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This coming election is FIGHT CLUB

Ya like this

Hat tip to banzai7 the worlds greatest Photoshop activist
Suitable for framing just buy one


Not Photoshoped below here. 
Drudge front page photo
The he.she.ze on the right has some guns eh?

What god wants.. god gets.. god help us all

The priest said:
"God wants goodness
God wants light
God wants mayhem
God wants a clean fight"

What God wants, God gets
What God wants, God gets

"Don't look so surprised, It's only dogma"
The alien prophet cried


Another one bites the dust

RIP Jen Moore. Had dirt on Bill Clinton.


Saturn conjunct Pluto 2020

He told ABC: "Sovereignty of nations is no longer absolute. There is a gradually diminishing of sovereignty, little bit by little bit. Even in the big nations, this will happen."

Not so far fetched from where I sit 2020 only two years from now. Was this a prediction or a PLAN? Brezinski apparently was aware of this. Our grand chessboard technocratic reality thus became the path we took. 


Vows of secrecy

Is there is a reason that things are this far out of bounds? Why does .gov and their minions want to FK up everyone's mind with lies?  They have secrets. Secrets that they have vowed to protect.. It is a fact that security clearances are part of the job in government but also for MANY people who work for CORPorations who deal with government. Then consider that various 'secret" societies also require vows of secrecy... I read a year ago that due to the pervasive nature of using security clearances as part of the job that over 20% of employed people have security clearance just to be able to do their job. 

Taking a vow of secrecy requires not telling others who are unauthorized to know a fact it also means that you agree to NOT KNOW unauthorized information. Ah now we know why it seems the entire government is dumb as a rock. If you have any type of security clearance are you allowed to know what happened on 911? Are you allowed to know the CIA is the worlds largest drug cartel? Are you allowed to know the Clintons are made men who worked for the CIA/Bush crime family? I could go on and on but the point I am making is up to 25% of the public have agreed to lie and be lied to and is it any wonder we find ourselves riding the OZZY crazy train? 

My fav author Robert Heinlien who wrote the book Stranger in a Strange Land that I read when I was 11 year old boy. This book changed everything for me it was my first exposure to metaphysical thought.  I also learned that keeping vows of secrecy was a soul killer. Secrecy is lying by omission which is a higher level "sin" than a direct lie which is an easier tell for an honest person to be able to see though.. 

"I began to sense faintly that secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy ... censorship. When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, this you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know, the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives." -- Robert A. Heinlein

If you lie you will lose it

Lesson here. If you want to know truth as self evident then do NOT lie.
If you lie by omission you create a false reality for others and no doubt about it you blind yourself in the process.  


If they can do it to Alex they can do it to me. 

I have not been a big fan of Jones as I think he has done more harm than good well before the current situation. HOWEVER. I'm kind of advanced in conspiracy studies and just because his show and blog often are stating the obvious and not going far enough for my taste it turns out he has helped a lot of newbies to break out of the mental garbage can of mainstream propaganda. I know a lot of local people here who are at least a little bit informed now because of Jones.

I checked and indeed infowars site is not functioning as of 4 PM 8/14. 
Good thing he has more than one site.

And thanks Obama. The guy who gave away the internet in 2016 to the UN


Feeding the bears

Everyone know that feeding bears is not good right. In markets that is not the case. Bears thrive on fear of a crash and they are helpless when confronted with the possibility of a crash so they MUST BUY PUTS or something like them.  OCDish it seems as many bears just cannot help themselves. Some would call them crashaholics.

The excessive and CONSTANT tension created by the media has been great for those very large institutions that have unlimited pockets to be able to sell naked puts without a huge margin. Puts that rise as fear levels rise giving the put sellers a better handle. Puts that expire WORTHLESS if nothing happens which is almost every time. LOL Last January the one time this year it would paid to have owned puts (or long VIX) they changed the rules in mid game. HAHAHA did they read the prospectus?? Prob not. 

Over at zero hedge they call it fear porn. 
winning comment in thread

That means even higher all time highs when this protection expires worthless. They literally write these puts and sell them then use the money to pump up stocks and make the puts worthless! It's almost a racket, actually it is a racket because they have the order book. They KNOW how much money is about to be spent on buybacks so they KNOW how high the market is going to go so they KNOW the puts they sell are going to expire worthless. So why not sell more and more of them and make more and more money? How do you think the january blowoff happened?


Mark to market eh?

LOl.. well it took many months after September of 2008 for our masters here in the USA to figure out that marking securities to the actual market for them is...  SO OLD FASHIONED.

Endless headlines from Erdogan and his son-in-law this morning did nothing to shift the Lira but the beleaguered currency is bouncing back to unchanged from Friday after reports that lenders will be allowed to restructure loans with no mark-to-market impact to their balance sheets... Just like America did in 2009.

Specifically, as Bloomberg reports that Turkish banking regulator BDDK has approved new rules on loan restructurings. Banks can extend maturities, refinance, lend new loans, seek new collateral and sell debtors’ assets against receivables under the new regulation which will allow lenders to temporarily (there's that word again) suspend reflecting the negative impact of mark-to-market security losses on their capital adequacy ratio calculations.


Faangs vs BEEStMod 

Goliath got a rock to the head. A well placed one but ya it was a rock.

Bitcoin is different things to different people, but technologically, it’s just a decentralized content platform — - for payments  -  that’s worth over $100b. Miraculously, all of that value is captured by its users. There’s no Bitcoin Inc. benefiting from someone else’s foresight.

The question I ask is with the no limit on free money the faangs have right now it stands to reason they can just buy the entire blockchain up and deep six it. A quick kick in the nutz from we the people in November might change that equation. 

I think the last year of pain in crypto has a silver lining. Thinning out the winners and losers is a process. 
300 car companies in 1929 and three left in 1933 is a lesson in history. What coins survive? This is a comment in the ZH link above that I think is an informed person. 

So revising his list I would say Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ada(Cardano), Monero and Ethereum/Ethereum Classic?  BLAME.  I might throw BAT, Decred, or possibly Digibyte in there as well.    

So what are we to do in the meantime? We can watch as the surveillance state and government morph into a world wide dragnet where everyone is subject to blackmail.

Beginning in 2014, Google has utilized user location histories to allow advertisers to track the effectiveness of online ads at driving foot traffic. With the continued possibility of real-time tracking to generate billions of dollars, it should come as no surprise that Google would seek to make it as difficult (or perhaps impossible?) as it can for users to ensure they aren't tracked.

Meanwhile BTC has now risen back to 54% market cap dominance. And total market cap in crypto has sunk below 200 billion. And the stench of capitulation is wafting over crypto markets. And the fiat currency markets are crashing all over the world one by one against the fiat USD. No place to hide .. Resistance is Futile..  

Remember JPM (fed owner) has reportedly bought up the worlds largest silver bullion horde as a way to protect it's short position in PAPER futures. They buy up things in order to destroy them. The price action in silver after the twin peaks and duel bear markets in metal since 1980 suggest JPM never buys high. 
No rule I know of that keeps the faangs from buying up the crypto markets on this weakness to protect their own stock buyback scheme and force their own versions of Ecash on everyone. Crypto is a competitor for the electronic fiat money already being rolled out by apple pay.. and google pay ect. Does google have enough spare cash to buy up something like MasterCard? Would not be a surprise. 

The election in November is going to determine our fate. IF the faangs are able to manipulate the public into ACCEPTANCE of the results they desire then grab your ankles. 

In 3rd world counties they use BLUE DYE on the fingers of voters to eliminate voting twice. Here? Oh My trump has not done anything to make sure our elections are verifiable at all. Almost a year ago I predicted a female insurgence into CON gress that would turn the country hard left. I did not want to see that yet there it is. This November is last change for we the people to assert their will. Voter fraud in 2016 was defeated by a huge turnout of voters who had not voted in a decade or more. I think in order to defeat the deep state this will have to be even more vital this November. If not then hello NWO and goodbye USA. 


A weekend of nothing burgers

The Unite the right demo went on and nothing happened. 
The old saying "what if they had a war and no one came".

I'm impressed the "We the people" crowd did not take the bait. Probably the way things went was the most scary thing to the left as a very concentrated effort to make everyone to the right of communism look like a nazi and it went went belly up. With the exception of the plane guy who went out with a punctuation mark in the same way some Buddhist monks did during the Vietnam war. I can report from that period first hand that the tactic did more than 1000s of protesters in the streets. 

So back to the real reality maybe we keep our eye on the ball and focus on the real world issue of the USA losing it's sovereignty as a result of 911? DC is cocked full of stink on both sides of the political aisle. The political circus in DC is trying to dance around this one and both sides look like they are in a hall of mirrors every turn results in the same truth staring at them.

Here's how it probably went down.  Sitting around the Kibbutz chatting, owner told friend about structural problems of WTC.  Friend says "well I have a problem too, cannot get US help fighting Arabs, we need a 'Pearl Harbor' - let's kill 2 birds with one stone.  Call our friends in Hollywood, in Washington, let's make a plan."

Owner: "Oh it will be epic!"

.. drama ensues


Let them eat FAKE

Ah yes the French revolution.

The tension increased, exacerbated by massive crop failures that led to a shortage of food. In Paris, mobs filled the city's streets. The fear spread that the king would retaliate with force. On July 14 the mob stormed the Bastille to obtain arms. The attack launched the nation down a pathway that would eventually lead to the destruction of the monarchy and the execution of Louis XVI.

So in our modern world the tech oligarchs are the equivalent of the French monarchy. 

I am delousing my computers and getting as much Google stink out of them as possible. 


Seeing the footprints of a FF all over

Hey when the neo-whatevers get into a pinch they always fall back on what has worked in the past

The next astro window I see that has enough stress aspects to correlate with a nasty false flag event is about the full moon on the 26th of August. Oh and Mars is making a direct station that day.  
September 5th has strong negative astro that lasts into the 9th which is an all important day of the year a NEW MOON IN VIRGO. Its the banksters new years day. 
September 11th has a Venus Mars Uranus T square  
September 14th has a Mercury Neptune opposition connected by stress aspects to Mars Uranus square. very ugly day that one. 


The Plane guy

The guy who stole the plane is named Richard Russell.. I am very interested in finding his date of birth so if it comes up send it to me. His act was very close to the eclipse ..

The taped conversations that were posted earlier yesterday had part of it scrubbed off by the afternoon in most stories with the exception of the above link.. When asked to land the plane he said to the controller that if he succeed would the company hire him as a pilot. Then he thought about it and said "Naaa I'm a white guy" indicating he is aware of massive discrimination against him for being that. 

So here is a guy who was working minimum wage in a tough job and was reportedly a good employee who was stuck there with no future. He knew he was dead ended career wise at age 29 no matter how hard he worked. No chance to have a normal life as a family man which is what us men have an instinct to be.

On another note I have quit netflix a day after they hired Obama two months ago so I am being forced to watch more TV with commercials usually history channel or similar. OH MY.. the commercials are outrageous and in an hour show you get to see the same ads maybe 10 or 15 times in just an hour.  The pharma ads are just repulsive but then I have carefully watched the rest and see tremendous amounts of social engineering placed in the ads. Men are now doing laundry and childcare and are being portrayed was weak. Lots of ads that have women doing violence to men as well.  .. Fat or geeky never a hint of manly unless it is for a male enhancement product. I had my time in the sun now age 65 and feel so bad for younger guys now relegated to sperm donor / housekeeper at best. My god I am glad I am not 29 and trying to be head of household in this country. 

If we think about where the insidious mind control / social engineering is coming from it is the ADVERTISING CARTELS that are running it. They control what content is being served up to the public in the mass media. If a show that does not conform is produced the odds are it will not be shown on mainstream because it will NOT be supported by advertising. Edward Bernays on crack would be tame in comparison. These ad companies are not in the public awareness. I see a lot of adverts from Warren Buffet companies that are extremely biased toward men and also portray white people as a minority.. Remember the GEICO ads portraying men as cave men a decade ago? It has gotten way worse. 


9 years ago
I guess he got the last item on his bucket list checked off.  Would be an interesting study to look at his birth data.. I figure he was being hit by transits like a ton of bricks. 


Nine years ago the AstroEcon web site was hacked in such a way that I realized I was defenseless to stop it. This attack came right after I started to post video on Youtube in 2009. It was one thing to be hacked but the virus constantly being planted on the site was designed to hurt those who came to read the site. So I made the site immune and gave hackers nothing to attack. I reduced my web traffic to 10% of what it was before thus making the site too small to attract trouble. My decision to demonetize this site was the only way I could think of to maintain my ability to say what I wanted to say here without lying by omission. Keep in mind I had spent 30 years of study to be able to make a good living doing the market timing work I do. If I was going to be that good I had to say what I saw regarding things like 911 etc or else lie by omission. 

Those complaining about being kicked off much of the corporate platforms dominating the net now were always fighting a losing battle.  Those who are being kicked off the platforms attempted to play by their rules. MANY popular sites had already degenerated into semi truth even before this purge even started. 

My suggestion to those who have been purged is to go back to the spirit of the 90s when running a truth web site was a labor of love and was not designed to pay off financially. My site is so simple a cave man can run it and it costs 35 a month. Mixing truth and money is always going to be a vulnerability. 


Weekend study. 100 years later is what we see now a repeat of the Bolshevik revolution.
Is Trump playing the part of Czar Nicolas?
Is Obama playing the part of Lenin?
Who is Rasputin? McCain? Ummmmm Hillary? 
History rhymes.


Mr Burns speaks

I guess those who are not popular don't care for those who are. 

Finally, Rothschild remains understandably "concerned about geo-political problems including Brexit, North Korea and the Middle East, at a time when populism is spreading globally."


July 1996

Ah I remember it well.. Less than a month from the first paying subscriber signing up on AstroEcon.

Context was the Clintons were on the ropes and looking at a sure defeat in the fall election. 

The TWA downing came on July 17th.

The behavior of the S&P futures a day before was a tell that what was going to happen was a known in high places at least a day before. A VERY steep mini crash off an all time high was cut off on July 16th by the fed intervening in S&P futures to the tune of 30K contacts (huge back then). This was my first experience seeing such a thing in real time. Everyone in the trading community was aghast at seeing this. It smacked of blatant cheating. never mind that the TWA incident OBVIOUSLY not what was advertised to be. 

Then 10 days later the Olympic bombing occurred. This was another first it was a blatant attempt to demonize conservatives especially Christian anti abortion conservatives and the effect lasted years as this became a multi year manhunt for the perp. Speaking of manhunt the TV show by that name about tracking down Ted Kasinski went into great detail about the way the FBI was able to create the first high tech mass profiling of Americans. The DEEP STATE as we think of it today started in 1996 because this is when the surveillance state was brought on line.

The reason I bring this up is 1996 and now sure seem similar. There is a convergence of astro and situation that tells me we have high probability of some nasty goings on over the next few weeks. Be paying attention to who benefits from that. 


War on men

One of the most hated persons on the conservative side of the equation is Lauren southern. 

 Pay attention the slant from wiki.

She is getting flack so she must be over the target. Women on the left wont listen to anything a man says to defend their manhood and Lauren is calling them out on it. Brave one indeed. 

Hysterical video.. Any questions.


Engineering riots

Quite obvious that this weekend is a planned incident intended to cause an outburst of emotional vomit to "rally" the left. I am not amused. The planners of the DC demonstration this weekend are playing right into the hands of the left.

What we are witness to is the most blatant election meddling ever seen in the USA.  The way I see it is Trump is not defending the very people who got him his win.. I'm not amused about that too. 


Perv indeed

Wanna know why red-ice has been repeatedly attacked ?

Nuf said just watch the video. 


Crypto on the ropes

BTC is in danger of falling though the June lows which could result in a low as low as 3K. 
ETH has already broken below April lows and is NO GO as far as buying a dip here. Catching a falling knife often causes nasty cuts. 

I pointed to this type of technical condition months ago about right now on the timeline. The eclipse is a few days away which I saw as a potential low but that does mean it is is a safe buy. If you are a pro and are using pro equipment maybe this is a good TRADE to buy a dip here but this is NOT a safe 'investable" opportunity in my opinion.

The price pattern since the December 2017 highs is similar to what happened to gold and silver coming off extreme highs and what that tells me is don't buy crypto until EVERYONE HATES IT. Even with that  negative sentiment the lows will be a long term hold it type of opportunity which in my opin would under perform other opportunity for a while. It is not like I hate fundamentally crypto I am a market timer and philosophy has nothing to do with trading. 


Think twice speak once

A take off from the old carpenter saying "measure twice cut once". Once a cut is made it is too late to measure again. 

The way of modern war is language. There is a lot of jumping conclusions going on and speaking out of turn. The trolls use this to inflame the opposition and get them to say stupid things that disarm the truth. 

We need well crafted rebuttals. Speak CLEARLY like you are talking to a 5 year old. Speak as through you are addressing a person the with an emotional maturity level of about 4 years old. Consider you are responsible for the outcome of what you say. 

Oh and when you win. Don't spike the football when you make a TD just hand the ball to the ref and act like you belong in the end zone. 

Sefan Molyneux does a good job here reflecting on his experience in New Zealand


Battle cry



Young Guns

People like myself and Mike Rivero have been at this since the 1990s and we are getting OLD. The young guns like Henrik and Mike Adams are two guys worth supporting.

Whatever it takes to break
Gotta do it
From the burning lake or the eastern gate
You'll get through it


Big Brother

The war against the majority rule of America is on like donkey kong. A warning to the enemies of we the people ... once aroused the American people are very VERY hard to beat. Protesting is useless it is VOTING that stands between US as a nation and the corporate oligarchy taking the country over forever.

This particular link has me most concerned.

Facebook is now itself a top donor to the Atlantic Council, alongside Western governments, Gulf autocratic regimes, NATO, various branches of the US military, and a number of major defense contractors and corporations. 

What's more is that the team of four total individuals running the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFR Lab) is headed by a former National Security Council advisor for the last four years of the Obama administration, Graham Brookie, who is also its founder. 

Facebook donated an undisclosed amount to the lab in May that was enough, said Graham Brookie, who runs the lab, to vault the company to the top of the Atlantic Council’s donor list, alongside the British government.


Stealth Mortgage

The post below gives a scenario why a stock market drop is the pin that bursts the pension bubble. The result of that bubble popping is a heap of trouble for home owners who are on the hook to make up for a decline in stocks now a big part of pension funding.

On average nationwide, unfunded state and local pension burdens represent 20% of real-estate values. This ratio can rival or exceed an owner’s home equity, depending on the size of his mortgage. If real-estate prices adjust to reflect unfunded pension obligations, many homeowners’ equity could be at risk. As we’ve seen in Detroit, the public pension stealth mortgage can ultimately devastate the housing market.

I live in a lower home price area now because this real-estate tax burden was very much an issue even back in 2000 when I left the high tax suburban area. I was able to rent a house at the beach in early 2000s for less than my monthly real-estate tax burden was in the suburbs. Imagine what will happen in the suburbs when homeowners get a quick double in their tax to make up for local pension fund shortfalls. 


Tech stocks are a threat

The Big tech stocks are now in control of the US stock market and dominate the index's that are held hostage. The Sampson option is in play. If any move is made to end the political manipulation aka censoring or break up big data there is going to be a hard and fast "reaction" in the stocks that will be blamed on Trump's American demanding the restoration of their free speech. This is basically a hold up ... Give us your free speech or we shoot your pension. 

Mike Adams has his own video platform

I consider the 2008 episode to be a sheep shearing of the baby boomer savings which was mostly tied up in real-estate. The stock market meltdown of 2008-2009 came after the damage was already done to real-estate. This worked to make the boomers very dependent on Pensions. 

The next phase is destroy the boomer pensions. I think this is the meaning behind the Saturn Pluto conjunction in January of 2020. I'm expecting most of the damage to occur from September of 2019 to January of 2020. 

Big tech = the sword of Damocles


Crypto chart

BTC is sitting on a support pivot which is at least a low risk entry for another bounce. If a bullish scenario is present this decline the last few weeks is a DENIAL PHASE in Elliott terminology a wave TWO down.

NOTE.. If BTC drops below the pivot support just below 7K it becomes resistance. This is not a HODLing situation so just because the 6K level held last June when it was tested that does not guarantee it will hold again. Breaking 6K to new cycle lows could lead to a quick drop to 3K or lower. 


Gold ratios

The Dow gold ratio bottomed in 2011.  Very clear at the time it was time to sell gold and buy stocks

Has this ratio has reached an opposite extreme yet. Judging from this chart not yet . This implies that stocks have more leg up to go and gold would at a minimum lag in performance.

The ratio of Gold to real estate is another matter. This one is a lot more interesting to consider gold vs real estate at present.


David Steele and Cynthia Mckinny

The video of McKinny kinda sucks quality wise but the list of factual claims presented in the link is the important part of the post.

One very important one on the list

A bizarre thought that has popped up in my head a few times. What if all the sealed indictments that every one in truthville ASSUMES are against the deep state are actually directed at those of us who are "influencers".  The so called patriot act allows for indefinite detention of anyone for any reason. The Four Agreements warn us against making assumptions so I remain skeptical about the true nature of the sealed indictments. Is a night of the long knives being planned? If so it would be likely near term if the deep state is intent on fixing the result of the upcoming election. 

So why would a thought like this be logical? Read this and yes bears do shit in the woods.

Government plans to monitor and influence internet communications, and covertly infiltrate online communities in order to sow dissension and disseminate false information, have long been the source of speculation. Harvard Law Professor Cass Sunstein, a close Obama adviser and the White House’s former head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, wrote a controversial paper in 2008 proposing that the US government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-”independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites, as well as other activist groups.


The only real currency

I have posted about this before.  Your attention is what is the most valuable thing in the world. More valuable than gold or diamonds.  PAYING ATTENTION is what everyone has to barter with and others want to steal it. HAHA get a job and try to not pay attention. Attention is the one " god given right" that has the most free will of all.

Platforms like facebook and goog get paid by advertisers for you paying attention. Your phone tracks your eyeballs for this reason. LOL "likes" are a sure way they cash in on a person paying attention. Like means you have paid attention in a tangible way. 

There are occult principles involved. Attention to something makes it change from a wave to a particle. Attention makes a thing "REAL" to you. LoL if you are NOT paying attention a "thing" does not exist to you. In a magical sense focus as in paying attention enough is what crystallizes thought into physical reality and is commonly known as MANIFESTING. 

An attempt to use of force to make someone pay attention looks like this from Clockwork Orange. 

Another occult principle is the more you pay attention to something by looking at it the more likely it is to manifest. So if you are being served up an ad 1000 times as is common now the odds of you using your slave money to make it REAL to you increases. Can you say BLACK MAGIC? 

In some future time this paying attention thing is going to become the only currency used in acquiring goods and services. The Brave Browser is based on this and the BATS crypto people earn by looking are payment for the paying attention. 


White Opra

2020 gonna be quite a show.

Williamson’s interest in a potential presidential bid is a sign of how broad the Democratic field in 2020 might be. Dozens of Democrats have been mooted as candidates and Williamson would have competition even for the “yoga vote”. Ohio congressman Tim Ryan has reportedly said that he is hoping to court that demographic if he mounts a bid. Ryan, a Rust Belt Democrat who mounted an unsuccessful challenge to Nancy Pelosi for minority leader, has long practiced and advocated for meditation.

Her DOB is July 8 1952. 
Chart notes. 
Plus side    Sun Venus Uranus conjunction in a very exact sextile to Jupiter in Taurus. This is an aspect that defines the 1952 crop of people so she cant be all bad. She does have intuitive wisdom very strong. The "force" is strong with her. 
Challenging aspects. Her triple conjunction in Cancer is opposed to her natal moon in Capricorn. She was born on a full moon that usually produces a self polarized self contained type person who does not partner well. Concerning to me is the square to Neptune forming a powerful T square that could mean a self deceiving person living in a bubble of "BE LIVE".  

I'm going out on a limb here but the country MAYBE is ready to transcend some of the pysop generated hate and listen to an idealistic type person for a change. We will find out in due time if she actually knows the truth and is willing to speak it. According to wiki she is Jewish so is she an enemy of the American people or not. I would be very interested in her views about 911, the fed, the deep state crimes etc. If she is for real she will come out with mental guns blazing and rip the oligarchy a new one which would get a thumbs up from me. Whoever wins in 2020 and takes office in January of 2021 on a Saturn Uranus square is going to need powerful spiritual forces riding shotgun. 

It will be interesting to see what comes of this because 2019 is going to be like a revival meeting for new age types with Jupiter Neptune and Uranus aspects very strong dominating all year. Not necessarily a bad thing. She is going to have to top David Steele and Cynthia McKinny to get my vote. 

Williamson is very very similar astrologically to my Ex a Jan 1953 Capricorn. The back of my hand knows this energetic person. 
Would I want my ex becoming Prez?  Nope but then again who else is running. It may be that I am forced to say F&@K it and go with the obviously least harmful person to chose from which is why I voted trump.  



Way before Snowden this patriot stood up and told the American people what is behind the curtain.

Because of his analysis in conjunction with Veteran Intelligent Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) that has tended to carefully debunk the Russia Russia narrative, Binney has not been given much airtime on certain channels within the mainstream news media.

A Good American .. The documentary about Binney.. maybe worth a look?



And there you have it. 

First of all, if you’re interested in foreign interference in our elections, whatever the Russians may have done barely counts or weighs in the balance as compared with what another state does, openly, brazenly and with enormous support.

Israeli intervention in U.S. elections vastly overwhelms anything the Russians may have done... 

So to sum up - Trump's right about better relations with Russia - the fate of the world depends on it, Russia did nothing of note, Russian hacking is extremely marginal, Israel is the real meddler, US democracy no longer exists, the billionaire corporatocracy runs America.

Not a big fan of the guy who has for years been ignoring 911 and as they say "the obvious" perps. But I do give him a hat tip for maybe having a conscience and not wanting to see ww3 over a blatant psyop deployed to cover the tracks of decades of treason. 


Bears will have their day soon enough

When nature asserts itself.

you can call me MISTER. 


Bad appl

Appl hit the trillion dollar market cap after earnings and sold off on that note. 
The nasdaq was saved from another leg down after the blood moon at least for today.  I think the tech stocks are a giant Ponzi which is based on the willingness of Americans to be spied on and have their data sent to the highest bidder. This is TECHNOCRACY where corporations are more powerful than government. Corporate ownership of government is the very definition of fascism. Corporate censorship of free speech is tyranny. Manipulation of elections by corporations using psychological operations is treason. 

The election in the fall will determine the course of the future of these companies. My hope is the American people rise up in the voting booth again and make it clear we the people are who runs this country and reject the globalist technocracy with authority. Hey I can hope right? If we get that result I want to see the supreme count ruling giving corporations more rights than living breathing humans overturned. CORPorations are DEAD PEOPLE not living. 

Trump gets it.

My perspective is shaped by living in the epicenter of Trump territory since 2006. I see all around me what the technocracy has done to my area and it has left the people here so far behind the 8 ball they will not ever catch up. The theory most people here hold is the rest of the country is going to fall into the giant hole they dug for themselves leaving us to fend for ourselves which is Ok with us. Kinda used to it I did not have a functional cell phone here at my house until 2010. West Virgina is a LOT like Switzerland. Impassible territory to outsiders if we want it to be. 


Junk science food-like "stuff"

"let them eat fake cake" 

Mike Adams is one of a few younger truth warriors that is tough enough to keep fighting. Supporting him is a patriotic act. 

Which leads me to Big Phama advertising. When is someone who is prone to psychosomatic symptoms going to sue the advertising cartels for making them sick. Keep in mind that prescription drugs were NOT ALLOWED to be advertised on US Tee Vee until the 1990s  and when it was allowed the law required a disclaimer placed in every ad spot that VERBALLY lists the side effects. This part of the ad is always in a hypnotic tone with the list of side effects spoken in monotone often taking up 50% of the commercial. If this is not a form of mind control I don't know what is. The self evident truth is Big Pharma is attempting to make millions of people sick by programming the symptoms into the subconscious minds of Tee Vee watchers when they are in a trance state.  Try to get your head around this because the extra demand on Healthcare from even a percentage psychosomatic victims increases prices for EVERYONE. 


BTC update

The rise from the 6 k area was "stimulated" by news that a BTC etf was going to get approval.. 
Then the approval did not take place. The other crypto did not rise to a level above the 89 day moving average during the run up from 6K with ETH trading near cycle lows today. Fugley to me. 

see BTC chart

see ETH chart

There is some price support in BTC at 7300-6800 level. That may or may not be a dip to buy. The son of the "nostradamus eclipse" on the 11th is interesting time marker considering it was on a nasdaq dip low in 1999 nineteen years ago before a double into January 1 2000. 

I'm not very impressed with crypto price patterns and as of now if I was to advocate anything to protect from a USA inflation problem I see as likely next year it would be gold / silver rather than crypto. LOL your phone will not tell the IRS where your gold is buried in the back yard. 


Woo Woo

An interview a few days ago from Clif High and Dick Allgire on mostly very advanced metaphysical concepts. Both have been using exotic methods to sell predictions on the future price of bitcoin. I like Clif I have known him since the late 1990s. Allgire is part of a network of ex military using remote viewing for commercial purposes that I have had some contact with. Clif knows about astrological methods I use because of me pestering him about it. The RV people I have encountered mostly associated with the Monroe Institute are not keen on talking to me.. hummmm ... One thing I heard in the interview that alarmed me was the RV people having an interest in time traveling into the past and CHANGING IT. 

The way I do astrological "prediction" is a form of remote viewing. What I do is well outside the cage of the protocols that were set up originally when RV was a government funded intelligence gathering operation. The movie "The men who stare at goats" period involving militarized psychic power is embellished but basically true. I know a woman who was involved with that.  

The "inventor" of remote viewing was Ingo Swann who was born 9/14/1933 EXACTLY 19 years before me. I have discussed this 19 year repeating of the sun/moon zodiac position in a below post. One thing I do know  but is not discussed much is Ingo was a very good astrologer.. Ingo was a sort of astrological father from the generation prior to mine.  We have extremely similar birth chart and when I see him in a rare youtube I can see my own personality showing.. Ingo got fed up or was kicked out of the  RV circles because he was so telepathic that the .gov types were uncomfortable being around him due to classified info and such. 

One of his last public appearances 

Ingo spent his last 20 years mostly outside of RV circles RETIRED to a studio in NYC painting. 

Recent discussion about Ingo.


Fine print

This Canadian woman bought "health insurance" for her vacation to the US

That is what the country is all about these days. The FINE PRINT. Or maybe best said THE CON.

Oh with this exception of course


Great timing... eye roll

Wow someone is genius to time this event on the day of a solar eclipse.

Jason Kessler, the white nationalist organizer, said he expects 400 people to attend in support of the rally. 

Lets just say that Kessler guy smells of Soros money. So 400 white people show up peacefully and are surrounded by 10000 non whites.. What could go wrong right? Someone want to see a race riot? Slapsie Maxie gonna be there no doubt. 

Black Lives Matter and Shut It Down DC are calling on "all anti-fascists and people of good conscience" to join their counterprotest of the rally from Aug 10-12. 


Learn to forget

"Without forgetting, we would have no memory at all," said Oliver Hardt, who studies memory and forgetting at McGill University in Montreal. If we remembered everything, he said, we would be completely inefficient because our brains would always be swamped with superfluous memories. "I believe that the brain acts as a promiscuous encoding device," he said, noting that at night many people can recall even the most mundane events of their day in detail, but then they forget them in the following days or weeks. 

haha Soul Kitchen



Now THAT is a car.. still running like a top in Cuba too. 

1952 was the year of the water dragon. It was year dominated astrologically with a Jupiter Uranus sextile which is intuitive wisdom. If earlier in my generation was dominated by rock and rollers 1952 is dominated by rock star truthers. Say what you want but those off the top of my head are David Ike. Mike Rivero Roger Stone myself and Robert Steele.   Oh and Vlad Putin too.  People are born in crops when they are part of a large group born with the same outer planets and aspects. In 1952 Saturn was in Libra and exalted. Putin has Saturn in Libra conjunct his natal sun for instance. Jupiter was in Taurus and in the Fall of 52 stationed on the exact zodiac degree that was Gandhi's Jupiter. We were armed astrologically for the job I can tell you. 

Robert Steele a VERY almost painfully smart guy. Must be the first name eh? 
I'm assuming he is still running for president in 2020 with Cynthia McKinny as running mate. 

A letter to President Trump

 feel free to send this Excerpt to your friends 9/11 was a false flag operation – an inside job planned by the Zionists and Saudis and executed with the complicity and complete protection of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, among others. Emboldened by 9/11, the Deep State and Shadow Government have since executed a number of other false flag operations across America, all with an anti-gun agenda, while also seeking to increase funding for a militarized police state that engaged in unconstitutional mass surveillance and warrantless search.

The single most shocking memorandum in this collection, one that places Rudy Giuliani in the center of the conspiracy (along with Dick Cheney and the Bush Family as well as Zionists Larry Silverstein, Stephen Roth, and Charles Hurwitz) is that of Tom-Scott Gordon. 9/11 was at root a massive commercial insurance fraud covered up as a terrorist incident that in one day converted a $2B liability into a $7-12B insurance fraud bonus, while eliminating all asbestos claims against Kaiser Aluminum; it provided a pretext for war on Afghanistan to reboot the opium crop eradicated by the Taliban and war on Iraq to steal their oil; and it provided a cover for laundering $240 billion in off-budget gold used in the Gold War against Russia as organized by President George H. W. Bush and then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney. The second most shocking memorandum is that of Fred Burks, summarizing what we know about the covert economic war – undeclared by Congress and unknown to the US public, against Russia.


Cosmic Clock

Wow take a look.

The Cosmic Watch is an interactive 3D tool. It's a realtime worldclock, time travel machine, astrolab, antikythera mechanism, orrery, armillary sphere, astral-chart generator and solar system simulator. 



All animal life came from fungi. Way back in the beginning the very existence of plants counted on the fungi to break down dead plants to create the sustenance for new plants. As evolution proceed animal life branched from fungal life. THEREFORE our oldest ancestors are essentially mushrooms. So is it any surprise that the mushrooms may have something to teach us?

Good fun animated video featuring Paul Stamets and Joe Rogan

So why are they illegal? Maybe it has to do with eating them being like vitamins for a person's bullshit detector..  After all they grown on a Bulls Shit no? 


Don't eat after dark

Makes sense astrologically you want the gut to finish it's work when the sun is below the horizon in the 6th house after sunset ruled by Virgo. Breakfast is best when the sun is in the 12th after sunrise which is opposite to the 6th house. I do not think we were designed to eat in the middle of the day at noon. The best meal time is when the sun is in the 7th house before sunset which is time of the day to enjoy companionship. 


An 8 year old asks the right question

From the look on her face she does not take what Buzz says as truth. Imagine what it is like to be 8 years old again have such a strong bullshit detector. Don't worry she will be assimilated soon she has to be only in 2nd grade. When she gets to grade 4 she will be asking "why is Kim Kardashians ass so big and why do so many people think it is nice to look at?" 


Astrology is "god in action"

The solar system is a bubble of living consciousness all the way out to the heliopause where the solar wind stops. We live INSIDE of that massive BEing about a light year across and thus are inseparable from it. I first learned this pantheistic notion when reading the book Stranger in a strange land when I was 12 years old.  The notion that we individuals are "god" is a self evident truth when you look at the simple facts of it. 

A long held notion of mine going back to my pre astrology days in the early 70s is what we are is GOD ENTERTAINING ITSELF. Each of us carries a reality show written into our birth charts and we live it out in an illusion of time to a tee conscious of it or not. When an individual starts to catch on and is willing to just BE quiet the astro transits start to happen AROUND YOU and not TO YOU. 

The Lunar eclipse energy last week had an energetic peak unload on Wednesday night when Mars and Uranus was exactly squared.. What was happening around me and not to me that night was a shitstorm of accidents and even deaths that I was AWARE OF. 
RIP one of my friends. Sigh. 

The Market carnage on Friday when the eclipse was exact seems to me was a DEMONSTRATION of who is god around here. The "natural" course now is a somewhat violent decline from Friday into the solar eclipse on August 11th.  I went into some detail in a previous post about this eclipse rhyming with the one in August 1999. Support on the S&P is around 2725 on the 13th. IF that level breaks then I say GAME ON and consider a less bullish scenario about the market during the bubblious astro in 2019. 

 Nice pics of the lunar eclipse conjunct Mars


faith based reality

Lee Camp is a bit of a lefty yet even he gets it now. Number one should be that the value of the USD is based on "economics" and not the use of force. I got to give him a hat tip for actually being funny which is a rare thing nowadays. 


faang turns to GAA or AAG 

Well well the blood moon lunar eclipse has certainly done some damage to the "overlords of data".  Seems the only ones left standing are Amazon Apple and Goggle. Its a race to trillion market cap and full spectrum dominance over the multitudes of hypnotized sheeple. 

Lets just say that taking the N out of FAANG you have FAAG? Aha that explains things does it not? Rearrange it again with the n left back in and ya get FAAGN. 
Meh.. never mind... 

Pissst buddy ..ya got a straw?

In other news attention Wal-Mart shoppers.

Fido aint what he used to be
Yes indeed I saw the black mirrors episode metalhead. A pack of wolves would be easier to escape. 


Banzai7 is bACK

A staple of sorts almost disappeared from zero hedge some many months ago.. I figured someone had threatened his family or some other dastardly thing.  Banzai is the worlds greatest Photoshop geopolitical  antibankster activist who has done more good with the portfolio his wit than a 100 thousand lesser ones such as Dees. His posting history on ZH is well worth going through. (food and beverage warning)
I think he got frustrated that in order to get his humor you had to be informed enough to know who the players are. 

One of my favs is this one


Don't trust anyone under 60.

Back in my day us Pluto in Leo's (1938 - 1956) we had a saying don't trust anyone over 30. 

Today we need to start saying don't trust anyone under 60. Us boomers maybe old now but we are wise enough to see that the younger than 60ers are out to get us. BTW the 2016 election was when the last of the baby boomers hit 60 and one of our own was elected. 

The root of the problem now is the PLUTO IN VIRGO generation that followed us Pluto in Leos in 1956 up till 1969. THEY ARE THE TECHNOCRATS. Anyone born between 1956 and 1969 maybe needs to look in a mirror. Are you one of the rats???? If not get on with policing your own generation fasco/communist problem tendencies before fucking up mine.


The day the naz QQQ went to zero.

The May 2010 mini crash. And their OFF.. to the basement. Makes the hair on your head stand up.

The futures and indices lagged way behind the QQQ which printed a low about ZERO. Someone left an open order to buy at like one dollar that was probably spent many years of lying in the basement of the order stack un noticed. In the NO BID moment that order got triggered.. 

Of course that little known fact was removed from history and the losses were taken off the books to only about 25%. 

Can it happen again? Never say never.


Merc retro

Even the mainstream press covers it.

As with almost all mainstream news they get it WRONG. Mercury has an 89 day orbit around the sun. LOL it says in the link above this is the first time Merc was retro in 2018?? haha. See March 23rd?? 

My experience with merc rero is it is a chance every 3 or so months to GO BACK AND FINISH THINGS LEFT UNDONE especially paperwork.. Any bad luck with mercury retro comes from failing to do so.  Another thing to keep in mind is the DEGREE mercury makes a retrograde station on is a spot in your natal chart that will determine how it hits you PERSONALLY. In the case of this one today it is at 23 degrees of Leo so if you have a planet located there it is very relevant to you. 


When LSD was still legal

HAHA.. I was 15 when this one came out at the dawn of STEREO FM radio. 1968 

LOL Ted Nugent.. Oh my how things have changed.

I wonder how many of these youngsters know what this song is about.


Dennis Kucinich

Kinda like the guy in spite of him being the swing vote of the worst piece of legislation of all time Obamacare. I hope he emerges as a viable candidate in 2020. Maybe he can undo that wrong.

Spirit merges with matter to sanctify the universe. Matter transcends to return to spirit. The interchangeability of matter and spirit means the starlit magic of the outermost life of our universe becomes the soul-light magic of the innermost life of our self. The energy of the stars becomes us. We become the energy of the stars. Stardust and spirit unite and we begin: One with the universe. Whole and holy. From one source, endless creative energy, bursting forth, kinetic, elemental. We, the earth, air, water and fire-source of nearly fifteen billion years of cosmic



Henderson does a good job here to get to the heart of the matter.. Well worth the time to read this slowly so it sinks in. This is a 100 year old hoax? Hahaha the joke is on the masses. You wonder why the censors have been on a rampage and are removing history from public access? Turns out the root of the problem has been a KNOWN for a very long time.

Protocol 4: “In order to give the goyim no time to think and take note, their minds must be diverted towards industry and trade. Thus, all nations will be swallowed up in the pursuit of gain and…will not take note of their common foe. But, again, in order that freedom may once and for all disintegrate and ruin the communities of goyim, we must put industry on a speculative basis, the result of which will be that what is withdrawn from the land by industry will slip through their hands and pass into speculation, that is, to our classes.”

BTW posting something like this is illegal in a growing list of places.. wonder why? 

Protocol 16: “…we shall emasculate the first stage of collectivism – the universities…any form of study of ancient history…we shall replace with the study of the program of the future. We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable for us. Each…life must be trained within strict limits corresponding to its destination and work in life. The system of bridling thought is already at work in the so-called system of teaching by object lessons (objectivity). In our program one-third of our subjects will keep the rest under observation. It will be no disgrace to be a spy”.

If we pursue these principles, the governments and peoples which we have thus prepared will take our IOU’s for cash…the substitution of interest-bearing money… Economic crises have been produced by us…by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation… One day they will accept us as benefactors and saviors of the human race. If any state dared to resist us, if its neighbors make common cause with it against us, we will unleash global war.”



Popcorn anyone? Zuckerberg lost 16 billion yesterday. Musta been the astro eh?

I guess violating everyone's right to NOT be spied on is becoming unpopular? I guess being the winner of the creepy prize is not profitable either.. Maybe if investors show a displeasure for putting politics and social engineering ahead of business practices the others faangs will take notice? Maybe being too obvious about being a communist provocateur is not going to sit well with the average American.. Looking at you netfix.. looking at you google. 

Could this be a LOT like the last blood moon in January and see a very sharp drop occur over the next week or so? S&P technical chart suggest a 100 point drop that would not break the uptrend channel but would set the risk equation back to neutral. I am not making a crash call yet on a scale of 200o or 2008 yet because I have to see a break of the uptrend channel before taking that position.  Time target for a near term low is around the solar eclipse on the 12th of August. How low for the faangs is an unknown as money is likely to move sideways into other equities rather than any across the board smash down in all sectors. After all the way things have been rigged now there is no escape to escape to. 

And then there is THIS.. My windows is doing exactly what is described here. With the black screens showing up because I use nvida video cards. THX Mr gates (of hell)
Maybe installing so many back doors in win 10 that there is no wall left just doors is not a great idea? 

The impetus for this change is, surprisingly, Windows 10 itself. The latest upgrade to version 1803 has been a dumpster fire for many, and it’s only getting worse for anyone who hasn’t installed it on their machines yet. First the upgrade wouldn’t complete on computers running Avast Antivirus, then there were the BSODs and corrupt partitions on Intel and Toshiba solid state drives. There were freezing issues with Chrome and Edge when running GPU-accelerated workloads in the browser, and the black screen blanking and shader cache issues with the latest NVIDIA drivers. Then people started seeing broken installs, DPC latency spikes that would de-sync audio, various keys not working; heck, even Internet Explorer 11 is missing, and that was intentional.



The Lunar eclipse is activating the Mars Uranus square right now. Time to raise hell? 

2019 has a Jupiter Neptune square as number one astro influence for the year. A last HURRAH for that good ol rock and roll that changed the world? A suggestion.. Lets have one more Woodstock on the 50th anniversary for old times sake. Venus is conjunct the Sun in Leo August 14 2019 seems like a good day for such a thing. I was only 16 and went there by myself for the first one in 1969 with half a million others. 

Whatever it takes to break
Got to do it
From the Burning Lake or the Eastern Gate
You'll get through it

Rattle that lock and lose those chains
Rattle that lock and lose those chains
Rattle that lock and lose those chains
Rattle that lock

Let's go do it
Have it all our way
Go back to where we blew it
And lose our heads along the way


Venus on the half shell doing magic
1970.. Ground zero of what would become the greatest spiritual movement ever to occur. All we had was FM radio to work with back then. 

"only the sun knows what we really need to know
only the sun holds the secret
That more than human can we BE.
Cause humans truly locked to this planetary circuit."

Have you seen the stars tonight.
Would you like to go up on (A-.) deck and look at them with me. 

Any place you could think of you could BE


SGT REPORT backup channel

Make no mistake if you speak truth on a CORPORATE OWNED PLATFORM and you get any traction you are going to be terminated. 


Rigged chart VXX

Here we see a reverse split adjusted monthly chart of the ETF VXX
This an ETF you might want to own..  If the market crashes. 
This an ETF you might want to sell short if you know the market is rigged
Oh and on the rare occasion that this ETF does briefly go up violently like last February the rules change and you do NOT pass go. 


The face of AI

No resemblance to Hillary but.. mirror mirror on the wall who is fairest one of all. LOL the movie clip is from 1999. 

 Later star trek series Voyager a human / borg hybrid called 7 of 9 was played by JERI RYAN WHO CAME very close TO BEING FIRST LADY OF THE THE US.  We got moochele instead. 

 A brief history of the BORG


The 7/27 eclipse is kicking in

Yesterday the Borg ... Er Google.. exceeded expectations and jumped 4% after the close. Nasdaq printed a new high after hours but things look toppy with various degrees of 5th wave highs showing up on the Naz chart. There is a blood moon on Friday and we only have to look back at the last one in January to know that this is maybe going to result in another brief but sharp reaction to the downside. If so the solar eclipse on the 11th should produce a dip low and then we get to see if that is gonna be like the 1999 eclipse which annihilated all resistance.. resistance is futile don't ya know. .. 

In other news trump pisses off more people. 

 BTC is taking off above the 89 moving average. The eclipse energy for sure. This is the emergence for an ETF at work.. The burst higher last year was because the Future contract was coming and the big boys had to buy in to play so that is the basis of this move as well. We will see if this is a last chance to exit a sinking ship or is going to reward the hodlers. 


Too Nice

Humans in all cultures can be suspicious of those who appear nicer or better than the rest. Also, the top cooperators and nicest people make others look bad, so bringing them down a peg or two can be attractive. That is why some of the nicest people can attract social punishment and even hatred. 

I have a life long "habit" of paying it forward which I am aware of as a psychological weakness. See tip jar in left column. Unlike most independent sites mine is asking for something tangible for services ALREADY rendered. Maybe it is my pride but I am loath to stoop to begging. The tips since I put the tip jar out in early 2018 have not even covered the 35 a month that I pay out to host this site. Hard to believe everyone who comes here is dead broke. 


Alien invasion right under our noses

AI is alien to this planet. AI is based on ones and zeros. Binary. either .. or.. 
I consider technology based on BINARY to be a lot like what is described in occult teachings as ELEMENTALS. Below LIFE. Two dimensional consciousness. Kinda funny AI could stand for artificial intelligence or could also stand for ALIEN INVASION eh? 

Way back in the 1900s I looked ahead to the times we live in now and saw clearly that an alien invasion would be likely after y2k With the Uranus Pluto squares in 2010 - 2012 the hot spot and from my perspective back then saw us here and now as slaves to an alien power not unlike the Gnostic argons. Very unsettling to say the least. Of course from the perspective of the 1990s seeing how bizarre things are now was a huge stretch of the imagination. Turns out I was seeing something that was impossible to understand ... 

If the technology we are locked into now is ELEMENTAL and only two dimensional  is there a level of technology that is above Binary? Is there such as thing as TRIGITAL TECHNOLOGY. 
Binary on or off plus neither/both factored in? Just wondering. My theory is trigital would include the uncertainty factor that nature seems to be based on. Is trigital technology based on how LIFE works? I'm no tech expert so this is just a theory but as things stand the human race is powerless to stop being digitized  into ones and zeros which is being generated by lower elemental forces. 


BTC has a bullish move
7/23 2018

BTC has broken above the 89 day moving average today. Since the December 2017 highs BTC prices have been below that 89 moving average 95% of the time. A ray of hope? maybe. It would not be surprising BTC has a strong rally capping off in 2019. New highs? Not betting on it because I have seen where things are going with cyrpto which is eventually a cashless system that does not involve freedom or privacy. If viewed as a trading opportunity the current price pattern in BTC is a low risk long entry (not an investment).  Chart


Why hate Russia?

Lets go back to when Russia was a state within the Soviet Union. The soviet union collapsed in the late 1980s after being mired in a war in Afghanistan that was funded by US intelligence. See the movie Joe Wilson's war. In the aftermath of the collapse Russia became independent of its satellites and ended up with a drunk driver at the wheel of the ship of state Yeltsin. It was a free for all in Russia with numerous oligarchs plundering many 10s of billions from a population already impoverished.. Putin steps into the political chaos and takes Russian back from the servitude to the rich and confiscates much of the plunder. Many soviet type Russians who were enemies of the new Russia escaped to places like New Jersey and other clusters of escapees like London in the mid 1990s. Long story short. Russian oligarchs who were exiled are the main ones who hate Russian leadership now for kicking them out. 

All this was going on during the Clinton years. The Russians who are/were colluding to change the elections results in the USA are NOT Putin's Russians (see Bill Browder).. You could call them expat Russian mafia. 

During the cold war the soviet union hired many agents in high places within the US government. It appears to be more than a few mabe even a lot. That problem which started during the Clinton years became an epidemic of treason during the Alinsky fan boy Obama years. The so called deep state is stacked like dry brush in a forest within DC swamp now. The ones screaming Russia after Trump won are the ones who have much to hide about their treason. See Noodleman and Ukraine for the playbook on how they want to make the soviet union great again and bring it back as an oligarchist run collective by the left of the left wing of socialists in the USA. (USSA?) 

Many of us in the USA saw Trump in similar way that Russians see Putin. So far I view Trump as far from accomplishing very much outside of the rich getting richer and and presiding over the political version of firesign theatre. So when are the arrests? We can start with Brennan. How bout a conversation between him and Haspel in a locked room.


The "Nostradamus" eclipse 


Way back in the mists of time in 1999 a solar eclipse in August was heavily advertised as doooooms day 

Posted on wapo in September 1999. CIA mindfuckers that they are .-)

One of Nostradamus's most famous prophecies strikes right within our immediate days:
The year one thousand nine ninety-nine seven month
From the sky shall come a great King of terror,
[Shall be] revived the great King of Angoulmois.
Before and after, Mars [shall] reign as chance will have it.

I remember this VERY well.. Back then one astrologer got on TEE VEE (CNBC) and one took it hook line and sinker and proclaimed the world would end ..or something like that. Yours truly who saw that particular guy say this made me take note so I looked at that in a technical way and thought. OMG this is a huge fade so a few weeks before the 8/11/1999 eclipse I said GO LONG THE ECLIPSE on that note. Nasdaq went up 100% from August 1999 into end of year. The 8/11/1999 eclipse was part of a VERY strong fixed sign grand cross with Saturn Uranus and Mars and I would rate it a 10 on the nasty gage so it was easy to bring on a wave of fear over it. In my time of watching astro the 99 eclipse was the "worst" aspects during an eclipse I have seen. 

 Please note that this Nostradamus meme was full blown PROPAGANDA pushed for MONTHS and there was no such quatrian as it was being pushed with different wording.. it was FAKE NEWS. In fact this psyop was a huge tell about what was in store in September of 2001 and was one of MANY signs of something very big coming AFTER Y2K. Keep in mind terror was NOT something Americans even thought much about in 99 that was for the Israeli's to worry about. 

The reason I am telling this story now is EVERY 19 YEARS the sun and moon return to the same degrees of the zodiac plus about ONE DEGREE repeating the same zodiacal notes every 19 years. This is called the Soros cycle. (please can we rename this cycle the Schwartz cycle?) There is a school of thought in astrology about the eclipses being part of a "family" of eclipses and so this one coming up on August 11 2018 is "related" to the one in 1999. I have studied the 19 year repeating sun/moon cycle and it has some merit as events DO INDEED TEND TO REPEAT on that frequency. The 99 one was an all out bear massacre with the shorts destroyed after the eclipse. 

Up until the August eclipse in 99 there was fear in the markets that it was too high with elevated prices based on massive bullshit and every trader with a sense of self defense seemed to be loaded up on puts to protect themselves.. SOUND FAMILIAR?? 


The 8/11/2018 eclipse has a nastiness rating of only a 3 in comparison to the 10 bell one in 1999
Notable aspects are 
The squares from the eclipse to Jupiter 
 Venus semisquared and Saturn sesquisquared  to the eclipse. 
Mars Neptune and Uranus tie in with stress aspects. Mars at the zero degree of Aquarius.
A very close to exact Mercury squared to Jupiter is an error in judgment aspect so it is unlikely that many will see what is coming and will be on the wrong side of it.. (like in 1999?). 

My trading plan (if you want to call it that) as of now is the lunar eclipse on the 27th being a very high emotive window and reckless panicky reaction should be a catalyst for a few weeks of nail biting bearishness and around the time of the solar on August 11th a low that will be a lot higher than what the situation calls for. I maintain an upward bias until Mr Market shows me the odds are a different outcome based on the uber bullish aspects from Jupiter Neptune and Uranus that dominate in 2019. That silly season year in 2019 has January and September as my focal points for a MAJOR top as of now. 

 Too High? Even a blind man can see it.. 

I suspect Crypto could do well in late 2018. The hopes and dreams factor should run strong and could become epic in 2019. The tech wreck that took place in early 2000 could be crypto in 2019. 
19 years and all that. 


Hook Line and Sinker

Getting a notion that things are getting wonky in Truthville. This is not new but the amplitude of it seems like a crescendo of sorts. I'm not going to name names but a number of my fellow truthers have either had physical problems. Financial problems.... or MENTAL problems recently. I guess I am "lucky" to have only had a food poisoning situation a few weeks ago. 

I think it would be wise for people to take more than a spoon of salt going forward maybe increase it to a pound of salt. Things are not what they seem BTW this song is from the mid 1990s Saw it performed live from the 12th row in 2007 from the same tour as the video. 

Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away
Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air
You better watch out
There may be dogs about
I've looked over Jordan, and I have seen
Things are not what they seem

What do you get for pretending the danger's not real
Meek and obedient, you follow the leader
Down well-trodden corridors, into the valley of steel
What a surprise!
A look of terminal shock in your eyes
Now things are really what they seem
No, this is no bad dream



January 12 1964. Of note is his natal Mars at 29 degrees of Capricorn. 

The massively important triple conjunctions of Saturn Pluto and Jupiter 2020 land in late Capricorn. A natal Mars in Capricorn is exhausted in Capricorn because it has discipline over Mars impulsive tendencies and has tremendous AMBITION. The triple conjunctions of 2020 landing on Bezos natal Mars certainly has my attention. The 3 Jupiter Pluto conjunctions in particular that have everything to do with political power indicate almost unlimited desire for political power. 

Will we be referring to Bezos as "president" or "chairman" or even "emperor" a day after the 2020 "election". 

Ha! you heard it here FIRST. 
HAHAHA.. I am one of the very few astrologers who was certain that Trump .... way in advance of the fact ... was going to win in 2016 so..... Get out your pee bottles if you want a job after 2020. Your going to have a chip in your head to keep count of the carbon emissions you personally generate .. every atom of it ... so you can pay your taxes for breathing. I tell ya it is going to be GREAT. Welcome to the age of Aquarius. 


55 years later

Another great and brave couple who wont quit.

Might it be time that the so called truther community stood up and gave an ovation to the "survivors" of the onslaught on truth? AstroEcon as a business was attacked in 2009 and I had to demonetize it or lie to be able to make a living. I chose not to lie. By the grace of God I remain standing. 

THE MINDS OF MEN is a 3+ year investigation into the experimentation, art, and practice of social engineering and mind control during the Cold War — a mind-bending journey into the past that gives startling insight into the world we are living in today.


Red rain from a blood moon

Remember the last blood moon eclipse last January.. The state of the Union and the train wreck? 

The US stock market had run up to highs that needed an oxygen mask into that lunar eclipse and low and behold the fang stocks just ran up to a new high yesterday. 


I am standing up at the water's edge in my dream
I cannot make a single sound as you scream
It can't be that cold, the ground is still warm to touch
We touch, this place is so quiet, sensing that storm
Red rain is coming down
Red rain
Red rain is pouring down
Pouring down all over me

And I can't watch any more
No more denial
It's so hard to lay down in all of this

Speaking of red rain we have RED-ICE going down again. This is the state of the truth movement today.. Speak up and go broke.


BTC chart

BTC is up against pivot resistance today. Breaking above it would be a sign of encouragement to HODLers but I still dont see the current level on recent lows as viable UNTIL there is a capitulation. When HODLers turn into SOLDers I will pay more attention.  Big bear moves that don't have a capitulation tail on the chart are very vulnerable to having one come up rather unexpectedly . The 89 day moving average is still in a decline. That condition will only change when the price of BTC can stay above the 89 day moving average currently well below 7K. 

the chart


Side effects?

How interesting.. 

Typically, the symptoms reported include cognitive impairment, visual impairment, hearing of strange sounds, dizziness and sleeplessness.

Humm McCain.. Pelosi  etc 
Might this be the nano bots that are a required install for entry into the "Big Club" that we lesser humans are not in? 

The CIA is known to have run various drug programs and hypnosis – the notorious MK-ULTRA – as early as the 1950s and 60s. The holy grail was to find “super spies” and “super assassins”.

Right out of the book Flowers for Algernon? I read that book waaay back in the 60s -70s. A movie with the title came out in the 90s but it sucked compared with the book. 


LOL Putin laid a big wet fart in the face of the deep state yesterday. A 400 million contribution to the Clinton charity from a Russian meddler eh? Pass the popcorn.


The 12

Interesting Trump said something to the effect he would ask Putin to bring the 12 Russian hackers that Mueller indicted back with him. LOL now THAT would be entertaining because they would have a right to defend themselves and have the evidence examined. That discovery phase would blow the whole Clinton crime network into tiny little pieces. 

Is Bullshit Mountain getting ready to blow?


Motivated ignorance

Those who are not curious close themselves off to other views. Over time, they can’t figure out how any normal human being could possibly think differently than they do on political issues. Sinister motives, or stupidity, must be the only explanation. This is where the nastiness comes in. If one disagrees, surely they must be evil, dumb, racist or transphobic.

And where does this come from? CONFIRMATION BIAS SERVED UP LIKE PRISON GRUEL BY THE SOCIAL ENGINEERS AT.. Goog F U Book Twitter netflix Att/verison comcast Disney who can target an individual now with "programming" that narrows perspective. 

Enabling this war is confirmation bias – the strong tendency in us to interpret all new information through the lens of our prior beliefs. Whatever your political philosophy is, you can easily immerse yourself into media outlets, social media and internet content that exclusively reaffirm your convictions. One can comfortably spend hours a day consuming political information without once encountering a differing viewpoint.

My comment.. Sure does explain a lot eh? 


More than this

The Peter Gabriel song...

It started when I saw the ship go down
I saw them struggle in the sea
And suddenly the picture disappears
In front of me

Now we're busy making all our busy plans
On foundations build to last?
But nothing fades as fast as the future
And nothing clings like the past, until we can see

More than this
More than this

I have felt that this song was prophetic from way back. The mention of the ship going down has always meant to me a sinking of a ship in the Straight of Hormuz that marks the start of WW3. BTW there are Nostradamus quatrains that suggest something similar. 

So much more than this
There is something out there
More than this
It's coming through
And more than this
I stand alone and so connected
And I'm all there
Right next to you

Live version 2001. The concert this clip comes from is one of the top 10 concerts of all time. Essentially a 2 hour magical ceremony. The song intro in the concert film DVD directly addresses astrology. 


Friday the 13th

Going back to the first one it has the reputation of something very nasty

Just to show you how FKed up google has become when I goggled Friday the 13th I got lots of links to a MOVIE and the first relevant link was from that does not mention the Templars much.. If you want the actual source of the superstition you have to be VERY specific now and mention TEMPLAR in the search..

The date is actually very VERY relevant to today because our modern banking system came to be what it is now because of the first Friday the 13th 1307. Based on reading up on it a lot before history was reworked the events that day may have set mankind back 100s of years. Imagine we of today had advanced civilization by those 100s of years .... Would we be forced into using counterfeit negative debt money?? I think not. 


The year of the pin


2019 is a very different year than 2018. The dominant astro next year is Jupiter square Neptune and Jupiter sesquisquare Uranus. The most intense interactions of Jupiter and the Uranus Neptune semisquare is in January of 2019 but with two returns to that bubble popping energy later in the year. As  I see it this is mega bubble popping astro. This astro is waaaay too expansive and indicates an INFLATION issue that the fed will be behind the curve on till it isn't. The hyperinflation from this bubble is already being seen in weaker economies now and is likely to spread like a plague. 

The 2020 astro has nothing but major outer planet conjunctions all year.. Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 2020 stands out as a most nasty combination. 

The "trick" to using astro is to find a huge steep gradient from too positive to too negative. The quicker the gradient the better for a trader on the right side of the trade. So my read is we have a toppy ridiculous looking tooooo high type of high in January that plays out with exhaustion of dip buyers patience into the fall of 2019 and then the trap door opens and a hell of a drop into January of 2020. Trump made to look like Hoover. I still have a notion that Trump fires himself in January of 2020 and declines a second term.. Sorta like House of Cards eh? Ivanka/Jared run as co presidents? 


Shady McCoy 
meets Mr Eclipse


Shady McCoy is one of the better running backs in the NFL and could even have the stats in a few years to make a hall of fame argument. His date of birth is July 12 1988.. So in the last last week he apparently sent some goons to beat up an ex girlfrind who was squatting in his house. OH MY.

Well his natal Sun is 20 of Cancer and the solar eclipse today lands on 20 cancer. (opposed to Pluto)

He is almost certainly going to be out of football maybe in days and then spend some hard time in jail. 

Just pointing out that astro is an IGNORE AT YOUR PERIL thing and I just stand in awe of it.  


Mercury Jupiter square

Overnight the result of the overly optimistic aspect going past exact has come home to roost. The stops on the ES futures are down at the 2740ish area and should coincide with the solar eclipse on the 12th plus or minus a day. I'm still in a bullish mode bigger picture until I see something to change my mind.  ya ya When is the big crash we hear about every day? When people start to NOT THINK ABOUT IT that is when.  Crashes happen when the majority don't see it coming. 


Strategic error

Brett Cavanaugh
2/12/1965.... Meh .... I don't see a great chart and with a natal T square between Sun Jupiter and Neptune is probably living in a religious false reality. The Christian version of Ginsburg in my humble opinion. 

Yesterday when he was announced for SCOTUS Mercury and Jupiter were squared to each other. This aspect is often seen when a market is running on too much optimism and proceeds to react after it is over with a big drop of some magnitude to punish the unwise. Mercury Jupiter stress aspects are basically POOR JUDGMENT and Kavanaugh has a wide Mercury Jupiter square in his natal as well. Eyes rolling. 

If Trump was trying to provoke the left he has done a masterful job to a point where he may find himself blocked and increase a Dem potential to grab control of Congress this fall. Of course maybe I am not as bright as trump and this provoking is part of the script .. We should find out soon enough with the 7/27 Lunar eclipse conjunct Mars and square Uranus the crazy rain is due to arrive at the station around then. 


What happened

The Younger Dyras events are the most significant global catastohophe in the last 100s of 1000s of years yet we are not allowed by the scientism "religion" to understand it.. WHY??? Because it totally changes the biblical timeline that the real rulers of this world use to manipulate our minds.

What difference does it make if it was a comet or a solar outburst. 

Robert Schoch interview on Joe Rogan. I think he is right about the solar outburst.


The July 12th eclipse

Two major features of this chart.. 
The eclipse is very close to exactly opposed to Pluto. 
There is a close to exact grand trine between Saturn Uranus and Venus in earth signs. 

The grand trine showing up during a solar eclipse has an implication about the VALUE of money. 
The trump SCOTUS pick looms large as does the summit with Putin. The grand trine tells me there will be more "winning" from Trump. It seems to me the use of sanctions has been counterproductive when used against a country that can and will fight back so I see that as high on the agenda.. Getting Russia back into the SWIFT system would be very helpful to the Powers That Be in bankistan. 

Pluto featured in a hard aspect in an opposition to the eclipse is an indication of some sort of upheaval. Pluto is a beneath the surface energy and is related to volcanism among other things. We  could be in for a big pop off somewhere strong enough to set a climate change into much colder into motion. 

Solar eclipses rarely are are on highs in markets. In nature the solar eclipse is a false night and tricks creatures into going to sleep. When the great American eclipse passed over here in 2016 where I live I sat on my porch and listened to all the roosters in the area announcing it was daybreak at 3 PM. 

The big energy unload is 14 days down the timeline related to the lunar eclipse on July 27th. That lunar eclipse has Mars all over it like a rash. Ya i am very concerned that some incident REAL OR IMAGINED "news" tips the scales over to violent reactions from the left over the fact they are being rejected by the majority of the American people. A false flag to provoke civil disorder is certainly on the table and keep in mind that last lunar eclipse in January had an attempt at killing 200 republicans on a train. At a minimum I would expect the release of a horde of berserkers like in the movie Clockwork Orange. 


Grand Pooh Baa of evil

GHW Bush is that guy.  A more forked tongue does not exist. His spawn and the conies that come with them has been a plague on the earth. Our country was plundered THREE times while a Bush was in the Whitehouse. The S&N crisis.. 911.. and 2008. Oh and the Clintons were a result of keeping a "made man" in power in 1993 as fixer.. Obama protected them and let them engineer the so called "recovery". So far Trump has not arrested a single one of them. Kind of telling eh? Anyone in gov who is not in on it is only allowed to be in power because they are blackmailable. 

Its one big crime family and your not in it.

Wanna know how we got into this mess ?? In his own words.

The boss of the bosses is the BIS.

People all of a sudden thought the bankers were helpless in the face of crypto? The bankers have engineered ALL the wars since 1913 so what are a bunch of unarmed peeps with phones going to do about it. 

As best I can tell in these dark times the only thing I can see that can stop the NWO is an act of nature. Like a very abrupt entry into global cooling. The major astro aspects ahead has Saturn Pluto conjunction in January of 2020 and Saturn squared Uranus in January of 2021. All it is going to take during this current solar minimum period is one big volcano popping off and there will be no more talk of human caused warming. Cooling self reinforces itself as cooling begets even more cooling once the process starts. 



June 28th 1971

Those of you who can put up a chart may want to take a look. He has a 6 degree of Cancer natal sun. Saturn is in retrograde now and just made the second opposition to his natal sun. Also Musk has Uranus at 9 degrees of Libra which Saturn has been squaring.  His Saturn transits are going to let off a bit from here on until Saturn comes back this fall for one more time. Just a hint on how long his pile of debt is going to remain solvent. Once default arrives his other ventures will be soaked up by "the right people" and Tesla will become a name like Yugo in the auto biz. 

Just ironic that the car namesake Nicola Tesla spent his later years broke. 


Home prices

Here where I live.. In a remote part of Deplorda the canary in the coal mine has fallen dead. Over the weekend I talked to a neighbor who he told me the price value of his nice home went from140K to 90K in a recent appraisal by the real estate/banking monopoly. This is the value set that the bank is willing to lend on. 

The same thing happened here in 2007 MANY months before the shit hit the fan in the rest of the country. In 2007 the banks did not fund a single mortgage here in my county. I see where this is headed again. BTW the home values in the 2008 - 2009 crisis did not drop they just were un sellable except for cash only deals here in my county. 

Who stands to benefit from a situation such as this? The banks post 2008 now ONLY service mortgage loans they don't hold the paper plus they get a huge payback in the case of a default on loans they service. Very much an incentive to tighten loan standards and appraisals and foreclose when a borrower taps out. 

Based on this I believe that 2019 is when the next bubble pops. I am quite sure the Blue states are not suffering from a credit starvation .... yet.  If this is another round of real estate price busting then the bottom of the next burst bubble should be around 2020 into early 2021. 



A parody of the classic led zep "immigrant song"


Shite coins

“abandoned, scammed, website dead, no nodes, wallet issues, no social updates, low volume or developers have walked away from the project.”

Big short squeeze in BTC right now. God bless you if you can trade this type of rally. If you are that good you are better off trading penny stocks. 


Cool dude

Brandon Tatum is a rising star on the Boston Celtics. I want to dislike the guy because I grew up in Philly but...

Keep it Maxine. Oh and look at Timmmah G who ran the so called "bailout" for Obama
is now the president of New York Warburg Pincus - a private equity firm which owns predatory lender Mariner Finance

And lastly how about the Soros funded antifa? 

BTW I KNOW that Soros people use astrology...I know BECAUSE his trading room was using my subscription service back in 1998. If you wonder why I am so cagey here think about THAT.


North and South

USA is surrounded by leftist countries now. Mexico and Canada.. Venezuela and Cuba. 
Guess we going to need a bigger wall. 

Between now and the election in November I expect a full court press to force a leftist government on the US.. I think there is going to be voter fraud at a level never imagined. I wonder if the American people can muster enough political will to defend the country from this attempt. 



July 27th a lunar eclipse is once again being touted as a "blood moon".. LOL.. sounds scary. 

Also on that date the closest pass by Earth to Mars in 15 years.

So the real interesting thing about this lunar eclipse is it will be CONJUNCT MARS.. oh and also squared to Uranus. And semi squared to Venus which sits at 19 Virgo which is the 911 degree of the zodiac. 

On the batshit scale this one is a magnitude 9ish. Lunar eclipses are the emotional peak "tide" of the eclipse series and a lot of planets with high agitation like the Mars Uranus square locked into the eclipse energy are going to bring on a "summer of hate" atmosphere. Remember the last so called "blood moon" in January triggered a plot to crash a train with 200 republicans on board into a trash truck? 

This was the year the Marxists had planned to take our country IF Hillary had won. The lefties are running out of rope to hang themselves with and I consider this lunar eclipse is a long planned outbreak of trump derangement syndrome. Trump winning seems to be on a roll. OH MY get the popcorn out. 

Mike Moore this song is for you. Fat Man by Jethro Tull


Jeanine Pirro

Hillary worst nightmare.

Pirro born on June 2nd 1951. Sun Mars conjunction in Gemini. LOL cannot be beaten in any argument. Moon in Taurus probably closely conjunct Mercury within a few degrees with that conjunction squared Pluto. Ohhhhh she is quite the detective minded one. I would give a thumbs up on her.. No inherent evil characteristics..  


Regarding Crypto

God looking back at the last year it went from hopeful solution to our most vexing debt slavery conundrum to soul crushing theft of a lot of capital from anyone who got involved investing in it after last fall. Ya it would be a good thing IF a decentralized alternate money replaced the counterfeit fed money we are forced to use. BUT that is not what is happening. What is happening is CENTRALIZED digital (cashless) money is slipping onto the scene like a Trojan horse. The word... BLOCK....CHAIN  is a set of ultra SATURNINE words. 

Overnight BTC has moved above the downtrend line from last May.. Why? Fuckerberg all of a sudden "likes" crypto ads again? (eyes rolling)   When the creepiest man on earth likes something I am not amused.

So here is a current chart of BTC. Broke below the February low but I don't see any capitulation. Until proven otherwise BTC is headed to 2800.. 
I will make note of it if this bearish outlook changes. 

I had a journalist from a big magazine contact me recently who wanted the scoop on using astrology in bitcoin trading. Since I don't have skin in the game I told him the truth. 
If I am a great trader with a feel for what is coming why would I want to trade in something that has a shaky foundation and other problems too numerous to list?".. LOL.. I would not. Trading S&P futures is where the big league traders are working for a reason. 

An experienced and successful trader knows his own internal guidance intimately. THE BIGGEST TELL IS WHEN YOU START TO HOPE you are wrong and must exit PROMPTLY. . Any delay is a second mistake. Doubling down on mistakes one and two is three strikes and your out. 

History rhymes. In 1929 there were 300 car companies. In 1933 there were 3 left. 


George the ambulance chaser

OMG .... Greed much?

Reminds me of the old JG Wenthworth commercials where people scream 

The firm faces criticism in the United States for monetizing and encouraging the lawsuit culture in America. The US Chamber of Commerce and the insurance industry have criticized companies like Mighty Group for clogging the courts and propping up the costs of settlements.


Looks like the S&Ps have found a low about 20 or so points above the breakdown point where stops were vulnerable. I expect a rally of low quality into the holiday period. 


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