now and was quite good at the tripping up till the mid 1970s when it was no longer cool at all.. T the acid was NOT the same because it was Gov issued mind fuck by then. .. A lot of us GOT IT before the curtain fell that there was no going back once you have dived down the rabbit hole and that tripping was all about opening our third eyes to the truth. I also know that LSD was something that was militarized in the early 70s but that attempt was too late to put the genie back in the bottle and people like me are STILL the unintended consequence. 

I was also a part of the next evolution of the process which was to look at mother nature FIRST rather than think that a lab made substance could do better. The right of passage now for the younger space cadets (burning man types)  who came after us is AYAHUASKA and Magic Mushrooms (aya lite) . I ended my 30 year tripping hiatus in 2004 in Brazil and am a veteran of 8 AYA journeys now over a 7 year period. Done the right way with a competent shaman in a safe place where it is not illegal has the potential of never ever having a sliver of doubt about the true nature of reality ever again. Imagine meeting your immortal self and realizing you have always been that except for silly beliefs to the contrary.  

Make no mistake doing AYA is not any sort of recreation experience. It takes balls and even then getting the experience you came for is not a given.. What ever preconceived notions you have about the spirit world flies out the window and many cannot get past that far enough to see outside of the prison of beliefs without many attempts.. BELIEVE ME being a veteran tripper in the early 70s it was sort of like riding a bike for me but I was lucky to be old and dare say wise by 2004.. You never forget how to do it so you old hippies need to man up and re qualify for cosmic consciousness. You youngsters take it from me you should do some prep work beforehand and take council from an old hippy who as Jimi sang is EXPERIENCED..  It will make a HUGE difference.  A trick is maybe do the lite version shroooms a bit first to get used to the experience with spiritual training wheels first. Kinda like getting your SEE LEGS under you before pushing out off shore on a long sail on the sea of consciousness to a NEW WORLD. 

This link here is what inspired my writing today.
Oh and a quote.. I can only describe it to you as elevating, thats how Im going to put it, he said. Its gratitude for being alive, thats what it is.

I KNOW that the worst is over now that Uranus and Pluto are past the crisis phase of the  90 degree squares.. There is finally a cure.. The legalization of cannabis is what had to happen before the real deal could become an accepted practice. I can see shrooms..  one of the oldest life forms on earth..  as the master key out of consciousness prison going forward.  HOLY COWpie is it really that simple?

"Journey To The Center Of The Mind"
Leave your cares behind come with us and find
The pleasures of a journey to the center of the mind
Come along if you care
Come along if you dare
Take a ride to the land inside of your mind
Beyond the seas of thought beyond the realm of what
Across the streams of hopes and dreams where things are really not

Come along if you care...

But please realize you'll probably be surprised
For it's the land unknown to man
Where fantasy is fact
So if you can, please understand
You might not come back
Come along if you care
Come along if you dare
Take a ride to the land inside and you'll see

How happy life could be if all of mankind
Would take the time to journey to the center of the mind

Would take the time to journey to the center of the mind
Center of the mind

This video is Jeff Berwick interviewing an ex narc cop who changed his life and is actually helping people.. He is now an advocate of aya based on his personal experience..  VERY STRONG ADVOCACY of ending the drug war..



Growth = Debt =  Enslavement

Just a short explanation of how did we got to this point..  The "money" that is in circulation today is the proceeds of a loan.. The loan is granted by making a notation in a ledger that so and so owes X amount and has some sort of collateral that can be taken in the case of non payment.. The catch is that the INTEREST required to pay off the debt is not created so technically the loan cannot be paid off in the full terms without one of two TWO THINGS HAPPENING
1 If one is privileged one can just borrow the interest and roll the new amount of debt out into the "future" . RICH GET RICHER.. 
2 If one is in the lower 99% then one has to become predatory on ones fellows to get the interest from someone else.. POOR GET POORER

The system is predatory by design.. The system is meant to borrow from the future of the people who have NOT EVEN BEEN BORN YET.. This system requires the generation of a LOT OF POOR PEOPLE to be the foundation stones of the mathematically unsound pyramid scheme. Hidden in plain sight is that symbol right on the USD one dollar bill. Almost all of what is wrong in the world today is the result of this snake eating it's own tail. War / poverty is baked in the cake and anyone who decides to opt out is considered the enemy.. The situation in Greece is an example of what happens when a country has a mathematical problem and has no internal way to borrow from the future any more. The EU solution is for Greece to give up their collateral like islands and historical sites.. 

Americans some how maintains an illusion of exceptionalism. Since 2008 the unpayable debt by design is being rolled over to the younger taxpaying debt slaves and it is an unknown just how far into the future the end of the tail is now.. Is that 25 years ..  is it 50 years.. The shills like to say that "oh we just owe it to ourselves" but wait that would only be true if the the government owned the central bank and since 1913 THAT HAS NOT BEEN THE CASE. 

It appears that the Russians are about to nationalize their Rothschild central bank. In history that sort of action has generated a world war. One of my fellow truther friends Mike Rivero has a very good and often taken down vid on this subject.  Note that this vid has 600K views even after being taken down so many times.. 

The reason I bring this up is because today is the solar eclipse that preceeds the SEPTEMBER 13 ECLIPSE that is the start of the so called JUBILEE YEAR. The 6 months ahead is the ONLY OPPORTUNITY that any of us will have to free our future generations of the debt created in their name by past generations of debt slaves. I am VERY SURE that the oligarchs at the top of bullshit mountain realize this and I can see that the solution is to crash the system FIRST and then create a new money to replace the old money.  This is designed to push back the day of reckoning 50 years out. 

If you take that 49 year cycle and add one jubilee year on the backside into account the events of 1963 being 50 years after 1913 comes into focus..  It would seem that JFK was up to something like debt forgiveness using the silver in the USA treasury and wanted to create a way to actually pay off the old ponzi debt and replace it with sound interest free currency BUT instead it turned out to be LBJ and the welfare state which was marketed as the so called GREAT SOCIETY. 

There is little doubt that the bankster class would like to continue to have all of us forced to shop only at the company store forever and if they are going to reset things in the jubilee year it will have to be something that they control.. Hence the CARBON CREDIT BASED MONETARY SYSTEM is going to be forced on us. It is perfect for having total control of every aspect of the public existence. Everything has already been engineered for a smooth transition into the electronic currency from which there is NO ESCAPE.. No transaction can exist outside of the system..  a perfect prison for a new 50 year sentence. 
MARK OF THE BEAST .. it not just a prophecy anymore. 

I don't give up easily.. There is a solution and it means that some other new debt free currency that is a PUBLIC UTILITY owned by the mutual agreement of the citizens is needed. Six months is not a lot of time to derail the crazy train to debt hell so now is the time to get on with it. One thing I do NOT WANT is the same system with different owners. The so called BRICS system looks appealing but is it really anything new or is it just recycled SOS leading to the same outcome. 


Life imitates art

Reality = Itchy and Scratchy show
Netty plays the part of Itchy the mouse who always wins 
and of course the black cat named Scratchy is Obama 
Lolol.. a minute view is enough...  you get the idea. 

Gawd we have to deal with this until January of 2017?  Can't Obama do anything right? Heck he cannot even fix an election in a little country that depends on getting at least 50% of its budget from the USA? Obama is like the football player named Wrong Way Charlie who picks up a fumble and runs the wrong way scoring a game winning TD for the other team. I bet he cant hit a 3 foot put either. 

I think it is interesting that the US stock market topped right in front of the netty speech to CONgress.  Since then it seems like a threat of collective punishment is hovering over Americans and their 401Ks for not towing the hard line on Iran.. The eclipses we have on 3/20 and 4/3 are indeed potential nasty market movers including FX and if the US does not do as it's told on Iran I would not be surprised to see some Krusty the clown market action into mid/end of April..

And this post here is relevant to the present moment as well.  Please try to grasp this.. If indeed Gore had won in 2000 we would have had president LIEberman running post 911 America if the above has creedence. Fact is us Americans would have been under the thumb of the Kazarian mafia's libtard division 8 years earlier than it turned out..  Please understand that I DO NOT endorse the Bush side of the same evil coin because it is just one boss or the other so we only get to chose the STYLE not substance of our enslavement. One thing I know FIRST HAND is the Bush hubris was so great after 911 that they left a huge opening for the truth movement to get to critical mass for that 8 years and that could have been a huge error on their part. 

Gore lives in an alternate universe.. His natal chart screams of a narcissist savior complex from a Sun Neptune Venus arrangement and and a tendency to DICKtate from a Mars Pluto Saturn conjunction. We now know that the carbon tax scheme was planned by him in the 1990s to be implemented after 2000 and the guy is still planning to be the first green trillionaire.. The currency we would be using now would be a carbon based currency electronic currency allowing for micro management of almost every breath you take. Lets not get complacent that is still the plan.. 




I wake up today and see that the Israelis have not kicked bibi out. Not just that but there is a hardening of politics to the hard right over there.. geez I guess we can conclude one of two things..  
 The same voting machines used in scotland last year were being used.. 
OR the Israelis really are that nasty when faced with standing down from war.. 
One thing we do know is the stakes just went up a notch AGAIN. Some in the truth moment were hoping this would happen as they surmised it would make things come to a boil quicker.. maybe so. I guess the theory is us boiling frogs would actually notice the heat has gone up if it accelerates.  

I saw a few days ago that Al Gore is stepping into the ring here for a run in 2016. 
OMG .. Nooooooo!!!! .. 
Just to illustrate how that would go he wants to punish people who are heretics to the "humans are bad lets tax them to death for breathing"  religion he is the pope of. I think he will indeed be the only dem left standing who wants the job and it would make sense to me if he took JON (stop thief) CORZINE as his VP.  I guess the dems see a need to escalate now that the hard right here is looking predetermined as "bush the lesser" on the Adelson side.  Just like old times in 2000 eh? GORE VS BUSH.. 

If you are starting to suspect that there is some sort of inescapable timeline loop going on I am not going to argue the point. 

We are the space aliens we have been waiting for

Ironical isnt it.. That title is a twist on the Gandhi saying. I bitch a lot about the 3 major western religions that seem to me a mind virus more than religions. But there is more to mind virus infection than just those 3.. The so called new age ideology common now is designed as a replacement in case the rubes get on to it with the 3000 year old stories that defy the laws of physics.. LOL.. the dracos and repilians from zeta reculi are out to get us.. the pleadians are here to help us. Meanwhile the channelers tell you in blogs to ponder your navel and just let the cosmic shitter overflow. Don't mind the crime empire they are "doing gods work".. 

WE ARE THE ALIENS.. We are STAR STUFF .. every molecule of your DNA is from the stars. 
What we think of as our "SELVES" is the SKY PUT TO THE GROUND. 
Now you know why astrology works. 

So everyone of us is a star being and has magical power if one wants to know that or not. The ones who understand this are quite dangerous as they know their thoughts materialize into the physical. Good thing there is still a delay factor so we have a choice to change our minds. It does seem to me that the protective delay is being shortened up a lot lately.. Could explain why everything is in such chaos. This world is full of 7 billion magical minds and NO INSTRUCTION SHEET.. Lol what could go wrong?? 

Note the line in the lyrics about the alien prophet.. LOL. 
 Don't look so surprised
It's only dogma
The alien prophet cried


The super moon eclipse on equinox and the blood moon that follows

Oh my.. dont know if you have noticed but the air is cracking with magical energy. The just past Mars Uranus Pluto aspect pattern is similar to having a capacitor being charged up.. A MAGICAL CAPACITOR for those of us who are somewhat trained in those matters. 

The markets are so far out of bounds they are not even in the parking lot
The geo-political situation is so off the scale that even the dark lord rothschild spoke about how dangerous this is
It seems the move away from USA/Isreal hegemony is accelerating with country after country abandoning the old banksters and running to the new brics central bankers new system.
The fundamentalists of all stripes in the abrahamic religions are foaming at the mouth in devilish anticipation for their beLIEfs to come true so billions will have to die for that belief ??? NOT ON MY WATCH!!!. 

What do I think?? I think we are on the verge of deciding the future of the human race.. I think we are FINALLY SEEING the magical blowback directed at evil that so many of the more evolved people have been conjuring for 49 years. Yep this all started 48 years ago in 1967.. the summer of love.. 

My suggestion to all the white magicians out there is keep on the bringing the heat.. Don't let up now.. we are WINNING ... Finally WINNING.. the clusterfuck had to happen. 
LET IT BE.. there will be an answer.. LET IT BE

HAT TIP TO ALL THE UNSUNG HEROES WHO RISKED EVERYTHING TO STOP THE MADNESS. Win or lose we did not shirk from our duty.. We wont get medals we will get satisfaction. 



Truthers are now in fashion

Hey you .... who are sooo keen on being up with the times.. Ya you !!!!... who watch the kardasians just to have talking points at the coffee machine down at the end of the cubicles. Get a grip and a clue and find out just how much FUN IT IS to be in the know.. Oh and after you do get a grip please make it a point to wink at that man or woman who seemingly was possessed by things that the company Nazi/Bolshevik types kept making oh so serious slanders about.  Keep in mind that if you are new in the new intelligentsia only a short time you need to have more than a few minutes of giving a shit to have an opinion on much.. Enjoy the ride.. ENJOY the thrill of confusion that we all had to go through that at some point. 

I believe in humor.. After all the court jester was the only one who could make jokes about the king and his court and get away with it.. The successful jester has to be on his game and avoid the wrath of the powerful by being so funny that any retaliation is not going to sit well with those still rolling on the floor in the glee of the moment. Just be happy you can get the jokes and leave the rest to the ones who have the talent and the balls to do the heavy lifting. 

PEEKAY is hysterical. God dont ya love that G/day aussie matter of factness when exposing bullshit.. Be the first in the office to secretly start to add mysterious links on the men's room stall to his stuff. LOLOL.. That might even distract the guys who usually just jack off in there looking at their phones. 
Getting rave reviews.

Jon Stewart is now back in the fold AFTER LAST WEEK and he is going to be a force of nature as soon as he gets out of Sumner Redstones clutches in 5 months.. 
PRICELESS .. they will take this link down soon so see it while it lasts. 
Court jester for sure.

And art can be soooooooo funny too.. William Banzai will go down in history as the equivalent to some of the greatest artist activists doing political humor cartoons ever . Go through this collection and find your favs to pepper the guy down the hall who is such a sourpuss. Make over under bets with your coworkers about how many cups of coffee get spilled on his keyboard.. 

So Cmon truthers let's not be so serious that we lose people anymore.. After all the major media is so unfunny everyone is turning the cable off. Life is a reality show now so GIT ON WIT IT. 


Spoofing reality

Spoofing is the mechanism used to manipulate markets.. This is well known to anyone who is involved in macro trading. Spoofing is a monkey wrench in price discovery and is why there is such extremes both high and low in various assets. The same mechanism is at work in NEWS and economic stats and well just about anything one can think of. 

It works this way.. Flood the news stream with false stories then retract them without correction all the while the real story that is of importance is going invisible to the 99%.



If you want to get a feel for what real traders think of the situation spend some time in the ZH comments section. 



Very rare that an eclipse lands exactly on ZERO ARIES the start of the zodiac cycle.. Most certainly is a the sign of a BEGINNING of great significance.  If one looks at history eclipse months have had a tendency to be when crashy markets happen to show up too. Who crashes and what crashes is the question this is not limited to just the USA. The engineers of the mess we find ourselves in certainly have succeeded at making any "false move" from the debt slaves very dangerous.. NOTE the perfect timing of more problems in Furguson yesterday on an off the scale astro day.. My warnings that astrology is part of the scripting of provocations has been an EMPIRICAL rather than a hypothetical observation. I suspect that things went on the last few days too that we have not seen on the surface of events yet as well. yes WW3 is certainly in play HOWEVER the most violent astro I have ever seen is now just past exact and things should begin to calm down in a relative way so that should be a help to those who don't think WW3 is a good idea.
Notice the eclipse path moves very near the UK?  DID YOU KNOW that a mythical place called HY-BRAZIL is located very near where the eclipse shadow is going to be passing? This place has been associated with extra terrestrials so the apparent move closer recently to some sort of disclosure about past or present ET involvement in earthy affairs might be in play .. 

Also note that the eclipse path is not that far off of the Carary islands where many cubic miles of a split in two volcano is unstable. This just happens to be the biggest threat to the USA and is not a matter of IF but when. Just sayin.... 

This equinox eclipse on 3/20 is the eclipse before the next one that lands on September 13 2015 which is the start of a so called JUBILEE YEAR. The overlords of debt slavery are TOTALLY AWARE of this and they obviously have plans about it for their own benefit. I urge people to start to focus attention on the coming opportunity to create a solution of the most fundamental evil the world has ever known which is creating money as a debt out of thin air.. I am not keen on replacing one debt based system with another so DO NOT KID YOURSELF the emergence of the BRICS banking system is not anything but meet the new boss same as the old boss. The emergence of BITCOIN just might be the technology of the future of which I am no expert at BUT.. The blockchain is the underlying technical structure that allows decentralized currency with transparency and full freedom of movement of commerce across borders which is beyond the control of central bankers. I think the banksters know this is the ultimate threat and have ONCE AGAIN attempted to hijack something good and switch peoples attention to other centrally controlled types of electronic currency such as apple pay. Do we really want the owners of apple to become the ultimate owner of the entire globe? 


Self hating eh?

I grew up in an area in suburban philly  not far from where bibi went to high school and ran a very successful service biz there for 20 years with 50% or more of my customers being Jewish.  I got along well I was a hero to my customers who knew I could almost snap my finger and make a problem go away.. I was so good I did not have to advertise.. People cried when I had to shut that biz down to go full bore with astroecon in 2000 

So I come on this post today and whoa now we are talking rumble in the jungle here.

So let me get this straight.. If anyone .. Jew included.. cannot speak the truth without being demonized by the likudninks (rhymes with LUNATIC) what does THAT say.  About two months ago I made some heads up phone calls to a few Jewish friends back in penna and warned them of a MAJOR PROBLEM for American jews.. A problem that only Jews themselves could do anything about..  The astro right now is Uranus square to Pluto.. The last square between those two was in 1933 when the world Zionist council declared war on Germany. The resultant boycott set off a reaction that pushed Germany way further into fascism and framed Jews as an enemy of the German people in 1933 and well you KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.. Turns out all stories have two sides eh? 

So we are in a similar astro chaos vortex now and it was heartening to see a lot of resistance to bibi attempting to make American Jews adversarial to what is left of the executive branch of "government".  

I CAN REPORT THAT MANY JEWS ARE SCARED SHITLESS ABOUT WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN IF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE GET A DOSE OF THE ACTUAL FACTS ABOUT 2001 AND 2008 AND WHO WAS BEHIND THAT DOUBLE WHAMMY ON AMERICANS FUTURE.  My experience is that most Jews are so afraid that they cannot get out of the box they have been placed in as HUMAN SHIELDS protecting the most vile crime empire masquerading as Jews that the world has ever seen. 

 It is time to MAN UP and take back your power back.. Before 911 we had a vast majority of AMERICANS liking and respecting the good Jews of this country.. FAILURE at this point on the timeline to clean up this is going to tend to create a similar result as what happened in Germany in 1933. It seems to me that bibi is ENGINEERING a negative outcome so get after him.. A goy like myself WHO HAS TAKEN HUGE HEAT to speak about this crime problem over the years does not have much left in the tank and it is up to those who are directly threatened by the MADMAN FROM CHELTENHAM to stand up  and STOP him before it is too late. 



Self fulfilling prophecy.. 

This article addresses something I have been pointing at for years.. When enough people beLIEve something it has an effect on the possibility field in the "future" that tends to make it happen.  We KNOW that there is a rather substantial number of Christian fundies that think it is their duty to help things along to create the conditions necessary to fulfill the circumstances of the "second coming" and what is going on in the middle east is a direct result of that. They beLIEve they are granted the right to CONFORM everyone else's reality to their beLIEf ... To say this desiring of billions dying over a beLIEf is something so far beyond evil that I don't have words to describe it myself.  I think the term that Paul Levy uses is appropriate.. NARCISSISTIC / MALIGNANT EGOPHRENIA



i AM the i IN THE SKY
posted 3/10/2015

The introduction if the i WATCH for i DIOTS  happening with the current astrological alignment exact has me VERY VERY concerned.  This device is almost certainly capable of reporting back to central planning what is said and done but ALSO what is thought and felt. Last year I posted my concerns here about the hijack of HEART MATH by AOL and the implication for an APP not just being mind control but a hijacking of the human heart.  If that takes place on a large scale it is game set match for a non robotic future for what was the human race. 
You could kind say this could be an i dead technology in play now. 

This below is one of my top ten fav songs of all time. It speaks to us hippies using ESP to take our world back from the warlords. Please ... all you trolling fucktards out there .. I was there.. I know that this song was NOT some sort of predictive programming by the dark side. Time to throw the gantlet down RIGHT NOW.. The human heart is not allowed to be hijacked and weponized. Considering the astro right now the moment has arrived to stand up and not CONsent to this..  And DEVELOP YOUR OWN SELF by learning to use  your god given ESP for the spiritual purpose it was meant to be. 

 I hope this inspires you.. It has me for over 30 years


I am back..

I did my stand down for 3 months .. I stood aside and left others speak. I am not particularly interested in I TOLD YOU SO.. BUT.. I have known the astro we have exact in a few days and the implication of it since the mid 1990s. Can you imagine how stressed out I have been lately seeing the civilized world hanging in the balance? AND LET ME BE CLEAR there is still 6 months of this hanging in the balance.. YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET

No sympathy for the devil

The link below is something even a cave man can understand if said cave men will READ IT.  EVERYTHING IS AT STAKE SO YOU MAY AS WELL READ IT. ALL OF IT.

Did you hear about the one where bibi goes to CONgress? Do you think it is a coincidence that the USA equity market fell on it's face on Friday 3/6 ??  Ahem.. seems to be a bit similar to the September 2012 speech bibi made to the UN and IF ONE TAKES A FEW BRAIN CELLS OUT OF HIBERNATION one will see an exact correlation in market pattern between September to October of 2012 to September October of 1929..  The day the crash wave was due to accelerate to oblivion in October 2012 was the day hurricane SANDY shut down the markets for 2 days.. LOOK AT THE CHARTS.. 

So what really happened when NYC was flooded that changed the pattern? Oh let me see.. Could it be that trillions of paper certificates of stocks and bonds in the basement depository on wall street were destroyed and ownership became a rehypothocation slight of hand? Saved the day it seems. Those of you understanding leverage can also understand how a few trillion stolen can turn into 10s of trillions the old fashioned money magik rothschild way. The US stock market is now a monstrous threat to the entire human race. If it crashes now from this level of UNREALITY it is going to precipitate a mass extinction event. Let me spell it for you.. E.X.T.O.R.T.I.O.N.. 

Yep the astro right now is what I have been saying since all the way back in the 1990s. The end game for the USA. And for you adrenaline junkies there is still at least 6 more months of this Shemitah year chaos left to play out. Ironic indeed that the Jewish calendar year from hell ends on September 13 2015.. HAHAHA.. that is my 63rd birthday. According to the fundy enablers of SCRIPTED Armageddon that begins a JUBILEE year.. Could it be that the several quadrillions in notional value built up in the derivatives markets is going to blow like the bullshit mountain super volcano it has always been? 

I am going to say little going forward in public.. I will be making myself available to talk to people again BUT NOT FOR FREE ANYMORE. Details will be posted after the equinox on March 20th. 



I imposed a muzzle on myself for a reason.


If you like your enslavement .. you can keep your enslavement

I have had enough.. The peace movement that morphed into the truth movement has officially died over the past few weeks.  Way too many traitors have come out of the woodwork lately to conclude otherwise.  I think the tipping point for me when I read a few days ago that Gordon Duff is strongly endorsing Hillary.  There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that duff is either a deep psyops artist or has been blackmailed the whole time. BWAAAA!!!!

So I am looking at the impending FCC situation and have to conclude the truth movement is over now. I also conclude that even running a low traffic site like this is a fools errand so over the next few weeks I am going to take the site down and stop fighting what is clearly enslavement by consent of 98% of the public. LOL.. ya cant coach stupid.. 

So HAVE AT IT PEOPLE.. I am keeping the site up a little while only to allow people who actually respect me to copy some of the links on the page if they desire. 

Here is what I think about anyone left trading in the cesspool of corruption formally know as the "market".....

1/5/2015.. Ironic that the shutdown of the site comes on the exact 19th birthday of the creation of the site..  I am removing everything below because I cannot be sure anymore that some of the links below are just pure disinfo.  Oh well.. due diligence requires me to remove anything that might be tainted. Maybe I will write a book some day archiving my own writings but for now I am just closing up shop.

on a final note...

Look up fox medicine..


Tweedle De Tweedle DUMB



This bloody road remains a mystery.
This sudden darkness fills the air.

What are we waiting for?
Won't anybody help us?
What are we waiting for?
We can't afford to be innocent
stand up and face the enemy.

It's a do or die situation - we will be invincible.

This shattered dream you cannot justify.
We're gonna scream until we're satisfied.
What are we running for? We've got the right to be angry.
What are we running for when there's nowhere we can run to anymore?
We can't afford to be innocent
stand up and face the enemy.
It's a do or die situation - we will be invincible.
And with the power of conviction there is no sacrifice.
It's a do or die situation - we will be invincible.

Won't anybody help us?
What are we running for when there's nowhere
nowhere we can run to anymore?
We can't afford to be innocent
stand up and face the enemy.
It's a do or die situation - we will be invincible.
And with the power of conviction there is no sacrifice.
It's a do or die situation - we will be invincible.

We can't afford to be innocent
stand up and face the enemy.
It's a do or die situation - we will be invincible.
We can't afford to be innocent
stand up and face the enemy.
It's a do or die situation - we will be invincible.

Pat Benatar is the astro twin of my ex wife of 24 years born within 24 hours of each other.