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The View From Mount Nebo

This is the title I used for the AstroEcon public website daily updates from 2006 till 2009. 
Mount Nebo is a biblical place but it is also a real place where I live in the mountains . 
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Designated practice area

The "mysterious booms" are close to the area I lived in until 2003. In the early 1990s I decided to learn to fly an airplane and the area in the post where the booms were heard is right where I used to practice doing stalls as part of my pilot training. The reason we had to practice there was it was the lowest population area in case of a crash.  The lake in the photo is Lake Nockimixon which we used for visual reference.

Not far away is formally the Willow Grove naval air station now turned into some sort of darpa technology center. . The airspace above that entire area is HIGHLY controlled airspace and us student pilots in the 1990s were warned not to go into any unauthorized areas or altitudes or be subject to being shot down. haha free as a bird... NOT

My theory about the booms is they are some sort of craft taking off from WGNAS and whatever it was is hitting supersonic speed right over the area I was practicing stalls in.. Probably going almost straight UP while doing so thus making the sonic boom footprint only 10-15 miles long. Testing hypersonic weapons? 


Pledge to the dead

Many who read here are familiar with Jordan Maxwell and his revealing the meaning of words that reveal hidden aspects of our control system.  Example is “corp-o-ration” or “corpse-o-ration”. a conjured dead person. defines the word mortgage using these exact words: “A legal agreement by which a bank or other creditor lends money at interest in exchange for taking title of the debtor’s property, with the condition that the conveyance of title becomes void upon the payment of the debt.”

 “A mortgage is an interest in land created by a written instrument providing security for the performance of a duty or the payment of a debt.”

The word mortgage/mort-gage originated from two Old French words, which are mort and gage. In Old French, mort means dead and gage means pledge. 

To connect the dots, when you take out a mortgage, you unknowingly make a pledge (promise) to the dead, and therefore you agree to be a hostage of the dead. This is one of the occult definitions of the word mortgage. So, what is the dead? The dead represents the Dark Forces (self-serving thought-form entities) and their corporations (corpses or dead bodies).

By now you should know how the words mortgage, debt, dead, currency, corporation and battery are all related to the process of harnessing the energy of humanity. This drama is all about tricking humanity to consent to be a “battery“, so that the Dark Forces and their minions can use our life force energy to charge their dead matrix system. 


Wolf Age

Good vid


It all started with Snowden

When Snowden revealed the extent of .gov data gathering there was no huge outrage.. In fact the public decided that as long as they gave no indication of knowing anything outside of mainstream thought they would be A OK. That was the tipping point when the INACTION was considered CONSENT. Our technocracy has ripened to the fruiting stage now..

I don't mean to be discouraging but.. The truth movement has dried up since 2013 not because of .gov interference but  more because of the indifference of the 80% plus of Americans who feel like ignorance is strength. 

I was struck by the lack of understanding on the memorial day holiday that the reality of those who "served" died for the hegemony of the fed/City of London banking system and had nothing to do with about protecting "our" freedoms. 


Doom loop

On Friday, Italy’s 10-year risk premium - the spread between Italian ten-year bond yields and their German counterparts — surged almost 20 basis points to 212 basis points. This was the highest level since May 2017

The big biggest picture has Europe in the same long term cycle as the 1850s - 1860s when the USA civil war was conjured. I am expecting the countries that try to escape from the " communists" technocrats will be become familiar with General Sherman in due time. A EU civil war is certainly possible as it appears to be divided north and south and has a racial element called "migrants". 

This is what tyranny looks like.


A pattern

I have been comparing the behavior of crypto and gold/silver markets and the key to the pattern is the end of the pattern...  the WAVE 5 part is extended over a long period. A 5th wave of a 5 wave directional pattern is a capitulation. This can be a capitulation in PRICE or a capitulation in TIME maybe BOTH. 

Stretching out the 5th wave capitulation in time is a most demoralizing thing for anyone holding a hedge against the value of the USD. Metals have done this death dance several times in my lifetime and in the end of those capitulations there was the point where no one wants to even talk about the now object of disgust. This is the central banker smother play. 

I am looking at a capitulation low in the fall (September) in crypto to a lower cycle low maybe as low as 200 for ETH. From that low it looks likely that the astro in 2019 will cause a crypto rally post election but that is speculating about a rally that we don't yet know from what price it begins. Capitulation is PAIN so in terms of price pain would be about 200ish on ETH.. 



Seven - Eleven
snake eyes


The LT bond high occurred on 7/11/2016.  Prices of the ZB bond contract are now 35 points lower than that date. The pattern of decline shows this move to be an ABC so far) with the last decline in price starting on 9/8/2017 and tracing out a 5 waves down to lows last week. This tells me a rise in bond prices is in the cards The 9/8/2017 high is at the 50% retrace of the entire move down and seems a logical place to run back up to. 

The snapshot of the high.. Saturn Neptune square in a sesquisquare to Mercury. The worst day in history to be a long term bond buyer. Mercury Uranus square in a sesquisqaure to Saturn also. A double whammy if i ever saw one. 

The move down so far is an ABC looking pattern but I suspect this is painting a smiley face on a pig and I conclude that the recent low is wave ONE of an eventual 5 waves down bear market in bonds. Meaning that a sharp rally from now into say September would be a classic wave 2 DENIAL rally back up to the 50% retrace. Wave 3 down after that will be a doozey and at 1.6 times wave one would target a low price maybe down to 120 in 2019. Wave 4 and 5 would follow before a major low is in place. 

See chart

The bond bull lasted decades. The bond bear will have fractional proportion with that bond bull move up meaning I don't see a lowest low in bond prices until ?? Saturn Uranus square in January of 2021? Even that time window could be optimistic as it could take even another six years past 2021 to find a lowest low worth buying as an "investment". 


When will the USD go down

The reason the USD is even worth anything is ENFORCEMENT by police and the US military. Imagine if you peeps could use any currency you like... Ya you could vote with your feet. 

Marty Armstrong interview below goes into the reasons the USD will go up till it eventually crashes. As of now there is no where else for capital to hang out. Crypto would be a nice freedom to have but Americans have to pay bills with Fiat and there is the catch.. 

The US dollar will lose value at the rate the centrally planned banking system determines is good for them. After all interest on the debt based currency can ONLY be created by borrowing more to pay the interest. Nice for them and not nice for the rest of the public who has to beg, borrow at high rates, or more likely steal from someone to pay the interest. 

This will be the case until the US military is defeated in war. Sanctions are an act of war the same as a naval blockade. The astro suggests a high probability of war in 2020. Saturn Pluto conjunction in early 2020 followed by Jupiter Saturn and Jupiter Pluto conjunctions in an election year? OH MY. The next president takes office in January of 2021 with a Saturn Uranus square in his or her lap. Saturn Uranus hard aspects are related to systemic collapse. 

Once defeated the USD will go the way of confederate money (which was a Rothschild attempt to impose debt based fiat on the USA by financing the Civil war). 50 years later in 1913 the Federal reserve is located in Richmond Va the capital of the confederation. Ha Ha the joke is on the American people. 

Those who are invested in Crypto have to understand the only way they win is if the rest of Americans become poor enough to suffer mightily. 


BTC is gold
An enemy of fiat


Central bankers have dealt with the issue of actual value vs perceived value since 1913. 

When fiat gets in trouble the usual step is to change the rules. 1933 they outlawed public gold ownership. In 1971 they disconnected from a gold settled trade currency settlement. More recently they allowed naked shorting in metals..  The price of gold now no longer relates to the value of the US dollar purchasing power. Mission accomplished 

Crypto is in the same situation now and since the introduction of cash settled futures is behaving exactly like gold with an extended and morale destroying downtrend since December. If gold historical prices mean anything Crypto has more downside ahead. Think Silver at 3 dollars after hitting 50. 

Having been in the fight over fake money and it's intrinsic actual value for 20 years I see the price pattern in crypto is creepily similar to the looooong moves down in metal after a bull run down to prices that make an investor become disgusted. There is a price discovery problem in crypto and as of now is just as manipulated as metals have been for decades. 

The setup for about the next year is that there is going to be slim pickins as in finding a return in anything other than stocks. Crypto may move down into fall to a level that maxes out the level of disgust. BTC has a floor at 2800-4000 and It would not be a surprise to see that maybe in August. Sorry if you are a hodler that is just the facts of life when banksters own the casino. 


4/19 - 10/19 
Crash polarities


Markets sets up every year TWICE in a bi yearly crash window in Aries and Libra.. Some years is a dud.. some years is hardly visible.. some years significant bearish outcomes. Lots of anniversary date energy with 4/19 and 10/19 with war themes in April and stock market themes in October. This is a big scratch in the yearly vinyl record called the solar year. 

We just saw a crash window pass in April. The highs in late January corrected back but the lows came in early April and failed to make a lower low around the 19th. That was a sign things were over for that window. 

The next crash window in October is already being touted as the next big slot by many bears.. Does it have astro that can generate a crash? We look at September and see 9/14 with a very stressed out sky. 

Mercury ties directly into a Mars Uranus square. Similar reckless energy that we just saw around May 12th 2018 and the provocations committed then repeat. Venus Uranus Mars T square. Very annoying energy. Consider this time period mid September a priming for a crash move ... In front of the mid term election also. The New moon in Virgo on 9/9/2018 is very stressed out as well with similar astrological ingredients.. Not a doubt in my mind an ATTEMPT to crash things is in store purely for political reasons. Will it succeed? Early October has a stressed out New Moon but later in October the astro has calmed down enough I think a break lower to a meaningful bearish technical level in October is unlikely. I see this fall crash window as tradable BUT not the big one. Post election I see a strong rally that should bring a new high in January. 

The next crash window is in April 2019.. Too early to tell technical conditions yet but the astro is more problematic than April of 2018. The 9th of April is a 9 out of 10 as far as the number of stress aspects at once...  So I would classify this window as serious contender for a bubble bursting strong enough to do damage that lasts a year or more. The astro in 2020 and 2021 has aspects that are usually on lows. I doubt there will be any long term all clear technical situation until AFTER a new president takes office in January 2021. I think as far as I can tell Trump is a one termer. If I had to pick a top and the beginning of a new bear market I think April of 2019 is a strong candidate. 

If you watch the Marty interview below you will see he concurs with this. 


Marty Armstrong speaks

The sequence he describes is totally in line with the way the major aspects line up for 2019 - 2021. If Marty does not know astro he sure acts like he does. 

Well worth the time to watch.. In fact this is a must watch. 


And NOT in a good way

I'm hard pressed to think of another more negative transformative woman possible. She stunk up the joint as soon as she landed in DC in January 1993 and continues to this day to make life miserable for 100s of millions around the world. And to think maybe we would have had a real statesman (Ron Paul)  in the Whitehouse from 2008 till now if she would have just gone away in 2000 and left us alone.


Premium burn

The trick to trading US stocks since the 1990s.. Prices rise and the premium for buying "protection" as in put options declines until there are no bears left to resist the rally.. Then BOOM a mini crash and an onslaught of reasons the market is gonna crash.. any day now it surely will crash. Rince repeat and the bears put themselves on the hook. 

ANYONE who is a bear has to understand how the real market works and not how a free market works. Taking a short position is a once a year or maybe twice a year trade and has to be very short term as in taking profit well before it makes sense to do so. Recent example is a short on January 26th would have been great if a profit was taken February 9th .. Holding on for more resulted in all of the time premium being burned up and zip nada if the put option was held to expiration. 

The latest from the FLY.

Unless one is trading intraday I don't see much bearish astro out into the rest of the year.. I do see a political reason for a fall election season downdraft and think whatever does happen will be a dud as far as a crash in 2018 so time will tell.. 



You young'uns don't remember this high tech device.. It was a miracle at the time and was the very first "smart" house device.

Which brings me to to James (capt kirk) Clapper. The .gov obamo spook guy who spent a gassillion on his office to make it look like the bridge of the Enterprise. Oh and the treason and lies to congress part too.

Every time I see that guys face it makes me want to clap his ass off. CLAP ON CLAP OFF the CLAPPER.. 


About time!!

the old saying...  about fooling all the people all the time.. Er wait.

If Christian Zionists actually thought a few minutes they might figure out they have been used like a cheap whore. And already have enabled a sea of blood shed in Jesus name. 

This “post-evangelical” generation was raised on a steady diet of low-budget movies and pulp novels that injected a potent fear of the coming Rapture, a dynamic most eloquently described by the late Billy Graham. “I pick up the Bible in one hand,” he said, “and I pick up the newspaper in the other. And I read almost the same words in the newspaper as I read in the Bible. It’s being fulfilled every day round about us.”

Ok is it obvious now? The who owns the media part?? A Jethro Tull 1970's quote.
"And your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick."


The duration of a transit

The amount of time an aspects is in orb of 2 degrees of exact is a measure of the power it has to produce manifestations.. The 8th harmonic aspects are especially powerful in making things happen. 

Yesterday the latest school shooting AND a plane crash in Cuba seemed to be the tail end of an intense and reckless episode. Mars has been in 2 degree orb of squared Uranus since May 8th. Mars is slow right now it will go retrograde at end of June so the aspects Mars makes to the outer planets lasts longer. This particular Mars Uranus square will be in a 2 degree orb until May 25th. 

Another reason why the energy has lasted is Uranus and Neptune have been in a long duration semi square and Mars has been in aspect to both.. Neptune was at semi square to Mars and also Uranus yesterday. I look at three planet aspect patterns as especially important. Uranus and Neptune being in such long orbits will be staying in and out of a semi squared and as faster planets make aspects to those two it triggers episodes. The significant next setup like that is next January when Jupiter will be in a square to Neptune and sesquisquare to Uranus bringing a reckless speculative energy. THAT is why I believe the financial markets will produce a massive inflation induced bubble next year. I would call it a pandemonium of buying. I think most of that energy will be seen in prices post mid term election. 

So the nerve jangling Mars Uranus and Neptune astro is now beginning to separate.. Hard to say what the body count was. Keep in mind we only know about the newsworthy incidents so it stands to reason the astro produced many times what the newsworthy deaths and destruction was. 


Its the season

I know people here that are really into this time of year to go on hikes to collect morels. I figure even the cops here would know what is and is not magic.


I’m sure this has been stated, but it’s pretty obvious the Facebook AI flagged this 

The fact the officer couldn’t accept the algorithm was wrong is what’s scary.

there is no way Facebook has a room full of chimps watching people’s posts. 

This is the future. Wait until it becomes self-aware.

WTF they have nothing else to do.. The police come just after after a foodie posting on facebook. This is what asset confiscation causes  because they respond to the smell of money and not any actual crime. The cops live on incentives to take your shit and make you go to court to get it back. 

The lesson here it is really dumb to post ANYTHING on feces book. BTW facebook stock is back at a new all time high after the big bruhahaha a few months ago. If I seem frustrated I am.. Probably the ONLY cure for such stupidity is the real thing and not a plain ol delicacy. 

And it is not just fecesbook that is a problem. What if we find out the AI has an IQ of 65 and will take a million years to become actually "smart". Idiocracy of the machines.


Giordano Bruno

Brandon Smith used to use that pen name.. Bruno is an interesting historical character I have little problem identifying with. He was burned at the stake for being a heretic.

Bruno said the universe has no center, and stars are suns, surrounded by planets and moons. Remarkably, he thus outlined large-scale aspects of our cosmology, while Copernicus and Kepler mistakenly thought the universe is spherical, the sun is its center, unmoving, and stars are not suns surrounded by planets.

Smiths post yesterday is getting some traction. 

After studying the behavior of globalists and their organizations for quite some time, I have noticed that their psychological patterns tend to match with a narrow band of people that are best described as “criminally insane.” More accurately, globalists behave like high-functioning narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths. 

~ From the comments section. Keep in mind that the native Americans pre 1500 would not tolerate THEM and purged them from the gene pool. Unfortunately the natives were invaded by Europeans who had not done  the same cleansing of the gene pool and after a 1000 years of peace they confronted an enemy they had forgotten existed. 

Non-human predators (human in appearance but with different, psychological, emotional and spiritual makeup) should be destroyed upon detection.  It should be of great import to detect them.  Yet here we are.


LOL .... take it up with God

text book stoooooopid

As I was saying about the nasty biblical prophecy memes. 

"What God wants God gets God help us all"


May 13th astro

The riots in Gaza and the deaths and injury caused by the riots were par for that astro. I guess it is a two way street when everyone who got shot was fully aware of the danger and did it anyway. Mars squared to Mercury Uranus and the Moon will get the crazy going. 

The other news of interest is supreme court legalizing sport betting outside of Vegas within a day of the triple conjunction. 

This subject has interested me a LOT over the years as I did sports astrology research for a few years in the 1980s.. It does work. I did proof of concept work for the Phila flyers hockey club back in the 1980s but it was too controversial for them. The better use for me at that time is performance based as in helping coaches and players know when they have a hot night ahead but I don't see teams getting enlightened any time soon so betting against the gambling public is the only way to capitalize on the edge that astrology gives.

My state here in West by god Virginia is going to be one of the first to roll out new sports books not very far from me. Because the markets are totally manipulated and are not real price discovery betting on sports is now the cleaner way to use astro. I never thought I would say that. 

Team sports can be complicated by too many players having a hand in the outcome of a game so team sports with less players gives less variables making hockey and basketball easier to do than say football. Individual sports like tennis golf and boxing are the easiest to gain an edge. Jupiter is going to be in Sagittarius late this year and next and I think that is favorable to using astro in sports applications.. 

WARNING this is a lot of work. 


About 2019

The opportunity for the market to correct has taken place since the January highs. Until proven otherwise the trend is up now and points to new highs late in 2018. The trend channel is on this chart.

As of now the pattern is unlikely to be broken by astro aspects between now and end of year. Jupiter squares Neptune and sesquisquares Uranus in early January. This looks like an inflation driven bubble of speculation. This dominant astro for most of 2019 is like a magnet for hot money when there are no brakes being applied  from Saturn aspects. 

As this astro is not specific to just stock prices I think we see it effect metals and crypto as well. Seems to me those will greatly out perform stocks. The fuel for this rally has already been printed and has been laying dormant in the banking system for years. This is trillions of bank reserves in play and as inflation starts to rise and interest rates lag that now hot money will be forced to find return above the inflation rate. In myopin it will be late 2020 until interest rates rise enough to make stocks correct in a big way. 

The sugestion I have stayed with for the last few years is 10% metal. 10% crypto. That could be in process of adjustment in percentage going forward as stocks are likely to start to yield only somewhat close to the real inflation rate this year maybe 10% and is not a bargain. Do the math.. new highs in metal is a huge real return ... new highs in crypto is an even higher return. 

The Jupiter Neptune and Jupiter Uranus influence is not just at the beginning of 2019 but that early January period is when the aspects are the most exact relative to each other on the timeline. The speculative frenzy could top out then but I will cross that bridge then and not try to time a cycle high turn date this far in advance. The problematic astro that would likely be deflationary is in January of 2020 with a Saturn Pluto conjunction. That astro is a slam on the brakes aspect a LOT LIKE what happened to Jimmy Carter in 79 with high interest rates crushing asset prices in an election year. I am seeing just based on astro a bear market starting in 2019 and lasting right into January of 2021 when Saturn squares Uranus. 


Up up and away?

The S&P has risen above the 89 day moving average and has broken a downtrend line going back to the January highs. If the 2720 level holds today it will form a supportive pivot today. 

BTC was above the 89 day MA but has sunk below that waterline.. ETH however has at least for now held the 89 MA and looks like a low risk buy if trading short term and with stops. 

I read an article yesterday that the Iranians are threatening to reveal all the names of politicians who were bribed to get the so called DEAL done That trump has broken. I guess the Iranians feel like they got stiffed on the deal and will reveal those who were paid off in CASH out of the back of the planeload of money Obama sent to Iran as part of the deal...paging John Kerry..  This is the triple conjunction of Moon Mercury and Uranus squared to Mars exact yesterday in action.. Exciting considering if true there will be treason trials from now till 2020 to entertain us. Or maybe we see tribunals in secret and long term lodging at Gitmo ... 


Confirmation bias

The mechanics of AI mind manipulation is not the outright lie it is confirming a preexisting lie (belief)

The data gathering is going to find your perceived weak spot where you are "off" and exploit it by serving up more of it to CONFIRM your offside belief. You can see it in the ads.. ALSO many sites now are like paid adverts that appear as news and I notice that some articles that show up as content are as much of the false materium as the ads. I have been served up lots of "news" about bible prophecy.. Flat earth and kooky metaphysical content. No astrology however I guess that is not a category or maybe has been determined as NOT BEING A BELIEF. 

This makes whatever the Russians are accused of meddling into look like a joke. 

I believe the Q-anon psyop is confirmation bias. People want to see arrests and they hang on the HOPE of seeing it.
Me too is confirmation bias that all men are rapists
The whole racist meme is confirmation bias that all white people are slave loving white supremacist. 

So be careful out there. AI knows your beliefs and hopes and has the means to amplify them. I have seen a recent video of Clif High suggesting we use language to confuse the AI by purposely adding in things to confuse the AI data gathering.. Kinda funny actually. 

Google leads the way on the dark side


What if AI understands astrology?

The last two astro hot spots on the timeline.. The Mars Pluto conjunction late April and the current triple conjunction tomorrow have had what appears to be PREEMPTIVE events running ahead of the aspects.  That makes me wonder.. It is not like I have not seen events run ahead of the astro before that has been an occasional occurrence for as long as I have been watching since the early 70s.. BUT that rare occasion was before AI and that was before the reality creating GAME THEORY think tanks had such power to make things appear on the timeline fake or not. 

The state of astrological understanding among the general public is poor in my opin. There seem to be only a few practitioners who have much talent in predicting anything. Poking around the net I see life coach and other forms of self absorbed focusing on me myself and I and almost no focus on the bigger picture of our collective reality being mirrored in the sky. Is this a problem of lack of talent or is it the way that astrologers using computers are being trained ?? I hope it is the later because that is fixable. 

The talent to see ahead of the present into the possibility field ahead is often hard wired into a person's natal chart with Jupiter Uranus aspects tied to Sun and Mercury. The sad fact is those who have talent can find MANY non astrological uses for it and with a few exceptions like finance and there are no jobs for even those who can apply their talent to finance. 

There are few astrologers now who were trained before computers took over the tedious part of creating an accurate birth chart. The old way was a lot of craftsmanship involved taking a stack of books and a half hour plus just to do an accurate chart.. Is this where the problem is? Maybe but the old way does give one a sense of knowing how the sky works because you have to know that to be able to do a hand crafted chart. This is the difference between using GPS and using an old map and a compass and sextant for navigation. 

So.... AI being self learning maybe has tapped into astrological methods of seeing future possibility outcomes that humans have mostly forgotten and has learned how to tweak events out in front of important aspects to funnel the possibility field into directions desirable to the programmers agenda. Acting preemptively has the potential to be the butterfly that causes an earthquake on the other side of the world. I would say that would be the blackest of black magic. The ONLY counter to that is to have free willed  morally superior humans get out in front of the AI interference using wisdom and age old techniques such as visualization to trump the AI pushing manipulative memes into the possibility field. Old school astrology needs a comeback from being nearly a lost art. 

I am working on a two day seminar presentation that will address this. Tentatively this will roll out in August. The workshop will be a 2 day event consisting of three 3 hour sessions starting at the roots of learning astrology and how to watch the sky. This is planned to be a beginner friendly workshop yet also important for those who have learned enough but have missed the early understanding of seeing the big picture FIRST.  Stay tuned I think this is the best use of my time trying to preserve the old ways. 


Biblical eh?

Wow the world is held hostage over this? What part of self fulfilling do they not understand

He accused Iran of having a goal of simply “watching the world burn” and with an “ultimate goal to wipe out all of God’s holiness”. 


Just a reminder

Fun with numbers day today.. Astro ramping up to a weekend of potential provocation.. Trump style is to play the after Friday's close announcements.

Maybe something big happens and maybe not.. 


Armageddon now

I have been warning for years that the so called biblical war in heaven is a fake made up self serving agenda.. A made for TeeVee war.

The preceding dynamic (and pivotal data point) is crucial to understand when discussing the notion of Armageddon.  That’s because, just like the 7-year biblical Shemitah, it was a manmade construct that bore no relationship whatsoever to divine prophecy.  Rather, the long-prophesied Armageddon has been used by its creators to instill great fear throughout the Judeo-Christian-Islamic world.  And it has worked like a charm as self-fulfilling prophecies often do.

“What is not widely known is that the major monotheistic traditions throughout the Judeo-Christian-Islamic denominated world each had their own respective agendas where it concerned their end time prophecy. Over millennia “carrot and stick prophecy” became a very useful tool for keeping the congregation in check, and as well as whole populations under control. As cities rose from the plains and dotted the coastlines, immorality and wrongdoing increased. The ruling class increasingly looked to the prophets and astrologers for divine intercession.

For these and other reasons the prophetic agendas in some kingdoms became more self-serving and manipulative over time. In some historical settings they became downright exploitative and oppressive. The whole genre of secret societies grew up as a response to this type of abuse and misuse of prophetic influence, occult knowledge and mystical power. Gradually, the resulting societal tension evolved into an ever-present polarity which further concretized into the many and diverse conflicts and unending wars….”
(Source: The End Of The Modern Era)


A little guys walks into a bar

I forget the joke but is what is going on in Syria not a joke?? Looks like Israel is itching for a fight and is likely to get one. Did the Russians decide to let Israel go ahead and get it on? 


Let the games begin

Mars enters a 2 degree orb of squared to Uranus. The exact square is on May 16th.. A new moon in Taurus is on the 15th. The triple conjunction of Uranus Mercury and the moon is on the 12th.. This is an extended period of potential "accidents" other wise known as false flags that are intended to provoke.

Mars Uranus aspects generally tend to produce chaos either by accident or on purpose. Chaos is neither good or bad as sometimes crazy action results in a new world record in something daring. 

The next week or so is a lot like standing at a busy intersection waiting for an accident. 

C'mon sing along


Strange brew

The political situation in the USA has been the grip of a fight over who gets to preside over the future.. The choice (if you want to call it that) is between communism and fascism. Corporate ownership of government or state ownership of government.. The "republic" is oh so 1800s of us who actually want some level of freedom. The ideal system for the controllers is a fiat owned form of collectivism that is currently the way the Chinese run their country. Our OWNERS are very jealous of the Chinese. 

Trump is gonna stir the pot today.. AT 2 PM.. The astro prevalent today is a Sun Jupiter opposition which suggests huberis especially considering Trump has a Mars in Leo and the Sun Jupiter opposition is squared to that. BTW Trump is not in charge he is doing what his masters tell him to do. Turns out Trump is a great actor. BTW the so called 'deal" trump is likely to cancel was UNSIGNED to begin with and turns out to be a fake deal that appears to me was a bribe of a billion in cash to make it look like it was a deal.. Kerry musta gotten nervous and had a meeting with the Iranians to make sure they did not spill the beans on that. Technically that deal was treason.. 

We will see if WW3 breaks out soon or if the tension just ramps up instead. I figure the later the astro that has more correlation with real war than now is in 2020 with big conjunctions between Jupiter Saturn and Pluto.. A profitable stalemate is what works best for the MIC and the banksters so that is the line of least resistance.


Scumbag fiat overlords

Those three probably own about a billion serfs each. All three made their debt money fortunes by colluding with "government" by bribing congress to pass laws to protect them from risk. Munger rhymes with hunger for you little people. Marie Antoinette had a similar attyttood..  The "eat the rich" meme was created for a guy like Munger but then again he would taste like shit. 


Curious thing

It seems a bit odd that BTC is tied to the USD in a way that is unexpected by conventional wisdom. It seems that BTC LIKES a rising dollar. A reason maybe is that the USD likes war and BTC is thought to be a hedge against war???? That monetary role used to be metals as a hedge but with no price discovery there BTC is the only game in town. 

With the Iran deadline on May 12th and the astro on the 13th being really crazy it seems to me this week will be an important one in crypto.. I am willing to be bullish long term IF there is a breakout above the 89 upper BB which is a sign of an impulse rally. As of now that is at the 11000 level. 

In 2003 the equity low was timed perfectly on the first shots fired. That time the Iraqi army was destroyed in a matter of days My guess the Iranian are not going to be so easy. 


Astrology and volcanoes

Interesting article ..

I suspect that it is a combination of lunar and solar cycles that increase volcanism. It is a known that the sunspot cycle is related to the alignments of the outer gas planets relative positions to each other and the sunspot cycle is related to global heating and cooling. During a cooling period volcanism reinforces that cooling sometimes as a runaway cooling producing ice ages.  The moon has a trigger effect on specific points on the planet in the 24 hours a day cycle of land tides but has little to do with big picture cycles.. 

Not to be taken lightly are the eruptions in Hawaii are where a land slip is likely. 


Worth watching

Max lays it out in spades

PT 1

Pt 2

If you are wondering how we got into this mess and where the only way out might be.



Leave those kids alone!!!!

All in all you were just bricks in the wall.


Silent spring

This term was used decades ago because the bird population had dropped precipitously because of DDT use..

I use this term now as a way to describe what has happened to the truth movement over the last year.. The so called fake news problem has done nothing to stop main stream lying and has targeted the only sources of actual truth. Really sad to see so much effort by so many good people turn to mush.. 

There are green shoots in crypto....... 
BTC and ETH are trading above the 89 day moving average for the first time since January in the case of BTC and March in the case of ETH. Those two are significant because the 1000s of of alt coins are trading pairs with those two lead dogs. I do smell a rat as the banksters have obviously taken interest in Crypto and the battle ahead into the next bullish astro period in 2019 is over who owns the crypto sector market cap and which coins do the banksters want to be the usable electronic money they want to force on the public. Unfortunately over the next 6 months or year the winners maybe not very likable to a libertarian type. 



Humm how to take that.

Is the improper part actually doing something that gets caught? The sentence implies that improperly rigging is Ok as long as it is proper. 

So Goldman steals 100 and has to give up 10 cents.. What a bargain. 


Billions and billions

100 billion stock buy back seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Imagine if a cash rich company decided to spend that kind of money on something worthwhile?? 

BTC has a better look to it since early April. It did NOT trace out a bearish lower low and is essentially in a band compression and trading sideways at resistance. Uranus enters Taurus in a few weeks and that gets a kick off on May 13th when a triple conjunction Mercury Uranus and moon lands in the zero Taurus degree of the zodiac.  Should a break higher above the upper band line occur on or near may 13th it could be off to the races like last September.. Just sayin.



A psyop by another name



It's been a long winter here in the boonies.

The good news is that it is highly improbable the sun will enter a Grand Minimum, such as the one that occurred from 1645 - 1715, the period known as the Little Ice Age. 

Solar cycle 24 has ended and now we are into 25.  If 25 turns out to be weak it is part of a greater cycle which has been associated with global COOLING. With the population rise over the last 100 years which was optimal one wonders how we are going to feed 7 billion when growing conditions are less than optimal. What if the so called climate sientists who have been spraying us with reflective chemicals have been the last to know that the sun is the reason for warming and not algores theory about climate change. 

It's May day the world wide celebration of communists and also Beltane a cross quarter pagan holiday.. I wonder if they land on the same day for a reason. Is today really BAALtane? 


May 13th

A few questions about May 13th.. Delineating transiting aspects is not the same as delineating natal aspects. Natal aspects have a wider orb up to 10 degrees.. Transits are smaller orb at 1 - 2 degrees and have a specific location on the timeline. In the case of May 13th the slower planet aspect is the energy anchor so on May 13th it is Mars squared to Uranus along with Mercury conjunct Uranus and the moon as a triple conjunction trigger. So it is a triple conjunction squared to Mars. 

Is this a negative aspect set? Not NEGATIVE it is rather reckless for lack of another word. Reckless cannot be termed negative if it is a planned out act such as doing a triple back flip off a high dive.. IF I had that transit affecting my own chart in a meaningful way I would not be doing a dangerous stunts no matter how much I had practiced. 

Doing timeline work it is necessary to see what is already put into the equation by human intentions and then judge the context. The Iran deal expires I believe on May 12th and the US embassy moves to the holy city May 14th. I would think that both of those two events already being known with the astro added onto the equation mean something so I go back to January when Gerald Celente was interviewed by Ron Paul and Celente specifically says North Korea is a non issue but the Iran war potential is a huge issue and is being PLANNED. Consider the human ingredients of Trump Halley and Bolton to name a few and what I see as gunboat diplomacy.. Hey maybe Trump can pull off a death defying stunt..... I am kinda hoping for that outcome but then again is what we are seeing an Evil Knievel break 100 bones diplomatic stunt too.

Paul and Celente interview


Face palm

Can this possibly be the most mistimed act in USA history?

Next thing ya know we will have a Trump casino on the temple mount.

The astro on May 13th is bad shit reckless. If this is an act to provoke it is going to do so in spades. This is the last aspects Mars is involved with while in Capricorn. Mars has been in Capricorn since March 18th and it felt like a century to me. A lot more commentary about this in the weeks to come. 


America's dad

The "cos" is going to jail.. Convicted in a Montgomery County PA court he is up for 30 years so just call it life sentence.. The courthouse is a place I know I lived in that county for most of my life before Mount Nebo.. It is very VERY liberal which is why I moved away in 2003. I cannot imagine how off the ball it has become. It must blow their minds to have an icon go up in flames like that. 

Cosby born on 7/12/1937 has natal sun at about 20 Cancer and Mars and Pluto were in an exact conjunction opposed to his natal Sun yesterday. Mars Pluto were conjunct his natal Jupiter at 22 Capricorn as well.. Just pointing this out for people who are interested in looking at celebs having transits like I do. 

Coming off this bad astro now and  it looks to me that the stock market is not going any lower soon and peace could break out. The next big astro inflection point is May 13th which looks reckless but I am not going to say it is anything like what we just saw.. It could be bad for the NWO and not regular folks and I had a thought about Crypto that this could be quite a positive type of reckless energy. Could it be that this is going to result in some ACTUAL ARRESTS for treason as well?? I backed off with doing crypto analyst work a few months ago because of the April astro and now that is passed. I think HODLers will want to pay attention now I see a shift into a new bullish cycle is at hand. 


"Pills" Jackson

Mr Sandman withdraws from a nomination over his handouts to .Mil types of Ambein. 
His date of birth is 5/4/1967. With his chart i figure he has tested all the pills first before handing them out like candy. 

Probably better for vets to have someone not into the Big Pharma way of treatments. 


Excitement over for now?

Fairly intense astro day yesterday manifested as not as violent as I expected. It was a bad day for snowflakes in the Kanye lovefest for trump. It was a good day for feces book who earned a bunch selling all your data. Crypto had rose to resistance a few days ago but fell back and as far as I am concerned is not a bargain here .... yet. On a daily chart BTC is acting like it will compress the bollinger bands more before we see a bullish breakout. Best case is the rise in April is a one up with a two down lasting into second week of May to compress the bands enough to have momentum when breaking above the upper band line.

Micron goes to DC and goes full globalist..   Haha I am shocked I tell ya. Trump plays the good cop / bad cop with Iran. 

The Mars Pluto conjunction fell at exactly 21.17 Capricorn. I have been somewhat quiet the last few weeks knowing that is exactly opposed to my natal moon at 21.15 Cancer. 


Max neg

Today is a day that stood out for me for months. A Pluto mars conjunction AND a mercury Saturn square on the same day.  So far the violent part of that astrological equation has been muted.. The markets did find something to worry about and the dip we have seen into today has so far orderly selling but I suspect a stop run of some kind coming out of the lows so adjust your bearish expectation accordingly. Once a position is taken it is all about manage the stop which is used to exit the trade. 

Once we clear the neg astro in a few days the next major aspect setup is going into May 13th.. 


Outer Limits

We control price.. We control time.. Do not adjust your mindset.

Opening Narration: There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now controlling the transmission, we control the horizontal and the vertical. We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity... and beyond. We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive. For the next hour we will control all that you see and hear. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind... to The Outer Limits.


NWO capital?

Probably the area where the least amount of fallout from a nuke war? Interesting history of that area going back to the Kazarian empire.

So far the violence from Mars and Pluto is limited to a couple of psycho white guys.. The acts are about like the matrix movie when "Smith" takes over people momentarily to do violent things. Hahahaha there have been "leaks" about mind control technology recently and are we getting demos of it in action? 

Equities are in rally mode this am. Is this a stop run? If so act accordingly. The entire system cannot withstand more than a 10% correction and we just had one. A second leg down would target below that level and are the masters of the universe going to allow that? Only if it suits them. 


Mars Pluto

Now 2 degrees from conjunct Pluto and Pluto is making a retro station today. The exact conjunction is on the 25th and another aspect is exact Mercury squared Saturn that day as well. Violence or a huge worry about the potential for violence. I expect something in the next day or so to trigger this energy and of course the middle east is where. 

The stock market got "good" news regarding N Korea after the close Friday but is UNCH as of this writing.. Maybe peace is not a bullish thing. If you are short this is a day to manage stops. 



BTC held at the February lows after moving sideways for 13 days.. Price is now up at resistance at a pivot and also up against the 89 day moving average. A rise above resistance and a test of that pivot as support would be the best sign the lows are in and a bull market is resuming. The threat of taxation issue has passed for now and it seems the oligarchs are in the game.. Dropping below the February low would have been the death knell for crypto and it seems the PTB are not interested in destroying something that handed them 500 billion since last December high selling futures.

I was not very keen on crypto up until last fall due to the convertibility to fiat issue and I remain skeptical of that at present. The catalyst for another leg up has to be solving that basic issue. May is not very far away and the best astro to see something surprisingly positive is on or around May 13th when a triple conjunction is squared to Mars. Note Uranus is only 6 minutes of arc from entry into TAURUS the money sign. 

Personal data ecosystem

Cashing in on your "freedom"


Somewhere in that god damn piece of paper called the constitution is a right to privacy. Oh I forgot that only applies if you DO NOT CONSENT to being spied on. The so called "fine print" in that user agreement that no one reads. 

I entertained myself recently with a long discussion on YT from a flat earther who went into huge detail on why the earth is flat and it started with ONE ASSUMPTION. That NASA is lying about everything. Lesson here is it only takes ONE ASSUMPTION to send a person into the outer limits of psychotic beliefs. The surveillance state has perpetrated a BELIEF in Americans that they are "free" and here we are. 


Everybody must get stoned

The American dream.. ya got to be stoned to believe it. 

The S&P did give a sell signal yesterday and anyone short on the close on the 17th is at abreakeven or better stop now. WW3 you win..... peace you lose. As of today WW3 seems a bit less likely considering "nothing happened" yesterday. Nothing except a quake under the only reactor in Iran. 

BTC is trading flat below resistance. This is prove it time for BTC. If BTC can stabilize above the 10000 level it maybe is tradable again. Three weeks or so before Uranus starts to get into Taurus so I am not quite ready to say a bullish outcome is near term. If investing in a sensible way the scaling in has allowed for a average price not too far from current prices. 


Video alert

While we wait for the next shoe to drop in world affairs a great way to spend time today is to watch John Anthony West talk about Magical Egypt. The original series of Magical Egypt created in the 1990s is no longer available for free on Youtube. The bootleg versions on You tube have had 100s of millions of views and did a lot to wake up people around the world that history as we were taught it is fake news.

The filmmaker of Magical Egypt Chance Gardner also created the series The Great Work.. 
Magical Egypt TWO is now out

Looks like the cost of Magical Egypt 1 and 2 along with The Great work is several hundred dollars. I guess it is time for Chance Gardner to get paid. 


Self driving military

To those who are still paying attention it looks like we are locked in a self driving car with no steering wheel and the car insists on running every red light.

Ahem... Michael Hastings


Stupid factor

The astro today has mercury in a 135 degree sesquisquare with Jupiter in the mix. Due to the mercury retrograde this so called minor aspect is near exact for many days when it would normally be just a day or two. It started on the 14th and comes out of a 2 degree orb of exact on the 23rd. Mercury Jupiter stress aspects have an association with market drops because they are POOR JUDGMENT as in ignoring an obvious danger. 

The danger from poor judgment is sort of off the scale now yes?? I have seen many a market high before a sharp drop when Mercury Jupiter are in stress like right now. Victor Neiderhofer (the self proclaimed greatest trader of all time) lost his entire fortune in a few days in a late 1990s mini crash as exhibit one.. 

I'm never going to say a short is the trade to make without also saying the bear has not had many wins that lasted more than a few days since??? I forget. 


. Toppy astro today

The astrological energy is in bullish mode today with a Moon Venus conjunction opposed to Jupiter. In trading finding an over shoot in one direction ahead of a sharp move in the other direction is where the money is made. The Moon conjunct Venus conjunction is near exact on the close today so that would be when a bet for overnight developments leading into the violent Mars Pluto conjunction on the 25th should be seen.

 Just sayin. People who don't know how to manage trading risk in a situation such as this maybe just stay on the bench. 



Fake reality on display.

I don't think I should comment further. no sense provoking anyone ahead of the 25th. 


Perception of victory

All scripted out like a Hollywood movie.

Next thing ya know there is going to be a Russian collusion angle because trump was perceived a winner and Putin did not start WW3. Ya things are THAT dumb. 

 The new moon is today. This new moon is rather tightly conjunct Uranus the planet of chaos. Notable energy is stationing Mercury at 135 to Jupiter and in semi square to Venus. Looks to me like bad judgment over something that looks good on the surface. The rally off the lows we have seen maybe not a good buy right now. Consider another shoe is due to drop starting on the 18th and into the 25th as a reason for caution. 


Vomiting missiles

It appears that the excess inventory of arms required a purging like they used in old roman feast days called a vomitorium. A quick finger down the throat and you are ready to gorge some more. The smart bombs have an expiration date don't ya know. 

Now known as Friday the 13th part two last nights action was very odd as if it was all theater. The players are Moe Larry and Curly. The reasoning for the attack was actually more of a joke than any three stooges episode.

Just a warning the astro is in a calm phase right now coming between the Mars Saturn conjunction on the 4th and the upcoming Mars Pluto conjunction on the 25th. The astro starts to heat up again bigly on the 18th and lasts a day or two past the 25th. 

Lets hope the situation rhymes with this



Crypto rally

Impressive if looking at the percentage gains. Not impressive when looking at the technical pattern. I want to see some positive price action by breaking resistance and holding gains before getting even a little bullish now. The widely broadcast entry of oligarchs into cypto last week makes me feel creepy.. Maybe I consider them Creepto for now. 

The chart


Mars Pluto conjunction

Friday the 13th is today. Interesting story about the first one in 1307. VERY possible that tragic event was because of the Templars ability to "print" paper money outside of the church/monorachy. 

The Mars Pluto conjunction is exact on the 25th. This coming after the mars Saturn conjunction on the 4th which was based on my view was very bad astro for a lot of people. I guess by definition that was a PAIN aspect. Ouch. Mars Pluto is more like being mugged or jumped by someone unexpectedly. Not a good week coming to provoke anyone. Do you hear me IS-Real?? Of course it appears to anyone who has been paying attention that the game is... provoke .. fake victimization.. then over react. OVER AND OVER. 

Meanwhile Need a doctor? furgetabout it. The reason I bring it up is a few people I know had run ins with the medical borg collective last week on the Mars Saturn conjunction and had extremely bad experiences. They report being hijacked in the hospital and being subjected to tests and procedures with no other reason but to boost the profitability of the hospital. Calling it healthcare is a joke. This is what fascism looks like.

On a fiinal note Zuckerberg looks like he has an archon operating behind his eyes. Anyone using his "service" after Snowden is just figuring out they have been robbed now? Saw a good Max Kieiser last night that presents what appears to be an alternative.


The rumors of wars part

The story line has to be followed so it becomes a legend for a 1000 years. What good would victory be unless it has the fulfillment of biblical prophecy as the conclusion of the story. The players are dancing to an Armageddon tune. I consider near term to be a live drill testing protocols and feeling out the "enemy" response. Of course we 'mericans know drill have tendecy to go life but we dont know what percentagae of them do because it may be only 1 in a 100. 

The situation right now is indeed dangerous but I do not sense that anyone is actually up for a fight ... yet. Long term astro aspects suggest the biggest threat of ww3 is out in 2020. At least that is when there is a defeat of the USA militarily likely. That does not mean there is not going to be another incident near term to keep the heat on however. 

The gas attack was a rumor. Now pretty much a done deal as NOT CREDITABLE. So it is not going to be easy to start a fight over it without it being a crime against humanity. The UK has come off as blundering fools over the skipals I suggest they may need to hire better crisis actors it is not the first time a major blunder in acting has occurred over there. 

So even out here in the boonies where I have internet as slow as a wagon train I am seeing my data being scraped by google. I mention that I like grilled cheese sandwiches a few days ago VERBALLY and the next day I get fed an article on google news about what is the best cheese to use. Oh gee thanks. 

Also on my feed this am I had the links below pop up.. I have been writing about the astro between 4/19 and 4/25 recently and then this shows up.. I am not thinking I am special I think this is happening to EVERYONE in real time and is it creepy enough for you now? Look up the term GAS LIGHTING..


 What GAWD wants

Just a reminder that some of us have seen what is coming a good long while. Those who claim to be doing gods work on all sides sing along please.

What God wants God gets God help us all
God wants peace
God wants war
God wants famine
God wants chain stories
What God wants God gets
God wants sedition
God wants sex
God wants freedom
God wants semtex
What God wants God gets
Don't look so surprised
I'm only joking
The alien comic cried
The jackass and hyena
Took the feather from it's book
The monkey in the corner
Wrote the joke down his book
What God wants God gets
God wants boarders
God wants crack
God wants rainfall
God wants wetbacks
What God wants God gets
God wants voodoo
God wants shrines
God wants law
God wants organised crime
God wants crusade
God wants jihad
God wants good
God wants bad
What God wants God gets


Modern war and new moons

Modern war needs dark skies to work. Stealth bombers stick out at night when lit up by the moon. Last night I saw a ZH headline I thought was surely the first shot fired but I get up to find that was "fake news" so here we are a few days before a new moon that is on the 16th and if anything is actually going to happen it is still a few days away. I consider this couple of days is a pre game warm up. The new moon on the 16th is conjunct Uranus The new moon is semi squared to Neptune. Retro mercury is sesquisquared to Jupiter on new moon. Chaos delusion and bad judgment woven into the next lunar month. . 

The .gov needs the tax deadline to pass before the shooting begins. A couple of days to stock up on a few items that could come in handy if the power is out for a week or a month. Thank god it is not winter.. Oh wait.. 

The very bad anniversary date ahead is 4 /19.  Humm.. Revolutionary war Civil war Waco and OKC to name a few events on a 4/19. Opposite of 4/19 in the zodiac is late October which we know from studying history is when the big cosmic cleanup came from the impact at 10900 BC occurred.  That is delved in to by Randle Carlson as connected to Halloween which is the oldest holiday called the day of the dead.  
There have been big events hitting the 3/11 and 9/11 axis in Pisces' /Virgo and this polarity is quite obvious as similar energy. 

I hope god or some aliens or someone with common sense left in .gov intervenes.. I think I will spend today going to a bulk food outlet to stock up on some chunky soup. 



It appears that our commander in chief is being "pushed" to do things he is not so keen on.  I sensed a power play going on between several groups that had Bibi assert himself early last month when the market was at the brink of a major crash move.. It looked to me like gang warfare sort of like when the mob was "Italian".  If one is an outsider the gang problem it is very difficult to determine who is on one side or another. Obvious is one side wants war and the other not so much. This explains the barrage of Russian influence claims emanating from high places.

So this article ran yesterday in a main stream site. The problem it seems is there actually was "Russian" influences" but with a weird twist.  Mentioned in the article is the Trump lawyer whose office was searched yesterday. Well worth reading.

QUOTEHe summarized the Chabad attitude, which is less strict than the Orthodox one, as, “If you can’t keep all of the commandments, keep as many as you can.”

Touchy subject indeed.. Are we on the brink of WW3 because one part of our overlords is at war with the other? I will let you fill in the blanks in this tangled up mess. It does seem to me the Chabad faction is the lesser evil here. Likudniks appear to be the bad guys pushing war as best I can tell. But hey what do I know sitting here on Mount Nebo watching. 


Like a bad movie

Glad I am not glued to the screen all day anymore. The recent goings on in Syria are like a rerun of a rerun of the same shit show we have already seen umpteen times. Meanwhile the stock market is up a bit.. Go figure war is good dont ya know. Mars an Pluto are conjunct on the 25th which is very violent so this state of madness is going to last at least until that passes. 

The oligarchs all of a sudden are talking up BTC. Must mean something? Maybe we know what price they are in at? They got so rich by tricking people so take it with a bag of salt. 

We have a Friday the 13th coming up this week and it is exactly 180 degrees from the first infamous Friday the 13th October of 1307. Might want to brush up on the history of that 1307 date. 


Ministry of truth being outsourced

Looking for "influencers" I guess this is an example of "find out who you cannot criticize and know who rules over you". I guess they are tired of trying to pass off bullshit as real and then getting caught by a large contingent of formally middle class people without a meaningful job and lots of time on their hands. 


September pivot

There is a price magnet down at 2480ish on the S&P. That is a level that was the launching ramp of the great rally into the January highs. There are stops down there.. The nature of the market now is to run stops. I assume the test of that level comes after tax day this year on April 16th. The astro gets violent after that with Mars and Pluto in a conjunction on the 25th. Considering what has already been set in motion I am very concerned that things can get out of control after the 16th and especially from the 19th to the 25th. Many times in the past the market price's in an outbreak of war ahead of time and bottoms on the first shot. 

See chart


Bear btc

BTC is the lead dog and it is very close to tracing out 5 waves down which is long term bearish.. If BTC makes a low below the Feb low it may be that it does not recover and could point to a lowest low sometime out in 2021. This is a pattern seen in metals twice in my lifetime.

The S&P is trading down overnight but is not actually in a confirmed bear mode yet on the daily. 


Explains a lot

OMG seriously??? So much for "educashun"

They'll fill your pretty cranium full of air
you'll be hitting up on anything and brother you wont care
beware the savage jaws of 1984
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>David Bowie

The bad astro yesterday left tire treads on anyone who thought things are what they seem. I had numerous reports of bad shit going on but not happening to me.. That is the key to understanding astro. You have a choice to be the actor or be the audience. 

If we are in a time loop that rhymes with the 2000 market the low we saw on Monday will hold and might be tested late in the tax week probably on April 11th by another mini / mini crash. The next wave of negative astro kicks in around the 18th - 19th and culminates on April 25th with a Mars Pluto conjunction. 


Bad astro day

Or maybe better said a bad news astro day.. Mercury in retrograde is backing into a square to Saturn and Mars today. The very definition of bad news for fake news purveyors.. Stocks don't like it.. BTW today is the 18th anniversary of the April 4th mini crash in the tech wreck during 2000. That day was like spraying a can of RAID on the day traders. 

I see this as a convenient thing for parent company alphabet.. ALFA-BET hahahahaha. 

They can justify having well armed "security" now. They can somehow blame trump for this shooting as a big bonus. Cant wait for the AI to fix up the video to show the public what a victim they are. 


18.6 effect

The lunar nodes have an 18.6 year cycle through the zodiac. One reason I like the compression to 2000 is that cycle has the lunar nodes repeating historical events. This cycle has everything to do with the repeats of eclipses in the same area of the zodiac every 19 years. 

19 years after the January of 2000 Dow highs and the March April 2000 tech wreck is 2019.

Yesterday was very similar day to the April 4th mini crash in 2000. A second shoe dropped before tax time in 2000 so a recovery off the lows in the next 10 trading days should be looked at with suspicion. The rest of the year in 2000 was sideways dead cat type of market with the big downside event in the fall related to the election tie. The market changed and the tech stock day trader was dead well in advance of the market lows in 2002.  


The September 2017 lows

The pain trade for cypto is when they go down to the September 2017 lows canceling out the entire rally since the Jupiter Uranus opposition.. That opposition was exact on September 27th. If you remember that was just a few days before the Vegas shooting. In my mind Vegas was a false flag designed to save the stock market from a technical turn in October and the unintended consequence was it caused the cypto rally. 

If that is where a capitulation is at in price it takes BTC down to 2800. LTC down to 32. ETH down to 126.. and the S&P down to 2400. Those price levels are ONLY 6 months ago. 

A drop to those levels will leave ONLY the so called strong hands. It is questionable if the S&P will be "allowed" to trade down that low and it may be that that failure to clean out weak hands will result in a weak rally from here and push back the needed flush into or beyond January of 2019 when the Jupiter Neptune and Jupiter Uranus aspects start to kick in. 

The pattern off the Dec high in Cypto looks like the selling after the 1980 peaks in metal now but more compressed in time.  HODLERS gonna have to Hodl a long while it looks to me. BTC is very close to breaking the November lows which then brings September into play. 


Crypto dying on the cross

BTC has broken an important trend line and that is the more bullish crypto coin price pattern.

I have smelled a rat since early march and there is an obvious coordinated effort to wipe out the crypto viability.. ETH is especially bearish. The banksters are having it their way and a lot of hopes and dreams of being free of them is going down like a rusty scupper. The pattern I see in charts now is the same as the metals after an exponential rise.. That bear move as a falling triangle took the metals down to a level and for a duration where the word gold was not spoken in good company. 

I will be out of town for the weekend.


Ann Coulter for prez?

LOL I never thought I would say such a thing. 12/8/1961.. 

Now there is a sag for ya. 5 planets in sag and Mars in sag right in the middle of a stellium. I have Mars in sag too so I know how it is a shoot from the lips thing.. Gerald Celente too. Mars in sag is my fav planet and sign combo I love it.


The date of the reset?

When astro meets an already established inflection point. May 14th is a big day when the US moves politically to the holy city.. May 13th is even bigger.

A lot of shit is due to go down before May 13th.. This astro screams monetary reset.. Uranus chaos planet is an eyelash away from entering Taurus the money sign. Mercury and moon make an exact conjunction with Uranus suggesting BIG UNUSUAL NEWS. Mars is squared to that triple conjunction so it is a reckless move whatever it is. Reckless enough to have a war over it? 

Lots of talk from some high honchos with huge credibility about a default on the COMEX and a new monetary system coming in over a weekend. They suggest that a re pricing of gold and silver over a weekend could cause prices in USD to double over a weekend. This would be a failure to deliver and a disconnect from the real price vs the paper price of many commodities including food. In a case like that getting any physical will be impossible. 

Not saying be aggressive but then again I don't know many who have invested properly in a hedge of the USD by owning Physical metal. 

The way price action has been in crypto the last month is not encouraging for HODLers. Many are making lower lows and appear very vulnerable to continuous over head sellers. Having all your eggs in one basket is always a bad idea. 


Petro Yuan
Who would have believed that money created from a promise to pay would hold its value.
Not too subtle. 

Oh and why are we in this situation?



A big Humm

This one coming after the Russian mall fire is not lost on some of us. See comments section

The market is tanking now because the "Deep State" president has just been hospitalized


Wave two

The S&P traded down to the line in the sand and bounced from that level in a record breaking way. The
pattern now has the psychological signature of a wave two low with a potential to rise from there in a panic buy wave 3. At least that is the AI plan. Keep in mind the AI has Elliott wave built into it. Make no mistake this is not as natural as practitioners of Elliott believe. To me is like watching a bad magic show where you can see the wires hanging from the ceiling. 

The lows we saw were in the same area on the timeline that should have been where a low at S&P 2200 would have been had the full crash pattern low played out.. The goings on March 6th to March 10th was an AI generated FIX to reset the crash pattern and London trading hours were used. I think a plot against Trump involving insiders was uncovered and heads rolled. We find ourselves in a worse situation than if the pattern had played out to completion now. Backed into a corner the wire pullers resort to war if history is any guide. 

Meanwhile the cryptos are tracing out a more natural pattern and as long as BTC can hold above 6000 it still has life in the longer term.   I don't think that is the case for many alt coins however. I speculated way back in the end of 2017 that March and April would be a problem as in TAXATION and that has not been resolved. I fear a few notable vocal coin trader types will be made an example of. The IRS is neither fair or legal and has used intimidation from it's inception. That stands to reason to become a thing after April 15th with the Mars Pluto conjunction landing on April 25th. 

I've been amusing myself during the last few weeks left of my canceled netflix subscription watching THE BORGIAS.. The more I see Pope Alexander the 6th the more he reminds me of Trump. 


Shite show

The ride is getting bumpy fasten your seat belts. The trump train has hit a garbage truck

Guess the rating were good for 60 minutes last night. 
The real news is Americans are being neoCONNED ..... again
Futures up so the VIX sellers are cashing in. 

This episode of the blood moon episode of "fight for your lives" brought to you by the central bank mafia

My comment on what has been bizarre to the max is our reality has snapped back to what ever would have happened if Hillary had won. Trump is a lame duck already. He has treated the American public who voted him in like he treats his "girlfrinds".  Election 2018 is going to be a full nelson by the left. I cannot even consider what 2020 will be like. 


The 87 comparisons

Lots of recognition about the similarity now and to the other big crash in 1929

"In 1987, both correction periods traced out a remarkably similar path up until about day 35 from the peak. In the Apr-May period, the S&P 500 had established a well-defined range support zone with the initial pullback. The market had gone on to retest and hold that support in late May ahead of a powerful 20%+ rally to the Aug peak. The initial drop from that peak into Sep 1987 established range support in Sep, just as the market did in spring. Except the mid-Oct retest of that support failed to hold."

I was paying attention in 87. I saw the crash coming but I also saw almost no one else saw it coming. This time we have too many pundits saying the sky is falling.. Even a space station gong to fall out of the sky. Oh and the stormy dic pics tonight. As a contrairain I am not inclined to take the bait. Crashes do not happen when advertised because too many have been taking the other side of the equation.. Selling VIX is a factor now and is a crowed trade so I see that as unlikely to be accommodated by Mr Market one way or the other. The most likely course now is both sides of the VIX trade loose. 

I am an over the horizon bear in that the astro 2020 does indeed say something very bad is developing between now and then. The 2019 astro has inflation and high speculation written into the timeline before we get to 2020. That longer term view does not mean I am bullish at least right now. Bear markets of historical importance take years to play out. 

I see the shaky market as a smoke screen for a greater problem which is related to the post April 15th Mars Pluto conjunction and the astro around the May 14th war provoking. I see forces within the financial crime families are at war with each other. 

The similarity now is more like the 2000 analog with a dow high in January and a naz high in March.. April 2000 had a selective crash with the tech stocks being the target with two mini crash days before April 15th. Prior to April 2000 day trading was a thing.. After April it was not a thing. Im fearing for people who have over committed to the Crypto alt coins that are very much the same as the 1000s of money losing tech companies back then. One reason I have been silent about Cypto for a while is I saw that. Some of the largest proponents of crypto now were caught in the 2000 tech wreck that started in April 2000 that they did not see coming then. 

Meanwhile the Sun Mars square that has been in orb a few weeks is past exact now and the Mars Saturn conjunction is in force the coming week and exact Easter weekend. That has a wall of worry effect so as the news gets more negative the market is going up a bit on more and more bad news. Once that is past there is going to be a few bad days before April 15th. 


Pricing in the triple conjunctions of 2020

Jupiter Saturn and Pluto dance through conjunctions with each other in 2020. There are no other outer planet aspects except those that matter. Conjunctions are the START of a cycle. The one conjunction I regard as seriously bad is Saturn Pluto that is exact in January of 2020. Ya the start of the "election" process. OMFG imagine what that is going to be like. 

Back to present.. The next 2 months is a rocky road with focus near term on Mars Saturn conjunction April 2nd then Mars Pluto conjunction on April 25th. In other words we are getting a heads up energetically about the nature of the 2020 Saturn Pluto conjunction. The events and changes we see in the next month are expression of the 2020 bigger picture. 

My read on trump is he is 100% owned by the same PTB that took over our republic post 911. The last few weeks made that abundantly clear. I don't see a sliver of a chance that trump can win in 2020 so his bosses are going to engineer a crisis that will make even an illusion of a real election impossible. What is going on is the same as if Hillary had won. 

The theme now is war but we know that wars are not supposed to be over quickly because that is unprofitable. The next month is a stage setter. The Chinese and Russians are setup now to run a global economy outside of USD/fiat central banks and in the minds of those who own own the debt money a war is well worth the price in human lives.. Iraq got destroyed because of trading oil for Euros so imagine the reaction to a complete bypass of US fiat. Inflation and a rationing based war economy is looking very likely. 

A little tune says it all hope you know the words. Written by one of the bravest men on the planet.

" I've looked over Jordan and I have seen... things are not what they seem" 

The markets are in the danger zone for crashing again but the pattern for an orderly type quick mini crash has at best been confused by divergence between the nasdag and the broader market. Facebook is trading in a crash pattern now BTW. I'm suspecting that Zuck is going to be fired from his own company. That would probably be where the low in that particular stock comes. Zuck was born MAY 14th 1984... Israel's birthday. Go figure.. I'm looking at his transits and wow he is due to blasted by the transits on his birthday this year.. A Mercury Uranus moon conjunction on the cusp of Taurus squared to mars which lands exactly on his natal Mercury Pluto opposition. I would be shocked if the facebook shareholders are going to watch the stock tank without doing a Steve Jobs on him. The new boss will probably be worse so it is not like him being fired is a positive. 


The FLY knows

Bolton was part of a neocon cabal, spearheaded by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), founded by Bill Kristol, whose lineage is Trotskyite through and through. His Father, Irving, and men like Albert Wohlstetter and Zbig Brzezinski had an idea that America should export democracy throughout the world, just like Trotsky wanted to export communism. Bill organized a group in 1997, led by Robert Kagan, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Elliot Abrams, Bruce Jackson, and John Bolton — just to name a few.

Any of those names familiar?



Mars is very active energetically since the new moon squared to mars and has several aspects ahead that are rather nasty. 
The main events ahead are the Mars Saturn conjunction on April 2nd and the mars Pluto conjunction on April 25th. 

The square between the sun and mars has been sticky as mars is fast now tracking the same speed as the sun so that square is lasting a good deal of time.. very annoying and I can feel it in the air.. The mars conjunction to Saturn ahead is an aspect where a backed up tension snaps and a flood of backed up angry energy spills over. This can be like an earthquake fault building up forces and snapping. 

I might add that Putin has a Sun Neptune Saturn conjunction in Libra and all this mars energy is going to be squared to his triple conjunction. IF someone wanted to provoke the man this is a time he is vulnerable to being provoked. Oh and lets not forget Bibi who was born on or very nearly on a solar eclipse in Libra. 

The Mars Saturn conjunction is going to cast a shadow on Easter on April 1st. I expect Christians to be targeted in some way. 

The bigger problem ahead is the Mars Pluto conjunction on April 25th. If there is going to be a war break out it should be in play after April 19th the day all the IRS checks have cleared. 

Picked this up on ZH this am.. Good advice.. right now there is not a BIG SHORT baked into the pattern.. More like a pre 911 decline pricing in a war. The low comes on or near the outbreak.



Facebook along with the other "tech" companies have been entangled into our government to a point where they have assumed control over the public mind. They are the swamp. The correction in stocks after the nasdaq new high is a result of the fact that facebook has and always was a deep state operation. Gee go figure that was a known since 2009. Those just getting it now are a bit more than a few steps behind reality. 

All three stock indices are tracing out a different technical tune right now. Naz has made a new high while the Dow has a post Cohn crash pattern still in play but the S&P has a more "confused" look to it. When the three disagree it is best to look at the broader market in the S&P for which tea leaves to read as a "reality" gage. To say confused is an under statement and that psychology is 4th wave signature. The correction that was aborted when Cohn was fired was synchronized across all indices but not any more. The last time this divergence was the case was in January- March of 2000. That year the Dow made its high in mid January and the Naz made a new high in March.. April of 2000 had two mini crashes mostly in tech stocks that wiped out the 2000 version of bitcoin now in 2018 with the day traders wiped off the map. The low at about minus 80% came in 2002. 

The astro out in 2020 and 2021is the type astro I expect to produce a long cycle low. If Crypto is the equivalent of tech stocks in April of 2000 that tells me the lows are not in on cryptos. The psychology I saw up close and personal in 2000 was the day trader who had made 1000s% in the few years prior to 2000 were not capable of switching gears when the top was in and insisted instead to buying every dip. It was a mess. 

Dont get me wrong I want to believe crytpo is an antidote for debt based fiat but then again am I just in a hoping things will change mode. Last December when I started to pay a lot of attention to crypto I looked out at March and April 2018 and saw tax issues and a likely low and saw that it would be May when things sorted out. Now that I see the price action since December it looks way too similar to what happened to the last enemy of Fiat .. Gold and silver coming off the exponential highs. Naz QQQ hit 140 in January of 2000 and did not find a long term low until it hit 18 in October 2002.  Just sayin.


Power out

Life in the boonies without power.. Could be several days the nor'easter might do a lot more damage to city folks than here.. we are used to lots of things not working. Running on battery backup as long as that works. Could be a few days before I am up and running again. 


Paying attention
the ultimate currency


Been saying it for years

You get paid for a job for PAYING attention. Paying attention takes TIME and so jobs are selling time. 

There is a magical component to paying attention as the pictures in your mid can materialize into the stone of 3d reality.. I guess there is an art to it by picturing what you want to happen and still see a problem needing to be fixed. 


Would have been black Monday

The pattern that emerged after the blood moon was a classic crash pattern that had yesterday March 19th as the day for max down on the way to a conclusion a few days ahead into 3/22 crashing down to S&P 2200. The echoes of the busted pattern ran it's course yesterday as a very bad day for tech stocks but was not a crash.. 

Where do we go from here. Probably will see a drop big enough to take out the stops below 2650 in the weeks ahead. That is not enough to qualify as the start of a bear market.. That lowis not enough to reset the equations in the risk markets. Delaying an adjustment in risk is not necessarily a good thing ... The delay in 2007 for 6 months just made the underlying economic facts of life fall on the little people resulting in millions of forecloses. hahaha.. and no one went to jail for the engineered outcome. 

Seems since the Cohn firing a battle has emerged between two crime families. Lets call it the Bibi vs Soros clan war in a simplified way of seeing it. Trump has clearly landed on the Bibi side of the equation. Uck!!

Bezo's dog was trotted out for us to see and who needs guns to protect when you have robodog which probably has lethal capabilities.  Some pigs are better than others. . 


Pricing in war

The Cohn firing was a shot across the bow. The others that followed were a sign of a power shift from the US deep state to another deeper state. The other deeper state is run by the deep state that has been behind various "men behind the curtain" for over 200 years. call it sympathy for the devil level deep state.  War of 1812.. civil war WW1 .. You can figure it out who I am fingering. Hint. they finance both sides of a war. 

The footprints now lead to a planned major war soon unless someone stops them. Who is capable?? Certainly not the American politicians.. The May 13th date is the focus now as it is the day before move of the US embassy to Jerusalem. 

BTC is a threat to the deeper state.. nasty price action in the last week. BTC hit a 78 % retrace and if that does not hold it is going to make a new low and trace out a 5 waves down and THAT would be quite bearish for the longer term over the next 2-3 years. 

The S&P dropped briefly  below a pivot at 2730 last night running stops out there. The deeper state is the force behind selling volatility and the game now is to manipulate the bears into going long vol and the run them out with a rally. Stop running is like harvesting.. You let the grass grown then mow it. Profits on both up and down moves. 


BTC daily chart

The preferred count as of now on the daily chart. IF the count labeled in this chart plays out the wave 4 correction since Dec 2017 has or will be soon completed.

Wave 4 has a psychology of confusion.. Had that one in spades. 
Wave 5 is a capitulation. A new high above 20K would indeed cause a capitulation. 

I like early 2019 for the 5th wave high. 


Bill Holter

I saw this interview  last evening. Holter is very credible and paints the scenario I see just delayed a bit longer than the impression given on the interview. I might be wrong on that. The episode that started on the Jan 31 blood moon is still in play in a technical sense.  Markets moved through a crash window last week with no crash and signs are that a political situation is in progress as of last week that could lead to something far worse than just a market crash.

A case can be made that shite could just be delayed by two months longer with a focus of negative market reaction later in April and stretching into mid May. Ahem.. The Israeli independence day is May 14th and Trump is supposed to open a new US embassy there that day. The astro the day before on May 13th is crazy reckless and downright alarming. The new zio-trump has appeared to go over to the dark side bringing in the worst of the worst recycled neocons back into power. "onward Christian soldiers marching off to war"

A reckless over reaction to being threatened after a brazen provocation is the message in the astro on May 13th. Mercury Uranus Moon triple conjunction in a tight square to Mars. A Sun Saturn 135 aspect is also exact. Uranus moves into Taurus a few days after. 

The forces at work are the Russian Chinese currency reset ( see the Holter interview ) and that reset threatening situation of the Rothschild banking system collapsing.. Ever since 1913 when threatened there is a war. It is obvious that the Armageddon play is on the table again. The Russians being set up also is obvious. 


Shaking my head

The deck is being stacked with neocon warmongers. Not a move that benefits American citizens. The astro is antagonistic with mars flavor and the capper is on 4/25 with mars conjunct Pluto which is the most violent planetary combination.. Keep in mind that Putin has sun Saturn Neptune conjunction in Libra and the transiting Mars Pluto conjunction is all over his chart like a rash. 

Things with Russia were doing well until the 2011 Syria civil war which was supposed to be the fulfillment of prophecy in a fake Armageddon but Russia stymied that. Who benefits from war? Israel does. I wonder how long the Russians are going to remain civil with the relentless rigged plots going full blast now. Bibi needs a war to stay out of jail.. Trump admin being stacked with dry tinder war mongers. 

The new moon exact today is squared mars bring a James Bond story line but with a Mars Saturn conjunction on April 2nd there will be restraint but then after a ramp up to the April 16 new moon conjunct Uranus with the annual April 19th hot spot for war and then April 25th Mars Pluto conjunction. 

The crash was aborted near term which is fine and dandy but the bigger problem in the middle east is now shoved down the timeline with a major war window late April.. Just sayin. 



The fly is mad as a hornet.

LOL I retrieved my old videos from 2009 in the astroecon channel I could not access and started a new channel astroecon1 to re-stake a claim to my own work. I posted some new stuff but but with no sound because I am not free to speak FREELY there. I also have FINALLY been given permission to post on D-tube after many weeks delay which I will get around to shifting over to soon. May not be better than youtube and presents itself as more of a game show than a video platform. D-tube may stand for DUMB-TUBE. 

What is at stake now is a whole lot of historical material that is desperately needed by those younger than myself is being scrubbed form youtube by a book burner named Susan Wojcicki. Check out her bio on wiki.
Family connections to Google and 23 and me. Duel citizen also. Usual suspect obviously she was with HER. It was on her recommendation to buy youtube because her goog videos project was not being accepted. She might make Zuckerberg look like a choir boy. 

July/5/1968 she has a Sun Mars conjunction in Cancer. Moon in Scorpio. Afflictions from Mercury to a Uranus Pluto conjunction.  BTW Mars conjunct Sun is extremely invasive and that would be an understatement based on the ex girlfriend I had with a Sun Mars conjunction in Cancer.. She is a BORG ASSHAT. 


Ides is upon us

Here is the Ideas of March.. Just a week ago it was going to be a crashed market and even a dead president maybe... This all started the day after the State of the Union on the blood moon and the train crash with 200 republicans onboard. Market crashed in a wave ONE down the first day of the new fed chief. It looked like a very bold move from the anti trumpsters and I sensed it could be a scripted "play" to the tune of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. It all fell apart last week when Bibi was in town. Lots of firing and the replacements are for lack of a better term creepy totalitarians. 

Humm I saw this come up on Drudge yesterday afternoon. hahahaha. Penn sure does not know how to follow a busted script.

It literally feels like a year went by the past week. Note the Russian connection to the spy UK assassination. The "funny" thing is when a plot comes apart there are too many moving parts to stop some of the tentacles and looking at the last week it seems my read on the planned crash and a potential of wet work in the Whitehouse was spot on. 

So today and yesterday were due to max down day according to the script.. BTC seems to be odd man out it is patterning what it should have done if stocks had crashed. Now down to the 78% retrace level it looks completed with the smell of capitulation in the air yesterday. My read is BTC has traced out the C of an ABC wave TWO and should be moving up in wave THREE. I would not expect too much impulse higher push until early May. Taxes are still an issue. 

The S&P has support at 2730 from a pivot formed there on breakout Friday. Now that a crash is off the table the S&P should be looked at as as back to normal meaning it is only tradable using charts set to 8 min bars and not the longer 55 min bars. Its all about stop running again. Find out where the stops are and you find out where price is going to be attracted to. 


Leisure suit Larry

OMG Larry Kudlow is going to replace Gary Cohn. I thought the guy was dead already maybe because I have not watched CNBC since 2001.. Apparently he is still around.

The guy was laughably stupid last time I watched CNBC A real eye roller he is. .. LOL and get this.. The market came of the lows of the day yesterday when this hit the news wire. Go figure. 

Ok some of you young ones don't know who he is.. This is like a football team cutting Odel Beckham and replacing him with a 60 year old OJ Simpson. 


Lunatic macro trader


Well, I may not know much, but I know that markets seldom repeat, especially so quickly after the last crisis. Everyone hedges for the previous crash, and by definition, it means that the next dislocation will be different. After all, you don’t have surprises that everyone is expecting.

With market participants leaning heavily short corporate credit, the chances of a big accident diminish. Crises always occur in something that just 'cannot happen'. Whether it is home prices can’t fall at a national level or the internet has changed the nature of investing, as Mark Twain reminds us, there is always something that everyone knows for sure that just ain’t so.

I find it funny that the most vocal critics about the spiralling upward out-of-control government debt are often those investors most likely advocating positions in long-dated sovereign bonds as a place to hide. The surprise of this cycle will be that risk-free sovereign bonds provide no safety against the next crisis, but will instead themselves be the source of the instability. Think about hedging against the unthinkable happening.

Rhitt comment
The window we are now this week is when something could have happened but too many saw it coming and then loaded up on hedges to profit off it and ...... watched pot never boils. 


Lock Haspel and Hillary 
in a room for an hour


Talk about fighting fire with fire. It could be a pay per view event that would be so profitable as to erase the national debt. Nothing but bare knuckles and no rules. Two enter ones leaves like in Road Warrior. 

Don't get me wrong I am ashamed of my country and Haspel is a torturer. Kinda like a meaner version of Ronda Rousey. 

With Mars in play now as a featured planet for the next month or so imagine this is a 5 part cleanup ( mop the floor) of the female division of the dem deep state communist team.. DWS.. next..  Pelosi after that. I think Obama could qualify in the female division too.


Next astro on deck

The new moon on March 17th.. 

The new moon is in a square to mars which is agitated and conflict prone. This lunar month is not complicated but it can and probably will be quite an angry month ahead. I expect this energy will play out more around the March 22nd when Sun square to Mars and Mercury retrograde takes place. Venus will be squared to Pluto on the 24th as the moon will be in a T square at 1st quarter moon in opposition to mars that day. Sun squares Saturn on March 29th and Mars is within 2 degrees of the conjunction to Mars  exact on April 2nd. The full moon will be on March 31st in a wide square to Mars and Saturn. Mercury will be ending its retrograde on April 14th. 

This month ahead is not extreme astro.. there are no out planets in hard aspects and what is ahead is for lack of another word ordinary.. The ides of march was a focal point because of what I perceived as a scripted plot to go after trump and what I saw last week was obviously a reaction to being tipped off about it.  I think the plot was extreme enough to have potentially been an assassination attempt. Trumps reaction came after a visit from Bibi and we saw a bunch of very bad people be put in high places. Thanks Dems once again your constant attempts to get rid of trump have made things way worse. 

The S&P rose on 3/9 ABOVE resistance and has gone back to a normal stop running swinging in both directions. The potential of a crash is now back to normal which is not worth betting on as of last friday. Anyone trading S&P right now has to shorten time frames and price targets enough to fit the so called normal movements of a day or three. 


Seven years later

Fukushima was 7 years ago. That event fell in the last cycle of 260 days on the timeline before the end of the Mayan calendar a month after 2/11 start of the 260 day countdown to 11/11/11. This was the biggest emergency ever to befall mankind and in that last 260 day mankind had a choice to deal with it or perish. What happened was CORPORATIONS decided it was not profitable to use the resources needed to contain the problem and used the ocean as the sewer to make the radiation go somewhere else.  The gods must have been angry because during the 5th night of that cycle a 5.8 quake shook DC on August 23 2011 and cracked the Washington Monument.  The lack of action was not lost on me at the time. By the end date of the calendar in October 2011 it was technically too late and an ELE (extinction level event) was set in motion. The Mayan calendar is now in the  7th year of the 5th world and maybe we humans as we know them are going extinct. slowly .. so slowly most alive now will not know the difference. 

Unknown at the time was the possibility of a tsunami bomb.. Unknown at the time was the stuxnet computer virus had infected the control systems at many nuke plants. Unknown at the time was that weapons grade plutonium was being made at that plant. 

 The quake in DC I felt it 300 miles away on Mount Nebo. 

The Tsunami The date was 3/11.. 180 degrees in the zodiac from 9/11. 


Austin = VT

Flashback... It was a Monday morning in April 2007.. A crash pattern from a Feb all time high was due to finish off with an impulse down after the 28th trading day to price in what was a KNOWN.. That known would be the sub prime fraud.. Before the open that day a shooter kills many at Virnia tech (darpa University) and as news spread the markets soared right from the open and the bear pattern was negated..  I saw it in real time as a setup to distract the public while a slight of hand nipped the crash move in the bud.

So.... yesterday we had this.
Grabbed the headlines for the afternoon. Meanwhile the stops above the market got run. 

Gee wiz how many times is the public going to fall for this shit.. It is like someone sitting on a wooppie cushion for the 50th time. It gets old. 

It's not just in the USA where this is going on.. The UK spy poisoning is growing into a reason to go to war. Look at the timing of events. Seems odd really coming at the same time that Putin fingers Jewish duel citizens in election rigging.. Oh and the poisoned spy apparently was involved in the trump dossier.  Makes it clear enough that some people will do anything to keep the agenda going. 

So in my view the S&P and the USA stock market are in limbo like a cat up a tree right now. Bearish bets on a crash outcome are off as far as I can tell and maybe Goldman is on the meat hook.. The larger degree Elliott wave pattern now has a 4th wave correction starting from the January high as preferred.. Meaning that there is a higher high above January 2018 high as the line of least resistance down the timeline. That high now looks like it should be printed late in the year maybe early January of 2019. Any downside correction between now and then should be limited to the February lows. Yes confusing but that is what 4th waves do.. They CONFUSE.. Any trading between now and the end of the year has to be limited to short term swings and NOT playing for a crash like move. In the end it may look like an ABCDE sideways move lasting into late summer then a burst higher in capitulation as the 5th wave high.. 

Once the pattern is finished the markets will be very VERY vulnerable and a bear market starting in 2019 could last until 2021. 


3/12 /2018

Look mommy.. up in sky

Hey I would love it if some friendly aliens would just show up and stop the madness.  If indeed my view is correct about the Armageddon play is beginning to be run it stands to reason that if there are actually aliens they might want to show up about now in the nick of time. 


Too perfect

The pattern since the Blood Moon was text book. The price action since early January was very predictable up till end of last week. The rally last Friday was the first break in the perfection and was full of sub plots as to why did the markets rise right at the point in the pattern when it should have begun a large drop. This is something I have seen and warned about. I could finger too many saw it and hedged themselves to a point where the line of least resistance was up and not down. The sub plots do not matter except for curiosity sake it is PRICE that matters.  Price broke out to the upside up and out of the crash danger. Is this just a delay?? I doubt it. This week right now was the  ideal window when a crash move could have started.. The chart on the S&P page has new labels on a more bullish wave count. Short term support is going to be the 89 period moving average RED LINE on that chart. 

BTC has roared off a low.. That ALSO has a new bullish count as of now and if correct there is a wave 3 up in progress that would be a move the up to close to new highs at some point before it runs it's course.  I will not argue with higher prices as long as the pattern remains that is the way it is for now. BTC and it's spawn are difficult to trade so just scale in. I'm looking at rather bullish astro aspects out in 2019 as the point on the timeline for a highest high.. 25K would not surprise me if all is said and done. 

There are anniversary dates ahead for the start of war. Keep something in mind that the middle east especially in Lebanon is rather hard to do war in the winter. I would think it would be convenient for Israel to start something in the ME in May as the opposing side will be inflamed by the US embassy move to Jerusalem and should provide the proper excuses to start the shooting part. One reason the markets started to rise last week is war is good for business. We are now pricing in that event. You could  call it pricing in Armageddon if you like. 


I smell a rat

Last week I saw what I considered to be a tipping point come and resolve to the upside.. The Naz went up to a new high which changed the equation. Any decline now has more layers of support in that index.

I saw a shift in geo political forces as well and it looks very suspicious with Cohn leaving and Blankfien moving on right after.  Did they get caught in some sort of plot? Did the new young head of the Rothschild empire assert himself? Did Bibi intervene in what was going to be a place coup? Does turning off the N Korea threat for now allow the US to concentrate on the Israeli need to start a war? 

The downside potential this coming week is going to be muted with the FAANG stocks now in charge of every other index. 

Anyone shorting has to play downside potential with a more realistic set of odds and I pass on it personally. 

BTC looks like it wants to bottom and this low forming now looks like it could be a buy. BTC is trading more responsively to the astro than stocks are since all the way back to last September. The question is where is the low we should be buying and one last drop would be a capitulation in my mind down at 8000ish. Scaling in makes sense now if not already..



Halbig is a hero's hero

Wolfgang Halbig blew the story line about sandy hook out of the water. He went so far as challenge the people in Newtown Conn. in court. The guy has impeccable credibility. He was harassed repeatedly about his revelations of protocol breaches at Sandy Hook. 

He was a school safety consultant for 2/3rd of Florida school districts. HE WROTE THE PROTOCOLS..  That were not followed at Parkland.

Lets see if youtube dares to delete this one... I think this one is NOT going to go away.

The events on Valentines day were part of a greater scripted series of events. See the below post this is maybe going to blow the roof off the false flag / scripted psyops that we have been dealing with since the late 1990s or even earlier. 


BTC wave count

Things have changed in the potential for the S&P to crash in a major way near term.. Not impossible but far less likely today than it was last Tuesday night.. I don't argue with price it is not an argument anyone is going to win. 

BTC took a big spill and seemed to suffer the brunt of negative market reactions last week.. BTC has moved down before the stock market a few times so may be an indication of what was supposed to happen more than what will happen.. My read of the BTC chart has a bullish spin as of now with a lower price action to down to what could be A VERY IMPORTANT BUYING OPPORTUNITY. If the major low is in at BTC 6000 and the moves since are wave ONE up and now an ABC correction as wave TWO down in completion phase of the c wave of TWO it should be down to low the 7000s where it is finishes.. From that TWO low a wave THREE UP could propel BTC up to new highs above 20000 again with a time target out into late 2018. Just sayin.


The plot thickens

Like going to the instant replay of last week like a ref in a football game.. 
Cohn leaves, market down.. 1 AM eastern time London trading begins and the down market moves to unchanged. Thursday market levitates up to a close almost above the March 6th high. Friday the Non Farm payroll comes out well above expectations and a blowout rally move higher starts that blows the crash pattern up.. Blankfien resigns from Goldman on Friday..  Oh and all of a sudden Trump and N Korea are talking.  

I sense palace intrigue worthy of an episode of house of cards. The crash pattern in the stock market started on the day of the train wreck the day after SOTU. That was a brazen act of treason to my trained eye. The technical side of the pattern since the January high was very exact almost as if a hidden hand was at work. The pattern was too obvious by last week as even Dennis Gartman saw it.. Crashes do not happen when too many people are seeing it. The setup was also totally ripe and ready to fall through the floor on the Cohn firing.. Was a plot engineered by GS like many of those other crashes since the 90s have proven to be? 

Bibi was in town during all this "stuff". Bibi works for the red shield. Israel has access to intelligence that even the CIA does not have and in fact Israel knows everything and I mean everything. Did Bibi tell Trump about a plot to oust him that was in progress?? Did Bibi finger the Goldman Sachs trading mafia as behind the plot? Was the too exact crash pattern leading up to Tuesday morning a sign that Goldman was the wire puller? Does the red shield in London now become the Trump version of the financial Swiss guard?  I see Bibi has moved up to a powerful position if any of this is close to true. 

The fed is owned by 5 banks. Goldman is one and Rothschild is another.  If Trump has found out that Goldman boys had plotted to dethrone him using a market crash ..  oh my. This maybe is a political judo move  by Trump and if so have the tables turned for what was planned for next week. Is the IDES OF MARCH play now going to happen to the plotters? Blankfien left for a reason.. Did he commit treason? 

The crash potential had it played out next week was an opportunity to reset the risk part of the equation which would have taken a lot of inflation potential out of the system at least for this year.  No crash in the early crash window we just saw leaves markets with no brakes to the upside. Based on the astro I do NOT see the potential for a September October crash event so this one we just saw was the only one this year. There is very toppy and inflation driven astro out in 2019.. No crash now leaves an upside that is much higher going forward. 

The crash potential near term has dropped down to close to not going to happen levels. 


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