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"Not the torturer will scare me. Nor the body's final fall.
     But.. the blind indifference of a merciless.. unfeeling world.... 
Roger Waters.

"What if I am not crazy??"  Lolol.. Rhitt.. 


Christianity was a psyop

Take a scholars word for it.

I take an even stronger view.. Christianity as it was constructed by the Romans in 70 AD was indeed a psyop. See Joseph Atwills work Caesars Messiah on youtube.. The Romans did it to tame the messianic Jews that the Romans had to fight with just before 70 AD and the story concocted by the Flavians was an attempt to give the defeated Jews what they wanted..  a messiah. They back dated it so there was no living person who would remember the real story. LOl.. give then a dead hero. 

I was raised in Sunday Scholl and know all the bible stories.. They wore thin on me at about age 12. I had a functional bullshit detector even at age 12. I am glad now to have had the experience however. 

So the real guy who had his life turned into a fictional character was actually born on SEPTEMBER 1lth or 13th  in 3 BC. the date depends on the astrological inaccuracy in the calendar we use today. I figure it is 9/13/3BC but to me the important part is the 20th degree of VIRGO as the solar degree of the birth in 3 BC and the natal Moon Neptune conjunction in Scorpio and the time being just after dark with the sun in the 6th house. I have back tested it and the astrological chart fits the man and the timeline in the story on the transits and progressions confirm it as well. To me is a FACT. 


So why would this be repressed for 2000 years? .. LOL.. If the date is known the entire psyop becomes self evident starting with the VIRGIN PART. Not only that the use of the Jewish calendar as a scripting tool ever since would also become a known. 

 This year there is a solar eclipse on 9/13/2015 which lands on the Jesus mans birthday. Kinda significant is it not? This is the Jewish new year and a 7x7 cycle completion of 49 years called a JUBILEE YEAR. There is the 4 blood moons in play too as the last blood moon in the tetrad is 14 days after the 13th just in time for the POPE to do his thing.  The last time this tetrad was this correlated was on SEPTEMBER 14th 1966.. A day off the 13th but still astrologically significant and a start up day for a jubilee. Think of the events in the year following..  the LSD and the summer of love and the 6 day war when Israel gifted itself a great portion of Palestine.  Looking at this set of events in 67 we have a sense of what we should expect from September of 2015 - September 2016. In my mind this is the final chapter of the psyop started in 70 AD. We get a fake Armageddon.. A fake second coming. The establishment of Zionist Israel as owner of the world. Today's Christians will be the last to know and it will be a big surprise to them that NONE OF THEM ARE RAPTURED. 

 As in 1967 there are likely to be unintended consequences.. People who will not take the bait. It was the hippies in 1967 exercising higher consciousness and this year we have a group as yet unnamed. I tried to promote the netfix series SENSE 8 recently as a way to show what this year ahead might look like. The psyop version and the reality version of the coming year are kind of the exact opposite.  Stock up on popcorn you are going to need it. 


Mini Me Me Me Me

What a show.. The Dr Evil pose.. The synthetic reality we have been stuck in since 911 has morphed into something that even makes that seem some how seem sane. Hey You PEOPLE.. This is what a country looks like in it's final stages of DIS UNION. Can anyone imagine when we get to the part of the script when he really really becomes serious about pissing off everyone? Bush sure did it in 2008. 

Looks like the fast track thing is just as much an act of wear out the opposition as the Greek tragedy is dragging out endlessly. Funny how CONgress is posturing now that enough citizens have gotten it about the true nature of the deal. 

In simple terms the TPP and it's relatives will impose a structure ABOVE the sovereign Governments of Rothschildiana and all laws below that capstone will be based on COMMERCIAL LAW. The one ring to rule them all.. We could even call the former USA a new name.. UCCA.  UCC is universal commercial code.. I am fully aware that UCC has been really dominant for many decades now but we get to have the veil lifted off it in a formalized way. I guess that is what dear leader meant by TRANSPARENCY.. 

 They hated us for our freedoms. After all this is said and done they will only be able to hate us for our existence. Carbon taxes will require a cashless economy in order for us  carbon emitting peeps to be able to properly tally our "responsibility" to pay for the privilege to breathe..  I suspect the rollout ahead will be to charge a handling fee on any cash transaction.. lets say 10%.. And then don't forget the cash back points for using your cashless transaction device. And then we will have the cash buy back program where you can turn in your cash for a gift card like they do with guns now..  Tyranny has to be FUN like a game don't ya know.

hat tip: Ellen Brown, Web of Debt Blog

“Psychopaths are unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others, although they often have disarming or even charming personalities. Psychopaths are very manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust. They learn to mimic emotions, despite their inability to actually feel them, and will appear normal to unsuspecting people… When committing crimes, psychopaths carefully plan out every detail in advance and often have contingency plans in place. Unlike their sociopathic counterparts, psychopathic criminals are cool, calm, and meticulous.” – Psychology Today


Data breach

So there you have it.
Every US federal employee seeking a security clearance must go through the exhausting process of filing a Standard Form 86 (SF 86). As many have pointed out, the form is so meticulous that an individual could fill out over 115 pages.  

 ALL of those people are subject to being BLACKMAILED. If you ever wondered why things are in such a mess look no further. Once anyone get a security clearance it is a LIFETIME COMMITMENT to being lied to and to lie to others. There is no getting out of it. 

 So when a subject like the huge number of crisis actors comes up and the people who are clueless say that is not possible to fake an event like sandy hook consider that ALL OF THEM had to have some sort of security clearance to even be able to do simulated exercises for first responders and DHS. Easy to see how it would be so easy to just make a drill look like the real thing eh? and NO ONE WOULD SAY ANYTHING.. Just cash that check.


It was the worst of times.. Err
It was the least best of times..

Got to love the TYLERS.. (there are more than one of them).. They come out swinging almost every day.. If you are not reading zero hedge you are mostly unaware of what the top people in finance see. Very few places on the net are still running after being such a pain in the ass to the oligarchs.


The problem with astrology

I was poking around on the net looking for Dylan Roof date of birth.. wiki says 4/3/1994.. About 6 links down in a google search I find THIS ARTICLE which was posted 4 days ago.
This article says 4/4/1994 as his date of birth.  Reading the article I find it is devoid of any insights. WTF.. And I question the date of birth and the way this astrologer does birth charts too using a solar chart to delineate the house positions without an actual birth time. 

So my read on the kid's natal 4/3/1994 using noon as the least margin of error. He is sporting quite an angry mind with a mercury mars conjunction in Pisces. He was quite a confused emotionally type person with a Moon Uranus Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. There are aspects from his natal sun to Jupiter and Pluto indicating a penchant for political incorrectness.  In my own one sentence read.. the kid appears to have a paranoid streak and is at best emotionally retarded and is a non conformist.. A PERFECT DUPE.  And yes indeed this kid was hit 5 ways from Tuesday over a several year period by the now past exact Uranus Pluto square transiting in the sky.. Especially so last April 2014.  What happened to him then? Did he get in trouble and was he manipulated since then as part of a psyop?  This we can only guess at but he does fit the DUPE profile.. His Moon aspects indicate he might be very easy to hypnotize.

 I got zero insight from the Hale article.. For starters Hale goes on about this event as if it is something real just as was presented by CNN. This article came out 4 days before this day today the 22nd making it the 18th when she posted.. REALLY?..    How did you come up with a date of birth THAT QUICKLY in less than 12 hours.. And how did it happen your date of birth conflicts with WIKI?? My educated view of MANY astrologers is they are bullshit artists and use astrological key words to get talking points to define a preconceived view of things.. As you can imagine I am not very popular is the mainstream astrological community. I find almost NONE are in love with the truth and all but a few have a very very mainstream view of things. These people would have lasted about 10 minutes in the arena where there is a scorecard and big money is bet on prognosticators. MACRO TRADERS eat idiots who dare to bullshit them for breakfast. 

The problem with astrologers is they get their "education" and their certificates of competence from organizations like AFA located in DC. A good buddy who had 40 years astrological experience many years older than myself told me 20 years ago that this is what he called THE OLD GIRLS NETWORK. He said if they don't like you then you  get NOWHERE in a professional sense.. No lectures .. No recognition.. and especially NO PAID GIGS in places like the horoscope columns in major newspapers. The education of astrologers is replicating mediocrity and THAT is killing off a many thousands of years old body of knowledge.  Astrology has to be considered a joke by most thinking people who would otherwise be interested if they saw true competence. 

So when you read an astrological article and it tells you NOTHING it is no accident.   I will tell ya this..  The man who originally taught me in 1972 - 1973 told me he was one of the 10 astrologers who was hired by the government to figure out what Hitlers astrologers were telling him to do. Very serious business eh with lives depending on a accurate read of things? He was really good and showed me the right way to look at a chart which is obviously NOT what modern astrologers are being taught. I learned using a paper chart and could run an accurate enough chart on paper just using a book called an ephemeris. I had natural talent and was built from my first breath to be good at astrology. Lost art indeed. 

 Lets speculate and consider what if astrology has and is being used as a scripting tool by the oligarch class. Would they want a lot of astrologers working outside of their interests? Would they want anyone outside of the clic to be able to track the scripting down? This mess in Charleston was TIMED astrologically and GOT results as in TPP passing.  In the shadow cast from a blood in the street incident.. This treason passed without even a whimper out of the future victims of it. So pat So obvious.. Did people die? Does it matter?  It is beside the point in the synthetic reality we find ourselves in.. 


Hurricane Barack 
due to hit the east coast
on or around September 13th

It seems clear that climate change is going to be a key part of the rollout in September. If indeed there is a geo engineering program formidable enough to enhance and or steer hurricane sandy then it stands to reason the odds of a September to remember storm is on the horizon. The public reacts to every fear known to man and another sandy type storm should soften up any resistance to the major rollout of economic retooling intended to "save us" from ourselves. It also seems likely the storm will hit someplace like DC hard just to make sure the creeps in congress get an eyeful like phat man Christy did with sandy. Or maybe it will hit the now demonized city of Charleston SC as an act of gods spitefulness. In any case it would have to be in the 100 billion damage class to warrant changing the economy over to carbon based electronic currency and taxation. 

 Oh and this. Just as soon as the plan is passed THEN we will have the real climate change that mother nature is in progress of doing kick in strongly enough to be OBVIOUS.. That IS COOLING and a mini ice age. One reason I see this year as the last chance for the global warmists to get away with it is I have seen THREE increasingly more intensely cold winters in a row AFTER sandy. You can see how desperate they are to get the program in place before it is too late. 


Still demonizing hippies 40 years later

I don't know exactly what the problem is here. The rainbow people have been one of the biggest remnants of hippydom left and I would hope they are respectful of native Americans.. I hope people can grasp that 5-20 k hippies in one place should be compared to what 5-20k beer swilling rednecks or bikers or even Hillary supporters would be like. I would hazard a guess the hippies are about 99% better visitors than them. C'mon man stop it with the hate.. it is unbecoming of a native American warrior...

I want to see a pow wow where not only can us hippie conscientious objectors make peace with the Indians we can become allies and understand that we need each other.. I consider myself a LANDLESS NATIVE AMERICAN who has genetic roots going back to the 1700s.. It there is EVER going to be a way to opt out of the NWO is stands to reason the Native American tribes should be the first ones to help us. Maybe they can rent us some territory where we can have a mutually beneficial relationship and disconnect from the NWO together. 


Foot meet mouth

Mike King is a hero.. Boris Karloff plays a Rothschild antagonist in a 1934 major movie. Seems the old propaganda is rather OBVIOUS as this movie came out just after the USA was bankrupted by the Rothschild's in 1933. 



Here is proof that the SC church shooting is a psyop.  That does not mean we know if there were actual deaths or not.  It does prove that it is being used to manipulate the minds of the people. See for yourself.


The new conscientious objector

It is clear that we are in a war and have been in one for some time.  The war is between the corporatists / statists and the people of those "countries" that are targeted for takeover. In some cases it is very violent as in Ukraine.   Way back in the 60s when there was a draft there was a way to opt out of serving in the military due to "religious" reasons.  Muhammad Ali did so in 1967 and was vilified for it BTW.  67 was a jubilee year and 2015 - 2016 is one too.
This was the first wave of anti war protest in the mid 60s and it was very effective. The much bigger movement that eventually stopped the war grew out of this small group who took a stand against the war as being IMMORAL.. The war was going against the conscience of these people and therefore serving in the war was out of the question.  Keep in mind that draft dodging was against the law and many were jailed for that.. 

It is clear the end game is being rolled out soon and the POPE is a key man in this.. They are throwing religion at us 5 ways from Tuesday.  I see no reason why a person like myself cannot declare myself a conscientious objector to all this statism and be allowed to OPT OUT of the NWO. There is a real problem with Christianity they cannot ignore if we put it in their face with the part in the bible about the mark of the beast. 

I OBJECT to being forced to use money that is a certificate of someone's else's indebtedness. 
I OBJECT to being forced to participate in ENSLAVING OTHERS when I use the money.

I do NOT want to be forced into Ocare on moral grounds.  It being only "affordable" if one takes their fiat money subsidy which is a moral trap.. a deal with the devil. The health insurance problem is the ideal way to start up the new conscientious objector movement. There is no difference to me as being drafted into the military because healthcare in reality has been MILITARIZED. If we succeed we will be forcing the system to to allow us to use healthcare from those DOCTORS who opt out with us and there are MANY who would do so. The IRS fines for opting out MUST BE REMOVED it is against god's natural law. Once we succeed in this rather reasonable demand we can move on to more things we are being forced into doing which is against gods natural law such as being forced to pay for wars by the IRS.


China is having a rolling 87 moment

Market crashes do not happen without some 'indications" first. Call it canaries in the coal mine. I think the main event for China is September but maybe I am optimistic that things will be un-crash like till then. The 3 stocks shown here are BIG and it is an unknown just how much leverage has been damaged that will feed back into the rest of the market.  HINT a full blown crash has to be major headlines to count as a crash and will be a scare the shit out of people type of thing. When everyone freaks out THEN it is a low to buy. 

China is in EXACTLY the cyclic spot were an 87 event is what is needed to clear out the risk challenged "investors" like in the USA during the actual 1987 event. If it plays out as I have been calling it for a long while now the low generated (38 - 50% drop) ON THE CHINESE MAJOR INDEXES is a BUY AND HOLD for the long haul which is language I do not use lightly.  The USA market is a zombie now and is bound to way under perform almost everywhere for a good long while after this plays out. There is MUCH more clean up on a systemic level for the US to even hope to keep up soon if EVER. It is going to take 20 years for the USA to even provide it's own products again.

Here is a reason why the US market probably will NOT crash this fall even if China does.. The massive betting on a crash makes it almost impossible for one to happen. The new fangled way is the VXX which is a bet on volatility.. When the VXX goes up it means fear is rising and premiums on put options are getting richer. The VXX has been a losers game to go long on while the market has on an unbroken up trend since hurricane sandy but that does not mean the VIX PIGS will not stop throwing money at it. (goldman says thank you) LOL.. This is a reason why I don't bother to write much market stuff now.. Everyone is a genius market timer until they run out of money..

 Here is a hot tip for USA only investors.. Go to a casino at least you know going in the door they are intending to cheat you. 


The kid

Please explain to me that just like Adam Lanza the kid Roof was such a marksman that there was not a single wounded person.. In my world I watch for what does not happen as a tell. I suppose in both cases it is "possible" they were better than a navy seal but then again what are the odds? Hey we know that Lanza was a fictional character but we also know that the PTB learn from past mistakes. I assume is very inconvenient that the kid ran instead of doing himself in. 

Looking at pictures of Root he has has a subtle look of a slightly retarded person too.. It is in the eyes..  That is the fav TOOL for the FBI to cultivate with MANY cases of entrapment and in almost cases the so called terror plots that they claim to have thwarted were transparent BULLSHIT.. 

And then there is the TIMING. THIS IS THE TELL OF ALL TELLS. 
Market was in a very shaky technical position CHECK.. CONgress needed cover to pass something they don't want to be visible about CHECK. Then after the fact .. market up like a rocket right off the AM opening bell. CHECK. The worst congressional act of treason ever passed since Christmas 1913 goes forward in a news vacuum without so much as a whimper out of the public. CHECK. 

Way to go social engineers WE SEE YOU.. 
It's on to Greek weekend now and all that drama about if the Greeks go back to the dracma. Going to be interesting because Greece is not Iceland.. I was in Athens in 2003 on a Greek vacation and experienced a taxi strike. Man they are like professionals when it comes to that sort of thing. I can tell ya there were NO TAXIS.. NONE. So if indeed the banks confiscate what little is left in Greeks accts there is going to be huge a huge reaction.. LOL.. Dont ya love the term BANK HOLIDAY?? If my read on the engineering side of this is correct there is going to be chaos because THE BANKSTERS WANT GREECE TO BE MADE AN EXAMPLE OF.. Show the rest what happens when a country defies the banksters...  ATTN Portugal Italy and Spain. 
X factor is Putin and I fully expect something BIG to go boom if he bails out the Greeks. 

There is a moment the banksters don't want to see. That is when a critical mass of people FINALLY GET IT that the "money" that enslaves them is only DEBT that was created out of nothing and the interest on the money is SIMPLY USURY which has been mostly forbidden exect for the last several hundred years since waterloo. And the banks talk so much about how we peeps have to be so responsible? When I see The OWNERS of the FED.. Goldman or JPM being "responsible" I will pay slight attention. 


Karen Hudes
NWO lackey or whistle blower??

This something IMPORTANT to watch.. It does have a lot of truth and is very suitable for newbies. Many will freak out after seeing it. 
There is a problem however that she does not identify the actual preps behind the scene in the NWO scheme. I have friends in high places that have been leaking that there is some grand solution in the works.. Seems this is it.. EXCUSE ME FOR BEING SKEPTICAL. 

Listen to her carefully. She is giving a very detailed description of the rollout in September of a new monetary system. Free Money for everyone is quite a deal in exchange for national sovereignty.  Considering how utterly corrupt things are at present it is going to a wild time in the new Jubilee year with celebration of ding dong the witch is dead starting up in September.  She even mentions the book wizard of OZ. 

There is mention of a failed Nuke strike on the USA targeting Charleston SC at about minute 35 .. This is alleged to have occurred off the coast as a failed false flag attempt on October 7th 2013.. The horoscope of that day is really quite nasty so maybe is true. I would not put it past them for sure.


Waterloo..200 years later

It is just a coincidence I tell ya. 200 years to the day Rothschild (due to his superior intelligence network) was able to corner the British bond market and OWNED IT thus owning the British government. It is a fact that this has repeated itself yesterday on the 200th anniversary with the TPP passing  the senate..  also due to a superior intelligence network. Isn't it cute they did a reenactment.. I figure there will be no mention of that war being financed by the same bankers on both sides.

1815 was also when the USA was OWNED too but was an act of treason while Andrew Jackson won the war of 1812 in January his political enemies sold out the country in a negotiated defeat in New England. This happened because of BAD INTELLIGENCE on the part of the US government who negotiated a defeat before being told of Jackson victory. Is VERY similar indeed to waterloo in so many ways. Read up on the battle of New Orleans. Oh and in short order we are going to have Jackson's portrait taken off the 20 dollar bill so the education system can start to demonize Jackson.. 

So the USA has died on the exact 200 year anniversary of 6/18/1815.  Banksters really love anniversary days eh? We should call this new state ROSA. You can figure out what that means. 

All the details will made public in September. Between the TPP and the other two trade deals for other regions we will have about 90% of world GDP operating under the same corporate umbrella. They wont call it the NEW WORLD ORDER it will have a slick marketable name that will sound like something benign..  All the states will of course still have the illusion of choice as far as the style of prison life with elections that are like professional wrestling. 

I have been warning young people for a while that if they do not exercise their political power this would happen. I have also told them if they fail to do so it is going to be 20  more years before they have any shot of throwing this yoke off them. It took that long for Andrew Jackson to rise to the power of president after 1815 and throw out the bankers the last time. There was 30 years of freedom after that but then came the civil war and another win for the bankers. Ahhh.. history is an exercise in frustration is it not? 

Meanwhile..  As I have said too there is only a spiritual solution especially for us older folks in the near term. At least some of us resisted.. At least some of us refused to lay down like a cowering dogs. 

Breaking news on a new 10 dollar bill. 
Jack Lew.. Or might we say jack off  LOO(d) will roll out this symbol of our defeat rather soon.



Nothing like blood 
on the street to grease the wheels

Well we had a 250 point Dow rally and the TPP passed the house while everyone was watching CNN to see if they could see some blood.  FUCKING MONKEYS would know better. 

FORK MEET CARCASS..  NWO is on track on the express train to hell.  NEXT STOP on the timeline is when we get to find out what is in it. September 13th looks like it to me. 

There is no other way to respond to this but to spiritually rise above it. I DO NOT CONSENT. 


The Forecaster

At one time me and Marty Armstrong were peers. He had his math and I had astro.  I think between us there was not a whole lot of conflict in what we saw coming it was a matter of style. Most of my subs used both of us. My not having an MBA was a handicap in my ability to earn a big paycheck like he did. Marty spent 5 years time in jail on trumped up contempt of court charges because he refused to let big gov use the code for his model. on pay per view

 The trailer ...

A good vid to watch.

Another guy who got a lot of fame doing long range forecasts that were prescient was Gerald Celenete.  I have seen an interview on youtube with John Anthony West where he states that him and his friend Gerry worked out a long term template using West's astrological ability in the 1990s. My astrological model for the long term cycle of 200 years which had to do with a three part 70 year rotation of power around the world still stands as the way it has worked out. My call back in 1996 was that China would become the dominant world power about RIGHT NOW in 2015. This Astro template was out on the internet starting from day one in 1996 so I would have to think West had to have seen my work. IT WAS FREE.. That piece was the whole reason I started AstroEcon to get that out in the public eye. The newsletter and everything that came after was almost an unintended consequence of presenting that model in early 1996. 

Just because I should have won a Nobel prize for my work does not mean I had any shot to get one.. LOLOL.  After all I was totally open about my methodology. I did well in spite of that earning my way to a very high level the old fashioned way..  I performed and worked harder than anyone else. 


Everything is 99.9% in control

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild

Wiser men than me saw it all along


Is it real or is it

After sandy hook and Boston anyone in the know has to look at whatever is going on as a hoax first until proven differently. Is the SC church shooting real? I would expect it wont be as easy to tell as many hoaxy things that have gone on since sandy hook were to catch .  I have to believe there will not be the same crisis actors show up on video for this. On the other hand some of the paid rioters in several incidents in the last year might be on tape however. 

One thing I watch for is if there is perfect timing involved. Yesterday we had a fed meeting that could have been testy and as things went the zombie algos were tamed so in my view the coast was clear for anther escalation of Mind Fuck Incorporated to act. Everything is a side show but the price on the Dow. 

 In the old days before 2012 the incidents seemed to be based on real blood and tears and took on the look of a human sacrifice for an astute observer..  This is something that yours truly pointed out way back in 1996 with TWA 800 and forward. One well read web site even called it the HITT FACTOR because it worked..  The old adage of buy when there is blood in the streets is not an urban legend it has become an MO. Time after time it worked just go back and look at market price behavior right before and after the VT shooting.. The change over in real then fake came RIGHT AFTER it became LEGAL FOR THE NEWS MEDIA TO LIE TO THE PUBLIC.  Some time in 2012 if I remember it properly. Since then it has been all mostly all Hollywood. It seems to me the real or memory-X switch over was Aurora theatre incident that was real blood and an obvious drugged up dupe who was far from an actor. Seems like anything goes since then as long as the blood is fake after that incident. 

Now a reasonable person might say that is too many people to control and the truth would come out by a whistle blower..   Humm.. The issuance of security clearances to 25 million Americans says OTHERWISE.  Once a person signs up for the deal with the devil it is only a very very few who would dare to break out of that deal.. And if so all the security apparatus at NSA is in play to find that person before any damage is done. Just ask the swan diving bankers on the way down from the 30th floor or the guy who did a suicide by nail gun about having thoughts of squeaking up..  Maybe ask the DC madam too.. Seal team 6?...  or the cops in Boston who fell out of a chopper. Long list .. enough said. 



When you do what you know then magic happens. Living a charmed life is the only way to live life.


"Aggravated pimping"

The most powerful bankster in his day who ran the IMF is simply known as DSK. He was charged with it in Europe. This is after having been caught in NYC try to bang the maid who was mistaken for a gratuity from some admirer paying a bribe.. Geez seems like eyes wide shut in real life.

Those of us watching in real time knew the whole thing was a cock up and was really a shift in power back a few years ago to get a woman in the drivers seat at IMF. Who DSK offended is a mystery because none of us really understands the exact power structure above the IMF. But I am amused at the thought of aggravated pimping because THAT IS THE WAY POLITICS IN THE USA IS RUN. 


In a side note .. The I told ya so dept.. Anyone trying to trade US regular trading hours is playing a suckers game. The only way to make any consistent profit in US macro trading is to play in European trading hours. Kinda speaks to where the power in markets is located THE CITY OF LONDON. After noon US time after the London close the US markets are just plain wonky and virtually un-tradable for a NON CLUB FED outsider .

The stock tip dept.. The Chinese are having the lead up to their 1987 lemming moment. "Investors" in China are about as lathered up as the US was in summer of 87 WHICH WAS A SHEMITA YEAR TOO. Looks like the short of the century to go all in on the short side of China on or close to the September 13th new moon eclipse and if one is playing that game a put option should be a NOV expiry. If it plays out  it should be at least a 38% drop and considering the extent of the rally is an unknown as of yet a strike is not possible to know until the top is in. The other big question is what about the counter party risk as in.......  
The NEXT huge trade would be to go long China just like in NOVEMBER 1987 in the US in its own cycle and hold for the long term. That trade is the one that would be a safer bet as far as allowing an individual (especially an American) to win that bet.  


Way to go fascist pricks

A young mom is facing 30 years for the crime of doing something unapproved by the medical mafia.. And to make her crime worse she was hung up on a cross because her son defended her when lies were told at a school DARE propaganda session. 
Take a look in her eyes. 

Meanwhile the banksters like Timmy Geitner who enabled the theft of 30 or so trillion sit in the comfort of a WARBERG -PINKUS office gloating over their success. 


we be gettin' fooled again

Imagine what many of us who had a clue back in the day think of y'all now.. Great vid in this link from 1985.


Pope on a rope

Wow the astro is kicking butt today.. New moon conjunct Mars at 25 Gemini..  Gemini being about communication and Mars being ... mistake prone .. Or just down right totally moronic things being said such as a MAJOR GAFF...  Glad to see some hell raising about it. If he is so in touch with god then why is he not being tipped off about fraud in science. Hey that might not pay well. 

The POPE IS THE CEO OF THE FEAR OF DEATH DEPT OF THE NWO. Without the fear of death the people would be much more prone to challenge the authority of Corporate Governance. 

 And here is another thing. It is common knowledge that the Vatican has something like 100 astrologers. So this apparent blunder is made on a very strong astro day with Jupiter and Uranus at a 120 trine now too which is excellent astro for introducing something new.  One thing we can be sure of the pope and climate change is going to be in your face for a few days. Intentional??  If there are 100 astrologers working for them then it would shock me if this was an accident. 


Interview with a remote viewer

I have had some personal experience with these people. There is a huge problem with them and their security clearances. The "you are not supposed to know that part" issue.  
Good interview very honest. 

Audio manifest/john_herlosky_rv__ c2c_2015-05-02.mp3  

A good youtube 
 He gets into the We/I part of the equation I posted about a few days ago.. There is only one person here living all of the lives at once.. joke is on us ;-) 
See minute 47 - 50 for that. 


Magna Carta's missing paragraphs

Hard to say anything funny about this. 800 years ago? 


Voting for your own executioner

Kaminski is a guy who helped me see clearly back in the early 2000s what is at the core of our problems.. He is for the most part an unsung hero. Hat tip man..



Maybe there is a social network for people like myself who have refused to participate in farcebook and linked in and other massive time wasting types of social media. 
This is very new and not at all populated.. It also has some weakness in it so far in that I don't see any way to contain the trolls that are going to descend on it if it starts to actually be useful. I don't know how secure it is either but frankly nothing else is so..... 

In any case am giving it a try and I will participate in it as best I can.. I don't know if an old guy like me will fit in anywhere these days but I will see.

I see a potential if the place allows for troll sweeping to be able to form the types of small "clusters" over distance that can do a lot of good. Even my telepathic warrior guild idea. I do not see much selling at this point which is encouraging. As they say the best things are FREE. 


The barf bag is in your seat pocket

We now unveil the JEB..   yep Jeb! Kinda like those rock stars with one name.  Kinda cute really to include a GIANT MIDDLE FINGER disgusted as an ! AFTER YOUR FIRST NAME as if we will forget the last name.  Guess it runs in the family. 

The thought occurred to me that in Spanish the J pronounced as a HE. 
HEEB!  Scratching my head on this.. 

 Hey it beats out Hillary's logo with her DIRECTION TO HELL. . To the RIGHT PLEASE. 


It was 45 years ago.

Probably the greatest American rock album that most people have never heard of. The last song says it all.

The melting acid fever streaking through my mind
Makes it all so difficult to see you
but all so easy to touch you. 
I melt with you..  feel with you.. Make love for you.

This is what I have been advocating since 1971 when I started to catch on about what was what and what and saw the eventual outcome of the future.. An EMPATHIC REALITY.  Being a young person I had no concept what a full lifetime was about and I think many of us thought it would be only a few years and we would by magic make it all happen. I see that the magic part was right on but the 45 years was not in my plans.. Back then I could not imagine I would be around for the Solar eclipse on my birthday this year. I had to be a miracle I tell ya to even be here now. 

 The whole album is a keeper. Save it for your grandkids.


The gates of EL

Found this here. I know him a little and am certain that he DOES HIS BEST.. That does not mean I think he has everything down pat.. He is not an astrologer and therefore has a huge hole in his game. 

This VID about EL is really good. 
I think you will recognize the voice if you have been around a while. Has to be a 30 something and I tip my hat to him. 
BTW CHIRON is the boatman who takes you to the other side of the river STYX.
In astrology Chiron is located between SATURN and URANUS.. the bridge .. Or the river.. The journey beyond the limitations of EL to the freedom of Uranus higher consciousness. 


They hated us for our freedom

Not so much now.. Not the hate part which has always been there but the freedom part. See how a liar works is they tell the truth but confuse the definition of the words. In W's case he did not define who THEY is. 14 years later a rapidly increasing percentage of the people have gotten a grip on who THEY is. The rest are politically immature who buy into the game like it is a .... football game.. And after this fall it will be the equivalent of Professional wrestling with the entire panorama of bullshit elections all scripted out for max entertainment. 

Can't you see how they would hate us for our freedom? Before the SYNTHETIC REALITY THEY created after 911 we did have a lot of freedom compared to everyone else in the world. THEY created a "prison for your mind."  What I see coming on VERY SOON is a prison for your soul. The old fossils that cooked this shit up are in their 90s and David Rockefeller just hit 100.. Ya they would want to push things along about now.

Once the capstone of the Otrade is passed by hook or crook and the capstone of the pyramid is nailed down on the top then it is a green light to finish up things in a whirlwind of change. Keep in mind this is a prison for your soul. The POPE on A ROPE is going to bless this and tell Y'ALL GOOD FOLKS that this is the completion of Gods work and that will be another one of those word play statements that has skewed definitions. I think DEFINING GOD IS THE PART TO WATCH ON THAT FRONT. Ahem.. This "lord" or yahway or whatever suits your mindless fantasy is the actual devil.  The DEVIL IN THE DETAILS EH?? 

A LOT of truthers are focused on a big boom false flag and I doubt it unless we the people resist to a point where the whole house of cards meets a gale force wind of citizens screaming enough. Do you see that? I dont.. People I run into here in NC are so out of the loop it is astonishing. I am sure that is the case everywhere else too. 

 The only way out is higher consciousness. How many will be able to pass through the eye of the needle? I am not much of a bibleist but that book had to have enough truth in it so it would sell to the public in 70 AD. Some things never change. 



This has to one of my old subs from back in the day in mid 1990s.. I recognize the tone of his writing and well I am blushing at the thought. He makes me look like downright PC I tell ya. INDEED TIME'S UP.


Planet X and other silly things 

I read a LOT.  That does not mean I know everything but reading helps. I see planet X Nibru stuff still floating around I just need to respond to it. 

For starters there is something called gravity.. If any large body were to enter our solar system it would have to be OVER a 5,000 year orbit at minimum.. Why am I sure of that? Because the Mayans are on record knowing the orbit of Venus including the dates of the transit of Venus over the face of the sun 5000 years ago.. Mayan timing was so accurate that we did not match the exactitude until very recently. If any body of consequence comes close in it is going to skew the orbits of everything. Literally.. TIME ITSELF AS WE KNOW IT WOULD CHANGE.

If there is some sort of red dwarf in orbit waaaay out in the solar system in a stable orbit I think it would have been found. After all we have seen many planets around stars now. Just the gravity signature that bends light from the stars behind it would be all the proof needed if anything big is out there. I DO HOWEVER have a theory on what X really is. PLUTO .. Pluto is very powerful influence astrologically as any astrologer will tell you and it has a delineation quite in line with the planet X myths. I also suspect that Pluto is an INTRUDER and is part of a star system that came close enough to have some parts of it captured by our suns gravity well MAYBE EVEN 12000 years ago but probably millions. Pluto comes inside of the REAL MOST OUTER PLANET NEPTUNE and Pluto is a lot like a sperm entering an ovum. This is FERTILIZING the solar system every 250 years over a 20 year visit in the cycle with energies from the galaxy. Is Pluto good? Who knows. It may be from somewhere that good bad is not like we think of it. 

Humm FLAT EARTH? I have studied astrology for 40 plus years.. The earth is round and the solar system is round enough (ellipses) and well I think this FE idea is outrageously confusing  for people who have no visual dexterity.   I wish some of the bigger names who have clout would just stop it with this.   AS FAR AS FLAT?? That is a HUMAN ISSUE with perception of 3D reality.. The visual sense sees in 3D and is up down and distance. When you look out it is always a straight line all the way to infinity.. GOT IT?  The only way that changes if GRAVITY BENDS THE LIGHT AT A GREAT DISTANCE.  LOL there is that pesky gravity again. 

 I wish I had a better platform online but I only have two hands.. I see the total lack of astrological understanding as a huge problem for the truth movement.. It is especially a problem when people start to "predict" without looking at the frinkin map of the possibility field. I can write till the cows come home to the public but cannot communicate in MY LANGUAGE and astrology is indeed a language at a certain level. If I attempt to say things in a dumbed down enough way for even for the rare beginner nowadays it is so tedious it makes me want to bang my head on the wall. That is why I don't really bother.. At least in the heyday of astro finance up till 2009 there were a lot of people who actually wanted to learn.. Why???  BECAUSE THEIR JOB DEPENDED ON THEM NOT SCREWING UP.. Any old school trader who is good at it knows about astro and shit happens. All the old school guys were replaced by criminals running algos so the astro part of markets has CHANGED DRAMATICALLY. Nothing but guppies left in a pool of sharks now. 


The 4 Agreements

A little book probably lost on a lot of bookshelves. Many newer seekers are overwhelmed by the how part of the equation.. This easy to read book the 4 agreements makes it very simple but that does not mean it is an overnight path to Shamabala. It has to be lived over a lifetime and PRACTICED....  there is the rub for most people. Not so easy but then again the last agreement is simply DO YOUR BEST.

A nice vid on the book.. there are plenty available including a full ebook on offer

Makes sense if you blind others by lying you blind yourself. If we are to defeat the empire of lies we have to start with ourselves. 


We are all felons

Maybe a better title would be nanny state borg mindset on steroids. Ok lets think about what the criminal class would do if they had almost total power over us. Because they are serving up CRIME as a way of life they are vulnerable to being caught.. What would be the logical response to that? LOLOL.. Make up so many "rules of law" that EVERYONE else is a criminal too. That will shut em up about "crime" right? That includes little girls who were raising money for a fathers day gift.. Careful girls running an unauthorized charity taking donations is indeed a felony.
Again...  read the ZH comments as comedic therapy.. 


Security clearances
Like a BDSM madam for politicians

Boy oh boy astrology is kicking some ass right now.. in a VERY GOOD WAY. 
The sun and mars have been astrological buddies the past few weeks with the sun sloooowly catching up with mars from about 15 to now 22 degrees of Gemini. Meanwhile Jupiter and Uranus are in process of making a very good astro trine aspect and the sun mars conjunction has been activating that the last few weeks. This is REALLY GOOD. I know I am feeling it and many reports out there are pointing to it happening for others too. I am inclined to lay the lumber at a time like this when the astro is a huge tailwind. 

So with this good astro I saw the series SENSE8 come out with this good astro and is very clear to me that is showing something about what is ahead in the jubilee year to start in September. Brace yourself for the next summer of love action that is just one thing and get used to some off the scale consciousness movement emerging as in 1967.. 

So that is the setup of this post. The issue here is our so called representatives are operating with security clearances and with them maybe 25 MILLION other Americans have some grade of that required for keeping their jobs.  So lets consider what a security clearance really is.  IT IS A BLOOD OATH TO LIE AND BE LIED TO that is it in the simplest terms. Fuck me twelve ways from Tuesday this is the entire reason our country is so screwed up. ALMOST ANYONE IN A POSITION OF POWER DOWN TO LOCAL COPS ARE PAID TO LIE. A Security clearance is the DEAL WITH THE DEVIL that makes all this crime possible. Wanna know why the fuss about Snowdon when he only revealed things that us in the know types had awareness of for years? HE BROKE HIS SECURITY OATH and THAT my friends is the reason he had to run to China then Russia. 

So.. the biggest example we have in our face is Otrade which only a few "trusted' operatives in CONgress can see and because of "national security" they will NOT BREATHE A WORD about what is in it. As long as the state exists in present form you can expect NOTHING BUT LIES FROM anyone with a security clearance. ahem.. This includes the crisis actors.. the media.. Hollywood types.. bankers.. It is the entire structure of the corpo fascist empire top down from the eye in the triangle of power. 

 So what can we the people do in response to this?? What can great spirit do to remedy this rubics cube of lies?  I AM PROMOTING SENSE 8 because I want people to see what it would look like in PRACTICAL TERMS if they developed TELEPATHIC CONSCIOUSNESS.  USING THAT it is possible to bore a hole in the security apparatus and they have known this since the early 1970s. Before he died Ingo Swann revealed it in at least several interviews. He was fired from the remote viewers project because he was a telepath and the people behind the project could not have him around. Wonder why the remote viewers of today SUCK AT THEIR JOB?? Look no further. 

So think back and then you realize that the fluoride the bad drugs the 10K of mind fucks over the past 40 years has effectively dampened peoples ability to become aware that they have telepathic abilities if they only could understand how VERY SIMPLE it is. IT STARTS WITH SOMETHING SO SIMPLE IT IS ASTONISHING.. 

I challenge some of the best and brightest in the spiritual truth hierarchy to pick up the ball and run with it. The only way to stop institutional LYING FOR A LIVING is to SEE RIGHT INTO THEIR DARK MINDS.. Believe me THAT IS WHAT THEIR GREATEST FEAR IS...  THAT IS WHAT CAN CAUSE THEM TO GO UNHINGED and MAKE THEM SPILL THE BEANS. 

 Think about what it would be like to have several 100 thousand full blown telepaths emerge who have NO SECURITY CLEARANCE. 

 So all you activist lets TAKE IT TO THEIR SIDE OF THE FIELD AND MAKE THEM PLAY DEFENSE.   I know I am Mr Nobody right now but one of the reasons I had such huge success for over a few decades is I knew how to use my natural born telepathic skills and more that I learned in the early 1970s. YOU WANT TO WIN?? YOU WANT TO TAKE OUR WORLD BACK FROM THE PSYCHOPATHS?  As Mr. Nike says JUST DO IT. 

I can teach this skill. So why I am I sitting here living like a hermit? I do think it has something to do with people having an instinct that I am sporting quite a dangerous mind and that sort of shunning is what ANYONE who deals with this telepathic power is going to have to deal with. IF the lying sacks of shit around you have even the slightest notion that you can get into their heads they are going to RUN and find some reason to paint you as some sort of nut for being an advanced person.. THEY HAVE A BELIEF THAT NO ONE CAN SEE INTO THEIR MINDS..   hahahahahaha. 


The words!!!!... THE WORDS.. Oh My.. Needs to be played loud.. thunderous. 

"And I don't need to see any more to know I can read your mind."


Mar Y Sol festival 1972

I was there. I jumped on the tickets as soon I heard about it and about 10 of my tripping buds came with. It was an all inclusive fly in Woodstock. HOLY SMOKES.

The biggest problem for a LOT of people was sunburn. I was a blondy so I did not set foot in the sun from 10 am till 2 PM. My buds were all butch about it and two days in they were moaning like babies in a tent looking like tomatoes. BWAAA. I came home with a great tan. 

Anyway was my only time seeing ELP live. Glad black sabbath did not show up but fucking Alice Cooper did. 

ELP live from back then.


The apple fell far from the tree
then rolled into a ditch
then was eaten by a wild pig

Rand Paul what a douche. Sorry Ron it looks like the mailman might have been more a factor in your life than you knew.


Banzai needs a bump

The greatest Photoshop artist on the planet. A Zero Hedge and Max Kieser favorite. 
See comments in the post about buying his prints and maybe take a look at his portfolio. 



Three musketeers at work

Dan Diggs, Jeff Berwick, and Luke Rudowski meets the Builderboogers. What a hoot. 
List at bottom of the page is YOUR OWNERS or their reps this is a board meeting. 

Vid.. LOL Free towels.


WE / I'M Sparticus

This is how we win.


A bit of a crowded field

OMG 375 are running for prez ALREADY?  DID Jeb announce yet? Better move quick dude it will be a stadium full before ya know it.  I figure 374 of them are all republicans and one Hillary. I was going for the pot guy but the ZOMBIE AWARENESS CANDIDATE seems more insightful.


Now Playing
Osama and the bin ladens

OMG this is the funniest thing I saw all week.. This is what happens when 100 million of the workforce (everyone who is not employed by big gov) has too much time on their hands.. and all that great vid editing software available.  As banzai would say FOOD AND BEVERAGE WARNING.  Love the Do whop style. 

Found it here.. good read


Jon Rappoport gets it

Brave man he is.. I hope he lives in some out of the way place like Iceland or Uruguay. He has earned his place in Valhalla with just this one article. Hat tip.


Collective punishment ahead

The slaves are resisting. It seems enough brave souls in the alt press are INFORMING the masses about WHAT IS IN IT ...  Otrade .. so it is getting bogged down on the final lap of the "plan" for us peeps.  Keep in mind they have a schedule and when one brick in the wall stalls then the rigging has to pause. Pause long enough and then they get out of sync with their calendar. That is not sitting well with the overloads now is it. Seems like a tactical blunder on their part maybe they called off the fluoride by cutting it in half a bit too soon.. I do think it is funny ...... sort of ... but at the same time I know because I pay attention that when trickery fails then bad things happen. 

If Otrade fails to pass on time it like the sewer is being backed up. Let that happen long enough and the stink starts to ooze up out of manholes and every other place.. The circus in politics is the exact same thing as this ISIS bullshit.. The wire pullers finance both sides and make dam sure both sides have enough ammo to do great damage to each other with the outcome being no resistance to the wire pullers demands. 

I look back at 14 years ago and 911 was collective punishment as much as an outrageous financial crime. I know because I was high up in the trading world that 2008 was collective punishment too with an even larger dose of financial crime. I think there was huge blowback when the people demanded that CONgress not rubber stamp the bailout at first ... and it took the analog of the anthrax to kind push that nasty shit through in spite of the resistance. I think we were within a few  hours in 2008 of having the ATMS shut down resulting in total chaos. 

So this Otrade thing being as sleazy as anything that has ever been forced on the people has to pass or their Jubilee plans for this fall are going to get all out of sync..   God forbid the people will feel empowered.  So EXPECT IT.. WATCH.. TALK TO EACH OTHER..  THIS IS THE END GAME.. As far as I can tell the self appointed masters of the universe are like the wizard of oz. Looks like a god but is really a little old man behind the curtain BLUFFING and once exposed will NEVER be able to pull off the deception again. 

So rock me like a hurricane mother fuckers


It aint fair I tell ya

Holy smokes. Careful guys it is time to start to demand an original birth certificate before a second date.  Poor Joan Rivers she spilled the beans a year too soon. 

 And THEN This?
I am taking bets on if Marge goes transgender.. Just plain gay would not be more than ho hum now. But hey Bart going gay THAT would be another matter. 

EVEN the ISIS boys seem to be on board. SAY CHEESE....

WOW a FIT BIT for your dick or clit. LOL. That is a very small hole in that thang is it the boys version?
No mention of emotional love or anything like that. Guess we have evolved beyond that sort of old school technique. 


All rhitty then

Well Well ... we have a precedent being set.

Nice timing with this "demonetization" ending on September 30th. I wonder what the rate of return in USD was in a savings acct opened 20 years ago with 10,000 zimbucks? NEGATIVE INFINITY?? 


Rattle That lock

David Gilmore is going to tour the states in 2016.  Perfect timing for some new jubilee summer of love action.  I have seen 7 Floyd concerts live over 40 years and just might be able to see an 8th.

The tour actually starts in Europe this fall. TAKE A LOOK AT THE DATES. Wow now that is what you call TIMING.. New jubilee starts 9/13..... Your move POPE.

September 12 Pula, Croatia—Arena Pula
September 14 Verona, Italy—Verona Arena
September 15 Florence, Italy—Teatro Le Mulina
September 17 Orange, France—Theatre Antique
September 19 Oberhausen, Germany—Konig-Pilsener-Arena
September 23-25 London, UK—The Royal Albert Hall


Buelahman is a very funny guy

Hat tip man. 


There are a LOT more
Native Americans than one would think

If Obama can claim to be black (or now Jewish) I can claim to be a Native American. I know my dad's people came to America from Germany in the late 1700s and settled in a majority Indian area deep in the hills of West Virginia. There was a lot of mixing going on because a LOT of those guys were single and were hooked into the idea they would find Pocahontas there. My roots are about where the AND is located on the map right in the center of the state. Keep in mind there was a thriving civilization in the Ohio valley..  the mound builders .. going all the way back to the end of the last ice age 10000 BC. Those in Ohio who survived the catastrophe at the end of the Ice age are the the blood ancestors of the solutreans who came to America from Europe 17,000 years ago during the ice age.

As best I can tell I am 1/16th Native American blood which is actually less than many of the multi generation families of that state.  How bout we claim our birthright and demand we have a reservation set up for the longest lived multi racial American blood lines who frankly are being wiped out in a subtle but insidious way. 


 the WHAT'S in it part

Probably the most sleezy piece of governmental horseshit ever conceived is moving along and very few Americans are noticing. That old saying NOW WE GET TO FIND OUT WHAT IS IN IT applies to this obama(fill in the blank) bad idea after the fact. According to Zero Hedge the driver of this great surprise for Americans is BIG PHARMA. (cough rockerfeller) which if the few squeaks about it from the mice in CONgress are true will  establish governance ABOVE the sovereignty of American citizens . IN ESSENCE is the NWO come to be as World Government with a new form of corporate rule. This will be hidden from view even after implemented and the charade of elections will continue as if nothing happened. Ocare.. Otrade  Oshit.

Big Pharma in charge? Some would say has already happened but it will just be formalized. Rumors of mandatory vaccines. Mandatory psych drugging. UN Gun control  Cashless economy. etc. This is what corpo-fascism looks like. The one ring to rule them all. Wanna see the new flag? Nice little 6 pointed thingy in the middle.. bwaaaa. 

There will be a response from the human spirit that is FOR SURE. I know many of my ideas fall on deaf ears but I can see what is coming will require heroic action from those of  us old enough to know what being a free range human is like. NON LOCAL CONSCIOUSNESS is the only response left. It will be the unintended consequence of the massive pile of bullshit being dumped on spirit. This is not a snap your finger kind of thing just like in 1967 a cycle of 49 years began something outrageously new.  The seeds were planted in a shity situation and grew into a consciousness movement outside of the controllers of the cage. Lets NOT allow it to be hijacked this time after 5 years. 

 I shot an arrow into the air. 
The generation born with Pluto in Sagittarius is the arrow. Aim HIGH. 


Mr Controversy

You can call me Sir.. I guess it was a genetic thing.  I always seem to be an expert at pissing people off with my rather active free range mind. Heck my second grade teacher got so tired of me asking questions that she could not answer that she referred to me for a half year as HOW COME every time I asked a question..  Course nowadays that would probably get her in jail for child abuse. And little Bobby with an overdose of something to quell  my curiously. Hey my mom the librarian read to me from being a tiny baby what did they expect. 

So here is one of my real gems.  You and I are actually the same person. Yup.. In fact there is actually ONE PERSON living out all the lives of everyone on the planet  Everyone you ever meet and EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER LIVED TOO.  Time is not what we think and we reincarnate in parallel with each other..... .HAHAHA we are our own ancestors and we are our own children. Hummm.. What if Bob is on to something here. The implications are... (scratching my head for words).. IRONIC yup that is it. 

How did I come up with THIS?? Not recently. This was a result of that non local consciousness experimentation back in the early 70s and was BEFORE I had gone very far into metaphysics. Ya back THEN when no one was selling anyone a 12 step program to achieve enlightenment for only 59.95.. This notion kinda just lept in my head as if it had a mind of it's own.(sarc). I forget if it was before or after an acid trip but probably DURING and it soaked in later. Ask Steve Jobs about that sort of thing (if you can find him he is still around somewhere).

So right in the beginning I was kinda gifted with something that I spent the next 40 or so years sorting out and ya know what? It is still the most reasonable explanation of all the phenomena I have worked with since back then. I have refined it a bit because I now understand astrology and it seems self evident to me that the solar system is a giant BEING and we are inside of it so we is all the IT that we can ever be. The being inside you and me is who is looking out into the solar system playing mind games with itself most likely due to the boredom factor of the universe being as big as it is. What do you do when you are bored?? DAYDREAM.. Do stars talk to each other I wonder? 

So many things are simple to understand now. Karma for starters. Hey you bash someone and you are doing it to yourself. How simple is justice now? And telepathy? Kinda like DUHH. And lying? hahahaha.. Who do you think you are kidding. Oh and about the ultimate magic being EMPATHY? Could it be otherwise?? 

It is a really fun concept and if nothing else will make it easier to stop fucking with other people anymore. And hey you fundies.. Treating your neighbor as yourself kinda means something now eh? That poor guy Jesus.. it must of been like a comic playing to a tough crowd. 
I am born in VIRGO... NOOOO Not from a Virgin. Bwaaaa. 

 This 4D world was originally an AMUSEMENT PARK. It turned in to HELL when we forgot who we are. I guess you can see why I am a bit keen on what sense8 is dishing out in spite of the bizarre parts it is showing something along these lines. I AM WE. 



Listen to the words.

To keep in silence I resigned
My friends would think I was a nut
Turning water into wine
Open doors would soon be shut
So I went from day to day
Though my life was in a rut
Till I thought of what I'd say
And which connection I should cut
I was feeling part of the scenery
I walked right out of the machinery
My heart going boom, boom, boom
Son, he said, grab your things, I've come to take you home 


Calendars define time.
Calendars define behavior.

Of course the calendar I use is the geocentric tropical astrological calendar. This is the only REAL calendar every other is some selective time measure usually used to manage a population.. Funny the older a civilization is the more exact correlation with the real calendar they used. LOTS of the oldest ancient megalithic sites are monuments to that real calendar. 

It seems that other than real calendars are based on one planet of another not all of them at once.  We have the obvious ones..  solar ..  lunar . and then Venus used by Mayans.  Mars? I don't know and then we have the Chinese calendar based on Jupiter 12 years and then comes SATURN. 
Humm Saturn .. the planet named EL.. Lets just say that Saturn's cycle is 28 years and in a real astrological calendar the hard angle aspects from Saturn to the outer planets is a SEVEN YEAR CYCLE (the shemitta cycle). I do believe the Saturn calendar is the OCCULT calendar. One of the first things I discovered back in 1975 when I did my 20 foot long paper chart of the entire Dow Jones starting from the 1800s is that seven year cycle jumped out right away. Over the next 20 years of research before astroecon it still stood out as the driver of the big picture. Almost all of my work on the long term still is based on Saturn interacting with the outer planets. Works like a charm. Nuff said. 

 Remember Manfred Mann? The mighty Quinn. Check out this song.. Father of time. 

 And his song to Jupiter.. REALLY GOOD MAKES ME HAPPY ;-)


A few old salts left

I have seen a lot of pundits come and go over my career. A few of the older guys I read and learned from over the decades are still around and Karl Denniger is one of them. He seems to be one of those guys that some how avoided being assimilated into the dark side.. hat tip Karl. It is recognized that you are one of the last real men standing. Great read on tings man.

The way of the world is the bankster class getting involved in a sector of the economy and then crash it to smithereens ... then buy it up for chump change.. Then move on to the next "functional" sector.. wash rinse repeat. This late in the game there is not a lot left to pillage. If one were to take a cynical approach it stands to reason that the next victim of the assimilation process is always going to be the fattest cash cow. In our time now that is the huge cash cow we call Heathcare. 

Healthcare is an umbrella for Hospital medicine and big Pharma  but also the insurance and UNIVERSITY education system. This is where I expect the next sector crash to occur. And if my observation is correct that is about the last pillar of whatever you want to call our economy left to be subjected to controlled demolition. 

What would that look like? You wont have to wait long.. THIS FALL there is going to be a HUGE increase in Insurance Premiums. On top of that I see legal maneuvers that indicate the subsidies that almost everyone uses to have an "affordable" premium are going to be ruled illegal.. LOL. I have had some relatives tell me they only pay 5 dollars a month for coverage better than my unsubsidized premium at 800 a month. Good luck with than bud. I am expecting my premium (EXTORTION PAYMENT) to increase by 50% this fall. A sane person would say fuck it and that may be the case for me. If that be the case I will be forced to plan for personal bankrupsy if I ever have to use the healthcare system beyond that point. 

 After being hospitalized twice in the last year I have had an eyeful of this from the inside. Being the cranky activist that I am this last visit was after I had a year of experience under my belt and I took a different approach with the borg worker bees..  I challenged everything they were doing unlike the first time and made them explain in detail what and why they were doing anything. LOL. You should see the faces.. This is UNC med school and several times a day a troupe of doctors (monkey like) come in all wide eyed and study me like I am a perti dish. I usually challenged the chief of the troupe and made them tell me  what they were doing and if I did not like the answer I deferred allowing them to do what useless and expensive test they wanted to do. I had to explain it to them that I was a RARE ACTUAL CUSTOMER that does not get a subsidized plan. EYEBROWS raised every time I said that. 

I am sure they had me labeled with the new terminology to explain  my behavior.. ODD. 
Oppositional Defiance Disorder. YEP ODD.. funny that.. They even tried to slip me a micky after the first day. A nurse comes in and says take this. I say what and she says some drug name and I say what is that and she says after a pause anti depressant.  Mr ODD says who ordered that and she ran out of the room.. I still had my sense of humor so I called her Nurse Ratchet as she left which I figure she was too young to catch the joke. So there you have it. Resist and the first thing they do is drug you up rather than treat you as a customer. 

Funny I had one of the young docs a senior resident come in just before discharge and he took the time to explain what the structure of the UNC system was about and the last thing he says to me was.......................
....  Noted thanks man. 


 Ode to Navidner Sarao

WOW makes me queezy now to see what might have happened if my trading methodology would have been even a bit slightly supported with working capital back in the 2009 - 2012 period. I had combined some real time technical stuff with astrology and a heaping helping of precogness into something that not only could win in the bigs of macro futures trading but had the potential to KICK GOLDMANS ASS. Oh well.  I could only do MY JOB not 3 other people's job too all at the same time.
Poor kid he did not know only the EL-ites are allowed to win.

Because so many of my former friends in trading turned out to be pussies I was never able to get the airship BOB off the ground more than enough to keep getting caught in power  lines and trees.  Up until 2009 I was the coach not the trader.. Consider my functionality as the defensive coordinator up in the booth and not the player on the field. I could see from high up what was what and called the defense for some bigtime gunslingers and THAT is what you had to do.. to be defensive if you wanted to win. Astro is really great at knowing in advance when those shit happens moments were in store.

 So I was forced out of the booth to play down on the line after 2012 going up against sasquatch and well I was too old and was like watching a 60 year old baller on crutches play.  That attempt got me really good at breaking even because running was always better than being run over... but that is about as effective as I got juggling knives 12 hours a day. Over a few years sitting like a statue in front of THIS ( experiencing mind boggling stress I was a mess. Was a pursuit that ended up with me in the EMR last year using up one of my 9 lives.. 

So I am now retired. All I can really do now is raise hell for my own amusement. Anyone want to entice me out of retirement? I thought not. 


SENSEATE review pt 2
Welcome to the post jubilee world

This is a full review of the 12 hour series called SENSE8 now playing on NetFlix as of June 5th. After only THREE DAYS the series has been pirated 500,000 times it is THAT GOOD. Frankly after one full viewing I know I wont get it fully until I see it a dozen times. This is maybe the most heavy duty mind fuck of all time as best I can tell.  THIS IS THE RED PILL. For a person like myself that has been for lack of another term a semi senseate for almost 45 years it was full of things I could say Ya I KNOW what that is like.  The reason I have been that way so long is due to the aftermath of the social engineering of the last jubilee in 1967 when reality was ripped a new one with all that really good acid available like skittles..  As I noted in a post below about the Bob Weir Movie some of us who were serious about it were having experiences with NON LOCAL CONSCIOUSNESS back in the day and it is a fact that quite a few of us NEVER CAME DOWN and became the semi senseates of today. . LOL.. You young newbies out there try to imagine being functional for 45 years as a semi senseate.. People who have known me over that timeframe will roll on the floor laughing on that note. I was not the only one who over a period of time started to DEMONSTRATE this to the people around me. The telepathy.. The clairvoyance.. The magic of mind over matter.. 

There were references in the beginning of sense8 to smoking DMT.. There was discussion of that. No doubt the people who were behind presenting the spiritual concepts in sense8 have had the experience.. There was a LOT of BURNING MAN in what I saw.. The mater of fact presentation of bizarre lifestyles seems to be an extension of burning man. 
The Christian right is going to be huge against this series simply because of how the gay lifestyles of half the characters are presented as so matter of fact.  There is more very explicit gay sex than most people have seen in a lifetime in it. There is also what appears to be necessary violence presented as well but it was always as a necessary evil and was of a defensive type of violence as far as the characters were concerned.  The characters were being tracked down by the darkside and it was only by collective consciousness they were able to survive.. Hummm..  best to pay attention to that part. 

The idea is presented that I is becoming a WE. They used a term  "Cluster" which is the 8 people being connected up on a soul level and their awareness of each other growing over a period of time is OBVIOUSLY what the first season is presenting. I can see this going 10 seasons BTW. 

Try to imagine if you were born after about 1960 or so what it was like for us older ones to be a consciously developing as a semi sensate beings in post 1967. If you were born late you just have no idea. Sorry but you missed the boat in a sense (sarc). We RIGHT NOW are in the cycle point in the very last stages of that 49 year cycle on the timeline that started in 1967.  
Starting Sept 13 the world changes in ways that almost no one is prepared for JUST LIKE 1967. . 

If the martix revealed that we live in a false reality Sense8 is showing a birth of collective reality . How it would look and feel to become an I to a WE. The post 2001 reality is really a SYNTHETIC REALITY not  false one. The movie sense 8 is a 12 hour look at what is beyond a synthetic reality.  What we are going to see as a result of the changes just ahead is the emergence of an EMPATHIC REALITY..  I is WE. 
IMAGINE THE HORROR in the minds of the Christian right when they find out the second coming has happened under their noses and well they got left behind. 
The old book says "I am in my father and my father in me and I IN YOU" . Hey morons what about that statement do you not understand. 

Empathy is the ultimate magic. It is the biggest secret out there. It is so powerful on a magical level that it was something that was purposefully stamped out by the banksters over the last 49 years because empathic MAGIC was the unintended consequence of dosing 10s of millions with acid back in the day. Guess what fuckers at the top.. YOU CAN NO LONGER HIDE FROM US.. The genie-US is out of the bottle now and your thoughts and intentions are no longer fire walled from us. All your trillion dollars of surveillance is USELESS against us. The future is a self organizing collective very much in line with the cluster of the 8 people in the show. Trying to stop us is FUTILE. 

The people born 20 years ago are the next generation of those like me born in 1952 and were 20 years old in the cycle now in completion...  We were born to witness the entire cycle of the magic of empathy in total as adults...  And we become the elder after those 50 years as us old hippies today. 

Twenty years ago in 1995 URANUS was Conjunct Neptune and those very special people born in that sweet spot on the timeline in the mid 1990s are the FIRST full blown senseates of this next cycle of 7x7 years who will become the dominant force of reality in the not too distant future.. Just like us hippies did in it the 1970s. That all starts on September 13th of 2015 and the series SENSE8 is the starting gun of a movement that will dwarf the hippie movement. 

As the moody blues sang in 1967.. Don't you feel small... it happens to us all. 

A few predictions based on the previous cycle that I have lived through.  The cashless economy ahead is going to make it IMPOSSIBLE to have an illegal drug trade as we have known it.  So it is logical to assume the MONEY part will require a lot of legalization of what THEY wish us to use.  Hybrid / GMO cannabis especially.  But there is also that as of now not so easy to acquire DMT going on too and I do not think they want us to go there so there will be a version of it that is close but no cigar and that will be legal too. And then there is the problem of MUSHROOMS. If a person had a few spores they could grow a nice continuous supply for personal use in a closet and I will tell you it so easy anyone can be a mycelium farmer if they want to..  BTW shrooms do NOT show up on their fucking drug tests. Bwaaaa. 

Before the Europeans destroyed it the native Americans here were so advanced that they did not use MONEY.  They did not need to have possessions as we would think of them.  They DID have a form of exchange for trade and it was psychedelic and medicinal plants. tobacco.. Shrooms . Ayahuaska.. and probably some things we do not know about. YET

I can feel it....  I CAN SENSE IT... that there is at least a couple of overly educated 20 something's out there who are biochemists probably trained by the Monsanto education system that are going to find the way for EVERYONE to have easy access to a DMT experience. 
1967 = LSD.. 
2015 = DMT.  This methodology to be effective can only be accomplished without the need of a chemistry set it needs to be as simple as boiling an egg.  Get on it please and use that fancy education for something good.  The future of the human race as a race of SENSEATES depends on it. IT IS TIME !!!!!!!



Faux news reports..

"We're bringing an element of luxury to that adventurous, exploratory vibe of childhood summer camp — in a beautiful setting where visitors can enjoy marijuana in a safe, comfortable, social environment," Joel Schneider, head of the management group opening CannaCamp, said in a statement

I can see shroom city shimmering like a gem in the distance from there. 

 PHAT FUCK at work

Listen here mr PF we all know how you got so fat because you were unable to control your munchies when you were growing up. And really dude do you REALLY think you have any shot at even raising a few thin dimes in fundraising being such an A$$hole? And Yo asshole what part of the word LEGALIZE do you not understand?  


Another ZH gem

Not much needs to be said about this post.  Fact is most people are noseblind in a shit house. 


Vid Reb on a tear


Get this.. The whole jubilee thing to come later this year is lets say OPEN TO INTERPRETATION it seems. 
The bankster class seems to think it is them that deserves a big forgiveness.. I think their logic is that we the people did not stop them so we are to blame for their bad ideas i.e. crimes. 

On the other hand down through history we the people invented ways of dealing with them. A little bit nicer than China today where they recycle the organs and don't even waste a bullet.


Too funny 

Yo Alan.. Something about MENS ROOMS and knees seems to missing in this tale of whoa.. And water is not as slippery as some other fluids are. Your good buddy Epstein should have schooled you about bringing the mini knee pads with you if you are going to be adventurous.


One pissed off German

Yo Uwe .. let me know if you want to play golf with me.. I was a 4 hdc for a good long while but maybe now just a bogie golfer old guy type duffer..  But I play quick and don't bother to look for lost balls. So I am fun to play with. We can trade expletive lased humor till the cows come home. FORE!!!!!


Blows against the empire
6x9 2015


  1970 studio version.
"Have you seen the stars tonight.. Have you seen all the family of stars. 
Have you looked AT ALL. "

The studio whole album.. 
Holy shit this is the best of the bunch in 1970 as far as American musicians were able to do. Recorded a few months after Woodstock.. Notice Venus on the half shell on the cover. She is doing MAGIC. 


When the levy breaks

Well well today is six be nine day. Just picked up on this and well it is a bit telling really considering that something is going on out west that indicates some foreknowledge  (or a false flag).. Some very interesting work here that is hard to discount.

  Back in 1970 a led zep song "When the levy breaks"..

Cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good, 
Now, cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good, 
When the levee breaks, mama, you got to move. 


 Men in high places

Closer to the heart. Written by my astro twin a long time ago. He and I were born about 12 hours from each other in September 1952. His words are my words in a sensate kind of way.. I did not become a rock star but I was quite the listener. I was the first kid on my block to have any understanding of what was being said all the way back in 1970. I was a trip guide back then not by choice but by default. I was the only one in my town it seems who knew what was what back then. 

Ya want to see real mind fuck this is a vid from rush in rio?? .. For twenty two years I labored to hone my craft on my own nickel starting in 1974 before emerging online in 1996.. I raised my family in the Philly burbs and did so doing the darma of working with my hands serving the public and my family's needs fixing appliances.. Take a look at the washing machines on the stage. Hat tip Neil.. I still have no idea why Rush even to this very day ALWAYS has appliances running on stage as props. Kinda proves the sensate reality does it not??

"And the men in high places must be the ones to start to mold a new reality closer to the heart. "... neil peart


Genie (us) is out of the bottle now

OH my this is fun. Fucktards of all stripes be aware... your day is coming SOOON very SOOOOON . You cannot stop what has begun. You and your fake money are about to become IRRELEVANT. That is the most damaging thing that can happen to them that they become IRRELEVANT. This is the NEW WORLD ORDER STOOD ON ITS HEAD. 

Great spirit is at work it would be wise to get out of her way. 

Even the longest night wont last forever


SENSEATE review pt 1
Welcome to the real world

Hoooooly shit. Just have 1/2 of Sense8 watched so far and without a doubt this is one of the more entertaining yet advanced spiritual concept productions I have ever watched.  A LOT of people will watch it and conclude it is the biggest mind fuck in human history too. You think the Matrix was "out there" this is so far beyond that it is just astonishing. 

I would like to note that this series was rolled out on Netflix on one of the more off the scale POSITIVE astrologically power days since about May of 2012. Is it a coincidence that ASTRO is the signature of this rollout? Seems unlikely. Jupiter and Uranus are in a 120 degree trine with Mars transiting the midpoint forming an ultra powerful three planet "force of nature". Anyone with rudimentary astrological understanding will confirm what I am saying. 

The couple of people following along with my adventure here can see I was running ahead of this a few weeks before when I wrote about the NON LOCAL CONSCIOUSNESS that many of us experienced due to massive amounts of LSD that flooded the country in the aftermath of the 1967 summer of love.  Here we stand at the doorstep of another Jubilee year and it seems clear to me this series is part of the birth of the next stages of A HUGE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES to come starting September 13th 2015. The possibility field is being blown out the door because a LOVE BOMB has gone off and the concepts presented are the real deal. By the time September arrives this is going to seed the minds of 10s of millions of people around the globe with a message so strong there has never been anything close to it in human history (that we know of).  Is this the first waves of a tsunami of higher consciousness coming on to the shores of the unconscious mass mind?  I can report that it is not just me who is feeling a huge change because I am seeing reports of others like myself all of a sudden feeling like a veil of really awful energetic goo has been washed away in the last 2 weeks.  I attributed this personally to getting off the 3 meds that had kept on me in a funk like quicksand after my heart incident in may 2014. For about 10 days before my latest visit to the ER I was purging like nothing I have experienced with the exception of the ayahuaska ceremonies I have done in the period from 2005 to 2012. Anyone who knows aya knows that the purging is necessary to remove toxic psychic pollution prior to the journey to the other side of life. I know one thing that since I got back from the hospital I have a hard time remembering when I have felt more spiritually fit as I do now.  Exhilarating is an understatement. I think I know why now. There has been a very concerted effort by the dark ones to KILL many of the best people going on especially since March. Mother AYA has something to say about that. AND IT IS GOING TO BE QUITE A SHOW INDEED. 

From the 1972 floyd song ECHOES. 
"By chance two glances meet and I am you and what I see is me. "


U.S. Money

At least one man knew 103 years ago.

Blackmail the president.. Coerce and deceive CONgress. Ignore common sense.. 
Pass this toxic plan trough CONgress the day before Christmas when no one was around.
READ IT. There is no excuse it was treason then and is treason now.



Ever wonder how our healthcare system came to what it is today.. Most people would not know that it has bee about 100 years in the making.. Over that time medicine has been conscripted to support big pharma and to eliminate anything that can compete with it. Anything "natural" or unprofitable is considered quackery. The cost of bad medicine is probably 10 times what good would be and is probably less than half as effective to boot. I guess it in inevitable the system will go up in smoke in the next phase of the planned demolition of the western world so maybe AFTER THAT we can have actual medicine that works.



If you want to actually know what the F is going on.. can you handle the truth? Not many  do and most of those rare beings were at one time the gunslinger types in macro trading. So we all got fired back in 2007ish.. Yes BEFORE the shit hit the fan in 2008. Why?? If you are going to pull off a caper like that 30 trillion screw job it would be wise to get rid of anyone who had a clue first.. The "lucky ones" (not) got a fat severance to keep their mounts shut.. The unlucky like me got jack shit .. BUT I did not sell my soul for my silence so maybe luck is a relative term. In any case if you want to know go to zero hedge and read read read like it is your holy book.. Comments are priceless too. Here is an example.

The theme of the site is FIGHT CLUB..       INDEED!!


Markets...  or lack thereof

I am in AWE at the stupidity of it all. Trading right now does not even qualify as gambling. 

I get a few former subscribers commenting about what others are predicting and below is a response to such a comment from a pundit once again calling for a top of the bull market.

I am looking for some sort of weak correction pattern maybe 200 S&P points into August. That is not based on astro it is based on how a criminal would set up the dupes before attempting to blow the lid off as part of their little new world order schematic. All nay sayers must be destroyed so the correction should be enough to get the few left who actually have skill in markets going big short.. There is a chance if this succeeds that as the shorts cover on a failure to follow through the rally could become a moon shot in September. 
I get it however that what they have planned might come back and bite them in the process of their mindless manipulation and everything goes down in a cloud of dust. Dollars bonds stocks..  everything down at once and never comes back.. We will see. I also am aware that IF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BALK AT THIS NWO ROLLOUT there will be a massive collective punishment in store.
When we have real price discovery return then I am willing to trade again. As of now any type of pattern recognition is based on false prices and technical analysis is looking at sand castles. 

Astrology still works like a charm but in a very perverse kind of way. Obvious that the top of this pyramid of bullshit has some high level of expertise in astrology.. Without real traders working having been replaced by algos the use of astrology is now used for tweaking EVENTS that ignite the algos like jumping beans. It has been 3 years now I have been saying this to my few trading buddies left and they do not want to see it. Hey guys this song is for YOU
 And not all the king's horses and all the king's men
Have prevented the fall of the unwise

And they think it will make their lives easier
For God knows up till now it's been hard
But the game never ends when your whole world depends
On the turn of a friendly card

"Nothing's good that uses bad.. and the beat goes on and it drives you mad."


Meanwhile back in the jungle

The last shamans apprentice

I have been to Brazil and Columbia and have taken the medicine 10 times. The sound of the Icaros and the rustling tobacco leaves still resonates in my heart of hearts. Doing the journey has become a rite of passage for those who are serious about their spiritual development. There is indeed still hope for this world as long as the shaman are allowing us so called civilized people through heavens gate into the aluna. 

Anyone interested in this matter I recommend watching the movie RENEGADE BLUEBERRY.. A great clip from that movie.. LOLOLOL.. Oh ya. You must confront your own dark side before you can enter your heart of hearts.



"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey, CIA Director, 1981 

Indeed what we see is the culmination of decades of pollution of the mass mindscape. I think it almost complete dont ya think? Funny as shit really that the plan has worked so well that it confounds the very people who thought it was such a great idea to cultivate stupid.

Mc Donalds stands out as an example. They cannot figure out why their sales are collapsing.. Look at their slogan LOVIN IT. In the world we live in now that line is trying to get someone to buy product but the public has been so conditioned that lovin it now means HATING IT in new-speak. HEY YOU MARKETING GENIUSES I AM AVAILABLE FOR A FEW MILLION TO HELP YOU OUT OF YOUR CONUNDRUM.


We need a LIBTARDS anonymous

Someone needs to help these people. For starters they hijacked the term liberal and made it the exact opposite. Today's liberals are NEO-FASCISTS. Ironical indeed that the so called CONservatives are every bit as dumb as turnips. The freak show in the republican party lining up to support WAR everywhere anytime (including on your property).. Watch out  for fido he is considered an enemy of the state if he behaves like.... a DOG. 

Good work here.

Those of us who have our heads still screwed on rightfully see whatever is going on in politics is intended to turn off any thinking person.. They want us to leave the voting to the 20 or million "dreamers" that have flooded the country like locusts. Notice the disconnect when a kid does something perceived as hetro and at the same time we have a Jenner in drag on every newscast being so "brave". 
WHAT IS A 12 YEAR OLD SUPPOSED TO CONCLUDE.. they do think ya know. 

As you can see I have a new burst of energy after my latest near death experience.. Sorry assholes I aint ready to die just yet. And I am not in any mood to be sitting in a rocking chair just being pissed off at this and not speak up. Seems I am in a ramp up mode now that I am not taking those nasty pills that almost killed me anymore.  



I think they just went too far

Even the majority of submissive Germans are going to wake up if this sort of thing continues. For starters when you have to have a law so no one can question a historic event THAT SAYS THE OFFICIAL STORY DOES NOT HOLD UP TO SCRUTINY. Watch the vid that got this 86 year old in trouble and understand she was alive when this VERY  history was being made.  Also watch HELLSTORM vid at the bottom of the post and see maybe the 6 million number is accurate just not the identity of who was killed.

I am quite happy really that these (explicative deleted) are in such a blind hatred tizzy they cannot see this is a emperors clothes moment. 


9/13/2015 = NEW YEARS DAY

Oh my.. The path we took.. the biblical day of days approaches.. 
9/13/2015 is the start of a jubilee year. It is new years day on the Jewish lunar calendar. It is a SOLAR ECLIPSE. It is the culmination of 7x7 cycles of years and marks the beginning of what will be either heaven or hell on earth. As faux news says YOU DECIDE. 

U2 was at one time world heroes.. Live aid in 1985 was the crowning moment for rock having the been largest live worldwide audience of about a billion who were in celebration of a day we could all look back on and say we did it..  we won. Seems like ancient times now eh? Bono (Paul Hewson) seems to have been hijacked after live aid most likely because he was subjected to blackmail. Does not matter what is done is done and no amount of blackmail will take away what was done before that happened. 

This particular song had deeper meaning well beyond what any of us knew at the time in 1985 maybe even the band itself did not know. Many people thought it was about the so called second coming. Turns out it was about that BUT it is surely NOT what the psychopathic religions have been touting. 

WE ARE THE SECOND COMING.. WE ARE THE THIEF IN THE NIGHT. WE ARE LOVE ITSELF. We will NEVER submit to the evil ones. We do not consent to whatever they think they are going to force us into. It does not matter if there are only a dozen left standing on that day. WE WIN!!!



The words!!!!... THE WORDS.. Oh My.. Needs to be played loud.. thunderous. 

"And I don't need to see any more to know I can read your mind."


Like minds

hahahahaha.. I guess I am not the only one seeing clearly. 


On another note.. This link showed up yesterday. Makes it easy to slog through maybe the most important book ever published in the last 150 years. Henry Ford printed up a half million copies in 1920 and gave them away for free. In my view this year is the end of the story and Sept 13th is the day that is talked about a lot in the book over 100 years ago.


Are you ready for an ICE AGE??

That old saying about hell freezing over comes to mind. Humm.. It seems to me that maybe the new ice age might have been a known a while back LIKE IN THE 1970s when cold was the fear theme of the climate change people. I know I was a young man doing construction work in the Philly burbs during the winter of 1976-1977 and let me tell ya it was brutal that winter. Minus 30 F wind chills every morning for TWO MONTHS.. Even the bays in New Jersey were freezing over. VERY RARE. 

Climate cycles are driven by solar and astrological cycles. They are LONG PERIOD and they come on in waves of 15 - 20 years.. We had a warming respite in the 1990s and that was when the global warming hysteria was started by AL GORE who I truly believe knew all along and decided to capitalize on that deviseing a plan to TAX THE SHIT OUT OF US while we were in a warm phase. So then when the cold returned oh about now he would proclaim himself the savior of the planet. LOL.. IF we had not had election fraud in 2000 we would already be 10 years into that taxing for breathing tax scheme. 

When I look at it rather than just listen to hysteria it has been getting colder since 2012.. I can tell you the EXACT DAY that it started.. The day hurricane Sandy made landfall.  To me that storm was obviously enhanced by geo-engineering but is a matter of opinion The timing of it was what really made me take notice. Sandy made landfall at almost the exact minute of a full moon.. the location of landfall was exactly where it would cause the highest storm surge in NYC.. Just so happened that the basement vaults that contained ALL the paper records of trillions of bearer bonds and physical stock certificates were flooded that night. I have heard NOTHING SINCE as to how that not so small problem was dealt with so I guess I am within the bounds of reason to think they were RE-HYPOTHICATED.  That couple of trillion worth of paper that got lost track of maybe was leveraged up at 100 to 1 and even in today's world is a lot of money. Speaking of funny business in Sept 2012 take a look at THIS..

Funny thing also was the stock market tracing out an exact 1929 crash pattern since  the September 2012 new moon and the very day Sandy hit the shore was the day that the actual crash wave in the pattern was due to hit. Had that crash run it's full course we would have romneycare rather than obamacare. The shut down of the market because of the flooding was like the wind was taken out of the market pattern and only a minor lower low occurred a few days later. I suppose a few trillion of  "found money" like what was "found" in the basement vaults was enough to stem the tide (sarc) and the stock market has rallied in historic fashion ever since. 

On a side note I was 500 miles away from landfall but my county in WV was ground zero too. 3rd week of October and FOUR FEET OF WET SNOW FELL IN 18 HOURS.. The power was off for two weeks. Roofs collapsed.. Forests were flattened. I saw it coming 12 hours ahead and got outta dodge and was all the way down in Tennessee when it hit.. LOL.. Being a prognosticator has it's benefits. I got to watch the whole thing on TEE VEE riding it out in a Hotel 8.. I think that was when we hit a tipping point (or the geo engineers broke something) and that was the day the Ice age started. Three years later and it is still getting colder here in NC I think the warm seasons are waaaay late  maybe a month late.. Too late AL the time has past to put yourself up on a pedestal as the savior of the planet. Selling ice cubes to Eskimos is not a good biz model. 

Cold causes population to decline an example is the dark ages.. I read recently that indeed the world population has declined slightly the last few years. Could explain the draught out west too as colder means drier overall. Keep in mind if a new colder climate is upon us it will not be very obvious at first as that sort of change is very long in making itself felt. UNLESS there is a concerted effort to help it along by geo-engineering that is or if there are too many volcanoes popping off at once which is not out of the question. I DO expect a last gasp effort this summer to tax the shit out of us for a nonexistent warming and apparently it is part of the TTP. 



NO Shit... Really this is possibly something literally OFF THE SCALE.. From the maker of THE MATRIX.. This series just might be a meme that can turn the tide as far as peoples understanding of people like myself who were turned on back in the day. If nothing else it will give people an idea what it was like to have such extra senses thrust on us and the visions of the "future" that so many of us had. 

The show, which stars Daryl Hannah and Naveen Andrews among the international cast, follows the lives of eight 'sensates' around the world who experience a violent vision followed by the ability to connect with each other's thoughts, actions and emotions.

Suddenly, these eight strangers must piece together how and why this happened before a mysterious organisation hunts them down and destroys them.

Created and written by the Wachowskis (The Matrix) and J Michael Straczynski (Changeling), Sense8 marks the Wachowskis' first TV series – and is one of Netflix's most ambitious offerings to date.

The entire season of 12 episodes premieres on Netflix worldwide today, June 5.

I am going to have a lot to say about this after I watch it. Kind of strange really that I have been writing so much about such things as NON LOCAL CONSCIOUSNESS recently...  


Found this post today and it is a MUST READ before you start to watch sense8
Seems to me a number of us are putting out tour de force posts.. Big hat tip to Smith. I think many of us get a sense that time is short and we better get what we really really want to say out soon.. I know I do. Just last evening I decided to write the first long piece I have written in 10 years to sort of wrap up my career as a truther. Give me a few weeks on that . 

BTW I love the word SENSEATE.. It is new and is an uncontaminated concept in peoples minds. 


240 billon of counterfeit bonds 
were laundered through an emergency clearing system on 9/12/2001


This and a host of other financial crimes took place. The total cost this CRIME has caused us is beyond measure. 9/11 led to 2008.  We find ourselves at the brink of the next one SEVEN YEARS later in 2015.  The first "emergency day" to honor first responders was declared by Ronald Regan in August of 1987 to be September 11 1987.. 14 years later was 9/11/2001..  September of 2015 is 14 years after 9/11/2001. You do the math. 

Here is a new updated 911 vid that is well done and suitable for any newbie you can get to watch it.



Readers here might wonder why I am still so in love with the good ol rock and roll from back in the day.. My dad was an electrical engineer who got a full scholarship at MIT.. I always had the best because I was able to MAKE what I wanted in the garage.  I also acquired the best speakers ever made called Klipsh corner horns in 1973 that were 5 feet high and 3 feet wide that as one could imagine were kinda loud but would never ever hurt your ears. I got my pair free from Paul Klipsh himself because my dad was working on electronic crossovers for him. When it came to those wild times in the early 1970s I was the guy who had the goods so to speak and almost every weekend there were all nighters going on in the back room of the house with as many as a dozen trippers sitting spellbound in astonishment all night.  LOL.. hat tip the neighbors and my sister who was too young to be part of it. God I cannot tell you how much fun it was. When I pointed out what Bob Weir said in the movie about non local consciousness it was not because I heard about that sort of thing it is because we were DOING IT .... willfully.. and so it is not a theory it was and IS A FACT. 

Keep in mind back then there was no internet.. there was only the music and FM radio. The whole hippie consciousness revolution that still stands today as cutting edge came to us from and through our music. The message ..
 The magic is in the music and music is in me.....   John Sebastian. 

A LOT of us experienced visions of the future.. Some of us still remember those visions as if it was yesterday. Do yourself a favor and listen to the words to this version of the led zep song BATTLE OF EVERMORE.  the song was about NOW.. this very year.. The next jubilee year approaches.. 1967 = 2016. The next SUMMER OF LOVE is at hand starting on September 13th of this year.. 

" oh well the night is long the beads of time pass slow. 
                Our eyes on the sunrise ..  waiting for the eastern glow" 

"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you.. Then they fight you.. THEN YOU WIN."


Moment of clarity

There is a story going around that Alex Jones is actually BILL HICKS.  Or Jones was replaced by Bill Hicks in the 1997 period. On first look at it I was like OMG what the FK will will the masters of propaganda come up with next.. A friend insisted that I take a deeper look and not just brush it off and I have to admit there seems to be something to it.  Considering what has gone on with Duff lately it started to sink in that maybe just MAYBE there was a way earlier top down infiltration of the truth movement that many of us would suspect. The way of the world for the bankster class is controlled opposition and if indeed 911 was something that was planned many years in advance then it makes sense that one of the first parts of the implementation would be to get control of the alt press well in advance of the event. 

Looking at this in a bigger picture way it does seem to me that if indeed Jones is Hicks and a LOT of others in the truth movement then get a very bright spotlight shined on them.. HUMMM..  Maybe the only way to tell what is what if to look at the very few who are not being harassed out of business and you maybe get as creepy a feeling I am getting. Imagine if you will a day when all of a sudden almost all the big names in alt press with the flashy web sites and seemingly endless budgets turn out to be fake truthers?? Heck if that happens maybe it will make our politicians look like beacons of truth and fairness eh?? 

I have had a sense especially since January that the world is a giant exponentially expanding mind fuck now. With jubilee year close at hand and so so so many things appearing to converge in September it would be part of a master script to crash the entire truth movement at one time and clear the deck of any and all opposition right in front of September. 

I think it is very important to take a skeptical view of all things at this point. It is OK TO SAY I DO NOT KNOW TO YOURSELF and maintain ultra high levels of watching things very very closely. If something does not seem right then it is likely it is NOT. 

Persistent illusion
Well worth reading and ties in well with my Estimated prophet post below. It sure is frustrating knowing the solution for such a very long time and then seeing it was almost impossible to implement.  The fact is it is not profitable for the overlords of our economy if people were to wake up. 


Could not have said it better

This guy is one of the very best. Read it while you can


Estimated prophet

WOW what a long strange trip it has been.. I can report having used up one more of my 9 lives in the last week when I had a toxic reaction to some of the meds I had been put on for my cardiovasular issues. I was taken off of all but one and in less than a week I can report actually feeling normal for the first time in a year. Hahaha.. NOW I am pissed. 

In the last few days I watched a new documentary on netflix called THE OTHER ONE which is about Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. In about the first half hour Weir gives detailed account of the experiences that were at the core of the entire hippy movement. He describes having a non local consciousness with a large group of others who had taken acid at the same time. He had a difficult time explaining it in words but said that it was waaaaay beyond just telepathy..  LOLOL.. Yep .. If anyone wanted to find proof enough  that the hippy movement was all about ultra high end spiritual / psychic development that is it. I was not a dead head but was a Floydian which at that time in the early 70s was a huge step above even the Grateful Dead. I am one of the privileged few who was at a Floyd concert with 10s of thousands of people who dropped at the same time at a concert specifically created to enhances the effect and we flew the astral plane together in a very full magic bus.. 
The song ECHOES was specifically timed during the 3 1/2 hour concert to generate the extreme bliss of cosmic consciousness during everyone's peak.. 
By chance two separate glances meet
and I am you and what I see is me.

This Weir Movie is a MUST SEE for everyone. If you are an oldster like myself it is vital for you to sit down with your kids and watch this together. It is possible that a huge misconception about what went on back in the day can be removed because the hippies were demonized from the early 70s on to a point of almost being completely being written out of history books. I doubt that even one in 10,000 people knows anything about what went on back then. 

Wow..  estimated prophet live..

ECHOES 2005.. as perfect a song as has ever been performed in front of 2 million.. OMG


Goodbye blue sky

The write-up on 5/19 is a I'm not fooling around warning.. What started in 2009 as harassment of truthers has gone into full blown annihilation mode. Anyone in resistance mode is seemingly cornered and will be starved out by any means necessary. The greatest vulnerability for many is that almost all truthers use PAY PAL for survival.

I have to face it that I live in an occupied country now and have to act accordingly. It does not matter what a truther's specialty is if you resist the onslaught of bullshit be it fracking or medicine or economic crimes you have become as much an enemy of the state as the French resistance was to the Vichy France government during WW2. 
The best advice I can give is to take heed of some axioms from back then.. 
DO WHAT THE SOLDIERS SAY and of course have you "papers" ready.. 
Be as invisible as possible for a while.. This has to run it's course now.. I think that by end of September we will have a lot of visibility as to where "they" are taking us. Until then I plan on being very quiet and mind my own business. This post is going to stay at the top for a long while. 

Joni Mitchell's haunting version of blue sky is a testament  to the foreknowledge of what is in progress now.. 
Below is a screen grap of a visual projection by a group of artists who were named HIP-GNOSIS at that concert.. Looks like the rubble of the twin towers to me and this was filmed in 1990. 



Although I do not charge for any service or ask for donations now at various points over the last 5 years I did.. This was possible because of pay pal. In fact almost ALL of the alt press uses pay pal to be able to function. Recently pay pal has announced that they are being sold off and have new policy that everyone who uses it has to agree to by July 1st.. I don't know legal language but apparently pay pal is going to have automatic "copyright" over all content that is run through sites that use pay pal system.. HUMMM.. a LOT of the best content is produced and is spread by blogs who at times copy an entire article to be read in its entirety and OFTEN is not really clearly linked back to the original source. I see this as a huge vulnerability for many sites because it looks to me that pay pal is going to begin to take legal action in the near future against that type of blog. 

If that sort of thing happens you and I know it will be selectively enforced but it is the death knell for a lot of sites who will not be able to post enough original content to generate any traffic. For people like myself who mostly produces content myself the threat will be no reposting my content on any high traffic sites which will fall on deaf ears because I am purposeful about having low traffic at astroecon itself. .. Fact is if I agree to pay pal terms of use I am allowing them to control my content which I will have CONsented to.. 

SOOOOO.. I have to ditch pay pal in spite of the fact I don't use it for any revenue at present.. If I don't do that I am concerned that any and all content I have produced even years ago will be technically the property of pay pal. 

Speaking of that the thought occurred to me last night that as we are being forced to live out the bible friendly time line that maybe that number 666 is actually the pass fail line in terms of a persons credit score. Fall below that and you are cut off from the ability to obtain credit.. rent a car.. fly .. or be able to function in any economic sense. Credit scores now are used by employers to judge a potential hire now too. So in the bizzaro world of fulfillment of prophecy we have an obvious move to eliminate cash payments for anything and unfortunately pay pal like cashless systems are intended to replace it.  I think it is only a matter of time before either apple or facebook buys out the spun off pay pay and it is blended into ONE massive electronic money system where every penny spent is going to be noted and taxed for carbon footprint. 


Rubios handler

An inquiring mind has to wonder just how it was possible that a presidential candidate would use NEW AMERICAN CENTURY as a campaign slogan. Was is just dumb? Or it was a sick message to those of who know what PNAC was all about? Hard to say at first glance but then I saw who Rubios handler is and all I can say is NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

Turns out Rubio has been CULTIVATED for quite a while (OWNED) by a guy named Norman Braman. He was the owner of the Philadelpia Eagles from 1985 - 1994. As readers here know I am a huge eagles fan my whole life. I think we are the only ones who actually know about Braman because we had to deal with his nauseous personality for 9 years. Buddy Ryan who was the most entertaining football coach in eagles history referred to him as THE GUY FROM FRANCE.. Braman was a classic cheapskate and went so far as to charge the players for the socks they wore while on the job. Braman was so cheap that he refused to pay market price for the greatest eagles player ever Reggie White who left Philly in his prime for Green Bay and eventually went into the hall of fame. Braman is without a doubt the most hated man in Philly sports history. FOR GOOD REASON. Many of us are still pissed about him 20 years later. 

Soo we have Rubio cultivated by Braman for at least a decade and he went so far as to pay him and his wife a lot of money out of his pocket? The cheapest man on earth would do such a thing? Rolling on floor laughing. If there is a deeper message it is that the Jewish oligarchs that run the USAINO (usa in name only) take our elections the same way as owners of football teams do with their teams.  We have the old guard Soros and Adelson etc and now new guy Braman acting out as team owners competing with each other and ultimately sharing league revenues so winners and losers earn much the same. The NFL is a monopoly and is run similarly to a soviet style collective. 

So what we have is a GAME to them. Political football. Wonder why elections are such a joke THIS IS WHY. The Rubio slogan New American Century takes on a different meaning when you understand the game. 


Religions ARE the problem
I have been saying this for decades.. BeLIEfs are behind every human failing. Having faith which is a hopeful expectation is not the same thing as harboring a belief. It seems 80% of the population is infected and thus very prone to manipulation.. 
"You don't need religion to have morals
 If you cannot determine right from wrong then you lack EMPATHY not religion."
It seems the commonality in western religion comes from THE CULT OF EL
An EL-itie is a worshiper of EL.  EL = L phonetically.. So an EL-ite can be seen as worshiping the LITE.  The stories of Lucifer the LITE bringer now has a different meaning. 
PERHAPS there is a LITE but it has nothing to do with LIGHT. 


Philly again??? 

Never thought I would be posting something about philly two days in a row..  A DC to NYC train had a wreck last night in philly just hours after the dems in CONgress rejected the fast track authority for TPP 
LOL FAST TRACK EH?? Also funny in a way I saw a movie called Unbreakable a week ago about a train wreck in philly.. I will have to watch it again to check for any predictive programming element. 
..   And... drum roll..... also the day after NBC outed dear leader about the usama affair.. Coincidence is NBC is owned by Comcast which is from philly.. ya ya it is all a coincidence.. 

I used to get paid well for my dot connecting talent but now I just do it for fun. In a follow up to the below post I saw that the pope is going to be part of a HUGE rollout of a UN plan for "sustainability" (cough agenda 21) for his blood moon trip too. If TPP passes then it will be a piece of cake to force the USSA to comply with international demands in late September. Seems there are a lot of moving parts all focusing in on September which have to be meshing before whatever it is the oligarchs have planned. 

Cue up the Doors song STRANGE DAYS from 1967 while you ponder the bizaro world around you.


Two Broken Arrows

 I remember a 90s movie called Broken Arrow... 
I suggest taking a look at this.  Travolta has been in some heavy duty propaganda  movies.. 

I also remember last year a whistle blower type warning of a nuke false flag and located it somewhere in Pennsylvania. The pope will be in philly for the last blood moon at end of September. hummm.. I guess I should let the reader decide the relevance of that. 

I grew up in philly and am familiar with ONE LIBERTY PLACE as a twin towers looking place not far from Independence Hall.  In 2002 I had a VERY unusual prophetic type dream where I saw one liberty place as a 911 sort of event.. This was not a normal dream it was full color  slow motion and was first person as a witness to an event would see it.  This stands out as one of the 5 dreams of that type I have experienced in my lifetime. I don't believe in fate but I do see that certain events are made to look like that. 


Mount bullshit erupts

Looks like we have seen the starting gun for the synthetic Armageddon production starting up on cue on 5/11. The land war has begun. I guess the military uses the word THEATRE describing a battle for a reason.  Did you notice that the price of oil has done a big retrace almost from the day the Saudis started to bomb the scary Houthis ?..  I DID.  Nothing like a war premium to help out the oil producers.  
LOL.. Houthis is WHO THIS?.. even funnier than AL-CIA-DUH.. More scary sounding than boko haram?  Hat tip to central casting. 

Mr. Sand Man

As a long term truther I and most of my kind have spent a lot of energy provoking people to WAKE UP. What is that term WAKE UP supposed to mean? And why is it that waking up is not very appealing to so many at present? 

The term WAKE UP has now been hijacked.. The STEERING of newbies in a particular direction was part of a cass stunstien czaristic gov program started in 2009 to debunk conspiracy theories. Steering in a wrong direction is the tool of choice. This is very much like the Christie bridgegate scene where a TRAFFIC JAM caused by lane closures has been created every hour of the day. 

The term wake up now is being defined in such a way that it is a threat to ones sanity and will make a newbie think he is going crazy. It seems that waking up has now been as par with a willingness to go batshit and THAT is the reason there is so much resistance to even the obvious truths like who did 911 or how the fed money magik works. 

I think it is time to replace the term WAKE Up with something else that cannot be hijacked.. 
My proposals is this term.. very hard to hijack this one.
70 million people are involved with this false religion.  The hysteria is now running rampant with the last blood moon in September having them beLIEving that Jesus is coming back in September.. What bothers me the most is the beLIEvers are very willing to help things along to make history conform to their prophecy ideas. 

Almost all the so called new age high traffic sites are now SELLING an alien agenda storyline variations of which require a suspension of sanity that even makes Christian Zionism seem sane. 

It is clear to me that we live an a giant mindfuck now and I do not blame sensible people running away from what little truth is still left that is not buried a mile deep in bullshit. 



Those of us who are older and have held on to the idea of regaining liberty lost after 911 are sort of a defeated army at this point. We should consider ourselves a modern day version of the French resistance but without any allies to back us up. Even Vlad who was reported to be about to reveal what really happened on 911 with proof a few months ago has left us twisting in the breeze. 

The USA and most of the so called western anglo counties are now occupied territory VERY SIMILAR to Vichy France in 1940. We could call it government without representation.  The nazis kinda just marched into France almost unopposed and there was very little the populace could do about it which is what happened on 911. Once occupied there was a semblance of normalcy while other matters of empire took precedence. France had what looked like a French government but was just a group of enablers for the Germans.  

911 was the tipping point. This was the final battle of a war 99% of Americans had no idea was already several decades in progress. The patriot act was the surrender. From that date we had a stealth continuity of government structure with everyone in an elected office PLAY ACTING for "national security" reasons. One could consider all of them to be CRISIS ACTORS. 

I watched a horrifying movie called Hellstorm a few days ago which went into great detail describing what happened when occupied nazi territory was taken back. Those who were deemed collaborators but were actually just powerless and easy to blame were treated in a WORSE way than the prisoners in the concentration camps. I did not know it but the post war death toll was higher for a few years after VE day than during the war. 

So we Americans should be considering the inevitable outcome of the ponzi-nomic bankster empire as the same track as being occupied by Nazi Germany in WW2. When the rest of the world has had enough I fully expect the US to be treated that same way as occupied Europe was after the war. The most likely to be treated poorly are of European decent because there have been many decades of perception that they have abused the rest of the world. The revenge factor will make post ww1 war reparations look like a slap on the wrist. The allies were determined to destroy anything even to the point dismantling industry and shipping the factories back to the USSR. 


Another one bites the dust

originally posted here on 1/3/2015 and was left on the top of the site for several months. 
"I have had enough.. The peace movement that morphed into the truth movement has officially died over the past few weeks.  Way too many traitors have come out of the woodwork lately to conclude otherwise.  I think the tipping point for me when I read a few days ago that Gordon Duff is strongly endorsing Hillary.  There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that duff is either a deep psyops artist or has been blackmailed the whole time. BWAAAA!!!!"

Well Well.  As usual I end up being way ahead of most. I was so fed up last January I was beside myself. I only returned to posting here when I saw a heck of a battle in progress before natanyahoo was due to humiliate the American people in March.  I see now that after all the stink raised and such a flood of facts presented.. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. I have to consider the March to April push by the few real truthers left was a last gasp..  There are virtually no sites on the web left now that are 100% clean.. This is as a result of the Cass Sunstien organized effort to as he says "DISRUPT" truther sites going back to 2009. 
The process goes like this.
Identify an outlet that is reaching people particularly a site that constantly identifies the criminals and their deeds.
Attempt to ally with them to "own" the content using some form of CONtract.
If that fails make it impossible to earn a living from the content using virus or hacking or trolls
If that fails then health issues either in the person running the site or family which usually generates huge debts
If the above is ineffective then NDAA kicks in then you get on the die soon list

The process above is NOT THEORETICAL it is learned by my personal experience with exception of the last phase.  (I hope).. I assume that my low traffic and my less blunt expression recently at least has made me a less interesting target to FK with.  

This is a lesson for everyone. DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK and think your own thoughts. If someone goes rouge like Duff did in the last few weeks and by endorsing Hillary back last January it is a very serious matter that should destroy his credibility FOREVER... With 10s of billions available to pay or bribe or blackmail anyone getting web traffic you can figure that MANY people in the truther movement are compromised.   DIVIDE and CONQUER...  Those who refuse to "conform" are likely to have freak accidents like Jeff Rense did last week. 

Quite a cat fight here. This is what a web site implosion looks like.

Jim Fetzer gives some details about his experience


Stinks to high heaven

Another Monday morning and another click bait event that distracts from REAL reality. Stock market up from overnight lows.. GO FIGURE.. Boogie man Monday works every time it seems.

Take note of a few things.. This was an event that was planned to inflame Muslims. It was organized by the same woman Pamela Gellar who is at the center of the inflammatory bus commercials in NYC. 

ALSO note that the SITE "intelligence" group run by Rita Katz is involved in shaping public opinion about this event Sunday night.. 

Are Americans THIS STUPID not to see right through this shit? Please don't answer I am not amused at the logical answer. 



Wow this is worth watching.. Jeff Berwick interviews Zen Gardner.. I am leaving this up top for a while. This is cutting edge thinking.  Putting a finance and real spiritual consciousness team together working as ONE is what I have aspired to execute a while now.. It looks like it maybe others are starting to get it.


You didn't build that

This post is inspired by the story of the farmer in Maryland who did not make deposits in the exact way the fed thinks he should. He lost 100K and the feds refuse to give it back.. God forbid anyone would succeed in any biz selling anything for cash beyond a convenience store to the public. 

God forbid you some how succeed in trading and are not part of the "club".. LOL the feds know how hard it is now and so if one succeeds in spite of the manipulation it must have been because of something illegal right? 

As I see it the country now worships mediocrity and god forbid if you rise above that and are NOT ON THE APPROVED LIST of special people then as dear leaders says YOU DID NOT BUILD THAT.. So in the minds of the oligarch minions your success belongs to them.  And your going to be subject to "problems" if you some how shine above the politically correct crowd. It is obvious if you are making a leap past the crowd you HAVE TO BE STOPPED. 

So what are we doing to future generations. I am shocked at this kid being so insightful at 9 years old.. Must have been home schooled. Hat tip the kids parents. 
I wonder if the kid is the next Steve Jobs or is he going to morphed by the collectivists into the next Bevis or Butthead.. 


"Rules" of manifesting

Over the past few months I have done a study on a new (or very old) astrological system which as of now is called HUMAN DESIGN.. This system was downloaded in 1987 by a guy who apparently did not know a lot of astrology prior and seemed to me on the surface  5 years ago was some sort of cult.  I stand corrected it is eloquent and useful and in my opin is sort of like being able to read the astrological DNA of an individual. The clincher for me was getting a reading from the one of the best HD analysts in the world and he blew my mind on the detail he went into.. LOL.. I am not used to anyone making that kind of impression on me. His name is Randy Richmond if you are interested. 

 So I find out I am what is called a MANIFESTOR TYPE. A very specific type of person and quite rare as they are only 8% of the population.  A manifestor is hard wired to act without needing to respond to anyone.. They can run into problems in the type of society we are in unless they INFORM those around them about what they are doing (not as in asking permission) as a way to avoid resistance from others. Yes indeed I get it and I wish I had this understanding when I was growing up. This is a speak up before acting concept.. Yep I see now that my tendency to keep a plan in my head waiting until it felt right and then unleash it in a whirlwind of activity could have been smoother if I spoke up first about what I was intent on doing. I would have had a lot less resistance if I understood this concept early in my life. 

The main topic of this post is all about PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING which is essentially announcing what is going to happen in advance.  It comes down to possibility field management and is basically a way to open the possibilities up in the "future" by letting it known that something is MORE probable or IS possible. Those of us in the truther movement are sometimes driven nuts by seeing a specific scenario play out that had been in a movie or a book many years ahead. It is apparent to me that this is a METHODOLOGY that has been used a very long time and could be the most important way that the so called illuminati have operated.. Creating reality of the road has rules it seems. 

I have been doing some examination of this in regard to holly wood and a light went on.. 
Predictive programming is the "magic" that makes the possibility field more compliant  so there is less resistance.  A magic wand is traditionally made out of the wood of a HOLLY TREE. 

I have amused myself by re watching a lot of star trek with new eyes this past year.. I see a LOT of things that have been promoted recently as facts about alien races and galactic history and such in the show.. It is almost like the new age story tellers took many things right out of the star trek script and are promoting them as real. So.. is it predictive programming paving the way for disclosure or just garden variety smoke and mirrors to distract from massive crimes??  I don't know not yet. I suspect that we will get clarity during the next jubilee year ahead. 


Bad boy Virgo club

Yep we are quite entertaining really.. An outgrowth of having been a Leo the life before this one and determined to NOT GO THERE this time around. So if you wonder why I act the way you do I was kinda a life long member born in the class of 52 going and back to age 18 .. or maybe 12 .. I forget..  I found my calling as a breaker of traditional expectations of others.. I resented all the things that a fastidious or anal retentive.. or just plain boring as shit Virgo guy was supposed to be like according to those sun sign books.. I guess some of us don't like being a stereotype and we have a contrary streak. 
Example of one..  JOHN MCAFEE .. Gotta love the sarc/intellectual humor.. I think it is clear that he is not willing to suffer boredom for very long.

LOL.. We do enjoy our various experiences.

And this one.. OH WOW he is schooling the mind of a teenager in this one.

Add McAfee to the standout A list.. Joe Rogan.. Charley Sheen.. Ingo Swann.. Roger Waters... OH and that guy Jesus was one too.. yep.. September 13th 3 BC 7 PM local. (it is right in the bible)   Imagine the kick ass jubilee party this year on Jesus birthday? Holy shmitta ..  I cant wait. 


Interesting day

Today the fed is going to 'inform" us as to their plans.. LOL.. Thier plan is to screw the 99% as usual.. "Fears" of interest rate hikes are the carrot and stick used to maneuver the tax donkeys.. In my read of things I can see a rate hike maybe for the September jubilee BUT with the reason that the USD is needing to be defended.  Any initial rate hike would be symbolic so public perception is that the fed is actually attempting to do something. Too late to stop the eventual destruction of the value of the fiat script and perfect for forcing enough people to start preemptive buying of harder assets like in the late 1970s. In my playbook a rate hike is the starting gun for eventual hyperinflation to begin which I figure is part of the jubilee thing. 

Reading today about the problems of apple watch and tattoos.. Apparently a tat interferes with the heart monitor feature which is some how required to be functional for apple pay to work. Last year I wrote a piece about HEART MATH and hacking the human heart.. Heart Math teamed up with AOL and Huffington to produce an app that would give people feedback about the "coherence" of the EMF signals produced by the human heart. I wonder if apple has that sort of thing hidden somewhere in the IOS of the watch. That would be perfect for real time monitoring of public sentiment would it not? 

he sees you when your sleeping
he sees you when your awake
he sees to when you bad or good
so be good for heavens sake

I also saw that pay pal is changing it's terms of use soon and will be forcing people to agree that web content on a site that uses pay pal will be copyrighted to pay pal. SOOOO.. Correct me if I am wrong but that means that a paid site OR a site run my donations will have all original content under some form of control by pay pal..  I DON'T USE PP at present BUT.. An article I am commenting about here which is quoted like many of us do would be OWNED by pay pal who could then demand its removal or like getty images has done could produce a legal issue well after the fact. So much for any truther site being able to deal with THAT going forward. It must drive the banksters crazy that truthers can scrape by from PP donations. Such is life when a farmer cannot even own a tractor but just is obtaining a license to pay for it and use it due to software copyright that is still owned by the manufacturer.  GM on the same track too. 


The borg queen

Modern day MEDUSA

With 18 months to go it seems like Hillary is going to go uncontested and with 51 million new "citizens" crossing the border since 2008 thinking they are required to vote for their lives it does look like a fait de comply already.  
51 million ... plus all the feminazis voting only on gender = resistance is futile. 

I figure the oligarchs in charge are extremely amused but they have to keep up the dynamic tension and make it look like a clean fight so the huge amount of bribes being paid out to both parties is funneled right back into the system of mind bending propaganda on MSM. Probably 10 billion in campaign ads which has to flow back to source because without that revenue the networks would go bankrupt. 

I fully expect that the enemy of commercial TV netflix is going to run into some sort of hacking problem or have a tax levied to keep the public from escaping from the collective. 


Lynch mob

It was so coincidental that almost hours after AG Lynch was confirmed that an incident in Maryland sparked a potential major race riot.. Do you find it funny that the new AG has a name that is a hot word for blacks? I don't. American spring? A catalyst for federalizing police? 

All the talk about jade helm seems like a look over here don't look there play. The helm of a ship is where the controls of direction are located and the helm is always pointing in the direction of movement. Jade is GREEN.. you can figure it out. GREEN DIRECTION? 

I have noted a while back that we are in an astrological aspect period when saturn and Uranus are at a 135 degree sesquisquare which is a minor aspect of the same type that was present in the 2008 - 2009 period.. the one just ahead  is the SECOND of three with the first one exact last thanksgiving. That one started the deflation spiral that is still very much in effect. I have pointed out that now is another episode in an astrological cluster fk that will not be completely over until this fall. Saturn and Pluto in semi square as part of the overall pattern.. SYSTEMIC BREAKDOWN and BRUTAL CLAMPDOWN defines that in the fewest words possible. Keep one thing in mind that on 11/25/2014 the S&P was about 2075 and since that time there has been almost no gain. Treading water.. And against the backdrop of a big rally in the USD since which tells us something is very very wrong because both stock and bond prices do not go up at the same time in any type of normal market. With no yeild in bonds I guess there is no place to hide except in stocks. So either stocks are wrong or bonds are wrong OR BOTH.. My view is that once the deflation goes full bloom again that the jubilee coming up in September will precipitate an up crash in stocks.. I doubt the central planners are going to allow that until after the stops to the downside have been run out below S&P 1950.. Maybe even a one day tail below 1800 which would really do the job. August expiration on 8/21 looks interesting.. 

On another note.. Is Obama on a strict diet of Michele school lunches? The guy looks like he is well under 150 pounds now.. Is he chain smoking again? He reminds me of a guy I knew back in the early 1980s who was gay and was dying of aids.. he went from 225 pounds to 120 in a matter of a year.. 


Back to the "future"

More comments about the kid from London who beat the HFT algos and supposedly caused the 2010 mini crash event. Here is a test to see if you "have the right stuff" too. You have heard of fast twitch in athletics well it takes that to beat the squid on any given day. Got to love the comments on this one.

Word out a year or so ago was the squid was seeking to hire autistic people to trade for them.. Now you know why.. Only a person so fixated in the moment at hand without emotional limitations can hope to out perform. 

One thing to note however is the HFT scheme is only able to get nanoseconds closer to the present using even the most sophisticated technology..  They are up against latency in the equipment and the fiber connection and then the reaction time in the brain of the algo cowboy.   The kid Sarao was able to get close enough to the present to be able to get out in front of SOME of the algos and THAT was why he was singled out. 

In 2008 and 2009 I already understood what was required to win in a HFT environment.. Rather than spend my time trying to get close to the present I worked on a scheme to get OUT IN FRONT of the present.. My goal was to get 5 seconds ahead on the timeline using precog skills. FIVE SECONDS is an ETERNITY in this game. FIVE SECONDS will win every time. As you can see I did not have a lack of ambition.. Maybe I was lucky I could not pull that off for more than a few days at a time at a high level before running into my own personal latency which is commonly known as exhaustion. It took a few years of practice practice practice to even get to that skill level but was still just microns above break even in truth.  When exhausted my timing limitation was 5 sec late rather than 5 sec early and was a lot like Sisyphus. As fate would have it my not being a kid was fortuitous because had I been younger I may have been so good as to end up in jail for being able to do something that "science" says is impossible. 

Remember the guy who won so many times in a row that he was arrested.. He said he was a time traveler from the future.. .. Maybe only 5 seconds from the future? He took 800 squid bucks up to 350 million in TWO WEEKS.. 

Could have been me
Whereabouts unknown but assumed to still reside in Rhambos warehouse.

"It was just too tempting to resist," Carlssin allegedly said in his videotaped confession. "I had planned to make it look natural, you know, lose a little here and there so it doesn't look too perfect. But I just got caught in the moment."

Oh well was simply not possible for an over the hill person in his late 50s to keep that level of hyper stress up without a tag team effort and is now all MOOT..  A trip to the not  so affordable ICU a year ago swallowed my trading acct like a black hole. Looking to a find a nice beach where I can watch the tide go in and out which is about my speed now. So much for heroics. 

MAYBE.. I will see a return to a natural market that has actual price discovery and is based on pricing data using OPEN OUTCRY again. If that were to happen the 30 plus years of work on the bigger picture astrological pattern recognition etc will mean something again. 


Exploding myths

Hancock is one of my heroes.. Him and a couple of guys back in the 1990s PROVED that the version of history that supports all sorts of religious nonsense is FALSE. The biggest culprit in archeological fraud is Mr HawASS who has done more than almost anyone to delay deceive and destroy the truth about the nature of the pyramids and WHAT WHEN AND WHY about them. Apparently what set off HawASS rage was the mention of Robert Bauval who is the one person who connected the Giza sites in the 1990s with PRECISE astrological dating of an extremely sophisticated civilization which goes back to 10,000 BC 

It would appear that HawASS is working for someone.. A curious person would look at who would benefit from the now OBVIOUS scientific fraud.. Humm.. Who benefits the most keeping the biblical story line as advertised?   The same ones that allow destruction of numerous ancient sites in the middle east almost immediately after any military action.. Keep in mind the ENTIRE structure of Jewish Christian and Muslim theology is based on a time line that was proven wrong 20 years ago. 

If the mainstream Judeo-Christian story line is proven FALSE?? (and it already has) 
Then the so called chosen people myths are not what they seem. 
Apparently it was the HYSKOS who invaded Egypt and enslaved the Egyptians for a few hundred years rather than the other way around. Also clear is a similar pattern took place as today with an infiltration at the beginning (trade) and a full takeover over time and was not a  typical military takeover. In the end the Hyskos were expelled after much misery for Egyptians and that is a consistent pattern ever since too. After Hyskos rule it took a long time for Egyptian recovery and very possible the previous spiritual technology that was prevalent for 1000s of years maybe even back to 10,000 BC was stolen or destroyed..  

Are we still dealing with the results of the Hyskos misadventures 3000 years later? Do a little poking around on the net and you will see. There has been a systematic destruction of evidence over a long time but there is enough evidence left to be able to put the true story together. Mr HawASS is apparently terrified of this and other myth busting physical evidence. 

Google it.. The truth is there on youtube.  
Magical Egypt
Pyramid code.