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"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you.. 
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"A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: WE DID IT OURSELVES." ..... LAO TZU

"Not the torturer will scare me. Nor the body's final fall.
     But.. the blind indifference of a merciless.. unfeeling world.... 
Roger Waters.

"What if I am not crazy??"  Lolol.. Rhitt.. 



The tidal wave of fascism just keeps rolling in.. As if there was not enough surveillance already we have a new agency being created  by CONgress which is designed especially for those of us who don't like how things have gone since 911. This is oh so unconstitutional but the constitution has been a "god damn piece of paper"  since 1933. 

Behold the CVE

It is not like the government has not considered that all everyday citizens are anything other than enemies of the state because that was long established in 1933.. 

On March 9, 1933, Roosevelt issued Proclamation 2040.   It referred to the national emergency and again asserted Sec. 5(b) as authority for it.  Roosevelt then proclaimed that the Proclamation of March 6, 1933, would remain in full force and effect until proclamation by the president.  It remains in force to this day.

Therefore, an effectively permanent law exists that allows the president, by declaring an emergency, to assume the role of dictator.  He may designate agencies of his choice to investigate, regulate, and license any transaction of any person (enemy) within the United States, by means of rules and regulations he may prescribe.

This originally passed in 1917 as the trading with the enemy act only 4 years after the fed was given control of the money which is why the 1933 edict was perfectly acceptable to implement.  No resistance from the public even when gold was confiscated.  This is state of the art mission creep.

Frankly being in the US post 2012 and being awake enough to have even dim situational awareness is being made out to be a crime. 
HEY YOU BOILING FROGS.. Having fun yet?  

Many of us truthers who still live here are going to have to make adjustments. We had a delusion that if we INFORMED the people about what has already taken place they would collectively demand undoing all the fascism. Hey I dont see it.  Truthing has gone from being an unpleasant non paying job in 2012 to being almost a non starter in the present which only earns us being shunned and demonized . My read on this is when the Snowden leak was made public the fast majority decided to clam up and avoid truth at any cost..  The methodology is DON'T LETS A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE and whatever Snowden thought he was doing has backfired in a big way. We few left standing up for what is right should consider the vast majority of Americans totally complicit and act accordingly. 
They do NOT want to be reminded they are slaves. They don't want to know they were made human collateral for government debt almost 90 years ago. They don't want to know that as soon a child is born they are bonded to pay off debt they had nothing to do with. 
AND they especially do not want to know who did this to them. 


They will NEVER work in 
"that town" again
Well I guess all these people have retired or something. How dare them. 

And forget about any nice grants for this guy
LOL.. too much common sense ....... Errr I meant science.. 

Last but not least the obamcare business model

Yep it starts out free but is designed to frustrate which forces the customer to pay up or suffer endless setbacks. Looks like the developer was trained initially on the ocare website and applied his "expertise" to the game. Just like real life HOW ENTERTAINING. 


Hijack anything good mentality

I have been witness to this over my lifetime. The mentality of those in power is similar to a person who feels a need to step on every flower the sees.  A good read.. When will we few good people left get a grip and stop letting this happen. 

I know because many of my friends are hippies, and I am one, too ( kind of). We don't usually call ourselves hippies anymore, since most of us have been fooled by history. We have allowed the good hippie name to be sullied by the fake events of the 1960's, in which fake hippies created by the government did awful things in our name (think Manson Family). These false flags not only convinced the mainstream that hippies were dirty, confused, and anti-American, they convinced some of the hippies, too, especially later hippies who didn't live through that time. So although we are basically the same set of people, plus 40 years, we think we have to distance ourselves from that name: hippie.

No matter where you are living, you have been infiltrated. There is no place left to hide. The spooks are everywhere, and no, they have nothing better to do than fuck with you. That is their job. But the answer isn't to become paranoid, buy guns, dig trenches, and booby-trap the yards. The answer is to fight back in more logical ways. Just as they are organized, you should organize. First organize your thoughts. Learn how things really are. You can't fight a battle when you don't know where the lines are or who the enemy is. After that, collectivize. Think of it like a hippie union. The government has successfully infiltrated and destabilized the labor unions, but people can unionize along any lines they like, without paying dues. All they have to do is come together and act together. Gandhi showed that in India, when they threw off the British. Think of the spooks like the British. Yes, there are huge numbers of them and they have money and technology; but our numbers are far greater. Remember, it isn't just the rich versus the poor anymore. It is now the super-rich versus everyone else. Almost everyone who isn't a billionaire is getting reamed right now, so your allies are everyone making less than $500,000 a year. That is a lot of allies. As a hippie, you can now ally with conservatives, liberals, rural and urban folks, all colors, both sexes, all parts of the country. If you talk about the right things, you can find allies everywhere. You even have allies in the government. You have allies in the military and even in Intelligence. Those people aren't billionaires, you know. They are also getting reamed and used and abused. Many of them don't like the way things are. They don't like working for corrupt paymasters, against their own neighbors and usually against their own better judgment. Very little loyalty is involved, and when push comes to shove, many of those people will turn. The best thing that could happen is if America stood up and said no more. The hippies used to be at the forefront of that movement, and could be again. That is what it is to be a real progressive.


Psycho killer dentist

I tried to get this persons date of birth to no avail to take a look at what must have been really bad  personal astro landing like an anvil on him.. I do know one thing the astro symbology up in the sky is apparent.  Just consider the VENUS JUPITER conjunction in LEO and the square to Saturn in Scorpio is very in play right now being exact on August 4th. An astrologer will know exactly what I mean. 

 How would you feel if he was your dentist with 43 big game kills that you paid for? Do you think he is going to be doing what is safe in treating you and your kids or are you just a person to take advantage of with no more regard to the animal victims of his hobby.

I don't hunt but my family does on their own property and they are good at it.. They have a kill it you eat it mentality with any non predator species and will hunt things like the GMO hybrid coyotes on their own property only. It is well known that state farm insurance company introduced the killer hybrid coyotes in West Virginia to cut down on deer damage to cars.  The entire state is over run by them 10 years later and they do eat livestock as well as deer. 


A woman skill
I wish it becomes more widespread

A story of MAGIC IN ACTION.  Who needs drones when the bees are waiting to be called up into action mode. This nature magic is a lost skill that I wish huge numbers of women would learn and use.. All kind of nature spirits are at the ready waiting for being called into action and not just bees.  I have seen this on numerous occasions deployed by some witchy women I know and it is almost always just women who can deploy it. This sort of thing is not just an in the yard magic either.. Think of the plagues of locusts that attacked the great plains a few years after the Indians were driven off the land.



The real reason 
that GMO food cannot be labeled

It seems to me that we cannot know what is in our food because food is being militarized.
LOL it is always about the children isn't it!!

One day children may get immunized by munching on foods instead of enduring shots. More important, food vaccines might save millions who now die for lack of access to traditional inoculants.


Pollard to be released

I do not advocate the death penalty for crimes except premeditated murder against a person or crimes against humanity.  Treason is so serious it too warrants a firing squad. In the case of pollard not giving him the death penalty has had an unknowable large cost because of the amount of political arm twisting and blackmail used to force his release. 

The timing of the announcement that he will be released on November 21 made me sit up and notice. Did Israel agree to not trigger world war in the weeks ahead? Is the war machine going to be put on hold.. I did find it interesting that a few days ago the Israeli military had a readiness drill that could have been a defacto call up prior to a major military action such as an all out attack on Iran. Was such a maneuver essentially blackmail? The rather severe stock 5 day market drop reversed yesterday about the exact time of the announcement which as you know just has to be just a coincidence. 

The last jubilee year 1967 started Sept of 1966 and the six day war did not occur until June of 1967 so we have at least that hint to guide us on when a delay might be over. Imagine if you will a major June 2016 war in front of the USA election and what that might mean if there is any escalation that would have a direct effect on the USA citizenry.. Cancel the election because of the emergency and voila we get the third term which Obama talked about just yesterday. Mars will be in Scorpio in an opposition to Israel's natal sun in Taurus in June 2015. Mars makes a retrograde station at end of June at 23 Scorpio and will be a HUGE LINGERING astrological factor for many weeks. 

 I will be dwelling on the implications and how the timeline shapes up now that Israel has gotten what it wanted. 


1 + 1 = 6

I thought I lived in a simple world where there were male and female.. Ya know like nature intended.. So I read this and see how old fashioned I am.  There is a new Admission form for the University of California were Janet Naplitano ran and hid taking a cake job after messing up sandy hook so epically.  Oh and I wonder what gender Janet identified with? Just curious I thought it was ZOMBIE but I have a lot to learn these days

 Check out the choices available now..


Settled Science

OMG this is how lies become truth.. .

The so called science is settled meme is an oxyMORON.. Science is NEVER settled or it would be called DOGMA and not science.  Imagine where mankind would be if the science was settled in medicine from back in the dark ages.. Or if the science was settled on the matter of only having 4 elements. The science is settled till it isn't .. 

What part of scientists being PAID to produce a specific outcome in a "study" does hellary not understand. Too much to ask from someone who does not even understand the science behind driving a modern automobile to qualify for having a license. So many gages beeps and buttons. 


Keeping you "safe"
7/28 2015

The intension of the keeping you safe control network is to eliminate any chance of danger to a point of having us live life like THIS.

This keeping you safe from each other structure is only possible if you are given a pod to live out an imaginary life from birth. Or maybe a VIRTUAL LIFE is better description. 
Your pod will not be for free it requires your energy to be harvested as RENT. 


Volatility of money

The money supply has increased dramatically at the same time the money created is changing hands at a historically lower rate that is crash like.  That is a singular reason why all the QE in the world directed at bankers has been ineffective it is money being created and falling right into a black hole of inactivity.  Hording is a simpler term.  The huge sea of liquidity being created flows mostly into speculative markets and not out into the world of real things bought and sold by real people. The amount of money circulating between actual people doing day to day business is and has been at depression levels.

So where is the money trapped. Most new money is trapped in bonds with questionable value. Another large amount is trapped in equity markets trading near all time highs.  The ultra rich have all the "things" they need or ever wanted and they desire something more satisfying looking for places to put money.. Explains why people like Soros would spend billions on coups in Ukraine or Bloomberg so much on gun gun control. 

So how is this to change? The fed is owned by 5 too big to fail banks. The fed does the bidding of the owners of those 5 banks and the policy of the fed it to protect the interests of those 5 banks. Want to know why the US dollar is so high in spite of the public being squeezed mercilessly. The oligarchs don't want to see the fed print free range money that has a chance to trigger enough inflation to force a lower dollar. Keep in mind money is only created by new debt and only an oligarch can borrow at zero percent. The rest of the 99% pay 5 - 10 - 30 percent to create new money. 

The next calendar year for the oligarchs starts in September. The once in 49 year jubilee has traditionally been a rare year the concentration of wealth is feed back to the people in the form of debt relief. This would be a destruction of wealth for the 1% so how likely is that when the entire mechanics of money is geared to serving those holding the debt of the 99%. You only have to look at Greece to see the LAST THING the owners of all that debt wants is to give an inch of relief.

In a real democratic political system the PEOPLE would be empowered to force debt relief for the average person.   WHY DO YOU THINK THE FED WAS CREATED in 1913 so the people could not force a government by the people into debt relief.  We just saw in Greece ironically the birthplace of democracy the will of 60% of the people ignored. I saw 90% of the American people were against the bailout of banksters in 2008 yet it was done by bankers threatening congress. 

In my view the 1% would kill as much of the population off as needed to avoid being forced to devalue their pile of debt money which by nature is a tool of enslavement of the 99%. The government is owned by the 1% so no incentive to give debt relief to the public will be seen from there. So what power does the public have except a refusal to take on more personal debt and pay down existing debt. That has had some effect which explains why no recovery but government has been busy FORCING people to take on new debt involuntarily with such things as obamacare designed specifically to do it. This is madness. 

So we stand and look ahead at a once in 49 year opportunity to have relief for the people starting in September and what do we see? 

Simple formula, really: Keep the status quo, instituted by the power monopoly of the state. Do nothing to change unfair systematic economic and socio-political problems; let known cheats and liars continue to operate a rigged game.

Then, keep tabs on everyone, and push a few buttons to make everyone afraid – not only to commit crimes and hurt other people – but afraid to speak out or stand out at all. Right to bear arms? Not a good idea, especially if it means arms in the hands of people who are quick to anger, or capable of violent tendencies at all.



911 was strike ONE.. A destruction of the USA national security agencies to be replaced with the DHS which is run by people who are NOT LOYAL to the American people. 

See "Skulls' Chertoff ... the author of the patriot act.

2008 was strike TWO.. A destruction of the financial markets and elimination of anyone in the business who could stand up to demand justice.  All the real wealth of the US was stolen and citizens are left with debt and nothing else. 

See Tim Geithner and  the Goldman Sacs crew.. They derailed any attempt to punish anyone who stole trillions in the engineered collapse. Watching this take place after the fact after predicting it to the month 5 years in advance was one of the more painful experiences of my life.

2015 is strike THREE.. This looks like a total defeat of the USA and a loss of national sovereignty.  Pay VERY CLOSE attention to who steps into power because of what is just ahead. 


Mike King.. Planet Rothschild

Mike King is about as fearless anyone on the net. Good interview.


Markets behaving badly

A decline in the Dow started a week ago and accelerated into the Friday close and so far this morning no signs of a reversal which is out of character with what has been usually a Monday rally after a week like last week.. The markets have reacted like this BEFORE 911 and other major terror events by selling off in front of the event.  A sure sign of foreknowledge.. 

Considering the nasty astro in play on August 4th and situational awareness of how dangerous things are in the middle east it stands to reason to be VERY aware of what the markets are saying. It appears that some very powerful people are preparing to profit from a chaos situation in August. 

Soros henchmen hard at work I see

Meanwhile China is doing the 1987 rumba


Middle finger to Bernays

So many have opinions on why the people of the western world are such morons and believe lies to a degree that is astonishing.. And why is it that something as obvious as the root of the evil as the very structure of the debt money is not seen A system of faith based debt money that has devoured the prosperity of billons yet has remained unchallenged. Why are people so prone to believe that some unseen aliens or a non existent occult organization is the cause when the money is the only obvious motivator for every evil imaginable.  Humm .. ONE WORD ... BERNAYS...  
Maybe better said BECAUSE BERNAYS. Do your own research and it is there for anyone to see. Militarized mass psychology. 

Perception management.. Some call it propaganda.. Go deeper and it is mind control which is carefully crafted to promote a particular belief.. Beliefs of any kind are a way for the masses to be controlled by installing FILTERS to omit specific information. That is the way to manage a mind slave's possibility field. A person who has a belief that a particular piece of evidence is not possible they will do back flips to avoid seeing it.  A keen observer sees it in operation on a mass and personal scale every day.. Present a self evident truth that goes against the belief filters and you get a blank stare. Persist and you get a violent reaction from an ego that is trapped.  A typical mind controlled subject is going to use the phrase YA BUT alot. The BUT is the block. A MENTAL BLOCK. 
LOL.. The term BLOCK HEAD is so funny. That is exactly how mind control works. Belief systems eliminate any information counter to the belief. 

We have about 2% of the population using perception management to control 96% of the public and only about 2% left who are free enough of all beliefs to act as the counter force. We live in a 4D collective time line realty and the minds of the 96% are the battlefield.   If a person attempts to tell a believer they don't need beliefs they react because most people have been tricked into identifying with a belief as a personal savoir archetype .. otherwise known as EGOPHRENIA. A belief is always OUTSIDE of ones observing self and by nature is intangible and need no make logical sense.  
If it was a truth it would not have to be a belief. 
BTW astrology is not a belief the planets are there and have tangible effects but some use it as a belief system usually because they need a supportive structure after believing in FATE. 

So if you are a part of the 2% who are not believers you are the most demonized people on the planet. And anti belief such as atheism is still a belief.. 98% of everyone around you is put off by your very presence as a non believer if it is felt and you will hear the phrase DENIER used a lot. At least now there is not the outright public execution of us .. Oh wait.. Looking out in the distance I can see a bonfire with a stake being lit.. A dungeon is waiting for someone who needs to have a belief system identity installed by force.  An obama Pol Pot style reeducation center is what they plan and they have been saying so in public recently. Who needs torture when big pharma has such great products available so to be kindler and gentler with what used to be just torture? As the absurdity a belief wears thinner the needs of those who have been tricked increases exponentially.  Look at the  human caused climate change believers and see how out of their minds they have become lately because nature is making them liars.  They are perfectly willing to force nature to comply with geo engineering rather than consider their models were off. Zio Christians are perfectly in line with manufacturing a fulfillment of prophecy with Armageddon in play right now. I could go on forever. 

With the Jupiter Neptune opposition in play in September we are going to witness to a spectacle which lends itself to a huge bubble of belief bursting. Those in power have been waiting to put a long planned NEW BELIEF SYSTEM in place as this bubble bursts. 

Addition:   I can see someone else is as annoyed as I am .. LOL mind reader..


Commodity capitulation
Controlled demolition

One side effect of a debt based monetary system is over production of basic materials and raw materials which is usually driven by producers having to service debt before any other consideration. One reason I have stayed away from gold and sliver miners is they are companies that can go bankrupt for reasons other than the amount of gold they can dig.

The state of many producers especially gold and silver is dire. When the production has been forced fed by debt that is a problem for other producers like copper BUT in the case of the gold miners it seems they can sell at current prices all of the physical product they can dig up. Prices on comex for the metals are disconnected from reality because paper metal supply is 100 times larger than the actual physical. My assumption has to be that markets are rigged to produce at rock bottom prices because insiders at the top are loading up on phiz and then selling paper which is a hedged trade. So in simplified terms.. Buy an Oz of real gold and then sell it on paper on comex so no risk as the trade cancels as a wash trade.  The operator has taken possession of the real assets and this is essentially a bet the paper side will eventually default. Controlled demolition in a nutshell. 

The ONLY risk taken on that hedged washed bet as described is if somehow the paper would go way higher than the physical and we know that if that happens it will be only a matter of hours before comex shuts down because a short squeeze will be considered a disorderly condition.  Those who were lazy and just bought on paper will be hung out to dry being unable to cash out and will get hung with it until the lawsuits are settled in 2020 or 2030. I also believe that the long term goal is to crush producers leaving those holding physical with an almost unlimited upside in the longer run. LOL.. This is the way oligarchs do biz. They feast on changing the rules in the middle of the game. They just did this to coal  the last few years and now own a huge amount in the ground just waiting for a rule change after they have it cornered. 


The Shemitah crash that is due to occur in September has been engineered for the last 7 years.  The nature of that beast is to destroy the price of something and be able to buy it up for pennies on the dollar. As of now I am looking at a comex default as the more likely outcome rather than a full blown stock market crash that everyone is looking for. If that comex default happens gold and sliver prices will explode higher in the PHYSICAL ONLY and the paper metal created out of NOTHING will be made worthless because it always was. LOL.. That is the debt forgiveness part of the jubilee year to come where no one in the club will be required to cough up the phiz.. . Keep in mind that gold and sliver will be demonized by the press on such an event and trading in physical even among ourselves will almost certainly be made illegal or taxed in a punitive way. The so called stackers should be aware that they may have a difficult time if they have too high of a percentage of assets tied up and will have issues converting it back to fiat that is needed to buy things like food. 

Being smart is being a person who hedges his bet. Lean too hard in one direction and mr market sees you as fresh meat. There are few places to hide and diversification is required to have any hope of being functional in the aftermath of a crisis.  If comex defaults and physical metal is impossible to obtain then other hard assets would be favored.  Real estate comes to mind and especially food producing land. Companies who own a lot of real estate free and clear would be favored.. (cough mcdonalds) .. Be smart have a lot of eggs in many baskets. 


Induced reincarnation

 A Jeff Rense interview.. This is interesting because I am of the mindset that we are all actually reincarnating in parallel with each other with separate selfs being an illusion. This is a confirmation that it is indeed the case.  In more blunt terms WE ARE ALL THE SAME PERSON INHABITING SEPARATE BODIES.  The joke is on us. This is also in line with the concept of SENSEATES. 

 Nice thoughts on astrology too. 


64 Kennedy Halves

It was 50 years ago today that the silver content of coins was dropped from 90% to 40%. 
The best choice for stackers right now that has a low premium is the 1964 Kennedy half dollar with 90% silver. Worth about 10 bucks now it caries a premium HOWEVER it also is US MINTED which makes it almost impossible for the fed to confiscate.  Silver rounds and bars maybe not as protected because the coins are a very difficult to counterfeit and we can be sure that could be an issue in the future. 

 Anyone who is considering some last minute staking might want to avoid delay. ONLY BUY from a dealer that will ship immediately on a firm quote. There have been many issues with customer service on delayed delivery the last few years. 

 Owning silver coins is INSURANCE and NOT A SPECULATION. I advocate 10% of assets be kept in gold and silver as insurance against fiat currency devaluation. The beauty of it is that even if silver goes down more you will be able to use a temporarily strong dollar to hedge even cheaper against a systemic certainty that fiat money devalues over the long run. 

 And if you think it would just be easier to buy some SLV ETF on Etrade think again. This ETF and GLD also is toxic and will be a huge fail just when you need it.  Just get physical. Oh and also best to bury it in the yard rather than keep it in a bank safety deposit box. 


The Civil war was fought over who prints the money

The issue of slavery was secondary but was a major motivator of the northern population who needed to have a moral reason to fight and finance the war.  One thing we know is the federal gov would never make it known to the people that the war was strictly about who could print the money. It turns out the issuance of confederate money started BEFORE the first shot was fired. Go figure some things never change all wars are bankers wars and for the same reason it seems.  

 Also not well known is this was part of a ploy by Rothschild to finance both sides because he was upset at Andrew Jackson tossing him out. After the war started Lincoln was offered usurious rates which he declined. He printed greenbacks instead which were the same kind of script the confederates were not allowed to use. Lincoln paid for it with his life just as other presidents have when they printed fiat money outside of the confines of central banking which was backed by gold back then. 

So the attacks on the flag of the south in vogue now are bogus at best. The real reason to demonize what had been an accepted part of history up till this year is the south was willing to fight to preserve the right of self determination. Setting the south back on it's heals now keeps the lid on the rather large population of southerners who still are unhappy about losing their freedom.  Making the stars and bars only about slavery is moronic 

 The north did NOT free the slaves until it was part of a military strategy.. The war had been a stalemate for years and more men were not easy to find so Lincoln finally relented and allowed the slaves many of which had escaped north to fight. The emancipation of slaves was declared to make it possible to be soldiers. As I have learned the north wanted to ship the slaves back to Africa after the war but after they became soldiers that became impractical. 

 Guess you can see that the founding fathers are being smeared now too. In fact anyone who has stood up to tyranny down through history is being painted black. <sarc>  



So while we are worried about to grill or not to grill the country is swallowed up in a sea of crime that is as big as the seven seas. It would take a short novel every day to post the details of what goes on. Probably the best site on the net giving a minute by minute reporting in real time is Mike Rivero's site Hat tip Mike your site is the net equivalent to the library of Alexandria. 

I see at least someone else knows what the cure is.

What they need is a good dose of Ayahuasca,  which is why it is banned. The Left brain knows that Ayahuasca will be fatal to its power, and is terrified.


Male Feminist
A walking talking oxyMORON

Ok Guys NO WIN SITUATION. I was always the grill man not because I wanted to but because wifey MADE ME even when it was snowing. "Get the Fk out there on the deck  and fire it up we are hungry and shovel while you are at it".. LOL Is true. I flipped burgers in 20 degree snowstorms on many an occasions. GOD I feel so guilty.  I think the problem is I enjoyed that and it made me want to beat my chest and yell a war chant.. I will remember not to enjoy it ever again.

Guys it is going to get worse before it gets better. Before this wave of insane PC runs its course it maybe is best to wear a titanium cup just in case. Righty and lefty will appreciate that they are officially an enemy of the state now. And if you have any metrosexual feminist "guy" friends  please please do them a favor and kick those guys in the balls for me. They will appreciate it as therapy and as a side benefit they wont have to reproduce if you do your job. 


Treated like a retarded child

Ok Mr john Q public you are not even allowed to know what is in your food. Ya know to KEEP YOU SAFE and all that. This is against the will of 90% of the public but apparently congress knows what is good for you being so obviously more intelligent than us mere cattle.

Dead men die twice.  Just like in the movies.

Oh an how convenient just a few days after the gun grabbers went after granny having a gun to protect herself.. A 68 YO white old guy shoots up a theater. See See .. those old white guys are dangerous. 

 I have been pointing out the connection with markets being in a dangerous technical position and mass shootings coincidence and once again we see a market coming off a low this morning. BTW the algorithms that do all the trading now are programmed to BUY on news that is bloody as in BUY WHEN THERE IS BLOOD IN THE STREETS.


Mirage Men pt 2
7/23 2015

A few weeks ago I posted a link to the movie MIRAGE MEN playing on netflix. Very entertaining and very much insight about how disinfo is done.  I am bringing this back up because I am really fed up with what passes for truth these days. 
I am not happy because I have skin this game on a professional level and have put my money where my mouth is about the reality of spiritual truths taking much effort.  Those who have  been making it almost impossible for a newbie to find much sensible information are working directly against my purpose.. The greatest truths are very simple and at the same time very difficult to live. A great example is the book FOUR AGREEMENTS..  
LOL Not a good selling point to require work in a world used to the easy answers.  Getting people to take the bait like Pavlov's dog is very easy when it is replicated endlessly on so many sites and even when exposed as total shit it still comes back in newer venues. I am amazed at the back flips used to avoid seeing fraud that I find on so many popular site comment sections. 

 Here is an idea for newbies. If a writer lies EVEN ONCE that is once too many and everything else posted is contaminated. Most popular sites these days are authored by people who use a fake name so there ya go. 

Found this rebuttal in the comment section of a semi popular web site. 
Maybe a little harsh but all of us who love truth can share this guys annoyance. 

I use astrology because I have proved it to myself FIRST. I did 22 years of research BEFORE I started my site and that involved 10s of thousands of hours of HARD WORK. I took nothing for granted when I started and after all that work I found that 90% of what were considered astrological insights written in books were not actionable at all.  Yep looked good on paper.. very bad in the acct statement. My work stood on it's own merit for the entire time that I was posting freely about my methods on the net prior to 2009.  I proved out to the most skeptical of crowds who used my work in trading. I earned my way into the big leagues and I would suggest to people seeking truth that you want to learn from only people who are EXPERIENCED and were motivated by a love of their craft.  People like that are not just marketing a product and you can tell by the way they write. Fact is my work was never easy it required a user of my newsletter to put effort in at learning enough to get the terminology and have a basic idea of the cosmology behind why astrology works. 



"He took a face from the ancient gallery and walked on down the hall"
... Jim Morrison

I have written recently about astrological twins born within a few hours of each other. I believe the physical likeness of dopplegangers is also connected to astrological factors such as sun moon ascendant similarity.  This is 12 x 12  sun moon combinations = 144 types and 12 ascendants we see in the outer expression. 

 Of my known astro twins I have a strongest resemblance to Gerry Beckley the founder of the band America.   Although I don't have his time of birth it is very likely he has a Capricorn rising like I have.


Ghost Army

Lost to other more heroic tales of ww2 is one of the more effective ways the war was won.. It is known as the ghost army 
There is a film now playing on netflix about this and is well worth watching. 

By way of deception eh? Consider that the ghost army was straight was out of Hollywood and anyone with a brain can see there is still a ghost army but not a USA run one. Something to consider before we conclude that the NWO is a done deal.. Might just be a little man behind a curtain and not what it seems.  Maybe the troupe of crisis actors is part of it. Indeed the art of bluffing and Hollywood magic seems a perfect pairing.

Consider that the ww2 effort was 70 years ago and how far the technology of deception has evolved. Sandy Hook?  Boston..  They have to keep those guys in work don't ya know. In ww2 they were moved around constantly to convince the enemy they were 1000 times bigger than the few hundred that just moved props around. 

So an astute observer trying to figure out why so many operations seemed to be run by the three stooges might be correct in thinking it may very well be true. 


The Donald is a Trojan horse

I think the guy is entertaining.  But the guy has made his fortune using massive amounts of fiat slave certificates borrowed from counterfeiters and we are supposed to believe he is somehow for the people?  When I hear him  talk about taking control of the money printing mechanics I will pay attention.  Till then it is just entertainment watching him rub the republicans noses in their own excrement. In some ways Trump is a lot like Hitler in skill sets and history is humming a rhyme isn't it? 

In my view the 2016 election so far is only about us peeps choosing the window dressing on the good ship U.S.S. We Be Fked.  It does make sense however with the installing of government above the will of the people as a division of a single corporation that a true capitalist like Trump would be one choice.  If not the Donald it will be some other with the same "qualifications". Mit still has a half billion in his war chest left over from 2012 so he might allow himself to be drafted after Trump destroys the horde of monkeys flinging dung at each other that we have been subjected to so far.  

The other choice is headed up by Bernie Sanders.. If we don't like a pure corptocrasy style we can go commie light..  Hellary is going to dumped like the cheap hoe she is because she has no real support beyond gender fascists who vote with their vagina.  Right now Sanders seems the higher odds of the 2016 Dem outcome considering well over 1/2 of the country is taking handouts to survive and they will vote to keep them. 

There is an X factor if someone brave enough shows up to do it. As of the moment I don't see anyone but Jesse Ventura who is tough enough to take on a fight against both sides  that is required.  We have a role model of sorts in Vlad Putin but he only emerged AFTER a collapse not before it and all things considered that may be the case before November 2016. As of this moment I don't plan to burn even a single calorie of energy voting unless I see a candidate that is interested in preserving our nationality and culture.  I would vote for someone who will bend to the will of the only people who count..  as in the TAXPAYERS. The founding fathers set up a republic which only allowed people to vote who were expected to PAY FOR the decisions of the three branches of  REPRESENTATIVE government.  Democracy as it has evolved the last 100 years is simply mob rule. If there was ever a time to restore the republic it is now as 10s of millions of non citizens are flooding in and are about to vote Americans right out of power permanently. 


Tin Foil Hat

LOL..  A selfie from a few years ago.

There are few people who are in the know about crimes against the people from all the way back in the 1990s who were not traders.. We were on the front lines saying what we saw at a time when the destruction of our way of life was still reversible.  Many of us have spent the last 15 years plus raising hell about what we see as treason and crimes against humanity.  Others who are lazy don't bother to use two brain cells to learn about it and if there is any consolation for us it will be  watching when the truth comes on like a rash for the pack of lemmings.

History will be kind to us few who held the globalists off so long.. If we had not been stout resistance defeat would have been right after 911. The enablers of treason not so much...  I suspect future generations will be spitting on the graves of the engineers of this mess for 100s of years. 

At the risk of sounding smug WE TOLD YA SO


Worse than Treason

Vid Reb is about as good at hitting em where it hurts than anyone out there right now.  Globalists by definition are not loyal to the citizens or respect their rights in the USA.. 
That is why they call themselves GLOBALISTS right??

The Trans Pacific Partnership has been approved by the traitors in Washington. It passed at a time when there was a controversy about the Confederate flag which symbolized slavery in the US. Yet the TPP treaty has been amended to exclude the right of countries like America to refuse products from nations which use slave labor in their making.  Nor would we be allowed to either refuse or to even label food that was Genetically Modified. Or products which were produced under conditions that did egregious harm to the environment. In short it eliminated America as a nation state. The TTIP treaty does the same for Britain and Europe.

The TPP allows corporations to bring in foreign workers to replace native born Americans over and above our laws. Most Americans know that there are not many jobs out there. David Stockman said we worked 194 billion hours in 1997 and still worked that same number of hours in 2013. That explains the Obamacare rule forcing employers to cut hours worked from full time to part time to avoid paying for health insurance. By cutting hours worked 20%, we can increase the number of workers 25%. This makes it look like people have jobs.


Snake bit

Ok so you are walking in the woods and out of nowhere you feel a sharp pain in you leg. Oh no I got bit by a snake.  Quick get me to the hospital.. Thanks to modern medicine you wont loose your leg .... BUT you WILL LOSE YOUR SHIRT.

And notice on the bill where it says FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY?? 
Really??   They have a nerve to use that word responsibility and then post a bill like this. Sadly it seems almost everyone not a billionaire should go to a local Boy scout who has been trained in snakebite skills and not even think of a hospital. Flip him a couple of hundreds..  take the 150K and retire. Heck that is 5 years pay for most Americans. Even if you limp around you will feel like a million bucks. 


Militarized Water

 Americans do not grasp that they are living in the middle of a battlefield.

This goes way further than just the fluoride problem. What is described in the above is a means of targeting individual households with worse than that.  Poisoning wells is a very old military tactic and ignoring it is unwise to say the least. When it became popular to avoid drinking tap water the bottles for the water some how leached out a hormone mimicking chemical that gives drinkers a shot of estrogen.  Might explain why there has been such an increase in gay men starting about the time that bottled water was introduced. Most people do not know but our congress passed a law a few years ago that allows fluoride to be added to bottled water WITHOUT A LABEL. Ya know it for the kids teeth no child left behind and all that. .. Another thing that most Americans DO NOT KNOW is the vast majority of public water is OWNED by companies outside of the USA and most are German owned.  Guess what.. water is NOT fluoridated in Germany.


Devils breath

A perfect name for a perfect treatment for the inhabitants of the reeducation camps being readied for business in the near future.

The aurora shooter fits the symptoms of having been dosed. 
Sirhan Sirhan also?? .  Mark David Chapman? And come to think of it CONGRESS?? 

So this has been around a while but what just happened is the FDA approved it.. OOOOOKKKAY... The FDA has at least the illusion of approving drugs that are SAFE AND CONSIDERED EFFECTIVE.  Historically this drug is proven to be DANGEROUS maybe as dangerous as anything not a lethal poison.. Oh!! and the consideration of being effective maybe has to be EFFECTIVE AT WHAT.  MY theory is it is very effective at putting otherwise normal people in a position to do something to be put on film and then to be blackmailed. There are lurid stories floating around regarding that sort of thing. 

 And think about this. If the FDA would approve this drug then what about all the other drugs they have approved. Maybe one of the most blatant examples of militarized medicine in your face. 


Even a cave man could understand

Wow this looks very professional to me. Please click the link at least to see the chart which is proof enough that ancient people knew what astrology was and had already figured out the orbits were ROUND.

Imagine my frustration when there were 100s of times more people who grasped astrology in 1970 than do now. In fact even 100 years ago anyone who considered themselves to be of superior intellect understood basic astrology because it was passed down from the wisest of men down through the ages. JP Morgan himself had a constant companion Evangeline Adams who was one of the top astrologers in the world at the time.

I do know about the late J.P. Morgan’s belief in astrology, because – well, because I taught it to him.  I read his horoscope many times, and furnished him during the last years of his life a regular service, explaining the changing position of the planets and their probable effect on politics, business, and the stock market.  No further proof of his interest in the science is required beyond the fact that he renewed this service from year to year.

I have been to the JP Morgan museum in NYC and it features a room with a domed ceiling with astrological paintings on it.  


Not so sharp

OMG what will the global warming cult come up with to top this one

Sharpton said, “it [climate change] is an issue of justice, and it is an issue of human rights. African-Americans are at a higher risk of being close, or predisposed to areas of carbon, as well as other poisonous pollution in the air. And we have a disproportionate interest because we suffer disproportionately.”

Ok lets review..  Carbon a POISON??  ummm.. We are carbon based life forms the last time I checked and ALL LIFE on the planet is carbon based. Does Al want to be free of carbon (life) so much he would have his "flock" avoid it by leading his people to the desert where there is the least amount of carbon. I guess he will have to count on manna  from heaven for food there..  Alas manna has carbon in it too or else it would NOT BE FOOD. 

Making a problem that does not exist into a boogie man is so war on terror is it not? 
Is the original sin taking a first breath? How bout animals do they sin too?

Does it disturb you that the pope is all in with this cult knowing that the church was directly responsible for the ignorance of the dark ages.. Ignorance is contagious.  There is a pandemic of ignorance now and it seems like it is incurable. 


3 types of telepathy

A rare article from reality sandwich that I find readable. The web site and the organization evolver had such promise at one time but seemed to me became the exclusive territory of New York style intellectualists since about 2012.  I rarely see any mention of how to do something about the criminal takeover of the country which is telling. A clear bias in social issues leaning left of the left and without much concept of what is right of left of left. Maybe is just a reflection of the 40 something's that dominate the place. The site is worth checking every so often for gems like this below.


 Hotel California

You can check out but you can never leave. 


Thick as a brick

 "And your wise men don't know how it feels to be THICK AS A BRICK"
.......... Jethro Tull.

Coming in the near term is the carbon credit economy and carbon based money. The wet dream of Al Gore that was delayed because of the election fraud in 2000. Funny there is always a silver lining if one pays attention long enough. The last peak in temps in 1998 has long passed and the credibility of global warming agenda was trashed back in 2007 by actual weather so it was rebranded as climate change right after that.  
LOL.. stating the obvious eh? 

I think that it is a given that the engineers of the carbon based money system have known all along that the solar cycle is going into a very specific period of low activity starting around 2010 which ALWAYS results in significant COOLING. The opportunist Gore was trying to get in front of that natural and PREDICTABLE cycle and be able to claim it was he who saved the planet from warming but it is too late for that now if any more time passes.  This scheme has to be done deal NOW or it is too late to fool anyone. 

 A recent participant in a climate change meeting who is concerned about geo-engineering.

I personally don't have a strong opinion on chemtrails and haarp.  I have such a cynical view of things in general now it has me considering that chemtrails at lower levels of the atmosphere maybe are used to keep the temps up and hold off the onset of dramatic cooling long enough to get the grand scheme in place  Just under the wire in September I might add..  LOL.. Then all kinds of protests will be funded to stop the geo engineers and when they remove the warm blanket of the lower level chemtrails a precipitous decline in as short as a year into self reinforcing cold occurs.  Winters like we have not seen since the maunder minimum. 

Cold kills civilizations. Cold causes populations to collapse. Warming periods produce an overshoot in population when food production is easy.. This change in climate from warm to cold has happened before and those in control have known it the entire time. In an ice age there is no where to run except underground so maybe we topsiders will get a grip before it is too late. My estimation of how bad is it will be is nasty enough to cut the population down to the 500 million "sustainable" number as is stated on the guidestones.


37 million problem

Cheaters web site Ashley Madison has been hacked.. LOL Go figure.. I would think that 37 million Americans FINALLY understand now that nothing they do (or dont do) is safe from prying eyes.  37 mil MORE Americans also know they can be subjected to blackmail right now also.  This hack has come AFTER the hacking of adult friend finder so any "thinking" person would have already been aware they were vulnerable.  AM was so kind to allow customers to "delete" their account for only 19.95 to protect themselves but that was an illusion as it it turns out.. Maybe now the 37 mil. understand that when ever you use the cashless banking system you are duly noted as to what when and why you spend every cent.  LOL "what's in your wallet"?  YOUR MASTER. 

The AM web site is run by the usual suspects take the time to goog who runs it. My assumption is the facebook for cheaters venture was always about blackmail with an illusion of providing a service to cheaters..  The owners of this country are collecting all your data for a reason and that is THEY ARE PROTECTING THEMSELVES from anyone who speaks up against them. Probably 95% of the country has vulnerability in some way or another with evidence already in the wrong hands so none of those people are going to EVER put up any resistance. 

Cultivating immorality and then blackmailing a person over dirty deeds is kinda the oldest trick in the book.  

Trading tip.. Go long divorce lawyers.



Our friends.. the Greeks..  woke up to an increase in the VAT tax today.  

A type of consumption tax that is placed on a product whenever value is added at a stage of production and at final sale. Value-added tax (VAT) is most often used in the European Union.

The Greeks are lab rats for the monetary and social experimenters of the EU in an attempt to see how far they can send a population into poverty without inducing mass suicide.  A VAT is seen at retail but it has hidden itself in other stages of production along the way before it even gets to shelves and is EXTREMELY INFLATIONARY for the end price consumer. Without an unlimited supply of money to spend the higher retail prices will cut actual consumption and everyone along the supply chain looses sales of goods.  EXCEPT for the tax man he already gets his cut even if a product rots on the shelf unsold.  I consider it a snake that eats its own tail. This is HUGELY REGRESSIVE TAX.   

I can assure you the USA will be attempting to put a VAT in as early as next year to take effect AFTER January 2017.  This is going to be part of a new paradigm that requires every dollar spent to be counted as a potential sin against the earth in the form of carbon emissions.  Expect retail prices to climb as much as 30-50% as every stage of production is taxed not unlike compound interest. Oh and don't expect that a VAT will replace the income tax Europe has BOTH.  


WTF .. 
What are other astrologers looking at

I catch some astrological posts at popular sites from time to time. I don't go out of my way because I don't get it what they are looking at.  An example is no one I read in November of 2014 picked up on the VERY exact alignment that turned out to be hugely destructive to the majority of humans on this planet.  I believe that is because they DO NOT BOTHER TO LOOK AT THE CHART they LOOK AT A LIST of astrological phenomena which is not going to speak to them. 

Here is a snap shot of a VERY IMPORTANT DAY JUST AHEAD. 

I have my astro clock seen above set up with color coding to make the hard angle alignments stand out as RED and PINK. The pink are what are considered 'minor' aspects less important than the RED which are major aspects.  Based on observation over many years the pink may be minor but when they are exact they do as much influencing as a major aspect. 

A nasty deflation episode started last year when SATURN was at a 45 degree angle with PLUTO and 135 to Uranus. The second time the Saturn Pluto semisquare was exact was a few weeks ago in June and the last exact semisquare of the three is just now getting into orb and will be exact on 8/13.  This really nasty energy is going to max out for the last time around August 4th because it will be tangled up with other faster moving planets in an exact way. Being able to see this chart for it's importance is routine for me but other astrologers don't seem to see what is obvious. I guess I am old school I never miss these types of events in the sky and my entire career success in astro finance was based on my NOT missing this sort of thing when most others did. 

August 4th 2015.  Venus and Jupiter in exact conjunction and exactly squared Saturn and 135 degrees to Pluto.. This says ECONOMIC FASCISM TO ME.  Venus having to do with VALUE tells me monetary policy and valuation of currency is front and center. Knowing what this looks like very far in advance using my tools is one reason I have been warning people about August all year. This looks like a 2x4 to the head of the economy to me. The last big wave of deflation from this astro is a bit like the tide going out before a tsunami.  Best to not go out on the beach picking up shells at a time like that.  VERY LIKELY in this window on the timeline that TPP and the other forms of economic fascism will be set in stone as world governance. You Mr. Joe public will be hard pressed to learn about it at least not until the rest of the drama plays out in September. 


Hopi are NOT so hopey now

One of the biggest reasons I spent time at the serpent mounds in Ohio at the end of the Mayan calendar in 2011 was this prophecy. I have huge respect for meso Americans who knew how to live in this land and hardly left a trace behind. I saw 11/11/11 as the start of what they call the 5th world and 4 years later it becomes more obvious every day.

Many will appear to have lost their souls in these final days. So intense will the nature of the changes be that those who are weak in spiritual awareness will go insane, for we are nothing without spirit. They will disappear, for they are just hollow vessels for any thing to use. Life will be so bad in the cities that many will choose to leave this plane, some in whole groups.

Only those who return to the values of the old ways will be able to find peace of mind. For in the Earth we shall find relief from the madness that will be all around us. It will be a very hard time for women with children for they will be shunned, and many of the children in these times will be unnatural. Some being from the Stars, some from past worlds, some will even be created by man in an unnatural manner and will be soulless. Many of people in this time will be empty in Spirit they will have Sampacu. No life force in their eyes.

Many things will begin to occur that will not make sense, for reality will be shifting back in and out of the dream state. There will be many doorways to the lower world that will open at this time. Things long forgotten will come back to remind us of our past creations. All living things will want to be present for this day when time ends, and we enter the forever cycle of the Fifth World.


Max pain

If its a Monday it is a day that the price of gold and silver is under attack. The deflation episode that has done so much damage is the thanksgiving 2014 astro event that coincided with the Saudi's pulling the rug out from under oil prices.  Those aspects are still playing out  as a wave of deflation until October when there will be an all clear.

Episodes like this usually end one of two ways.. A petering out with no sellers left or a grand climax. In the case of the metals I see a need to reach max pain before any meaningful support will be found.  I see max pain at 12 an oz for silver and 1000 an oz for gold. I believe we see that in August which is a seasonal low a lot of years. There are a lot of reasons I see August as a significant event as well if you have been reading here for any time. 

The paper price and physical price are not that different right now.  Many weak hands who have held physical metals from way higher prices using borrowed money are being squeezed mercilessly.  As they say BUY WHEN THERE IS BLOOD IN THE STREETS.  The metals WILL hold purchasing power on a longer time frame. The issue is what is ones time horizon.. 1 year? 4 years? A few decades?  I have maintained a public position that people would be well served to have 10% of assets in PHYSICAL metals and in an ironic twist a decline of the magnitude we have seen requires ADDING to the number of ounces to maintain that 10%. ...  Just saying. 



Humm.. This was going around over the weekend  and it made me wonder

Ok so at first glance this is alarming and can easily be taken as a threat to many activist types. The problem is the definition of LOYALTY TO THE UNITED STATES. Is that loyalty to the PEOPLE? Or is it loyalty to the SYSTEM? The difference being as big as the grand canyon. 

One thing we do know is that a huge amount of the upper tier of the current government and controlling interests in the corporations that sponsor those people are DUEL CITIZENS. Is Clark really talking about THEM??  This group has been responsible for such things as the lies that took us into a war for the benefit of the country they hold citizenship in.  How bout the people who engineered the financial collapse in 2008 forcing a taxpayer bailout to benefit banks operating outside of the USA?  I could go on all day with examples. 

 In times not far in the past the behavior we have ALREADY SEEN from duel citizens in high places would be considered treason against the PEOPLE.  Manipulating the elections in an attempt to put cronies in power to serve the interests of a foreign power is also treason.  And come to think of it down through history that same group has been tossed out of 500 counties in 2000 years for the exact type of behavior we have ALREADY SEEN in the USA. 

So what is it Wesley?   The PEOPLE?? or THE SYSTEM..  If it is the system we are supposed to be loyal to then we do NOT live in a free country because we are subservient to a foreign power who controls our elections by fraud and owns the worlds money and counterfeits it at will.  


Patrick Wood interview

This is a test.. A test of your willingness to be informed about what has happened to the USA and the entire world having been overrun by technocracy starting back in the 1970s.  This guy knows exactly what has happened and has documented the evidence in as an  astute an articulation as I have ever seen.

This is three hours.. It will melt the brains of the faint of heart. See if you can pass the test and get through the entire video and please you don't have to do it in one sitting. 



From Jeff Berwick and Dollar Vigilante. This is HEROIC on Jeffs' part. 

This is ULTRA IMPORTANT. The secret here has not been known outside of a select few insiders until last year when BELIEVE IT OR NOT the fundamentalist Christian Dominionists let the cat out of the bag to the public.  They are associating the end of the  Shemitah on 9/13 with the so called second coming. 

This is a 1000s year old Jewish calendar cycle that is used to coordinate their widespread Greater Israel empire building. What is obvious now is a 7 year "itch" that seems to cause the repeating economic crisis around the world like clockwork. They CRASH THINGS ON PURPOSE then pick up the assets for pennies on the dollar. Go back and look as far as the eye can see it has been going on. 

The banking families who have been behind all this for a LONG TIME are Talmudic Jews for the most part. There are lackeys and wannabes too. They control the money magik because they PRINT IT out of thin air and the control expansion and contraction of the supply of money to the economy. The Shemitah cycle is a reaping year for them. HAHAHA .. Blankfiens GOD'S WORK in a nutshell. 

The emperor has no clothes. ARE WE GOING TO ACT LIKE SITTING DUCKS AND LET THIS GO ANY FURTHER?.. The entire monetary system is a CON GAME that is designed to make us PREDATORY and is the root of almost ALL HUMAN VS HUMAN conflict.  The system is designed to produce SHORTAGE and HUMAN MISERY for the benefit of the self proclaimed chosen people. I have Jewish friends and when I tell them they are allowing themselves to be set up as villains their eyes glaze over. They are almost all innocent bystanders the ones I know... A LOT like the Jews who were locked up in the holocaust.  I BEG THEM TO GET A GRIP. 

 The end game is at hand. What is happening in Greece is a test.. Call it a LIVE DRILL. A means of gauging a reaction to the harsh reality of what has happened to us being made SLAVES of the masters who print the money. I fully expect that on or within a few days of SEPTEMBER 13th we will be informed about how real that slavery really is. I also expect this is going to come in with a scripted threat to all of mankind ahead of it in AUGUST that will soften up the populous for world government. Should the people resist there will be COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT to break any resistance.  Treated like GAZANS. 

There is a FLIP SIDE. This particular Shemitah ending on 9/13 is also a start of a  JUBLILEE YEAR. A biblical new year that is supposed to be a once every 49 year DEBT FORGIVENESS YEAR.  

NOW IS THE TIME to demand they do what their own religion is instructing them to do.  No MORE of them forgiving only themselves and enslaving the rest of us with unpayable debt. If we do not make them do it NOW they will not just like during the 1966-1967 Jewish calendar year which was the last jubilee year before this one.  The future for the next 50 years is at stake. PAY ATTENTION. 


High heat

High heat is a baseball term. It is rising fastball up in strike zone that is really hard to get around on.  So it turns out we got the cosmic equivalent today as an asteroid is passing us by and we are not going to plant it in stands but have it wizz by our collective heads. A SHAME.. Just a little pine tar and a more late breaking spin and it could have landed on DC.. We would all be rich and free at the same time.  STREEEERIKE THREE.. Bwaaa. Boooo.

Umpire hellary makes the call.. Math challenged third strike. Of course WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE. Yur OUT says cross-eyed Mary!!


Ring True

Most people do not know that they have ESP. They use it all day long without knowing what it is. These gifts are subtle and they get overwhelmed by the noise of the lower mind. Most people also do damage to those gifts by not understanding how what is considered everyday acts can damage them.  The biggest thing people do to hurt themselves is to LIE. If you deny the truth to others by lying you deny the truth to yourself by confusing your own natural ESP.  An average person tells a thousand lies a day by force of habit only knowing a fraction of them to be lies. Many people are very crafty by omitting information to cause others to have a false impression and that is also LYING. This is maybe is a greater disservice to ones self than to tell an outright lie to another. LIE ENOUGH and it is like putting a trash can on your head. . The louder a liar screams the louder the echo of his own words is. Liars have denied themselves the ability to sense the quantum information field around them. 

The other type of lie people do all day is lie to ones self in the form of BELIEFS.  A belief is by definition a lie which is a convenient way to avoid dealing with an unknown. BELIEFS are at the root of almost everything that is wrong in the greater world today. How many 100s of millions have died in the last hundred years over wars to enforce a belief on others. I consider belief systems to be an unspeakable root of evil. A truth stands on its own merit and requires no belief. 

BTW astrology is NOT a belief system. Astrology is the way the universe works. When someone tells me "I don't believe in astrology" it makes me want to roll on the floor laughing. Hey at least they got one thing right about belief even if it is not their intention. The biggest problem with astrology is most astrologers have not mastered themselves with enough working ESP so even to a normal person they sense something is off.  

The easiest extrasensory skills to recognize are higher octaves of sound and sight. 
People can understand the visual part as in seeing with the mind it is the state you go into when you are daydreaming. Those blips of information that spark in the mind is your visual ESP. The sound skill is not as easy it has to do with hearing a harmony OR the discordant note in another's words. Someone who speaks truth will RING TRUE.. Many people can hear when something is off but they do not recognize that as auditory ESP.. This is like hearing a note out of place in a song. The notes also have a beat and the space between the notes has a huge amount of information in it as well. A person who lies by omission has lost the beat of truth and another can tell that something is missing. This is why a liar often hesitates and says um and other forms of needing to refer back to what information is being hidden so they don't spill the beans inadvertently. 

So if you want to recover your higher lost skills to reliable use YOU HAVE TO BE HONEST FIRST and OVER TIME the echo of your own thoughts will dissipate and the subtle information field will get loud enough to be a constant still small voice of truth. The more a person practices truth the more CLEAR everything becomes. 

What is said.. and what is NOT said is equally meaningful
What happens and what does NOT happen is equally meaningful

An evolved person handles all four observational skills at the same time and equally.
A purposely evil person cannot handle juggling what is not said and what does not happen well which is a way for an evolved person to see who they are.  If we are EVER going to rid ourselves of the psychopathic liars that have taken control of this world we have to start with recovering our true senses.  LOL.. those old sayings "recovering your senses"  or "coming to your senses" has a lot of wisdom eh? 

The TRUTH is SIRIUS Business. 
"and I don't need to see anymore to know I can read your mind"


TWA 800

I was able to get online in early 1996. I refused to use AOL previous to that time. 
The site started in January and by mid year I had almost a hundred subscribers in only a few months of offering the service. I hung out online at a trader forum called Avid Trader which was cutting edge because of the people who inhabited it. There were old salts there who helped us younger guys to see what was what. 

 In July 96 we had Clinton on the ropes and a market that had traced out a topping pattern. The market was primed for a big down stroke from a July high and had that occurred Bubba would have been a one termer. One July 16th the selloff started mid day and was as fast as any decline intraday had been since 1987. Almost like magic the crashy looking move reversed mid day and the old salts at Avid were razing the roof about the plunge protection boys at the fed directly buying up 30K big S&P contracts on the low.  That was unprecedented amount of money all at one time which blew the market back up to unch. You could call it the first stick save I experienced in up close and personal with live data. A lot of bear blood spilled that day. While we were still complaining about cheating the next day an event occurred...  TWA 800. 

Today is a special anniversary of that event. The lunar node cycle is 18.6 years but every 19 years BOTH the sun and moon are located in the same sign placement and degree on the same calendar date.  I have done research on this cycle and it DOES have a very strong tendency to see events that rhyme a LOT .  So TODAY 7/17/2015 is a day we can look for that rhyming. If a plane goes down it is not going to be surprising to me. 
 ALSO NOTE that one year ago to the day MH17 was shot down.  Yep history rhymes and astrological cycles are the reason. 

TWA 800 incident looked to me like it was known in advance. The aborted market crash the day before spoke of foreknowledge by someone in a very high place. If we consider the usual suspects TWA 800 was made to look like a terrorist attack that would require Clinton to engage in a war to avenge it.  The problem is Clinton did back flips to avoid calling it a terrorist attack even to a point of the explanations being ridiculous. My theory is that the market move preceding it was sniffed out in real time and was NEGATED from the whitehouse which would explain the reversal. Had this event gone as planned it would have been 911 and would have gotten the war on terror started 5 years early.


The meme war is 
seeping into everything

I see what is going on and not just in markets.. ALL RESISTANCE IS TO BE DESTROYED. The level of bullshit on the in alt press is reaching jet engine loud too. 
As I noted a month or so ago about the appearance that Alex Jones might really be Bill Hicks  it seems like a setup to destroy any public creditability of ALL alt sites in one fell swoop. It appears to me that many of the top dogs are doing curious things now as if to make fun of anyone with a fucking brain that comes to their sites. It was bad enough with all the galactic history stuff and alien stories right out of start trek this last year but then we have the FLAT EARTH shit being pushed and the good old standby about how we never went to the moon being recycled every week. It is getting thick like hardening cement I tell ya. And if you popular high traffic guys don't like what I say? All talk. No solutions No action.. What am I supposed to think after years and years of the reading the same posts over and over again from you guys.  I read the comments sections on many sites and I have to say that I have seen NO PROGRESS in getting very many people to understand even the simplest of truths. The so called new age mindset being promoted now is waaaaay more convoluted than even the most ridiculous types of fundamentalist belief screed. It is in fashion now on popular sites to believe even gravity is not real. Is everyone nutz?? Or is there an attempt to make it that way? Hummm. 

This turn of events upsets me because I love the truth and have been painstaking all my life NOT to tell stories that I can not back up 100% with evidence. My ideas which are the result of RESEARCH get no traction in an environment like we are in now.  I have to face it the truth is BORING.. It requires STUDY and time. THAT is why the river of bullshit is going into flood stage right now because the easy answer that requires nothing but believing is what appeals to people.  Specifically this meme war seems to me designed to drown out the last few voices of reason ahead of the giant mindfuck ahead.. I intend to be last man standing if I have too. 


September is bear season

So about those markets. Seems to me everyone is leaning in the same direction. Crash talk has never been higher in my experience. So far my read of a 10% correction off the highs has come to pass but the timing of the low is off which makes me believe we have to see a test of the recent low in mid August. That test could have a big tail day mini crash look generated by an EVENT to set a low in place that would be considered impossible to break NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IN SEPTEMBER. 

The same guys who told you to buy silver at 50 using a credit card are telling you the stock market is going to crash in September.. Blind squirrels?  Doubling down on a busted methodology? 

Be CAREFUL THIS SEPTEMBER IS BEAR SEASON. If things play out as usual when Mr Market makes the most people wrong as is his habit then the odds favor a crash higher not lower. I am NOT saying go long on US stocks as I don't see a reason at least in USA  for stocks to perform well over the medium term compared to places like China. An experienced trader has the skill to fade the crowd on short term trades without too much risk but that is professional level well beyond what we think of as INVESTOR. The current environment is designed to make almost everyone who is not an insider wrong. 

My timeline work is based on my gauging the probability field ahead using every tool I have access to. My methods are NOT just astrological. I do NOT see the timeline as FATE. The further out on the timeline into the "future" the greater the probability field grows as if it is a cone shaped field. The closer to the present the narrower the possibility field becomes and ONLY in the PRESENT does it become set in stone. 


Mooney Magik
You might want to bookmark this one

It is MOONey because you have to be unconscious and believe in moon magic to understand it.
The main site is really good. I suggest spending some time there. 

This post relevant to our times. Pass it on to your Greek friends.

“The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away from them the power to create money and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.” — Josiah Stamp Former Director of the Bank of England


There is no ap for that

I have written about the deal between HEART MATH and AOL last year.. I consider it an attempt to hack the human heart. As if it was not enough to just track you like a stray dog even the most basic use of your technology is now being profiled. Heck even if you DON'T use it it is profiled. 

Sooo. Let me see to what use would that info on depression be? If you understand the agenda it is clear that anyone who is unhappy with the way things are is eventually going to be put in a reeducation camp to learn how to be happy again. Think that is out of line to say??
This is a clip from 1982. Ayers was the collectivist guru for many of the neocon dems in power now. When I labeled Obama the new POL POT in 2008 I was serious.  


the eyes.. THE EYES

Headline pic on drudge today. Do I see slits for pupils there? Also is this a shot of deep inside the devils ass? I would add in a peaked black with paint had but would not to scare the little kids. Maybe she is just jealous of Blythe Masters in the chase for most evil woman who ever lived?  It is close.. 

Drudge was full of fun stuff today.. I have to keep up with the propaganda machine somehow and  is one stop shopping there most days.. Separated at birth?? 

Oh and we have to a Bruce moment everyday there too. Oh sorry Siri says Katlyn.
Apparently ESPN.. A Disney owned network found it impossible to find anyone else heroic in sports than her/him/it? 

 Hey she wants to be a girl so I have a right to examine her as one.. Nice cleavage.. Kinda needs work on those lips maybe a bit more red and a smear like she just did a BJ. Man she grows hair fast nice touch with the do over the shoulder. Those shoulders do have a bit broad Michele look too maybe consult her production people on how to avoid the straight on look. Always turn your shoulder girl ..  I wonder how the voice is going on .. humm how to turn gravel into silk. .  

I am not pleased we should have had Vera Dimilo for the ESPY 



The Mayan calendar end date of 12/21/2012 was based on a LIE.. Jose Arguelles  who was behind the 1987 harmonic convergence too was the person who came up with the Mayan end date 12/21/2012 and it became a legend especially in his own mind..  I had an opportunity to get to know a woman in 2008 who was married to José best friend. She told me her ex was out of his mind around 2006 when he realized that 12/21/2012 was calculated on purpose to make Jose "special" because he considered himself be to the embodiment of Questiquatal.  So that popular date was MEANINGLESS.

But the Mayan calendar is not meaningless.  John Calleman and Ian Lundgold after actually talking to the Mayans came up with a date of 10/28/2011 as the actual date of the end of the baktun calendar. Lungold does an amazing job of articulating this. 
Here is a short vid. 

A full lecture that is BRILLIANT. Maybe the best lecture on metaphysics I have ever seen.

 Ian died in 2006.. Of cancer of the throat. That certainly shut him up eh? 
(cough Terrance Mckenna)

The calendar has to do with acceleration of time or the acceleration of the rate of change. To make it short and sweet if you take the increase in the rate of change over 14 billion years the TIP and the TIPPING POINT would fall EXACTLY on 11/11/11.  I tried to point out starting in 2007 that this would not be a end of the world event in a way that would be visible in the outer world as a single event but was a change of consciousness and was the start of what the native people would call the start of the 5th world. 

I watched the progression on the timeline as we approached 11/11/11 and the events that fell on the important Mayan days were PERFECT matches.. In particular Fukushima. In my mind it was a mass extinction event that could have been prevented if action was taken  to contain the rad BEFORE time ran out. On cue when time ran out a quake hit DC and cracked the Washington monument on the exact day it was due in the final phases of the calendar.  Still NO ACTION to save ourselves. So as I watched in horror as 10/28 arrived the event moved me to a point I spent that day meditating at the SERPENT MOUNDS in Ohio. I wanted to honor the ancient timekeepers that had built it maybe a early as 10000 BC. 

 11/11/11 came and went mostly unnoticed in the material world. There was a VERY DISTINCT change I observed however. Almost on the exact day of 11/11/11 two things happened ..  John Corzine stole 1.6 billion of customer money at MF Global and got away with it. The EU also went full retard and stopped trying to make the ponzi they ran the slightest bit connected to reality right then too. In other words REALITY WAS DESTROYED. There has been nothing but lies since. 
My read of things years in advance has had enough time observing the post 11/11/11 timeline to be certain that we are in the midst of a mass extinction event as far as homo sapiens are concerned.  I also have seen recently a confirmation in the total population on the planet has DECLINED slightly since late 2011. 

Mass extinction does not happen overnight unless earth is hit with a giant rock. The natural course of that is over a rather long period if viewed from the perspective of a human life. In geological time is more like a flash. We are all DEAD MEN WALKING if we do not act. The only way out is to evolve spiritually beyond the material bounds of homo sapien and become a conscious being in the emerging new 5th world. 

Look around you and consider what has happened since 11/11/11.The dead souls are apparent. The behavior is getting so obvious as subconsciously most people are embracing what amounts to mass suicide.  I do NOT think that life on this planet will end but what comes now is a choice to be part of the dead souls of transhumanism or go the path of higher consciousness and become a 5th world SENSEATE. 


Slummin' it

There is one person we might hold ultimately responsible for the 2008 crisis.. That would be the engineer of the Mortgage fraud who came up with the derivative idea that took it all down.  
The Bank JPM.. 
The person.. Blythe Masters
The weapon of financial mass destruction .. CDS (credit default swaps) .. 
Without CDS there would never have been a bubble in home prices.. Millions of poor Americans would not have been able to take out a mortgage without what can be thought of as default insurance that she created covering the bundles of mortgages that were packaged up and sold by the 100s of billions. CDS is STILL a weapon of mass financial destruction to this very day as we see now with the Greeks NOT BEING ALLOWED to default and trigger them. If the Greeks default the house of cards falls again and this time is orders of magnitude bigger mess. 

The Lorena Bobbit of Finance.

After the 2008 Crisis she went on to use her "skills" to accomplish the destruction of the Silver market.  Selling so much paper promises by selling silver she that she did not have on the comex that the price collapsed from 50 to where it is now at 15. 

NOW??  (why is she not in jail) 
She is head of a Financial company that does sub prime loans for autos. Basically TITLE LOANS for poor people without credit quality. The trick is that because the credit quality of these loans is lower than GW Bush IQ they are yielding as much as 10% interest.. That is a paper promise of 10% that is in huge demand and these loans are being packaged up into securities and sold off to mom and pops pension funds and other institutions that cannot find yields like that elsewhere. 

So she ripped off the other banks especially EU banks first to the tune of trillions.. Then went on to rip off the sound money silver crowd who were aware of the fundamental ponziness of the money itself after the 2008 bailout.. She has fallen to the bottom of the barrel now going after the poorest of Americans with no credit and THE PENSION MONEY of regular Americans who are going to get stuck with securities that default. 

I cannot think of another woman in history that has perpetrated so much hardship and death on so many people. Of course she was not the boss she worked for JPM and she stunk up the joint so much she left but has been unleashed on all of us in another form.. Kinda like a vampire.  Certainly a high priestess of the EL-ites. 

The Company she runs now is SANTANDER... Remove that one N and you get SATANDER. hah ha.. U so funny.. Masters makes hellary look like a goddess of virtue. If you total it up she is right there with Genghis Khan in debauchery. She makes Stalin look like a school boy.. 

So when the madness of crowds arrives one day soon she is the one that richly deserves to have her head on a pike placed on the front lawn of the fed. She is the engineer on the express train to hell. Remember her face.


What Europe wants

Long article.. I will post the part that matters. Keep in mind this report is from 2008 before that crisis hit. A shemitta year too just like this year.

"What Europe Wants" - to use global issues as excuses to extend its power:

  • environmental issues: increase control over member countries; advance idea of global governance
  • terrorism: use excuse for greater control over police and judicial issues; increase extent of surveillance
  • global financial crisis: kill two birds (free market; Anglo-Saxon economies) with one stone (Europe-wide regulator; attempts at global financial governance)
  • EMU: create a crisis to force introduction of “European economic government”

And THAT in a nutshell is what the oligarchs in charge of all us westerners want. 
Moron Americans will not get it even when they will be required to have a security clearance to go the food store. Lemmings are smarter.. waaay smarter. 


Synchronized swimming 
in a septic tank

If the Greek experience this week tells us anything the ONLY thing that matters is the market for debt and by proxy equities. Nothing else matters especially people. 

Anything of any physical value is being buried under a pile of paper that is the size of Mt. Everest. I read today that there are 94 oz of paper gold trading for every physical ounce. Humm that makes perfect sense in a COMMODITY MARKET right? I also read that there is some discrepancy about massive amounts of traded oil DISAPPEARING something like 30%.  Kind of hard to hide that much oil. It seems to me the setup is a MASSIVE AND SYNCHRONIZED DEFAULT ON ALMOST EVERYTHING. 

Good luck all you technical traders. When the relationships between markets are so screwed up anything that will still work profitably is now counterintuitive to contrary opinion. Fading the faders fade. Having fun yet??  There is NO PRICE DISCOVERY. 


John Friend interview

Hat tip to Jeff Rense for the interview. Friend has to be top 10 at articulating the nature of the beast that is about to steal our country.. So obvious to the few and unseen by those who are going to be the first in line for extermination. Boiling frogs.


Jordan Maxwell interview

A great hero.. He speaks of being worn down and being reduced to a sense of futility. He has been reduced to poverty in his old age by the massive resistance from the Zionist criminal element.  Rather than be respected as an ELDER who has spent his life acquiring wisdom he has been stripped of even his dignity.
I can relate.


Iran deal

This deal was stuck in the midst of some very bad astro. With mars in cancer now and moving into a square with Bibi sun moon in Libra soon I am aware that there is some danger of aggressive behavior near term to undo that deal. I still see a window for a fake Armageddon in August and a unilateral attack on Iran by Israel would trigger such a conflagration. 


Drug induced hypnosis

Tried and true methodology to create a pasty.

Roof was reported to have had a drug called suboxone in his possession in a previous arrest earlier this year. Suboxone contains two ingredients. The first, buprenorphine, is an opioid, and the second, naloxone, is a special narcotic drug that reverses the effects of other narcotic medicines. 

Ok so this medication has a trance inducing opiate AND an ingredient to cancel some of the effects. In other words a trance but no nodding off.  This is not dissimilar to the way the hillbillies I knew would drink red bull and vodka until they could not even stand up. I heard stories of being blind drunk but with an inability to pass out leaving a person spinning without relief for hours in what was described to me as a special version of hell. 

 The first time I know of where drug induced hypnosis was likely to have been used on a patsy would be SIRHAN SIRHAN. Imagine how sophisticated such techniques are 50 years later. .. The Aurora shooter was very likely to have been dosed with a drug with a street name THE DEVILS BREATH. Considered to be the most dangerous drug in the world it incapacities a victims FREE WILL..


The truth about elections

The Greek PM came right out and said it.


Soooo.. What about the post 2008 USA??  Or even technically after 1933 when the USA went bankrupt?  Oh lets not forget Nixon who went off the gold standard and put up all public property as collateral for the Government debt. 

 This simple statement  above should be plastered on everyone's walls as a reminder. 
The citizens of the USA are no different than the Greeks. We are OWNED by the banksters and if citizens know it or not is irrelevant. In due time what is happening to Greeks awaits us in the USA when the gravity of the situation is made clear maybe as early as September 2015.. The USA is not a sovereign country now and the land and even the very physical bodies of it's citizens is collateral for the public debt.   The entire western world is in various stages of the same condition. In reality is worse than slavery because a slave knows his condition and has a notion of a remedy. 

 Authenticity in question in the quotes maybe..  But not the conceptual truth of the matter.

"If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands.'.Statements.Concerning.the.Jews.htm


The greatest show on earth

MUST SEE. A vote with your wallet appropriate too just GO AND SEE IT. 
People have to understand if we don't want crap for entertainment they have to BUY what is good and don't the support crap..  You can be sure that Hollywood is going to do whatever they can to minimize this film because Waters helped start BDS in support of Palestinians. Hat tip on the release date 9/29 really close to the last blood moon.

The trailer for this film. THE WALL

I saw Rogers do The Wall live in 2010. You want to own the DVD when it comes out it was almost like a force of nature. 

In 500 years the best musicians in the world will still be playing this music. See this. A Floyd tribute band playing to a full house at Red Rocks...
 as good or better than the original.


Skipping down AMMONIA AVENUE

God I am feeling it. Kinda like the climax of a thriller eh? Bad astro does not have to be a negative personal experience if you are busy watching the ones who truly deserve a comeuppance. 
AMMONIA AVENUE is the title song for Alan Parsons best album. 
Here is a tip for all ya non rock fans..
The shamans path.. The path of entheogens is at least 5000 years old.

Think about that.. And give a listen to this compilation of Parsons instrumentals.

OMG the female sax player almost made me cry she is THAT GOOD.


Yo Mike

Ok Mike.. ... I saw you trying to upgrade your massive website over to phone friendly the last few months. I have no idea what it cost in time and money. The rollout a few days ago was under some really bad astro and I know you don't have any interest in that but man oh man please consult me the next time.  I hope the disaster is fixed soon I love your site the way it was before you felt compelled to upgrade. 

My site here is the absolute minimum moving parts. I learned a few years ago that is the best policy in that if something breaks it is really easy to find.  The problems being so simple does NOT lend itself to cluster Fs like just happened to you. Here on my site there is almost nothing that can break. 


Weekend at Bernie's

Is life imitating art AGAIN??? Pay attention Mr Sanders if you somehow get elected you might serve as just a propped up corpse so maybe you might reconsider your run for prez?? 
Especially important .. do not chose hellary as VP.


Aha now it is clear

First watch this

When this speech was made early 2014 it was not well known except by insiders about the Shemitta 7 year cycle.  And what comes with that is the 7x7 jubilee cycle that we are only 2 months from starting.  This is based on the Jewish calendar and has been used over millennia to keep the Hebrew people on the same page. It is plain as day now that the 7 year cycle is staring you in the face again if you look at history. Lagarde has to be in the know about this and maybe her jan 2014 speech was a REMINDER to the insiders about what MUST HAPPEN in the jubilee year.


Threatened by GINGER?

This could be funny but not really.. Seems the most threatening white people to other races are the gingers.. LOL I have always liked the red haired woman maybe because my mom was a ginger.

Could this be part of collective memory ? Science has proven that red hair genes are Neanderthal genes.  We typically have 2% Neanderthal but the gingers have 3%. Apparently the homo sapiens ate the Neanderthals about 35K years ago but also had sex with them making all of us hybrids..  


Pluto day

Today is the historic day of the Pluto flyby.  Interesting timing considering Pluto is the feature planet in the major multi day astro "storm" with a Mars Moon and Mercury conjunction in opposition to Pluto today and overnight. 

Pluto was a planet when discovered then not and I find that amusing because I do not think that Pluto is from this solar system. The orbit is at a steep tilt to the other natural planets.. Its orbit also comes inside of the orbit of Neptune for 20 of it's 250 year orbit. My intuition about Pluto started in the 1970s about it not being natural or native to this solar system. Consider what that might mean because astrologically Pluto is a VERY STRONG influence on us peeps as any astrologer will tell you. 

If there really is a  so called nibiru which is a red dwarf sister star it would have had planets  Originally it would have had them but they got disturbed or stripped off when it got too close to our sun's gravity well. Pluto would be an ALIEN PLANET and in my mind would be the source of what we consider an alien non human intervention in our evolution here on planet earth. The so called ARCHONS or Alien grays fit perfectly with the astrological delineations of Pluto. Pluto is exactly like a sperm inseminating the natural solar system with alien DNA.. Pluto also has  a good fit with the so called FALLEN ANGEL because it falls into the orbit of Neptune. The actual discovery of Pluto was quickly followed by an ability by mankind to destroy life on this planet. The seven sisters with 7 stars called the Pleiades and Pluto with its 6 or 7 moons is a match a sort of mini version. 

The big meme in many circles now is disclosure. Funny that. Maybe some of the data from the flyby will reveal that what I have posited above is true and we are not just a creature of the solar system but a combination of two suns.. Reminds me of the Hendrix song .. AND THE GODS MADE LOVE.  It would not be a surprise if we get disclosure very soon but if that is real or a concocted story to suit the PLUTOCRACY remains to be seen. 

Maybe our situation here is easier to grasp once we understand that we are a combination of two solar systems. Our inhuman behavior is hard wired.. We all have Pluto in our astrological DNA. 


Breakfast of champions

Lucky charms??


The iron fist sans the velvet glove

Here is what that looks like in the sky.. Early east coast time on the 15th. The moon mars and mercury conjunction will be opposed Pluto. Add ins are 135 to Saturn. Venus in play just past a square to Saturn.  In a word BRUTAL. I pity the Greeks now. USA is just a few months from the same treatment which is based on the precedents being established now. 


Artificial Sensates

The chess match continues between actual humans and the synthetic variety. At every turn we now see attempts to acquire native human spiritual abilities that are IMPOSSIBLE for a NON EMPATHIC "person" to pull off. I have seen the future and it comes down to less than human Transhumans vs the natural Sensates. The ONLY form of technology us real people should consider are plant medicines that have been used for at least 5000 years. 

“Essentially we created a super-brain,” he said. “A collective brain created from three monkey brains. Nobody has ever done that before.”


Greeks are like an abused wife

Disgusting..  Educational to everyone else about the nature of "democracy" in a country who's money is printed by a Rothschild central bank. That money is the PROPERTY of the bankers and is simply lent to those who use it.  If the Greeks bolt the euro they will have to find money not owned by banksters and what are the supposed to use Iranian currency? Hey maybe the old Iraqi dinar would actually be worth something it appears there are billions in the hands of dupes who would sell it for a penny on a dollar now. Telling indeed that the Russians or the BRICS have not stepped up here. Kinda looks like the BRICS are just the new boss same as the old boss.

 The Greeks find themselves with 50 billion of state assets being hauled over to a pawn shop.. Obvious too that the Greeks have lost ALL SOVEREIGNTY as well. Such a bargain eh?  Nuf said. 


Nassim Haramein

Love this guy.. He is bridging between quantum physics and cosmic consciousness. He is PROVING things that are going to be in play VERY SOON. The transformation to senseates by many people who have been walking the path is beginning.  That is the way out of the Transhumanist agenda. EMPATHY is about non local consciousness and becoming what you see.


Tim Leary's last trip

Maybe is instructive for all of us to look at what happened in 1967.. The last jubilee year and complete with blood moons too as well. It is funny yet tragic that so any people have smeared what was going on back then .. I would hazard a guess that 99% of this comes from people who were not even born yet and if they were old enough back in the day were afraid to have anything to do with what was really going on.

So we stand within a few months of the next 1967 and a lot of rhyming is already being seen. My proposal is we once again become the UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES like the last time. This is the SENSEATES who will be the next cycle's version of the Hippies. 


It is just a "glitch"

LOL.. Everything is a glitch these days. It is the most useful word it implies no one is to blame who you can put your finger on.. From fast and furious to hillbilly emails to IRS misdeeds to Ocare website .. IT IS ALL A GLITCH don't ya know. Ahh now I see the worlds problems rest entirely on some unpaid intern making a typing mistake in the software code..

So the USA has already made it clear that a cyber attack is the same as a military attack and have told us that no option is off the table.. .   I see ..  We have an AP for that. All refurbed up and shiny like new like just like at Joes used car lot this 1963 model is a classic .. . Low miles driven by a granny and garage kept..  Just in time for Armageddon Theater. I wonder if we have a premiere rollout like Hollywood always does.  A red carpet parade so the paparazzi can get some clean pics of the NWO celebs for the new Less Than People magazine

 A scene from Dr Strangelove.  Umm.. I thought it was funny decades ago..

The final few mins of the movie.. Hysterical and not in a good way

LOL remember this Randy Newman song???


The only currency of value in the actual real world

What do most paying jobs involve.. many things but paying attention is the difference between being paid and getting fired. 
Your ATTENTION is the biggest power you have. NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU pay attention. And think about how much effort has been made since Bernays came on the scene to grab the publics attention. If you dont know who this guy is he is one of the top 100 influential Americans of the 20th century.

There are reasons why Bernays and the birth of propaganda marked the start up of the false reality we are smothered by now.  It was BY DESIGN.. 

So if you are going to be part of the solution to this mess it starts with being able to PAY ATTENTION to what you want to think and not what they want you to think.


Mister potato head

OK so this Prof is from Idaho.. This is why we have over a trillion in  student loan debt overhanging an entire generation? And I wonder if they got a grant to do this study?

Unsurprisingly, the study's abstract states that people who identify as "vampires" are reluctant to reveal their identities. "Results suggest," it reads, "that nearly all participants were distrustful of social workers and helping professionals and preferred to “stay in the coffin” for fear of being misunderstood, labeled, and potentially having to face severe repercussions to their lives." 

Really?? REALLY ??  Oh I forgot... DIVERSITY DON'T YA KNOW. 


Half way home to the bottom of a hole

China that is. This an 87 type crash in China. A mid cycle crash in the middle of a multi decade bull market. The low to be effective has to be enough to scare out the weak hands and get some risk awareness back. I think between 38 - 50% off the top would do it. As of now it looks like 3rd week of August as far as when that low is most likely.

US markets will pattern out differently with a less deep correction.  With the fed not allowing corrections to manifest much because of constant manipulation this is going to be a huge drag out in the future. Kinda like a ship dragging anchor. 

BTW the Mars Pluto and associated aspects kick in tomorrow and will be very much a factor over the weekend and early next week. What I have seen in a situation as see now is Sunday night Monday morning before the open in NY is when the false flag distraction event has been used to put sellers at bey many times in the past.. Virginia Tech type of distraction.  The astro is hot for that type thing.. It is also hot for the Greeks to get very pissed.. This astro danger passes after the 15th but if something big comes up the pain will linger.  Worst case is WW 3,4,5 ?? I lost count. If we get through the window into the 15th it is a good sign that maybe the Armageddon show is not going to premiere on time.  I suspect it has been scripted but I also see they are not as good as they want people to believe.  WHAT IF THEY HAD A WAR AND NOBODY CAME. 

So all good people should be keeping a vigil this coming week and MAKE THEM STOP with prayer meditation writing anything to delay and defang the devils here.  They use black magic we use white magic. 


Whistling Dixie

PC has gone so far that almost any sub culture in the USA that is not in lock step with the collectivist mindset is considered counter to the greater good. 
The southern culture that has had "the south will rise again" as multi generational focal point of pride is the latest. The latest Charlie hebdo mind bending social engineering production at Charleston is waaaay more significant than even most truthers can gasp. It makes it easy to see that anything associated with "white" culture and any shape of form is under attack.  

This is in preparation for the rollout of world gov. The only group with any power to stop this is?? The old school thinkers who have a sense of patriotism and want to preserve at least the last illusions of national sovereignty.  The Dixie flag the Jefferson memorial and even the name of DC is being made out to be symbols of hate. 

So as a white American myself the message I get is
Don't have any sense of pride .. the you did not build that part of group think
Bend over and give up you jobs savings and children to the madness of the crowd
Don't complain that the country is being overrun by illegal immigrants
Hey white people just go way and die.. especially white men. 


It is space invaders 
using an old 1977 Atari 

Take a look. In real time.. WWC... Popcorn anyone? 
Where is the so called . mil cyber command we paid so much money and OUR FREEDOM FOR? Too busy bugging JARED the subway guy?   

In a twist of fate the moment this site was posed on ZH it is suffering a bit itself. 
Guess the .mil guys don't want to be seen with their pants down around their ankles. 

 And let me be clear the real attack is NOT SEEN here.. Who is doing it is are ones that have hijacked all those housewife traders computers who were day trading in China. Gee I think we could look closely and see a few places on the map that don't seem in on the action. A moment of silence for all the ALGOS that have died today. They died so banksters could continue to live in freedom.. 


A real woman

Lets see she is blonde and young and has a brain and appears to be fair minded about men in general.

Does she not know that she is out of bounds to be that? 
Hey you 20 something guys.. This is the standard you want to look for. 
Rare I know sigh.. Lena Dunham she is NOT. 

 Hat tip to Lauren Southern

Paul Joseph Watson did a very funny vid on the subject..
Look out man. How dare you even have an opinion about feminist art. . 



Saw this movie on netflix last night.. WOW.. 


It goes into great detail how the intelligence agencies are promoting disinfo to trick the UFO research community. Those who were tricked were not just regular Joe's it was the leadership of the UFO community that fell hook line and sinker for a tsunami of bullshit. This has been over MANY YEARS and CONTINUES.  Hey I think it stupid to think we are the only consciousness in the entire universe BUT I also think it is hubris to think we would even know an alien if we had one a foot in front of us. 

Tell ya what.. Go drink some ayahauska and get back to me. 

As readers know I take a dim view of a lot of channeling and stories about a galactic civilizations complete with star trekian characters. If your bullshit detectors have not gone off when you see this all over the net go back and find my post from a few months ago about being nose blind in a shit house


The Greek "Government"
What a bunch of wussies

And the public who voted thought they had a DEMOCRACY?

So what is next? I was in Athens during a taxi strike in 2003 and militant is not even close to what I saw. The Greeks are going to stew in the river in bullshit maybe a few days and then the REALLY NASTY astro is going to kick in.  Then torches and pitchforks will come out. I don't advocate violence but.. They will have to do something about the obviously blackmailed leadership they are stuck with. As Gerald Celente once said

BTW it appears that Zero Hedge suffered a cyber attack right after the post of the above link.  Go figure!!

A GREAT SHORT VID BY SCG. Hat to a young guy with a very good head on his shoulders.


Alpha and Omega

In terms of your personal experience time is a field shaped like an X

 X    The center of the X is where you are and have always been at the center of 4D spacetime,  A cone of possibility is in front of you and the past is ALSO a widening possibility field behind. Yes the past is changeable from your personal experience. Add in a new understanding of your past experience and the past is changed.  Most people consider time to be LINEAR as in one possibility ahead and behind as a static line of experiences and  is unchangeable and that is basically a belief in FATE.  Belief in fate is a trap. Belief in fate is a way to kill off your magical power. Most western astrologers are less fate oriented but the Vedic astrologers are more linear and fate oriented from my experience. 

I consider the center of the X to be stationary and immortal in the present and the future comes to the observer rather than the observer moving anywhere.. Out further in the felid is a broader set of possibilities that may manifest and the closer to the focal point in the NOW the greater the possibility field narrows as almost 100% certain which is why people think in terms of fate. In the few seconds in front of you it is very much like fate but the further out in the "future" is very much a set of possible and not a certainty.  Got it?

Astrology can show us what is ahead (what is coming) out in the future possibility field. I can go out a day a week a year or a decade and see the astrological energies that in my world are increasing and negating certain possible experiences that are the unmanifested energies at specific points in the "future". Astrology indicates WHEN a certain possible is more likely.  The WHY is a human consciousness factor.. Human free will and magic either conscious or unconscious is the installing of the possible out ahead and that thought form energy clumps up at spots where the astrological factor is open to it.  The WHY part is free will. Most people do NOT use it much. They just mindlessly <sarc> create mental images  and charge them with emotion and those accumulate often like monsters at some point so the astro and the thought forms "come home to roost". For the unconscious this feels like FATE and they have no idea why shit came down on them .  Many people consider it "gods will".. LOL they don't know who god is.  The so called law of attraction is a way to bring certain possibles into your personal reality and is a form of MAGIC.  The huge problem for LOA people is they don't usually have a clue as to WHEN without knowing any astrology. Not knowing WHEN is dangerous because pushing on a string at a time that is inappropriate for a specific outcome is at best wasting energy. Worst case can be disastrous for them and those around them. 

So a good understanding of astrology AND magic is a requirement if you are going to manage the personal time field you were put here to learn how to use. For the conscious experience of being an "enlightened" person it requires wisdom. Using only one X factor alone is a futile endeavor which is bound to be much more unfulfilling and that is why the world is in such a mess. When you know how to both WHEN and WHY at once you are in a sense knowing how to run the "equipment" on a 5th Dimensional consciousness level. This world is full of people who do not know how to run the equipment and they manifest a LOT of what they do not want. 

In a nutshell.. You can do magic if you know when to focus your intentions when the astrological possibility field makes it a strong possibility. If you do that sit back and watch MAGIC HAPPEN. 

One of my astro twins Gerry Beckley wrote this.. 
LOL.. "your the one that can put out the fire"


Worlds dumbest bankers

Maybe they had a 8 ball of coke at lunch and were bored. 

ZH COMMENT Merely a training video on customer relations......


Ten years after

Ten years ago a VERY similar event occurred as we saw over the weekend. Like 10 years ago it was about debt relief. The LIVE 8 concert with every superstar in rock playing including a Pink Floyd reunion was supposed to raise awareness of third world debt that was causing famine and the concert was specifically a call for DEBT RELIEF. The date was 7/5 and it was the largest live audience in human history. .. The idea was to create a crowd and then march from London to Scotland where a G7 Metting was taking place and give the demands of the people to the "rulers". 

I wrote a lot about this here in the run up and was very pleased about it. HOWEVER I also sow some rather nasty astro on 7/7 and was warning anyone who would listen that something was going to happen to take the bloom off the rose.  What happened was the London tube bombing and it occurred on the same day as the march to Scotland was to deliver the peoples demands.. After the event in London there was almost NO NEWS COVERAGE. The G7 gave some lip service. NOTHING HAPPENED. Live 8 was tossed in the dust bin and nothing on that scale was ever tried again.. In many respects it was the death of activism using rock music. 

The nasty outcome was predictable. It was caught out almost immediately as a drill that went live.  As with 911 it did not matter that it was botched job and the truth was OBVIOUS.  The 7/7 event to me was when the Government made the people the enemy. 
Hey at least we know what is the greatest fear of the bankster empire they are very afraid the people will demand relief from USURIOUS DEBT created out of NOTHING but thin air.

So as we get closer to 9/13/2015 we should be aware that is the start of the JUBILEE YEAR and that THEIR REGION requires them to actually do Debt relief.  None of this QE for banksters shit again this is DEBT RELIEF FOR THE PEOPLE that they MUST DO..  As I said it is their religion that requires it and they better realize that they maybe don't want to piss off that Aries god they worship. I think 77 is a lesson for us as how far they are willing to go to avoid DOING WHAT IS RIGHT.  This year is different.  THEY MUST DO IT. 


Bonds ..The biggest bubble 
in the history of the universe

75 trillion. That is a really big number.. Ah yes but that 75 trillion is used as collateral for the over the counter derivates market. So that 75 becomes 500 when the leverage is taken into account.

So whatever the real trillion it is, the size of the bond bubble alone should be enough to give pause. Even to the most aggressive or optimistic folks.
However, when you consider that these bonds are pledged as collateral for other securities (usually over-the-counter derivatives) the full impact of the bond bubble explodes higher to something like $500TRILLION. This affects both banks and the shadow banking industry. No wonder the Bank of England is perplexed as to the shrinking liquidity, it is a problem to which they have no solution.
To put this into perspective, the Credit Default Swap  (CDS) market that nearly took down the financial system in 2008 was only a tenth of this ($50-$60 trillion).
And this was at a time when there was QE and other means to throw at the problem which are now spent. So what will be used this round? 
This is why the shrinking liquidity in bond sales is even to give real pause and wonder what will come to be as confidence in government wanes, and the shrinking liquidity affects all markets at the same time in different degrees but with a universal discount of value and liquidity, egged on by collapsing derivative trades.”

So what do you think is the inevitable outcome? See the BELOW POST. 
The same people who engineered this.. AND 2008 .. AND 911 are at work here. 
The problem as I see it there is no financial crime big enough now that can make this go away. 
Blame it on god smiting us unwashed non chosen ites. 


God must be crazy

Forgive me.. I am PISSED.  I have to watch bizzaro world go totally batshit crazy knowing what is coming way in advance... And the people who should have been listening to me about WHY  they just sort of stand and stare and don't raise hardly a peep. The Zio Christians are bad enough with their engineering of Armageddon but then there is a way higher level of delusion at work. The very well spring of false gods that is at the root of 1000s of years of human suffering. 

Here ya go. CRAZY?  I think it is an insult to crazy people but I don't have another word for it..

When asked about the timing of the Messiah’s arrival, Rabbi Kanievsky answered, “At the end of the Sabbatical year.” Several people have asked the Rabbi to verify this and he has given the same answer each time. This year is the Sabbatical year and it will be ending on the 29th day of Elul, which, by the Gregorian calendar falls on Saturday, September 12, 2015.

To think these people OWN US through the banking system. And YES INDEED the Rothschilds DO OWN YOUR ASS ALREADY. 
BTW your owners have no need for you simple minded goys anymore. You were put here to be their slaves but thanks to technology you have now become obsolete.  When I have stated over the years that they plan a mass extinction event people react like I have a screw loose.  Those same people who refuse to see have NOT BOTHERED TO READ WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN SAYING FROM ALL THE WAY BACK TO BABYLON.  The talmud.. The protocols of zion more recently.  How long are we non Chosenites going to sit around singing kumbaya while these insane people RUIN EVERYONE ELSE'S FUTURE.


Is Jade Helm really SKYNET?

Seems so to me. the Wiki description of skynet sure sounds like what jade helm is supposed to be .. AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM for making war on the native population. In the terminator movie skynet became self aware. How do we know if the darpa dudes have gone too far? Or maybe HOW FAR. 

As a programming directive, Skynet's manifestation is that of an overarching, global, artificial intelligence hierarchy, which seeks to exterminate the human race in order to fulfill the mandates of its original coding

I have noted before that thoughts are things and people who watch movies with a lot of emotional energy are subconsciously manifesting that which they have emotionally invested themselves in to our physical reality. Think about how fast the Iphone showed up after so many millions wanted a star trek communicator. 


Hat tip to the Greeks

Maybe the Scotts should learn a lesson here.  They sold out the future last year..  When they had a chance to escape they cowered in fear instead.. The Greeks will be dealing with some very intense and potentially violent astro from now till July 15th. I had an opportunity to vacation in Athens in 2003 during a taxi strike and the Greeks don't mess around when they are stirred up. Euro-rats are up against the wall now and it would not be a surprise if there are tanks in the streets within a few days. 

Hat tip Mike Rivero



The PFL ( political football league) outcome is almost locked up before it even starts. ONLY the blackmailed already types are allowed into the league. 
BUT WHAT ABOUT WALK ONS. Some times a real talent comes down from the stands onto the playing field and turns into a supper star. 

 The Donald seems like he has gotten so much blowback already he qualifies as a walk on. At best Mr Caricature of himself would be a spoiler splitting one party or the other leaving a not even the lesser of evils to win the big prize. Ralph Nader.. Ross Perot. Sigh.. 

There is however ONE GUY who is a possible walk on later in the game who could be an X factor. That would be JESSE VENTURA. Jesse has a VERY good birth chart he is extremely off the scale smart and as best I can tell is also a very high integrity guy.  He is a Pluto in LEO and is this generations BEN FRANKLIN who was also a Pluto in Leo too. LOL he even looks like him. His slogan should be the ghost of Franklin. 


I have heard Jesse interviewed a bit lately and he DOES INTEND TO RUN but is also not going to enter the ring <sarc> until the last moment. He just might even be planning a tag team where someone in his camp goes into the ring first softens the opponents up and then taps Jesse so he can throw chairs and body slam the entire field off the bench. Could be very exciting to watch. I don't think Jesse is going to respond well to the Ross Perot treatment and if threatened will be a raging grizzly bear about it. 

 Looking at election day November 8 2015 and inauguration day Jan 20 2017 it gives me hope that Jesse can actually win because the astro is favorable for him. 


Talking your book

Talking your book is predicting things that you already have a vested interest in and have a profit motive personally for that outcome.. Pundits in the finance newsletter biz have this tendency. Once committed to a particular outcome they encourage people to follow the leader and reinforce the particular outcome. This is a form of self fulfilling prophecy. VERY FEW in the pundit-sphere are clean as far as this goes...  It is a natural tendency to want your particular predictive outcome to come true. What generally happens is the so called muppets are hooked into trades that are LATE and WRONG and their belief in the pundit causes a unwillingness to bail even when proven wrong. That is 3 mistakes and in baseball three strikes and your OUT . Out of capital that is. 

The gold and silver long pundits are famous for this. Equity market bears also. This has been a HUGE problem especially since late 2012. Since then the way to make a profit is to not worry be happy and ignore any advise that seems to make any fundamental sense. Mr market is perverse and intends to make the majority wrong.. 

The almost unanimous talk of a stock market crash in September right now has my bullshit detector going off. Mr market loves the head fake move and I suspect a lot of stock market bears in September are going to get this 100% wrong in that the actual outcome ahead is a SHARP UPCRASH first...  before any bear call is correct. My best case scenario AS OF TODAY 7/5 is a high at god knows what level around the end of 2015.  Once all the bears are relived of any creditability THEN we can have a serious bear market move. Imagine if you will that some perverse September fed surprise shoots the market higher and it becomes a free for all.  The Fed raises rates 9/15 more than expected but at the same time announces QE forever and everywhere to attempt to soak up all the bonds that rise in rates would destroy.  There will be only one safe place for capital and that would be everyone being forced into stocks. 

 I have NO vested interest in what I am saying. I am not talking my book. I reserve the right to change my views on outcome as new information is revealed in the next few months. The real winners PAY ATTENTION and have no fixed opinion just game plans. 


Driving at night without headlights

Attempts to predict the future without using astrology are like driving at night without headlights. Just because a road is straight behind you does not mean a sharp turn is not ahead. 

So here is what I am talking about. The below is the chart map of Sunday morning 6 AM 7/5/2015. I could have looked at this exact point on the timeline 10 years ago with my program. It would have said the same thing then and now with this kind of nasty energy and a tremendous potential for violence. It is even at a sadistic level of violence.  This does not have to be manifested in 3D but it does often enough.. This particular energy will ramp up rather quickly tonight and is happening all over the world at the same time different time zone. So 7 billion people are affected and what the colored lines in the center indicate are the planets in the sky at that time are in an "argument". According to the layout of your own personal birth map you could be very affected at this time or not. Everyone's chart is different.  If you know in advance whether or not you personally are affected you can use FREE WILL to modify the energy. If someone you are close too had a bad astro day from this you would not be surprised.. You you might even warn them if you knew and prevent a problem.. This is a reason why I don't know how people can function if they don't know about astrology at a minimum level.  I see evidence that ancient people knew all about it. 

So do I see this as a terrorist act somewhere? It is a window for such a thing for sure. The context makes me wary about that because the WHO BENEFITS crowd is ready do what is necessary in their minds.  And the Greeks will be voting with this astro active. I would see a possible violence by the yes and no forces but one thing for sure is they will ALL be voting in anger. Could be even diebold machines cant contain it. Interesting spread bet if you are in London. 


The last 4th

Rolling in their graves.. THIS IS FIGHT CLUB. 

hat tip William Banzai. 



Here is where the battle lines of next 50 year cycle begins starting on 9/13. Transhumans are materialists using technology to mimic real spiritual consciousness. They hope to achieve immortality using technology. It is what the battle for the future of the human race is about. The hysterical part is spiritually empowered humans ALREADY HAVE what the transhumans so desperately want.  The power of EMPATHY cannot be misused by transhumans. They have NONE. They keep tying even to a point of hacking the human heart mind such as the recent collaboration with Heart Math and AOL but it is a dead end <sarc> .. REALLY????  IMMORTALITY USING TECHNOLOGY?? Ahem... What about when we have an EMP?? Guess there is a flaw in their game eh?

The ironic thing is the average person is using synthetic telepathy now with the TXT and Twitter and snapchat tools and such.  The people are getting totally used to that being reality. When there is an inevitable breakdown either by accident of on purpose there is going to be HUGE VOID to fill. Those of us who understand spiritual reality have to be ready to step it up then and it will be our opportunity to take charge of the future. IN REALITY.. we don't need your stinking IPhones.. 

That oldie  THE BATTLE OF EVERMORE by Led Zep is an example of the bleeding into the minds of the acid tripping hippies back in the day as visions about this war and its manifestation on the cusp of the age of Aquairius. The band Heart version is off the scale. 
LOL Even most us people who were alive as 20 somethings in the late 60s to mid 70s seem to have forgotten about just how off the scale we hippies were back then. We did stop the war. NO ONE has done anything close since. Had our movement not been hijacked in the mid - late 1970s the world would be a VERY DIFFERENT PLACE RIGHT NOW. I suspect that this divergence between what was and what should never be is going to be corrected and not very far down the road now. Great spirit is unstoppable. 

 Humming the sense8 theme song.. 
I am seeing we can HITT them were it counts.. IN THE HEART MIND.. LOLOL.. 


With one breath.. One flow

Live 1983. 
We know you .. They know me..  Extra sensory synchronicity.

Ah ha that one breath idea. I am not getting any feedback from my posts about SENSE8.. Cmon people.. The whole premise of the show is the 8 people who are becoming one were born at the exact same moment in time and came into this world drawing their first breaths at exactly the same moment.  There is a HUGE secret in that. They are exact astrological twins. 


Yo Donald

How ironic Trump is the guy who made YOU'RE FIRED a game show and gets bit in the ass like this. Here is a tip for ya Donny boy.. YOU CANNOT RUN A CAMPAIGN WITHOUT THE RIGHT MONEY.  Financing it yourself draws a red flag.....
The rules are....
You have to have the AIPAC seal of approval. I suggest the easy way is don <sarc> a yarmulke and hump the wall in Jerusalem.. Allow yourself to get all Fked up later in the day and have a moment where you wake up in some hotel room other than your own and you don't remember what happened the last 8 hours. Opps .. What did I do. Don't worry bout that you will find out in due time it is all on video. 
Once that loyalty issue is settled you have to be picked up by an OWNER from the list of PFL (political football league) franchises.. This is kind of like the draft the studs of absurdity are highly rated 1st rounders so they get picked by Adelson who is the "commissioner" as well owning several franchises..
Then PLAY BALL.  Just like the NFL you make huge money even if you suck.. Just ask Mit Zombie he lost and had like a half billion left in the war chest to spend as he pleases. 

The last tip is don't get in the way of the agenda. Don't underestimate the process it has to be a freak show before the public gets so fed up ANYONE with a few functioning brain cells working is the lesser evil. This is still preseason.. The regular season starts in September and HOW KEWL IS IT that the NFL season starts on September 13th this year coinciding with the PFL league opener. Hope a fantasy league gets formed so we can bet on the players performance on a weekly basis. 


Kill shot for traders?

A sign of the times. Or is this the ultimate beauty and brains. LOL .. Many of us old dude traders would see this and have an irresistible urge to short anything not nailed down.  BUT... She does have someone teaching her who knows a bit she is trading ONLY from 5 am till 8 AM in the easy part of the day. I bet she trades naked in the morning like so many of my old buds liked to do after they got fired after 2008. She is making a HUGE rookie mistake though she claims to not use stops when day trading 12 stocks at once.  Girl.. !!!  Lets have a romantic dinner and discus that.

Is she a harbinger of another day trading mania like we saw before the 2000 highs?  Is she the American version of the Chinese housewives that are opening 1000s of trading accounts a week over there just in front of a 87 moment?  Is she a  media prop for the COME ON IN THE WATERS FINE BEFORE A TSUNAMI??  Hey Even a cave girl can do it? Gerrr..  The comments on zero hedge... priceless.

POPCORN?? Humming "Snake eyes seven eleven" .. see the Alan Parsons post below
Turn of a friendly card.  .. 



My My.. the lyrics in this are sooooo funny and this was from 1967 or 1968.

I just want to talk to you 
I won't uh, do you no harm 
I just want to know about your diff'rent lives 
On this is here people farm 
I heard some of you got your families 
Living in cages tall and cold 
And some just stay there and dust away 
Past the age of old. 
Is this true ? 
Please let me talk to you. 

I just wanna know about 
The rooms behind your minds 
Uh do I see a vacuum there 
Or am I going blind ? 
Or is it just uh, remains of vibrations 
And echoes long ago ? 

Uh things like "Love the world" and uh 
Uh "Let your fancy flow" 
Is this true ? 
Please let me talk to you 
Let me talk to you. 

I have lived here before 
The days of ice 

And of course this is why 
I'm so concerned 
And I come back to find 
The stars misplaced 
And the smell of a world 
That is burned 

A smell of a world 
That is burned. 

Yeah well, maybe, hmm... 
Maybe it's just a... change of climate 
Hmm, hmm... 
Well I can dig it 
I can dig it baby 
I just want to see. 

So where do I purchase my ticket ? 
I'd just like to have a ringside seat 
I want to know about the new Mother Earth 
I want to hear and see everything 
I want to hear and see everything 
I want to hear and see everything 



The Hollywood production version

The last jubilee year was September 14 of 1966 till September 4 1967.  During that time there was a social upheaval when the hippie movement swept the country.. Also late in that year we had the 6 day war and the USS liberty incident.  Time cycles do not repeat exactly they RHYME.. We can learn a lot by looking at 1967 about today with the next jubilee staring on September 13 2015 and lasting until September 1 2016. 

I saw this today

The setup here is the religious madness of purposefully making prophesy come true has now become the gravest danger the world faces right now.  In the script is the Armageddon war that has to occur BEFORE their bollixed up second coming event and the rapture takes place. I would like to find something funny about that ... But I cant. I have no idea how such selfish and self righteous people can consider themselves as even remotely "good".. Wishing that everyone but them dies and goes to hell is SATANIC in my book.  

I see a danger that war will start SOON in August 2015 in front of the 9/13 date to scare the crap out of everyone and make them amenable to world government. Frankly I feel like the little Dutch boy holding my finger in the dyke. All I can do is write here in my low traffic website and hope that enough people take note. 
I KNOW this is not fate. We can say NO.  Back in the hippie days we had a saying.. WHAT IF THEY HAD A WAR AND NOBODY CAME. 

If the war gets put on hold in August that does not mean the danger is over because in 1967 it was in the later part of the jubilee year in June when the 6 day war occurred.. The goal is greater Israel from the Tigress and Euphrates to the sea.  This has been PLANNED ever since the last jubilee in 1967 which was a smaller land grab. 


A lesson in celebrating a few seconds early

If you are like me it does not sit well when it seems the NWO is in our face gloating about their perceived inevitable victory over the free people of earth. In sport that kind of gloating is a no no.. I was a very good golfer at one time and the gods of golf will hand you a new one on the last hole if you start to "dance in the end zone" before the final tap in. Shit happens.


John McAfee
To whom it may concern

Love this guy as a brother.  Another Virgo guy with balls. 
He uses a term.. capitalistic TOTALITARIANISM. 
Another way to say fascism.


Elliot waves simplified

Elliot discovered that markets traced out prices in accord to natures growth mathematics. Historical prices tend to move in predictable waves and Ewave became a defacto religion for many technical analysts with Robert Prechter being the bishop.  I most definitely pay attention to ewaves in my analysis but I also see that it is used a LOT like a religion now as it tricks the congregation into being foolish. Time after time I see the "believers" get trapped in an unprofitable bind because they have "faith" that nature still rules the markets. Having too strong a conviction in any direction is NOT VERY GOOD RISK MANAGEMENT. 

 A simple way to explain what an Elliot Wave is. 
A primary trend has 5 subwaves within the trend direction. A 5 wave sequence starts as a SURPRISE ... When the surprise is over a countertrend called DENIAL occurs. Then as the trend reverts to the original direction there is PANIC that the denial was foolish. When the panic runs out then there is a countertrend against the grain of panic as a period of CONFUSION ... When confusion runs its course then there is CAPITULATION and the primary trend completes. 

The Problem - reaction . solution heglican dialect is more properly described as the major countertrend that occurs after a primary 5 wave directional wave has completed.  In ewave language this is the ABC countertrend. 

So 12345 and then an ABC. 
The dance of life. Even the snails do that dance. 
There is a mathematical component as the entire structure is based on FIBONACCI ratios. The reason why ewave is so hazardous to trade as a single methodology now is every single algorithm uses Fibbos and when everyone is using the same thing it never works. The fibos are now used as a trap for the unwary market technician. Violations of Fibbo levels and failures to finish patterns with any precision is very common. 

Astro Finance these days is similar.  That worked like astrological clockwork in the 1990s  before everything but the kitchen sink was thrown at distorting price discovery.  Now even astro does not work as it did. I have called this the SYNTHETIC REALITY matrix since 2001. Trading using ANYTHING as if it was a religion is not very smart these days. 

Getting into the criminals minds who are behind the synthetic reality is required now. If one is to do that they have to be a TRUTHER and an astute one too. There is simply no other way to win in this environment right now. At some point hopefully sooner than later real price discovery will be restored and those of us who understand natures dance will have a tremendous advantage again.  Till then you have to be a forensic investigator of crimes against humanity to win. 


The Spy

Jim Morrison died 7/3/1971..  44 years.. He has almost been written out of history. What really happened? This story is best looked at in the context of the day. The question about If he suicided.. Or was over dosed on purpose .. or was assassinated in a more covert manner is not the point.. This death was the decapitation of American rock and roll leadership at a time when it became a national security threat. Knowing what we do now as far as how deep the gov went into psychic warfare around that time AS A REACTION TO THE SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT it would seem that THIS SONG would have been motive enough to silence him.

What only a few who were alive then and were a part of the occult scene know is that there was a movement among hippies to learn spiritual power in an attempt to MAKE THEM STOP THE PAIN.  This was a natural reaction by us when the way was clear that EMPATHY was the answer.  BTW with the power of EMPATHY comes telepathy.. That is the most dangerous thing to psychopathic rulers that their creepy inner selves would be exposed for what it really is. 

Check this out ..The song in a more jazzed up version with lyrics and the pic of the 45 with the producer being Paul A Rothschild. 
Certainly supports some peoples notion that MKULTRA was a part of the equation. Hummm.. I was very aware back then and as I have stated previously there was THAT  MKULTRA thing going on and then there was a huge UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE of the attempt to mind control an entire generation. As I see it there was a group of el-ites that were desperately and painfully UNHIP and were sort of really really jealous of those of us that were actually hip. The UNHIP were incapable of doing the break on through maneuver because that REQUIRED EMPATHY. What does a person who is consumed with jealous rage bordering on mind numbing ENVY want to do? A bit of a motive? 

Lesson here about what is going on now as the next cycle of UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES in the very near future unfolds. As the unbelievable mind control used on the public at present proceeds to bite the EL - ITES  in the ass AGAIN and a huge number of another generation do the break on though maneuver in this current cycle it is very wise to...... 


Smart money is holding cash

Sounds good... is "conservative" and is deemed safe. HOWEVER what we call cash is a promise that someone is going to give you something of value for said cash. What we hold as cash is a bunch of other peoples promises to hold up their end of the bargain and give us what we want for it. I don't know about you but I get less inclined every day to believe very many of the people around me are prone to honoring any promises. In reality the money we use is backed up with promises only and is a FAITH BASED CURRENCY.  It even says so on the money. FULL FAITH AND CREDIT. So why has this deception held up so long? As in all belief systems it becomes an ego thing that people want to believe. 

Guns back up faith. .. Not the guns that citizens have the ones the Government enforcers have. That makes for FEAR if you try to do business outside of the official promise certificates. LOL just try to printout your own promises certificates and see what happens. 

So with the shitstorm ahead the smart money is holding cash.. Is that actual bills or electronic cash I wonder.  One of the things I have discussed before is I see physical cash is going to be phased out so the carbonazis will have a way to tax us for even the smallest carbon based infraction.  Digital only "money" controlled by the fed is the ultimate tyranny. 

So in the interim it would be wise to hold a few months of real FR cash money but when the end game arrives you will only be given an opportunity to deposit it back into digital form and then federal reserve NOTES of any kind will be illegal to use afterwards.. The crime? Avoiding taxes.  And the same goes for gold and sliver. Bitcoin might as well unless it gets assimilated into the new digital money system and there is reason to suspect that just might be the plan all along. 

Back in 2009 I did a video where I pointed out that the COINS we have in our pocket DO NOT SAY FEDERAL RESERVE. They say LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST. This is actually the only REAL money we have right even now. Is it any wonder that I got my web site hacked up like mince meat by some 3 letter agency after that video came out. I don't think they liked my idea.  There IS going to be a black market with people doing what they want outside of the tyranny of digital money and that could be using the coins that do NOT say Federal Reserve.  the Federal Reserve OWNS the federal reserve notes and can demand their property back BUT the American people own the coins that say IN GOD WE TRUST.. 

 We can take a cue from the Russians after the USSR broke up. The paper money was not accepted as having value but people had to eat. So if you wanted something you go to the store and the shelves are empty..  You say I want a loaf of bread and the owner says see I don't have any.  Then you take out a pack of Marlboros and just kinda casually drop it on the counter beside the money with no value.. All of a sudden the store owner says I think I hear the delivery truck out back.. You get your bread he takes the cash AND the pack of Marlboros.. See how that works?  The only packs of cigs that worked for them  as value were Marlboro and L&M.. Still don't know why just those. 

Russia had to function with this Marlboro and L&M money for two years before a trustworthy new ruble currency was accepted.. We don't need to do that we ALREADY HAVE THE ALT CURRENCY TO DO EVERYDAY TRANSACTIONS .. That is the coins that do not say federal reserve on them.  Much more convenient than packs of Marlboros eh? I said it in 2009 and say it again.. It is a good idea to go to the bank SOON and get rolls of the 1dollar usd coins. Those coins might very well be worth 10 dollars of purchasing power if the scenario I see as almost inevitable takes place.  LOL.. This is a rare no risk bet right now. The dollar coin is always going to be worth a dollar of fiat but might just be the new gold coin as far as a free peoples economy is concerned. 
In an extreme twist it maybe is possible that the coins reacquire all the lost value since 1913 in purchasing power very very quickly. 

Gold and silver coins will NOT be usable for everyday needs..  Big things maybe so. Maybe you can buy a car with a gold eagle who knows. 

And if you think this is implausible take note of a gov warehouse the size of a football field that has the 1 dollar coins stacked to the ceiling.  Really smart money would do that eh? 


Gary Hart. 
Decades LATE

Ok well better late than never. hey bud if you are thinking of going up against Hellary in 2016 please knock it off with the bimbos this time. Think about how much that tryst in the 80s cost the American people. 

At this point in early twenty-first-century America, the greatest service our nation’s young people could provide is to lead an army of outraged young Americans armed with brooms on a crusade to sweep out the rascals and rid our capital of the money changers, rent seekers, revolving door dancers, and special interest deal makers and power brokers and send them back home to make an honest living, that is, if they still remember how to do so.


Even their bullshit is better??

OMG.. I had no idea I tell ya. 
So let me parse through this quote from Mr Wraskly Wabbit himself.. 
My snide remarks in caps. 

[Y]ou got your cell phone? You have Israel in your palm. So many applications, so many innovations. SO MUCH SPYING!! You drink a glass of water, not only in Israel but in many countries now, you’re drinking the product of Israeli technology  GEE THANKS FOR THE FLUORIDE and number one in recycling AND THE BPHA . I was in China with President Xi and they said: We want to have your dairy industry. They have to feed a lot of– they drink a lot of milk in China. And I said: Well, that’s a very good choice because you know which cow produces more milk per cow than any other cow? You think it’s a Dutch cow or French cow? No, it’s a Jewish cow. WHAT??  Birthed from a jewish mother? It’s a computerized cow. REALLY?? Every moo is computerized. And the same is true of water. You want to drink just to live, but hundreds of millions around the world are enjoying the products of Israeli innovation. AGAIN THANKS FOR THE FLUORIDE That’s the old problem that we’ve solved with new techniques LIKE A NEW  MODERN FORM OF POISONING WELLS??? .

So people get upset with me pointing fingers??  but THERE IT IS RIGHT OUT OF A COWS MOUTH. They really really DO BELIEVE they are better than everyone else and we unwashed others are only put here to be their slaves. This kind of belief is RACIST TO AN ASTONISHING DEGREE..  If there was ever a clue as to who hates us for our freedom look no further.  

And about that fluoride from an article written in 1954.

"Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual`s power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. [A convenient light lobotomy] 

The part of the brain greatly affected is the PINEAL which is the third eye. 
The seat of the SOUL. 

Also note that about a month ago the US gov cut the fluoride in drinking water by 50%.. Gee I guess it was so hard to provoke a riot on cue the last few years they had to do something. They had a hard time paying people to riot. 


Venus and Jupiter 

ON TOP OF THIS.. Jupiter and Venus are going to be EXACTLY trined at 120 degrees to Uranus the planet of CHANGE. The Moon is in Sagittarius also in a trine to both. This forms a HUGE GRAND TRINE IN FIRE. 


People who have air or fire planets around 20 degrees of those signs TAKE NOTE.. today is the day to START SOMETHING.. You have the force with you.. 


We are all Greeks now

God speed to them. They are at least putting up a fight. As stated previously we have a nasty astro period ahead from about July 10th - 15th and it has some violent signatures  that support the notion about a false flag. It is our job as truthers to not let them get away with it. 


short takes

The modern day version of Marie Antoinette is at it again.. Not satisfied at starving school kids she has gone after preschool and adult day care with her(?) guidelines for keeping them healthy..

I have an idea. Lets have the next state dinner prepared by the lunch ladies in Brooklyn.. Not in the Whitehouse kitchen but shipped in on AF 1 after being prepared realistically in Brooklyn which can be done as easy as pie (banned word) and it would be just as warm and tasty as it usually is for the kids every day.  I hope there is a big hog out back of the WH he will enjoy feasting on what is not eaten as in EVERYTHING. But then again maybe the hog wont like it either. 


God bless the scotus. They do take instructions well.

For the newbie in radical economists concepts.. The way of the world is pay lobbyists to get a new exec order written up that potus signs like a sock puppet which changes the rules for some industry.. Lets say COAL. Make coal unusable and then the price collapses.. The bankrupt mining companies then have to fire sale the assets in the ground and it ends up in the hands of oh let me GOLDMAN RATS greedy hands. Then after a little bit of time..  enough time for people who used to work in the mines to leave and find work in a convenience store in North Dakota 1000s of miles from home out comes VIOLA..  The rules get changed back and all that coal sopped up by "gods working buddies" can start to be dug it out again. Probably by robots. And because it is now a MONOPOLY what used to be 50 a ton is now 100 a tons. 


Theme song for the carnage today

I have posted a link to this song before.. 
It is about gambling which is what the entire stock market casino around the world has morphed into. Anyone playing in the game as an 'investor" and not a PROFESSIONAL is very much better off going to a real casino.. At least you can get something as a bonus for losing your shirt like the penthouse suckers suite.. Lose enough and you get all the hookers and blow you can imagine too. Beats the hell out of being bent over by Goldman.. 

"And the game never ends when your whole life depends on the turn of a friendly card." 

just listen.. 



We dont need no stinkin' rules

Soo...  I posted the below Zorba post and in what seemed like only 10 minutes my internet was disconnected. No idea how wide spread this is. The outage was not long but it WAS EFFECTIVE in disconnecting my trading platform from the live feed for an eternity which in the real world of trading is about 5 minutes.. Lets say if I was running an algorithm like almost everyone is doing these days and that happened.. It would be like some hidden hand pulled the plug. LOL.. This usually gets the algo operator a bit nervous and they start to manually take risk off as soon as they get connected again. NOT SURPRISING that all of a sudden markets started to retrace the decline almost like??? MAGIC..  This sort of thing is a signal for the big boyz to back off.. I am going to run out of popcorn today. These are the tricks of the trade <sarc>  in today's PPT owned USA markets. Expect a bunch of tricks today.. Well timed pundits making statements. Announcements by companies like apple about unicorns and rainbows.. Anything to keep the rubes from selling in regular US trading hours. SADLY this trickster game also has had a NUMBER of things like VT shooting etc occur before the open at 9:30 AM edt  to take the peeps mind off things. 

Zorba does wall street
7 am EDT

Popcorn anyone?  Most people do not know that the important markets where the big dogs play are open almost continuously from Sunday night at 6 PM eastern time till Friday at sundown .. er 4:15 PM ... Funny bout that the Sabbath starts at sundown Friday and lasts through Saturday and THAT is the only full 24 hour period when there is no trading in Rothschildiana.. Futures trade 24/7 because that is the ONLY way to mitigate risk because when trading is closed the risk is .... UNLIMITED..  Ahem.. The risk is that something happens AFTER the close on Friday and no one can react till Sunday night. Something like the Greeks giving the finger to the EU??  Ya that sort of thing.. 

So Sunday night the S&P 500 futures opened at 6 PM and gapped down 30 points on the open.  By GAP I mean it opened 30 points lower. Lets say someone had bought an S&P contract on the long side (a bet to go up) at 2097 Friday and being reasonable had placed a protective stop loss order to bail out at say 2087 a ten point loss. At 50 dollars a point  on the Emini that would be a 500 dollar loss if stopped out.. 10 points is a big loss.. When a market gaps down like it did last night what was an unpleasant 500 loss per contract became a 1500 loss when the Future opened 20 points below that theoretical stop loss exit of a long trade as described. OUCH.. 

The important traders who dominate the market trade these contracts in the 10s and hundred lots. 10 contracts stopped out last night is 15 thousand loss. 100 contracts is a 150,000 loss.
Kinda nasty..  Another part of the equation is called MARGIN.. Futures traders trade with leverage meaning they control a market position with say 10% of the total exposure or even less.. What happened last night is instant bankruptcy for some operators because the brokers who handle the orders will forcefully close your position out if it goes below the required MARGIN. When a gap of 30 S&P occurs as of last night THAT HAPPENED TO A LOT OF TRADERS. 

I consider the USA as " safer" that other places. Why? because the FED is known to step in and "save" the markets when it appears that it is going to hell in a hand basket. This became a reality after the 1987 crash and is officially called the PPT.. plunge protection team. As this writing there was a slight rebound off the overnight lows at 7 AM EDT to only print a 20 point loss. That my friends is the PPT at work. I and almost all traders from back in the day consider this cheating..  The PPT considers it central planning.

Other places in the world don't have nearly as effective an antidote for panic as we have in the USA. Behold a pale horse..  The comments section at Zero Hedge is entertaining and is coming from people who know what they are talking about.

So what looks like a less than systemically dangerous situation here in the USA last night so far looks like an all out bloodbath elsewhere. AND ALL THIS IS GOING ON WELL BEFORE THE OPEN OF REGULAR TRADING IN THE USA at 9:30 AM when the risk challenged "investors" are sitting on a loss.. Like sitting ducks.  There are a lot of them wetting their pants because they are totally helpless to do anything until 9:30 AM. They have bet that the PPT is going to save them by holding a position that is unhedged. 
MOAR popcorn please??  By the way there is something called a margin call that occurs for these regular trading folks and it is late in the afternoon. If today does not snap back enough there is going to bloodshed after 3 PM today.

One reason I do not trade now is it requires 24/7 PAYING ATTENTION during the entire trading week from Sunday night till the Sabbath starts on Friday at the close. I cannot do it myself and I have proved that by attempting to do 3 or 4 peoples jobs at the same time for years and ended up with a heart attack.  So this situation is amusing to me being on the sidelines watching the carnage. Hey I have tried to warn people I know who still trade about this Sunday night risk factor and it has fallen on deaf ears. As I stated in a previous post everyone is a genius until they are broke. One reason am glad I am not writing a trading newsletter is that I have seen this before and even when you tell people straight up about something like the risk overnight they do what they want and ONLY after they are in BIG trouble do they want me to somehow save them. 



It is apparent to me I am part of a minority. LOL maybe a minority of one. Just kidding. Watching carefully this year I have witnessed  the last gasp of "hope" that the USA would some how wisen up to the oligarchs running the top down structure and do something about it.. The last stand it seems to me was March and April when the truthers made a huge push when Netanyahoo went to DC and insulted the intelligence of the American people. In the aftermath it seemed that the whole structure of the truth movement was run through as guys like Duff and Jones became smeared OR were revealed as plants. At that point it was like the air left the room. There is simply no chance now to accomplish anything within the system to change it. Time to accept the political defeat and move on to preserving what is left of truth for a future a generation who might have the determination to take US sovereignty back.. 

So since April it is like the final assault after many years of siege when the walls are breached and the city is overrun. In the past such an outcome is usually a rape all the women and kill all the men. Holding on to a territory long term in history is done by changing the genetics of the population by creating babies of the conquers and making a new a population friendly to the new rulers. This was the strategy of Attila the Hun and it is no accident that he sired 1000s himself and that population of hybrids morphed into the Kazars which morphed into the Ashkenazi  who at one point were considered "Asiatics" by Ben Franklin who has some interesting quotes available on that subject. Maybe we can look at it in more modern terms by seeing at it as the Borg assimilating a population. I am going to have to call out the majority of women in this country who stood around looking in the mirror when the few men left who were defending the city walls were defeated. I guess y'all are ready for Hillary now. 

So it is now hold on to your seats in the crazy train. I warned people last summer when I saw the jet shot down in Ukraine that the end game had begun. There is very little resistance left except Russia now to the NWO end game. It is apparent that if Russia wants to it can hold off forever but it is powerless to do much beyond it's borders. Ironic indeed that Russia is the only real holdout resisting a communist takeover of the rest of the world. Maybe they would be the ones who know best where this is heading. Read yesterday that almost a million refugees are camped out in Russia due to the Ukraine coup. Hey it beats 30 million South Americans I guess.

So where are we now and what can I say about the few weeks ahead? It is now summer  holiday season in the USA soon with July 4th ahead. This is a different month than is customary in Europe who holiday in August. A serious amount of systemic changes have occurred as in the TPP and although it has not been formalized yet it is a done deal. As I see it this is a perfect time to provoke the American people during the JH period so they can find out how to game the public with their AI. In my mind is good odds for some sort of incident on an order of magnitude many times bigger than anything since 911. I see a window of vulnerability for this using the natal chart of the USA. By September I suspect that USA natal chart will not be RELEVANT but it still is till then.. 

The USA natal has 4 planets in Cancer. Mars is in early Cancer as of right now passing over the US natal Venus and Jupiter and is no surprise we have so much misguided joy over the gay issue and the church shooting has so much love scripted into the back end of the story line. Why worry be happy sort of astrological energies. The nasty energies are going to start up after the holiday around July 11th and intensify as Mars passes over the natal Sun of the USA followed by Mercury on the 15th. There are multi planet stress alignments in the sky landing all over the US natal during this period and it looks like 5 was to Tuesday to me. I have been screaming from the rooftops for a decade that astrology is being used to tweak the timeline and this episode sure looks like it qualifies as a time for that. Violence.. angry reaction.. threats.. all in spades.  This is a snapshot of the energies on 7/15... All that red and pink is STRESS and involves planets that are violent. 

Later in July things calm down but it looks like a lot of damage done around the 11th - 15th. I suspect this is going to spook the stock and bond markets enough to get the needed 10% correction into late August underway to set the hook on the monetary restructure in September. By late August the lemmings will be begging.. NO DEMANDING relief. 

This is how the PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION game works. This is how ORDER OUT OF CHAOS works. The very thought that astrology is being misused to script out outcomes really pisses me off. 


Mike Adams makes
a systemic crash simple to understand

Being an insider I recommend watching this.. These things are hard to grasp if you were not high enough in the game to see it develop.  Mike either is really smart even outside of his field or he has friends that are high enough inside of finance to inform him.


Lightening does strike twice

If your name is ROD....

 The pic in the link is priceless.. His middle initials have to be WTF


The only solution
Isn't it amazing

"No sweat..  OPTICAL PROMISE. You'll be dead an in hell before I am born. 
SURE THING.. Bridesmaid...  The only solution isn't it amazing. "

Ahh the bridesmaid part.  Very deep occult meanings here.  A bridesmaid is a VIRGIN.. AS IN VIRGO.. All this NWO horseshit is focused on the day of a solar eclipse on September 13th. They have their plans and we are the unintended consequence.  Fuck them and the pale horse they rode in on. 

"Did you stop to consider how it will feel.. Cold grinding grizzly bear jaws hot on your heal. Do you want to stop and whisper its Saturday's shore.. The WHOLE WORLD IS A SAVIOR.. Who could ever ever EVER ask for more.  DO YOU REMEMBER.. WILL YOU STOP .... WILL YOU STOP... THE PAIN..  
Or there will never be another you. There will never be another one who can do the things you do. "

Geez this was from 1969.. Two short years after the last jubilee / blood moons in 1967. The world is about to change in ways that very few can grasp yet. You can hear the new beat of the future in the sense8 theme song.

The short clips of sense8 are starting to flow now from the water bearer. 
THIS IS HOW WE WIN. We evolve out of their grip.


One small step for mankind

Me thinks this is great but at the same time I am aware that this is when they get dangerous.

As I see it they have long term multi generation plans and use the jewish calendar to script the outcomes.. I see also that they are being OUTED for this and things are not going according to their plans.  For starters they need the Armageddon show to rope in the fundies and so far the ISIS boys are making DUMB AND DUMBER look like genius's..  Meanwhile the Greeks are calling their bluff and are about to trigger a tsunami of credit default swaps. Seems like an action movie and in reality IT IS. 


Breaking up is hard to do

Oh my this is all now a BIG FAT GREEK DIVORCE. No more " honey I wont do it again" is gonna work. 

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has announced a referendum in a televised speech to the nation after another day of fractious negotiations with creditors closed without a deal.

There is no can left to kick down the road. The can looked like a hockey puck and then went down some storm drain. GRAB SOME POPCORN. If you thought the Greek  thing was ridiculous so far you aint seen nothing yet.  The apple cart is chock full of credit default swaps maybe 30 times more than the Greek debt and we do not know who is on the hook.. Hopefully Goldman and JPM... Reaction in the EU looks like this. 


Astrological twins = your sensate others

I am VERY much aware of the phenomena called astro twins.  This is something I have looked at first as a theory many years ago and then as a fact because I found I have 3 other astro twins who are famous enough to have bios and some details online of the timeline that they have experienced. Those 3 are Neil Peart the drummer of Rush.. Gerry Beckley one of the founders of the band America and Don Tollefson who was the number 1 sportscaster in Philly for 20 years. They were all born within 12 hours or so of myself and they have VERY SIMILAR TIMELINES and striking similarities in so many ways to my inner makeup  They are not born at the same exact moment however as me but there is very valuable info to be learned. Knowing that Peart was my astro twin I am still puzzled by the 3 major appliances that Rush has running on the stage as props in all Rush concerts. When I first saw it I was convinced that god was fucking with me.. Seems like ya god is indeed fucking with me. I had an appliance repair service from 1980  - 2000 which was where the money came from to finance my astro research. Peart? I dont know why the washing machines on stage.. I tried to ask him but he is like me and hard to contact. In  a more enlightened time it would be nice to see a data base of my birth twins and especially those that are very close to exact with my time of birth. I think it would be VERY EASY to mind meld with them.

Quote from this review of episodes 8 to 10 of the netflix series called SENSE8.

Riley attends a concert performance given by her pianist father, which of course is attended by all the other sensates, and the music so moves them that they all simultaneously experience their own births (which, according to the show, all happened at exactly the same time). It’s a gorgeous sequence, cutting from the sensates in the concert hall to slow-motion flashbacks of the moment each of them entered this world.

If you have ever had a feeling that you are not alone in this world and there has to be other YOU'S somewhere it seems to me that it is true. Your astrological twins are living the SAME birth chart pattern and living out a very similar timeline in another body. THIS MY FRIENDS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST SECRETS about being human. I have no idea why this concept occurred to the creators of SENSE8 but wow. This is a phenomena I have PROVED years ago and it is valid.  This discovery is something I have suspected is way more important than any of the astro finance work I did. 

I cannot emphasize enough that this series SENSE8 is a must watch. And not just once through. This is as deep as anything I have seen maybe ever. C'mon people it costs 9 bucks and the first month is FREE. If we want good stuff to watch we have to vote with our money. I have written about this series in detail you can find my thoughts in the archives in June.


My comedy routine every morning

I check the Drudge every AM to get the drift on the propaganda feed.  Ya see I know first had that the drudge is a feeder for the oligarchs planted stories because I was told personally by a big hedge fund guy who claimed to be a friend of Matt in 2001 that they planted stories there on drudge to gage public reaction. And to game the markets. 

So I will go though a thought exercise of the first thing in my head on reading a few headlines on today's poop sheet. Try it at home it is really is fun. 

To where? Oh Israel .. and please bring your money with you

Jimmy Fallon Hospitalized... 

Receiving treatment after night out...

Dude.. 3 tabs of E and an 8 ball of coke on top of all that liquor? What did you expect.


You mean the tens of trillions of credit default swaps that will be triggered if the Greeks default on 50 billion in usurious debt?  That blackmail? 

Silicon Valley Housing Crisis: Man Renting Small Tent Near GOOGLE For Nearly $1,000 Per Month! 

My god what is the cost per sq foot... shhh.. He is writing a book on homelessness and the publisher is paying the rent.

Two rival self-driving cars nearly collide on CA road...

CHICKEN !!!!  dueling hackers?  or future drone pilots? 

Taxi driver gets flat tire, charges passenger for being overweight...

Just like the airlines? 


Just practicing for the real job of destroying US military equipment? 


Generational warfare

 This was inspired by having to read another demonizing post today about the baby boomers being the blame for what has happened..

I warned people in my generation called the boomers back in the 1990s about the generational warfare that is ongoing.. It was not a shot in the dark prediction I had specific reasons for pointing it out. If one understands that the generations are defined by the location of Pluto in their birth charts the picture is very clear.

Pluto in Cancers..  1920s- to late 1930s .. They proclaimed themselves to be the greatest generation. We still have the living fossils around who engineered the mess we are in. HW.. Kissenger.. Rockerfeller. The Pluto in cancers were the CLEAVERS in leave it to beaver.. God bless them they had no idea that they were duped because that was before the information was available to them. This was the generation that was the beneficiary of social security. The only good thing is they were so horny they made a lot of babies. 

Pluto in Leo is the boomers.. MY GENERATION.. Born from late 1930s to 1956 .. Younger people of today love to demonize us. They think we boomers had it so great when we were young and used up all the prosperity for future generations now that we are retiring.  Let me see. We were subject to the draft and 50K of us died and 100s of thousands were damaged.  We had to buy our starter homes with up to a 14% mortgage. Minimum wage for us was like 3.50 an hour. Oh ya that was so easy. 

One thing we did have with that Leo part of all of us was creativity.. entrepreneur tendency .. and a willingness to TAKE RISK both physically and spiritually.. It was baked in the cake as a generation. BTW the boomers were the last to succeed at generating any real wealth in this country.  We set the bar high and we proceeded to jump over it constantly. 

 Keep in mind we had the older Pluto in Cancers as antagonists. AND WE WON. At least temporarily until our children got hijacked. 

 And people (term used lightly) like W and the Clintons who are making the rest of us look bad.. TAKE IT FROM ME these were jack offs back in the day and that has not changed. Not even bad apples more like worm eaten rotten apples. 

Pluto in Virgo  1956 - 1970.. A generation I had high hopes for when I was much younger. Boy was I wrong on that one. This is the biggest failure of the older boomers.. We did not raise our kids with any grit. We gave everyone a ribbon for participating not winning. This coddling has morphed into the YOU DID NOT BUILD THAT from the poster boy of the Pluto in Virgos Oman born in 1962.  If anyone wants to blame a generation for the technocratic BORG LIKE society we are stuck in don't blame the boomers for anything but raising this bunch of fascists who are engineering it. I cannot believe how lame this group is. Take your DATA and your computer models and shove it where the sun don't shine. 

 And I warned people in my Leo generation 20 years ago that the Virgos were going to take revenge when they got in power on us boomers for actually succeeding.  We boomers generated wealth by the sweat of our brow taking risks and that wealth is being asset stripped off by the Virgos now. Give the Virgos another 10 years and there will be nothing left. I predicted in the 1990s that the Virgos would warehouse the boomers in abandoned shopping malls after they were asset stripped and would be doing euthanasia on us. I got a lot of shit about saying that back then. 

Pluto in Libra 1970 - 1983.  The social butterflies. The face book social networks creators. A generation of wannabe lawyers. Self absorbed and not the slightest bit interested in fighting for anything other than their own pleasure..  MANY OF THEM are spawn from the Pluto in Virgo parents. This is where the term ME GENERATION comes from. If they would just do their generational job we might have a chance to undo the imposition of COMMERCIAL LAW as in the NWO that has taken over the country in a bizarre type of corpo-fascism. 

Pluto in Scorpios. 1983 to 1995. Like Pluto itself that rules Scorpio this is a small generation. Pluto was fast in it's orbit when they were born so there is little more than 10 years of them. This is the next to the most powerful generation alive today after the Leos. The Scorpios are not dramatic as the Leos were. Smart of them. They keep their generational power close to the vest.. They have extremely good bullshit detectors and they are very apolitical. Cant say I blame them. 

The last time Pluto was in Scorpio was 1730 - 1750.  They were the ones who had to fight for their freedom. They were nasty fighters who did not play by the oligarchs rules. They were secretive because they had to be. It was their grit that created this country and this new generation of Pluto in Scorpios are going to have to do the same when they are in their prime in the not too distant future. If there is any hope left it rests on them. 

Those of us Leo boomers who are the elders of standing now should focus on this generation. The Virgos ARE the problem. The Libras don't care. Guess it is on you Scorpios..  They need to become the Pluto in Virgo control freaks worst nightmare. They have a NATURAL psychic talent and have massively accurate bullshit detectors. They are tough enough to say NO and willing to back it up.  The lead dogs in that group are just turning 30something now and having sired one myself I know they are just recently getting it about what the task at hand is. Obamacare seems to woken them up. Just like in the 1700s these Scorpios are not going to take it lying down like dogs. Just give them time to get a bit further along and you will see. 

I have no illusions now that the situation ahead is going to be fixed in my lifetime. When the Scorpios get older in 10 - 20 years then we will get some action.  The Scorpios need to seek out the Leo elders and learn from us.  Us Leos need to take the time to pass on what being a free range human can be like before we die off and it will be forgotten.  


Speaking of  "challenged"

Got to love Mark Dice..  I am betting there was not a single time he had to give away 150 of silver. He even let them touch it and still no.  The real shocker for me to see that maybe all of the people did not even have 10 dollars cash in their pockets. The only smart guy was the one who wanted use his EBT to do the deal.

excccccuse meeee. I actually thought us truthers had spent the last 20 years educating people. Hey guys it can only be called EPIC FAIL..  Sorry to be a cynic but I think we should be psychologically prepared for the rollout in September of god know how many "lose ends" of the new 50 year plan.  Call it the project for the New American HALF century if you will. Glad to be an old guy and watch all this go down with a sense of astonishment at how easy it was to fool the 99% who embrace collective stupidity. Sadly it appears that 99% is about right. If that number is accurate that makes a little over 300,000 souls left and it would be nice if we got a reservation where we can live outside of this.. We can market it to the NWO as a social experiment and we know they love that sort of thing.. We can even pretend to be a failure and we can fake being unhappy. Just give us a place that is exempt please. 

I have to hat tip Ron Paul who a few years ago put out a curriculum for home schooling to counteract Common Core.. Imagine what it was like for him over his career to lay it out in plain English and have glazed looks back as a reward. 


We are a tobacco challenged country

Odd thing.. When half of Americans smoked the USA was the engine of world industrial output.. That changing has a strong correlation of when tobacco became a taboo..  Then the USA started to become a paper pushing empire of office workers. 

 So now 20 years later the Chinese seem to be at 50% smokers and THEY are the engine of world industrial output.  Need proof?

Maybe the native Americans were able to live here in the 100s of millions in North America  for millennia without trashing the place because they had a sacred plant helping them? 


Mr Sandman

Catchy tune..
 I like the part in the song when it says.. "Please turn on your magic beam.. Mr Sandman bring me a dream"..  hey Bernie here is your campaign song.  I also suggest a beard.. Worked for the Bernak and would look good on Ol yellin too if she had just been a little more modern and went transgender. 

I can feel a replay of 2000 coming.. A Clinton crony takes on a Jew as VP.. I am on record saying that if we did not have election fraud and Gore had won he would have had an appt at WTC in Cantor Fitzgerald offices on 9/11/2001.  ATTN Hillary (Oh sorry I know she is memory challenged).. Can you imagine what that would have looked like as Lie-berman was very overt about his duel loyalties after the lost election. I Know I know I am a Jew basher.  I don't want to be.. I tried for years to get the good Jews I assumed where out there that would not appreciate what happened if they understood to speak up so I did NOT have to do it myself. CRICKETS I TELL YA.. It was that truth issue that had me in a bind. I consider lying a non starter and I consider withholding information supporting a false reality as even worse.  Guess I am old fashioned. 

The W part in 2001 was plan B and was quite a bollixed up mess to boot. They got caught red handed and even W coming out and saying who did it was not enough for people to catch the drift..  ya know.. THEY HATE US FOR OUR FREEDOM. That PART. The Hint hint as to who THEY is. I think it is obvious who hates us for our freedom now. 
I can tell you with absolute certainty that the truthers who were pointing fingers from 2001 - 2008 were surprisingly left alone almost as if W wanted us to succeed.  A blackmailed person tends to act like that. Seems only people like Gary Web who were revealing the cia drug trade by the Mena faction got much blowback.  About January of 2009 things changed.  DRAMATICALLY. Rhambos boys don't play games. Should I consider it a badge of honor to have been one of the first to have been put out of business in May 2009? 


Kids imitating Gandhi

I seem to remember in the Gandhi movie something about marching to the sea to make salt which the brits were taxing. LOL.. taxing something that is free? Who would have thought of THAT..  I can see that human ingenuity is not dead yet. Obviously MORE CORE is required and there has to be some federal law against this. Identify the culprit with too many brain cells working and take him to a foster home and of course don't forget the pysch meds.


What's in your wallet

It is your own personal electronic money chip. There is a new "for your safety" type of card transaction going into place that requires a new card swipe technology with a deadline of October 1st..  Sounds expensive for biz owners.. Especially the small biz owner who is already an almost extinct species. See "you did not build that" is true.

This is the precursor to the carbon based monetary system required to make sure everyone pays for his carbon output.  Who needs an overt mark of the beast forced on them when they gleefully do it voluntarily? So now even your plastic money is spying on you even if you are just sitting at home.. Your WIFI is in constant communication with your money in case you want to shop on QVC or something. .. 

Kinda funny how all the tentacles of the NWO red octopus seem to be concentrating on the timeline in September.. LOL.. like it is all planned.. Are they going to get away with this with this when 80% plus people are stone cold asleep to it? Tyranny?.. priceless. 

There is a name for this.. PANOPTICON.  The all seeing eye. Even your refrigerators are spying on you. The social engineers wet dream. LOL.. Algorithms.. its not just for trading  the markets anymore.

Satan's Clause is coming to town.. C'mon sing along with me..

He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He knows if you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!


Helio vs Geo

I see a lot of analysis especially on you tube using a visual model of the solar system that uses the SUN as the central point and alignments of planets are viewed on that sun centered model.. This SUN CENTERED view would labeled a HELIO CENTRIC view. Pundits are using this as some sort of method of gleaning important dates..  see here 
I spent several decades researching before publishing a word and found that I was able to discover things that worked very rarely after back checking and things that did NOT work a lot over 22 years. Helio use in gleaning mans physical existence here on earth did NOT make sense in the 1970s and it still does not now.. Helio has NO retrogrades and is smooth cycles based on nearly circular elliptical orbits and do you see things being smooth like that in our earthly affairs? I don't.  Very long cycles such as the ones that drive climate change over hundreds or thousands of years are maybe easier to see from a helio perspective but on those very long cycles the wobbles of the retrograde periods are insignificant. Anything personal MUST be viewed GEO CENTRIC to be relevant.

Almost all astrologer use a GEO CENTRIC view.. Why?? Because we are here on the earth not the sun. On top of that GEO CENTRIC WORKS and has been passed down over 1000s of years of OBSERVATION. From our view here the solar system cycles are vastly more complicated than what a simple elliptical cycle would suggest.. The first thing is all planets go retrograde from our perspective here.. The exceptions are the Sun and Moon.  You can see from the graphic below the ebb and flow of energy.. THIS IS HOW THE REAL WORLD WORKS.  It appears to be chaotic but is perfectly predictable to a trained practitioner.. JUST LIKE THE REAL WORLD. 

Here is a geo view of planetary motion over a 2 year period.  see link.  .
If this graph was set up as Helio ALL THE LINES would be straight.  BIG BIG difference.. So when you see prognostications based on the use of a map of the solar system using the SUN as the center it is NOT a real world way to see the universe around us.. At least not until we achieve 6D consciousness and THEN have evolved into a sun centered view of the solar system and the universe. 

A geo centric astrology chart called a  horoscope is a snapshot of a single moment frozen in time from the perspective of a person looking OUT at the solar system FROM EARTH and from an EXACT LOCATION ON THE EARTH in this case North Carolina...

The chart above is a map of what is seen in real life as seen from NC just after the solar eclipse to come on September 13 2015. A solar eclipse has an effect for many months after which has a lingering effect of 6 months. The color lines are the relationships between the planets called ASPECTS at that exact time. Essentially aspect lines are defining how the planets are getting along in that moment. RED is stress and GREEN is ease.
 In this chart Jupiter and Neptune are in stress and  dominating the energy at that specific time.. Considering the known energy from those two planets this high stress situation can be interpreted as LA LA LAND as in BELIEFS GONE WILD..  LOGIC OUT THE WINDOW.. I will not bore you with jargon.. Just suffice to say I have very good reason to believe this is a date of GOING OFF THE RAILS and considering the implications of the Jewish calendar that is an astrological calendar (just simplistic) using only sun and moon I have reason to believe this is the official start of the reign of the NWO.  It looks like a huge amount of BELIEFS are going to be in play at this time.. 

 From an economic perspective this Jupiter Neptune stress is so expansive and loopy that it stands to reason we will see INFLATION OUT THE WAZZOO develop around this time. Free money for everyone?  Just trade what little freedom you have left and we will give you a wheel barrow of paper money in the form of a shiny new chipped debit card. 


Full court press
on agenda 21 being rolled out

Just wait for the POPE LED rollout to come in September. The so called SUSTAINABLE part involves herding us tax slaves into closed quarters where we can be micro managed.  Fact is the purveyors of sustainable want rural people to get out of the way of the vast tracts of land to be set aside as collateral in an attempt to find a way out of the debt problem. The people already there are IN THE WAY and will be starved or scared away or anything really to make them leave.  Being a contrarian I am inclined to do the exact opposite..


 LOL.. you cannot make this up

Anyone not aware of the cultural decay being foisted on young people here is one that takes the cake.. All this guy needs is a big red clown nose. This is U of P not a community college.

I am sure happy my kids are almost a decade out of the "educational" system. For starters this cost 3200 dollars? How bout paying for that on 20 year terms at INTEREST? I could go on about the ethnic identity of the "professor" but why bother. Anyone paying attention would understand. Those allergic to truth will just hate on me for stating the obvious.


Victim consciousness run amok

Has envy gone this far.. Is getting sympathy addictive? I have an idea go to Saudi Arabia and steal something..  they will do it free.

Maybe it would be a better idea to cure the cause of the dis-ease? Maybe knock off the TV and find a new set of friends? 


Christianity was a psyop

Take a scholars word for it.

I take an even stronger view.. Christianity as it was constructed by the Romans in 70 AD was indeed a psyop. See Joseph Atwills work Caesars Messiah on youtube.. The Romans did it to tame the messianic Jews that the Romans had to fight with just before 70 AD and the story concocted by the Flavians was an attempt to give the defeated Jews what they wanted..  a messiah. They back dated it so there was no living person who would remember the real story. LOl.. give then a dead hero. 

I was raised in Sunday Scholl and know all the bible stories.. They wore thin on me at about age 12. I had a functional bullshit detector even at age 12. I am glad now to have had the experience however. 

So the real guy who had his life turned into a fictional character was actually born on SEPTEMBER 1lth or 13th  in 3 BC. the date depends on the astrological inaccuracy in the calendar we use today. I figure it is 9/13/3BC but to me the important part is the 20th degree of VIRGO as the solar degree of the birth in 3 BC and the natal Moon Neptune conjunction in Scorpio and the time being just after dark with the sun in the 6th house. I have back tested it and the astrological chart fits the man and the timeline in the story on the transits and progressions confirm it as well. To me is a FACT. 


So why would this be repressed for 2000 years? .. LOL.. If the date is known the entire psyop becomes self evident starting with the VIRGIN PART. Not only that the use of the Jewish calendar as a scripting tool ever since would also become a known. 

 This year there is a solar eclipse on 9/13/2015 which lands on the Jesus mans birthday. Kinda significant is it not? This is the Jewish new year and a 7x7 cycle completion of 49 years called a JUBILEE YEAR. There is the 4 blood moons in play too as the last blood moon in the tetrad is 14 days after the 13th just in time for the POPE to do his thing.  The last time this tetrad was this correlated was on SEPTEMBER 14th 1966.. A day off the 13th but still astrologically significant and a start up day for a jubilee. Think of the events in the year following..  the LSD and the summer of love and the 6 day war when Israel gifted itself a great portion of Palestine.  Looking at this set of events in 67 we have a sense of what we should expect from September of 2015 - September 2016. In my mind this is the final chapter of the psyop started in 70 AD. We get a fake Armageddon.. A fake second coming. The establishment of Zionist Israel as owner of the world. Today's Christians will be the last to know and it will be a big surprise to them that NONE OF THEM ARE RAPTURED. I found it interesting looking back on the September 70 AD astro and see a solar eclipse on the Jewish new years day the 23rd of September THAT YEAR. Humm.

 As in 1967 there are likely to be unintended consequences.. People who will not take the bait. It was the hippies in 1967 exercising higher consciousness and this year we have a group as yet unnamed. I tried to promote the netfix series SENSE 8 recently as a way to show what this year ahead might look like. The psyop version and the reality version of the coming year are kind of the exact opposite.  Stock up on popcorn you are going to need it. 


Mini Me Me Me Me

What a show.. The Dr Evil pose.. The synthetic reality we have been stuck in since 911 has morphed into something that even makes that seem some how seem sane. Hey You PEOPLE.. This is what a country looks like in it's final stages of DIS UNION. Can anyone imagine when we get to the part of the script when he really really becomes serious about pissing off everyone? Bush sure did it in 2008. 

Looks like the fast track thing is just as much an act of wear out the opposition as the Greek tragedy is dragging out endlessly. Funny how CONgress is posturing now that enough citizens have gotten it about the true nature of the deal. 

In simple terms the TPP and it's relatives will impose a structure ABOVE the sovereign Governments of Rothschildiana and all laws below that capstone will be based on COMMERCIAL LAW. The one ring to rule them all.. We could even call the former USA a new name.. UCCA.  UCC is universal commercial code.. I am fully aware that UCC has been really dominant for many decades now but we get to have the veil lifted off it in a formalized way. I guess that is what dear leader meant by TRANSPARENCY.. 

 They hated us for our freedoms. After all this is said and done they will only be able to hate us for our existence. Carbon taxes will require a cashless economy in order for us  carbon emitting peeps to be able to properly tally our "responsibility" to pay for the privilege to breathe..  I suspect the rollout ahead will be to charge a handling fee on any cash transaction.. lets say 10%.. And then don't forget the cash back points for using your cashless transaction device. And then we will have the cash buy back program where you can turn in your cash for a gift card like they do with guns now..  Tyranny has to be FUN like a game don't ya know.

hat tip: Ellen Brown, Web of Debt Blog

“Psychopaths are unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others, although they often have disarming or even charming personalities. Psychopaths are very manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust. They learn to mimic emotions, despite their inability to actually feel them, and will appear normal to unsuspecting people… When committing crimes, psychopaths carefully plan out every detail in advance and often have contingency plans in place. Unlike their sociopathic counterparts, psychopathic criminals are cool, calm, and meticulous.” – Psychology Today


Data breach

So there you have it.
Every US federal employee seeking a security clearance must go through the exhausting process of filing a Standard Form 86 (SF 86). As many have pointed out, the form is so meticulous that an individual could fill out over 115 pages.  

 ALL of those people are subject to being BLACKMAILED. If you ever wondered why things are in such a mess look no further. Once anyone get a security clearance it is a LIFETIME COMMITMENT to being lied to and to lie to others. There is no getting out of it. 

 So when a subject like the huge number of crisis actors comes up and the people who are clueless say that is not possible to fake an event like sandy hook consider that ALL OF THEM had to have some sort of security clearance to even be able to do simulated exercises for first responders and DHS. Easy to see how it would be so easy to just make a drill look like the real thing eh? and NO ONE WOULD SAY ANYTHING.. Just cash that check.


It was the worst of times.. Err
It was the least best of times..

Got to love the TYLERS.. (there are more than one of them).. They come out swinging almost every day.. If you are not reading zero hedge you are mostly unaware of what the top people in finance see. Very few places on the net are still running after being such a pain in the ass to the oligarchs.


The problem with astrology

I was poking around on the net looking for Dylan Roof date of birth.. wiki says 4/3/1994.. About 6 links down in a google search I find THIS ARTICLE which was posted 4 days ago.
This article says 4/4/1994 as his date of birth.  Reading the article I find it is devoid of any insights. WTF.. And I question the date of birth and the way this astrologer does birth charts too using a solar chart to delineate the house positions without an actual birth time. 

So my read on the kid's natal 4/3/1994 using noon as the least margin of error. He is sporting quite an angry mind with a mercury mars conjunction in Pisces. He was quite a confused emotionally type person with a Moon Uranus Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. There are aspects from his natal sun to Jupiter and Pluto indicating a penchant for political incorrectness.  In my own one sentence read.. the kid appears to have a paranoid streak and is at best emotionally retarded and is a non conformist.. A PERFECT DUPE.  And yes indeed this kid was hit 5 ways from Tuesday over a several year period by the now past exact Uranus Pluto square transiting in the sky.. Especially so last April 2014.  What happened to him then? Did he get in trouble and was he manipulated since then as part of a psyop?  This we can only guess at but he does fit the DUPE profile.. His Moon aspects indicate he might be very easy to hypnotize.

 I got zero insight from the Hale article.. For starters Hale goes on about this event as if it is something real just as was presented by CNN. This article came out 4 days before this day today the 22nd making it the 18th when she posted.. REALLY?..    How did you come up with a date of birth THAT QUICKLY in less than 12 hours.. And how did it happen your date of birth conflicts with WIKI?? My educated view of MANY astrologers is they are bullshit artists and use astrological key words to get talking points to define a preconceived view of things.. As you can imagine I am not very popular is the mainstream astrological community. I find almost NONE are in love with the truth and all but a few have a very very mainstream view of things. These people would have lasted about 10 minutes in the arena where there is a scorecard and big money is bet on prognosticators. MACRO TRADERS eat idiots who dare to bullshit them for breakfast. 

The problem with astrologers is they get their "education" and their certificates of competence from organizations like AFA located in DC. A good buddy who had 40 years astrological experience many years older than myself told me 20 years ago that this is what he called THE OLD GIRLS NETWORK. He said if they don't like you then you  get NOWHERE in a professional sense.. No lectures .. No recognition.. and especially NO PAID GIGS in places like the horoscope columns in major newspapers. The education of astrologers is replicating mediocrity and THAT is killing off a many thousands of years old body of knowledge.  Astrology has to be considered a joke by most thinking people who would otherwise be interested if they saw true competence. 

So when you read an astrological article and it tells you NOTHING it is no accident.   I will tell ya this..  The man who originally taught me in 1972 - 1973 told me he was one of the 10 astrologers who was hired by the government to figure out what Hitlers astrologers were telling him to do. Very serious business eh with lives depending on a accurate read of things? He was really good and showed me the right way to look at a chart which is obviously NOT what modern astrologers are being taught. I learned using a paper chart and could run an accurate enough chart on paper just using a book called an ephemeris. I had natural talent and was built from my first breath to be good at astrology. Lost art indeed. 

 Lets speculate and consider what if astrology has and is being used as a scripting tool by the oligarch class. Would they want a lot of astrologers working outside of their interests? Would they want anyone outside of the clic to be able to track the scripting down? This mess in Charleston was TIMED astrologically and GOT results as in TPP passing.  In the shadow cast from a blood in the street incident.. This treason passed without even a whimper out of the future victims of it. So pat So obvious.. Did people die? Does it matter?  It is beside the point in the synthetic reality we find ourselves in..