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"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you.. 
Then they fight you.. THEN YOU WIN."

"A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: WE DID IT OURSELVES." ..... LAO TZU

"Not the torturer will scare me. Nor the body's final fall.
     But.. the blind indifference of a merciless.. unfeeling world.... 
Roger Waters.

"What if I am not crazy??"  Lolol.. Rhitt.. 



911 was a massive financial crime wrapped in a false flag terror event. 

The same people who were behind it were the same ones who raped the financial future of several generations in the 2008 crisis.  Those same ones are ALSO responsible for the dire straights we find ourselves today.. If a person does not know who what and why of 911 they have no way to be connected to actual reality.

I had customers who died that day. I also had a few people who heeded my warnings to get out of NYC for months and were not working at the twin towers that day.  Even though I was 90 miles away in Philly I suffer from post traumatic stress because of it to this very day. My motivations on this site after 911 was to catch those who planned and executed it and to right the wrongs that have almost destroyed the US and her citizens. 911 was the crime of the millennium. 

 Considering the jubilee eclipse lands on my birthday on Sunday I am looking at hanging up my cleats and spending my time left doing something that will help my heart and not hurt it. 

I will post some of the new me plans on Sunday. 


Companies posing as government

Sofia is one of the very best researchers and presenters in the truth movement.

In 1871 the real America vanished and it was replaced with this incorporated government including Washington District of Columbia. So the Federal Government became a Corporation. And by 1933 with Roosevelt sitting in office, the whole corporate system was washed down into all the cities, the states, the agencies, that’s when the reality really flushed itself out in this fictitious form.


OMG funny


Jeff Rense under attack

Les Viz has been around the block a thousand times. Here is his take on what is happening not only to Jeff Rense but ALMOST OF US who tell the truth. Jeff happens to be one of the higher traffic sites for the last 15 years and is one of the original truthers. A very brave man.

From my own experience I saw first hand how the attack works. 
First they try to be your friend. Then they try to rope you into something questionable and get you in a contractual bind. If you refuse to get roped in and wont sign a contract they work to destroy your reputation with hit pieces or attack your sources of revenue. If that does not work then you might have some health issues aggravated by some doctor they own. If that does not work then you have an "accident" as Jeff would be glad to tell you about.

So if you see my site and go WTF ....  I do what I do this way for numerous reasons but the main thing I am invulnerable to all of the above. The doctors have not killed me yet and I am very careful and not accident prone. No one is going to stop me from saying what I want to. 


Standing on the finish line

The "movement" that started in 1966 on September 14th has come full circle.  Hat tip and gratitude to all of us left standing. This is like a camel going through the eye of a needle and many of us got diverted and perverted over the last 49 years. I hope I can simulate some action. Prompt people to FIND OUT WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT. 

" I was lucky to be alive.. one look back and I would have died"

"From the wreckage I will arise and cast the ashes back in their eyes"


Booga Booga day

We have odd military drills that sound like the same utter confusion scenarios that where going on in the 911 false flag. 

We have a drudge headline that alqueada is going to attack individuals like the koch brothers. LOL.. we find out from a magazine?? 

We have markets all over the world hanging by a thread.. except the USA which acts like a lobotomized mental patient. 

I expect more MOAR fear based productions today and then a huge focus tomorrow on we have to go fight those moooslims.. Er China Er Russia ..  The USA is like a drunken sailor at 4AM stumbling around looking to fight someone and can hardly stand up. 

Tan shirt guy plays Obama




Pretty obvious that Gerald Celente is an old hippie in disguise.. Good on him!!!

Gerald has Mars in Sagittarius in the same degree as mine. LOL what a hoot to listen to him talk. 

Our future is being robbed from us by murderous thieves. Their wet dream of a never ending War on Terror has created a living nightmare.

Not only have these psychopaths hijacked our nation’s wealth as our economy declines, their “destroy and degrade” mentality is depriving us of joy, beauty, peace, and freedom that are our inalienable and god-given rights.

Millions have been killed and wounded … race, creed, color, gender, age, nationality it does not matter.

The choice is yours. Join me and Occupy Peace, and do your part to help restore the dignity of the human spirit and the sanctity of life.

Gerald Celente • Publisher


Dirty tricks are a sign of desperation

Big phama is desperate to continue it's ultra profitable sick care medicine. Looks like killing docs who don't cooperate is just for the USA..


Banzai strikes again

Food and beverage warning.


Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann Passes Into Great Beyond

FREE Listen MP3s
March 1999 with Jeff Rense & Ingo

Hour 1 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 2 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 3 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Ingo Swann, Father Of Remote Viewing (1933-2013)

Ingo was born on 9/14/1933. The new moon in Virgo that marked the beginning of the jubilee year on 9/14/1966 landed EXACTLY ON HIS NATAL SUN. That new moon on jubilee day was conjunct Uranus and Pluto landing on the spiritual axis at 20 Virgo. Not a surprise what happened the next year. BTW Pluto at 20 Virgo was where Pluto was on 9/13/3BC. 

Jeff Rense interviews Ingo in 1999.. If you want to understand the importance of the eclipse this weekend it might be a good idea to listen to these interviews.

Starting at the 20 min mark he discusses his 20 years of study of astrology

I was born one lunar node cycle after Ingo. The Jubilee eclipse on 9/13 lands exactly on my natal sun like Ingo had happen to him in on jubilee day in 1966. Believe me knowing this is very humbling for me to consider. I am also a bit unhappy with my accomplishments so far because Ingo set the bar really high. Bottom line for me is I keep working. If I can help trigger the new spiritual revolution this coming year I am built for it. 

A good read here



As best I can tell the I am the first one who has named it this. The new 1967 is more than just phrase it is the realty. This eclipse landing on the 20th degree of Virgo is the significant part because 20 degrees of mutable signs is the spiritual axis of the zodiac. 

So how did the 20th degree of Virgo become so important? 
2000 years ago on 9/13/3BC just after sunset a guy was born who was a magical being with a birth chart to match the description.. A way shower. A demonstrator of spiritual power. His date of birth is noted in the bible even the birth time and he is not born of a virgin it was BORN IN VIRGO.  The bastardized religion that came out of a Roman psyop to collar the messianic Jews in 70 AD is the original hijacking of his legacy. We have been suffering for 2000 years because of that psyop. I think it is high time to graduate out of the psyop nightmare and isn't it interesting what the pope is doing this month. Raising on a busted flush dude? 

The Vatican is rumored to have 100s of astrologers working for them. Do you think they know about 9/13/3BC?   Do you think they will tell the people about it? The Nostradamus prophecy about the last pope maybe is something to pay attention to here because if the truth comes out he will indeed be the last pope. 

The age of Pisces started on 9/13/3BC and it ends this week. 
No more BELIEVING.. We are now in the time of KNOWING



Pluto in Sagittarius kids listen up

You kids born from 1996 till 2009 THIS MEANS YOU. 
You are the wild child full of grace .. saviors of the human race the Doors sung about. You are the eventual parents of the children's children children generation of Moody Blues fame. It has been 49 years since a generation like you has been gifted with such an opportunity to WIN and I know for a fact you have WINNING hard wired and written in souls. I suspect you will be subjected to the draft in the near future and that is when you get "political" and refuse to be enslaved by the war machine. This is not just an American thing so if you are completive as I suspect you are you are going to challenge your own kind around the world to make the warloards stop the pain. 

The Pluto in Leo baby boomers had that fiery Pluto like you do. 

You are on deck. The second spiritual revolution is starting this weekend and YOU are the ones who will dance yourselves into power.. This time you will not have to learn everything yourselves because we Pluto in Leos paved the way for you. I expect you to cut through the bullshit like a hot knife through butter. 

You have NOTHING TO LOSE.. So take back your future from the warlords and the banker criminals. The key to this is to develop your psychic talents STARTING NOW while you are still young when it is so easy to do. Become the answer to the nightmare of the transhumanist agenda. Just say KNOW. 

 Your older brothers and sisters with Pluto in Scorpio are ultra tough and will protect you.. 


John McAfee for prez

I thought it might be impossible to out duel Trump but we have a super bad ass Virgo in the race now.  He is really smart.. and very much a wildman.. And if there is anyone who is unhappy about the security state and the nazification of police I would not know who can top him. And last but not least I figure he is blackmail proof. I do wonder where he is going to get the money to get much visibility however. 

 I think he is running to force discussion in public about mass surveillance.

He knows how to make fun of himself. Lets see hellary do something similar.



Similar setup now 
to the Nostradamus eclipse in 1999

In August of 1999 a much heralded solar eclipse occurred that had been touted by some financial astrologers as a world ending calamity. The aspects exact when the eclipse occurred were indeed alarming as it had a nasty grand cross in the mix. HOWEVER the markets had been correcting a month or so before the eclipse and as I looked at the situation it seemed to me there were not a lot of potential sellers left to scare. So my call was buy on eclipse day. The nasdaq doubled from there into year end. That was the last leg up and the rally weakened ONLY after year end and we know the rest in 2000.  

I am kind of looking for similar on the 9/13 eclipse but not a double into year end. It would not surprise me if we had a new all time high in the fall however. Markets don't crash when too many are expecting it. The rally has to be strong enough for the bears to capitulate and that price level is not easy to know in advance. It should be easy to see in real time however. 


The day Tim Leary escaped from jail

Read by him from a book he wrote.

He says he was keen on leaving the country.. It just so happened I was also keen on leaving the country right then too. The antiwar Quakers in Philly where I lived told me that if I registered for the draft OUTSIDE of the USA at an embassy I could not be drafted until I returned. I booked right outta there on that note in late August and ended up in Vancouver BC at the beginning of September 1970. I loved it there I fell in with some very cool people who took me to the best bars in spite of the fact I was only 17. LOL.. everyone was smoking pot in those bars so I was not very noticeable. My fav place was the bar at the Dominion Hotel by the waterfront. So I turned 18 and was finally legal to go to a bar and for my birthday went to the Dominion to celebrate my new adulthood. 

I am sitting there with a buddy taking it all in and in walks an old dude with two hot chicks and they sat down at the next table.. The old guy was wearing a bright red vest and was loud and carrying on about woodstock movie which has been out for months and we chatted up about that because I was there at woodstock.. We passed a joint and it was a typical sort of thing yucking it up but I kept looking at the old guy thinking somehow he looked familiar.. Hummm. I guess I got about 3-4 beers in me and decided to go home and the moment I got there I turned on the TV and NEWS FLASH Tim Leary had escaped from jail that morning and a nation wide manhunt was on.. My buddy and I looked at each other and was one of the moments you never forget. IT WAS HIM.. We just sat there an hour ago and smoked a joint with Tim Leary....  Hooooly Shit. 

This all was before I was much enlightened yet but I knew that something really really strange was at work.. Looking back from the here and now in 2015 it was not an accident that I was in that place at that time because my spirit guides were making a very big impression on me and pointing me in the direction I stayed on to this very day. 

BTW I did get a confirm about that event in the 1990s when I had an opportunity to speak to Leary a second time after a lecture in my home town in the philly burbs.  I should have told him he slipped the baton in my back pocket that night on my 18th Birthday 45 years ago. 


The point of KNOW return

I am going to continue to beat on the hippie drum.. We were right all along. 
MANY of those who started on this path in 1967 are still hard at work . 

Hat tip to Kansas still touring 

The point of KNOW return is right here this month. 

 And yes indeed we are fighting fire with fire.

You're the only one
Let the light shine in Cause it's letting me go
To your heart It's time to get in
Oh there's nothing to lose Cause it's already lost
In a runaway world of confusion
I'm not gonna take it That's why I fight fire with fire
Oh I'm burning inside and my head is a crying
Fire with fire 
I don't wanna lose this burning desire

Standing alone, in a crowded room You can feel the chill in the air

Dust in the wind 2006


The gang 
that could not shoot video straight

My own thoughts on this are that the actual culprits are a VERY SMALL GROUP. 
This group has boat loads of money but very few real loyal friends.. They have to BUY or BLACKMAIL the actors to perform in this false flag matrix theatre and the lack of competence shown is a sure sign that this is a wizard of Oz organization at work here. Doing war by deception eh?

It’s All a Numbers Game

Perhaps it’s all about reaching a critical mass. The elite know the widespread ignorance of the majority is a perfect blanket for their crimes. The elite can monitor all electronic activity (and more), so they have their finger on the pulse of how quickly humanity is awakening. In his famous interview before he died, Aaron Russo recalls how Nick Rockefeller mentioned to him that the elite didn’t care if some people knew the truth, just as long as it wasn’t enough to make a difference.

Yet, humanity is awakening at a rapid rate – maybe even an exponential rate. We must already be very close to reaching a critical mass of awakened, aware people who are politically active and willing to put energy into making the world change for the better. Some people have suggested that a critical mass of people is the square root of 1% of a given population. Using 7.2 billion as the world population, the critical mass is 8486, which is not a very high number. Whatever figures you use, seems like the elite are running out of time and are not going to be able to use these tactics for very much longer …


Getting their marching orders

If one is paying attention the footprints in the sand are quite visible

Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, shame on you; fool me a third time, you must think we are all just idiots!! Following The ECB's Benoit Coeure "internal procedure error" where he leaked the imminent actions of the central bank to a group of well-heeled hedge fund managers - who proceeded to dump EURUSD ahead of the announcement, The ECBhas decided - in all its arrogant wisdom - to decamp to Luxembourg to speak, once again, to participants in the world of high finance behind closed doors. The media aren’t invited (though the ECB will publish some prepared remarks from the board members.).


The spirit of 67
49 years .. full cycle

I wish to focus peoples attention on the 49 year cycle being used to manage the people farm we life in. The implications are huge. The last jublilee started 9/14/1966 and what we have a few days from now is another jublilee starting on 9/13. The solar eclipse with the blood moon this month is orders of magnitude stronger astro that in 1966.. If 1966 represented the most significant societal change in human history birthed during the year following the 66 jubilee what is ahead is going to be a doozy.

I can see clearly where "they" are trying to take us.. Nyet to that. I am not going to lay down when I see the human spirit being hijacked by transhumanist psychopaths. And make no mistake that is what they plan to do.. As in 1966-67 with all the LSD going around there are unintended consequences of attempts to do such a thing. All kinds of stories about the CIA encouraging young people to do acid like candy and my perception having been there is it was an attempt to hijack the peace movement and keep people from protesting about being drafted. Funny that in doing that they had to be very alarmed when all of a sudden a LOT of psychically empowered people started to emerge by the boatload. On top of that the intelligence agencies became aware of the Russian work on psychic warfare and who ever had the bright idea to dose us with LSD was probably unemployed by the time 1970 rolled around. 

So in 1971ish the government hired Ingo Swann and a couple of physicists to embark on developing psychic warfare at SRI and Swann was key to what we now know of as remote viewing. One thing I know about Swann was his birthday was .. drum roll.. SEPTEMBER 14th 1933... In other words Swann's natal sun was exactly the same place as in the zodiac where the 1966 jubilee started. Hummmm. I was born one lunar node cycle after Swann on 9/13/1952 and have the same sun moon phase and sign placement as Swann. I am not trying to inflate my self importance BUT I also know that my own life as a psychic hippie spirit warrior started in 1971 exactly one node cycle after my birth and 2 cycles after Swann's birth. Hummm. BTW Swann was fired eventually from the project because he was telepathic and could bore a hole in anyone's shields thus being a security threat to the higher ups who were trying to use him. If you watch some vid of Swann on YT you will see he was a very gentle soul and I suspect he was not comfortable being militarized which was another problem. 

I think it is my job to be some sort of leader as an elder by focusing on the next generation  of empowered psychics after the 1952 crop by coaching up 1971 people like me who have similar node cycle placement. That would be people who have north node in Aquarius and south node in Leo. We were born to WIN. win the day.. break on through. 

So we stand on the threshold this week.. The threshold of a dream?? Wow just give this a listen. This album was one of the more potent magical  pieces of that time during the 69 - 71 period. LOL.. the 9th song

 Now you know that you are REAL. HAVE YOU HEARD. 

Now you know how nice it feels,
Scatter good seed in the fields.
Life's ours for the making,
Eternity's waiting, waiting,
For you and me.

Now you know that you are real,
Show your friends that you and me
Belong to the same world,
Turned on to the same word,
Have you heard?
Have you heard?


The new jubilee is at hand

So glad the shemitah shit is almost over.  Watching this past year is about as nauseating of an experience as anything I could have ever imagined. Hat tip to all you brave souls who stood firm against the tyranny of the money mafia. I am not sure just yet but I think we won.. It took 49 year but we won. 

The jubilee year is from 9/13/2015 till 8/31 2016..  
The last one 49 years ago was from 9/14/1966 till 9/4/1967.  

 Think about what happened in 66-67. The very fabric of reality was ripped open by a bunch of hippies.. This was the FIRST SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION OF AMERICA.. The starting gun was Monterey Pop in June 1967. This was during the summer of love. It changed the world forever what happened. 
LOL we all had B&W TV back then.

Nice pics in this version

This year ahead must become the SECOND SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION OF AMERICA. All you teens and twenty something's please get it this is your show now. Us oldster grand parents are officially passing the torch this coming weekend. I was only 14 during the summer of love in 1967 but I was all in right from the jump and 10s of millions of others were too. Two summers later I was old enough to escape my parents grip for a weekend and ended up at Woodstock for the full three days. I remember what it looked like as if it was yesterday when I walked over the top of the hill at Yasgers farm Friday afternoon and looked down at a half million hippies as if was an ocean of people. This was the biggest miracle I have ever been part of. The government tried to ruin it but we were not going let that happen.  The spirit of 1969 still lives on in the hearts of everyone. 

We are stardust. we are golden. FIND THE COST OF FREEDOM.

Joni Mitchell wrote this song.. If you were there this will bring tears to your eyes.

 If this momentous change was possible in 1967 and 1969 it is possible again. This is the year ahead to make it happen. DON'T BE LATE. 

"You want to find the truth in life? 
Don't pass music by. "


I think I will move to Latvia

No comment needed


Lets say we win

What would that look like.. It is our job as manifestors to be clear about that. Lets say the criminals see that there is no way they can pull it off. They realize this week they lost and the 50 years of planning for installing a fascist world government has gone for naught. The jubilee year that starts in a week will become a celebration of spirit over matter.  The spiritual work that has gone on for 50 years starting in 1967 has succeeded.. WE made them stop the pain. Let that knowing enter your minds eye and see a real future dawning. 

This song captures this vision and has inspired me for decades. 
PRIME TIME = 9/13/2015

 With lyrics

"Prime Time"

Well even the longest night won't last forever
But too many hopes and dreams won't see the light
And all of the plans I make won't come together
Something in the air
Maybe for the only time in my life
Something in the air

Turning me around and guiding me right
And it's a prime time, maybe the stars were right
I had a premonition, it's gonna be my turn tonight
Gonna be my turn tonight

Well even the brightest star won't shine forever
But all of the hands I play are working out right
And ever move I make feels like a winner
Something in the air
Maybe for the only time in my life
Something in the air
Turning me around and guiding me right


Is the fed preparing for controlled demolition

No doubt about it Zero Hedge is on target. The irony is not lost on me that a few radical financial trader types from back in the mid 1990s on the internet started what we know now as the truth movement. We were the only ones who could see the fingerprints on the weapons of mass financial destruction and the terrorism that came with it.  Win or lose over the next few weeks we can rest easy knowing we did not quit. If so much exposure does not stop them it is time to head for the bunkers. If what is planned takes place anyway in spite of them knowing we see them caught in the act we should consider that a sign they are willing to trigger a mass extinction event.  If so they intend to cover up the crimes against humanity by getting rid of the witnesses. The fate of the world is hanging in the balance right now.

This time there is no chance of getting away with a repeat of 2008 which was engineered failure. This time many 1000s of us are watching before the fact and we know who you are. THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT. 
We had a chant back in the day in 1968. 

Is "doing God's work" the every 7 year crash mandated by the "religion" of the banksters crime empire.  Is the religion a Saturn worshiping EL-ite cult harvesting the wealth and further enslaving the non elite every 7 years?? If so they have been caught in the act this time. Catching them after the fact has not been very effective but this time is different. 


126 owners per ounce

Imagine if you were a car dealer and sold the same car to 126 people.

The clever quislings for the bullion banks will note that an actual default on the Comex is unlikely, and they are right.  It is not really a 'physical delivery' exchange, but is now primarily a betting shop.  There is plenty of gold in the warehouses, if you do not concern yourself with the niceties of property rights.  And claims can be force settled in cash on a declaration of force majeure.  

Heck, as we saw in the case of MFGlobal,  when JPM shoved to the front of the assets allocation line, even receipts for actual physical gold owned outright can be forced settled in cash.   If you hold gold in a registered warehouse or an unallocated account,  then your ownership is philosophically 'conceptual.' 

This not so little issue is an age old trick. Going back to the pre central bank era in history the goldsmiths were doing the same thing and when too many customers demanded their gold back the smithy beat it out of town never to be seen again leaving everyone holding worthless paper. I fully expect the same thing to happen again but probably more under the protection of the massive security state who will once again say IT 'S JUST A GLITCH. LOL.. said glitch will drag out into a decade of lawsuits ending with a payout in USD fiat paper worth pennies on the dollar. 

If you don't hold it in your hand you don't own it. Even if you hold the phiz you may have a hard time using it for a while and a 1933 type confiscation is also not out of the question. Def DO NOT hold it in a safe deposit box that is just asking for the thieves in DC to take it.. 


Season of the glitch

I have mentioned recently that ETFs are for Muppets.. The process described below has happened before and has been engineered to take a predictable course when the cascade begins. Here is why

Thousands of investors with stop-loss orders on their ETFs saw those positions crushed in the first 30 minutes of trading last Monday, August 24th. Seeing a price blow right through your stop is perhaps the worst experience in all of investing because it seems like such a betrayal. “Hey, isn’t this what a smart investor is supposed to do? What do you mean there was no liquidity at my stop? What do you mean I got filled $5 below my stop? Wait… now the price is back above my stop! Is this for real?”  Welcome to the Big Leagues of Investing Pain.

What happened last Monday morning, when Apple was down 11% and the VIX couldn’t be priced and the CNBC anchors looked like they were going to vomit, was not a glitch. Yes, a flawed SunGard pricing platform was part of the proximate cause, but the structural problem here – and the reason this sort of dislocation WILL happen again, soon and more severely – is that a vast crowd of market participants – let’s call them Investors – are making a classic mistake. It’s what a statistics professor would call a “category error”, and it’s a heartbreaker.


Ignorance has a huge price

Understand this now. As Jim Quinn explains, YOU are the enemy of the state. They don’t give a shit about you. They treat you as sheep and cows to be sheared and milked. If you start questioning them, they will slaughter you. They have militarized the police forces and put you under 24 hour surveillance because they fear an uprising. There only a few hundred thousand of them and there are millions of us. A conflict is looming.

Prize winner for best comment

Grumbleduke's picture



If you are NOT on a government watchlist by now, you should be ashamed of yourself.


Peekay does it again

This guy is really good and very funny.. Some may remember his slicing and dicing of the Boston hoax using frame by frame analysis on a coast to coast show last year. GO GUY..

Peekay's you tube channel

This is ridiculous that the media is using a bunch of TOTAL AMATEURS in all aspects of these hoaxes.. This actually shows us that the big bad Zionist boogie man is actually a bunch of MORONS and cannot even pull off a scheme lasting a few seconds that would be easy if there were actual professionals involved. Maybe we should be thinking about a little man behind the curtain for what he is as just a bullshiter par excellence. 

 Some in the truth movement think they are doing these psyops to be easy to debunk but I think they just absolutely suck at pulling anything off without getting caught. This is the same bunch who thought it would be cool to send a bunch of mossad agents out in a white van on 911 to film their handiwork in full view of actual Americans. 

I have to believe we are dealing with people who are so disconnected from reality it never occurs to them they could be ever held accountable. How many trillions of dollars do they need to steal from future generations before the fluoride addled public has the truth wash over them like a rash. I shudder at that because some of the most evil things over the last 100 years have come from that type situation. People really do not like to be tricked and they do indeed react when they figure it out.


Demonized white women waking up

Henrick at Red-Ice is from Sweden where this is about as bad as it gets at present. I hope the cultural destruction of European ancestral blood lines is halted but white women are the only ones who have power to preserve it.. In the video we are reminded that white women of child bearing age are ONLY 2% of the world population. Eeek I was not aware it was so thin already.. I raised two blonde girls in the late 80s - 90s and I can tell you the problem is deep seated and as a dad I was very angry about it over 20 years ago and I think the problem is 1000% worse now. I am not being a racist to want my girls to carry my European genes forward and FU to anyone who says I am.. 

 The invasion of the USA from South America is racial far more than anything economic. White people in the USA seem to be being phased out. Boiling frogs watching role models shoved at them like a Kardasian going black.. The feminized white American males living in moms basement at 30 years old are going to have to wake up too. I believe it is obvious that the gay agenda is being used to limit white Europeans to birth rates well below replacement levels. The new 50 year plan being put in place in September 2015 almost certainly has racial engineering as a key part of it. If this is allowed to take place in 50 years the genetic engineering will be completed and North America will be unrecognizable.

I think it is time for European America women to WAKE UP and the older ones have to get in the faces of the 20 something's that have been brainwashed into racial self hatred. White privilege? Ya right.  For 2000 years the strategy of an an invading army has been to kill the men of a defeated country and rape the women to create a new population of mixed race children to replace the previous one. Read up on Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan and consider this a template for racial engineering of a defeated country. 



This is the moment of the fed announcement on September 16th. As you can see looking at the chart there is a red line which is the opposition between Jupiter and Neptune within a few minutes of being exact. This tells me that EXPANSIVE LIQUIDITY IS THE FLAVOR OF THE MOMENT.. This aspect is the reason I am not calling for a crash in the stock market at least NOT YET. This aspect tells me to expect the opposite as a reaction to whatever the fed does or DOES NOT.  So far the market pattern has been on the same track as it was 3 months ago when I posted my no crash in September call. 

This does not mean that the shit is not going to hit the fan. I have a feeling that the US dollar is going to do a swan dive at least for a few days after and the supports my notion of a stock market advance as stocks are the only way to protect yourself at present. How long the advance lasts is not set in stone but it should last long enough to make those who have been calling for a crash look like fools. Once that piece is in place then the actual bear can get started and it is going to be a long drawn out thing lasting into the election in 2016. The bear ahead is likely to be a double whammy as the stock market AND the USD go down together which in the most extreme case could be an 80% loss of PURCHASING POWER over 18 or so months. 

I will let you know if I change my mind as this end of the market nightmare that started in 2000 will run it's course as a VALUE BEAR and not  bear measured just by the nominal price on the Dow. 


James Corbett interviews Jeff Berwick

I like both of these guys a LOT. Dealing with a very touchy subject and that takes guts to even talk about.



This is very important to understand considering we are less than two weeks from the 13th.


Snake eyes.. 7 11

Turn of a friendly card eh??


Behold a pale 4 horsemen. Er.. a flock of black swans.. or holy fuck it is here.

Now instead of relying on math or statistics or leaving any portion allowed to chance – it’s now a sure thing with High Frequency Trading: for HFT makes sure they get their piece of everything. Remember, when gambling’s the game – this house doesn’t like to take chances. And HFT takes no chances, it alleviates them. Otherwise; how could one boast over 1000 days of ‘playing’ with no losses? Someone lost every-time they played – but it wasn’t HFT, nor the house. Think about that long and hard.


"ONE OF THESE DAYS" is 9/13/2015

Got give some love to the next guys off the bench. geez this is good. As a  life long Floyd fan these guys NAILED IT. 

September 13 is THE DAY that all hands need to be on deck. This is the day we MUST MAKE THEM STOP..

The guys over at ZERO HEDGE see it too


Disincentive nation

The change to this "normal" started in the ghettos but is now working it's way into the suburbs. 93 million Americans out of work is no accident. 93 million Americans who are disincentivized and a huge percentage are bought and paid for votes on the backs of future generations that will some how have to pay for all this.


Financial anthropology
to Gonzo reality gaming

Very interesting story. I worked for a city of London institution from 2001 till 2008 about the same time as the author. Anyone who reads here knows that I am very much an activist and I saw my work with them as a form of forensics. Kind of surprised I ended up staying so long considering what I was writing on my web site. LOL back then we were not subjected to data mining which changed after 2011 when bankers started to fall out of windows. Nowadays there is NO WAY anyone without a proven darkside track record is going to even get a job as a janitor.


Double tap

The signature of the war makers is to provoke and provoke more. In Afghanistan the drones fire a hellfire and then wait long enough for rescuers to try to help and then hit them again a second time. This is standard operating procedure it seems..

A day after Jackson Hole eh?  American citizens need to get it that if the Chinese conclude these events are not an accident then we are already at war. LOL I notice the O man is as far away from DC as is possible today.. LOL naming a mountain after his ride.. 


Allison DuBois

Here is a real life human who was born with higher abilities and used them in a practical way. If it was not for purposeful repression by people who do NOT want this sort of thing to have credibility maybe we would have avoided such a nasty bankster nightmare. 

Her birth data is on wiki and based on my read she is not prone to lying and in fact the opposite. I also notice the way she describes her methods and they ring true with me. 

Her life was used to make the TV show MEDIUM which ran from 2003 - 2009. It is on netflix now and is quite entertaining without commercials.


Worth reading

Link from VT which as readers know I am not all that enamored with but at times they do have a good read of things. The obvious is that 8/12 was China's 911.  This article lays the blame where it needs to be.


Bad actors

It took a LOT to top Gene Rosen but bullshit knows no boundary. I have to assume that this has become so transparent that it has to be on purpose. The veneer on this turd has become so thin that it has to be a desired outcome.. WHO BENEFITS.. One thing I know is 90% of the public believes what they see on TV and the 10% who know better are in essence being isolated ... is all this so obvious because it is a type of firewall against the 90% ever getting a grip? Is this designed to be so frustrating to those of us who know that we will give up?

from the comments



Picking Goldman's pocket

This is great.. A good guy wins. Mark Spitznagel is a RON PAUL GUY.  One billion in gains in ONE DAY.. hell ya!!

This is what is required if we are going to stop the madness. Formidable trading groups need to be formed and take the ill gotten gains back from the criminals. 


The last Saturn aspect ahead

The Saturn Pluto Uranus deflation producing alignments on thanksgiving day 2014 started this episode.. Over the period since then we have had 3 Saturn Pluto semisquares and 2 of 3 Saturn Uranus sesquiquadrates (135 degrees) with the last one exact on October 22nd. Between now and end of October the Saturn Uranus aspect is prone to systemic breakdown. Systemic CHAOS is in the cards such as ATMs not working. The way things work now with central banksters in charge is the USA will be exporting INFLATION and CHAOS to every place that is not under it's thumb. 

The price action in US markets is not very predictable for the next few months. I lean toward a US stock market upcrash event as a result of the shemitah drama. When all the bears are made wrong THEN we can have a bear market and I dont see that untill a December high. I also see the USD could go even more painfully higher at least in the next few months. The dollar is backed with the military so the USD crash everyone fears is NOT going to happen until the USA military suffers a decisive defeat in a big way. My thought on when is the summer of 2016. 

. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


We live in the 3D structure of matter which is in motion called TIME.
Astrology is the a way the nature of time at a particular moment can be understood pst present and future. 
Time is the 4th dimension.  Time is the very motion of matter. 
The speed of that motion is the speed of what we perceive as time. the fastr one goes the slower time is.. So HOW FAST..  Compounding motion.. The earth is spinning.. Going around the sun.. the sun is going around the galaxy. the galaxy is going around the barycenter of the local galaxy cluster and the whole thing is moving away from the original big bang location. 

IT ALL ADDS UP TO A COMPOUND MOTION OF 627 KM/S zooming through space. 
That motion is TIME ITSELF experienced uniquely from HERE on the earth as other places are working in a different speed.

The speed of light is rounded off at 300 thousand kilometers a second. 

If we look at the local solar system we can see a variation in the speed of the earth around the sun due to the elliptical orbit. Therefore we have a YEARLY cycle of time speeding up and slowing down it is not much but I do believe it is perceptible and is one of the secrets about astrological signs being rather distinct differences in the NATURE OF TIME at different times of the year.  LOL.. How's THAT for explaining why astrology works in a scientific way.

So the earth is speeding up and slowing down as it circles the sun.. How about the speed of the sun not being a constant revolving around the center of the galaxy either?    For starters the sun is also in an elliptical orbit around what the Mayans called HUNAB KA the black hole in the center of the galaxy...  

There is another motion in our orbit however and that is the solar system orbiting a secondary barycenter like an eddy in a straeam within the arm of the local galaxy arm. Our solar system is orbiting a point in space within the arm of the galaxy that happens to be very near the STAR SIRIUS acting as it's central sun which is the brightest star in our sky. This motion may make a real difference in our local speed because when the sun is moving in the same direction as the general direction of the universe it is FAST and when the orbit around Sirius is moving against the grain of that motion it is slower.  It seems the DOGON people knew that Sirius was our second sun a sort of intermediately between our SUN and the center of the galaxy.

This speeding up and slowing down of motion (TIME) measured against the barycenter of the galaxy a sea of fibonaci time spirals may be WAAAAAAY more important than what science can grasp. Imagine that our speed has a lot to do with our evolution. When the sun is fast we advance in consciousness and when the sun is slow in a RETROGRADE we fall back in consciousness.  

Hey sorry to get all cosmic on readers but I think this is a concept we should understand.  If our sun is in a retrograde period just now ending the moment when the speed  around the galactic core starts to increase again would be a very VERY important time and it would not surprise me if the MAYANS knew all about this.. 
WAS 11/11/11 that moment. 

It appears that during the age of Pisces that we are in now time is the SLOWEST part of a grand cycle.. the Age of Virgo is the fastest. Please watch the video it is extremely important information about this point on the timeline. 

The clock of GIZA is a 4D clock..

It is hysterical that we so called modern people are unable to cope with how utterly ignorant we are.  This ignorance is a direct result of INSANE Abrahamic religions taking over and destroying all evidence that runs counter to their insane claims. Lets hope that we are finally starting to speed up again in time so we can relieve ourselves of lies that encourage devolution.. 


A BIG tell

The agenda is leaking out. LOL they hate you for your freedom to use cash

Nuff said. The comments on the post are worth reading. 

 A suspicion I have is the ORDER that comes from this CHAOS will be an announcement of cash being eliminated and you will have 1 year to turn it all in.. VERY similar to when the euro introduction required everyone to convert old money to Euros.. Better get that mattress money out and use it while you can. 

LOL.. the Fed OWNS the cash and because they own it they can take it back.  LOL is that strip in the new FRN a self destruct strip?? Humm.. 


Jackson Hole on deck

Pay very close attention. Read between the lines. Assume there is a script and there is going to be hints for insiders to be given.. Watch for hints about some form of QE ahead. 

No Yellin but we do have the vice chair Fischer  the former head of Israel's central bank who I believe is the actual chairmen of the fed mess. 

Timing being everything it pays to know when speeches take place

Kinda looking at at least THIS much QE ..


Now or never for carbon tax

The term climate change was a rebranding when the global warming cult in Copenhagen tried to bum rush the world into taxation while DC was hit with a very out of season 4 foot  December blizzard in 24 hours. Mother nature has a very keen sense of humor. 

After 3 really bad winters in a row and the scientific fraud getting so ridiculous it is now or never if they want to succeed in enslaving the world with a carbon tax. I figure by as early as thanksgiving we will be thinking about how could those moe-rons have gotten it so wrong.

Note....  I think they have known about the solar cycle and what it means from all the way back to the gore veep years when it was decided to create a boogey man that was easy to defeat so the goristas could beat their man-bear chests about how they pulled of a miracle. All the while loading the boat with sheeple bucks laughing their way to the carbon credit bank. 

58 reasons why

The position of the outer planets which effects the barycenter of the solar system is highly correlated with cooling cycles of about 200 years. When longer volcano cycles increase the reflecting of solar output coincide with a cooler Sun cycle the effect is extreme. At some points in the past that combo caused major ice ages once a tipping point occurs that are near extinction level periods lasting 100s of thousands of years. 


Cannibals r US

Those funny EL-ites.. They Just cant help themselves. And we thought the Soylent Green was just a movie.. 

There’s a company—Senomyx—that patents food additives to produce certain smells and flavors in foods, which uses HEK239 cells from aborted fetuses, per Wikipedia. 

Kinda gives the UM UM good commercial a bit less appetizing. And when you think about this is just using the ground up parts. Lord knows what those still beating hearts are for.. I guess in certain dark circles that is a delicacy that goes back to the days of BAAL. 


ETFs are for Muppets

Muppets are what Goldman Sacs calls their retail customers.  More like BAG HOLDERS to me.  LOL.. "Investors" are in a hall of mirrors.

So imagine my surprise Monday morning when during the sell-off two of these supposed bastions of low/hedged volatility in ETF form were off +20% at 9:40am. I was out of the office, and I kept hitting refresh to see if these were just bad prices on a spiky open. They weren’t. It took the better part of an hour for two funds – both of which have well over $100 million in assets – to come back up to something approaching their correct net asset value. Watching this all unfold was more like seeing a huge thunderstorm pass slowly overhead than just a “Flash Crash”. 


Money blood fear exchange

When Zen Gardner gets into the less than zen zone and allows himself to get angry he has a rather scathing output. Hat tip on that.

One thing that seems lost on so many of the best and brightest is the only way to beat this criminal mafia is to OUT TRADE THEM.. Take their ill gotten gains back. I spent years developing a way to do just that but when it came down to it those who should have been all in were too busy watching porn or something to lift a finger. 

 I have proved my point AGAIN by predicting in great detail the events of 8/21 many months ahead. THAT WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT.  So if I get very annoyed at people who have not lifted a finger over the years during a time when our current dire situation was STILL PREVENTABLE I guess maybe it is understandable. 

An old saying.. 
Standing in the crowd in the stands booing does not help the good guys win. Thinking you are not part of the problem just because you refuse to get down and dirty is COWARDLY. 


No blood

I broke down and decided to watch the POV vid of the TV shooter.. Looked a lot like a first person video game to me. What I saw was point blank with several shots fired yet the victim was able to run away after at least two shots from a hollow point.  I saw no blood. That type of bullet is specifically designed to drop the victim with one shot ripping a huge exit hole.. Heck even a TV crime drama has a more realistic appearance. Just saying.

The other observation about it it was the TIMING of the event. I have observed and complained about a coincidence of incidents like this with the technical conditions in the market.. This is what I call the VT factor. 

The VT incident occurred PRE OPEN on a Monday when the market was poised to go into crash mode THAT VERY DAY.  Anyone with TA skills can look at the price chart  prior to VT and see a market that was ripe as a result of the revelation of the SUB PRIME FRAUD.  The equivalent to a body floating up to the surface that very day. Trillions of MBS fraud had been revealed that was NOT PRICED IN as of VT day on the day the shooting occurred.. Everyone was held in suspended animation as no one knew if it was part of something much greater.. The market had a VERY BIG RALLY that started just before the open of regular trading. The ponzi got new life and over the next 6 months the MBS fraud grew to double the leverage culminating in the fall 2007 when the actual top  was printed before the 2008 bear market actually started. 

The facts jack. VT gave cover to a massive market manipulation operation. This sort of thing happened before in a sort of similar setup in July 1996 when TWA 800 was shot down. This type of crime has the banksters mafia written all over it.  There were MANY other incidents with the same fingerprints all over it. 

I am of course not sure but suspect that starting around the time after the aurora shooting that an executive decision was made to do this type PSYOP action movie production using crisis actors rather than live action with actual dead people. They got caught in the act with Sandy hook then tried to cover the obvious flaw in the production with Boston which has almost laughable special effects with fake blood and amputee actors. Ironic indeed the rather poorly done Charleston incident was brought back to "life" in the TV shooting yesterday. Not letting a crisis go to waste?? Squealing about Bloomberg running for prez yesterday too. 

Hey it worked for them the Dow is up enough as of this AM in only 24 hours to have become technically out of the woods and the lows on Monday now appear to be very firm support. If someone were to know in advance going long on stocks at 8 AM on the 26th that trade could have yielded many hundreds of billions of gains for a firm big enough to leverage for that. Probably enough in one day to finance a presidential campaign. 

Red Rain indeed... 

Well I've seen them buried in a sheltered place in this town
They tell you that this rain can sting, and look down
There is no blood around, see no sign of pain
Hay ay ay no pain
Seeing no red at all, see no rain

UPDATE saw this after the above was posted. I see someone else saw the same thing


They live... we sleep

A dictatorship disguised as a democracy.. A good short vid for understanding fascism 101


Rigged crash

Nope not what IF..  How bout go figure. The crash so far is what I would consider a shot across the bow and is basically a gun to the head of the so called leaders not dissimilar to the post Lehman threat to shut off the ATMS after the first balk at the bailout in 2008.

Exhibit 2: The VIX soared and the market cratered at the end of options expiration week (OEX), maximizing pain for the majority of punters. Generally speaking, OEX weeks are up. The exceptions are out of the blue lightning bolts such as the collapse of a major investment bank.

Oh and we do have a blood on the streets event today.  Nice timing since for now the script calls for a retrace of some sort to set up the technicals  for goings on around Sept 13th.  Not very far from VT is the location and is DEFINITELY in an area that has been where a lot of Gov money has been spent on new gov continuity assets in case of a DC attack.

Got to keep the crisis actors busy? 


There is no spoon

There is NO MONEY for the same reason. All things are an illusion if one only has consciousness in a 4D time/space hall of mirrors world.  4D is 3D moment in motion which creates the ILLUSION OF WHAT WE THINK OF AS TIME.

The only way to see 4D experience for what it is to see it from a 5D awareness. 
ALL OF US have 5D awareness but only a few percent of people understand it enough to be able to see with it. If a person wants to have 5D awareness he has to be CONSCIOUS of the 3D/4D moment in motion. Most of us spend 99.99% in a past / future awareness and not in the moment. Keep in mind that all sensory info about the present is DELAYED to some degree or another because of the speed of light. IT TAKES TIME for light to even travel a foot. Sound is way slower.. What our senses are showing us only the decay of the 3D as our senses are too slow to register what is actually in the moment. The only way to actually experience the actual moment is to operate from within before the sensory data masking as the present distracts awareness. My view is that the DMT experience is capable of bringing us to full 5D awareness and is why it is almost impossible to use words to describe it. From that perspective THERE ARE NO WORDS

Interesting post here about TIME.. Good stuff regarding PAYING ATTENTION and how that is a power we have to use to master time and space.

This guy is not an astrologer and therefore does not grasp things about 4D in the way I do. he does grasp the power of visualizing into what we see as the future which is then materialized into the moment. 


Transhumanist candidate

Whoa how bout creepy eh?

Kinda has one of those scary sounding Russian mafia type names

Istvan's Three Laws of Transhumanism are:

  1. A transhumanist must safeguard one's own existence above all else.
  2. A transhumanist must strive to achieve omnipotence as expediently as possible—so long as one's actions do not conflict with the First Law.
  3. A transhumanist must safeguard value in the universe—so long as one's actions do not conflict with the First and Second Laws.

Ya right I want THAT guy having any form of control over me.


Monster trucks on acid

Kinda like the stock market but more fun.. sort of.. The try anything once dept. 

OK OK too loud.. TRY the dog show.


Say ahhhh

This is a very heavy dose of truth. LOL.. as McKenna would call it a HEROIC DOSE.

One of the primary tap roots of the evil we’re witnessing and being subjected to today leads straight down the Sabbatean pipeline. Much of the derivation of most of the current satanic, Luciferian practices that are being exercised on humanity can be easily traced to the twisted Kabbalist occult origins of cleverly hijacked so-called Biblically based Judaistic teachings that have thoroughly permeated every religious, social, political and economic structure in today’s world.

It’s much older than that, but it appears it was distilled from ancient practices and even bloodlines and funneled into fiercely willing accomplices found in the ruthless warring Ashkenazi tribe and other lineages that have since wormed their way into every facet of control in modern society. Their history is sordid, their doctrines nefarious, and their intent total domination of humanity at any cost.


To what purpose

So why is all the mayhem necessary? ORDER OUT OF CHAOS that is why.

MUST WATCH VIDEO.. You have been warned!!!


While everyone was distracted

This is as disgusting a deed as is possible. Our CIA funded ISIS mercs have a thing for destroying historical evidence that is beyond priceless. And WHO would benefit from such acts which have become routine??  LOL.. the same ones that need the masses to belief in the bible stories that are now SO OBVIOUSLY a mind bending psyop because the timeline of false history DO NOT MATCH REALITY of the ruins.

The destruction of antiquities to hide the truth about an advanced civilization going back to the 10,000 BC timeframe is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.  The motive is to hide what I consider spiritual technology which is easy to see at such sites as Palmyra. If the bible version of reality is disproved then the justifications for the behavior of the so called chosen people is complete hogwash. 


Dirty deeds

Overnight snap back the Dow up 600 from yesterday's close. A must read from zero hedge about the similarity between yesterday and May 6 2010

So to be technically accurate, what happened in May 2010 was one marketwide flash crash, while today we had a market paralysis which was the direct result of countless distributed, isolated mini flash events, all of which precipitated the market's failure for the first 30 minutes of trading.

One reason I have issues with today traders.. the half dozen left.. is they seem OK with trading ETF in regular trading hours. LOL Good luck with that. The reason I dont like them is they are a convoluted instrument based on derivatives which as we see can and will lock up in any high volatility episode. The lack of any ability to protect ones self overnight is an astonishing risk being ignored as we just saw. 

The circuit breakers were implemented more than 600 times on ETFs, the increasingly-popular securities that trade like stocks. ETFs hold a basket of stocks, removing the risk of betting on a single company. examined the pricing action and discovered at least eight ETFs that showed "flash-crash" style drops at the opening of trading.

I will also say that even the best most liquid futures contracts had issues too but at least a futures trader was able to execute trades during the only session that is worth trading which is EUROPEAN TRADING HOURS from 2:00 AM till Noon eastern time. 


28 years ago today.

The Dow had it's all time closing August high before the 1987 crash took place in October. It was also the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE day that was a world wide event to promote peace love and all that new agey shit. 

I think we should call today harmonic shit storm.. 

Just sayin'.. and THAT is why traders pay attention to anniversary dates. 
Oh on a side note it is also when Ronnie Reagan declared September 11th to be EMERGENCY DAY to be observed every year. 


Today was NOT a crash
This was flash crash 2.0

Today was "one of these days I will cut you into little pieces" < floydism>.  Having been a pro I know what it takes to deal with a day like today and if you are not really really good you almost certainly got hosed today. 

A real crash would be already down in the 1700s on the S&P right now and close on the low of the day. 

I get questions because now everyone all of sudden realizes I do indeed know what I am doing. My advise is PAY ATTENTION and stay within your skill set. If you are not trading futures then GO SIT ON THE BENCH. 


It took 10 minutes
8/24/2015.. 11:00 AM

The new flash crash 2.0 is in the history books. The downside action from Sunday night culminated in the first 5 minutes of regular trading and from 9:35 AM till 9:45 the S&P futures market jacked right back to just shitty from shitting it's pants. UP 75 S&P points in 10 minutes..  LOL. it only took 5 minutes after the 9:30 AM open wipe out the entire Muppet species.. Once the deed was done it was time to put on a display of yellin style technical market management which dwarfs the old Greenspan put or the bernak helicopter dump. 

 The rest of the day should be pushing the people who were forced out at the low to go back in.  What would be a defendable low down in the low 1800s on the spoos and a BIG TAIL DAY that looks just like the May 2010 mini crash did. 


So all the September pundits who were calling for a crash in September are left holding their D@$Ks in hand.  I did warn about this sort of MANUFACTURED PRICE ACTION IN AUGUST which in my mind is setting up other things in the mid late September shemitah zone. 

 Barring WW3 this sets a defendable low just like the May 2010 mini crash did.  The ideal day for the perps is to get a few points back above the S&P 1965 level to form a hammer low on the candlesticks. 


That's what ya get for pretending the danger's not real
.. long trodden corridors into the valley of steel
What a surprise.. A look of terminal shock in your eyes?
No this is no bad dream 



" I have looked over Jordan and I HAVE SEEN
things are not what they seem"



OH MY we have a setup here right out of the script of the TV series called House of Cards. Kevin Spacy plays a scheming congressman who weasels his way into the Veep role and then engineers a forced resignation of the president. He then announces running  for another full term but for ONLY ONE TERM.. LOLOL.. How coincidental. 

So anyone who has been paying attention is not going to surprised if all of a sudden Obama resigns?  Mr Joe the Zionist has ALREADY declared himself to be an enemy of the interests of the American people. He has declared himself to be an agent of a foreign power.  Bieden is the perfect example of a USEFUL IDIOT.


Bad Sign
8/24/2015 6 AM

As of right now at 5:30 AM EDT the S&P futures are hanging by a fingernail above an abyss and today is an all out crash just about everywhere else. The overnight futures markets open on Sunday night at 6 PM  which is not something that "investors" have much awareness about.  

The overnight lows are at 1911 which is a full 100 S&P points lower than the Friday morning levels.. THAT IS REALLY NASTY. And the USA is seemly the least affected so far. That low was set at 10 PM EDT Sunday night and since then a rise up to 1940s level seems to me a plunge protection team operation working overtime. PLEASE NOTE the low being at 1911.. Those funny oligarch guys LOVE to print numbers with meaning eh? 

There is a long few hours before the US open of regular trading and if the attempt to set the low at 1911 to create a defendable low fails it is time to head for the bunkers. THAT LOW breaking today would be an indication of passing the point of no return.  


Seven year itch?
7 deadly sins

Interesting word used here GLITCH. 
( some very astute comments posted on this. )

Ya right.. It is just a glitch.. The shemitah cycle says otherwise. This is planned and engineered every 7 years and the cat is out of the bag now.  We know who is doing it now. So are we going to stand around and let them get away with it AGAIN?? 

Crashing things for power and money.. These acts do KILL PEOPLE.. If one takes secondary effects into account the number is in the millions even 10s of millions. 

As of the moment I see a potential of a stock market crash in September as low probability. It is not as if there is not an obvious setup it is because the setup has become a known. This is a JUBILEE YEAR coming up and the requirement BY THEIR OWN BOOK OF RULES is that there be a wiping clean of debt so new growth can be made possible. I figure they will see the 'light" and go ahead and at least make it look like they are being so generous and forgiving.  If this is not forthcoming and the US market is allowed to crash it is the starting gun of a mass extinction level event and we need to take it seriously right away and not stand around thinking some miracle is going to save us.

This is not easy for me to see and deal with. I know things did NOT have to be the way they were and I know that we do NOT have to just sit here and just take it. I can see a day in the not too distant future that the American people will have the truth of what has been done to them wash over them like a rash. Those in the EL-ite criminal class would be well served to take into account what might happen if they try to pull shit off when too many are watching. The 75 years of bernays mind control through false belief systems is wearing a bit thin anyway..  Push it just a tiny bit more and there is going to be a self preservation instinct kick in for the sleeping masses. Americans are slow to anger but when pushed too far it is not going to be pretty. 

 So if they are planning to go ahead and do the crash and burn thing again here is what I think.

The Borat version of an old saying 

The original clip is hysterical every time you see it..


Hysterical work by John Oliver

The whole segment.. Hey Christians.. 
Wise men don't know how it feels to be THICK AS A BRICK


This is what yesterday felt like for me

Indeed I feel vindicated AGAIN.  There is simply NO ONE who called this to the day like I did and I started to point this setup out to readers here all the way back in late summer of 2014. This is the power of REAL ASTROLOGY. I am simply a reader of what is there forming in the possibility field. Add in some god given precog and I expect to be this good. 

That being said it is back to the huddle.. the game is not over. I suspect maybe the post I did a few days about THE BUTLER is the way the game ends. We need to focus on the interception at the goal line on SEPTEMBER 13th. 



"Haven't you heard its a battle of words the poster bearer said"

What are words ... they are SPELLS. Words are symbolic representations of IDEAS. Ideas are the mind stuff that everything not natural comes from. Before any man made object can appear in 3D it has to be formed on an idea level FIRST. This is a very basic fundamental law of human consciousness. 

So if you were a student of lets say EDWARD BERNAYS you would have understood that occult principle all along.  Entraining the minds of millions they cause people to have PICTURES FORM in the mind and by relentless repetition they forge a "future" out of those millions of mental pictures. Can you imagine the effectiveness so many decades later with HD TV and all sorts of picture making devices have had on the very fabric of 3D reality? This is the nature of psychic warfare. 

So it is apparent that the job for those few of us left standing is TO BREAK THIS EVIL SPELL that has descended on us. Right now the 99% is so spell bound with lies since birth they don't know any form of behavior other than suffering in submission in a world of make believe. 

As we stand on the edge of the abyss we can only blame ourselves.. We were born as free will souls into this world but we allowed evil people to determine what we believe.. A BE A LIE world. 

So what of those brave souls who come here and read my posts.. I figure many of that few are on the same page and understand what I just said above. The only way to break a magic spell is to use magic ourselves. Everyone has their own talent..  Artists and songwriters led the opening salvos of a psychic war of resistance 49 years ago. We have the same opportunity again in another post 7x7shemitah  jubilee year ahead like 1966-1967 was. WE ARE THE NEW UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE of the giant mind fuck we have suffered through just as the hippies were an unintended consequence in 1967. 

 Believe me the dosing of 10s of millions with LSD and creating 100s of thousands of accidentally spiritually aware young people was a giant problem for them.  They could not have known because if you are an evil creep you can never go near where we went. They were dim bulbs about what they accidentally created at first but after Woodstock they were well aware of the consequence and THAT is when the war on drugs came to be.  People like myself have been on the front lines of this 49 year war of spells ever since. 

Old folks like myself have been the torch bearers for 49 years so those who have a stake in the future must pick up the torch before we drop it.  As we all go into the great beyond we BEG YOU.. Just say KNOW.  
KNOWING is beyond the realm of words and is beyond the reach of lying belief systems. 

A torch carrier

An echo of a distant of a distant time
Comes willowing across the land

And kNOw one sings me lullabies
And kNOw one makes me close my eyes
 So I throw the windows wide

~~~~~ HIGH HOPES ~~~~~~
So good it might make you cry

The ringing of the DIVISION BELL HAS BEGUN



"And I don't have to see any more to know that I CAN READ YOUR MIND" 

Please no ear buds or cell phone speakers for this one

WE REALLY REALLY REALLY have to make a point of letting this frat like bunch of satanic morons know we see them for what they are. 

"You've taken lot of chances before but I ain't gonna give any more
That's how it goes..  because part of me knows what your thinking"


TODAY 8/21/2015

Many months ago I had a precog flashes about today being a deep low in US stocks that was PROVOKED ON PURPOSE by the big boys to wipe out the stops below 2025 on the S&P. There is a much deeper level that may be in play today a few % below the lows on 8/20 which is very much in play for today. S&P 1960 is in play as more stops are there although I don't necessarily think it goes that low today.  If it did it would be quite OK with me being icing on an already good looking cake. . 

You could call yesterday a bit exciting for me to see it happen in 3D after posting a dozen times about today over the last few months. .. LOL then I saw the NEXT movie and it was really kind of a 4 star day around here in my world. Kinda like spiking the ball in the endzone. 

THIS SHIT like today is did not have to happen this way and that goes for what is ahead too. It takes a critical mass of empowered people to do battle with the reality engineers and you can imagine my frustration spending years and years trying to get through to people. 

The stuff I do is indeed dangerous to the "people" who are gaming the timeline for money and power.  There have been numerous attempts made to own me and exploit my talent since 1998. I choose near poverty rather than allow them to own and exploit me. The way I do this site now reflects this because I am not giving out milk and cookies to psychopaths who I know come here for free shit from me. FU. 

I am quite aware of the principle in the quote
Here's the thing about the future
every time you look at it .... it changes because you looked at it.

I see a lot more than I am willing to write about.  If you take the time to read and act on the post below and see the movie NEXT you will maybe understand how tricky it is dealing with this skill. 



Saw a very good movie playing on netflix called NEXT.  Based on a story by Phillip K Dick who has had a lot of blockbuster movies based on his stories. I am CERTAIN that Dick was a precog and a visionary himself and it eventually drove him mad. I give this movie a 5 out of 5 stars..  
It is about a PRECOG and although it is a Hollywood thriller it has a whole lot of relevance to me as I am a precog of sorts but a bit different than what is shown. In the movie Nick Cage can see only 2 minutes ahead but develops an ability to see 2 hours ahead as part of a story line about (you guessed it a terrorist attack) preventing crimes. Obviously the movie glamorizes this skillset in a way that no one alive today is capable of yet BUT it does show what it is like to have this even in the more involuntary way that people like myself use.. The flashing pictures experienced as a present.. ya i get it. 


Funny Clip

I know for as fact that navy seals have been trained in using such talents. That to me is creepy. This skill in the hands of an evil person is VERY DANGEROUS to the rest of us
The ideas presented conform to what I know and use as far as how the possibility field works. The future is changeable all the way up until the EXACT PRESENT MOMENT. 
As the future gets closer people have an ability to see the possibility field at a certain range BEFORE it narrows into 3D matter reality. 

In my case I am a more far sighted viewer seeing rather well at 3 weeks to 3 months and even much longer in years because I combine astrology which gives me an anchor point in a specific future time. The movie is about a short sighted precog who sees only minutes ahead. Keep in mind that far sighted SEEING is by nature dealing with a very much wider set of possibles to deal with. 

Anyone attempting to predict the future who DOES NOT GET IT about how the possibility field actually works is going to be rather sucky as far as results. 

QUOTE at the very end of the movie
Here's the thing about the future
every time you look at it .... it changes because you looked at it.


Hat tip to Luke

WOW this is one of the few guys around that makes me actually sad to be old. Must watch just to see an up and comer start to earn his way into the truther hall of fame.

Here is a guy who is already In that hall of fame. John Kaminski.  Well said.


The plan has to be

The game is on the line.. The opposition has the ball and is driving for the win. 
Here is how it is done.

All good people need to focus on this. The game is not over till it is over. Malcolm Butler hardly had to move the play came right to him. BE THE BUTLER.. 



Ok how stupid is this? Historically stupid. So stupid it cannot be an accident either. With no reserves what happens if say the USD cannot be held up and the USA cannot import food. What if there is a war .. a REAL ONE....  A war that those in DC seem keen on starting any minute now.  With no food reserves it will only be a matter of weeks until Americans begin to starves if this years crop gets a big dose of rads. . 

The REAL KICKER is that so much of usa production is using terminator seeds already that there will not be any recovery possible after only ONE FAILED GROWING SEASON.. Thanks mon satan. 

This is not stupidity it is HIGH TREASON. When you hear people saying there is a planned mass extinction event being planned there is a strong basis in fact that is indeed the case. 


Trade of the century?

The bull market since the post sandy low has been fueled on a macro level by hedge fund and oligarch positions shorting gold and going long stocks. That has been one of the more profitable macro trades of all time. AND YES I CALLED IT at the time. 

The flip side of that trade is to short US stocks and go long gold. I have to believe that this could be even more profitable over a 4 year time horizon that the 2011 - 2015 short gold long stocks macro trade. 

There is a caveat however in the trades are PAPER as in promises to honor the trades. As I see things gold and silver paper promises in ETF and futures will default. That leaves a few options which is PHYSICAL ONLY HOLDING OF METALS and buying gold miners stocks which have been beaten up to a pulp. If one is going to trust paper it seems only the miners have any chance of actually reflecting value in such a situation. 
DUE DILIGENCE.....  I figure only half of gold miners are even a viable business and may indeed be caught in the paper defaults causing bankruptcy.

The HUI is an interesting way to play it in that it has diversification at least. 


Aussie version of 60 minutes

Considering the vids coming out of the PP scandal.. The revelations about how deep-seated the pedophilia within the British Elite.. Considering the Franklin scandal.
If you watch her eyes she is not lying. 

So how long is this going to be allowed to continue. Are we willing to allow these people to take total control over our counties? 


CON-cern 2

Really good work from Mel and Melissa Melton. These are two very reasonable people not prone to being tricked by disinfo. 

Very chilling statements from HW Bush about this project back in 1988 and after watching the vid it has me thinking the much larger HLC which was defunded (supposedly) is real and as with anything Bush it has been militarized. HW talks about the origins of TIME AND SPACE and proclaims himself as one of the ARCHITECTS OF THE FUTURE. 

ARCH ... Is that ARCHON.. Interesting words eh? Kinda gives one a pause considering the masons seem to worship the great ARCHitect... 

On another note guess who owns ARCH Coal.. LOL the same guy who has been funding the climate change hoax. LOL again..  When we find ourselves freezing in the not very far off future due to solar output who ya gonna call?



I guess everyone else but Trump better grow a pair. This is almost as funny as when the state of West Virginia voted in a Texas prisoner in the 2012 Primaries over Obama.



Very interesting indeed.  A 2013 SYFY channel pilot that was not aired. Some posts going viral now connecting this show to 9/23/2015 as some sort of predictive programming. As readers know I am aware of the implication of time travel and consider it to be MUCH more likely that what we consider "aliens" are actually from our own future and not some other star system.  There is a theme in the show about changing an event that has already happened using a CERN type of device..

I am going to watch the actual show rather than get involved with what other people are saying about it.


OPEX Friday

Almost ALL YEAR I have discussed the astro being deflationary from the SATURN PLUTO SEMI SQUARES (45degrees).  They just made the last of three aspects on August 13th... The boot is coming off the neck so to speak. The stats will be delayed but I think the worst of the deflation episode is RIGHT NOW. 

Markets other than USA stocks have been pummeled.. OIL JUST MADE A NEW LOW THIS AM below the 42 handle.. The option expiration process actually starts today and finishes on the Friday close. 

People with some fun money to put to use might consider some leap options in oil or metals with 2016 exp because if my read is correct we have a whole lotta money printing ahead. Seems the big boys are loading up on tons of gold. 


Life is short
Go long divorce attorneys

Hey it is the ultimate distraction.. Get a piece and then have a bunch of pieces taken out of you. Looks like 37 million people will be much more concerned about secret affairs than with world affairs just in time for the big show in September..

Phacebook for Philaderers.  LOL.. it was conceived as a blackmail operation to begin with.  And how phucking dumb are people even after adult friend finder was hacked years ago.. Hey it says 100% secure on the site.. SEE SEE.


The hair

So Jackson wins the war of 1812 in New Orleans only to ride home in victory to find the war was technically lost in New England at the negotiation table while he was away.  Think back to waterloo and the takeover of British bond market by the Rothschild's when he had better intelligence knowing a day earlier what had taken place.  I would have to say that Jackson was UNPLEASED to say the least and his fight with the bank that was created in that "negotiation" was the thorn in his side that he eventually pulled out as president. 


I think Trump has a LOOOONG way to go to hold Jackson's jock strap BUT this is still the political preseason. I find myself being exited a LITTLE about the prospects of someone.. ANYONE actually having the wits needed to take the country back from the brink.. 

I find it possible that trump will use the fact that he OWES god knows how much money to his political opponents in banking that he has become a lose lose for them. Maybe owing 10s of billions is like Kevlar undies. It does seem to me Trump is fearless and maybe that is why because he has them by 10s of billion of short hairs (pun intended) 


Duke vs Jones

Surprisingly entertaining..  Very clear where Jones is willing to go and how he is shaping peoples attitudes about not only Duke but a greater part of the current agenda.

OMG Jones just cannot stop blowing his own bullhorn.. Thank god youtube lets us fast forward thought some of his diatribes.


New Berwick interview
about September


September to remember

A good read on the situation including a handy chart of the points on the timeline to pay attention to.


Ron Paul's revenge

All You are in need is Dr Tarr and Professor Feather. Jesse are you getting it?

 Its' a wise thing if your clever.. Just what you need to feel better. 


Three vultures with one stone

If Jesse and Trump are serious they have to use what god gave them .. the spirit of 69. Applied properly this song is the magic and we need it now. 
Oh My ... some things stay the same but the faces change.  LOL .. How charade you are. 

 Better than the original.. just listen..


Got a revolution
Volunteers of America

Ohhh.. Kinda feels like a Trump/Jesse tag team could at least be a proper climax for the jubilee year ahead.. God if we could just get this spirit of 69 going again.. 

Yo guys are you are serious??



Red rain

Sensing that storm.

Recent performances

A bit prophetic. Sigh....

And I cant watch anymore..  though no denial
It's so hard to lay down in all this 
red rain coming down.. 

Picked this up from a ZH comment on the above link.  I remember a few years ago dear leader using the term KINETIC a lot. I seem to remember also the timing with a fertilizer plant in Waco that went up a lot like this just a few days after Texas had taken tons of gold back to a vault in Austin very VERY close to Waco.

The resulting crater within fractured rock indicates it could have been hit by a hyper-velocity, kinetic-energy, heavy-metal-constructed weapon (without a warhead) dubbed the “rod from God.” It is doubtful that explosions of mere chemicals could create a massive crater like this.

One can reasonably conclude that unlike a surface explosion of chemicals, this kinetic energy released underground was caused by a powerful penetration of the surface.

“Rod from God’ technology has been in development for some time and prototypes could be available in the U.S. as well as other countries. Such weapons are not prohibited by the SALT II treaty and are treated as a conventional weapon that emits no radioactivity.


Zen does Rense

Terminal madness.. LOL got a ring to it.



Predictive programming
Real magic

The future comes from the dreams of the present. It is a known that science fiction that has captured the imagination of millions has come true all the way back to the days of Jules Vern. 100s of examples including certain items in star trek like our current smart phones have materialized in 3d spacetime.

This is just how things work and have ALWAYS worked.  Consider it probable that those in power have understood this basic principle of MANIFESTING for 1000s of years. The LAW OF ATTRACTION people have been teaching it. IT IS HOW THINGS WORK. Picture it enough and it will be made manifest eventually. 

All of the buildings.. 
all of the cars.. were once just a dream in somebody's head
................................. Mercy Street,  Peter Gabriel

The current religious madness about biblical prophecy is the biggest concern for us few still left sane as millions of "believers" keep visualizing a war of extinction and seem perfectly ok with helping it along with deeds.  A 2000 year old quote.... "Forgive them for they know not what they do". 


Watching current events is??
... like living with a hernia

A Weird Al classic..


One month

New moon in Leo today which is conjunct Venus. Venus is thought by many to be beneficent but I see her as two sided as beauty and narcissist.. Frankley I think most Venusian people are mostly narcissistic. This is the last new moon of this shemitah year which ends on September 13th. 

Seems Armageddon has been delayed which is a good thing.. Next window of concern is June of 2016 when mars makes a station in opposition with Israel's natal sun. This is also the time when an election outcome is almost set in stone and IF there is a perception that a new president is not controllable it adds to the potential for a major war. I had an interesting thought about Trump playing a role last seen by Andrew Jackson..  Calling the bankers "killers" on debate night kind of made me wonder. Jackson killed the 2nd private central bank and maybe Trump is the only one who can kill the current 3rd one.  When I hear something like this I will be more of a fan. 

 You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out.

The economic thrashing around is surreal already.  Yet the US stock market is stuck in the same trading range it has been in since fall 2014.  There is an old saying.. 


Human algos

Leave it to Goldman to find any and all ways to get an edge.. To think we kinda laughed a few years ago when they were hiring autistics to trade. 

This takes micro managing people to another level.

Of course, if mere data monitoring isn’t enough for you, there are other options. For example, Fit Clarity is working on a Fitbit-like device, called Pavlok (clever name), that will shock you if you aren’t exercising enough. From Maxim:

The expanding universe of fitness trackers has a rising star which is half Fitbit, half stun gun: Pavlok. If you consider the gentle buzz of a silent reminder from your current wearable only so much weak sauce, Pavlok’s solution is simple–a little electroshock therapy.

 I am very happy being old now and not having to deal with this.. Imagine going into debt to get a job that requires you to be fitted up with a device that reports on your every movement and all the thoughts in your head are generating bio electrical tells about your state of mind.  This is WORSE than the worst prison in my opin. 


5 waves down in oil from 2013

The top in September 2013 was a few days before the new moon in Virgo.  Since that date an almost textbook 5 waves down has been printed and if what we see now is not CAPITULATION I have wasted 4 decades of study. Max pain for oil is right about here at the 42 handle. 

From the 2008 absolute highs the lows print a loss of 90% in something that entire world requires for economic production??  The oil chart from 2008 looks like a chart of yahoo from 2000. What on earth could cause such a thing in real life?? There is only one thing stronger than supply and demand and that is DEBT DRIVEN FINANCIAL ENGINEERING for political purposes. The deflationary astro that has prevailed so strongly since thanksgivings day 2014 is FINALLY past exact today (Saturn Pluto semi square) so some relief is due to begin within a week or 3. I don't think relief from these low levels is going to be huge upside near term unless a war breaks out that disrupts supply. There is a huge overhead seller issue driven by debt so I doubt oil will do a V shaped bottom before what is in store in September becomes a known.  The fake Armageddon  show seems to have had a production delay and the next strong window for it seems like June 2016 to me. If that is the script it would pay to watch oil for a tip off on who knows what in advance.. 

It is possible that a new technology is at hand that makes oil obsolete. The climate change cult would be all over that in a heart beat so it stands to reason whatever this new new energy technology is cannot be practical just yet. 


King Bibi

From a very mainstream media outlet.

This taking place is over the top interference in US policy and law. Not the first time either. How this can be allowed to continue so obviously and out in the open is because of ONE WORD.. .................BLACKMAIL.  
There is simply no other way this can go on. I don't think Bibi is the master he is just carrying water for his bosses.. Sort of like your neighbors dog that barks at you constantly when you are on your own property. 


Confusion(ius) says

Ah timing.. it does not lie. Looks like China had the 911 experience to me. In any major event there lies someone WHO BENEFITS..  I assume the Chinese are great thinkers and if so they have to wonder how the disaster could have been so perfectly timed a day after the Chinese Yuan was devalued.  The destroyed port is one of the biggest and is now out of business for who knows how long. Easy to see the event has presented issues for Chinese exports.. 

It could have been accident but then the timing says otherwise. I have to think this could be considered an act of war if Chinese leaders come to some obvious conclusions.  

Ready for not wasting a crisis I see.



One has to wonder just how much an accident is worth and how much incentive there is for one to occur.  Real actual business is almost impossible these days so creating a crisis and not letting it go to waste is about the only "profitable" way to do business. It would be very interesting to study WHO it is that gets contracts for cleaning up messes and how connected they are to the money mafia.

Hey if these people would false flag us to war it seems like a 'little thing" to spill something that costs millions to clean up. 


Still on track

The stock market is very nervous and yet has not reflected the reality of hanging higher on thinner and thinner reasoning.. My call many months ago is for a low around August 21st OPEX day which is still looking really good.  The crushing of commodities is ON PAR with the very deflationary astro from the Saturn Pluto semi square exact tomorrow.  Gold and silver appear to have made a low but I leave open for a downdraft day that could reach 1000 gold and 12 silver before end of the month.  Oil acts like it knows that there is some technological breakthrough immanent that could change the fundamentals permanently. 

The setup I described months ago is to create a huge amount of fear in August to set a defendable low in stocks and use the scripted events in September as a spring board for another very large leg up lasting into year end .  The really big money will be selling like crazy on what I consider the last leg up before a 2016 bear market that could get VERY nasty after mid summer.  Take a look at the charts in 2008 and you will see a similar 2007 - 2008 pattern shaping up right now in front of your eyes. 


OH MY.. 

I have been speaking up about the fundies going batshit over the prospects of a world ending climax soon that would fulfill their psychopathic desire to have all of us others rot in hell for eternity.. How very "Christian" of them. How this woman can walk without hitting her head on her knees escapes me.  If you thought I was joking that they are working hard to get Armageddon started stop laughing.


Weidner film

Looks at least entertaining.  Weidner is a leader in the so called new age movement and he is a bit like Duff in some ways. SOME good stuff but annoying anomalies come up such as the fake moon landing promoted at a time when there were FAR MOORE IMPORTANT THINGS to focus people's attention on. ..  I can also tell you first hand that Weidner had what I consider a negative influence on many when he generated a huge amount of fear in 2006 with the Henday cross prophecy. I also find it annoying that I cannot find a bio worth reading so I can understand where this guy has come from. I would like to see his date of birth for instance. 

I  find the timing of this release just in front of September 13th a bit amusing.. I don't know if I am going to pay the vig to see it just yet but will be interested in reading the reviews of those who have. 


Duff Stuff

Duff lost me back in March April when I saw things that should not have happened on the VT site. That and endorsing hellary took 90% of his creditability away for me.. I do think he presents SOME things worth considering such as his detailed work on mini nukes used on 911. Occams razor tells me that explanation is very correct. 

So today a post suggests that the Iranians have made some sort of breakthrough in physics that could be a game changer. The political intrigue in the article is where I have to stand back and look for an agenda. Is this meant to create a bigger boogie man??

This breakthrough if I read it correctly could explain a lot about the collapse in oil prices as much as it being a punishment of Russia. The petro doillar would be going out of style too and all the debt that has been taken out on for an obsolete energy scheme would be a nasty adjustment as well. One  wonders if this is worth fighting WW3 over. Popcorn anyone?? 


The man behind the curtain

Over the top manipulation of CONgress continues. Isn't it obvious to anyone who has a functioning brain the American people are at the bottom of the list for politicians to be concerned about. 

Netanyahoo is the front man ... a bully.. a person to use the Israeli intelligence services that US taxpayers have paid for to interfere with governments. He is not the man behind the curtain he is the agent of that person. The actual man behind the curtain is not known to us little people but you can be sure that the stock holders meeting called blunderbeggers know who it is.. Likely candidates .. Kissinger.. Brzinski.. Corzine.. and of course we cannot forget Rothschild.. ... Of course maybe those are just the board members of corptocracy inc. and if one thinks hard enough maybe by process of elimination it is actually Satan himself.. Hey it may as well be the outcomes are consistent with that. 

My perception is things have gone wrong with the script the last few months and the ducks that were supposed to be in a row at present are wandering around in a daze. I think this is really dangerous. The crime mafia does not like it when that happens. Collective punishment is the norm so one should look at who the goats are to have a heads up on where we might see retaliation

The Australians.. They ditched the carbon tax and then balked at the TPP.
The USAINO has so far not shoveled Israel enough billions to make them happy with the setback of the Iran deal. 
The Russians have refused to engage nato over Ukraine
The Chinese have the given a middle finger and set up a physical gold exchange
The UN is potentially going to recognize a Palestinian state in September. 

I did a little back checking and in the aftermath of 911 in November a plane headed south from LaGuardia crashed within a few miles short of the UN which had a meeting of world leaders going on at the time.  I think it is very likely the plane was headed straight into the UN when the pilots tried to over ride the electronic takeover of the cockpit.. This sure explains the unusual movements of the control surfaces that broke the rudder off the plane. 
We already know that another high level meeting is going to be held within a few days of the last blood moon and as we get close to that meeting it will pay to watch Israeli actions.. If a Palestine state is declared it completely blows the chances of greater Israel from the sea to the Tigress and Euphrates any time soon IF EVER. Is the Sampson option on the table? I would think so if there is an international effort to roll back Israel to the 1967 border. 

Way back in the aftermath of 911 in 2002 I had a vivid dream about a terrorist attack on Philly.. It was slow mo and full color first person which is rare but so far has been on those few occasions me seeing a real event in the future. Call it remote viewing if you will. What I saw was One Liberty Place go down like the twin towers did and it was a nuke that was involved.. I am from Philly and was looking at the event from about 10 miles away with a clear view from the top of Broad Street. The Pope will be in Philly for the last blood moon. I sure as heck don't want to be right on this one but have to speak up because I consider things like 911 to be VERY PREVENTABLE. 

The events of 911 were a known to many in hindsight.. the events of 2008 were a known in real time and maybe just maybe the events of 2015 are a known in advance.. I don't consider myself to be the only one who has the ability to see ahead and I think in the case of September there are plenty of observers now so it makes it VERY RISKY to attempt anything like a false flag.. If one of the two scenarios above plays out without being challenged I think WW3 is a certainty.  The last 49 years of discord has much to do with the 6 day war in June 1967 so June 2016 during another jubilee year has strong rhyming that requires vigilance on the part of observers.  Mars will be making a station in opposition to Israel's natal Sun in June 2016. 


Hendrix prophecies

Younger people have been deprived of so much.. The vids in the link detail how a systematic degrading of not just Hendrix work but so many others also occurred.

The PTB killed him to shut him up and it has not really worked because so many of us are still alive to testify about what we saw and EXPERIENCED back in the early 70s. I can tell you that MANY of us had such information come to us back.  

An interesting part of the vid lecture was about Hendrix vision of an asteroid being guided to hit the earth. A thought occurred to me after the Russian fireball last year and just recently an impact in Iran that rocks might have been nudged to land on unfriendly countries to the NWO. 

A very interesting web site...


Spokeswoman for the elders

A gem of an interview.. She rings true.



They hated you for your freedom
Now they hate you for breathing

The definition of THEY and YOU is something to consider.

If one stands back and looks it seems too coincidental to me that so many vulnerabilities have gone unaddressed OVER MANY DECADES.. If one were to conspire to take over the country without an army it would be the enemy within constantly degrading the supportive systems that are protection.. 

***I witnessed first hand the so called productivity miracle touted by "greedspan" as a method to force "growth" out of an already squeezed lemon.  Just in time product placed on store shelves is great for keeping prices lower than they would otherwise be if there was some sort of redundancy.  The Achilles heal of America is not an IF it is a WHEN because in a single day all inventory will be stripped out of food stores if the trucks stop rolling. So is it IDIOTS OR PSYCHOPATHS that would engineer such a thing.

***Then we have the grid. Who in their right mind would allow the gov to create EMP weapons and use them in Iraq and then allow the American people to be ever more vulnerable every day to an attack using the same type of weapons.  As things stand now ALL the big grid distribution equipment like transformers is made in CHINA.  There is already a two year wait for replacements even before anything but normal wear and tear is part of the equation. So is it IDIOTS OR PSYCHOPATHS that would engineer such a thing.

***The Nuke power plants. Technically they were DESIGNED TO MELT DOWN BY DESIGN if they are not manned by the operators. This is even more dangerous than the two vulnerabilities above. What we have is about 100 reactors that were bastardized versions of the designs used in Nuclear subs. ANY LOSS OF coolant for whatever the reason will cause a Japanese style meltdown. If the two vulnerabilities above occur it will only a matter of time before they start popping like a bags of popcorn. So is it IDIOTS OR PSYCHOPATHS that would engineer such a thing.

Additional issues
The healthcare system is designed to fail
The financial markets are ONCE AGAIN designed to fail ON CUE.
The US military is bogged down overseas while a militarized police force has its way with the people
Every citizen is now vulnerable to blackmail and I doubt more than a small percentage of citizens is not an unknowing felon.

So is it IDIOTS OR PSYCHOPATHS that would engineer such a thing. The final point is the presence of so many apparent idiots at the controls is not credible. 
That then leaves THE OBVIOUS.. So if we have so many designed vulnerabilities it does not take a stretch of the imagination to see what the intent is.. SUBMIT OR DIE.. Maybe not long after submission comes JUST DIE. 

There is no excuse for the masses because this setup for mega failure has been a known for 14 years. That was when the security apparatus protecting the country from enemies was designed to fail and it did. With the super shemitah climax just ahead Americans better get a grip and see that they are inconvenient to the takeover planning of the entire world that has been scripted out all the way back in 1967 when the last super shemitaha occurred.  

So when was it exactly that this failure by design was preventable? 
Seems to me Huxley had it right all the way back in 1958. A Mike Wallace interview..


You go girl(s)

OMG this is so FUNNY It seems Megan Kelly even pisses the black girls off. 

I would not want to ever piss these two off. Their mouths are a force of nature. Could be this is the mom who dragged her son off the streets of Baltimore by the ear..


Must see Vid

Really good one here. I agree with 95% of what is presented.


Your Country on central panning

Some quotes.. 

The US government is currently spending $60 billion, every year, to restrain business activity. 

So, the people who are hoping and waiting for a “good job” to pop up are trapped between hammer and anvil. Robots are starting to roll into the workplace while the job creators (small entrepreneurs) are in regulatory and economic chains. They can’t come to the rescue.

These days, to get rich, one needs to take government as a partner. If one does not, regulation and legislation are likely to destroy your business. At this point, many of us (myself included) have had businesses – good businesses that benefited everyone involved – crushed by legislation.

I would like you, please, to consider this quote from the boss of Lehman Brothers, just as the World War I production surge was failing:

We must shift America from a needs, to a desires culture. People must be trained to desire, to want new things, even before the old had been entirely consumed. We must shape a new mentality in America. Man’s desires must overshadow his needs.

The Fed started to print the debt money back in 1913 and WW1 started a few years later. This was the start of the bernaysian nightmare we are stuck in right now. Countless trillions have been wasted by the public due to this psychological warfare against the people. 

Does "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT" make more sense now? Seems anyone who starts a business is only allowed to succeed if it suits the central planners agenda. No wonder innovation in such things as alt energy always fail going back the days of Tesla. 


Pheer Factor

Wow what an idea.. Rating your credit score based on your FB "friends" credit scores. HAHAHA that will amount to some mean spirited peer pressure if one of your "friends" has a credit problem it will reflect on everyone he is "friends" with.. OMG being shunned on facebook...  it might be worse than hell on earth.. Better make that payment even if it is with the food money.


Berwick gets it

Glad to see Berwick is staying on task and continues to point out the manufactured reality scripted out for September.

My take on September based on what I see in the present.
Too many expect a stock market crash this fall to make it a good bet. 
My perception is the derivates are more powerful than the actual stock market. It would not be a surprise to me that over hedging will delay any return to sanity till DECEMBER when rolling over hedges will be required. I do expect problems late December and January 2016 as it is clear to me that unfriendly tax changes will come into play as an election year bone thrown at the 100 million out of work. 
The real issue for equity crashing this fall is probably anywhere else but the USA.
The dollar will probably go UP FIRST after the September rollout of the new 50 year plan and the dollar crash that everyone is expecting could come post June 2016 when the USAINO could suffer a military defeat.. 
There has to be a big push to get the carbon taxation going because it is already clear that the "science" is not settled nor was it ever. 
Seems TTP ect is stumbling a bit.. This may be a huge setback for the NWO that requires collective punishment of Americans and well almost everyone else too. 

 LOL I get calls now from friends asking if they should stock up and prep. I say you should have already been prepared because we almost went off the rails in 2008 and nothing has changed since then. Just be prudent. 


Halbig and pay pal

Here is the reason why I took pay pal out of my personal equation. Pay pal is an instrument of censorship and it is only a matter of time before they go after web sites that repost material from lesser sites with lower traffic than an aggregator. I am very careful now the way I present material that I want to share. A short quote is not going to be a problem but posting another's work in near total almost certainly IS going to be a problem. 

This guy is a HERO and he is taking heat for it.

I post mostly my own content on the page after June 2015 and even though I am not a particularly great writer I have original content that the bots cannot flag me for. 


Trumped Up

Repubs in tatters.. Carly won the undercard and might be second now to Trump. Good riddance the freak show of morons has to stop. 

Trump reminds me a LOT of George Wallace. In 1968 Wallace gave the win to Nixon. 
In 1972 Wallace was shot and could not stop Nixon. Lets hope history does not repeat leaving us stuck with another Bush. 

Do I want to see Trump as prez? NO NO NO. He has to have a very close relationship with the banks that own the debt enslaved population.  Maybe could be best compared to John Adams who was a ROTHSCHILD AGENT and was key man in establishing the first central bank ruling over the population. That led directly to the war of 1812.

Trump wants Sarah Palin to be someone high in his power structure. OMG a religious freak and Israel firster and by him even "liking" her is a disqualification. Ugh.. And I am supposed to trust this mans level of intelligence and integrity? 

The only function I think Trump is qualified for is to wipe the floor with the other wannabies Trump does represent STYLE and is paving the way to giving Americans a "choice"  of sorts. Just like in 2012 we will have only a choice between Pol Pot and Stalin. Nice choice eh? 

I think it is likely that Obama is planning to create such a mess that he can refuse to leave especially if there is Trump Vs "anyone but "hellary". Keep in mind I am seeing Armageddon delayed until JUNE 2016 which is perfect timing to cancel the election.. It seems to me Obama could pull it off if this is the choice given to voters.


History of psychic spying

Good read it pays to know just how long this has been going on and also consider this has been IN THE WRONG HANDS for quite a while.

There is some background in the article about Ingo Swann who was born 9/14/1933 exactly one lunar node cycle before me with the same Sun in Virgo and Moon in Cancer. One node cycle past my birth and two after Ingo's was when BOTH of us became more or less professional at psychic work in 1971. Needless to say I relate to Ingo both talent wise and also his very high level of integrity.. He was also a very good astrologer too. He was pushed out of gov work in the 1990s  because he was a known telepath and was not trusted around the secrets in others heads .. Errr lies.. 

Later in the history is a period in late 70s early 1980s when the men who stare at goats program was going on and I know someone who was involved in that part too. Very dark shit there. 

Just imagine with the type of technology that is available today where this might have been taken after they got rid of people like Ingo.. I have rubbed shoulders with some of this group more recently and we seem to have a mutual dislike for each other. Could be they don't like Ingo types like me around for the same reason he was shunned. TELEPATHY. 

All the way in the beginning back in 71 I was aware that this had to do with magic as in making things happen not just seeing things remotely. I am VERY UNHAPPY about what I perceive now as gross abuse of god given abilities and I guess I wear that on my sleeve a lot. I vowed to not abuse the privilege of my talent by violating another's free will psychically in 1971 and have stuck by that to this day.  The mechanics of manifesting is being misused by criminal psychopaths these days. This is BLACK MAGIC.. Good thing the law of attraction prompters are not very good at teaching people it is already bad enough. Most people have been trained not to recognize any of this and make good victims which explains why things are as they are now. One of the reasons I am not pleased with all the bad alien talk is I see it as a smokescreen useful for giving cover to real actual humans in the flesh who abuse their power. The occult principles being abused now are way old like Egypt and Babylon old and there are traditions kept alive to this day.  Names like illuminati are misleading and are smoke screens as well. 


The last year of a presidents reign

The next year is going to be a doozey. This is a trend to pay attention to. GW last year.. OMG trillions lost to fraud.. Clintons last year? tech wreck. HW last year? recession. Reagan's last year? 87.. Carter last year? historically high interest rates. So much for the wives tail about an election year being any sort of boost to the morale of the people. I appears that the changing of the guard requires a withdrawal of the profits built up during the term. More or less take the money and run. 

Yep it looks like we can look forward to a real shit show. The biggest question is if he can create enough crisis that he will just refuse to leave. If his handlers see that maybe a non elite type can will it increases the odds. 


The anti Trump candidate

If the Donald wins the republican debate tonight it is a slam dunk the dems will have to take to the offence because NONE of the dems running so far are going to win against Trump if he wins the republican nomination. So on deck waiting for a pitch hitting assignment comes HOWARD SCHULTZ .  Hey at least the guy has run a real business like Trump. His pitch so far.

Words have TWO meanings and this statement seems a bit like he is saying the servants need a leader. 

America Deserves a Servant Leader

And come to think about it Schultz is right we do indeed DESERVE IT because Americans are indeed comfortable with being the servants of our OWNERS. 


This here people farm

"I just want to know about your different lives on this here people farm" 
..........................................................Jimi Hendrix Up from the skies 1967

At some point in our evolution, human beings developed the fear of death and the fear of future loss, traits that animals do not share. When used against us, these arguably irrational fears make us highly exploitable, and as such, humans have long been the most valuable resource on the planet, capable of the most extraordinary achievements, all too often receiving the most inhumane treatment.

We are born into a cage that has been under construction for generations. It’s foundation is the institution of government, the state, which uses economics and violence as the primary tools to manage the world’s people as though they were livestock. Human farms with human livestock managed by selected humans who act as farmers in charge of overseeing the highest possible yield.

The ones at the top might even think it is "gods work".  

Ah yes the fear of death.. Now how did THAT develop in western culture. Oh RELIGION did that. Who cultivated the fear of death and the original sin that drives that fear which prevails today? The judeo-christain religions did. Fear of the LORD and all that. 

Not an accident that we have a debt based currency hanging a lifetime of unpayable debt on children from the moment of birth. 

The USA went off the gold standard in 1971 just 4 years after the start of the last super shemitah cycle in 1967. We are in the final month of completing that 49 year plan. That  cycle effectively made us human livestock, the living collateral for the public debt, and we are the replacement asset for the gold that used to be in Ft Knox. The system is extortion and in the event of a default the US will be foreclosed on and title to all public land will be taken.. Hard to say if that has taken place already because it would not be a headline in the NYT. My suspicion is it took place in 2011 landing about exactly on 11/11/11. Call it the "Corzine effect". Right around then the EU went off the rails and Japan was officially doomed and the USA had a technical default on government debt.  

Yep they hated us for our freedom. Now we are landless peasants too dumb to even know it. With this step taken we move on the loss of ownership of our bodies which starts in ernest after September through the healthcare system.  By the end of the 49 year cycle ahead even the human soul will be owned if the script plays out. Just think how far technology can go in the hands of the bankster psychopaths who see themselves as the owner of everything on the planet. 

Hat tip to those few who have worked and sacrificed to avoid the 2015 outcome since 1967. It is going to take the equivalent of divine intervention now to stop the processes in motion.  I would like to have a conversation with the so called "good' aliens about why this was allowed to take place.  Bla bla bla from channelers is not going to cut it. The link below is if nothing else a warning about a fake disclosure being planned and it may very well be coming very soon if my read is right.  


Hoaxed disclosure

Worth watching. Dr. Greer at least is level headed. I have some issues with his associations with .gov types but I also feel that he does ring true with much of what he says.

Joe Rogan interviews Greer.. Joe has a good bullshit detector and Greer handles himself very well. One thing that impresses me is Greer has a very good handle on spiritual matters I know are on target by personal experience.


Mr Ed 

Or more like Mr horses ass.. Mr Christy sure has a way with people. Looks like he is going to get a seat in the 1st debates but somewhere near the sidelines. I really hope a few iggles fans are in the crowd.

Jersey is a state divided.. North of Trenton is new yawker.. South of Trenton is Philly. 
Mr H.A. has no idea about Philly people in south jersey who are constantly being made second class citizens. So far he has pissed off 99% of those south of Trenton as if he is a snake eating it's tail. LOL.. Looking at him that is literal and maybe feasts on 100 a week. 


 Booo some more.

Philly people get cranky.. Especially right now as they are so bored without football yet.. NO ONE likes Christy after he gloated and hugged with Jerry Jones on national TV last year when the cowboys knocked the Iggles out of the playoffs. Unpardonable mortal sin he is less popular than satan in Philly. This is larger than life in Philly just ask the robot hitchhiker that was decked out in Silver and Blue on the streets. Mr bot was beat up which is TRADITIONAL going back 6 decades at least.. You just don't wear cowboy colors at night on the streets in Philly.. White black hispanic this is the glue that binds us in unity where we all can agree. If the robot had been decked out in silver and green it would it have been escorted safely every step of the way through town hailed as a sign from god the iggles will win every game this year. Next time the geeks who run the bot project will  have to get a bit cultural if they want to succeed. 

Philly people BOOOO.. Lustfully. This is pent up frustration. When we don't like someone it will get up to 130 DB real quick. To many of us Philly people Christy is forcing is fat self on us again just to piss us off. Legendary is when another fat guy pretender dressed up like Santa clause in 68 was snowballed right out of the stadium. Must watch.

Years ago I suggested harnessing the awesome power of the philly BOOO to destroy politicians and I hope the rest of the county takes the art of the booo to a national level. This might eventually become the only form of protest the American people are left with. If Ben Franklin were alive today his nick name would be Leather Lungs Franklin. 

 Booing is contagious.. Once just one person lets one go it feels so good that others join in like it is a revival meeting.. 


The Garden of Aden

Tanks roll and planes bomb in what is almost certainly the so called biblical garden of Eden.. I have to believe that there has been a problem on the set as the actors are forgetting the script and the director is screaming and this looks like a B movie if that. It seems there is a production delay and the last scenes cannot be filmed on time. 

Must be difficult for the production team with so many moving parts..  I look at other productions like 911 that went awry going off script and what happened was a comedy of errors.. 

Sad that 2 million people are stuck being extras and not even being paid. 


Wonderful news

Just a few days after Obomber upped his game with air strikes supporting "ISIS er AL-CIA-DUH or better yet labeled "anyone other than Assad" we have a first potential for direct US-RUSSIAN confrontation.. Hey maybe we can have Armageddon in a few weeks and not a drop of Israeli blood will be spilled.. 



Very appropriate for today.. Well worth the effort to appreciate the lyrics to this song.

"I own my fear so it doesn't own me."

 Signal to noise from the same concert 

"Send out the signals DEEP AND LOUD."

You know the way that things go
When what you fight for starts to fall
And in that fuzzy picture
The writing stands out on the wall
So clearly on the wall

Send out the signals deep and loud

And in this place, can you reassure me
With a touch, a smile while the cradle's burning
All the while the world is turning to noise
Oh the more that it's surrounding us
The more that it destroys
Turn up the signal
Wipe out the noise

Send out the signals deep and loud

Man I'm losing sound and sight
Of all those who can tell me wrong from right
When all things beautiful and bright
Sink in the night
Yet there's still something in my heart
That can find a way
To make a start
To turn up the signal
Wipe out the noise


5weeks till Z day

Humm.. The dirty deeds done yesterday are telling. Dear leader has decided that electricity is not expensive enough.. Seems like the people cannot be forced to borrow to spend on consumer products they don't need so the plan is to do to energy what was done to healthcare to coerce people to accumulate debt on what they don't have any choice on consuming.  Creation of debt is the creation of money. Unpayable debt is still money that can be bought at a discount and becomes an asset that can be leveraged back up 30 to 1 by the top dogs.  A snake eating it's tail indeed. 

I found today there is not much for me to say. The astro is rocking today I can feel it as low to medium grade anxiety just gnawing at me.. Everyone who has had a desire to know what is going on regarding September had the chance to see it coming and yet I don't see much if ANY effective resistance to what is obvious. Kind of sad to the country fail with such a whimper. 



Not much to add to this. GS is one of the banks that OWNS the federal reserve bank.

“The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it's everywhere. The world's most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. In fact, the history of the recent financial crisis, which doubles as a history of the rapid decline and fall of the suddenly swindled dry American empire, reads like a Who's Who of Goldman Sachs graduates.” (1) - Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone 

Important to understand that the 100 or so plants in the US with the same design as Fukushima are EACH a threat to it's surroundings. A grid down or a natural disaster a threat but more of one is a purposeful sabotage from within as in STUXNET.  This is a gun to the head of the American people which is blackmail to my thinking.. Who needs to risk planting a device as a threat when the American people have paid for VERY BIG ones disguised as power plants. 


New 50 year plan

The last jubilee year started in September of 1966 and lasted till September of 1967. This was the start date of a new 50 year plan.  Those of us who were alive back then will attest that the world was turned upside down in 1967 and was the start of a massive surge in consumer high technology usage. This was when the technocratic revolution started up too which was lead by Zbig Brzezinski and others.  Over the last 50 years technology has achieved god like power over humans. Without functional technology 90% of us would die very quickly and 50 years ago that number might have been only 10%. . 

Seems to me consumer high technology has reached the saturation point now with phones as powerful as a city block size mainframe was in 1966. The next 50 years plan will be a known in the next year or so as the rollout will be methodical and obvious to those paying attention. I believe it is all about human re-engineering and nano technology as in the transhumanist agenda. Autonomous robotics and commercial space travel will become a dominant factor even within a few years making a huge percentage of the old human livestock redundant. I expect a large drop in the population to occur in the next 50 years maybe down to the level of 500 million written on the Georgia Guidestones. Indeed we may be forced into the new age of reason beginning now if we want it or not.  

So in 2065 whatever the blueprint drawn up for us at present will be completed. 


Obama's climate change edicts 
on Monday

LOL.. With oil crashing again and most coal mines shut down dear leader has another "you did not build that" moment. I don't know the details but do know the astro is really nasty so there will be a reaction for sure. Maybe a capitulation low in oil?  

I assume that the planned effect is to hike electricity rates by 100%. 

LOL.. When it is obvious an ice age has started a few years from now all of a sudden we will be told we have to burn more carbon to help nature cope with the cold. God's workers at GS will be happy to restart the mines they bought up at pennies on the dollar for a price. 


Paper gold.. Spilled milk

Allowing big players to sell something they do not own without intent to deliver has set us up for an age old trick. This is just one of many age old tricks that are recycled endlessly.. 

The very roots of the fractional reserve banking system goes back to the days of the goldsmiths who sold paper certificates of ownership for the same ounce to more than one person. When the inevitable run eventually occurred the goldsmith would leave town with everyone's gold. 

It is an unknown how many claims for each ounce have been sold in paper form right now. Most banks operate at 30 times leverage but a few are much more leveraged.. The problem is we DO NOT KNOW because the over the counter derivatives are "secret' deals between parties not traded on exchanges so it is reasonable to think that each ounce of gold has 100 or more claims on each ounce. Sadly 100 times leverage maybe a huge underestimation it could be 1000 times ... Just as in the middle ages all is fine until depositors want their paper gold turned back into physical. 

Fact is the top dogs like JPM who sold boatloads of paper gold and silver without having it in their possession were willing to destroy the economy to profit from the short sale and to squeeze any actual metal left out of the weak hands of those who held it at higher prices.. There has to be an end game were there is hardly any left to acquire and then things get interesting. I think this September is likely to be that time. I think that even a slight rise in fed funds may trigger the dominoes and default will run through almost all commodities not just gold if a short cover squeeze develops  The whole idea of debt forgiveness comes into play for banksters because it seems that is the only way to resolve the counter party claim problem in metals just like the 2008 bailout was for  bailing out MBS. 


The wizards of ZO... 

Found a really great article on building 7 today. A good read to refresh your senses going into September. We will need all the trained observers to man up and get in shape.

Been saying a long time that the perps in this and many other nasty deeds are not that good.  Had it not been for the media brainwashing the public the treason trials would have been started up in 2002 and we would NOT have spent trillions spent on war. They appear to be invincible as long as you don't look behind the curtain. This and many other crimes appear to be run by the three stooges and not the masters of the universe. 

Will they dare to try another major incident when so many are watching like a hawk. Maybe.. I see them being blinded by their own bullshit to a point they don't get it that they are already caught and the transparency we were promised works both ways. 


Home stretch 
for the 7x7 shemitah cycle grand finale

As in a normal <sarc> 7 year economic repeating "crisis" we are seeing tremendous damage in front of the climax day on the new moon in Virgo (other wise known as the Jewish new year on 9/13).  People tend to focus only on the aftermath because that is what they understand but the planning part setting things up to buy up distressed assets is always unseen in front at least until this year when the cat got out of the bag.  The crashing ahead of the new year new moon in Virgo has been easily seen in metals and commodities and of course China.  The Chinese seem to have gotten wise and I doubt they take kindly to their market crashing just after they had the physical gold exchange up and running.. The Chinese might even take it as a military threat.. Things are touchy right now to say the least. 

The astro on the 4th of August is way off the scale significant with an exact Jupiter Venus conjunction in an exact square to Saturn and a 135 degree aspect called a sesquequadrate to Pluto. This is tied in to and magnifies the semi square between Saturn and Pluto also exact that has been driving deflation and fascism.. This is max pain again at the tail end of the Saturn Pluto semisquare and is very close to the magnitude of the Thanksgiving 2014 astro that kicked this episode off. 

One thing I do and I don't see many others bother with is I look for days with MULTIPLE planet alignments that are very exact. Seeing these for what they are is only possible using an astro clock set up specifically to find them.  This is very specific energy on days that are unique so the energy patterns presented have to be INTERPRETED within the context of the situation at the time.  These unique days may not have been seen repeating this exactly for 100s or even thousands of years. Stats are not going to help much dealing with them. 

Review of that day in November 2014. This was a triple whammy astro day when the Saudis crushed the oil market to punish the Russians. Tremendous deflation was set into motion. 

Here is 8/4/2015 which appears to me to be a day that the Chinese might want to be prepared for.  The deflation set in motion in November 2014 may be about at maximum which has longer term implications for September and some overreaction by the fed. Gold and Silver are very close to the levels I have seen as max pain at GLD 1000 and SLV 12. Nitty gritty time. .


Definitely ready for some football

Ya I know football is an oligarch owned league BUT.. Those guys lie cheat and steal everyday but on Sunday they want only the highest integrity on their day off and even check the PSI of every football now. Beats the heck out of of trying to deal with them the other 6 days of the week. 

 I will tell ya this I did sports astrology in the 1980s and it works. I proved it out in front of a tough crowd who wanted me to fail.  Eventually I got the attention of the general manager of the phily flyers NHL team who had a sit down with me to show him how I did it but his eyes glazed over.. This was back at the time that computer printouts of the early astro programs produced a square not round chart. Even back then in more enlightened times in the 1980s astrology carried so much stigma that it was a dead end no matter how good I was at predicting game day player performance. 30 years ahead of my time as usual. 

Seems a logical next step backing away from handicapping the dogpile that used to be the market. It might even be fun. There are billions of dollars being bet legally on player game day performance now with fantasy football being the rage and I don't see any competent competition. Takes a LOT of work to be good at it. 


VERY good interview
Roger Waters

Fellow Virgo.. He is maybe one of the truly greatest men alive on the planet.. Here is a must read interview I wish world leaders would read and ponder. Not often I can agree with anyone 100%.

I know because I was watching closely that The Wall concert in Berlin had much to do with the reunification of Germany. Perhaps he can pull an even bigger miracle off and reach across the divide one last time.  If anyone could do it he can. 



This is wonderful TECHNOLOGY..  Being that it is technology it has a weakness that makes it not quite ready for prime time. Electricity is required. As of now converting from bitcoin into fiat has been vexed with frauds and "accidents" which has cost some holders of bitcoin a fortune.  I saw a few years ago an attempt to deploy bitcoin ATMS and I thought it was promising and yet it seemed to go nowhere. I have little doubt that the blockchain technology of bitcoin is as important as the rollout of the WWW internet was but as those of us know that were early adopters in 1996 it took a good while for the internet as we know it now to be reliable and functional. And that only lasted a few years and as of now reliable and functional are back to the 1990s if one considers a lack of privacy. 

When I see an ability to convert bitcoin to numerous fiat currency without any restriction in a currency type acct that is going to impress me. When I see bitcoin being convertible to cash in any ATM I will be impressed. I have a feeling however that some form of non cashless economy is in store and it will use bitcoin technology with built in limitations allowing for the tracking of every cent spent for taxation purposes.  A shame in the world we live in anything good gets hijacked and perverted to be used by authority. 

It may be smart to have some bitcoin just as it is smart to have some gold and silver. Sensible diversification is always a s good thing. It seems one will hedge the other in a good way. 


Choosing not to enter the workforce?

Economists (central planners since 2008) are scratching their heads wondering why almost 100 million are not in the workforce. I guess looking at things from an ivory tower makes it hard to see any detail.

What a moron with a doctorate degree cannot fathom is that having a job actually cost a person money. Lets say you feel that working at Wal-Mart is "the right thing to do".. Pays less than 10 dollars an hour and part time to boot.  So if one has a job there one has to have a CAR to get there. One has to eat lunch too. And then after paying taxes and whatever it costs to pay part of the healthcare extortion it ends up you have to get on EBT to pay for food?  You probably ALREADY HAVE ONE if you are looking at a wal-mart job. The reality is when all is added up it is a disincentive to work at what amounts to only a few dollars of take-home income an hour. Seems people are not as stupid as economists think they are. 

I truly believe that the engineers of this mess know exactly what they are doing and have had very long term scripting for decades to make things as they are. All the way back in the 1970s US workers were targeted by the oligarchs who put their profits over maintaining a viable living wage US workforce. Most people fail to understand muti decade socio political engineering. Seems the mid level thinking in economics fails to get it also. 

Geez reading zero hedge this morning is a CHORE. 


Wits End

Wow .. humming to a doors tune STRANGE DAYS HAVE FOUND US.
It seem the entire western world is nothing more that an orgy of corruption deceit and mindless criminality.  Everything below the tentacles of control from central banking on down is a sea of crime.. Looking at climate science or medical science or economics ( not a science) it is ALL POLLUTED. 

It looks to me that the end game I have been warning about for years has arrived. And from my perspective I say so be it if that is the path the people are choosing. For those of us who tried it smells of defeat but it is not.. It is simply allowing the free will of the people to determine what they want and if they choose to be slaves for convenience sake who am I to complain much further. 

Looking ahead I can see myself standing down geo politically soon and just concentrating on spiritual matters because I do not feel it is my place to say much more beyond September.   I think a loss of sovereignty is going to be a done deal.  Hey some us tried and it is a fact that anyone who actually wanted to know the reasons why things are the way they are has been briefed with a simple mouse click. 

It may very well be that the masses will be in a state of regret AFTER THE FACT but as I see it any resistance beyond September will be ineffective for a decade or more if the outcome turns out to be a loss of sovereignty. I wonder if 1760s Americans were in a similar situation. 



People who have not studied much background information will find this a difficult read. I think it makes it clear what a 2000 year plus problem looks like and if one considers carefully the reasons why we are in the mess we find ourselves in much becomes clear.

If I had to use a PC term it would be EL-ite as most the descriptive term. A word which is not a buzz word that triggers most peoples iron clad refusal to see the obvious.  
EL is a name for SATURN.. EL-ites worship SATURN energetically and that is NOT just limited to today's Ashkenazi but broadens the understanding of why most Christians today seem almost inhuman lacking any hint of empathy. 
Read this link and see what you conclude.

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44

Rabbi Louis Finkelstein stated in his book “The Pharisees, The Sociological Background of Their Faith” that: “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes in name . . . the spirit of the ancient Pharisees survives, unaltered . . . From Palestine to Babylonia; from Babylonia to North Africa, Italy, Spain, France and Germany; from these to Poland, Russia, and eastern Europe generally, ancient Pharisaism has wandered . . . demonstrates the enduring importance which attaches to Pharisaism as a religious movement . . .”

In fact Pharisaism is the doctrine of the Pharisees of old, an evil doctrine they brought back from their Babylonian captivity. It does not follow the truth of the Bible, neither of the Old Testament nor of the New. Its central tenets are found in a book called the Talmud, a book full of worldly traditions, lies, and superstitions.

Word games..  Hijacking terminology.. Creating sects led by disinfo masters especially in the second half of the 1800s. Dispensationalists .. Jehovah witness's ..   No wonder there is so much confusion. 


Brain symphony

There is only ONE WAY OUT of the vice grip of fascism and that is UP. 
I have tried to get various people to watch SENSE8 and in most cases they don't like it. OH well.. Maybe that is a good sign considering the cultural decay over the last 14 years. I admit this is not for weak kneed individuals any more than drinking ayahuaska is. It does show what it would look like if a group of people recovered their 6th senses and started to USE IT. I just don't see anything else that will matter going forward it is now or never time..  I think it is rather funny that the rebirthing potential is coming along at the same time as the fundies think the second coming is immanent. ...

"You will experience many births and deaths during a life but few know what it is to be reborn a senseate."

After doing some checking it appears that Stracynski is the lead idea generator of the show. HE JUST GETS IT. Great natal chart too. 

As a tie-in to the sci-fi dramaSense8, show creator and executive producer J. Michael Straczynski brought in eight fans of the show, recorded their brainwave activity and recycled said recordings to create a symphonic neurological masterpiece, aptly titled "Brainwave Symphony."


This species has amused itself to death

One of the best songs by one of the last men still standing.. From the back in better times when many people had a clue in 1992. Probably was the peak in terms of the greatest number of people who knew what was going on. Glad I am old enough to even understand what was being said because younger people almost always glaze over and turn away.. 

Lyrics subtitled in the vid..




The tidal wave of fascism just keeps rolling in.. As if there was not enough surveillance already we have a new agency being created  by CONgress which is designed especially for those of us who don't like how things have gone since 911. This is oh so unconstitutional but the constitution has been a "god damn piece of paper"  since 1933. 

Behold the CVE

It is not like the government has not considered that all everyday citizens are anything other than enemies of the state because that was long established in 1933.. 

On March 9, 1933, Roosevelt issued Proclamation 2040.   It referred to the national emergency and again asserted Sec. 5(b) as authority for it.  Roosevelt then proclaimed that the Proclamation of March 6, 1933, would remain in full force and effect until proclamation by the president.  It remains in force to this day.

Therefore, an effectively permanent law exists that allows the president, by declaring an emergency, to assume the role of dictator.  He may designate agencies of his choice to investigate, regulate, and license any transaction of any person (enemy) within the United States, by means of rules and regulations he may prescribe.

This originally passed in 1917 as the trading with the enemy act only 4 years after the fed was given control of the money which is why the 1933 edict was perfectly acceptable to implement.  No resistance from the public even when gold was confiscated.  This is state of the art mission creep.

Frankly being in the US post 2012 and being awake enough to have even dim situational awareness is being made out to be a crime. 
HEY YOU BOILING FROGS.. Having fun yet?  

Many of us truthers who still live here are going to have to make adjustments. We had a delusion that if we INFORMED the people about what has already taken place they would collectively demand undoing all the fascism. Hey I dont see it.  Truthing has gone from being an unpleasant non paying job in 2012 to being almost a non starter in the present which only earns us being shunned and demonized . My read on this is when the Snowden leak was made public the fast majority decided to clam up and avoid truth at any cost..  The methodology is DON'T LETS A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE and whatever Snowden thought he was doing has backfired in a big way. We few left standing up for what is right should consider the vast majority of Americans totally complicit and act accordingly. 
They do NOT want to be reminded they are slaves. They don't want to know they were made human collateral for government debt almost 90 years ago. They don't want to know that as soon a child is born they are bonded to pay off debt they had nothing to do with. 
AND they especially do not want to know who did this to them. 


They will NEVER work in 
"that town" again
Well I guess all these people have retired or something. How dare them. 

And forget about any nice grants for this guy
LOL.. too much common sense ....... Errr I meant science.. 

Last but not least the obamcare business model

Yep it starts out free but is designed to frustrate which forces the customer to pay up or suffer endless setbacks. Looks like the developer was trained initially on the ocare website and applied his "expertise" to the game. Just like real life HOW ENTERTAINING. 


Hijack anything good mentality

I have been witness to this over my lifetime. The mentality of those in power is similar to a person who feels a need to step on every flower the sees.  A good read.. When will we few good people left get a grip and stop letting this happen. 

I know because many of my friends are hippies, and I am one, too ( kind of). We don't usually call ourselves hippies anymore, since most of us have been fooled by history. We have allowed the good hippie name to be sullied by the fake events of the 1960's, in which fake hippies created by the government did awful things in our name (think Manson Family). These false flags not only convinced the mainstream that hippies were dirty, confused, and anti-American, they convinced some of the hippies, too, especially later hippies who didn't live through that time. So although we are basically the same set of people, plus 40 years, we think we have to distance ourselves from that name: hippie.

No matter where you are living, you have been infiltrated. There is no place left to hide. The spooks are everywhere, and no, they have nothing better to do than fuck with you. That is their job. But the answer isn't to become paranoid, buy guns, dig trenches, and booby-trap the yards. The answer is to fight back in more logical ways. Just as they are organized, you should organize. First organize your thoughts. Learn how things really are. You can't fight a battle when you don't know where the lines are or who the enemy is. After that, collectivize. Think of it like a hippie union. The government has successfully infiltrated and destabilized the labor unions, but people can unionize along any lines they like, without paying dues. All they have to do is come together and act together. Gandhi showed that in India, when they threw off the British. Think of the spooks like the British. Yes, there are huge numbers of them and they have money and technology; but our numbers are far greater. Remember, it isn't just the rich versus the poor anymore. It is now the super-rich versus everyone else. Almost everyone who isn't a billionaire is getting reamed right now, so your allies are everyone making less than $500,000 a year. That is a lot of allies. As a hippie, you can now ally with conservatives, liberals, rural and urban folks, all colors, both sexes, all parts of the country. If you talk about the right things, you can find allies everywhere. You even have allies in the government. You have allies in the military and even in Intelligence. Those people aren't billionaires, you know. They are also getting reamed and used and abused. Many of them don't like the way things are. They don't like working for corrupt paymasters, against their own neighbors and usually against their own better judgment. Very little loyalty is involved, and when push comes to shove, many of those people will turn. The best thing that could happen is if America stood up and said no more. The hippies used to be at the forefront of that movement, and could be again. That is what it is to be a real progressive.