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posted 8/11/ 2019 

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I am putting in some extra quality time burning the midnight  oil working on the very important weekly post for 8/25  I'm  finishing it this weekend  you can see it  see it here while it is still in progress like an unfinished painting. 



8/20 AM post




Coming soon after I fully recover. I plan to develop my property on Mount Nebo into a vacation destination I will call it CLUB BOB I live within 10 minutes of here.


 I already have the beginnings of a replica of the 17th hole at Pebble Beach started. lol minus the ocean but same golf shot. https://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/17th-pebble-beach-where-good-rounds-go-die


 The property is already an astrological observatory with a VERY good view of the sky most nights. I'm going to need some very large decks built to max out the functionality with guests in mind. 



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8/21 post in progress lol

I am putting in some extra quality time burning the midnight oil working on the very important weekly post for 8/25  expecting it is  finished this weekend  see it here while it is still in progress like an unfinished painting. 



8/20 AM post

hat tip to Caitlin Johnstone

good work 

Even less common than people questioning the nature of the information they've received is for them to examine what happens to that information once it gets into their heads. Nearly everyone lives a life that is dominated by nonstop compulsive mental chatter which determines everything from one's emotional state to how their interest and attention moves, thereby creating 
cognitive biases and perceptual filterswhich shape how all future information will be interpreted. For most of us, thought serves not as the useful tool we evolved it to be, but as the writer, director and star of the entire show. As Ecknath Easwaran once said, "we don't think our thoughts, our thoughts think us." 



lol I was there at the start 93-95 but did nothing online until AOL was forced to release their users (serfs) to go out on the WWW. AOL was that time period's  FB so .gov can open up a new E commerce boom by getting  FB users who are trapped in it freed out of the googlag to allow the more productive web sites to get traffic needed to make the internet great again. MIGA. lol it would be  nice if I could make a living again. 

Market note
Equity is creeping up on a technical break higher to a bit higher on the S&P 3 k level. during this rally put options will be Blue light special with lower premium .  My smart shopper advice is buy enough time late- mid September expiration with strike price at just below the august low. could be nice one maybe a few 100% gain if things work as I have been seeing with a sharp drop for a few weeks coming off a 8/30 high.

I have more Indian blood than warren and  A neg blood type too! 
Me see em fake person. 

 her pitch https://apnews.com/fc83ec71fab84dbd8180c9aae0a1689c



great to see a young person can pull it off so well


8/19 post AM post

 I'm working on a white paper on when the F does the age of Aquarius start??. 

Taking a long look at  the astroecon birth chart at the top of the home page I see it has merc mars and Uranus on the cusp of Capricorn and this triple conjunction lands  on the astroecon midheaven which I put there ON PURPOSE
lol I think the answer to that great question about the start of Aquarius is MY JOB to answer because I made it my job lol from the first day of this sites existence to be the rooster at the crack of dawn 


btw I ran into THIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47ElVv3RG2M
all I can say is bravo. over a million views
Graham Hancock is a superstar and he is correct that it it is now time to legalize enlightenment. 


max kieser. 


wow Atzmon lays the lumber


wow worthy of a full focused read and oh so true it is also.  

cultural note

Oh my the power of rock and roll. Pink Floyd/ Roger Waters broke down the Berlin wall when Rogers played  The Wall concert in Berlin,  a mega concert, which excited the East German kids enough  to break the Berlin wall down with sledge hammers to get into the biggest mega concert since Woodstock on the other side of the wall TRUE STORY. Lol the rest is history.The Stazi ran away in panic at the sight of it German reunification became a reality very quickly after that. 

Now in 2019 I see almost all Floyd you tube vids I that I cue up now have huge following by hip hop artists with rave reviews of Floyd music. Possible we have a VERY SIGNIFICANT CHANGE GOING ON in the country. Maybe something as big as the fall of the Berlin wall?  Floyd is transcending race for the best of all reasons, it really is THAT GOOD. Tiger Woods transcended race too because he WAS THAT GOOD. Obama failed miserably to transcend race because he was NOT very good. 

8/18 comments

50 years of the left causing pointless violence. you lefty fucktards keep it up and you are proven to be IRRELEVANT. lol idiots


Roger waters quote from The Wall song HEY YOU
lol lefties this song is for you

"Hey you breaking bottles in the hall don't tell me there's no hope at all. "


"but it was only a fantasy the wall was too high as you can see.. no matter how hard he tried he could not break free and the worms ate into his brain,"


50 years ago today I was in the afterglow of Woodstock. I was there camped out the whole 3 days at 16 years old I was a junior in high school from suburban philly . I stayed through Monday morning so I heard Jimi hendrix play the national anthem from about a mile away but it was clear as a bell from where I was listening. lol it was VERY loud. wow I am so full of pride I was there. 


That moment made me what I am today. A CONSERVATIVE HIPPY ANARCHIST I believe I was not alone and was ironic the attempt from the left to hijack the metaphysical movement at the root of hippydom failed because of Woodstock being such a MIRACLE of NON-VIOLENCE. 

really good vid
over a million views. 
fuck ya the moment still stands 50 years later. 



more 8/18 comments

atta guy.. Kudlow says it is ok
lol if they can float a 50 or 100 T bond it will be huge historical moment. 


from quoth the raven 
Whitney Webb  interviewed 
brave woman she is with the expose on Ray Cohn and blackmail. . 



8/17 comment

a bit heavy and deep down the rabbit hole article

Given the alarming fact that missionary-position sexual intercourse is still done by less-attuned deplorables, Zio-science is coming up with better solutions for subverting insatiable desire, thanks to funding from Jeffrey Epstein and his moneybags Les Wexner. The Epstein-promoted research into technology-controlled human development is partly done at the Harvard Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, led by Martin Nowak, whose background is predictably the Vienna school, Oxford and the Wellcome Trust (the Illuminati trail).

Amazing Polly goes there also

a world without globalists? good read https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-14/what-would-it-take-build-world-without-globalists

lol one  of my prime directives all the wayy back in 1974 when I started to do astro finance research was to find a way to time trades against the globalists and defang them by starving them of the capital they devote to anti human technology. haha .. it was the rhitt approach back then but was a bit too ambitious for a one man effort. 

Blows against the empire song mau mau inspired me

You know tyrannosaurus rex was destroyed before
By a furry little ball that crawled along
The primeval jungle floor
He stole the eggs of the dinosaur
Close your eyes & create the sound
Open your hands & rebuild the ground
We are egg snatchers -
Flashin' sunshine children
Bunch of diamond thieves


Hunab ka wakes up

Mayan Majix 
tragic that Ian Lungold died in 2005 but his site lives on


good stuff on you tube



Lundgold born 1/26/1949 had a Mars Pluto opposition in his natal so his death could have been no accident. 

8/16 comment

Globalist run UN says ...let them eat crickets??

this is a subject I will be working as it is actually about RATIONING. Saturn Pluto conjunction brutal policies ahead if the left takes control of the USA in 2020

yada yada the 50th anniversary of Woodstock is today.  even the leftists are ignoring it. 
I was there at age 16


last night was a big full moon very bright. Before moonrise the moon was opposed to mars. It had me hearing this song in my head lol very meaningful one of my favs  

mad man moon. 



I'm thinking the worst emotive day of the week is past us so an of end week wall of worry rally on Friday  is a setup for next week action which will be covered in the weekend update post on Sunday. 


lol. I said on the 15th here the moon is going into in Pisces on the 15th 

so everyone just chill and have few drinks at lunch

? so Cramers says this  on teevee


Appearing on NBC’s Today show Thursday morning, CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer was the voice of calm, telling his colleagues to “dial back the hysteria” over the economy and reassuring viewers that “the markets are up huge.

hysterical maybe cramer still reads this page??

Mark Dice on Epstein's death.....oh my https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=27&v=wuyfCWr00Ro


8/15 AM  comment

Dow down 800 plus on 8/14 but did not break below the 8/6 low at 25 k. the crash that did not happen yet and the support is at the 8/6 low

moon is full opposed to Venus and sun in Leo early in the day 8 - 9 am edt  Venus is a planet that is related to currency so that is an obvious place to look for action. 

moon opposed to mars just after sun set edt.. lol bad moon rising? 
humm the lyrics 


moon enters Pisces just before noon edt.  so everyone just chill and have few drinks at lunch?


ok when Goldman speaks Muppets should do the opposite and not listen  Goldman was selling inventory. btc down 6% on 8/14


In a recent note to clients, Goldman Sachs published a bullish forecast for Bitcoin price. The forecast is based on Elliott Wave Theory, which projects market trends by identifying extremes in investor psychology, along with price highs and lows.

Aha that explains it.. Elliot wave huh. 

8/14 AM comment

so far this am giving back part of yesterday's gains. support on spoos is 2900

wow last night the waxing full moon was very bright here.  lol emotive ramp today .gov is still fuming about Epstein "escape" Mercury is stressed in minor aspects today  to Uranus and Neptune so don't expect a resolution on that " mystery" just more fuming 

 wow this is going to increase interest in the debate. lol Joe is a Virgo so he asks good questions. lol maybe he becomes the most sane person in the room?  oh it is worth the time to watch him interview people like Randle Carlson and Paul Stamets. 


"I believe Joe Rogan would be an impartial, yet highly enlightened choice to moderate the debates. He would see through the lies and get down to the REAL issues in the debate," one commenter said.

Here are some topics Rogan could talk about: the wealth inequality gap, 50% of Americans don't have $500 in their bank accounts, the housing affordability crisis, abolishing the Federal Reserve, endless wars in the Middle East, the national debt, and possibly how to stop the rise of the military-industrial complex.

humm good link  worth a few minutes


sky watchers alert the full moon should set enough late after midnight close to dawn so stay up late 



Berwick in Santorini. a place I have visited wow what a place

good fun very insightful vid



8/13 comment

full moon in a few days so if august is going to produce a month end rally   on new moon 8/30 it should get started today or tomorrow

the dems slogan for 2020 should be MASHA. make America a shithole again. amazing lack of common sense eh? things like MMT and green new deal make a 1930s style depression almost certain if they succeed in a power grab. The only defense seems like gold and silver. Crypto maybe maybe not. The words BLOCK and CHAIN are a warning. 


8/12 AM post

spoos down 20 plus as of 7 am
moon saturn conjunction exact at 5:30 am usually a down move on that aspect. 

the scoop



 weld lurking


provoking a bit .oh and Benghazi again. 


it is a long list


interesting theories from Steele. 


lol did cameras see anything? 



 811 post
crash seasonal is

In 87 and 29 the big crash day was October 16. lets say the fed is being goaded to cut rates in early October if they do markets might react to a retrace high by selling off hard.  so this year does the astro suggest a crash on the 16th? Jupiter will be sesquisquared 135 with Uranus on the 16th - 20th which  does have speculation effects  but not a crash day indication.... unless it is a planned event  for political reasons. Mars will be squared Saturn from 10/23 till 10/26. humm Sandy in 2012 anniversary. lol don't get me started on that subject. the low post sandy was a terrific dip low so just sayin. on 10/31 mercury is stationary the day after a fed day. early few days of November have mars in Libra squared Pluto in capricorn so has a violent tendency right in front of the "election". election day mars Venus and Pluto join in a  desire driven power grab so lets see who counts the votes?


special state of ugly


lol it is not like I did not see this coming in December of last year



humm bezos unlikable? go figure


AOC as well



guess he could not wait till 8/11



As I was noting here about 1998 for some time.


also I have noted the big early October surprise rate cut in 1998 so heads up with October 10th being a candidate for such a thing


8/9 post

humm more bible prophecy fulfilled


to short or not to hold short over the weekend that is the question?   with a focus on the middle east  on 8/11 and a potential for a bearish Monday. 



8/8 post

I'm working on a new weekly update a link to it will be  to be posted here on the home page on Sunday

amazing nasty atmosphere today 



Caitlin Johnstone worth reading



8/7 AM post

Friday 8/9  has a moon Jupiter happy mood so looking at that day for a rally late so maybe a good day for selling the close in front of a weekend of some significance. a fun with numbers day 8/11 and Monday 8/12  a moon Saturn the negative astro day.  moon Saturn conjunction that reflects a scary situation from over the weekend. It would not be a surprise a low is set in the s&p 2750 area early in the coming week

The full moon on the 15th  could be a short squeeze rally  with a new swing high likely  into the new moon at months end. 

 AM 8/5 comment
 interesting bitcoin responded positively to  the negative  astro by going up 7% on Monday 8/5
something to keep watching for if that is consistent it will be easy to trade it.  . 


oligarchic collectivism another name for corporatism  aka fascism


Compiling evidence from various sources, the authors discover that four corporations control 90% of American beer; four airlines completely dominate airline traffic, often enjoying complete local monopolies in their regional ‘hubs’; five banks control half of US banking assets; in many states, the top two insurance companies have 80-90% market share between them; 75% of US households can only access one monopoly provider for high-speed internet; four companies control the entire US beef market and have ‘divided up the country’; three companies control both 70% of the global pesticide market and 80% of the US corn-seed market; Google’s share of internet search traffic is 90%; and so on.


8/6 post

are we there yet?

The weekend carnage combined with the moon square Saturn Monday morning has the market near a wipeout this AM . I read a white paper yesterday by dollar vigilante Jeff Berwick that details a scenario we have something nasty coming in the 8/10- 8/11 window that could be on a scale of 911. the white paper is a numerological analysis I judge to be worthy of consideration. 
 my previous read already was the  moon Saturn conjunction on 8/12 could be trouble for bulls so maybe we have a break lower ahead on 8/12 of pivot support next Monday morning?? With a sort of positive close Friday on a moon Jupiter conjunction maybe holding a short over this coming weekend by selling short  on the Friday close is a potential winner. Keep in mind that is a bet on a very bad outcome over the weekend  maybe the start of the biblical Armageddon is kicked off by a major terrorist attack.

The libs are still keen on having a market breakdown to blame on trump so we shall see . 

 The new moon in Virgo at month end is still my top shorting trade scenario should a retrace high land at end of month

 The negative energy on Monday was a boost to bitcoin so this potential of a nasty event on  8/11 could be a positive for crypto. 

later this week I will give a delineation on the above transit chart


8/4 post

what? corporations may not be "people"" too?

this link is interesting to say the least


The week ahead 

Mars quincunx Pluto unhealthy violence btw this aspect was almost exact when the El Paso shooting took place

Monday 8/5
moon square Saturn early in trading not bullish could produce a dip low later in AM

Tuesday 8/6
not much

Wednesday 8/7
moon in Scorpio squared Venus. lol sex in the news

Thursday 8/8
moon in Scorpio squared Mars. sex in the news but angry kind. 

Friday 8/9

sun Venus conjunction in Leo. moon conjunct Jupiter in sag late in the trading day. I figure this is a positive close for the week.. 

 conclusion. the worst astro is early Monday the best is Friday. 

blue light special in crypto I hope they have better lobbyists than zuck had.  should be a bit positive for the blockchain ..humm is Wal-Mart already a bank?


“Generating one digital currency unit by tying the one digital currency unit to a regular currency; storing information of the one digital currency unit into a block of a blockchain; buying or paying the one digital currency unit.”

Kamala Harris 10/20/1964

the aspects that stand out based on that date. 
sun mercury conjunction narrow minded
Venus Pluto conjunction wanting / having issues sex as a weapon
Mars opposed Saturn. mean streak. Her mars is 20 Leo where mars was over the 8/3-8/4 weekend of mass shooting. possible dictator. 
Moon  quincunx Pluto Neptune  called a yod. moon in Aries can be emotionally volatile and transit Saturn has been squaring her Moon on and off for many months  so quite unhappy she has been..



8/3 post

Markets are trying to crash post fed but I think it is a watched pot not boiling. I'm still looking at the new moon in Virgo on 8/29 as the ideal place on the timeline for a workable short term bear trade  but not a long term position bear  trade 

this guy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saikat_Chakrabarti

the brains behind AOC

according to goog born 1/12/1986 in Texas. lol was he an anchor baby?  Sun Venus conjunction with Saturn coming to visit soon so maybe Rhambo was on the mark with the snot nosed kid remark. 

promoting the green new deal kind strange for a native of Texas dont ya think? Also  an advocate of MMT so who is backing him?? Mr Sore ass? who broke the bank of England in the 90s?


Lastly, AOC's former right-hand-man revealed himself to be an opportunist when he said that her signature Green New Deal wasn't actually about saving the environment - remarking to presidential candidate Jay Inslee's climate director "it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all ... we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing." 

Change the entire economy to what? we already have an oligarchic collectivist run  economy

Ron Paul he is not. But Gabbard might be



Gabbard is now getting the Ron Paul treatment. It will only intensify from here. They will come after her with everything they have.~~~~~~~

PCR rant

That dog dont hunt
very good link




aha I have considered this true for many years now. I worked this angle all the way back in 2004 and did 10 day ceremony in Brazil with one of the most revered shamans in the world. It is not for everybody but I considered it profound. 


overnight action


8/1/2019 post 

 the quants are reading astroecon?



lol nobody is that impressed by a 1/4 cut.


“The market was fine with the statement, but as seems to be the case, the press conference reveals details that do not sit well with the market. The response that this is a mid-cycle adjustment and not part of a longer term accommodative stance has raised concerns.

room for a big cut on around 10/10 after a fake crash in September?

new moon in Leo 7/31post

this new moon in leo should produce a bit of a bullish push into the full moon august 15th. with an exception being around 8/11 for a few days of dip buying  opportunity with an

expectation of a higher high landing around the new moon in virgo 8/29

wise governance please

we might even get it in 2021 maybe Williamson and Gabbard go libertarian soon? lol the 50th anniversary of woodstock is at hand so maybe miracles do happen this time of year?

Williamson mopped the floor with the communists last night



every picture tells a story
lol a fed time story


7/31/2019 post

 fed at 2:15 pm. 
mercury stationary so not going to stick whatever it is. 
sun Venus conjunction squared Uranus so a trend change is likely which may even be up. mars quincux Neptune so a dirty trick or two in the mix 

with Venus squared Uranus today in the money sign Taurus  I think crypto could be a big part of the equation the rest of the month.

7/302019 post

example of how astro works in trading a one minute ES chart

Moon opposed Saturn at 10:01 am edt Tuesday 7/30. a bad mood aspect so the idea is once that aspect is showing in prices you act accordingly going long on a round number in this case a test of 3000 made for a nice 15 point plus trade by the afternoon session

you can know in advance what and when the aspects are exact using an aspectrarian


MACA. make America communist again lets go back to 1933.seems that is the plan and trump seems like he is a master of paving an easy way to get there. WTF dude stop twitting 



I'm leaving a few posts from last month up on the main home page here for now on the lower half of the page

7/29/2019 update

market appears to still have legs to run up to another new high again at months end on the new moon in virgo tracing out a perfect match to August 87 . I Don't think September is another big short more like the big fakeout lol. humm get the top tic and retrace low after a fake crash in September  right and it could be a grand slam trade



the bulls stops are at about 170. the bears will over react if that level is printed in  a crashy looking way. 




wow and think of the timing of the below link. coming out now to make Epstein seem tame eh?
kind of makes a LIBERTARIAN more appealing too. I think any reasonable person could conclude the one party that does not operate this by blackmail way of governance  is Libertarian.


real deep wabbit hole here lots of dots connecting to blackmail

big man pig man Roy Cohn
how charade you are.  mob lawyer


Roy Cohn DOB 2/20 1927. Mars and Pluto semi square scary dude eh?

died of Aids

Given that Reagan heavily courted the evangelical right and promoted “family values” as president, the close ties between not only himself, but his inner circle, with Cohn may seem odd. However, Reagan, like Cohn, had deep ties to the same organized-crime factions that were among Cohn’s clients and affiliates of the same Mafia figures close to Cohn’s own mentor, Lewis Rosenstiel


Gray, who had previously been a close adviser to both Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon, was a very successful Republican fundraiser who “collects money in six-figure globs,” according to a 1974 report in the Washingtonian. He first came into close contact with what would become Ronald Reagan’s inner circle during Reagan’s unsuccessful 1976 presidential campaign and later as deputy director of communications during Reagan’s campaign in 1980. The latter position would see him work directly under William Casey, who later became CIA director.

Gray would go on to co-chair Reagan’s Inauguration Committee and afterwards would return to the PR business, taking on several clients including Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and hedge fund manager Marc Rich. Both Khashoggi and Rich will be discussed more in detail in Part III of this report — particularly Rich, who was an asset of Israeli intelligence outfit Mossad, and whose later criminal pardon by Bill Clinton was largely orchestrated by members of the Mega Group like Michael Steinhardt and Israeli politicians like Ehud Barak.

The connection between Gray and Casey is particularly telling, as it was later revealed by former Nebraska state senator-turned-investigator John DeCamp that Gray was a specialist in homosexual blackmail operations for the CIA and was reported to have collaborated with Roy Cohn in those activities. Cohn and Gray were likely to have known each other well, as during Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign Casey — then Gray’s boss — was calling Roy Cohn “every day,” according to Cohn’s former switchboard operator Christine Seymour.

yes this bill Casey

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”




trading?  what works
posted 7/26

get technical and understand what the algos are using . and know enough astro to be able to look ahead at an astro clock and be able to know a "good" day for bulls and a " bad" day for bears.  oh and btw the placement of a stop is the difference between winning and losing any  trade. using a trailing stop based on technical price action  is effective. say to yourself where is the trade wrong before taking a position
oh and politics is a factor because insider trading is a congressional privilege.

 the 4 forces at work moving prices every day are technicals,  fundamentals politics and astro. the biggest skill set of the best trader is PAYING ATTENTION>  . 





 gaming Da Fed
posted 7/18


Stationing mercury opposed to pluto 7/30
Venus squared Uranus a day or so later
I suspect this is a fed that is accommodating and a rally into the end of the week or maybe even later in the month with the new moon in Virgo on 8/29 a good candidate for a cycle high

9/17-18I think 9/18 is fed stand pat with Jupiter squared Neptune exact 9/20. market too high? inflation and usd concerns?? I suspect there is an invitation to short on questioning  the rally with too many conversations about 87 and 29 going on and October looming. 

I have already noted in a recent post the 1998 October surprise 1% rate cut which was a bear trap that destroyed the bear camp. I am thinking that we might see something similar here in 2019. 10/10 would be the ideal date for a bear crushing suprise fed move with a Jupiter Uranus in a sesquisquare exact that day. 

Next fed meeting is 10/29-30

moon Venus mercury conjunction on 10/29 happy talk


7/16/2019 was what I call a Pluto day. lunar eclipse conjunct Pluto and wow bitcoiners found out what that aspect is all about, you could call yesterday a stop run day ... the big boys took the little guys out back to the woodshed. Pluto ahem.. plutocrat.




Coming soon next month or so a re- do of the original white paper post that started astroecon in January1996. 
Uranus = Saturn Pluto midpoint cycle of 72ish years.



the above formula refers to a time when Uranus sits at the midpoint between Saturn and Pluto. in the last 250 years this has only taken place 4 times. 1776. 1852.1929. 1996-1997
humm 1852 and the opium wars?


Within a decade after the end of the Second Opium War, China's share of global GDP had fallen by half.[4]

lol. 1996 and this???


they called him "poppy" for a reason. investigate Mena airport and who was governor of Ark. during Iran contra?



I started to get extra interested in this midpoint cycle  and did a lot of historical research in the 1980swhen I saw the T square in 1929-1930 between those 3 planets. Saturn aspects lead to the great depression Uranus and Pluto are huge drivers of the big picture when the u=s/p midpoint cycle is exact also. The first post on astroecon in 1996 was a white paper on my findings

April of 2020 Saturn is squared to Uranus with Saturn in a conjunction with Pluto for most of this year 2019. Saturn Uranus hard aspects represent a window of probable systemic collapse.september2008 had a Saturn opposition with Uranus. 


in Feb. 2020 Neptune is in a semisquare with Saturn and Saturn is squaring Uranus later  in April the formula is n= s/u so this is very big trouble

BTW the anniversary date 3/11 2020 looks a bit ominous






HEADS UP JANUARY 12th 2020astro

Saturn Pluto mercury triple conjunction semi squared to mars
this is a very very bad astro day
new congress sworn in?
this day could be one of the most negative transit charts I have ever seen. 



NOTE. this was posted on June 2nd 2019

2020 is starting to look a LOT like 2000. humm. FEAR FEAR FEAR is the new normal in the year ending in NINE..... TECH Wreck  first quarter2020. contested November 2020 election" remember remember the 5th of November"

.....9/7/2021the next 911would land about there

personal note. as readers know I have been through a lot so production here is going to depend on my condition. 


April 2020astro.. very big deal


Mars Saturn conjunction 
squared Uranus 
semisquared Neptune

Comment posted 5/31/2019   I think this is  like April 2000 when twin mini crashes wiped out many tech stock day traders. This astro suggests systemic collapse brought on by a major bond market event. 


eclipse 7/2/2019



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LOVERS moon in Libra over Mount Nebo 5/15/2019





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The year d 2019





Astrological themes for 2019

Uranus is semisquared to Neptune for most of the coming year. Uranus - Neptune aspects last for years.

Jupiter is sesquisquared to Uranus   January 9 June 6  October 13.

Jupiter is squared to Neptune January 14 June 16  Sept 21

The Uranus Neptune semisquare is a very long lasting aspect that is many years long starting in 2016. . The two planets in aspect are trans Saturn meaning they are other worldly energies of the collective body of mankind. Uranus and Neptune are for lack of a better term EXTRA SENSORY. Uranus is INTUITION.. Neptune is EMPATHY. 
A simple way to describe this semisquare aspect is A DISTURBANCE IN THE FORCE. 
You could also call the aspect pair a strangeness factor. 

When a slow moving planet such as Saturn the planet of consequences made a hard angle aspect that tied into the Uranus and Neptune semisquare in August 2016 you have such things as Donald Trump winning the presidency in spite of the outcome being fixed. As some people would say SHIT HAPPENS. 

The upcoming year has Jupiter squared to Neptune and sesquisquared to Uranus as the featured aspects witch is tied to the Uranus Neptune semisquare. The most exact relationship between those three planets is in January of 2019. The second most exact is in June 2019. The last and potentially the most significant is September - October 2019. During these periods I expect furious attempts to prop up the economy which is already out of bounds. This is very much like the first 9 months of 2008. The astro is inflationary BUT this may be everywhere else outside of the US dollar which could become so high in valuation to the other fiat currencies that it triggers country after to country to go bankrupt. The EU is already entering this phase. 

Once the three planet Jupiter Neptune Uranus aspect period is over in fall of 2019 the propping up will be unworkable. The scenario is similar to fall 2008 but the result in the aftermath shapes up to be way more severe. The late 2019 into early 2020 period is right at the start of the new presidential campaign and the primaries. There is simply NO WAY that the crash of 2019 is going to be bailed out like 2008 was because of the politics of "dump Trump blame Trump". I think the opposite of 2008 will take place as the banking system will be "saved" ONLY by bailing in banks with depositors savings rather than bailing out by future taxpayers. Everyone is going to get a haircut and this will be extremely DEFLATIONARY into 2020.  The gradient from the overly optimistic dreamlike goldilocks Jupiter Neptune Uranus period comes crashing down into a black hole when Saturn and Pluto are in conjunction in early 2020. I expect we will see negative interest rates out in 2020 - 2021 in an attempt to force the USD down to levels that take the rest of the world back from the brink of a hyperinflation meltdown. Negative interest rates are a form of BAIL IN. 

NOTE.. Uranus moves into the money sign of Taurus mid year so this is also relevant to CHANGE of MONEY. I can see a strong move to electronic blockchain payment systems soon and the elimination of cash coming in with significant "progress" in achieving this goal in 2019. Right now RXP looks like the bankers choice. Time will tell as XRP is now second in market cap to BTC. The so called stable-coins like Goldman USDC is in process of being legit which brings up some very interesting possibilities of being able to trade crypto in a sensible trading plan. Being able to park capital in a stable coin is the only way to trade crypto. 

Gold and silver will still be manipulated BUT this works two ways. When the "right" people have all the gold THEN it starts to be valued as the preferred hedge against fiat devaluation. The first 9 months of 2019 look to be the most bullish astro for the metals. A potential of no physical supply available fall 2019 as a last ditch effort to keep prices down. The price of  physical gold and paper gold disconnects with phiz premium way above over paper and that is the end of the charade. 

Oil.. oversupply leads to production cuts and then longer term shortage. Same as it ever was. 
Late 2019 is when the odds of a major war begin to ramp up so is when oil has the potential to go above and maybe beyond the 100 a BBL level. I do think that oil is obsolete as a fuel and the technology already exists that can replace oil. That new technology will NOT be allowed to show up until the right people can claim it was their idea.  

FX markets. A potential to see the BP and Euro at par with the USD. 

Bonds.. probably a bad year for bonds at least into the fall of 2019 but could be the long trade of the year from September 2019 post crash to year end. 

The most important day of the year in 2019. New moon in Virgo August 2019. This is the date of a psychological shift of major proportions. 


Solar eclipses are January 6th and July 2nd and December 26th

Lunar eclipses are January 21  July 16 and January 20 2020


WE can only hope


Oh my 2019... gonna be over the top

The unreality zone approacheth.. Actually is here now. Jupiter squared Neptune and Jupiter sesquisquared Uranus for the next 8 months. How far into the zone of collective belief are we going? Left field not even close. 





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