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Est. January 5th 1996


Trump now owned by NWO

btw this site is OPINION
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World's policeman

The United States under Donald Trump now resembles a disabled policeman who was forced to retire on disability after being injured, not in the line of duty, but by engaging in self-destructive piques of bravado. The United States has abandoned internationalism as witnessed by Washington’s withdrawal from the free trade Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Paris climate agreement. The United Kingdom’s decision to depart the European Union in the Brexit referendum has put the final nail in the coffin of Britain’s status as a minor «superpower».

In January of 1996 I created this site to detail a long term astrological cycle involving midpoints between Saturn Uranus and Pluto of 68 to 70 years.. The cycle is about rotation of dominance shifting from east to west in a total supercycle length of about 210 years. My read at the time of writing the first post here in 1996 was that the USA peaks out in 1996 and would be replaced by China dominance about mid cycle (now) leading to China peaking out in 2060s. People thought I was crazy at the time... not now. 

At the time of the posting I suggested that if the USA just stood down gently from the 1996 peak and not fight the cycle we would become the spiritual capital of the world about now going forward..  instead the neocon plague used every trick in the book to continue the illusion of dominance which has lead us to this point on the timeline when a very ungraceful exit from dominance is taking place.  At the time I suggested that if the usa did not stand down gracefully the entire world would turn on the USA about now and would eventually have to be rescued by China. 

The way things stand at present we are in the last hurrah stage sort of like the orchestra playing as the titanic sunk. The next few weeks a Jupiter Pluto square at end of July is likely to create a political snafu ... leading to a speculative blowoff of some sort in September.. And that will be the last hurrah before the decent into economic irrelevance is realized associated with the Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020. 

It was the greatest show on earth
and then it was over.

The lyrics!!!


The left are eating themselves

Article about Joe Rogan who I believe is a way shower for the 40 something's
Joe has one of the best podcasts and was the narrator for the movie DMT spirit molecule. He sets a high standard for being actually cool and this is especially important for men to see a guy who is an alpha doing the right things. 

Full JRE 970

I am starting to see the events at evergreen as an attempt to recreate Kent state. Wondering what is going to happen when summer break is over. 


Gartman does astro

Hysterical. The worlds greatest fade now thinks he has divined some "insight" about the solstice?..

One day.. we don't know when.. this guy will be right and screw up the huge following fading him.  His bearish call today I figure will get numerous squirrel like traders on the wrong side just in time for the final rally in aug - sept and then Gartman capitulates to bullish which will be the moment all bears have been waiting for. 


Boomers on strike

The only age group of the population that actually has savings is slipping beyond it's spending phase. Boomers borrow less for cars now and are downsizing from mcmansions. The engine of the economy has run out of gas. The genxers have been buried behind boomers from the start like dragging an anchor. Many are more like millennials working in kids jobs like bartending and quickie marts.  Who is going to replace the boomers in economic leadership?

The Pluto in Scorpio generation is just coming of age (born 83-93). Especially the older ones born in mid 1980s are primed and ready to eat the genxers lunch. I also believe they were the demographic that pushed trump over the top and MUST BE RECKONED WITH. Many of that group declined being college loan slaves and are in the household building phase now. 

I can tell you that group is NOT HAPPY with Trump at this point. Bringing in a bunch of retread HWB "old tires" like Sessions is NOT what they voted for. With Jupiter squared to Pluto ramping up for the last of the three squares at the end of July it would be wise for trump to pay attention to THAT SPECIFIC DEMOGRAPHIC if he has any plans to make America great any time during their lives. The genxers are largely responsible for state sponsored technocracy and is a boot on the neck of any thoughts of success for 20 something's. The snowflake generation born after mid 1990s is NOT going to succeed or drive the economy anywhere but DOWN living in moms basement. Frankly that group should be sent to reeducation camps. 

Jupiter Pluto square was the dominant energy last fall when trump won. NO ONE HAS BEEN ARRESTED YET. If the next month or two continues without consequences for TREASON then Trump is going down as a sham and a nasty very nasty situation is ahead with totalitarian stateism in a massively complicated deflationary down spiral climaxing in 2020 when Saturn and Pluto are conjunct.  Warning.. The previous Pluto in Scorpio generation was born in the early 1700s and THEY were the ones who were soldiers in the 1776 revolution. DON'T TREAD ON THEM. They don't get mad they get even. 


all your jobs belong to us


Amazon is eating into the woodwork of every source of revenue and is eliminating profitability from stem to stern.. I figure farmers are going to have an impossible task after amazon is done with them. 

One thing that is not said much about is the potential for peddling counterfeit products by amazon is growing exponentially. My recent experience is I bought a $500 vid projector and I swear it is not from the manufacturer but is a cheap knock off of the actual projector I bought. I cant prove it .. the new one has a mysterious absence of a function called skew and without it the projector has to to be mounted exactly in the center of the screen.. missing that function tells me a LOT about the quality. I bought one in 2005 which had that function so wtf on that. 

What happens when this is being pulled off in FOOD. Fake food .. not what is on the label. GREAT now we can use counterfeit money for counterfeit products. 

I also note a German chain is entering the food biz in the USA which is reportedly going to be selling food at 50% below current prices. If we starve the farmers then what. 


Pic of the day

Crypto between excitement and thrill
Gold just rising beyond hope. 
Equity at anxiety stage
Bonds dropping below denial
Commodity lagging gold still at depression state


Thors hammer

A few weeks ago I posted a thought about 2020 foresight. I see I am not the only one who sees it coming. Moving an asteroid into a specific orbit is not so far fetched as it was even a year ago.

Uranus is in the god of war's zodiac sign ARIES. Innovation in killing. NOTE that 0bama was talking about "kinetic" weapons years ago. I think we have already seen them used as the massive explosion in China 2015 might have been Thors hammer.

And this one in Waco Tx just a few days after the University of Texas said they wanted their physical gold back in 2013. Not heard a word about the gold since the explosion  that was heard 50 miles away on campus.

It might be necessary at this early testing phase that the targets had to be lit up first with fire to insure accuracy of the infrared sensors. 

The unmanned X-37B (B stands for bomber) has a potential for being a platform for Thors hammer.

These weapons are NON radioactive and thus provide a huge plausible deniability to the user. "Just an unfortunate meteorite impact bad luck it hit something important to you." 


Modern day Arlen Spector

Spector was the guy who invented a magic bullet that allowed the perps in the JFK assassination to get away with it.  Spector hung over the truth like the grim reaper for decades after that. 

Mueller is OBVIOUSLY a guy put in position AHEAD OF THE EVENT ON 911 to make sure the perps went unpunished. Scum is too nice a word to describe him. Having him the mix now as inquisitor is telling me they have brought out the big guns. 

Trump is a total newbie about all of this. His buddies fat boy Cristie and cross dressing Gulilani are sure as heck not going to tell Trump the truth. Bannon might and maybe is the reason the libs are so scared of him. I also think Bannon is a lightweight too but that is for another day to discuss. Trumps "handler" Kushner has been VERY VERY quiet and that  tells me to watch for another "event" in progress now. 911 was planned way before bush (shrub) got in power and I figure he was not privey to much of anything before the event. He was framed and blackmailed because that is how things work in DC. 


The lib who could not shoot straight

Guy looked like Mike Ditka brother or something. 

Rand Paul was there.. Not that he is his father but even so would have been hard to take.
Guy comes out dead so no tales can be told. Do snowflakes bleed?
Was this guy part of the crisis actors guild? Inquiring minds might want to know
BTW we just sold 15 bill of f15s to Qatar yesterday. Didn't see that? go figure. 
Lets hope the doctors are not the same ones who treated Seth Rich. 

Might propaganda control be more effective than gun control? Might want to revisit the law passed during 0bama making propaganda legal. 


BIG PHARMA vs everyone else

watch this.. Kelly Brogan on Joe Rogan

This is where younger people can agree on something. I don't think anyone likes being poisoned but younger people especially so. Kelly is healing people who have been poisoned by big pharma and proving it out all scientific like. 

Kinda like a cornerback taking an interception to the house. She was one of them not too long ago and now is a lead dog in the opposition. 


One day bear markets

In case you did not notice this has been the case a LONG while.  Get the bulls off side and stop em out with a one day drop through a support pivot.. rinse repeat and do it again and again. Of course nowadays it is algo vs algo and very few humans are involved. It is like a war between siri and cortana.. Do algos bleed? 

I did note that Friday when we did have a reaction to nazdaq nosebleed highs and apple and goog at 1000 it came on when there was an attack on DICK CHENEY ISLAND.  Qatar.. must be where all the money from 25 plus years of crime was stashed.


Sponsored by Soros

Fox piss?? LOL.. antifa = brownshirts. When is funding for this sort of thing going to have consequences?

Lauren Southern and Luke Rudkowsi are baton carriers. As the truth movement winds down because so many of the founders are getting old... like me... some young blood arrives....hats off to them. 

Southern especially important because she is an anti feminist female who was born into it under the Clinton admin.  She has single handedly created a woman's movement that rejects the feminist anti male ideology created during the Hillary years in the 1990s. 



If six became nine.. I dont mind


Comey bares all



Odd times I really have little to nothing to say. LOL.. bitcoin!!!!!


Cern goes to Bilderberg

Keep in mind this machine was first turned on very close within days of the Calleman 11/11/11 end of the 4th world date. After that date is the beginning of the 5th world.

Seems to me since the 11/11/11 date the world has been knocked off it's axis metaphorically. Could this machine be used as a way to confuse the function of the spiritual 6th sense? Something is doing it. You could call it a creeping malaise. 

The collider reportedly generates a magnetic field 100,000 times more powerful than that of Earth’s,


Trump is only the president

The USA is a corporation and NOT the political structure the founding fathers had created.. This is not new it actually happened in the late 1800s. Since then the president of the USA is not the boss he has a boss. 

 A corporate power structure has the president of the company as the day to day implementer chore of the POLICY of the CEO and the board of directors..  Especially the chairman of the board. 

So who is the CEO of  USA inc
Who are the board members

Inquiring minds want to know the answers to those questions. 


Zbig man

Cue up...  Another one bites the dust

So little time .. so many more globalist pigs to go. 


Couple of links

Here lies the insanity of the so called war on drugs. 
Turns out they are safer than aspirin?? This link is posted on the Drudge Report this AM.

Yes I think those of us who have worked so long to prevent it have failed.

The American system of representative government has been overthrown by a profit-driven, militaristic corporate state bent on total control and global domination through the imposition of martial law here at home and by fomenting wars abroad.

We’ve been losing our freedoms so incrementally for so long—sold to us in the name of national security and global peace, maintained by way of martial law disguised as law and order, and enforced by a standing army of militarized police and a political elite determined to maintain their powers at all costs—that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it all started going downhill, but we’re certainly on that downward trajectory now, and things are moving fast.

And lastly who has a history of attacking an enemies children? Might it be time to water board Brevick and find out who was his handler was. Might want to reopen sandy hook files while we are at it. The terror effect of child victims is 100 times more effective than random old people. 


Cosmic fascism

Preston James is out there.. He posts on veterans today which is run by a very questionable guy who turns out was a Hillary operative revealed way back a year or two ago.. Still James has been a good read in spite of where he posts.

I like his reasoning and understanding of history and how we came to be ruled by the SWAMP. 


Say it aint so Joe

Joe Lieberman. Last name starts with LIE.
The guy who never heard of building 7 running the FBI. 
I could go on and on but why bother. 
Arlen Spector in a different meat suit. 


Mind the gap

The big move down yesterday was dramatic and such but is potentially only a simple technical gap closing exercise. .. The gap to the upside that opened up on the futures chart April 25th has been filled on the Dow futures and S&P but not on the naz. 

May is not a month of historical crashes. The biggest one I have seen is the may 10th 2010 Mini crash and that was simply a stop running maneuver to boost the prices of bearish derivatives which had become so cheap they were dangerous to the PTB. The lows set in the current episode are going to a HUGE technical focal point later in the year. 

In other news.. the world has gone crazy and no one seems to care. 


Seth Rich

Seth Rich = Ron Brown = Vince Foster. 
Nuff said.


Pluto.. the WFT planet

Why is a very small planet very far away carrying so much OBVIOUS power in an astrological sense. Anyone who has studied the matter and watched what goes on with people who are having a Pluto transit to a sensitive area of their birth chart confirms this is no ordinary planet. In Finance astrology Pluto is the director of the play down here on earth to anyone who has studied the matter. 

Way back in the mists of time I started my metaphysical journey studying "occult" subjects including kabala. The Tree of life diagram fascinated me and I discovered that SATURN was the furthest planet known in this metaphysical system and was called EL or the LORD or Father Time and was the highest planetary consciousness up till the discovery of Uranus. LOL explains a lot eh? Humm what about Uranus and Neptune and most of all how bout Pluto location on the tree. 

As Uranus came to be considered the higher octave of Mercury and Neptune the higher octave of Venus astrologically  it stands to reason Pluto is the higher octave of Earth. Pluto has an eccentric orbit skewed out of the plane of the rest of the solar system. Meaning it did NOT form the same way as the others.

I had a flash of insight sometime in the early 1970s that Pluto is not from here it was part of another solar system that collided with our planetary system. Pluto's orbit is 240 years but has a 20 year period when it is INSIDE of the orbit of Neptune. I surmised that Pluto was like a sperm fertilizing an egg. It is plausible that Pluto is WHY we are here. Pluto moon system appears a lot like of a scaled down version the Pleiades with impossibly large moons relative to its size. . Then one asks what if it is not formed in the solar system at all and was originally part of another star system that collided with ours. Is Pluto the only remains left of a Planet X or Niburu .. Is Pluto actually planet X?? Pluto's astrological definitions certainly add credence to that notion as destroyer recycling old life into new life. 

Pluto location on the tree updated using all the planets is Daath the hidden sephiroth. 
Chokma is Uranus and Kether is Neptune if they are included in the hierarchy.  Pluto for 20 years of its orbit being inside of Neptune rises it to Kether and may explain EVERYTHING that has gone wrong in this world or maybe is the reason why we ALL feel like aliens here. . The fallen angel is Pluto... Us earthlings. 
Are we actually from another very ancient star system and have been marooned here. 

Did life here begin with SPORES from another star system? The magic mushroom might say so. 

The last time Pluto was inside of Neptune's orbit was in the 80s early 1990s so a great many people alive right now have that configuration. The previous cycle of Pluto has the men and women who fought the revolution in 1776 with the same condition. 

 Food for thought on Sunday morning. 


End run around the bankster's defense

This is what were talking bout. Takes an initial misdirection to make it work.

Two things I see that are in progress of correcting. Medical fraud through 'insurance" and taxpayers being defrauded by the rigged markets.

This Max Keiser episode interviews the woman who created UNORTHODOC in Carrboro NC..   I was in process of signing up with them before I moved back to the mountains in 2015. An idea whose time has come. The Rockefeller fraud machine cannot handle this sort of competition. Start at min 13.

The battle of Crypto vs Fiat is being waged. 
BTC is not going away.. Up 100% since the April low. I read a few days ago that Australia is going to make bitcoin a legal currency in July.. I have not confirmed it.  We have seen recently an attempt to create an ETF based on bitcoin so there is huge movement going on underground. I would love to trade an ETF based on BTC. 

I want.. 
A bank account that allows me to hold my capital in any fiat fiat currency of my choosing as well as bitcoin and gold to be switched at my discretion whenever I feel like it. I want to be able to vote with my wallet. The idea still brewing of an ETF based on bitcoin would be OK start but does allow for short selling bitcoin which at this stage of it's development might be a good thing... I figure BTC being on a tear has the fiat banksters in a tizzy and they are running out of ways to avoid fiat being exposed as legal counterfeiting. What do you want in your digital wallet a currency that has lost 96% since it's inception or BTC that has risen a gazzion % since it's inception.

If indeed OZ does the deed and makes tax free convertibility between AU dollar and BTC a legal fact you can rest assured that the ETF in the USA will go fast track. I think trading in BTC vs fiat is going to become the go to instrument of choice for most of the actual traders left who have been marginalized by the rigging. BTC is the sand in the gears of bankercorp fraud machinery as long as it is convertible to fiat without any legal interference.. 


John Anthony West and Graham Hancock

Recent discussion.. Might be one the last interviews West does of this nature. Hat tip to West one of the greatest destroyers of main stream paradigms in a thousand years. I wanted to stand up and cheer after watching this. 


The only way out is IN

 A hero's hero..  Nick Sand the most prolific alchemist of my generation.

As lifelong enthusiast of the psychedelic path, he once remarked that he was, “doing this from my heart out of faith that this was the right thing to do. Everywhere I went I gave it away and I saw what it did to people and I said, ‘This is good.’” 

[Nick] was always optimistic, always thought the best would happen and he had a huge passion, a sexual passion, a love passion, a spiritual passion, and a psychedelic passion. He’s the first one who started talking about us as if we were psychedelic commandos and warriors.”

Be sure to watch The sunshine Makers film on netflix


Mercury moment

Mercury retrograded back into a conjunction with Uranus last week.. Mercury retro is the ideal time to GO BACK AND DO SOMETHING THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN BUT DID NOT. hey hey hey in a Krusty the Clown voice Comey gets canned on the day Mercury exactly conjoins Uranus right after the direct station. 

I would have been excited about the firing if it had occurred like a week after the inauguration. Now .. I just figure some other even worse A-hole will be installed by Kushner inc. 

Other features of yesterday astro were Mars squared Neptune.. DIRTY TRICKS
Jupiter exactly passing over the USA natal Saturn at the tipping point of the scales in Libra. That is at least a good sign but I wont hold my breath as far as positives on that just yet.  Lets see what the last pass of Jupiter over 15 degrees of Libra brings on July 15th. 

I also note that Ed Snowden seems to have outed himself by complaining about Comeys firing. WTF is with that!!!!    Seems to me that Snowden might be concerned he is going to be exposed as an operative of soros or something at that level. 

In a wag the dog way the commotion takes the French election and the Hanford tunnel collapse and the S Koreans electing a dove off the front pages. 


The court of the crimson king

RIP Greg Lake who passed late last year. Wow what a voice. I guess we might be living in the time he sung about. 


The wall on which the prophets wrote
Is cracking at the seams
Upon the instruments of death
The sunlight brightly gleams
When every man is torn apart
With nightmares and with dreams, 
Will no one lay the laurel wreath
When silence drowns the screams

Confusion will be my epitaph
As I crawl a cracked and broken path
If we make it we can all sit back and laugh, 
But I fear tomorrow I'll be crying, 
Yes I fear tomorrow I'll be crying
Yes I fear tomorrow I'll be crying

Between the iron gates of fate, 
The seeds of time were sown, 
And watered by the deeds of those 
Who know and who are known; 
Knowledge is a deadly friend
If no one sets the rules
The fate of all mankind I see
Is in the hands of fools


David Stockman

The market is pricing itself for perfection for all of eternity.  This is crazy. . . . I think the market could easily drop to 1,600 or 1,300.  It could drop by 40% or even more once the fantasy ends.  When the government shows its true colors, that it’s headed for a fiscal blood bath when this crazy notion that there is going to be some Trump fiscal stimulus is put to rest once and for all.  I mean it’s not going to happen.  They can’t pass a tax cut that big without a budget resolution that incorporated $10 trillion or $15 trillion in debt over the next decade.  It’s just not going to pass Congress. . . . I think this is the greatest sucker’s rally we have ever seen.”

Funny about him.. He seems one of the best out there right now as far as seeing ahead. He seems a lot like a Ron Paul  now and why is he not in a key position in Trumps admin.. His NOT being in it says a LOT about who is gate keeping in the Whitehouse.

The S&P 500 is going to drop by hundreds and hundreds of points sometime over the next few months as we drift into this unexpected crisis. . . . I would target sometime between August and November because that’s when the rubber is going to meet the road on a debt ceiling increase when they are out of cash.  Washington is going to end up in vicious political conflict over what to do about the debt ceiling. . . . It is going to be one giant fiscal bloodbath the likes of which we have never seen.

The "rally" we have been in since the 2012 lows is totally artificial and is not a bid / ask  price discovery market but a wealth creating scheme. The same sort of underlying derivatives called portfolio insurance with a different name as in 1987.  I have seen a similar 1987 type crash coming after the August 2017 eclipse as happened in 1987. . A 40%er taking out all stops below..  a shakeout V shaped crash...  Popcorn anyone???  This is a crash that is required to gift the EL-ites with the fruit of the publics labors since the economy does not have fundamental ability to satisfy the exponential greed of the predatory monetary system.  

Stockman is married to a woman I grew up with who lived a few 100 yards from me.  Who I had a crush on for a while..... LOL..  Small world I tell ya. 


Micron power

Dont you think it is strange that so many 40 something's have been put in power seemingly coming out of nowhere. Here in the states we ended up with a Rahm Emanuel clone back doored into control as Trump's gatekeeper. Sad for Europe this is checkmate for nationalism there and now I see brexit is not so much a done deal anymore either. 

Pretty obvious the POTUS is like a president of a corporation who is at the beck and call of the board of directors and the chairman of the board. 


Sunshine makers

The real story from those who were actually there. 
Now showing on netflix The Sunshine Makers...... 


The post below this one details just how fking stupid people have become.  Go figure..  what might have been possible if we had been left alone in the late 60s and early 70s. The so called war on drugs started in early 1970s seems to have set mankind back 100s of years already. Imagine if that had not occurred. No wars and a space program that would already have us on Mars and beyond. 

 The bad drugs including bad acid became rampant in the mid 1970s and VERY bad music came in then too drowning out actual musical art with meaning. I believe THAT was when the cog dis started to kick in overwhelming the good that had sprung up late 1960s. 


The dumbest people EVER

Or maybe just say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. The video is funny in a cringe worthy kinda way.

Keep in mind probably half of the people interviewed voted. 


The bad witches

Delusional to a point of not even knowing they do black magic.. This is the result of the law of attraction teachings ... doing magic with NO MORAL GUIDANCE.. Like giving a monkey a loaded machine gun.

I used to be keen on teaching others what I know after 45 years of study but sadly I see a real need for information to be divulged in a much more organized manner the way it was always done before the 1960s. 

Side note my daughter delivered a healthy but premature grandson on mayday. A heck of a chart..  the little guy came in singing this song.

The Jim Carey version of the Andy Kaufman version on SNL


Farming out tyranny

Corporations are people too.... dead people.. Or really Corpse's. 

Corporate structure is the zombie horde that is the undead being the unseen. 

We can thank Rome for this. 


Mercury station conjunct Uranus

Mercury ends it's retrograde and goes stationary direct tomorrow in a conjunction to Uranus. This is a looooong duration conjunction lasting about 10 days before and after as far as it being in a tight orb. The longer an aspect stays in orb the bigger the effect is. With a theme of chaotic and surprising announcements it is not surprising the news from N Korea the last 10 days. 

Personal issues have come up unexpectedly today so posting might not be a priority for the next 10 days. 


2020 foresight

Mood setting.. 
"I don't know what you expect staring into the TV set"

Burning down the house as I see it. As I see the unfolding of the Trump era as an end game and knowing that in 2020 we have a Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn I can see already now in 2017 that 2020 is the year of the great unraveling. 

2020 is the year we get to know why this was built 40 years before the fact

If there is an astrological reasoning available before the fact to determine the year that a mass extinction event could be seen in advance at at a specific time 2020 would be it. 

I am quite sure that by 2020 AI technology will be more than capable of pushing a planet killer into a collision course with earth. You could call it the Samson option times a million. 

The tarurid meteor stream crosses the orbit of earth twice each year. Late June and early November. The November taurids come very near Halloween every year which is the oldest "holiday" we know of "the day of the dead" which commemorates the last time a planet killer hit the earth 12900 years ago.  The taurid stream appears to us on earth as coming out of the Pleiades in November. Lets say one or more of our oligarchs decide to save the planet by destroying a good part of it.. Push a big chunk of rock into position in November of 2019 which would come at the earth in June 2020 with absolutely NO WARNING. The chunk would come at earth as if it came right out of the sun. 

 The astro on 10/28/2019 ... a new moon at 4 degrees of Scorpio exactly opposed to Uranus at 4 of Taurus. All I can say is hummmm. Exactly 8 years to the day after the end of the Mayan calendar according to Carl Calleman. 

The new moon lands on summer solstice on June 21st 2020 when the taurid stream comes out of space from behind the sun where we cannot see anything coming. 

If you are paying attention to what the "people" in power are capable of this scenario is not so far fetched. Killing 6 billion people in a day just doing God's work?? Is this the price we pay for allowing corporations to take over space programs? 

Hat tip to Randall Carlson who gives details on Halloween and the taurid event in our past.

Skating away on the thin ice of the new day

And as you cross the circle line, the ice-wall creaks behind ---
you're a rabbit on the run.
And the silver splinters fly in the corner of your eye ---
shining in the setting sun.
Well, do you ever get the feeling that the story's
too damn real and in the present tense?
Or that everybody's on the stage, and it seems like
you're the only person sitting in the audience?


Manufacturing reality

Another right on post by Rappoport

BTW the 100 days are up.  I guess Trump got the memo that he will be made irrelevant unless he does what the is told by the people who really run things. Better than Hillary?? hard to tell.. I think what we are seeing is basically the same as even Bernie would have been doing. 
The one conclusion I can come to already is your vote does not matter as far as anything other than "style". Another conclusion I come too is the USA as a nation went by the wayside in 2008 when Ron Paul was cheated out of his election win. Get used to being in an occupied country. Act accordingly the old ways are obsolete. All hail Alphabet. 

Seems France is over too and Brits are on the hotplate now and likely to only have a very limited form of Brexit as well. 


Jim Carrey
plays Terrance Mckenna


Wow that sounds like a great movie. Hope he makes it happen.

Young ones mostly don't know but Mckenna was one of god's gifts to mankind. 
Possibly in the top ten of insightful people who ever lived. Terrance opened the doors of perception to 10s of millions. Carrey is perfect for the role. 


Vaccines as initiations

VERY good points by Rappoport

Begun as a crude version of homeopathy (“treat like with like”), in which a mild injected version of a disease would supposedly protect against the actual disease, vaccination soon developed into a military outpost, with the commander ordering the appearance of his scouts: antibodies. “Line up men, now hunt!”

Today, as a revival of ancient symbology, vaccination is a conferred seal, a sign of moral righteousness. It’s a mark on the arm, signifying tribal inclusion. No tribe member is left out. Inclusion by vaccination protects against invisible spirits (viruses).

Soon you will be culled from the flock if you refuse to be managed by the tax farmer. 
My biggest concern is that some form of bio warfare is part of the culling process. I think this is already going on a stealth way and explains a lot about why we have poison in food and water. 


Consensual telepathy?

Musk has repeatedly warned that AI could be the greatest danger to mankind. So why would he be working on a technological form of telepathy? 

For years and years I have been promoting the use of telepathy as a workaround to the mass mind control that has become pervasive. 

“There are a bunch of concepts in your head that then your brain has to try to compress into this incredibly low data rate called speech or typing,” Mr. Musk told Mr. Urban in his 36,000-word blog post, which at times reads like a neuroscience textbook. “That’s what language is, your brain has executed a compression algorithm on thought, on concept transfer. 

“If you have two brain interfaces, you could actually do an uncompressed direct conceptual communication with another person,” Mr. Musk said. He explained how it would be easier if people could beam a picture into the heads of others instead of trying to describe it with words.

Ingo Swann the father of remote viewing was fired from .gov work because he was a telepath and made people around him uncomfortable that he could see their thoughts. Those of us who have similar abilities are no doubt about it an enemy of tyranny. 

This effort by Musk is very dangerous for another reason. The PICTURES in pre word thought before speech occurs is where magical forces are at work.  If the security state is able to meddle with thought before it becomes words it is game set OVER for what used to be considered humans. In magical terms the picture before the words is a THOUGHT FORM. Anyone who has even a little telepathic talent knows this is what is being transferred to another mind and NOT THE WORDS. 


No one voted for those two

So what promises have been kept?? 
The "change" occurred just a few weeks ago and oh my all of a sudden Trump is going NWO to the max. May as well have been Hillary as far as I can see. The last straw is when we get an announcement in a few months on the elimination of cash. The "new" money no doubt will be based on some sort of carbon credit scheme.. 


Lies by omission

Creating a false reality is accomplished not by direct bald faced lies but by managing limited information that is true to create a false perception. So then the info rings true to a bullshit detector in spite of the FACT the entire concept is false. 

A beLIEf is a filter created to hard wire a perception and reinforce it. It is a known fact that a person who lies a lot has much more white matter in the brain than gray matter. The white matter is the WIRING or a pipe where one thought automatically leads to another. The concept of lies repeated enough times becomes a perception that seems true. Once the pathway in the brain's wiring is reinforced enough there is no way another person is going to change a persons perception. Information that conflicts with an established untrue perception gets blocked out which explains crazy religions being so difficult to challenge. 

This is not new it is the Edward Bernays model of manipulating an entire country. Essentially it is militarized psychology or propaganda. LOL.. now you know why marketers focus on a products weakness making people belief it is a strength. 

BTW is Ivanka in charge of policy now.. One of the few Trump promises that has not gone by the wayside in only 2 months is the climate change deception being put aside.. I read this AM that Ivanka is going to an international climate change meeting soon and appears to have an agenda to keep the scam afloat. Climate change is the epitome of lie by omission. 


Strange days have found us

Rense and Weidner


The eye of Medusa


The passage of Mars over the fixed star ALGOL over the weekend coincided with the failure of N Korea to get an erection.. I saw the big boom demo a few days before and the liftoff of only a few feet of a missile test seemed to me was a demo of some other weapon.... Did Reagan's star wars finally get a test? If so this is NOT going to make us safe it will make delivery of defensive a deterrent more like terrorism and less like actual war. Those rooskies have already warned us they have tsunami bombs dug into the continental shelf so that too. 

Trump seems inclined to do things preemptively and with a LOT of radioactive shit already in the water in east Asia at least Tepco can be glad someone else can be blamed soon. 



Dogs of war and men of hate
With no cause, we don't discriminate
Discovery is to be disowned
Our currency is flesh and bone
Hell opened up and put on sale
Gather 'round and haggle
For hard cash, we will lie and deceive
Even our masters don't know the web we weave

You tube does not like this song at all.. All most all the live versions with concert vid have been googed off the menu..

Even Goodbye Blue Sky has been scrubbed.. This is a great cover from HEART



The theme song of WW3... hell ya!!! The lemming get an orgasm as they fly over the cliff.

Mars is in Taurus right now.. The so called demon star called ALGOL is located at 26 Taurus ... This star is related to MEDUSA's HEAD specifically Medusas EYE ..   This binary blinking star has been the used by generals for 1000s of years to time the start of battles. This is where the term EVIL EYE comes from

Don't take my word for the meaning..

Mars will conjunct Algol on the 16th just one day after all the taxes have been filed and the checks have cleared.. .HAHAHA. er.. maybe not this year.. The confluence of war memes and the anniversary date on April 19th of the shot heard round the world has arrived. Add in the start of the civil war ... Too many to count bad things that day including the Boston false flag take over of an entire city happened on the 19th of April. Gettin it??

Oh and the state of Israel has Sun conjunct Algol in it's natal chart.  ANY QUESTIONS now about the nature of that country???  

Mayday is BELTANE.  The period between April 19th and mayday is what I call human sacrifice season.  Beltane is really BAALtane. 

Be sure to watch the vid in the post below.. 


Robert David Steele

This guy is ex cia... if there is such a thing.. in any case he speaks up and sees what is what.

I hope he has kevlar undies.. Either that or maybe he has his own insurance in the form of some really dirty stuff beyond what he is saying publicly that makes it impossible to shut him up. 

I looked him up and his date of birth is July 16 1952.. A water dragon.. born a couple of months before me. His chart is exactly what you would expect after listening and his creds are right there off  the chart. There are a whole lotta 1952ers with the quite powerful Jupiter Uranus sextile at birth who are taking steps to right what is wrong. We have crazy good inventions hard wired into our astro architecture.. . Mike Rivero is another one.  haha.. 

Another Bob in action he can speak for the water dragon in me.  hat tip. 


Doing back flips to avoid the obvious

Seems there is a pecking order that has been established.. Israel pecks on Trump and then Trump pecks on China. Suddenly China makes a red line and masses 150K troops on N Korean border. Makes me think Trump was forced by Israeli threats to do the deed rather than have Israel use a nuke on said airbase. Did Trump just peck on China to do that his bidding on N korea?? Those of us that have studied the matter for 20 odd years can see the obvious. A suggestion to uninformed Trump supporters is don't over think the obvious and be all hopey changey right now. 

This is no longer a fair fight between those of us who know and the rest who don't want to know. The attacks on the truther community are worse than what went on in 2009. The new Rahmbo in the big house is named Jared.  No no not THAT Jared we shall call him the fat Jared.  Trump is as cut off from reality as Jimmy Carter was..  how dare he want peace. It would not surprise me if we have the same sort of financial chaos in the run up to the 2020 election as was last seen in 1980 with economic strangulation by interest rates. 

"How can you eat your pudding if you dont eat the meat."  


Making Americans GOOBERS Again

A lot of blood sweat and tears over 20 years to make Americans WTFU. The truth-o-sphere is almost unanimously pissed right now. 

Why should I be happy about what has happened. 
Yo Don
Take the Andrew Jackson portrait off the oval office wall. 

So you got an initiation into the NWO bankster mafia and how does the blood feel? Did you drink it or just bathe in it? 

A small sample in my local area yesterday gives me the creeps. Twisted logic is not just for libtards anymore. Mr fox winks at me. Cue up ROAD TO NOWHERE

Or even better cue up LIFE DURING WARTIME.. this is from the first.. very very first well done full length concert film.. It never gets old. The concert title is STOP MAKING SENSE. LOl.. Is that Cynthia McKinney singing background vocals??

"This ain't no disco this ain't no foolin around.." 


The fox and the woodpecker

Imagine my disgust. Seeing freedom go tits up is not easy to look at .. Few dare to raise their eyes high enough to even know. 

Sooo. Great Spirit gave me some messages last week..  A rather large red fox walked out of the woods and let me see him close up.. Very rare at noon. 

Then a day or two later big red woodpecker the size of a chicken started to carve a  tree trunk that I cut down to the ideal size of 15 foot tall for a totem pole in my yard. At first I was annoyed I wanted to carve the tree trunk myself. LOL I named him Woody. Its your tree man. 

Great spirit works in mysterious ways. My sightings were literally a tap on the shoulder. ya ya ya ya I know .. STFU.. be invisible and observe from a place hidden from view. I get it mr fox.  Mr woodpecker told me to find something better to bang away on with my time. 

The truther movement is in a shambles thx to goog amazon bill gates merkle and soros along with a virtual horde of paid trolls.  Sad day in history I must say.. The 300 Greeks that held off the Persians in the battle of Thermopylae died in the process but they got nothing on us truthers. I figure we will be known 100s of years from now as the last humans to fight back. Lets hope the robots in charge want history to be accurate as to how they took control of the unruly humans. 

((( they))) are coming after us. Don't take it lightly. Trump does not give a flying fuck about us. 

 I am soooo glad I demonetized this site in 2009.. I don't have to post here because I don't have "customers" or adverts. I own my site it does not own me. Mr fox told me to lay low behind the bushes.. Sounds like a plan. 


I don't need 100 days
to see the same old shit


Trump threw us under the bus. ALL the people who voted for him wanted the gov returned to WE THE PEOPLE. What we got was the same old shit. 

The obvious capitulation and re entry into what I call the zio zone is plain as day to many of us regular peeps. It took about the same amount of time as Reagan to catch a bullet and Clinton to see the 1st WTC bombing. After that "show of force" the "boss" was established  above the president and we see the same old shit today. 

Glad I live in the boonies where even the phone company cannot find me. The truth movement that was the only defense the American people have had against the psyops reality creating machinery has been devastated in just a few months. Cannot blame it on 0bama operatives as of yesterday. 0bama was the equivalent of a single A bush league team compared to the real power behind the throne. 

Way to go Don. Your political capital vanished yesterday.  Your fate has been sealed as going down eventually as the worst president and that is saying something. The zios have you by the balls now.  Your attack on a sovereign county without authorization is an impeachable offence. In exchange for allowing your US supreme court nominee to be confirmed?  He will probably cast the deciding vote on your impeachment and removal. 

The result is the Armageddon made for TV show originally planned for last year is back on like donkey kong. Why do we call war a theatre? Because it has been theatrical for 100 years. Same people provoking war for the $ame reasons. 


Extreme bullshit

April fools came a week late this year.. Woke up to a couple inches of snow today too.

Looks like Trump has chosen China over Russia. Doing an attack during a summit kind of smacks of the "mad dog theory" which is an Israeli modus operanti. 

Me thinks that the nat gas pipeline that was the catalyst for the Syrian conflict to begin with in 2011 is going to have to be laid OR ELSE.

I am not at all happy about the turn of events... Is Trump a "what would Hillary do" operative now??

Update: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responds to US missile strikes on Syria - This "will resonate not only in Damascus, but in Tehran, Pyongyang and elsewhere"

Astro note.. Sun Uranus and Pluto in a rather tight T square today. Flexing your political muscle Donald? That is what a weak person would do. NOT HAPPY. 

Raytheon loves it they get to replace 60 cruise missiles which are maybe like muffins that go stale if not used up. 

 "and the generals sat and the lines on the map moved from side to side." 

 OH and lets not forget that a half trillion was announced as "missing" from the 0bama dept of housing and development yesterday. Guess that news is going into a black hole like the news of trillions missing from the pentagon did on 911. 


Not allowed to know shit ... WTF


Trump is an obvious newbe when it comes to geopolitical gamesmanship.. He finds himself fighting the 0bama borg like collective domestically when the real power players move into position to block his view of anything important.. The obvious false flag in Syria and OBVIOUS is easy to see.. comes quickly days after Syria shoots down an Israel bomber?? Imagine my surprise. 

I have to keep a perspective on what would have been going on had Trump lost. The second Bolshevik revolution was at a minimum delayed by him winning but is not off the table due to Trump not getting it. ..  

It appears to me that the false Armageddon made for TV planned for last year .. which Russia threw a monkey wrench in.. is still in (((their))) plans. Throw in a bit of N Korea angst and we find ourselves in a world war footing. Meanwhile the economy teeters on the brink of a meltdown.. Bizzarro world indeed.