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I have experience with technical analysis and astrology forecasting in the USA equity and other financial markets over 45 years doing research and in public forecasting. Crypto is VERY NEW and there is a lack of historical data to have clear evidence of patterns and astro correlations. The space is so new it is a seat of the pants zone where experience counts but everyone is still guessing. 

Grain of salt required there is no one I know of who is any better than I am using a combination of technical and astro to gage future price movements in the possibility field.


After careful consideration I am taking work on crypto private. Contact me at for pricing. 




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The last week I spent way too much time trying to please others. I ended the week exhausted.. I'm thinking I should be focusing on S&P and geo political situational awareness which is my strength and where my experience is. I intend to do what I like to do when I want to do it on this site. Working too many hours for free is not high on my list of needs at this point. I am going to vet anyone I deal with going forward and am not willing to work with people I know will fail or who are motivated by only greed. 


They think you are dumb

So what happens when a critical mass Americans get it like a rash that they are being played for fools? What happens when they figure it out that they are enslaved by the oligarchs. Up till the invention of crypto there was only gold and silver to run to and we all know that is not real price discovery so there were only bad choices available. Now there actually is an escape route albeit tentative. What I see is a brewing economic civil war getting started and how do many people feel right now that the escape from debt dollar serfdom is being blocked by banksters. 

The movement of Uranus the planet of radical change into Taurus the money sign is in MAY 2018. It will back up in retrograde into Aries later this year and will not be staying in Taurus until after MARCH of 2019 and will stay there until 2027. 

CRYPTO IS IN A WAR WITH FIAT. If you are going to get into crypto you need to know what you are getting into. The PTB want to hurt you. They want centralized electronic money they do NOT want you to be free.. Ya  GW Bushy said it they DO really hate you for your freedom. 

Blockchain is a word that maybe needs to be examined. BLOCK... CHAIN.. hum those are slave words. This technology in the hands of tyrants is enslavement mark of the beast sort of thing. That right there is the dawn of the age of Aquarius in a nutshell. . Saturn ruled Aquarius up until Uranus was discovered. Saturn is a confining and compressing energy maybe a bit kinder in Aquarius than when it is in Capricorn. Saturn is in Capricorn right now and will move into Aquarius in March of 2020. Ya an election year and one with tremendous astro aspects that indicate to me a change so dramatic it is almost unthinkable right now. 

I have been considering post 2020 to be a collectivist oligarchic era at least that is what THEY want it to be. Can decentralized crypto win out in the end? Seems so but maybe not in my lifetime with the exception of isolated pockets of freedom.  Only much younger people than myself will be the determiner. America is on the cusp of becoming irrelevant and will remain so into the 2060s. Teach your kids mandarin.. Once the empire is lost America will be a place where world changing spiritual developments are hatched.. Out of the rubble of the empire comes real inspired leaders.  The way out of the enslavement planned for us is higher consciousness. It may take all the way to 2070 to get it right so I maybe will reincarnate back to the blue marble if I like what I see then. 


S&P is Key

The current wave count.. SUBJECT TO CHANGE if the lows of last week are violated.


Good day for crytpos

Yesterday BTC moved up to position that could be considered bullish. It failed to follow through to a full breakout BUT Bitcoin cash did break out. Humm.. maybe a sign that this post crash period for crypto is all about the USE of crypto as a currency and not the store of value thing that has kinda been damaged like a wrecked car. The store of value can be fixed it is just going need to be in the body shop

Pay attention if the usability issue is now the prime mover then LITECOIN should be the next to reflect that change. 

I think it is funny in a way that the same ones who have been cheering and trash talking about the post 12/20 crash in crypto are now on the meat hook in the stock market. Mr market does like hubris.. IF the stock market plays out as a real bearish move off the top and crypto holds its recent low then the shoe is on the other foot. 


Down shift to the 55

I hve been working with a 144 min chart which is meant to deal with a bigger picture signal.. Being in crash mode since I started posting here I wanted to see enough history on the chart and not get long too soon. There were a few crytos that moved up to generate a buy signal using that time frame with ETH being a good rally and The stellar coin giving a false start. 

NOTE stellar chart in USD has been scrapped by trading view so I am shifting to LITECOIN.

I am moving on to post 55 minute charts now which quickens the pace and also is close enough to a one hour bar to make almost everyone able to play along at home. 

That being said there is a buy signal now on BTC using 55 min tools.ETH and LTC are close to doing same. 


What do you want from me

I hear crickets.. I'm thinking the crytpo crowd is almost all HODL types that have no interest in trading just HODLing. Would be good time now to let me know. Have I been been working for at least a few who are serious ?? An empty room is not going to cut it for me I do not have to post analysis every day wasting time..  I can choose to keep my thoughts to myself about crytpo and sleep in only posting on the main page when I feel like it. 

You decide you tell me is ANYONE HOME HERE. Very possible I am better off just trading my own acct when I feel like it and not worrying about others. I have no need to get more public attention like a few other pundits seem to be keen on. 

I see the lows yesterday as low enough to cause capitulation and that means the low is significant enough to be on watch for a long entry relatively soon. I'm getting ready to switch over to Bittrex exchange when they finally allow new customers to sign up again. And yes I will be trading USDT pairs or even USD pairs should that development take place as promised.. When I do that I will be shifting over to day trading time frames like an 8 minute chart rather than the slow developing signals on the 144 that are more in line with intermediate term positioning. 

The Uranus move into Taurus in May is the starting gun when things start to get VERY INTERESTING. 


How many pundits warned you off

Ya how many????  Crypto trading is TECHNICAL. Please tell me who the popular BTC guru is who warned you about this. Hey in the long run this is a crash low to buy but not just yet. 

The solar eclipse is still 9 days away.. I figure a technical base and a viable looking low will develop about then.. When I get a buy signal I will let youse guys know. 

Meanwhile we can enjoy the show in the "real" markets with such an obvious political motivation to crash it. Mr Yellin plays the role of SAMPSON pulling the temple down. They are willing to destroy anything that they do not have a choke hold on. If you little people are hurt by the temple walls crashing in THEY DO NOT CARE. 

If you don't know who the hidden hand behind this is... it maybe is time to read up in places that tell the truth. 



Litecoin has been behaving differently than BTC and ETH recently showing signs of technical as in accumulation on the decline recently.

The next step in crypto will be in the everyday use outside of the USD prison for wealth. I expect that phase to be seen over the summer.. 


50% off sale

The technology behind crypto is on sale now. This is investable now using an age old technique called SCALING IN. A little buying at a time over time. Exactly the same as scaling in on metals. A prudent investor would seek to have 10% crypto 10% Metal and balance the risks on the other 80% as indicated by the technical situation. Owning puts to protect that 80% was the thing to do last week.. Too late now. 


Superbowl weekend

There is no long trade position indicated YET in crypto unless you are a dip buyer. The action now switches over to the fiat currency markets and in a way it is good for crypto that it cannot be blamed for any stock or bond crash if one is going to grow into a monster over the next 5 weeks. I think when all is said and done the regular folks are going to be pissed they were not being given a choice to escape into crypto. 

As readers know I am a Philly guy and my team has a chance to win it's first super bowl so I am already in pre game party mode. Being a fan so many decades this one feels different than the 2 other times they made it to the big game and lost. I think the eagles romp in this one and win handily. Dilly Dilly is PHILLY PHILLY. The eagles played the Pats in the 2005 superbowl and they got caught cheating and were fined but did not have to give up the title SOOOOO. Justice is going to be served this time. Take the points with the iggs ...  this should be the curb stomping end of the line for the Pats. 


Back to November

The crypto coins have basically done that as of today. Stocks have not. 

This S&P chart shows what that would look like with a 10% decline down to aprox 2600. 10% may not seem like a lot but the amount of leverage used to get up to 2875 makes this not quite a no problem situation. I expect the fed to panic at 10% and make inflation great again ....

Oh and about the memo.. read it. Imagine my surprise that criminals are running the FBI and DOJ. So when are the arrests? Are they just going to fire people and then have them suck off the taxpayers in retirement? 

Good piece on Jim Sinclair's site by Bill Holter


Obviously the first thought would be your lent money is toast and you’ll never see it again. In this instance there is not much you can do to get your money back but it is different when looking at it systemically in supposed “liquid markets”. Foreigners, and even American citizens will react by trying to exit the system any way they can. In other words, EVERYTHING with perceived connection to the rogue entity will be sold…and the rogue entity is represented by DOLLARS! I would be remiss if I did not mention the “exit window” is already quite small, a flip in the algo herd will break the wall down trying to get out. This will be seen when markets can no longer open nor function…. Going further down the rabbit hole, GLOBAL panic will ensue because the dollar affects and is used in virtually all financial systems. It will be like a bunch of gamblers who borrowed money just to get into the game, only to find out the chips are counterfeit, the game is rigged by the crooked casino and you won’t get paid even if you win because the casino is broke!



BTC back to major pivot. 

The BTC rally starting last November took off after a pivot at 7800 was tested and became support. That same level was tested overnight. So everyone who got on the gravy train post thanksgiving is underwater. 

This is a teaching moment to the unwise who went from sideline to euphoria and back again. The problem is NOT the market in crypto it is who had the gains. We all know that crypto is the future but then again in a historical sense the 3000 car companies in the late 20s became 3 in 1933. 

The convertibility from crypto to USD and back IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. The creation of USDT tethers was largely responsible for the buying power to boost BTC up to 20K and the closing of all the exits in the theatre of the absurd recently is the hidden hand in the correction. 

When the right people own enough crypto then it will be allowed to breathe again. You don't think that they had any intention of paying up did you? I got very good at thinking like a criminal back in the 1996 - 2006 period and I suggest if you want to succeed in trading anything in a centrally planned economy it is best to have intelligence grade understanding of WHO is behind the curtain. 

As you can see I have been very cautious since December with only a few forays into bullish trades that had a very short leash. This is how to survive to be able to buy in when it is OK to do so. 

Generational wealth is produced by buying crash lows. Same as it has been since Rothschild bought the bond crash in the aftermath of Waterloo. Pay attention now as it is a process of wealth transfer to the right people taking place and then all of a sudden the convertibility to and from USD will present itself again. 


Glad to be flat

The crypto asset class went down yesterday and even the best performers went back to a NOT YET mode. Keep in mind that I am trying to identify only those opportunities that are worth speculating on hat have potential for huge gains. Catching a rally with some steam behind it.. Mr market has spoken and NOT YET is the message. ETH is neutral again and is the better performer since December so take that for what it is worth. Most are cliff hanging over a technical hole into the basement. PM HODLers know the routine. 

If you are in the HODL group you are once again being forced to look away and HODL. 

I hate to say it to you but the low is POTENTIALLY quite a bit lower... on the techical charts...  Once again we have a story out that greedy facebook has its evil eye on LTC and that is a sign IF TRUE that they want to buy low. I'm thinking 100 a LTC coin in round numbers. 

 I am now looking for a capitulation move.. If so that is also when the big players who have been left out will enter en mass and all of a sudden cypto will be back in rally mode. I'm not that keen on attempting to buy a dip but then again if that opportunity comes forth  at say LTC 100... BTC 8000.. ETH 900.. Stellar 30 cents.. 


Stop and go

Lumens and ETH generated a ST buy signal in recent days but the trades were voided by yesterday's spilling over of fear factor from the tether controversy. ETH is still lead dog in a bigger picture looking at a daily chart which will be presented in today's technical charts. Maybe a lesson learned when the lead dog is lagging in positive signals it is time to tread lightly. 2018/01/31/tether-the-knot-in- the-market-string/

BTW if one is attempting to trade without stops you should go back to an investor mindset and HODL till the bull resumes. Trading crypto is a lot like trading options on stocks in the risk is always a 100% loss IF one does not bail when signaled to do so. A successful option trader can make a huge profit if only 50% of trades are correctly timed. 

 Considering the astro with the solar eclipse coming on the 14th a wait and see approach is warranted. Back in the old days an eclipse pair usually produced a low in stocks around the solar part of the pair. I do note my buddy Clif High who is sort of a crytp Gandalf wizard to a lot of younger people has been saying for weeks a next leg rally would be generated Feb 11th - 14th. Clif knows astrology is a huge part of shaping future events because we have had 100s of hours of discussion about it over almost 20 years. BTW I endorse him personally...  he in one of the really good guys out there. 


Spoos over a barrel

Looks to me the presnt is when to expect a correction.. Not a crash but it may feel like it. A 10%er now is about enough to stress out the system and would yellin dare to light the fire tomorrow?? 

The two trades in place now are stellar which is technically stopped out at a small loss and long ETH which is still in place. ETH is the most bullish chart of the major coins and if that gets stopped out too it is a sign that the compressed bands in BTC and LTC could be precursor to another drop. A "crisis" in the stock market may NOT be helpful to crytpo because it may be blamed and attacked as a patsy.. 

Yes risk managing in swing trading is a tedious process. The best traders are not always positioned right but they always cut a loss short. 


5G takeover?

The generals in the Whitehouse hate you and I for our freedoms.

This is or is not a good thing it is already a corporate takeover and if .gov takes over from them you can rest assured the dysfunctionality of the internet will be way worse than it is now. I think a "tell" is the behavior of crytpo overnight because the only way they can survive in current form is a free and open information highway. If this takeover comes to pass there will only backroads open to other than .gov approved transactions. In other words the nightmare scenario of gov issued and OWNED crypto forced on us peeps and huge tax on any other non approved transactions.. Russia comes out over the weekend and talked about a 13% transaction tax so there is that. 

The "other" portable asset class metals could become back in style about now.. That is the hedge as I see it so all you crypto millionaires might want to get on with stacking a hedge.  


ETH buy

Eth rose to above the compressed bollinger band overnight and is now the second crypto I follow to generate a buy.. BTC lags. 

The "story" behind the move is "Russians" deciding to consider using a crypto rubble. Eth has gained another significant slice of market cap and could very well surpass BTC in the not too distant future.  

The breakout in eth has a trailing stop to be moved up when appropriate. 


Steady as she goes

The only long trade in the crytpo I am coving is in stellar which generated a buy signal and did not trigger a stop on Friday placed not far below entry.. Another good rally day will allow that trade to become house money with the stop moved up to break even. 

ETH is stable just above the 89 period moving average and BTC is stable just below it. Meanwhile the bollinger bands on both are compressing and will give momentum on a break outside of that band either way. I'm of the opin that it will break out higher. BUT no signal yet on that. 

Considering the events of the last 60 days I would think that there are very few sellers that have not done so already. STRONG HANDS. 

The obvious attempts to deter people buying crypto with fiat are a sign of weakness on the stage of public opinion. It will be interesting to see how cryptos do if we have an actual correction soon in the now super overheated rally in US stock market. I have an astro day on February 11th of significance BTW.. 


The trade you dont make

The only long generated using my breakout method was stellar yesterday. As of this AM Stellar buy is sitting a small loss just above the stop on the trade. BTC and ETH did not generate a buy signal and both fell back to bear no go zone again and it pays to pay attention and not grasp at reasons to be aggressive. So far Stellar has not stopped out the long trade.. Odds favor it will. If so it is sit back and keep paying attention and avoid going in with less than a head of steam.. 

Small losses are part of the game.. Like a quarterback dumping the ball out of bounds rather than take a sack. 

The overnight selling was "caused" by an exchange in Japan shutting off withdrawals.. The exchanges have been and still are the weak link and will remain that way until there is some large player that acts as the last resort to make the exchanges less of a weakness. I hate to say it but it will take a part of the problem to solve the problem. 


From the astro page


NOTE.. the next long term slow planet aspects of significance to stocks/coins

Jupiter Uranus sesquisquares. 135 degrees
Jan 9th 2019.. June 6 2019.. Oct 14 2019

Jupiter square Neptune. 90 degrees
Jan 13 2019.. June 16 2019.. September 21 2019

Jupiter square Neptune = INFLATION
Jupiter 135 to Uranus = wild speculation

Just based on astro alone it appears the speculative energy at present now 1/25/2018 is rather tame in comparison to 2019. This peaks out an unreal speculation episode that often is seen in a hyperinflation episode. 

 After this set of Jupiter Uranus .. Jupiter Neptune  energy ending in 2019 then comes Saturn Pluto. Jupiter Pluto.. and Jupiter Saturn conjunctions from JANUARY 2020 until DECEMBER 2020... Think the last few years of Jimmy Carter with the fed slamming the brakes.. 


Stellar at bat

Stellar was.. stellar the last few days coming off a deep low and is the first crypto to generate a buy signal in a while.. Eth is close behind and BTC has lagged but is still positive looking.. Litecoin lagged badly and looks like it is still very out of favor. Be careful with LTC it may be it is being driven down while a big (hint facebook) player is accumulating on weakness. 

 I believe the next surge is going to be in coins that are capable of being used as payment systems. Stellar is similar to Ripple with less of a stink of bankster coin. 

 We will see soon like a day or two if Stellar has given a false start.. If trading keep a close stop.. If HODL then well then do your thing. 


USD daily

Not that talked about but the USD has been in a bear market since Jan 3rd 2017. This is part of the trump effect as the fed is unable to raise rates enough to control inflation and that problem will probably be the case for a while. This is the same sort of situation Jimmy Carter presided over. Eventually the fed slammed on the brakes late 70s and ST rates rose to 15%. 



Blue moon

The so called blue moon is a nothing burger in that it is two full moons in a single calendar month.. Big deal the roman calendar is not relevant to anything but is a work and holiday calendar for the serfs. The fact that there is a lunar eclipse on the 31st is in fact the only thing that is relevant. A high tide in emotional energy and the potential to see markets GET THE MESSAGE is how I see it. This eclipse lands at 11 Leo Aquarius.. I'm thinking maybe Hillary goes nuts.. Maybe the body they found in the yard of the Governors mansion a few days ago comes with some DNA of interest? 

That also lands on Trumps Pluto in Leo so that could be interesting.. Can he please twist some nuts harder? Pluto has relevance to nuclear issues too so maybe we should just focus on the congressional nuke thing outcome rather than N Korea. 


Dip buyers step up

Price in Crypto has dipped down to a point that it is tempting for some. Technically this is catch a falling knife but that does not mean t is a bad idea.. If you are good at that sort of thing. Getting a toe hold if your looking to get an entry now is at least a deep discount. 

Levels I like for a low are down at the 12/22 low and the 1/17 low. I still think there is a strong enough chance to see a low below that support so I pass personally. I like a continuation trade and conditions are the opposite right now. 

The lunar eclipse on 1/31 is an interesting spot on the timeline for seeing a turn date so take that into account. 

Alt trades include long gold for the long term.. Short S&P on such an out of bounds rally. 


Amazon exchange??

Something this way comes?

Rumors going around about litecoin recently regarding facebook too.. The domains Amazon are reported to have gotten do not say bitcoin which as far as a name will in the long run will be akin to the car brand EDSEL.. Sorry.. Bitcoin is not made for widespread use in commerce it is actually a store of value now. Once it begins to sink in market cap it will be a LOT like phiz gold and be held as an asset but not spent directly.. The alt coins like ripple and or stellar will be used for everyday transactions. 

When Amazon strikes with an announcement I think it will be one of the high speed transaction coins and not so much about bitcoin itself. 


Stellar reviews

I'm not just following Stellar because of the name.

IBM has hinted that it could use Stellar Lumens to process up to 60 percent of the “cross-border payments in the South Pacific’s retail foreign exchange corridors” which is estimated at around $1 billion monthly. Crypto enthusiasts believe that the entirely decentralized nature of Stellar, coupled with its nonprofit nature, positions the Altcoin for greatness and XLM could even surpass it’s more centralized counterpart, Ripple.

One to watch.. Not all alt coins are desirable. 


Charts updated

The 89 period moving average is working like a charm. Until prices are trading above that it is not time to be long. The pictures tell the story. 


Huge bounce

Cryptos bounce biggly off the crash low. Brave souls were awarded but I am not one to love the fade trade. I did get a continuation trade on a short in ETH on the crash wave off so I am happy to wait for a low risk entry on the long side that would be at least a few days away if it takes place. LOL I am going to be distracted this weekend and no reason to have risk on. The technical charts are updated in the charts page the AM. 


Off til Monday am

I have been posting a lot on weekends for a while. I am not going to do that every weekend and this one is going to be an off weekend. 

Time to for you to do some homework on learning technicals and being able to do your own charting so you can see what is going on in real time. TRADINGVIEW IS WHAT I USE FOR CHARTING RIGHT NOW. 

ALSO time to get into the demo acct and learn the ins and outs of the SimpleFX platform. 

Go Iggles. 


Getting technical

The platform to defend yourself exists see the banner on the left? . Great but you have to use it. 

This TA thing is like ancient knowledge now and is a lost art in the halls of banksterism They make money by cheating anyone who comes near them. Ahem 2000? 2008? Ya THAT WAY. 

I used to trade one min bars on the S&P contract. I did it that way because it was 95% leverage and was fighting the algos and criminals. Not an easy job and I had limited success because it was like sailing into a headwind of bullshit. The new trading places are different because you have CHOICE as what to hold an asset overnight. I am NOT going to want to be long crytpo if the technical situation does not warrant it so I might like oil or something else. Like right now. So you park in something that preserves wealth now and wait for a good low risk opportunity in crypto and dance away from their games. 

 I use TRADING VIEW CHARTS.. There is a free version to use but is a little limited and cluttered with ads.. Not quite as good as I am used to when I used wave 59 for trading spoos but good enough to give me the variable time frames I like. I use the $29 a month pro version. I like the 144 minute bar chart for crytpo because it slows down the signals enough to not be whipsawed. If you want to look inside a move more closely use an 8 minute bar chart using the same technical tools. 
I use a MACD set at 8.34.8 for overbought and oversold signals
I use bollinger bands set at 89 period with 1.6 and 2.6 standard deviation
I keep Elliott wave counts both preferred and alternates
I like gann fans to give a bit of definition to trends
I look for price levels supported by previous price action call PIVOTS. Or maybe best said as PRICE MAGNETS

I love astro but mostly use it to look forward and know when shit might happen. I do NOT make trading plans based only on astro. My job here is to know the technical stuff and the astro to lower the risk but there is still RISK. If you don't like risk go back to fiat prison where you will be a boiling frog with your purchasing power eroded and then you get a tax on the so called gains on top. 


Sitting ducks
1/16 2018

Got hosed over Monday night because you had no way to place a stop order on a long crypto trade? I figure many had that happen because the exchanges are a mess. 

 I found a way to deal with that problem recently and have been testing it. The new crypto exchanges are at best shitty as things stand. There is a way to improve on that and it has been around for at least 10 - 15 years if not longer. If you are an American you have been left out in a big way.. Just for your "safety" don't ya know.. However there is a work around if you work a bit <sarc>. Non Americans have a much easier time funding this acct directly with local fiat. 

Use this link to see what I am talking about. SimpleFX

If you are inside of the USD prison for your money, you have to fund the acct only with BTC and will get an anonymous wallet there to trade with. BTC in and BTC out as the base currency on cash out is the way that works. I like that idea as it is not taxable until converted to USD as best I can tell. If you are a brit you are already are familiar with this it is called spread betting. In the UK using a spread betting service means gains are NOT TAXABLE by law. Lucky them. 

This is NOT an exchange. It is a betting parlor but a very sophisticated one and this one has been around since 2014. Not only can you trade crypto there you can trade almost anything that is tradable too. Oil Euro US stocks and indexes plus all kinds of currency pairs. A lot of possibilities to be able to hedge against an event such as last night drop in crypto. Another thing you can do is use up to 500 to 1 leverage on some tradable instruments. Crypto is 3 to one leverage but that is as good as any exchange that deals in crypto. I have tested the ability to sell crypto short using the demo acct so it works. Trailing stops work and are drag and drop to change.. Take profit orders work too so you can bracket a trade and not have to sit and pay attention 24/7. This is a contracts for differences trading shop so they are able to do things that the crypto exchanges cannot seem to do. 

NOW is a perfect time to open an account which is FREE and start to play on it using a demo account to learn the ropes. There is no commission but there is a wider than most are used to spread between the bid and ask which is where the outfit makes it's cut. Kinda like the take a bookie gets on a point spread. 

PLEASE USE THE LINK ABOVE OR CLICK HERE ef57a5d7-731e-4655-915e- 3387fbcc83bf

Go there and sign up for the free account because we here at astroecon have an affiliate agreement which will benefit us down the road when you get the acct funded eventually and start to trade real money. We wont get credit for you signing up there unless you use the link !!!!.. If I can sign up some active traders I can avoid having to charge a subscription fee for the daily work I do here. Everyone wins then. 


ADDENDUM To the above post 1/17/18 AM

Ewave counts changed on the drop below the 12/22 2017 low. The situation is overall bearish in crypto. There is not a single one that has a low that appears in place yet and it is wait and see time now. HODL is now out of fashion. 

 The cryto exchanges ARE THE WEAK LINK and was why I was not interested in working with crypto until the CME offered Futures contracts. MR MARKET ENTERED THE ROOM. get to know him and he is a really fair dude and is not out to get you IF you do your work. 

NOTE the review of simpleFX

https://www.cryptocoinjudge. com/brokers/simplefx/



As noted on the home page a theft incident in Lumen yesterday resulted in a widespread sell off. The ETH long trade was indeed stopped out at a profit.. BTC and lumen did NOT trigger a buy signal yesterday so was not long those two so there is NO REASON to buy any crypto right here. Being patient almost always pays off. A drop below the 12/22 low on BTC could generate another sharp decline resulting in a bargain the next time BTC shows me a buy signal. Lumen I don't know yet it is part of an ecosystem of alt coins that may or may not be viable. 

As mentioned in the post on the home page I am getting ready to offer a way to trade crypto on a professional platform where hard stops and short selling is allowed. NO it is not in the USA.. 


Being stopped out at a profit

My personal style is to avoid dip buying and go for trades that are at least going in the  same direction I want according to my position. Dip buying is called FADING.. Or catching a falling knife. Dip buying is for heroes and heroes always want to be on the front lines and often become dead heroes. Hat tip to those who can do it consistently.

I like CONTINUATION TRADES. I also like to take what is given and step aside to neutral ..  maybe only being in a risk position a third of the time. One way to be a winner is to cut losses short and let winners run which is why using a trailing stop loss for a trade exit makes sense.. Once a trade has the trade a stop on it at break even..  it is playing with the house money. The recent trade on ETH posted on the chart page is a good example of letting a winner run as it is only how profitable now and not if profitable. Long at 775.. Stop now at the 89 MA and rising.. prices still above the trailing stop at 1220... Price as of this AM at 1280.. A drop to 1220 takes the trade off at 400 plus profit in just over two weeks. 



Eth has traded at a new high yesterday but did so with a divergence that is a warning to close out long positions if any decline goes below the 89 moving average on the 144 min bar chart. I am in favor of parking in something that is stable against the USD when the cryptos are not behaving in a technically bullish price pattern. Consider it an "everybody out of the pool" whistle blowing. Just move to the sidelines and wait for a low risk reentry.


Wish list

I have been wishing Americans could have a trading account that allows for easy positioning in various currency as well as crypto and gold for some time. Stay tuned it is going to be possible and I will give instructions soon here to make it possible.

You will be able to hold your balance in dollars or yen or numerous other currency including crypto outside of the jail; for your money called the US regulation company store. 



Eth bounces

The chart shows non divergence on the last high and a very clean bounce off the 89 period moving average.. The next rally in Eth is very likely to make a divergent high so longs may want to pay attention to the technicals. The other big cap coins BTC and LTC are in wait and see mode as far as any low risk long trade entry. 


Transits to BTC birth chart

As of the moment there are TWO lead dogs in crypto BTC and ETH. they seem to tag team a bit in minor moves but all seem to rise and fall with a tide of speculative energy. 

Saturn transited over BTC natal Pluto on December 22nd the exact day of the "crash" ... 

Saturn will transit over BTC natal Mars on Feb. 11th. Other transits on the 11th are a Venus return and Sun conjunct Natal Neptune. There is a transit to transit Mars sesquisquare Uranus as well that is accident prone and reckless energy. Moon Conjunct Saturn as well and that is a small window for a rather dramatic event that casts a pall over the collective emotional body. 

This is in between the lunar and solar eclipses and in the middle of the Korean Olympics... We have already witnessed international shenanigans during the Olympics many times before. This year seems even more prone to manifest something nasty. I would be very careful about over exposure to BTC and crypto around this time.. 

Keep in mind that this is like 1996 with the rollout of the WWW internet and I can tell you back then any thought of having a reliable web page was one day great the next dysfunctional. Right now is best used to watch and learn and keep low expectations. dabble.. Learn.. get set up with an acct if possible.. Trade if you must with chump change only and keep in mind that it was mid 1996 when web publishing became close to reliable. 


What's in your wallet

Or maybe better said.. what should be in your wallet.
I want a wallet that allows me to chose what currency I think is the most likely to hold it's purchasing value.

 I want a CHOICE.. be it USD or EUR or YEN or BTC or some another crypto or Phiz gold. I want to be able to switch currency within my wallet when and if I chose to for any length of time I choose. This is called COMPETITIVE CURRENCY

The original idea at Least from a public figure comes from RON PAUL. 

BTW he is key note speaker at Jeff Berwick anarchist convention in Acapulco in February. Tickets going fast.. If Paul has gone full anarchist we KNOW the end is near for the Fed run slave money USD ponzi.
 Sigh.. If only Paul had not been cheated out of the nomination in 2008. A libertarian thinks the system can be fixed by removing a lot of laws.. An anarchist thinks the system is broken beyond repair and needs to just go away. I think Paul making a showing at the convention says something. 


Alt BTC ewave count

The more bearish count on BTC is the current correction since the Dec high is an ABC where wave C soon completes and makes a new low below 10K..  an ABC type correction would be long term bearish indicator as it would signal technical types to expect longer term lower lows. 

BUT WAIT.. there is a much more bullish count that has the correction since dec highs tracing out only an ABCDE 4th wave correction which is close to completed soon at lows about where prices are currently with a screaming wave 5 climax rally tracing out in Feb or March to  highs well above the dec highs. Upside target in that case is BTC 22 to 25 K. 


Supporting argument is the behaviour of ETH which HAS INDEED already completed a truncated ABCDE and is already well into in a 5th wave blow out rally to new highs


Work ahead

I have some big plans here to make astroecon great again. I was in on the ground floor with the WWW back in 1996 and it took me a year or so to get to top site in astroecon  niche so I know it is not an overnight job to get to that. I do have help now my good friend Ellen is working with me as you can see in the resource page link above

The new currencies being mined and created now ALL HAVE A BIRTH DATE. It is not easy to verify the genesis block creation for some coins yet but we do know that BTC was JANUARY 3rd 2009 at 18:55 GMT so add 5 hours and you get 23:55 EST. By the way place of creation was unknown for BTC so we can just use the time and overlay that moment on the various time zones to determine the BTC energy locally. 

Born out of the ashes of the old fiat economy. BTC Birth chart is not the so called "best" energy and it would be in a human a person who was up against the machine and potentially in a fatal fight. Ahh But what of the spawn?? ... So far I see the coin Stella AKA Lumen as a very good chart that should rock and roll in massive spurts. I will post a chart soon on that coin. 


Eth rules

ETH has thrust higher overnight to hit 1200 and is the only m,ajor crypto that is still on a buy short term signal. BTC had a chance to break out of the bearish pattern post 12/22 but has failed to hold on to gains over the weekend so it is back to neutral as of this moment. 



I have been watching the action in Ripple and liking the way it trades BUT there is the stench of bankster on ripple that makes me inclined to shift attention to a better.. maybe more moral.. choice of low priced alt coin to watch. maybe click over to the chart page and take a look at stellar. You want action you got it in that one. 

Meanwhile both ETH and BTC are in rally mode and ETH is looking especially good. 


Spoos gone wild

Buy signal generated on 12/8/2016 at 2210 and still in effect
Stop on that long is at 2580 at the 89 day moving average. 

Nice gain yet it took 14 months to get a gain that crypto accomplished in a few weeks. 

GOLD WEEKLY waiting for a buy on a rise above 1350.


BTC gets a buy signal

Working its way out of the woods and looking a bit more unlikely to crash.. I would keep a short leash on a BTC long trade as the support pivot is mid 14500 area.. The other two ETH and XRP are still in the long trade and have developed new pivot support at a higher level than the buy signal.

Saw this vid last night .. well worth the time to watch.


Technical tip

The charts posted on the CHART PAGE link above are using the same signals as I used trading S&P and EUR back in the day. 
The time frame shown is 144 minute bars which is a slow timeframe but very effective in catching signals in a several weeks time horizon. Note I used to trade S&P using 1 minute bar charts with the same indicators shown in day trading. 

My preferred entry is on a break higher .. this is when prices are ALREADY moving in the direction I want.. This is NOT dip buying which is a far less profitable strategy. Low risk entry and small loses if wrong are KEY to staying alive in trading. 

There have been TWO buy signals in ETH since the beginning of December 2017. This is a buy signal when prices break above the upper 1.6 standard deviation band line based on the 89 period moving average. SEE CHART CLICK HERE


Ripple rips

There is a lot of controversy within the crypto community about the nature of the various coins. BTC is like the fundy version and has a bit of religion about it. BTC cash is like a heretic.. Ethereum is a Russian bad guy.. Ripple is the so called bankers coin. 

I really do not want to worry about that here. The coins I want to follow and trade in have technical patterns that make them MORE PREDICTABLE. They are have large participation and respond to astro as best I can say with the small sample size of historical data. BTC ETH and XRP is plenty to keep track of. 

Right now.... BTC is STILL IN A BEARISH LOOKING pre crash technical zone and will remain that way until it gets past the 14th without crashing ... OR if it follows ETH and XRP to higher ground and out of danger. 




The big three market caps crypto's are BTC ETH and XRP. What I am going to do on this new page is watch those 3 for signs of rotation because BTC is not necessarily the "best" crypto to be the basis for a new economic paradigm.   BOTH ETH and RIPPLE are better suited for widespread use.. The switch from BTC dominance into other more suitable for use coins is underway and I don't expect that is going to be smooth sailing. 

 As of today both ETH and XRP are breaking to new highs while BTC is STILL trapped in a bearish pre crash looking post high pattern... The 14th is very VERY significant to watch here if BTC is going to fall out of bed and out of first place in market cap in is not long till we see it. 


The 28 day rule


The traditional market back when it was not out of bounds due to central bank rigging displayed patterns that repeated ... and rules of thumb were there for those who were looking for them.
One of those is that AFTER a nosebleed high such as 1929 and 1987 the market would top and then go into a holding pattern below the high for 28 trading days before the impulse down wave would commence. That post 28 trading days rule after the high is the date the Dow started to crash in October 1929 and October 1987. 

Equity trades 5 days a week and crypto trades 7 so there is some compression when compared in trading days. In crypto trading days and calendar days are the same and the 28 day rule is the same as the lunar cycle. 


What will negate this pattern? A new high occurring before January 14th. 

The astro in the first two weeks of January is better for the bullish case in crypto than the second half of December was so there is HOPE that the bear pattern is broken and prices start to move above and beyond the old highs. IF NOT WATCH OUT BELOW.