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After careful consideration I am taking work on crypto private. Contact me at for pricing. 




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BTC daily chart

Here is the daily chart of BTC. Note the rally off the low so far has NOT reached the 38% retrace yet. 

If indeed the low is in and a FIFTH wave is underway the move up so far is a one up with a two down scare to test the lows in the cards before the meaningful rally as wave five to new highs gets started. 

If an investor has a long time frame based on the time target out in 2019 when there is very toppy astro present it is OK to accumulate now. That is a very different mindset than "trading" .... Scaling in would be the smart way to get a position. 


MAY 2018

I am likely to come back to doing analysis on Crypto on a daily basis in May when Uranus the planet of CHANGE enters the Money sign of Taurus. For now there are greener pastures for me to graze in the now turbulent S&P. If you have been reading the astroecon home page I just hitt one out of the park there. Nice to get my groove back.

I would urge anyone who wants to succeed in Crypto to bone up on Technical analysis. 

Ellen's resource page link ABOVE is VERY GOOD It has all you need to get up to speed. I expect her to continue to post comments there as well as new links to the stuff you need to be current. Hat tip to her. 


I'm taking my analysis private

read the 2/12/2018  AstroEcon home page

The last week I spent way too much time trying to please others. I ended the week exhausted.. I'm thinking I should be focusing on S&P and geo political situational awareness which is my strength and where my experience is. I intend to do what I like to do when I want to do it on this site. Working too many hours for free is not high on my list of needs at this point. I am going to vet anyone I deal with going forward and am not willing to work with people I know will fail or who are motivated by only greed. 

 As of today both ETH and XRP are breaking to new highs while BTC is STILL trapped in a bearish pre crash looking post high pattern... The 14th is very VERY significant to watch here if BTC is going to fall out of bed and out of first place in market cap in is not long till we see it.