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I love what I do and aspire to do it for all the right reasons. I hope you find ideas here that you will love as much as I did when I  posted them.  If you hate what I do or cant see the humor I don't even allow you to complain. Just go away. 




Jubilee year edition
9/13/2015 - 9/1/2016

Est. January 5th 1996


“Nonviolence does not mean meek submission to the will of the evil-doer. It means the pitting of one’s whole soul against the will of the tyrant. Working under this law of our being, it is possible for a single individual to defy the whole might of an unjust empire to save his honor, his spirituality, his soul and lay the foundation for that empire’s fall.” ~Gandhi


Counting coup

Counting coup is far superior to the cowardice of a violent attack, because it showcases a higher level of courage while also alleviating the peaceful warrior from the guilt that comes from taking a human life. It also indirectly sets the stage for wise humor to win out over ignorant anger, thus potentially bringing the tragedy of war around full circle to the tragicomedy of the human condition: to a sacred place where we can all laughably relate, whether friend or foe, comrade or enemy.

Counting coup requires great courage, and great courage requires deep love. As such, counting coup uses the shaming mechanism of direct humiliation as a means to the end of bringing an “enemy” back from the egocentric path of unhealthy, immoderate, apathetic, ecocidal, violent action and onto the eco-centric path of healthy, moderate, empathetic, interdependent, non-violent action. Its goal is to shame those who have lost their way in the ugliness of violence and war into finding their way back into the peaceful fold of love. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”

Counting coup is the epitome of organizing peacefully, lovingly, and courageously in the face of those who have carelessly and unconsciously organized themselves with violence and war in their heart. AsDerrick Jensen said, “Love does not imply pacifism.”





The spirit of Giordano Bruno

who will ever be able to praise sufficiently the greatness of this German* who, having little regard for the stupid mob, stood so firmly against the torrent of beliefs…? Who would not rather count him among those who, with happy genius, have been able to raise themselves and stand erect, most faithfully guided by the eye of Divine Intelligence?

It is often supposed that his sentence for heresy was principally due to his refusal to recant his belief in the infinity of the Universe, the possibility of multiple, inhabited worlds, and the Copernican heliocentric model of the cosmos. In fact, the Church had no official position on the Copernican system in 1600, when Bruno’s final trial was concluded; it was not until 16 years later that the Inquisition ruled it ‘formally heretical’ after Galileo’s writings on the subject were brought to their attention. Galileo was ordered to abandon his heliocentric theories, and to abstain from teaching, discussing or writing about them, by Cardinal Robert Bellarmine, the Jesuit Inquisitor who had also interrogated Bruno and sentenced him; it seems clear that Bellarmine still feared the implications and consequences of the new cosmology that Bruno had proclaimed.

If Bruno’s disparate writings don’t quite cohere into a comprehensive whole, we can still glimpse in them seeds of ideas that have been built on by later thinkers. But the Nolan philosophy was essentially a unifying, tolerant worldview, and Bruno nurtured a grand vision for it: he believed that his theories of the unity of God and the Universe, which transcended the arbitrary divisions of Catholic and Protestant, might be the key to solving the religious conflicts currently tearing Europe apart – if he could only find a temporal ruler willing to understand and champion his views.



I love football.. It is a kids game played by adults for money.. a LOT of money. I am from Philly and I bleed green. The league is OWNED by billionaires in the 0.01 % of wealth class.. The owners want to have a totally fair playing field on Sundays and then go about business as usual the other 6 days. The Romans invented this type spectacle and I assume today the games are not fatal simply because it is too expensive to kill the players on the field. 

What strikes me is how "communist" the league is. The league is set up in an everybody wins way. The owners share revenue with themselves and the players union.. The so called commissioner is APPOINTED BY THE OWNERS to do their bidding. Sound familiar? 

If you want to see what the political engineering is building up to as .gov of the future the NFL is the test bed. A centralized globalized empire with SIMULATED competition designed to max overall profits. If you are a shitty team you will get a tailwind by rule to make you competitive in the longer run. If you are on a great team the rules keep bringing more headwind and eventually return your team to mediocre. They call it PARITY. 

I will admit I love my team the eagles and love the fact I can get excited at watching an actual 100% fair level playing field on game day. Nothing escapes the video replay.  Football is kinda in my astro genes the most influential owner in the league was born less than 24 hours after I was in 1952..Art Rooney Jr is the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is my astro twin 90% plus the same exact birth chart as mine and I suppose my seeing the above about the NFL is easier for me than just about anyone. 

One of the things I hope I have promoted for future generations to take to a higher level is the concept of astro twin. I have two hall of famer astro twins in the rock and roll hall of fame born the day before me. Neil Peart and Gerry Beckley. Hint.. Watching your astro twins perform can teach you a LOT about how to run your own astrological equipment. The series on netflix SENSE 8 is about astro twins becoming spiritually aware of each other.. If the NFL is the structure of Government then astrology is the structure of spirituality. 


Checkmate on the global chessboard

Zbig Man has been a real problem for a long time. The globalist wirepuller was involved from day one in the 1970s being the source of the "plan" to arm Afghani fighters to fight the Russians. AL CIA DUH.  Joe Wilsons war.. This link is an indication of capitulation


The fun has just begun because if this is the capitulation we have been waiting for it represents the most significant change in geo political direction in the last 50 years. I am not going to assume this is a good thing because as I see their behaviors over a very long time being war crimes disguised as "policy" they might be desperate enough to do something very VERY stupid on the way out. 

My web site ASTROECON was created in 1996 as a way to detail my findings about a long 70 year times three year cycle (210) that indicated the USA empire would collapse to irrelevance in our current time frame .. RIGHT NOW.  LOL I have been of the opinion for 20 years that I should have gotten a Nobel prize for my discovery.... hahahahahah. TWENTY YEARS AGO I saw this right about now. Maybe in the decades to come the people in power will get the drift that these major cycles are to be used to smooth things out by exercising preemptive wisdom about the timeline and not a base desire to exploit every bad situation. 

Zbig man.. pig man...  how charade you are
written by Roger Waters in the mid 1970s performed by the next gen pink floyd


What difference does it make
The 6.5 trillion that is


Attention you .gov accountants.. Remember the last time you guys come up with a measly 2.3 trillion of dough lost in the crack in the couch??.. Do yourselves a BIG favor and make sure yous' guys don't all "happen" to be working in the same room.. Don't think just because it is in the most heavily fortified building in the world and in the most recently hardened part of that place on top of that where you thought it was well... safe.

Remember it is your job to come up with the numbers that suit the ..  aaah... nevermind. 

Let this be a lesson about when the last bunch kept coming up with the wrong numbers. 



What a great shot.. LOL.. ya got to be a tough guy to come down the chute at a time like this.


The Hammer of Thor
 Mars Saturn conjunction 
8/23skido 2016

Can you feel it.. the left hock to your belief systems? Knocked clean out before you even hit the floor. ALL OF IT>> Gone one blink. The conjunction lands at 9 degrees of Sagittarius related to belief systems. . This is exactly squared to the upcoming solar eclipse on 9/1.. .. is this the line in the oldie but goody BATTLE OF EVER MORE?? 

"The drums will shake the castle walls
The ring wraith is riding black"

 We could call it CREDIBILITY LOST.. Bullshit mountain exploding like a super volcano. 

So how do we react.. I think indignant is a good word. Let the mighty dig a huge hole and watch them fall in. 

I think speaking truth to power is really a proper thing to do right now.. Its uncool to gloat  so act like you belong in the end zone. Act like winning is not unusual. Be a leader. 


Of Zen and stuff

Guess I am feeling ambitious I have two posts on 8/22

I figure most of the handful of people who read astroecon know about the shitstorm surrounding zen gardner. A LOT of people are really mad about revelations he was a former cult member and was involved for a very long time up till the late 1990s. 


Hey I complained about a lack of transparency on zens site back in the beginning.. Using an alias was effectively putting a bigger target on those of us using our real names. I ALSO COMPLAINED ABOUT GIVING A PLATFORM TO NONSENSE LIKE THE FLAT EARTH THING. But the fact remains that zen did ring true with most of what he produced and I liked it.

Just for transparency sake I divulge.
I have never felt comfortable with ANY organization especially ones that required me to take an oath of any kind. This started when I was 12 when I was being coerced to be baptized in Sunday school. LOL.. They wanted me to lie that I believed what they were saying.  I did start my own organization back in the 1980s the Philadelphia Astrological Guild.  Learned a lesson it was hijacked by a few people who were using it to promote their careers so I just exited stage left. Guess I am not a joiner.

I smoke tobacco. OOOOH bad.. I drink moderately now but when I was trading 15 years a fine line between being a drunk without getting a hangover at the start of my work day at 4 AM was par for me. I also liked "bad girls" after my divorce in 2001.  Oh and I swear like a sailor on leave. (apparently science has proven that people who swear a lot have a higher IQ). I dropped acid about 75 times when I was in my early 20s and drank aya 8 times over 7 years starting in 2005. I think cannabis is gods gift for having to live with psychopathic leaders. I am 64 and am still standing so I guess that says something as far as living on the edge without falling in. 

Other than that I got nothing I need to say. So glad I was a shitty liar all my life I gave up on it when I was a very young child. My mom had ESP and lying was futile.. I have had the "other" problem of being really blunt and I was not careful enough to measure my truth in small enough doses to avoid hurting others. Yes I have regret I might have done more harm than good at times. 

This post from les vis is a better read than I could possibly do myself. Les is holding the higher ground and I suggest maybe we all take his lead on this one.

LOL.. les and I have been conversing a bit the last few days.. he wrote the below this am while I was writing the above.. like minds at bit?.. les and I have been in battle together over 10-15 years. The same people hate both of us. Is that bad company or good company.



The REAL election day is 9/9/2016

Astrology is about the BIRTH of something or someone. The first actual vote cast is the birth of the 2016 election and November 2nd is the CONCLUSION.

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- Voters in tightly contested North Carolina have seen the presidential candidates and their surrogates a lot this summer.

What helps make the state such a political hot spot is that voting begins before anywhere else.

Election officials begin mailing ballots Sept. 9 to any registered voter in North Carolina who formally requested one. That's the earliest in the country and 60 days before the Nov. 8 election.

I am going to assume that the first actual cast will be very close to midnight on September 9th somewhere in North Carolina so I am going to use THAT CHART to gage what this election is going to look like. I think that this is something not considered by most people  but we almost ALWAYS have a defacto decision before election day in November.

 Behold the signature of the 2016 election.

Mercury is inconjunct Uranus
Sun Square Moon.
Sun trine Pluto
Sun Square Mars
Moon Saturn Mars square to Sun
Moon Saturn Mars square Neptune
Venus square Pluto

My read. This is the first quarter moon after the solar eclipse on 9/1. I had already picked up a rhyming with the 1811 New Madrid quake period and what we are looking at is maybe a POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE. Keep in mind the solar eclipse in September of 1811 preceded the actual seismic events by months. 


The summer of hate is almost over

This is my second jubilee observance the first was 1966-1967.. The so called summer of love was in 1967.. This one?? I think what we have seen is absolute proof that this cycle of 49 years is being totally corrupted in a willfully evil way.. The perps are not even hiding it. 

It would be a good time to take stock and gage your vulnerability to black swans. If hillary wins there is going to be a clamp down on any more truthiness enering the quantum equations and those of us who have been in the truth movement need to close ranks and practice being invisible for a while.  If trump wins the main danger to us fomenters of truth will be limited to the final months of 2016 when a full on revenge pogram will be likely. In any case what we do between now and the election will be making history one way or the other. 


How to change the future

The solar eclipse coming up on 9/1/2016 is malleable it is only about change .. . Here is the step by step way to actually DO SOMETHING about the direction things have been taking. 
hint.. it does not involve money......


A great astrological article

Way back in time many months ago I critiqued Trumps birth chart and I liked it a LOT.. Contrast that to Hillary's who has maybe the WORST astrological chart possible.. Yes it IS THAT BAD.   Hey the author sees what I see at least. She comes up short but even my read as medusa might be an understatement. 

Keep one thing in mind that this site COSMIC CONVERGENCE was one of the VERY FIRST TO DETAIL THE SHEMITAH CYCLE all the way back in mid 2014.

Seems to me the shift or the dawn or what have you is at hand,  and Trump has finally caught the drift and is acting like a real leader..  The astrological charts suggest the election should be NO CONTEST and he has to start to act like it. That is what we all want so fking give it to us Donnie. Be a PRESIDENT and lead us out of this wilderness.

We either turn things around right NOW or people like myself are going to be looking for a new planet to inhabit.  I am sure not coming back to this one if the NWO gets total control.


This strategy of putting exceedingly flawed women into positions of great power and political prominence can be observed with the selection of Chancellor Angela Merkel who was chosen to destroy Germany, devastate Europe and collapse the European Union (EU).  No one else could get away with the utter destruction that Frau Merkel continues to wreak upon the Continent.   Not only is Ms. Merkel clinically insane, she is also the product of the same type of mind-control programming as Ms. Clinton.


Unsung heroes

Who are the real heroes at a time like this. Are they the ones who scream the loudest about the potential of something bad happening?  Or are they the ones who see all the dark shit accumulated in the astrological windows that open and close but  DO NOT ADD FUEL TO THE FIRE. 

The irony of ironies is that there is really only ONE BEING LOOKING OUT OF 7 BILLION MINDS INTO THE OUTER WORLD. The joke on us all is everything we do and say to the other is doing it to ourselves. You can call it instant but misunderstood karma.  So as we fly through the eye of the needle maybe try not to be a camel. 

I see all the scary stuff that the darkside has conjured.. They want us to BELIEVE IN IT because that is what serves their selfish interest. An interesting concept for those of us who have actually tried to free us all from the enslavement of money and technology is MAYBE THE SO CALL ZOMBIES WHO REFUSE TO SEE ANYTHING WRONG are doing more good that is recognized.. After all for whatever their reasons they are refusing to participate in the negative mindscape created by the .01 percent. Might be a good idea to do a bit of reading up on the meaning of the tarot card the FOOL.

What if god was one of us 

Here is an example of unsung hero. les visible is a crazy dude but has held his higher ground as well as anyone I know of.. Hat tip old guy.


The stupid factor

Can you feel it? That would be the solar eclipse coming on 9/1.. These types of astrological events are so big they come in like a wave building up and are NOT SINGULAR DAYS ONLY ALIGNMENTS.. This one is more like a demo of a high rise rather than just a simple ton of bricks. Landing as it does in the climax month of the shemitah jubilee makes this eclipse beyond the so called the END GAME. 

If you have a tiny awareness of how astrology works it would be good to find out just how strong the effect of this eclipse has on your personal birth chart. It would be wise to understand this is going to be as bad as your KARMA dictates. You see the eclipse is landing at 9 Virgo and Saturn is squared to it at 9 Sagittarius and if you have planets in your natal chart located at 9 of mutable signs you are going to get it big time. How bad depends on how much you have been out of tune with Saturn and his demands ...... SATURN = CONSEQUENCES. 

RIGHT NOW in the next week WE HAVE THE EQUIVALENT OF A PRELIMINARY wave of stupid hit the beach of mass consciousness as a kind of a setup for the big events starting in September.  Mercury and Jupiter are in a conjunction in late Virgo this week and by nature this alignment causes  IGNORING AN OBVIOUS DANGER. A great many stock market swoons have occurred coincident with a Mercury Jupiter stress aspect as it sets up the UNWISE into doing exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. 



Welcoming the invaders

Or put another way throwing flowers at the invading nazis.. Good read about how the masses see things.

So when you lose your country.. lose your rights.. All you have to do is look in a mirror for who was to blame. IT IS NOT TOO LATE EVEN AT THIS DARK HOUR.. But then again. 



This phrase is the stand down order given to GORT the ET robot in the 1951 movie "The day the earth stood still ". Considering the world is most certainly now being run by robot algorithms maybe this is the way to shut them down in the nick of time before they precipitate an extinction event.. 

One thing for sure is the DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL seems close at hand I can imagine election day being that day. The humans who make an appearance of being in charge are various shades of zombies serving an AI master. Maybe start with the brain damaged candidate on the left and go from there. 



CNN journalist cured

Amber Lyons was an Emmy award winning journalist for CNN. She went to war zones and reported on the "news" first hand. She quit after being censored by the bosses who it turns out were working for .gov.. She was in the news today having revealed  a CNN business practice of taking bribes to shape public opinion.

There is more to her story which is about how she reclaimed her soul after having worked for a soul sucking organization. The cure was PLANT MEDICINES. 

I was made aware of the potential healing powers of psychedelics as a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in October 2012.   Joe told me psychedelic mushrooms transformed his life and had the potential to change the course of humanity for the better. My initial reaction was one of amusement and somewhat disbelief, but the seed was planted.

Her web site started in 2014 is outstanding and looking at it 2 years later it seems she has not lost her talent only her dis-ease with what she was participating in at CNN. She is setting an example for other women to stand up for what is right and true. 
SHE IS A HERO. I imagine a world ahead where anyone who desires to change for the better has the opportunity to cure themselves. You can be sure that if Hillary is elected her big pharma backers will make sure that any real cure never becomes a reality. VERY WELL DONE.. Gives an old guy like me hope for the future. 

Over the last two decades I have been calling for this CURE to be available to anyone who wants it. Mushrooms are one of the oldest life forms on the planet and maybe just maybe they know something we need to know too. Mushrooms break down old dead life to create new life. Could this be the BORN AGAIN THING?

“Our initial studies were in healthy volunteers,” Griffiths told me. “What we showed is that a large percentage of those people had what we call a classic mystical type experience, that is, a transpersonal experience that includes a sense of unity and sacredness, and that the experience is felt to be more real than normal everyday reality. There was a sense of open heartedness, a sense of transcendence of time and space, and an ineffability. And that experience is deeply valued and it’s thought to be deeply meaningful — many people related it to be among the most meaningful and spiritually significant experiences of their lives.”


When you predict the future


I am a proponent of free will..  Odd you say because I am an astrologer? Not if you consider I was studying occult subjects before I learned astrology.. The mind interacts with the possibility field ahead of the now on the timeline and CREATES THE SPECIFICS OF THE FUTURE. Astrology is a framework to hang events on in an orderly manner but free will provides the specifics of events in human affairs.

One reason I do a lot less specific projections down the timeline in public the last few years is I do NOT want to add psychic fuel to what I see as purposeful creation of negative outcomes.. You could call them thought forms or you could call them demons or you could just call it demented "gods" gone wild. The act of PICTURING THINGS is a magical act. If you see something negative ahead what do you do? You can choose to CHANGE THE PICTURE. We do not have to submit to another's negative and often times selfish law of attraction black magic. Refusing to accept a negative outcome as some how fated has great power. 

The TAG LINE of the movie NEXT staring Nic Cage. A movie version of a Phillip K Dick book about a precog. 
"every time you look at the future everything changes."

I spent years and years prompting this mindset as a way to defang the demons that MEN have created in the future.  I guess this is not very popular to the masses because it puts the responsibility back on ALL INDIVIDUALS to mind your own mind and be conscious of it's output of energy into the future. Commercialized belief oriented spirituality is a MAJOR REASON why we have painted the world into a corner to a point that mother nature will be doing housecleaning soon unless.....  WE CHANGE THE FUTURE THAT WE HAVE ALLOWED TO BECOME PROBABLE.. Start with your own self first. 


Who has been in charge

As we can look back over the last 50 years it is "entertaining" to go and look at WHO was sitting in the front row when the technocratic nightmare began. 
ZBIGnew  .. born 3/28/1928 in Poland.  Z-BIG-NEW... kinda funny name eh?
He has some features in his birth chart I have raised eyebrows about such as SATURN  AT 19 DEGREES SAGITTARIUS .. I also note PLUTO AT 14 CANCER.. BOTH ARE STATIONARY FOR HIS BIRTH. To say those degrees are important right now would be a understatement. 

Yep life here on the people farm could be called the GRAND CHESSBOARD. A protégé of Kissinger he was Jimmy Carters handler or maybe a better perspective was handing the country over to the Reagan Bush crime family. Oh and he was the guy who created AL-CIA DUH all the way back in Carter's admin. 

He appears to be the architect of the technocracy which is obviously been the so called plan from day one in the previous 49 year cycle starting in 1966 and it will pay to be looking at who is young enough right now to take over for the next 50 year oligarch plan.. As Z-BIG-NEW was hiding in plain sight the whole time I would expect whoever takes over will be similar. The plan will have a new name probably related to AI which is a step beyond simple technocracy. 

Just announced yesterday that the gov is Ok with the creation of CHIMERAS.. Half human - animal hybrids. Imagine what 50 years of that are going to look like. Mother nature may not be so keen on such things.. I assume the goal is immortality for the ruling class.  

Humm I remember a song about a Zbig man-pig man from long ago.


Treated like a dog

Jupiter will be in Libra on election day 2016. Starting in 1980 Jupiter was landing in Libra on election day. Carter was treated like a dog by the fed reserve and Iran rescue psyop and rolled over like a dog and we got Reagan Bush.. In 1992 HW Bush rolled over like a dog and allowed Clinton to manage the cover-up of what went on in MENA Ark.  During the previous admin 1980-1992 Clinton was Governor of Ark overseeing the money laundering operation in Mena.. In 2004 Jon Kerry snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory and rolled over like a dog. Maybe Jupiter in Libra has a lot to do with a WEAK OPPONENT who gives up easily. 

I am pointing this out because Trump is showing signs of this AGAIN. The frikin guy just cannot keep his mouth shut. Trying to loose?? 

Note that as of yesterday a market crash is being advertised by the media to be a trump benefit and IF it happens the crash will be blamed on HIM. No matter that the market has been cornered into a pre crash pattern right now waiting for a trigger and is essentially a gun to the head of the masses. Very rare that the incumbent party loses if the stock market stays up into election day. You can watch now knowing how the game is being played.. 

I should remind everyone that in 2012 a too perfect crash pattern (both astrological and technical) started in September and came within a day or two of manifesting as a black Monday crash in late October which would have benefited Mit Romney. Hurricane Sandy just "coincidently" smashed NYC and closed markets in the exact part of the pattern that would have been the game changer crash day. I truly believe that a market going into any serious crash pattern before election day will be met with a sacrifice of the USD which would boost stocks and negate any chance of a trump victory.. 

I hate to inform you but as I look at the situation as of now I do not see Clinton losing. If that be the case it is time to begin preps for life after US national sovereignty. The 1918 Jublilee year manifested in Russia as the Bolshevik takeover and here we are in a uncomfortably numb rhyming. 


Angst in the Armageddon dept

Seems to me the plans went up in smoke because Putin and Trump changed the dynamic. Erdogan got a clue and without him the game has been called. The plan was to have a dramatic Hollywood war theatre in Syria to fulfill bible prophecy and now what?? The window is closing in a few months and the production has been delayed. I took a look at the timeline and the next shemitah starting in August 2022 has a Saturn Uranus square in full force. MAYBE JUST MAYBE we peeps have been given a 7 year reprieve from mass destruction which is time enough to make sure it NEVER HAPPENS. . 

I see WAAAAY too much amplification of negative outcomes.. Do us all a favor if you see negative events in the future at least use your mind to visualize a more positive outcome. We are in the current situation because the masses have been programmed for decades into seeing / visualizing a negative outcome. 



The below vid is from farsight institute..  RVers looking at August..

As the few people who read here know we have a MAJOR astrological aspect structure in play this month linking Saturn to BOTH Uranus and Neptune in stress and a solar eclipse on 9/1 which has at least a month long affect after it. I have already pointed out the similarity to the eclipse in 1811 and the one on 9/1/2016 regarding the NEW MADRID quake potential. I have seen something quite similar to what is being presented in the vid with late August the START but not the end of it.

BTW I do RV but not using .gov protocols.. I learned RV techniques in 1972 from Silva Mind Control seminars in early 1972 before I learned astrology. I became an astrologer later that year to find the WHEN part of what I was seeing. I do not know anyone who uses astrology the way I do. Whatever it is I do it works better than I am even comfortable with. I have a LOT of visions I hope are not true and I DO try to use my mind to mitigate what I am seeing into a less dire outcome. FREE WILL is part of my perspective. There would be no reason to know astrology if there was no way to mitigate the future outcomes in the possibility field. I also think that presenting information about the future can and does affect the outcomes. We live in a world of demented UNCONSCIOUS MAGICIANS in high places who are creating the future outcomes more than simply seeing it. 

My read after watching the entire vid is that a NEW MADRID quake would certainly be a match.. 

 First guy
Buildings shattered.
The potential for nuke plant meltdowns rather than a nuke terrorism/war

Allgire is describing an EMP.
Is this a secondary issue AFTER a major quake. It is known now that .gov has an ability to cause quakes so does a quake now become considered an act of war? 

The woman at the end
What she describes is a place I have seen.. Sao Palo BRAZIL. A forest of skyscrapers.

This group of RVers led by Courtney Brown are known to produce very dire predictions.. 

The RV community is not open to people like me. I have had contact with them over the last 10 years and they don't seem to like me much. I DO NOT HAVE a .gov security clearance. This is a HUGE RED FLAG I wonder IF they are still on .gov payroll. The creator of RV .gov protocols in early 1970s was Ingo Swann who was eventually shunned by .gov.  From what I understand by listening to his interviews Ingo said he was too telepathic for the .gov comfort levels.  


There is no market

The spoon benders

What is a MARKET.. It is one side of a trade agreeing with the other side on price. 
 This is called PRICE DISCOVERY.. What we see since late 2011 is price hiding.. 
The MOMENT that this fruad took place was 11/11/2011.. Two things took place that marked this point on the timeline.. One was the EU giving up any hint of honesty about reality and just LIED.. The other was when Jon (the beast) Corzine stole customer money and gave it to JPM yet got away with it. That caused terminal damage to the commodity markets which was the only place left that derivatives were being used for physical delivery. Any attempt to use technical analysis since that time has to be tempered with PRICE AS AN ILLUSION mentality. 

Since 2011 technical analysis has been used to screw traders by programming algos to do the deed. Astrological aspects that were reliable for decades became a FADE.. Astrology is being used as a scripting tool now on the big stage of world wide PSYOPS.. 

The so called EXPERT NETWORKS that sprang up as price discovery disappeared OWN THE MARKETS NOW..  They do not want to give them back. The money speaks louder than words who works for whom.





Just to name a few. Powers.. Albright.. Nuland.. Napolitano.. Merkle.. Lagard. 

with lyrics

We all have our dark side to say the least
but dealing in death is the nature of the beast.


"WE CAME..  WE SAW..  HE DIED." (hollow laughter)
This is actual cum report about Huma going down while hill was watching her handiwork on CNN. 


Feeling the BERN yet?

Amazing to see a host of self proclaimed "smart" people get hosed. The Saturn Neptune square in play now is a SHATTERED ILLUSION type of energy. The Bernie crowd has to feel like real fking clowns at this point. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE USED LIKE A CHEAP HO... You have been a huge reason why this travesty of fake democracy has been allowed to continue since 1979 and now you whine about it when your illusions have been shattered??  YOU HAVE ALLOWED THE NEXT RICHARD NIXON TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT. 


Keep this in mind. Americans have historically been very slow to anger. The problem is indeed the 1% who are laughing at you. The road to hell is YOU Bernie types paving the way to a hell called tyranny. History will be VERY unkind to you if the oligarchs win and they force Hillary on us. YOU WILL BE History's DOORMAT cursed by future generations.. Imagine if Trump had not manned up and risked his life and we only had a choice between Klinton and Cruz? Ponder on that one.. 

Gold dust woman

Rock on ancient queen
Follow those who pale
In your shadow

Rulers make bad lovers
You better put your kingdom up for sale
Up for sale

Well did she make you cry
Make you break down
Shatter your illusions of love
And is it over now, do you know how
Pickup the pieces and go home. 


Astro heads up

Today has a mercury mars moon T square exact . Yesterday John Hinckley was released after 35 years confinement... I would say that qualifies as a threat. 

The Saturn Uranus sesquisquare wont be exact until early August and will be in orb until right around the solar eclipse September 1st.. This aspect has been STICKY because of retrogrades making it exceptionally long while in a 2 degree orb. This has been be an active systemic crisis ramping up every time a faster planet gets into a hard angle to Saturn and Uranus. I expect financial markets to become even more brittle that the tissue paper wrapped around the QE turds called bonds. However the bigger problem is what goes on related to the 9/1 solar eclipse and the few months it has sway into November. IT IS WELL KNOWN THAT CRASHES OVER THE LAST 100 YEARS HAVE SEPTEMBER SOLAR ECLIPSES AS STIMULANTS... The powers that be in control as of right now are only going to crash and burn things when they know with algorithmic certainty that they are going to lose. 

Note to macro traders.. It has been several years now that you are not allowed to actually win. The trade ahead COULD be the trade of the century. Get it right and you might even have an illusion of winning again. The obvious problem is getting any winnings out of the casino. 

In the unlikely event that medusa rewrites the ancient myth indigenous Americans who are not ahead of the curve are going to find out what the word MARGINALIZED means. It will take a while to sink in but eventually they will find out they have lost EVERYTHING. A Hillary win will be used to accelerate the browning of the country and NEVER AGAIN will there be any hope of reversal. Within 4 years there will be FEMA REGIONS and not states. Internal biometric passports (chips like easypass) will be required to leave your region. Your children will not belong to you the state is going to be BIG MOTHER. Men will be relegated to sperm donor only as long as they are needed as science will make them obsolete sooner than later. Hey if you are not into that scenario you better understand the difference between A GREATEST EVIL and a lesser evil. 

BTW I think as of right now I would rather see Gary Johnson win. I will hold my nose however and go Trump if that is my only choice to prevent the ultimate evil winning. If Trump is allowed to live and wins we must prepared to face an economic calamity but if so we will at least have a sovereign country and can make better choices as we rebuild it. 



I am raised in Philly and lived there 45 years and I KNOW.. We BOO.. Whoever was the decider in the DNC to hold a convention in Philly when the eagles had not distracted everyone yet by training camp has done the most stupidest thing ever.. Given even the slightest reason we BOOOO even when we don't even know why. It is like when one dog barks in the middle of the night and in seconds the entire dog population yowls.. 

So are we going to let our country be run by people who are so insanely ignorant of "culture".. HINT.. Even the girls boo. It is almost like they waved a silver star in everyone's face. 


BTW Truthstream is under extreme heavy attack. 


Perseus vs Medusa


As advertised.. Decades in the making.. The long awaited REAL LIFE blockbuster remake of the most ancient heroic myth coming to a political theatre near you... Prepare to be FROZEN IN YOUR SEATS .. 
LOL you do know that hollywood uses the template of myths to script their current events story lines right??

With a promising plot that gets more complicated as the story progresses, this myth has a typical Hollywood-like scenario with the main character not being born yet at the moment when his destiny was determined.

You asked for it. You demanded it.. SPOILER ALERT unnecessary because virtually no one has been educated enough to know how the story ends. 


The final frontier


Hat tip the young guy who did these great vids.. Hope remains as long as young people learn not to quit on the future.

In the end nothing in the outer world is meaningful with out IN-SIGHT.... The means to acquire in-sight is nothing new and maybe is as old as dirt. 
 You shout in your sleep.
Perhaps the price is just too steep.
Is your conscience at rest
If once put to the test?
You awake with a start
To just the beating of your heart.
Just one man beneath the sky,
Just two ears, just two eyes


Sun and Moon

Hence my concerns about the September 1st solar eclipse being similar planetary alignments to the 1811 New Madrid quake. My observation over the years is the angles between sun and moon of zero and 90 degrees after the new moon are the most potent quake windows. The solar eclipse in October of 2017 of particular interest because the eclipse path goes right over the New Madrid fault. 


Triple play weekend

Geez.. First the "nice" guy who just so happens to have a strong facial resemblance to Mike Pense based on the pic I saw posted all weekend on Drudge. Note the post below this one about doppelgangers was posted before ANY OF THE WEEKEND EVENTS TOOK PLACE.. Not too subtle in my book. 

Then the Turkey coup.. Coincidence the day after Turkey makes overtures to Russia that the next day the Airport bombing happened? Then the Coup follows? Occams razor says nothing is a coincidence. THAT WAS THE MAIN EVENT. Repercussions are a big unknown. My thought is Erdgodan simply quit on the Armageddon script when he made nice with Putin and we all know what happens after that sort of independence. Just ask saddam or kadafi. . 

Not a surprise that Turkey got moved off the front page Sunday morning by a cop shooter born 7/17/1987. Geez take a look at his transits. Another shooter hit 5 ways to Tuesday by astro VERY SIMILAR TO THE ONE IN ORLANDO. 

The astro peaked out almost exactly as the Coup in Turkey took place and starts to fade into the coming week. The next big astro will be coming in the first few weeks in August. 


Weaponizing the doppelganger

Do you have a body double?? Apparently many of us do. Kind of amusing until you realize that the facial recognition data bases have collected a billion faces and you are likely in it. MAYBE MORE THAN ONCE.

Have things gone off the scale long ago? Saddam?? Bin Laden? Atta?? Is Madoff really in prison?? Inquiring minds indeed wonder.. 


BTW TODAY into SATURDAY 7/16 are an open window astrologically for events like what happened in France overnight. If one wanted to start a riot this astro is perfect for that. 


Yelling FIRE in the theatre of absurdity

Gerald Celente ... got to love the guy.

Martin Armstrong another one.


What is Joe smoking

Almost as a big a slip of the tongue as
 "I am a Zionist.. you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist."

It would not surprise me in the slightest if some how Joe ends up as Hillary VP.. Then we can have an actual real life House of Cards reality show. No doubt in my mind that both have a chip in the head... The ON OFF SWITCH. 


Each small candle lights the dark side of every human mind

The best live version I have found

Not the torturer will scare me
Nor the body's final fall
Nor the barrels of death's rifles
Nor the shadows on the wall
Nor the night when to the ground the last dim star of pain is hurled
But .. the blind indifference of a merciless unfeeling world

              Each small candle lights a corner of the dark
When the wheel of pain stops turning
              And the branding iron stops burning
When the children can be children
              When the desperadoes weaken
When the sea rolls into greet them
              When the natural law of science
Greets the humble and the mighty
              And the billion candles burning
Lights the dark side of every human mind

And each small candle
Lights a corner of the dark...



Cryin wont help ya... praying wont do ya no good
When the levee breaks momma ya got to move

The Movie THE BIG SHORT just showed up on netflix. 
If you have not seen it yet it is time and if you have seen it already maybe time to brush up on history. I was there in the thick of it in 2005 - 2007 before anyone outside of the few good guys in investment banking had a clue why real estate was a bubble. IT WAS THE DERIVATIVES. 

What is ahead is orders of magnitude bigger than the sub prime problem.
The problem now is with 14 trillion of gov bonds yielding less than zero. The only way that happens is if too much money is forced into the same trade. This is a systemic distortion that is not going to continue much longer considering the astro over the next 6 or so months. Saturn Uranus stress 2008 and Saturn Uranus stress 2016. 

 So those of us who saw the 2008 crisis coming in 2007 were right to think we were seeing the end of the world approaching. Only a few considered that a corpse could be given life support for another shemitah cycle of crime at taxpayers expense.. That 2008 bailout has frankly risen the consequences to the most diabolical levels possible. In my mind at least half of the 7 billion souls on this planet are at risk. I am an optimist. 

So what happens when the levee breaks in the bond bubble bursts which is the last domino of a triple whammy that started in 2000?? You better be on the right side of this trade.. This is the ultimate trade.. The trade to end all trades. 30 year Bonds have lost 80%  of their value in the swinging 1960s and fed rates have been as high as 17% in my lifetime. What is inevitable is well outside of that range. 

You can see it already... people in high places are planning to crash civilization.  Hey what's an oligarch to do but get rid of all the useless eaters and complainers. Martin Armstrong who was put in jail for 7 years for refusing to be owned is calling for a collapse of government itself. 


Jubilee Jolt

Written BEFORE the Dallas incident last night.  7-7 eh?? 11th anniversary eh?

We have taken to calling these Jubilee Jolts because they fit in with a larger elite intention to destabilize the foundations of Western society by promoting obvious lawlessness and a sense of injustice that is not repairable. Here in Jubilee 2016, we are witnessing the construction of global government. To see this latest occurrence regarding Hillary as part of the normal sociopolitical routine of American justice is to miss the point. The idea is to undermine society and drain away the confidence of the middle class in their society.


Your brain on AUTOPILOT

Oh my.. is it any wonder why things are spinning out of any sense of normalcy into the twilight zone? LOL.. I cannot even sit in a car when someone else is driving without constantly hitting the invisible brake. The thought of being asleep?? NOT A CHANCE. 


Weaponized weather

I have experienced 3 major weather events in 4 years. That is why they call it weather right? It turns out that the military stated decades ago THEY WANTED TO OWN THE WEATHER.. Lots of theory about HAARP being used but who needs that when there are 10s of thousands of microwave cell towers in a continent wide grid.. The nearest one to my locale has a strikingly similar look to the wardenclyffe tesla tower.

Corbet Report does a great job of going over the facts in a new vid.

Two of the three events I experienced personally were in 2012 AN ELECTION YEAR. The latest one in 2016 a few weeks ago an election year. I assume whatever is being done considering the amount of time this project has been in play is sophisticated enough to localize effects. The biggest tell for me was Hurricane Sandy that was timed exactly within a classical crash pattern at a time that FIVE PLANETS WERE IN THE SAME SPOTS IN THE ZODIAC ON THE SEPTEMBER 2012 HIGHS AS THE 1929 HIGHS. Take a look at the charts both market price data and astrological if you are a skeptic. The crash wave days regarded as black Friday after the highs in 1929 and the dates the US market were closed in 2012 by SANDY WERE IDENTICAL..  A few days after landfall the change in market pattern caused the lows to come in EARLY without a full crash wave completed.  A roaring bull market since that still in place 4 years later may be viewed by historians of the future as the biggest bubble in the last 12000 years.  OH BY THE WAY.. Obama was going to loose in November 2012 election had Sandy not been a major disaster. 

Enjoy your time of using free speech left.. In a few short months even discussing this sort of thing will be punished about like during the Spanish inquisition. My suspicion is that a new ice age is actually being helped along in a NATURE DID IT population reduction scheme. Convenient indeed that the public is being brow beaten into believing any change in climate is THEIR OWN FAULT.



That shudder under your feet is the founding fathers rolling in their graves.  Those few of us who are working the meat suit part of that equation are worn down to a point of no longer ineffective. Brexit looks good to a newbe but is not a done deal by any measure. The emergence of an EU superstate is in the works. 

Can it get any worse?? OH YA. Word out is my bumper sticker joke in the headline above about GIANT METEOR 2016 is running 3RD in polls ahead of the minor league third party candidates. Don't blame them because when you see the "process" of shoving Hillary into power it is clearly the lesser evil in my mind. 

A VERY IMPORTANT AND VERY DOMINANT ASTROLOGICAL ASPECT IS IN PLAY all the way from NOW into early September. Saturn in Sagittarius is in a 135 degree sesquequadrate alignment to Uranus in Aries. The most dominant aspect pairing is Saturn Uranus cycle with CRISIS and SYSTEMIC problems being associated with those two planets in stress relationship. Go back and look at September 2008 into mid 2009 when Saturn was in opposition to Uranus.. This ahead is like THAT. 

One thing to keep in mind about planetary aspects is the length of time an aspect spends in a close orb is the measure of the strength of the effect on us peeps.. In this case Saturn is very slow now and about to end a retrograde period and it STAYS IN ORB WITH URANUS A LONG TIME.  I wish it is not so but I see a huge potential for astrological understanding being used as a weapon of war. Astrologers who are in the employ of the madmen and women who script disasters are soulless enablers.  You can tell those who are part of the problem because they DO NOT WARN YOU.. Bla bla bla words without any content please someone show me the content on the net that is addressing this problem ahead. 

The dogs of war are on the loose. The intention of the NWO masters of the universe is to smash down anything that stands in their way.. monetary systems.. Culture and racial diversity. The nature of gender.. Borders and the sovereignty of nations. In a word.. SHITSTORM is upon us. The USA and UK are going to carved up into little pieces to be digested by the collective madness of men. I would like to think that trump is a solution but alas he has already shown enough to conclude it is just a different version of the same scripted outcome. IF TRUMP WINS he will preside over a pile of rubble. Indeed that may be the actual plan in the end. 

Oh and then comes September.. Just when it seems the worst is over a Solar eclipse on 9/1 brings a ramp up of consequences as the Saturn Uranus stress is almost relived. Even an untrained eye can see this chart is not going to be a picnic.  I detailed concerns about a new madrid quake in a below post but quakes are not just earth moving they can be systemic which can be orders of magnitude more dangerous.

Cue up the Doors song THE END. 


One man illuminati machine

... and all us so called conspiracy researchers who have been demonized since the 1990s are LAUGHING AT AMERICANS LACK OF BRAIN ACTIVITY..

What part of this is all being scripted do people not understand. Watch the vid in the link. 


The EL-ites have lost the right to rule

BTW.. EL is a name for the SATURN.. In plain English.. CONTROL FREAKS

The reaction from many in the media to both Trump and Brexit have betrayed their ulterior motives by exposing dangerous, antidemocratic biases. Now this has nothing to do with whether or not you are in favor of either Trump or Brexit. Personally, I think Trump is a very unwelcome reaction to the destructive trends going on around us. He’s extraordinary divisive (even amongst people who hate the establishment), has no regard for civil liberties, and displays obvious authoritarian tendencies. Despite this point of view, I don’t focus obsessively on all the negative aspects of Trump in my posts, because I acknowledge that Trump is a symptom of a much larger problem, not the root cause of it. Dealing with symptoms can keep things settled for a time, but the problem will invariably return in far worse form should the underlying causes remain unresolved. People are acting as if it can’t possibly get worse than Trump. Believe me, it can get a lot worse.


1811 and 2016

The post below this one got me thinking about the New Madrid quake in 1811.. This was the biggest quake to hit the US in our history.. no population at the time but was wild time for those few who were there..  Specifically I was looking for any reason astrologically to be concerned in the near future. 

In September of 1811 a solar eclipse fell on September 17th. The eclipse was squared to Saturn and mars in Sagittarius with a few degrees orb.  The New Madrid quake came on December 16th 1811 which was squared to the eclipse in September.  The north node of the moon was at 12 degrees of Virgo at the time of the December quake. At the exact time of the quake the moon and Saturn were conjunct in Sagittarius. 

So 9/1/2016 a solar eclipse lands at 9 degrees of Virgo.. It is squared to Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius within a few degrees. gulp... The moon will be conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius on September 8th which I consider to be a dangerous day.. The north node of the moon will be at 12 degrees of Virgo. 

 I saw this astro and called my HO insurance co and got a quake loss provision added to my policy for 6 dollars a year. I am 100s of miles from the New Madrid fault zone BUT..... 

Hey there are lots of other reasons to be concerned about the September eclipse BUT.. 

The New Madrid quake 12/16/1811 was the FIRST of 4 major quakes in a 6 month period.. The biggest was in Feb 1812. If there is even a little seismic activity in September of 2016 I am going to be VERY ALARMED..  Possible that could be the start of a series of quakes ..  The eclipse path in September 1811 and the eclipse path of the August 2017 eclipse are both VERY CLOSE to passing directly over the exact location of epicenter of the 1811 quake. You have been warned. 


October "surprise"

I am now convinced that something this way comes in October 2016 in the final weeks of the "election" process. I have been affected by the last October surprise in 2012 .. super storm hurricane sandy.. Those with memory cells left functional can take a look at the perfect stock market pattern from September into the landfall of Sandy and can see a PERFECT MATCH of the first few weeks after the 1929 highs. The EXACT DAY of the impulse down move in the pattern was the day that Sandy shut the NYSE down. Basements flooded on wall street conveniently destroying trillions of paper bearer bonds and stock certificates which leaves open the possibility that those were rehypothicated (leveraged) and maybe not a surprise that the stock market rose for years later up until last Friday.  SANDY CHANGED THE ELECTION RESULTS.. 

I look at what is the greatest vulnerability right here in my already disasterized zone and that is the NEW MADRID FAULT ZONE. In the words of Jimi Hendrix.. "fall mountains just dont fall on me".

Just sayin.. Sandy was too perfect a storm.. The timing.. The effect.. THE WHO BENEFITED .... There is evidence that the storm was not natural but somehow was engineered to be the largest hurricane in history. Statements decades ago about the military "owning" the weather come to mind. Another event the 3/11/2011 tsunami had some signatures of too convenient timing as well. FACT IS WE DO NOT KNOW what is possible or not in both weather and quake triggering technology. What we DO KNOW is if nature has been weaponized then it would be on the table for being used if the masters of the universe are threatened.  DOING GODS WORK EH???. 


Days are numbers

You want to see a SMOKING GUN??

This many days from the 2008  to the brexit vote

Jeff brings up great points about the chaos that HAS JUST BEGUN as an attempt to break up the EU and make the people demand a new world order.. 
From Dollar Vigilante

Days are numbers.. the song from the album VULTURE CULTURE


Brilliant insights
and extremely funny at a time like this


Deek Jackson is hysterical..



Remember that movie called The World according to Garp? Well I figure my town Mount Nebo is totally distaterized now as in the last 4 year I have had 3 1000 year type events happen in my county.. June 2012.. the biggest baddest wind storm ever to hit the state knocked millions of trees down and power was out for weeks.. Then in October 2012 hurricane Sandy dumped 4 feet of snow 400 miles from landfall in NYC.. FOUR FEET OF HOUSE CRUSHING WET SNOW. Power out for weeks.

So the town I live in Mount Nebo is named after the biblical mountain where Moses was exiled by god to as punishment for smashing the first set of the ten commandments.. HUMMM.. I laughed at the name when I moved there in 2006.. 

The latest disaster on Brexit day was BIBLICAL FLOODS.

2012 was an election year. Me thinks I am going to prep up in a big way because in October there is a VERY VIOLENT Mars Pluto conjunction in the same part of the calendar as Sandy fell in.. NEW MADRID.... That would sure take the election out of play and allow our PHARR O the opportunity to take his place in history as the "decider in perpetuity"..  

You have been warned. One of these days.. My little town might be the only one left standing having been disasterized so much already. Seems odd the disasters are in election years.. Or maybe not.. 








Dont ya just love the smell of banksters burning in the morning.. Hey selling the same ounce to 500 or more people ON PAPER works until the peeps decide they want to stand for delivery. Kinda like the old trick used by medieval goldsmiths who skipped town with all the physical but on a world scale.


People danced night and day
religion was being born
down in Monterey


It was exactly 49 years ago.. in a jubilee year.. that a psychedelic weapon of mass enlightenment was dropped on a slumbering and VERY SIMILAR populous to today.

I was 14 going on 15 but I knew what was going on. The summer of love happened as a result.  Keep in mind LSD was LEGAL and was mostly used by Harvard types prior to this date 49 years ago who did "stuff" for the mil/industrial complex. This event 49 years ago was the equivalent of a virus getting out of the lab. NEVER IN HISTORY had such a large crowd dropped acid at the same time. ya ya it was the cia behind it... my view is whatever those gov dopes thought they were doing was not what actually did happen. HAHAHAHA.. Behind the curve is an understatement. 

You want to find the truth in life?
don't pass music by
and you know I would not lie.


Weaponizing retards

Ok so we ALL KNOW NOW. When I see a natal chart THIS BAD and also see the transits to the bad part of his chart being THIS BAD TOO. 11/16/1986. SUM TING STNX.. 

I shudder to think there are astrologers out there who would assist the FBI in identifying persons who are easy to trigger and timing dirty deeds astrologically. 

You want to see how the darkside works??

RH NOTE.. I have not said much about markets in terms of trading for a while in my posts.  I would rather be silent about it than feel like I am giving a heads up to the darkside. 



Orland is just the latest very stinky >>> POORLY SCRIPTED.. and QUITE OBVIOUS setup by SOMEONE in high places in the security state to create a crisis they will surely not let go to waste. Don't get it?? READ THIS.

Those mussies are SO SO easy to blackmail. 

“It’s the same guy,” Chris Callen, who performs under the name Kristina McLaughlin, told the Canadian Press. “He’s been going to this bar for at least three years.”

Ty Smith, who also goes by the name Aries, also said he’d seen Mateen being escorted drunk from the club, Pulse, on multiple occasions.

“(He’d get) really, really drunk... He couldn’t drink when he was at home—around his wife, or family. His father was really strict... He used to bitch about it,” Smith told the Canadian Press.

"They'll spilt your pretty cranium and fill it full of air... and brother you wont care.
BEWARE THE SAVAGE JAWS OF 1984".....   David Bowie. 


Are you ready for a near death experience

RH comment. 

We are in June of a Shemitah jubilee year. The last one was in June 1967.. This the longer 49 year cycle which is 7 times a normal 7 year shemitah year cycle.. Don't believe this means anything. The most powerful woman in the world at the time of taping this speech handing her marching orders down in a January 2014 speech. See for yourself. 

Magic number 7. BTW The shoot down of the jet over Ukraine was the singular event that started the current ramp to war with Russia. That was part of what she was saying in code. 7 year tribulation for the "folks".

So June 67 had the 6 day war with the uss liberty spy ship attacked in a false flag. Also Monterey pop happened with a wave of lsd the sweeping the country. Think about this and how the shemitah cycles are used by bankers to milk the host country dry. Keep in mind that SLAVERY was legal in this country at the time and the draft swallowed up an eventual 50,000 dead slave soldiers when the Veitnam war accelerated from 1967. Yep Bankers wars. 

There is certainly a crash scenario in place. As a threat. And oh also think about how extreme a threat level the usa was on with the nuke war scenario in June 67 at full red. 

The fun has just begun. This grand cross exact on JUNE 3rd has made RIPPLES on the timeline.  This month has what appears to be cycles turning as extremes levels of rate of change are in play JUST LIKE 1967, a jubilee year. 


Looking ahead the next few months have a high potential of events such as Orlando massacre. Especially in October with a Mars Pluto conjunction in a fascists looking brutal way. Last election cycle hurricane Sandy in late October 2012 was a game changer.. humm. 

I suggest pricing in a Hilary win in a personal situational way. Those of us prone to controversy might be best served to just mind ones own business a lot more starting now. No sense being a target later. Anyone who has looked at Hilary's birth chart can see the chart is grotesque. All the stories are true. This is not good. Medusa like. It kind of pisses me even more at her because she is going to force me to vote for Donald friking Trump. If we have a sweeping wave of sovereignty come in like what appears to be happening in UK and Trump (survives) wins? Prepare for a three ring circus. The current regime will trash the place on the way out. 

Credit From Mike Riveros site.

All you astrologers take a look at the Omar shooter charts. 11/16/1986..The astro transits to this guy's natal at the time of the attack are REALLY BAD. Is he just a pasty or an mkultra drone?  Synthetic terrorism as a fund raising tool??? Is nothing off the table??


The occupation of the American mind

An interview about the movie of the same name narrated by Roger Waters 

Enjoy your limited freedom of thought while you still have it. 


Bizzarro world

Jeff Berwick speaks up about the jubilee. Hat tip to him speaking up when very few dare to. Is it a surprise that Hillary declares an unearned victory on 6/6/2016



BTW...  RIP to Ali who was one of the greatest fighters for the human race in my lifetime. 


ALL WARS......

This is Mike Rivero's best work.. Might be the most potent 45 min vid on the net.

RH comment.. 
Mike was born 10 days before me in Sept 1952.. Jupiter the planet of good fortune and wisdom was located in the EXACT SAME DEGREE 20-21 degrees Taurus as Gandhi was born with in Sept 1952..  this is WISDOM ABOUT MONEY. 

Gandhi .. a little man.. with NO MONEY.. Succeeded in making the British empire leave India. His way of pulling it off ?  He made it unprofitable to continue to OWN India. 


Mankind gone from the cage
All the years gone from your age

This requires a bit of study.. This is magic in action. The cover is VENUS ON THE HALF SHELL DOING MAGIC. Take the time to grok this. 10s of millions have this written in their hearts.

The lyrics.. Take the time and understand what is said. This is from 1970 BEFORE the gov got wind of what us kids were up to.

At first
I was iridescent
I became transparent
I was absent


Three Generations of Psychonauts

A psychonaut (from the Greek ??????????, meaning literally a sailor of the mind/soul) is a person who uses altered states of consciousness, intentionally induced, to investigate his or her mind, and possibly address spiritual questions, through direct experience. Psychonauts tend to be pluralistic, willing to explore mystical traditions from established world religions, meditation, lucid dreaming, technologies such as brainwave entrainment and sensory deprivation, and often psychedelic drugs (entheogens). Because techniques that alter consciousness can be dangerous, and can induce a state of extreme susceptibility, psychonauts generally prefer to undertake these explorations either alone, or in the company of people they trust. Therefore, they are averse to using altered consciousness in a social or “party” context. Psychonauts generally regard the latter sort of use as irresponsible and dangerous.



Libtards move to Canada

Here is a sort of trip advisor for all those who say they are going to move to Canada if Trump is the next president. Just a heads up for those that want to be subjects in a socialist paradise.

BTW.. I was waiting to see who was going to be invited into the Trump inner circle before I got exited personally.. so far I see....

Fat boy Christie as the new Rhambo transition chief
Cross dresser and 911 actor Rudy Guilani as DHS head.
A Goldman white shoe boy as Finance Czar

Me says WTF..  ...... .... bump down to the post below. The only way out is IN


Journey to the center of the mind

Written in 1967.. Ted Nugent was the guitar player but did not write the song.  LOL it was their ONLY hit song but I have to tell ya that when released in 1968 it had a huge effect on us kids. 

 2009 live
1987 live

Beyond the seas of thought 
Beyond the realm of what 
Across the streams of hopes and dreams 
Where things are really not

Come along if you care 
Come along if you dare
Take a ride to the land inside of your mind

But please realize 
You'll probably be surprised 
For it's a land unknown to man 
Where fantasy is fact 
So if you can, please understand 
You might not come back

 Right in the center of your skull is the PINEal gland

Many who have studied the workings of the pineal gland realize it has earned the name ‘the seat of enlightenment’ for good reason. The pineal is a transmitter of the spiritual or divine self as well as the grosser, earthly or physical self. Science is just beginning to unravel how this tiny endocrine gland in the center of our mind is able to turn humankind’s barbarous cravings into a yearning for oneness withCosmic Consciousness or the ‘Kingdom of God Within,’ – while giving us the physical ability to realize it.

LOL.. google PINE CONE AT THE VATICAN. I would post a pic but I already had a run in with getty images for posting a verboten picture.  The first psychedelic revolution started in JUNE 1967 during the previous  jubilee shemitah year and June 2016 is OFF THE SCALE ASTRO so get ready to shake the foundations of the oligarchy. 


All trumped up

Looks like the battle has begun. The thing about Trump is he at least APPEARS to make the banksters very afraid. Based on our history Mr Trump has to be very aware that others who scared the banksters have meet with an ugly end.. The way to prevent that is to have him bring in a VEEP that scares them even more. 


Cynthia is one of the only members of congress that refused to sign a treasonous loyalty oath to Israel. She was then redistricted and outspent by many millions to get rid of her asking good questions in congressional hearings. BTW she is a black woman.. It would be cosmic justice if she were to replace the Tubman on the $20 a few years from now. 

If Trump brings Cynthia in as his VEEP I am going to become very VERY grateful.. 


The last day 
of the Jubilee Shemitah year is a solar eclipse on 9/1/2016

Oh my..

This is a solar eclipse.. in an opposition to Neptune.. in a square to Saturn. The eclipse is in a 135 degree aspect to Uranus and Uranus is 135 to Saturn. All things considered in the context of the election "process" this alignment coming as it does just after the conventions is REALLY REALLY significant as it speaks of a tsunami of BAD DEBT. Saturn and Neptune aspects have a strong effect on debt markets.. add in a Saturn Uranus 135 and it just does not look like anything other than some sort of systemic breakdown. 

Rats jumped ship in 2008 starting in September of that election year. Saturn was in an opposition to Uranus at that time. The 2016 eclipse with a Saturn Uranus 135 tied to it looks similar. The few traders left standing who have been crashaholics the last few years might even get one right finally but I suspect that paper gains will meet couterparty risks and it will be decades later that the lawsuits will be settled up in fiat currency that will resemble confetti. 

My read as of this time is if the majority of the people want trump to be President it is not going to sit well with Goldman and the boyz. The overlords of money magik do collective punishment without much hesitation. 


Red Ice interview


He explains how this Hermetic-Kabbalist system for calculating debts that was formalized during the early Renaissance period has been used for deliberately concealing the immoral practice of usury in the banking system. Colin describes how the ancient Semitic worship of the androgynous goddess Inanna-Ishtar and the principle of the unity of opposites (male/female, order/disorder, creation/destruction), used in combination with trickery in the form of deceitful words, is the fundamental underlying concept of creating “money” out of nothing. He illustrates how this “magick” is represented by the Hermetic-Kabbalist alchemical symbol of the hexagram (Seal of Solomon) and breaks down the two-sided, sexual nature of the process at the heart of usury. 

The secret revealed...


Deek Jackson

finding humor during human sacrifice season


hey teacher

something in the lyrics about fat and psychopathic wives beating them to an inch of their lives..... Hummmm 


Nixon's drug war
A crime against humanity

We stood on the threshold of a dream and then got thrown in jail for it. This year being a JUBILEE YEAR it stands to reason it is FINALLY THE TIME to undo what might have been the gravest crime of all time which was instigated at the behest of the big pharma/statist crime empire.

Pay attention to the vid in the link.. Look at her face. This women is the GREAT GRANDMOTHER of the generation who is the source of the technocratic nightmare of unenlightened state run consciousness we live in now. Imagine a world with freedom of the soul that SHOULD HAVE BEEN OUR REALITY. 

Jimi Hendrix .. Straight ahead.

I said, get out of your grave
Everybody is dancing in the street
Do what you know, don't be slow
You gotta practice what you preach
'Cause it's time for you and me
Come to face reality

Jimi Hendrix .. Room full of mirrors



The men who stare at goats

I know some of the people who were involved in the 1st Earth Army late 70s vintage. They were very interested in my abilities. I have also had contact with people at the Rhine Institute and Monroe Institute a few years ago.. LOL they creeped me out.  I assume I creeped them too out based on their reaction to me. Guess they got uncomfortable when I said that what I saw them doing was MILITARIZED SPIRITUALITY. ALL of the people I know of into this had security clearances so they are paid to lie and be lied to. LOL.. lying is an antidote to seeing truth so I guess they will continue to find they actually suck at remote viewing until they disavow themselves of their vows of secrecy. 

 three hour doc.. sorry the only links to this have commercials.

This is no joke it is black magic.. Wondering how totality off the rails things have gotten the last few years take into account it has been over 40 years since this has been going on. I call them mindfuckery incorporated. 


Its the derivatives ... STUPID !!

Got to love what is usually called INVESTORS who actually believe that there are still markets.. These unknowing gamblers have crowded into the trading of ETFs which are a derivative of a derivative in 2x or 3x funds that have the potential to GO BELOW ZERO under circumstances that are becoming more that a little likely. 

One reason I am not saying much here about markets since 2014 is there is simply no way to fix stupid.

Hysterical if it was not so tragic. TAKE A LOOK AT THE LAST FEW YEARS PRICE CHARTS ON THE INDEXES THAT MANY OF THE ETFs ARE BASED ON.. Going nowhere.. maybe the longest stretch in history of going nowhere. When the indexes INEVITABLY break out of the narrow range since 2013 there is way too much money bet on BOTH SIDES for the so called COUNTER PARTY on either side to handle. 
HAHA.. the VIX double triple etfs my fav.. Picking up pennies on a high speed rail line. 

Reminds me of what was the killer blow of the NATIVES who lived here in north America for 1000s of years. YOUR "money" is the buffalo.

NATIVE AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.. history rhymes does it not? Guess who are the new Native Americans??


Heads up.. April 19th

April 19th has a VERY BAD track record with a long list of atrocities over centuries.. Why??

Humm. BA-AL.. AL-LA.. KA-BA.. 
KA-BA-AL-LA.....  just some fun with the ALPHABET?? (goog new name)


In the beginning
The Hyskos

I am sure this is not included in the curriculum of even PHDs these days. Something to consider in our time is what was written by an Egyptian about the ASIATIC invaders called HYSKOS at the time. Keep in mind this was in the first few centuries after the AGE OF ARIES began. At the start of the age of Piscies the library of Alexander was destroyed and with it our ability to see clearly what occurred in the age of Aries. Us "modern" people are left with a bollixed up version of things 2000 years later told by people who wrote themselves into the story line to empower themselves.

Manetho states "during the reign of Tutimaos a blast of God smote us, and unexpectedly from the regions of the East, invaders of obscure race marched in confidence of victory against our land. By main force they easily seized it without striking a blow; and having overpowered the rulers of the land they then burned our cities ruthlessly, razed to the ground the temples of the gods, and treated all the natives with a cruel hostility, massacring some and leading into slavery the wives and children of others... Finally, they appointed as king one of their number whose name was Salitis. He had his seat in Memphis, levying tribute from upper Egypt.. In the Saite nome he founded a city.. and called it Auaris". He named these invaders the "Hyksos" which he translated as "shepherd kings" although now the term is often translated as "foreign rulers" or "desert princes".

Might be a good time for Americans to catch up on history so maybe it stops repeating. 


So true

Hahahaha.. I guess all the good writers at the ONION have not been fired yet

Prior to the conservation efforts, it is believed that even-tempered people with sound judgment and the ability to put the needs of others before themselves had dwindled to less than 150 within the country's borders, and had gone completely extinct in the nation's businesses and civic institutions. Experts widely agree that without isolation, protection, and captive-breeding programs, the remaining thoughtful, foresighted individuals would have been totally wiped out. 


We are PLAYING OUT ancient stories

Listen up.. We live in a world of demented and ASLEEP magicians. 
YA YOU!!!   Whatever captures the IMAGINATION of the masses of the asleep spills that imagi-nation forward into a future time. Like zombie computers we replicate into the physical world that which our imagi-nation has been projecting. Hahahahaha. strartrek flip phones. Jules Vern anyone? How bout BRAVE NEW WORLD FOR YA. Such is life in the land of unconscious magicians led by psychopathic masters.

"forgive them for they know not what they do"

This bizarre world is replicating BIBLE STORIES into the physical reality... 
Science fiction.. Anything that captures the IMAGINATION. 
As we experience exponential time acceleration the time between an IMAGI-- notion in the minds eye and it's manifestation on the physical timeline get shorter and shorter.. 

Pretty funny..

The USA election has become the live version of Perseus vs Medusa.. think about that... HAHAHA we know who MEDUSA IS. 

One thing that I know is one of the most powerful IMAGI--notion engines I have seen in my lifetime was 60s-70s progressive rock. For those of us who lived it we still have the visions and the power of love in our hearts because we chose white magic.. 

In the end this time we live in right now is ACHILLES LAST STAND.

Oh to ride the wind, To tread the air above the din 
Oh to laugh aloud, Dancing as we fought the crowd 

To seek the man whose pointing hand, The giant step unfolds 
With guidance from the curving path, That churns up into stone 

If one bell should ring, in celebration for a king 
So fast the heart should beat, As proud the head with heavy feet. 

Days went by when you and I, bathed in eternal summers glow 
As far away and distant, Our mutual child did grow 

Hat tip to the bonesmen.. The incident in Brussels landed on 3/22. Gotta love their sense of humor as being so IN YOUR FACE eh? 


Giordano Bruno 

Well done reading of an audio book that probably earned him his stake burning

This is one of Bruno's great book's on magic, dealing with "bonding in general." Couliano characterizes it as "one of those little-known works whose importance in the history of ideas far outstrips that of more famous ones." It explains how the masses can be manipulated with psychological and magical bonds, and how one can escape these snares.


A wise man 
knows how to step out of  the way

Seems to me that Putin is doing this. He has to know what is really going on is an attempt to create a synthetic Armageddon mimicking bible prophesy and drag Russia into it. The old saying WHAT IF THEY HAD WAR AND NOBODY CAME applies.

RH COMMENT.. What a shit show ... 
Anyone with a conscience has to be looking at this "ELECTION"?  as an emperor has no clothes process. I dont know yet about Trump but I do know that he has a very good natal chart and is LUCKY and more than likely to be protected by higher than human protection. It seems to me that if an attempt is made on his life this will transform him into the ghost of Andrew Jackson. Ya THAT GUY the only president that kicked out a Rothschild central bank. 

NOTE.. there is a Mars Pluto conjunction in late October.  That is really violent and based on several decades of observation the wire pullers know that is the type of astro to PUSH BUTTONS. Don't kid yourself they use astrology.. 


Dead on

Glad to see the generation behind mine has at least a few people willing to speak up. As an old dude I am astonished at the level of apathy among those who actually have a stake in the outcome of this years river of blood being planned. 

PEACE FROG... the Doors

Indians scattered on dawn's highway bleeding
Ghosts crowd the young child's fragile eggshell mind



Cannabis is one thing.. Kinda like the Bud Lite of entheogens. It does indeed open the mind and enhances an individual's bullshit detector. The medicine required to actually cure a sick mind is a grade stronger. This is no mystery it has been known for thousands of years.

BOLD STATEMENT... If magic mushroom cultivation were made legal again it would within a year cause a renaissance of such magnitude the vast majority of the worlds problems would be solved. Funny how one of the oldest life forms on earth has such potential and who would not want that except the ones who lie cheat and steal every day.. maybe this is the CURE for the psychopathic money junkies?? Jubilee  anyone?? 


Has the dawn ever seen your eyes

Stones of years ELP

Has the dawn ever seen your eyes? 
Have the days made you so unwise? 
Realize, you are.

Had you talked to the winds of time,
Then you'd know how the water rhyme,
Taste of wine,

How can you know where you've been? 
In time you'll see the sign
And realize your sin.

Today is a special day.. this is the day the temple at Abu Simbel in Egypt has the rising sun light up the inner sactum..

I have reason to believe this temple is as significant as the great pyramid and is specifically pointing to one of the 4 royal starts The fixed star FOMALHAUT has moved from Aquarius back into early Pisces over many milenia and is located at 3 degrees.. TODAY IS A FULL MOON ...  same day as the sun is in the same zodiac degree as FOMALHAUT  ...  2016 with a full moon is kinda telling considering our current situation on the brink of WW3. 


Anyone interested in the significance of today should go on youtube and watch the series MAGICAL EGYPT and PYRAMID CODE. 


Were you there to watch the earth be scorched?



All in all 
they were all just bricks in the wall

I tried to post the link for an recent article from the INDEPENDENT (UK) about Roger Waters efforts to catalyze support for musicians to join the BDS movement.. LOL.. My computer froze solid as I was half done the post. Soooo.. I will have to put a few quotes up from the article instead so the thought police will have a harder time messing with me. Sorry I figure the link is being fed directly into the hasbra machinery who's job is to attack any resistance to universal submission to the thought police.. 

“The only response to BDS is that it is anti-Semitic,” Waters told The Independent, in his first major UK interview about his commitment to Israeli activism. “I know this because I have been accused of being a Nazi and an anti-Semite for the past 10 years.

“My industry has been particularly recalcitrant in even raising a voice [against Israel]. There’s me and Elvis Costello, Brian Eno, Manic Street Preachers, one or two others, but there’s nobody in the United States where I live. I’ve talked to a lot of them, and they are scared s***less. 

“If they say something in public they will no longer have a career. They will be destroyed. I’m hoping to encourage some of them to stop being frightened and to stand up and be counted, because we need them. We need them desperately in this conversation in the same way we needed musicians to join protesters over Vietnam.”

“We are asking questions that have never been asked until the last couple of years, which are bringing the wrath of the Israeli lobby down on people like me and all the others who dare to question and criticise.

Nick Mason, Pink Floyd’s drummer, wrote of Waters in his autobiography: “Once he sees a confrontation as necessary he is so grimly committed to winning that he throws everything into the fray – and his everything can be pretty scary.”


Roger Waters will be remembered fondly by history CENTURIES from now.. The ZIO-NAZIS who rule over us with such impunity at present not so much. 

" I have looked over Jordan and I have SEEN.. 
things are not what they seem..." 

"That's what you get for pretending the danger's not real"


Pushed to the margins

The self-help and “mind-body-spirit” scenes are billion dollar industries, but how has the commodification of spirituality affected our ability to practice it? As sacred principles are co-opted and watered down to sell feel-good mass-market products, those unwilling to sellout spiritual principles are pushed further to the margins – where they are increasingly maligned as “cultist” for putting spirituality ahead of materialism.

With corporations having massive funds to market and advertise, along with the power of the media and the charm of spiritual “celebrities,” alternative spiritual groups who don’t conform to this new form of commercialized “spirituality” often can’t “compete” and are drowned out by those selling products designed to have mass appeal. This makes genuine alternative voices increasingly difficult for spiritual seekers to even find.

RH comment.. I go a step further than this in saying spirituality has been MILITARIZED.


The EL-ite calendar of choice

Calendars are used to CONTROL THE PEOPLES TIME. 
The prevailing calendar used by the EL-ites is the 7 year shemitah cycle of bubble bursting every 7 years. Very few are willing to talk about it.


Real magic

Real magic = LIFE

For the ancient Egyptians magic was not so much seen as a series of human practices or rituals but rather as the essential energy that pervades the cosmos. It was an underlying pervasive energy that humans could access, activate, and potentially direct. 


Awakened by darkness

Paul Levy is a hero he stays on task and hammers out solutions. One reason the truth movement is in shambles and whatever you want to to call the spiritual movement right now is even worse is there are ONLY PROBLEMS presented and no solutions. My astro twin Neil Peart did a song called THE ONLY WAY OUT IS IN and that is self evident.. 


Good interview..


The root of all ev-EL



Do or die time

6/3/2016 when added up in a numerological way equals 666.. It appears to me that this is the point of know return for those who have intention and is a lemming swan dive into a sea of delusions for those who are caught up in a false be-lie-ve system. 

What you are looking at in the chart above is a GRAND CROSS which might not have been seen for some thousands of years. Jupiter Saturn and Neptune at right angles joined by a Sun Venus conjunction speaks clearly to any astrologer deserving of the profession. The spiritual implications are immense and those who are wise will take heed and use the time between now and then to get right with great spirit. This is a jubilee year and if we go back to the last one in 1967 and look at the events we see the kick start of the hippie movement in June 67 at Monterey pop and also the 6 day war that at the time looked like an Armageddon to many of us at the time... BTW what started in 1967 is still the driver of events right NOW. 

Those of us who are still alive that were the 20 somethings in the late 60s KNOW some things that could be important to those who came after us. This is the start of a new cycle and the direction we take will determine the outcome for 50 years ahead. 



For example, those who take a proper dose of ayahuasca (a brew made from two rainforest botanicals) inevitably embark on an inward journey of deep personal insight and discovery that frequently results in positive life changes. I can attest that after taking ayahuasca for the first time in 1994 I felt a little like Saint Francis of Assisi the next day. The experience left me with an extraordinary sense of love for each person in my life; I felt more free, more gentle, more reassured, and more open to the synchronistic assistance of larger spiritual forces that I could not understand but nevertheless knew were active in my life. Even though this elevated feeling wore off after a few days, the ayahuasca experience did in fact result in a “course correction” in my life that proved to be an important step in my personal spiritual development.

Now in my fifties, having practiced many forms of spirituality and having had a wide range of spiritual experiences going back to my youth, I can affirm that both natural and synthetic psychedelic substances are capable of producing intense encounters with undeniable spiritual realities. Although, as noted, different substances produce distinct experiences, most entheogens have a strong “noetic quality” that provides access to profound insights beyond the reach of normal cognition. 


Militarized spirituality

I am glad to see some of the duped FINALLY starting to get it about the bullshit that passes for spiritual understanding since the late 1990s. .. Classic misdirection play constantly pointing to some outside force rather than the obvious EL-ITE men behind the curtain.. This guy in the link is young and vulnerable and even his new found fears about electronic manipulation are a psyop. 


The so-called ‘channeled messages’ I received claiming to be from my soul family from the stars were in fact simple radio waves sent by U.S. government agents, allegedly from an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense or the U.S. intelligence community, working in concert with volunteers, many of which are secret society members who help propagate enormous numbers of hoaxed news stories of UFOs and related space news, building a backdrop for a PSYOPS program that lures science and spirituality-minded individuals such as myself into their web. This program, commonly referred to as electronic harassment, has destroyed my life completely and continues to devastate my life until this very day, but I am certainly not alone, as the number of victims, known as targetedindividuals, or TI’s for short, grows exponentially each day.

My advice to all is to stay clear of all these stories of UFOs, extraterrestrials, channeled messages, and psychic mediums speaking to the dead, as these fictitious news accounts and dubious television programs are a direct part of, or at the least, stand as compliment to, the hugely encompassing plan to desensitize and familiarize the public to synthetic telepathic communication, a simple but very effective feat of technology essential to mind control reprogramming. (I personally believe we come from somewhere in this universe and we are also not alone, but this is a subject matter useless and dangerous to explore at this present time, as a vast majority of the related news stories are complete hoaxes devised solely for use as backdrop for these mind control programs. I also feel there may be a number of differing programs, though all earthly conceived by human hoaxers, that list among their tools so-called channeled messages, and not all may conceal mind control at the heart of their agenda. I can only speak of the program of which I became an unsuspecting participant.)



Holy F just when you think things cannot get crazier they take it to the next level. Those of us old enough to have lived in better times have not been normalized to it all and we have a perspective that is priceless. One by one nature takes it course and the living memory of what what it was like to live in freedom fades away. 

Ran into this today from les visible.. he is pushing 70 and lucky to have made it that far considering how much negative energy has been directed at him.

I am not alone in possessing incontrovertible evidence that we are not here only once and that life is NOT a random accident. If I pity anyone... and I do... I pity those who have gone out of their way to convince themselves that what is... is not; who have used the argument of the shortcomings of religion, as proof that there is no God. This kind of apples and oranges ignorance is not only stupid but incredibly costly. I especially pity those who willfully deceive others for the purpose of their own gain and who willingly do evil when they know they should not.


Empaths = targeted individuals

Empaths are the last line of defense against the transhumanist agenda. You might call them the dying breed of a world that has passed away if things continue much further.

The empath. Often, the person targeted by the sociopath is an empath. Empaths are ordinary people who are highly perceptive and insightful and belong to the 40% of human beings who sense when something's not right, who respond to their gut instinct. In The Emperor's New Clothes, the empath is the boy who mentions the unmentionable: that there are no clothes. 

In the 1990s, researchers suggested that there was a positive relationship between empathy and emotional intelligence. Since then, that term has been used interchangeably with emotional literacy. 

What this means in practice is that empaths have the ability to understand their own emotions, to listen to other people and empathise with their emotions, to express emotions productively and to handle their emotions in such a way as to improve their personal power. 

People are often attracted to empaths because of their compassionate nature. A particular attribute is that they are sensitive to the emotional distress of others. Conversely, they have trouble comprehending a closed mind and lack of compassion in others. 

Very highly empathic people can find themselves helping others at the expense of their own needs, which can lead them to withdraw from the world at times. 

It is odd. Most of us enjoy watching films and reading books about heroes who refuse to go along with the crowd, which suggests there is something admirable about people who make a bold stand. 

But in real life, watching someone raise their head above the parapet often makes the rest of us feel queasy. Most - the 60% majority - prefer the easy life. It was interesting to discover, when doing the research for this book, how often people see empaths in problematical terms. 

Empaths use their ability to emphasize and to boost theirs and others' well being and safety. Problems arise for empaths, however, when there are apaths in the vicinity. Empaths can be brought down, distressed and forced into the position of the lone fighter by the inaction of more apathetic types round them. 


"happy" ?? new year

I like Celente and he articulates what is ahead so I dont have too.


Very interesting

Looks like almost everyone capable of actually seeing the "future" is being locked down at this point..   We have gone from YOU DID NOT BUILD THAT to YOU don't own that as far as your intellectual content. I am positive that somewhere in the past Dick Allgire signed some sort of non disclosure agreement which at the time seemed innocuous..

What is it that someone wants to repress??


Mount Stupid seen from a distance

A very long tome perfect for a winters night of not watching debates.

700 year lows in interest rates.. YOU CANNOT FIX STUPID.

Velocity of "money" is like a glacier grinding away anything in it's path. Note when the peak occurred.. Right in the middle of the Clinton admin. 


I was there too

Unlike Zen I was there at woodstock for the entire weekend from start to finish and came by myself.. I was only 16 years old and it was the first out of state adventure of my life. To say it changed my life would be an understatement. At best there are maybe only a few hundred alive now that were there the entire time.


Ain't no Joke

“Multiple Laboratories were involved, they were screening Civilians for natural talent, if you will, employing psychics and healers and things of that nature in a wide variety of experiments. One of the things reported was that they were actually talking about attempting to induce death, physical illness, things of that nature.”

The men who stare at goats.


Randall Carlson

Great interview.


Jordan Maxwell on astrology

The podcast in the link goes into what happened to Jordan and is something I have dealt with since the late 1990s. Unlike Maxwell I have avoided the brunt of the attacks because my behavior here has been specifically designed to avoid it.


Bad Blood


Fake everything

Maybe take the time to send your family this link.. With bullshit mountain getting ready to go super volcano on us it is the least you can do for them. 


Graham Hancock interview

While the world is going insane there are those who continue to defy the established story line that is old testament spinning of history to enforce BELIEFS about what civilizations existed prior to 12000 years ago.


Sense8 second season

The netflix series Sense8 was very VERY good and is going into production for a second season. BTW a SENSEATE is a human who has awoken to his empathetic natural state and is the next stage of evolution.. There is an astrological premis fundamental to the series because all eight of the members of the cluster were born at the exact same moment in different locations and are EXACT ASTROLOGICAL TWINS. Fact is that YOU HAVE SENSATE TWINS YOURSELF and there is a good chance that you are already interacting with them below your conscious awareness. 

In the summer of 2015 I wrote about and promoted this series (find my comments in the archives) because it is indeed a harbinger of the near future.. EMPATHY IS THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THE MATRIX.. EMPATHY IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ALL OF THIS WORLDS ARMIES PUT TOGETHER.


Jailing the witness

Consider she is old enough to know first hand.. Consider this is a defacto death sentence too..


Its what you do...

If you have the misfortune to have commercial TEE VEE you have been bombarded by this commercial for months. This is from a Buffet company that has a loooong history of mocking Americans with EVEN A CAVEMAN WOULD UNDERSTAND memes.

Final count down to WHAT.. 


How very smart we are

No comment necessary


Social Parasites

Very good.


Getting real

As you can imagine my being an old veteran in the truth movement has me quite frustrated by the lack of balls I see from the younger people who MUST start to carry the load going forward. What is required is to develop the inner knowledge required and THAT takes guts and a sincere desire to improve ones self for the higher/greater good. 

I know Jeff a little and I am very proud to know him because he is one of the few 40 something's that takes it upon himself to heal himself first before thinking he is qualified to help others.


Luke Rudkowski

Nice to see a younger person who still has some fight left in him


Marty Armstrong

He sees what I see.



Deek Jackson strikes again


Bugged out

I moved to my bug out location and will sit and wait for Armageddon theatre to run its course. There is not much to say other than America has made a choice and the best thing to do is stop resisting what the public clearly wants to happen. 

I am being forced into taking the "healthcare" subsidy (extortion) so to avoid being a hypocrite I am not going to be posting much truther stuff going forward........  There is a lot of good stuff in the archives posted before today.. 


We like war

Carlin ...


How convenient

The never let a crisis go to waste crowd is on overdrive.  LOL Post pope the majority country seems to be in who gives a shit mode as the "sheep" did not get the fear of death memo. As we have seen before anyone who is not with the PROGRAM has to be demonized and so those of us who have not tanked up on religious cool-aide are set up to be shunned.
Notice the author last name is HOE-MAN .. I did. Notice this is based on a Rupert Murdock owned myspace acct ... WHO THE F USES THAT .. And his dating site is a place were like minded non cool-aide drinkers might want to find a kindred spirit so we cant have that can we. 

Welcome to the new inquisition. What I see is a new manufactured religion that not surprisingly will be "inclusive" and will have it's roots in the pre Christian ideas of the old testament. LOL.. maybe call it PSYCHOBABLISM .. If you know otherwise because you actually study the matter you are not with the program and have become an enemy of the new theocratic state run by EL worshipers.. 

 "They'll split your pretty cranium and fill it full of air and brother you won't care." 
Bowie 1984.. 


Mars Neptune opposition

This aspect is exact on the 6th but as the aspect is approaching exact we are seeing the manifestation already. Mars Neptune stress is violent and sneaky dirty tricks and such. Aggressive undermining. 

So we have a major flood threat. AGGRESSIVE WATER.  

We have another school shooting and it is just a coincidence that a Palestinian flag flew in front of the UN for the first a few days ago.. Shades of Brevik to me. Most people are so uninformed they would not have a clue what I mean by that. I would have to consider it very much real event this time like Aurora and VT until proven differently. Those conditioned to think everything is a hoax are not going to connect the dots. The dead vs wounded ratio is on a par with a real event. Just because an event is real does not mean it isn't part of the agenda. 

I am in process of moving so there will not be many posts for a few weeks. I am very uncomfortable as far as where things are heading and have no desire to be a sitting duck in an area that is the most highly educated bunch of non thinkers I have been around. 


A few good tips

Be advised. 



It has been 49 years that many of us old folks have been working to avoid it.

So it comes down to this because the American people have no sense of self preservation. At this point I think that the number of "citizens" that secretly desire a ww3 outcome outnumber those who have worked against it by 100s maybe 10s of thousands to one. Somehow many people are under the impression the USA will win and look at this a football game. As with the other wars since 1913 the only winner is the banks but that is lost on the public. Oh well  so much for common sense. BTW they (bankers) really do hate you for your freedom. 

So it is time to do the bug out thing if you are one of the few who have actually prepped a bit. I don't see the full blown variety of an all out war just yet but the ability to get situated before hand is only going to get more difficult going forward. The lack of any relief from the unpayable debt the last few weeks telegraphs their intention and is a worst case scenario. They mean us harm and intend to provoke the only way out for the ponzi scheme which is to kill the as many witnesses as they can and redefine reality for survivors after the fact. 


I came for the medicine
I left for relief from this

Yep this is the heart of the Borg collective in good ol Chapel Hill. LOLOL.. NOW I know why everyone who lives around me here has dogs. Hey anyone want to live a California libtard lifestyle east of the Mississippi THIS IS THE PLACE.

The medicine turned out to be toxic both to my body and my state of mind and net effect was 10s of thousands out of pocket and I got shit for it. Thanks Obama.. I dared to challenge them after the "side effects" of their pill therapy almost killed me.. LOL you should have seen their faces. It was like I was from Mars.. Humm maybe I am it sure feels like it to me. 


The whole world is watching

The tactics of the hippies in the late 60s was to provoke people to have a CONSCIENCE and do the right thing. Ultimately it worked and the war ended and the USA even elected a president who ran a campaign based on conscience in Jimmy Carter. Ya ya ancient history.

There is a reason why any and all attempts to get the banksters and their minions to do the right thing has not gone far in spite of widespread proof they are sick. The EL-ites have no conscience to provoke having it beaten out of them in childhood. Those who took power in what amounted to a coup in 79 in the aftermath of the Iran /Contra mess are the same oligarchs that still dominate. To prevent a repeat of the anti war movement BIG PHARMA stepped in to kill the conscience of most of the public with bad drugs both legal and not and PROZAC NATION was created. 

So those of us who seem immune should understand that the battle for decency and doing the right thing was derailed a long time ago. There is not much of a cure for the public they just don't feel much of anything and have been engineered to a state of NO CONSCIENCE. It would take a heroic dose of psychedelics to have a hope of curing the collapse in conscience and we know that is not possible any time soon. 

Looking over the landscape today the lack of any move to do the right thing from the top down is ominous indeed. I theorize that having a conscience is actually an evolutionary response to people who started to form cities and have a collective responsibility.  Conscience is what allowed for people to be in close quarters and not kill each other. My read is that a vast majority are being engineered back to a pre civilization state called the LAW OF THE JUNGLE.. The way of the world is to define doing the right thing with propaganda and enforcing that with military style police. Conscience has been replaced by fear the only way to control an animal. Conscience has also been used as a weakness to be exploited by the state which explains why so many truthers are in such dire straights these days. The public has been trained to react negatively to anyone attempting to provoke a conscience in another person now. 

Right now is the atlas shrugged moment. Those of us who have somehow maintained immunity and a CLEAR CONSCIENCE are the enemy of the state now and we should be aware that job one is to preserve our decency and close ranks.. Seems that now is the time to bug out. Let the rest do what they will and let the chips fall where they may. Economic calamity is at hand and without a conscience the public is going to turn on each other in an orgy of TAKING.. I have lived in one of the areas where prozac nation is the norm for the last 2 years and I have seen a lot of people getting armed to the teeth just waiting for a reason to start shooting anyone who takes their stuff. MAYBE this is evolution working to correct what has been engineered by big pharma. Maybe is the MEEK INHERITING THE EARTH we are witnessing.  Can you hear me.. can you hear me running


October is for surprises

So much for the Pope who revealed himself as a corporatist tool. Glad nothing happened yesterday the only thing the pope actually did was give us more time to get ready for the hammer blow. The era of NIRP and QE4 in full blown economic tyranny is coming. 

Based on the last two 7 year cycles the plan is rolled out in September in bold fashion but the implementation of order out of chaos comes in October. The last two shemtiah surprises were unthinkable outcomes for most people before the fact. 

Post 911 was a collapse of national intelligence which resulted in DHS takeover as a police state. 

Then a collapse of the financial market derivative structure in 2008 resulting in too big to jail and taxpayer bailouts and crushing the middle class. 

I think Marty Armstrong is correct that the next act of destruction of the nation in progress has to do with government itself. It is not lost on me we have a Gov shutdown coming and with it a collapse of the safety net that about 100 million Americans rely on to even qualify as being poor. The only question is October or December shutdown.. If the PTB want to be cruel it would be higher odds that a December gov shutdown is in play.  It is hard for people to protest in winter which if one thinks about it is perfect for taking the final steps in destroying the American spirit. 

 Trump is a weather vane and as long as Americans look like they are going off the reservation there is not going to be any relief. Prepare accordingly. 


Bloody Sunday?

8 AM EDT.. So we sit and wait to see if we have been "forgiven" today.. Did we atone enough or do we have to be pushed into it.. If we don't cooperate are we going to be subjected to collective punishment until we do. Inquiring minds want to know.

The setup for something very bad this way comes is obvious. The question is do they dare to pull off something overt and obvious when so many are aware of who what where and such in the rapidly increasing watching brigades. The attempts to psyop people into BE LIE ving what has been dished out maybe went too far as the Fundies seem to have been the first to get all religious about something bad happening this month. 10s of millions of minds conjuring up fire and brimstone so their beliefs can be confirmed??  How "Christian" of them... That old sage 2000 years once said FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. If something bad happens today I don't know if I am going to be inclined to give anyone complicit in it a pass how bout you?

About 12 years ago I had a very vivid full color dream about Philly and a 911 type event. I did not know when I only saw what as if it was a movie. I don't view the world as fated on one timeline I see it's future as a collective choice. When a massive amount of energy is put into a thought form monster lurking on the timeline it is NOT FATE it can be defanged and turned into a bunny rabbit before it manifests . I hope the hard work many have done especially over the last few months makes what seems like an obvious setup today creating events serving an evil outcome a non starter. If today comes and goes I will be REALLY HAPPY and VERY proud of those of us who spoke up and said NO WAY we see you you cannot do another 911. The hard work of getting in front of nasty events that are scripted to conform to prophecy is not over today if nothing happens but it has to be considered a huge victory.  If today comes and goes it means we have a win that must build on it rather than celebrate because it aint over till it is over.  We should focus on stopping the Armageddon shit show that seems planned for June and then take our country back in the 2016 election. 

Those of us who have some training start to visualize what we want rather than feed the fear machine. Mental pictures are the stuff that the future is crafted out of. This exercise takes little time and is something that just IS how it works so we share responsibility about what we think and visualize. Never conjure a problem in your mind that does not have a solution even if it may not seem an ideal solution it is better than feeding into a bunch of black magicians perverted desires. 



We had a boehner for 6 years that would not go away.
Is it time to call the ACA doctor?

Banzai take it from here.. Seems sometimes problems take care of themselves.

Dont forget the comments section. 


Ode to the UNCOOL

Hunter Thompson was just cool.. He did not have to try he just was. In fact that was a huge part of the social strata because even trying to be cool was uncool. Being cool was an inner self thing it had nothing to do with money power or politics. 

So as the boomers got into power in the 1980s the vast number of the power hungry were pathologically uncool and had no clue how to change their status.  Thompson was very popular guy to hang out with so his coolness would rub off on them. The statement above is true because he saw and heard enough being so popular that his 2 bullet suicide was if nothing else a warning to others not to say what they saw.. Bob Weir take note please. 

What we have to face now is the desperately uncool people .. the ones that have taken uncool to epic levels.. are in power. Those aholes that politicized the hippy movement like Jerry Brown and Hillary.. UNCOOL. GW Bush very uncool. Beiden.. hopelessly uncool. The Pope?? OMG uncool. Lets just say we have a plague of locust biblical level uncoolness social problem on our hands.  I don't think there is any way to stop them because people like Thompson are not able to call them out now. Imagine the very essence of uncoolness Zuckerberg is the definer of coolness for most of younger America now and you see what I am pointing out. 

So if anyone has seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas this political bumper sticker takes on a deep meaning as it seems Bieden is still trying to take a bite out of Thompson's coolness even posthumously. Maximum uncoolness to me. 


Regarding the post below

I saw this happening myself in other ways. This ramp in attacks was not far from the 3rd blood moon on the timeline 6 months ago. What is obvious to me is the people willing to speak up are being targeted by any and all means necessary to shut them up. There is a huge BUDGET for messing with people.. Because there are no real terrorist threats that are not a creation of the state that pile of money goes into sniffing out us little people who have the inclination to actually care where the EL-ites are taking us. So you would think after seeing this that a huge number of Americans would get a grip and support those doing the dangerous work of revealing the truth.  I don't see that.  In fact all I see are operatives doing dirty deeds starving out all resistance. 

So it is a fact that our so called government is using billions to destroy anyone who dares resist and to what end is all this taking place?  The ongoing scripted Armageddon show that is designed to create a greater Israel out of chaos is the end game. Dare say that and you get targeted. This has been going on a while under just the surface going back to 2009 with that "czar"  sleaze bag Cass Sunstien billion dollar operation against truthers.

I am not an fan of Atlas Shrugged but maybe it is worth a try since nothing else seems to be working.. Maybe it is time to go on a truther strike until those of us who have suffered from years of attacks are supported enough to live a decent life .. Maybe we show the masses what it would be like without us acting like the the little Dutch boy holding our finger in the dyke. If we all just step aside even for a few days the public will find out what life is like with only propaganda to read. Maybe we give the assholes in DC what they want and see how that sits with the public. If we continue to see nothing nada zero outrage and support starts up that would be a message to us to raise our middle finger and stand aside on a more permanent basis. A large percentage of those being attacked are older hippy types who have cared enough to protest for decades..  WHY we are suffering all this blowback for the benefit of younger people who don't have enough common sense to defend their own future?  BWAAAAA. Even a Neanderthal would understand. 


Tell the truth be punished

I have demonetized this site for a while. I was maybe one of the first to do so because I was one of the first to suffer severe blowback in 2009.  This guy who runs SCG is worth helping he is young and brave and has to support a family which is a part of life I have graduated from. Please read and do what you can.



Because that is the only way to force countries to go into unpayable usurious debt when the economy has already been bled dry. Nice trick kinda like a stick save in hockey. War generates huge amounts if new debt money that would not raise prices for consumers much until AFTER the war ends. War creates new wealth but only for the war mongers. 
Fed established 1913 and it only took a few years for WW1 to break out
USA goes bankrupt in 1933 and it only took a few years for WW2 to break out.
Post WW2 war inflation starts to wane. Korea break out
Post Korea inflation starts to wane.. Kennedy issues new Treasury silver money rather than start another war. Vietnam starts  to heat up a few years after his death.
Post Vietnam inflation starts to wane and a new continuous war on everyone starts in the late 1970s after the Iran contra / Iran hostage crisis.
Post Reagan overspending on military wanes in 87 and the first gulf war breaks out a few years later
Post Clinton financial bubble bursts and 911 comes along to the rescue and the USA has been in a state of war low grade war ever since and even THAT is not sufficient now to keep the debt money supply inflated. 

 Gen. Smedley Butler called this repeating criminal conspiracy out many decades ago by saying WAR IS A RACKET. 

IT IS A RACKET.  The situation is obvious that there is no way out of the corner the fed is painted itself into except war. Watching our political whores do back flips trying to start WW3 makes all kind of sense as to why. The country is being put in a position to fight or starve. I was hoping to see a setback of the script and a reflation of a non war based economy instead but I did not see it when it was possible and appropriate around the 13th. I think that a peace option is off the table. The banksters are willing to kill up to billions if necessary to achieve their aims. 

I see almost no resistance by the public. Those willing to speak up are being beat up so much they are ineffective. All that is needed is a spark and as we know about the 7 year cycle now going back to the beginning of the fed it is now or never for the banksters. There is a reason why the climate change meme is in play now because the setup has to be manufactured to control consumer prices before a new war forces a massive increase in the debt money supply to pay for it. The Pope is in on it his job is to make carbon taxes and the total control of consumer spending in a cashless economy a religious duty. In essence RATIONING is coming. 

The last Jubilee year was 66-67 and in June of 67 the 6 day war occurred and expansionist Israel gifts itself with Palestine. History rhymes and so I expect the start up of the WW3 scenario as a FAKE ARMAGEDDON to commence really soon but will culminate in 2016 in June in another blatant land grab by Israel. 

It appears what is just ahead has been in the works for 102 years. Unfortunelaty I think that the USA has been set up to fail militarily any way this plays out. Astute Americans may be well served to consider what that would look like and use the next 6 months or so to touch up on whatever prep they can accomplish. The USA FRN is backed up by military force only and would become just as worthless as confederate money after the Civil war in the event of a military defeat. Weimar was the outcome for defeated Germany post WW1 and that is what is ahead for Americans who have refused to do anything about this when they had a chance. 


Watching mode

The goings on the next few days requires very intense watching as in reading between the lines and noticing things that are not obvious. This is all scripted BUT many moving parts seem to be dysfunctional. And that is the trick to understand what is going on because many observers believe in the power of the NWO to have their way with us.. I don't see it.. What I see is idiots making fools of themselves.. 

I have a lot of personal matters to deal with the next month or two so posting here is going to be sporadic. I have already said a lot so go to the archives. I have posted a lot of relevant info over the last year and repeating it constantly is a waste of time. 


 Marty nails it

LOL.. Dont take my word READ.


Feminazi rising

Oh my..

 I don't know it looks like maybe a self hating male here to me. I used to get in trouble for using the word feminazi guess I was just ahead of my time. 


Silent Running

Mike and the Mechanics ..

Can you hear me running?? 


No relief forthcoming

6 AM.. Watching the shit show over the last few weeks it is obvious the bankster class has no intention of taking the boot off the neck of the economy. The chance for relief  last week came and went and the floater about negative interest rates after the fed is the tell where this is going. Negative interest rates sucks the life out of what is left of the economy and it KILLS people who are on fixed incomes. Hahahah.. Call it collateral damage. 

I am quite concerned about some sort of "event" in the very near term which I have warned about previously. Note that Skype is still down which is the go to way for people to communicate internationally and most of the truth movement uses it to broadcast. Markets are unhappy today also and as we know price action is determined by people in the know. PAY ATTENTION.. 


Law Enforcement

Ok how does this happen in a country that is supposed to run as a democracy? Because it is not a democracy. And it seems likely that hellary has the goods on those above her on the pyramid of power. I guess blackmail works two ways. 

 NOTE .. nasty popups in this link.

BTW the FBI has been in the blackmail biz a very long time mostly shaking down organized crime up till 911. J Edgar was the master for most of my life and it is now a much bigger operation directed at us little people and defending the EL-ites. It looks like the Stazi on steroids. What a country.


The angry taxi driver

I can see my mood is widespread. This guy has been on target many years and I share his utter disgust. If things were not bad enough with the entire brit EL-ite class seemingly involved with the pedo problem this pig thing is even more over the top.


Seismic shock

The earth is moving under our feet and the super moon / blood moon is in play as gravitational forces are rather strong now. Chile is trembling so much it has to have an effect world wide. West coast of the USA should be on an alert..;_

There are Class 4 & 5 quakes virtually every ten minutes in Northern Chile.  This is another world class major rupture in the Earth's crust, this is this year's Great Event. I think that Chile is very lucky that the rupture is "slowly" cracking the Earth with frequent comparatively modest activity rather than more dramatically breaking the crust in a Class 9 mega-event.  

Quake activity is propagating in other locations in South America, Central, and North America along the western edges.

As predicted here and nowhere else, a Class 4 struck today on the Juan De Fuca plate margin off the northwestern tip of Canada's Vancouver Island. (I can not predict exact locations nor magnitudes, only the higher than average probability of increased quake activity in certain regional zones based on pattern sequence of seismic activity originating in the Mid Atlantic Great Rift).

I suspect very strongly that more quakes are coming.on the western edge of the Americas during the next 12 days.


Occupy Peace

Looks to me that this effort has fallen on deaf ears. I looked on youtube for video of the event on Sunday and nada.. This is shocking to me as it is obvious to most Americans that wars have been the reason for the mess yet no one with a camera phone bothered to even post a frinkin selfie? Wow how sad is THAT. 

I am very unhappy at what I see to a point where I am not inclined to comment much. In essence I would leave it to .. If you like your Zog you can keep your Zog. 


The summer of 69

One thing I feel needs to be done ASAP is to teach the young Pluto in Sagittarius kids that were born from 1995 till 2009 HOW TO HAVE FUN.. Gawd what a shitty deal for those poor millennials so far. But there is always hope just like in the mid 60s when it seemed the war culture would never end and then it did. And music is what did it. The music made us happy and was what we rallied around. It meant everything to us. We had SPIRIT.

Taylor Swift covers it.. Not bad.

Carrie Underwood covers it..

 Best cover is Altiyan Childs. Go guy!! Kinda funny the songs are cut short to appeal to the short attention spans of kids these days.

 Holy Smoke.

Livin on a prayer.. indeed we life for the fight!!!!

All you oldster music teachers you got a big important job to do .. 

 We need more of THIS


If I were Iceland 
I would take this as a lethal threat

Ahem ... one word BREVICK..  ya that guy.. The one who shot up the children of the Norway majority political party after they dared to recognize the rights of Palestinians to have their own sovereignty..

"And your wise men don't know how it feels to be THICK AS A BRICK." .... Jethro Tull 1970s.  


Doug Casey

Time to twist the nutz off the private central banksters..

 "And when you lose control you will reap the harvest you have sown.. ".... Pink Floyd DOGS mid 1970s


C'mon man

The last 18 months of a US presidents rein has been REALLY bad for most of my lifetime. 
Kennedy was not planning it but ended up dieing on us
Johnson had USS liberty and quit mysteriously
Nixon got impeached
Gerry Ford .. All I remember is physical comedy
Carter had 14% mortgages and the failed hostage rescue
Reagan had the 87 crash
HW had The Iraq war
Clinton had Monica
GW had the sub prime crisis
Obama is NOT GOING TO COME IN SECOND in the late term A-hole dept

C'mon man is your MO to leave no citizen behind in the "hate Obama club"? This is becoming transparent by the brazen disrespect you display of public sensibilities? DUDE!! I know many of us are tolerant to a great degree but things are ALREADY in progress to pull off A-hole of the century prize there is no need to keep heaping dung on an already mile high pile. 

Obama seems to me one of those people who is a pro victim and because of that he has a huge need to provoke almost everyone to hate him. Kinda like Israel no? He feeds on people hating him so he has a right in his mind to retaliate back there is no explanation for his behavior any other way. There is a syndrome that goes back to the 1980s and it is called a BUG CHASER. Look that one up and shudder. That bad trip takes TWO psychos to tango.   See committed gift giver in the link.. Consider the mandatory vaccine plan and you can see a nightmare brewing on the horizon. 

So we have a real shit storm ahead based on the above presidential pattern since 1960. When I have said recently I think the USA is in for a military defeat in June 2016 it seems a bit extreme BUT I don't think so. Seems like anyone who knows what he is doing in the military is being pushed out leaving a vacuum at the top. That could be the final insult in an Olympic class effort to get everyone and I mean EVERYONE to hate his guts. My theory is he wants to be the last president making us willing to go commie rather than suffer through another one like him. 


Mckenna nails it

From the distant past in the late 1990s. At min 8:30 he has a very funny comment on conspiracy theory and notes that what IF the reality is that no one is in charge.

another good one.. Why most people are idiots

Empower yourself to just say bullshit

LOLOL.. the mushrooms say nobody knows jack shit


The planets beyond Saturn

Saturn is the furthest planet that can be seen with the naked eye. It was considered the LORD called EL up until the discovery of Uranus in the late 16th century. The mess we find ourselves is in essence a conflict between the old EL based religion and what is possible with the higher consciousness powers available from the outer planets superhuman abilities. 

 The outer planets are higher octaves of the inner planets
Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury .. INTUITION
Neptune is the higher octave of Venus .. EMPATHY
Pluto is the higher octave of EARTH ... MAGICAL POWERS

Without INTUITION AND EMPATHY Pluto becomes the darkest of dark magic and I do see that as the basic problem right now.. They call it PLUTOCRACY for a reason. Seems to me the EL-ites are using Pluto magic without the necessary connections needed to make it anything positive. 

The recent photos of Pluto reveal astonishing similarity with earth including glaciers which are from nitrogen snow on Pluto with weather systems and seasons. The heart feature on Pluto is as odd as the face on the moon. 


The black hole of deflation

The money we use is OWNED by central bankers and they only lend it to us at interest. They do whatever they want with their property including making sure you don't have any if you are not with the program. If we can wrap our heads around it the post 2000 period has been a road to nowhere as Americans standard of living is being destroyed by underlying deflation disguised as gains in productivity which requires less and less workers. Seems the only ones not affected work for the state or the corps that benefit directly from the state. 

The tail end of the deflation episode that started Thanksgiving 2014 is a Saturn Uranus sesquiquadrate 135 degree aspect that is past exact on October 22nd. Saturn Uranus stress aspects represent SYSTEMIC BREAKDOWNS.. The fed not even throwing the people a bone yesterday is telegraphing their intentions. They mean us harm. They do indeed hate us for our freedom. 

 Think about that and what is obviously being forced on us.. Climate change tyranny that requires everyone to give up any hope of being a free willed person ever again. This is an attempt at a communist takeover of the west. 


Short squeeze failure

The post fed reaction rally was lame and this is not a good sign for the longer term. This is an indication of "no one home" as far as actual humans trading who all seem to be trading VIX only. I was surprised no one was home yesterday but remain convinced that the RISING WEDGE PATTERN since the August lows will result in a significant move higher BEFORE the real bear market begins that is going to make 2016 very damaging to the holdings of an average American.   The last blood moon at months end is the emotive peak of the 9/13 eclipse energy.  The rest of the world is likely to use the opportunity print and print with less fear of FX problems. 

The line in the sand today is the 50% retrace level of the August mini crash being tested this AM.  To bounce or not to bounce is the question. 

The climate change thing is going to be in your face ... last chance for the cult to get us under their thumb. 
The invasion of Europe is going to get worse.. 
The threat of a market crash in the usa stock market is a gun to the head of the usa to capitulate on getting ww3 going. 

The end game is game on now as it is obvious the public is being pushed onto accepting a communist style solution. It is not lost on me that two jubilees ago the start in September of 1917 was when the Bolsheviks were GIFTING THEMSELVES with the wealth of Russia.  It is not lost on me that 1967 was also a LEFTIST political move to take power  as well.  Many of the players right now were 60s leftist radicals lead by Ayers types with Hellary going back that far.. 


VIX.. Poor man's futures

Zero hedge explains.

VXX down 9% after the fed. On top of a couple of very bad days this week. This is the fav of crash peeps who lather themselves up hoping to cash in on a calamity. NOTE the pic below is one of those guys on the bottom. 

The pic of the day


Twit Wit Ann Coulter

Ms Coulter has sun mercury and mars conjunct in Sagittarius. Blowhard is an understatement. I think she some how gets it now that she is on the wrong side of history.. OR she was blackmailed into twit wit status by attempting to attach herself to Trump in some kind of reach around parasite move. Whatever the case go back in the hole you dug. We truthers don't want you around you are not one of us. Just STFU and let people with integrity speak.



LOL the zero hedge take is always a good read.. Waaay better at getting the gist rather than having to sit through a dog and pony show while dancing with the stars is on.

Prize winning comment.. 

Meat Hammer

Didn't watch a minute of it. Did anyone mention that we need to end The Fed in order to be a free country again and that everything else is just a distraction from TPTB robbing us blind and enslaving us? Didn't think so


35 things

VERY FUNNY..  Just to give you something to do while we wait for the end of the world today.. There are a lot of keepers in this link.


Bank secrecy act

All the compulsive gamblers around the world are waiting  waiting  for the fed announcement today as if the fate of the world is hanging in the balance. LOLOL. Well ya but it is nothing to do with old yeller raising interest rates a 1/4 % above zero.  The real reason the world hangs in the balance is whether the bankster cabal is willing to crush the entire world economy or not. And it appears to me that things have not gone well in the so called script because of one word. TRUTHERS.. Yep that exponentially increasing group of mostly baby boomers who have a lot of time on their hands now and still remember what it was like to WIN THE DAY like it is 1967. 

We know the fed leaks their intentions to their "friends". They have been caught repeatedly go look it up. If you are an insider you already know today's outcome and as I was pointing out months ago the technical pattern of the markets today is the perfect setup for a short squeeze from hell as a result of whatever the fed is going to do. The biggest and fastest short squeeze hell in history occurred ON A THURSDAY at 2:45 PM in October of 1998 which destroyed almost every bear who had taken a position that day. That one changed my life because someone in a very high place tipped me off about that 10 days in advance. I did not act on the inside information because I was made to promise I would not say anything about what I was told in astroecon and instead became an opponent of those who engineered that bear massacre after what I saw that day. BTW the upcrash in the S&P futures that day was a 40 point instantaneous move AN INTRADAY GAP UP of 40 points higher which in today's numbers would be 100- 200 point blast higher in a millisecond. In 1998 that was a 450 million gap higher CRIME against the bears short positions and it wiped out anyone who was positioned wrong. All I can say about today is the bowling pins are set up for a strike again and anyone positioned with leveraged and unhedged short position in futures today is in dire trouble. The bear market that is inevitable is on the table but not until any form of resistance is eliminated first. I will certainly be willing to be a bear again when that sentiment becomes very unpopular because crashes don't occur until being bearish is considered foolish. Right now I think I stand alone in my contrariness..  

So the setup for something like that 1998 episode is baked in the cake today. Since that day in a world that has departed the number of activists has gone from a handful in 98 to 10s of thousands now which is ironically a HANDFULL for the minions of the slave state to deal with. It is very unlikely the fed triggers a down crash today with so many watching. 

No surprise this was put in during NIXON. 

In a world that views virtually everything you do as suspicious, there aren’t a lot of options to protect yourself. Indeed, simply by expressing your interest in privacy, asset protection, precious metals, or any of the other topics I cover routinely, you’re likely on one government watch list or another already.

I guess I have earned my place on some lists. I call bullshit on them. I get in front of stuff like today with regularity and try to spoil the witches brew.  My site is run now in a way that is not easy to stop but I don't get much traffic either because that is how the game is played in a Cass Sunstein driven cyber space reality management of the internet matrix of lies. 

Update 12:30 pm. I see banzai might have vulcan mind melding because I posted mine above first.. fascinating!!

Update 2:10 pm ten mins after. Back in the newsletter days I advised people who wanted to trade on fed day to wait 10 minutes after so all the obligatory stop running BOTH WAYS would settle down. So far a 25 point range and very unchanged after 10 mins. 

 Looking at the Dec meeting of the FOMC now as the next time point of a creditable threat to raise rates. 


We live inside a cosmic clock

The truth about what happened about 12000 years ago has been covered up so we peeps have no other choice but to BE lie VE in the Hebrew version of things. Lets just say there was indeed a civilization so advanced 12000 years ago that they knew about the precession of the equinoxes which take 10 times a human live span to have enough data to understand. What does THAT say about our modern hubris because we know they understood the cycle now because of Gobekli Tepi which was precise to an astonishing degree.  Other monuments exist around the world with same precision that we were only capable of building very recently.

The sphinx is a marker measuring the ecliptic who was WATCHING the process. The Egyptians used the four ROYAL STARS to mark the 4 fixed sign points in the precession .. 

 Regulus is the fixed star that marked the so called FIRST TIME at the beginning of the age of Leo 12000 years ago.  Seems a lot of evidence has been discovered in the 1990s that the sphinx is at least 12000 years old. The royal star Fomalhaut is 180 degrees from Regulus but over many millennia it has moved a few degrees from the early degrees of sign of Aquarius to the first degrees of Pisces at present.  This movement has the sphinx seeing the Age of Aquarius starting 200 years plus EARLY as the shift point.  THAT MEANS THAT THE AGE OF AQUARIUS IS STARTING ABOUT RIGHT NOW. 

Right now the sphinx is looking at the sun rise on 2/22 with Fomalhaut behind it at 3-4 of Pisces.  The temple at saquarra built around the time of the shift to the age of Taurus was built to show us that the STAR FOMALHAUT HAD MOVED and age of Aquarius was coming EARLY. Maybe the NICK OF TIME too. 


The science is settled

Indeed 10s of millions of Americans will agree. It is something we older folks have known for 5 decades. As Homer Simpson would say Dohhhh..

This is a huge thing that is going to come to a climax next summer when the politicians that don't go along will be forced to take a side and lose.. The entire war on drugs started by Nixon to stifle us hippies is revealed to be another way the legal system is being used to protect the profits of corporations and deny Americans the pursuit of happiness we are entitled to. 

If you think of your brain as a computer hard drive that is constantly being imprinted with new information in the form of magnetized particles, cannabis and its associated cannabinoid constituents are the organizing and formatting tools that the drive uses to erase bad data, rearrange and reconfigure important data, and maintain and optimize the drive. In other words, cannabis is what helps keep certain parts of the brain tidy and well-performing.

While we are at it the other gift from nature that is even more important is magic mushrooms. They are nick named the food of the gods for a reason. If they were to become legal for us non native Americans a new wave of creative genius would sweep the country and it may be the only way Americans can be completive in a de-industrialized west. The USA is destined for irrelevance in the near future in world affairs and will be relegated to being spiritual leadership in a demilitarized future. Eventually this will stabilize society world wide but ONLY as a result of developing SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY for the next 30 or so years. The Pluto in Sagittarius kids I want to reach now are the ones who will pull this miracle off  and the "march to the sea" started on the 13th. Enthogens are the future. 

Shrooms are HARMLESS and don't show up on drug tests. They are mild and it is unheard of that people flip out on them because they are more fun than a barrel of monkeys. There is NO HANGOVER AT ALL and based on my experience the next day is outstanding clarity and creative energy instead. They are extremely easy to grow and only require a tiny bit of understanding of how nature supports them in the wild to succeed. Them being illegal is one of the stupidest things ever and we are denied because beer makers and pill sellers don't want the competition? WTF. 

Of course our Stalinist leadership is not going to do the right thing by choice because it is against their total control over every micro detail of what people think but that is going to change in the next year as the stats come in from places where cannabis has already been legalized. 

Terrance McKenna wrote a book about STONED APES which should not be lost on us going forward. 
Mycelium is a VERY old life form going back to before any creature walked on the earth so maybe we could stop being arrogant about our so called superiority. If Mckenna is even close to right we may owe the shroorms for the gift of higher mental functions that differentiate us from all the other creatures.. 

Great lecture\


Klaatu Barada Nikto

From the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still 1951. 
Veeery interesting

It's the alien's command to his robot, Gort, not to destroy the Earth. If it wasn't given to him in time, he would carry out his destroy orders. Patricia Neal eventually has to race across Washington, DC (while passing all the monuments ), to the White House and say it to Gort.

Humm kinda felt like the world stood still yesterday..  Maybe someone did indeed say it. Nice Gort .. nice Gort we are all getting the message. 

BTW I saw this movie when I was maybe 6 years old and it scared the FK out of me and caused me nightmares for months and months. They were so bad I still remember them LOL..  I wonder why it was in B&W on a 20 inch screen it seems something about it was hard wired into my mind. 


All you zombies

No not the Hooters song of the same name.. 

"'—All You Zombies—'" chronicles a young man (later revealed to be intersex) taken back in time and tricked into impregnating his younger, female self (before he underwent a sex change); he thus turns out to be the offspring of that union, with the paradoxical result that he is his own mother and father. As the story unfolds, all the major characters are revealed to be the same person, at different stages of her/his life.

It might be fun to look into the short story further. Time travel and being your own parents is wild but then again we have to look at what passes for reality nowadays and then get a chill.. I wrote a few months ago here about a knowing I have had for decades about all of us here being the same person unaware of it actually only being on a different timeline with in an illusion of separateness. LOL.. if true the joke is on us. 

BY THE WAY as I was working this theme I did find references to the Hooters song and it is very old testament stuff in the lyrics and then when I go into wiki I find the names KAGAN and CHERTOFF in the formation of the "band" from my native Philly. Maybe a good reason to pay more attention to the short story by Heinlien a bit more. 


The temple of learned helplessness

This creepy "art" is located on ground zero and is called OCULUS.

“It’s changing its behavior as it gets more and more completed, Mr. Heintges (a facade consultant on Oculus) told NYT. “It’s like a living creature. It’s evolving, it’s morphing, because it’s receiving a skin.”

Being that 9/11 itself was a trauma-based mass mind control ritual on a massive scale, it’s impossible not to look at this eye opening to remind the people of their vulnerability during the time of the attacks once a year at the time of the attacks as anything other than yearly reconditioning.

As if the whole shiny new corporatized Disneyland of Mass Murder they’ve erected at Ground Zero, complete with $24 Museum of Official 9/11 Government Fairy Tales and outlawing of free speech anywhere near the area, isn’t bad enough…

So, after placing a creepy, elaborately-constructed closed eye (with little meaning for the average person) overlooking the plasticized remains of one of the most life-changing false flags in modern American history, now we learn that the thing “opens up” once a year on 9/11… just long enough to make a creepy, esoteric statement (to those watching for the symbolism, anyway) about our “vulnerability” and “link to a higher order” — under the watchful eye of the New World Order.


The ultimate truther

Everyone has the capacity. It does not take "effort" but it does take preparation as it is a psychological issue. The "feeling" that something does not sound right or something is missing that is important information is what I am talking about.. The ultimate truther is a KNOWER as a logical person but with an extra gear. A KNOWER is a person who notices things sometimes very subtle things.. One could say IN-sight in a word. It would be fair to say that modern humans have not been taught how to use their equipment.

Humans have an equally important 3 minds working and not just one. 

The head mind is what most people think is the only one required to come to a logical conclusion BUT that function is dependent on the accumulated data collected up till the moment to be accurate. The powers that almost be but were as of yesterday have used this to great advantage and is the reason why they control education and the media. Garbage in garbage out. HA ha  kinda simple why so many Americans don't appear to have much logical capacity with the most educated the ones who appear dumbest as a rock..

The gut mind is a MIND OF ITS OWN. The gut mind does not use words and will gnaw at you as a vague emotional issue that often times will not go away easily. The gut mind is not logical and is an evolutionary solution for dealing with dangerous situations that were not expected logically. The gut mind is the three alarm chilli after the head mind has not noticed something dangerous is occurring. The spiritual version of a fire alarm. I don't think humans would have survived for 100s of thousands of years without the gut mind functioning well yet we modern people have been trained to ignore it. This mind can be hijacked to be dysfunctional and give out false signals and be a sort of ring in a bulls nose that can drag a 2 ton animal around with a little finger. The phrase don't believe your lying eyes a case in point. Women have been less trained out of the functionality of the gut mind and is what women's intuition is all about. Yo guys you have the same gut mind as a woman and it is not a female function so much as everyone has a female part of themselves. 

The heart mind is the mind that is superior to to the other two. The heart mind is the one that KNOWS in an instant and acquires information in a flash.. That AHA moment of an idea is the cascade of information through the whole person and is instantaneous RECOGNITION.  The heart mind does not need REASONS it transcends REASONS. People might think that the third eye is a heart mind thing but that is not my experience. I just KNOW something with my heart mind and THEN I have to sort it out to be able to speak to others about it or even remember it for use later. Translating information to the head mind from the heart seems to be being interfered with especially the last 100 years and that interference is called a be-LIE-f.. Ah yes LIES the bernasian weapon of mass blindness. Lies make the heart mind dysfunctional. Lies are a filter to keep others out of some information stored in a persons head mind. The lies then short circuit the heart mind both for the liar and the victim of the lie in an I DON'T KNOW way. Lies are the real root of evil and every other nasty thing starts with a lie. Want a functional heart mind?? STOP LYING to others and especially to ones self. 

What I would love to see in the jubilee year ahead is some of us who are three mind functional to start helping younger people protect themselves from the so called education system and the media. A fully functional evolved human has all three minds functional and knows the difference and the uses for each one. Logic and gut feeling and knowing can be coordinated almost like a dance. 

 So anyone who wants to delve into ESP has to do some housecleaning first before having any expectations of success. We have to start with that. Learning how to run the equipment is FUN.  Once you start to get the hang of it you will begin to feel and sense exhilaration and empowerment. Here is a test if you can get through this in it's entirety you PASSED
.. Wow that was fun. 

Need another dose? Stephan Molyneux is one cool dude..


The tide is turning

Today is a brand new day.. A day that was sung about 40 plus years ago when a bunch of young people took it upon themselves to stop the war. We did it but at great cost. 

The win for us back then still lives in our hearts and 49 years after the start of the psychedelic spiritual revolution that stopped the war there are still many of us alive to proclaim a bigger battle is being won.. We became the change we wanted to see. We are the people we wanted to become.  The madness of the world at present is only the house of cards collapsing and it is a sight to behold. 

This vid is the closing song of the WALL LIVE IN BERLIN mega concert in 1990 which was one of the top 5 rock concerts ever performed. It was a miracle to say the least. 
Wresting technology's sword from the hands of the warlords. 

Most people do not know but this all star concert was the reason the Berlin wall fell. Don't kid yourselves it was not Ronny Reagan over spending on the military. It was not the 240 billion in counterfeit 20 year bonds that were issued September 12 1981 which is what funded deep state black ops .. The concert was planned to be right on the western side of the Berlin wall in 1989 but by then the reach of technology had the young people of east Berlin absolutely unwilling to sit it out. So they broke down the wall with sledge hammers and bare hands and the security apparatus dissolved and the East German fascist government fled to the USSR. The concert had to be postponed in the chaos and the show was moved to the EAST SIDE of the wall a few months later in 1990 and millions of Germans were free to see it in a massive celebration of the reunification of Germany. 

THAT is the power of music in action. Maybe we could also say it was MAGIC IN ACTION.. Those of us who are old enough to have been around in 1967 are standing on the finish line now. WE DID IT and we pass the torch to those who have a stake in the future. It may not be clear to those not paying attention but all the well laid plans for the NWO war machine to enslave the human spirit has just became IRRELEVANT as of today. 

 There is another WALL that needs to come down ASAP in the middle east. The wall that was required by what went on in the summer of 1967 in the 6 day war.  That happened at the same time as the summer of love and Montery Pop occurred in the previous jubilee 49 years ago. There cannot be a reunification of the human race unless this wall comes down. June of 2016 is 49 years after the events in 1967 and I can see from here that is the time when an utter collapse of the NWO bankster empire is written in the stars so to speak. 

The task at hand is to make it happen.. There is not going to be space aliens coming to do it for us. No psyop savior to snap his finger either. It is only US in the HERE AND NOW to do it. So use your magical mind and see it being manifested in your minds eye. We have to see it.. taste it .. smell it as if it has already happened. 

 Here are three generations of the women in my family blood line alive today almost 190 years of them and I want the 4th to be present and healthy in the very near future. This is what we were fighting for..  the next generations to come. 
Dare I say our Children's children's children. 

The young moms of today should be made aware they are birthing into the world the beneficiaries of our victory.


Happy birthday to me

It is a good one...  I am posting this just after the eclipse was exact. Just getting to this point on the timeline 63 years into this life has to be proof that I have divine protection or something. The eclipse is landing on the absolute best spot in my birth chart as is possible. Seems to me I am being swept up in some very good things already. I am a man on a mission and the next year is dedicated to PEACE and LOVE and passing that torch on to younger people.. 

Those of us who refuse to lie and speak up for the victims of the crime empire are proven right all along as of today and over the next year I expect the best and bravest to finally be recognized as the heroes that they are. 

Ken O'Keefe is a fine example.. 

John Friend is among the very best and bravest as well and his experience trying to make a living should be a reason for others to give this guy a hand. See this posted on Rense today



What inspired me many moons ago was THIS top of the charts song 45 single by Manfred Mann Earth Band in 1973. The album was called SOLAR FIRE and it was about astrology. Hummm one of the two astro programs I use now is called Solar Fire...   I would have to say that Robert Hand the best astrologer in the world back then who started Astrolabe Software and produced the first astro finance software in the early 1980s was inspired by this song as well.  
LOL watch this and see us starry eyed young hippies back in the day

Still touring and singing the songs of love from back then..


Stairway to heaven performed at the Kennedy Center

Performed in front of Obama. Lets hope it eventually sinks in

There's a feeling I get when I look to the west,
And my spirit is crying for leaving.
In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees,
And the voices of those who stand looking.

And it's whispered that soon, if we all call the tune,
Then the piper will lead us to reason.
And a new day will dawn for those who stand long,
And the forests will echo with laughter.

And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll.

Jimmy page recent interview about this song