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Starting March 1st I will post a new home page format for the month and move this February 2020  home page over to the archives. 

Looks like I am recovering enough to be sharp again
 The March astroecon updates should be more focus on short term swings and even intraday action
the over the horizon work out months and even years will be sprinkled into the daily updates  as usual. 
my goal is to get back to the formidable astroecon readers found useful for swing and intraday trades  during  the 1990s into 2013 period


February 2020 

What is Bobcat medicine?
Bobcat's keen eyesight, sensitive whiskers and tufted ears correlate to the psychic arts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and psychometric. Bobcat medicine helps us to see what others may be trying to hide, hear what is not being said and enable us to pick up on impressions.

the bobcat spirit animal came to me in 2010 I saw him bolt from my back yard being chased by two hounds.. lol he got away. I'm the bobcat on mount nebo now.  

 Mr Bobcat is still alive as of 2/13/ 2020
RIP Neil Peart my astro twin born the day before me in Sept 1952
Peart passed 1/7/2020. I came close that night myself. 

Neil spoke for both himself and me in the hitt song Today'sTom Sawyer

Catch the mist
Catch the myth
Catch the mystery
Catch the drift

The world IS, the world IS
Love and life are deep
Maybe as his skies are wide

As of now February 2020

The site is still lacking the usual features while I physically recover enough from the medical ordeal I experienced since January 2019
 I am lucky to be alive. 

I am on a comeback path finally as of today 2/3/2020 and intend to become a force of nature again. The political shit storm in March of 2020 will lead to an astounding change with my focus on patriots day April19th 2020. That historic April day in 1776 was when Paul Revere rode through town warning the redcoats are coming which lead to the first shot of the revolution heard around the world

A modern 2020 version of the story would have revere yelling the communists are coming. 


 The year ahead was posted Dec 2019 

 I am starting to post some technical charts again 

new feature astro charts of interest


first posts of 2020
 scroll down for all of the Feb. posts starting on 2/4


political violence is the theme of 2020

big picture regarding the corona plague|

I am posting the most interesting links some sent in by readers


weekend update 
2/29 - 3/1

first post 2/28 5 pm est

The rally on 2/28 into the close I was hoping to see was lame  but the daily spy chart showed a big green candle off the low. The nyse scared off any potential bulls with an announcement at 9 am about a drill on a floor closure due to covid -19 on March 7th. I'm  thinking Monday 3/2 is an inside day staying inside the range of Friday 2/28

the below in green was posted here 2/6
 I think I had a decent idea how to position for the last week crash well in advance. 

near term 

the moon will pass over the Saturn Pluto conjunction around 2/20 which should take the most luster off of gains. then Jupiter starts to transit over Saturn Pluto with a mars transit also over  the nasty Saturn Pluto would make 3/20. an attempt at trump life late in march which seems to be the at par Hillary play  oh and  bezos could be very active in the scenario I see he has late Capricorn natal sun. a power vacuum early march increases the chances of an April low around patriots day 4/19.  fibbos suggest swing low in the 2600 - 2500 support zone
 A low taking back all the trump gains at 2000 level is a much more likely for conclusion of a change of power in Whitehouse as a bear market  cycle low in a bear market that could be in place for even longer 
starting from highs today an out of the money  leap put trade today initial stop at 3350 could be the best low risk bet. . 

just saying what I see.
 Hillary and Pete the mayor ticket maybe with Hilary as VP on that ticket maybe Pete has a knowledge of an aids problem but wants to run anyway so is a easy way to shove Hillary into potus and be a hero. 

ok i finally got a decent relatively pain free sleep last night and like my  3 AM 2/6 post for a good start to my comeback to being the golden goose I used to be ONCE AGAIN . please remember who was year ahead of the curve on this one


I have to give Arch Crawford a hat tip he called for a crash move on 2/26-27 and did a fine job. This was not the so called big one I did not read exactly what he said I do my own work  but people told me a week ago he was calling  for a big very big crash for those dates .  Arch and I have been at this a long time so we both did well for our readership last week

A big hat tip to a few astute readers who took the leap trade  reco from 2/6 and cashed in nicely  on 2/27and they threw me a generous tip in the tip jar. THX GUYS!!
 If people use the tip jar it makes my job easier and allows me to improve everything. 

2/24 3:30 am update 
The es is off over 100 points from the high water mark 2/20 at 3386
as of 3 am 2/24 es has traded as low as 3277 overnight

The astro the rest of this week does not look constructive the moon will conjunct Venus on Thursday making a square to Pluto and then Saturn before the close if I had to pick a day for a low on es this week it looks like Thursday in regular trading hours. the Venus Pluto square  influence is stop running so there should be a good flush of stops.. more than likely the extreme low for the week is Thursday .. lol ppt boys get to work? moon Uranus conjunction before the es 8:30 am cst open probable rally stimulus for Friday as far as I can see now. 

 2/24 posted early on 2/23 at noon

real democracy requires a totally free and unfettered press

real prosperity in a free democracy requires totally free and unfettered markets

an informed public will bankrupt any corporation that does not serve the population interests

ok so what we have in the usa for a hundred years is a propaganda driven economy.  the truth movement I am still a part of is the antidote for propaganda. 

the oligarchs of today grew out of an environment of fed res debt money after 1913 replacing real intrinsic value currency with counterfeit fiat currency
an informed public will vote for what is in their true self  interest hence the ciaduh controls the media. 

example of a propaganda driven press creating a monster

the bush dynasty


Is covid 19 revenge for the gay plague of the 1980s. humm early 1980s a Jupiter Saturn Pluto triple conjunction like 2020. after aids spread hugely it was thought to be a bio weapon created in the usa to counter the sexual revolution of the 1960s which if it became  a world wide phenomena could have resulted in over population. 

green Luciferian movement came to be mainstream  in the 1980s
 over time matured into late 1990s with al gore and his climate change clown show


So odds favor the covid 19 outbreak was a bio weapon created in the usa and I have already pointed out a likely suspect in a position to create such a bug who admits to being a fan of depopulation
who would do such a thing? globalists who are depopulation advocates.

New moon in Pisces exact Sunday  as a wave of fear swept the globe due to South Korea and Italy outbreaks. This should be a minimum 14 day long period of angst over the virus

 Saturn and Pluto sit on the midheaven like vultures at the NY open 9:30 am 

astro chart of the 2/24 open

The support pivot at es 3000  is in play at any time. Be prepared the three legged stool of a market is unstable. Now or in April is one way or another to touch the pivot. 
 if one is going to day trade in this maelstrom  it would be wise to know some intraday astro

spy daily price chart




weekend update
 up at midnight working  on 2/23
Bernie does he have a chance? dob 9/8/1941

A Virgo sun moon in Aries. He has mercury in Libra so is good at consensus thinking and speaking. His Venus is in Libra. Men with Virgo sun and Venus in Libra very popular with women who perceive them to be good provider with boyish charm.. lol yours truly has the same sun Venus combo. I once got my hands on an interesting book written by a woman who rated men based on their sun sign /Venus sign, and Virgo sun/Venus Libra men was rated the number one good catch don't let that guy get away. humm explains his success as longest tenured congressman. He has sex appeal  also with his Venus in Libra opposed Mars in Aries. 

He has Saturn conjunct Uranus inside of a  two degree orb so "Huston we have a problem" This tells me if he gets elected and is inaugurated in jan 2021 the market is going to crash and the country will have to dig itself out of a depression. 

so based on personality and a perception of being a good person telling people what they want to hear yes he does have a chance and how great a chance is yet to be determined. WEe have some uncertainty who would Bernie be running against if the nutty dems and deep state succeed in destroying trump it makes Bernie much more electable. 


election day 11/3 2020

Uranus in Taurus. will he be anti fed and pro bit coin I doubt he would be pro gold but could be a catalyst for a gold bull move to all time highs . 

Venus in Libra close to Bernie's natal mercury,  and transit mercury at stationary direct after being retrograde for three weeks before election day with that station landing on Bernie's natal Venus,  these are two very strong Venus mercury factors major positives for him


 If sanders runs against trump it obviously favors trump just common sense but Bernie's NATAL Jupiter lands on trump natal Gemini sun meaning trump benefits from Bernie's presence. 

Maybe Bernie will become a hero who takes the democrat party back from Looney women Hillary Pelosi Warren and restores it to a more effective changer of policy more in line with we the people desire for economic fairness. He can do this even if he loses to trump in a fair election that is close enough to allow him to use considerable political capital to make America great again in real ways by working with trump and not against him. He could be a very positive influence of trump

So maybe a best case scenario is trump can lead the country out of what looks like a world wide depression already in the making  by having a by partisan congress making wise policy a habit .. 

So maybe I am looking at this election extremely positively  and why not. 

I think we real Americans need to visualize what we want.. We want America to be great in the ways the founders had in mind and a Bernie / trump cooperative form of governance  could be a best case scenario. Sink the deep state get rid of the monopolies and the oligarchs that come with them. Maybe we even get some public hangings of the criminals who stole trillions of we the people wealth for over 4 decades.  


lol no I am not taking happy pills tonight. 
 I did listen to this at midnight


You can have anything you want
You can drift, you can dream you can…walk on water 
anything you want 



2/22 post below

so this shows up on zero hedge

very interesting pictures in the link
this tells me there is dirt on a huge number of important people. 

so when we see this??

the mars transit ahead represents political mayhem
the mars transit over Jupiter Saturn and Pluto  is on the horizon now
 march 18 is the starting gun for a very rare astrological transit. one you will not see again in your lifetime. 

mars appears as a wrecking ball starting march 18 the end of mars transit over the triple conjunction  in on march 30th. and drum roll
who is left standing is the big question. 

the chart of this coming April 1st
a doosy


So the thought occurred to me we have a high probability of an April tech wreck
April 7th has mars applying square to Uranus. 
well this is accident prone aspect so wreck is good definition of this aspect that maxes out  about April 9th when the moon forms a T square early in the am

"the puke clean up on aisle 6" is moon transit over the triple conjunction on April 14 -16

oh and about patriots day Apil 19th
dazed and confused a sense of chaotic change with sun Uranus conjunction and new moon conjunction to Uranus April 22nd

the end of April mercury starts to square the triple conjunction. this  is like a wave of fear concluding with mercury  Saturn square and then mercury conjunction with Uranus on drum roll MAY DAY May 1st

I think by May 1st a sense of everything has changed is in the air.
possible the so called reset has occured

 humm a lot to think about
if the perception is the dems are a train wreck and the 

deep STATE a shambles
that is a trump big win if market lows during the end of April this could be a great low in equity markets with a strong rally lasting into September
retrace or new high then? time will tell 


 sums this period up



wow i feel so good about my productivity this weekend 2/22-23.. coming back to my old self   I just have to keep it up in spite of my disabled body I still have my mind thank god. 


 tip jar is at the top of page upper left column
















sun = mars/uranus today

this is a midpoint set also they are in aspect
mar is trine to Uranus and sun  is sextile to mars and Uranus 
 the new moon on 2/23 same aspect to mars and

this is independent energy so there could be a major shift in pubic opinion going on

Americans getting fed up with the left?
feels to me is a last chance to reject socialism and communism
let the public know there is a large majority involved    and this forces the dems to run a patriot ticket. lol who?  
 markets are slightly off as of this hour 5 am
most of yesterday drop was when moon was conjunct Saturn that is a bad moon rising energy lol

today not so much
 the new moon coming occurs with some positives telling me a high could be before month end

 must read link'

“The nation should applaud Mr. Zimmerman for taking a strong stand and pushing back against hack politicians like Buttigieg and Warren,” he continued, “who know no bounds of decency and frankly could obviously care less about whom they hurt in their quest to dishonesty use and manipulate black voters to win the 2020 Democrat presidential primary.”


2/20 5am

bezos feeling his oats

buy the most expensive house in the country and now asserting his political will

the mars Pluto Jupiter triple conjunction lands on his natal sun. he is going to throw his weight around. antagonist to trump. 


watching where the astro lands in powerful people is necessary to know what markets are going to look like down the road. 

sentiment today is don't worry be happy so prices should reflect this. 

mars Uranus trine is very strong today.. this energy is like driving a fast car, a risk on type of influence. 



2/19 update
correction delayed

Looks like the Jupiter Pluto mars triple conjunction mid late march is the point where a correction must get traction from a technical over thrust high based on fed money printing. 

I think most of the downside is going to be in April .  Mars and Saturn conjunction on march 31.  is one aspect i see on  non sustainable highs before hanging over an abys

2/19 update
correction delayed

Looks like the Jupiter Pluto mars triple conjunction mid late march is the point where a correction must get traction from a technical over thrust high based on fed money printing. 

I think most of the downside is going to be in April .  Mars and Saturn conjunction on march 31.  is one aspect i see on  non sustainable highs before hanging over an abys

Mars squared Uranus an accident waiting to happen. early April. 





2/18 update 
see astro chart in above link 

 Trump starts the Daytona 500 on 2/17 with "gentlemen start your engines" then a downpour stops the race.. humm symbolic?

2/18 NYopen merc Saturn semi square plus a moon mars conjunction 
as stated in 2/17 update odds favor a correction into march for more reasons than just one day of astro. 

batshit crazy?

seems so

so did china do it to itself? if it was not an accident then why? too many young males unnerves old men in power. here in the usa the old men promote the gay agenda may be for similar reasoning? turn young men into girly men. 

 oh and then again one thing that comes to mind is trade. created shortage of everything Chinese might come back in spades down the road in trade talks.  us economy drops huge and negative interest rates drive the usd down. china wins. 

as always look at whatever is going on and see who benefits. 

oh and appl has a head and shoulder look to it now and the plague seems to be hurting them so as appl goes so goes the market at least near term into mid march. could be a rough early April too if a bunch of taxes need to be paid eh? 

oh this  link is a must read for as long as it stays up and not censerd
Ithink trump is going to put smiley face on everything. Venus and Jupiter are squared and that is fat valuation astro. mercury is retro and semi squared Saturn . an aspect that tends toward worry. but also outright lying 

so move along nothing to see here. thinking is un patriotic 



looking at the Monday 9:30 am open in NY. see astrocharts link above
Uranus exact on the ascendant. Jupiter very close to the midheaven 
Venus squares Jupiter. mercury semi squares Saturn and is doing a retro station before retrograde motion lasting into march

looks like a rich valuation
this has a high probability to be a high in pre market hours before a few weeks of selling while mercury is retrograde.
 meanwhile Jupiter is applying to Pluto in a conjunction which should bring major political power into play mid march. 

 pre market items to read

the case for crypto is strong
as of 5 am est the mercury retro station in a semisquare to Saturn which is worry factor likely to linger canceling out the bullish technical of all time highs on spoos with Venus squared Jupiter fat valuation too good to not be a seller .
 downside potential is down to pivot support at 302 on the SPY

bitcoin up usd and other fiat money down could be reason to see the correction get traction 


Banzai back to work too he likes rock and too what a whoo..t



lest I forget to tell you 
mercury goes retrograde on Monday 2/17
mercury goes direct again on 3/11



what if?
 better read this link to the bottom


Considering the astrological situation  with a Saturn Pluto now and  a Saturn Uranus square in play into January February 2021 I saw the delayed election as a very probable election mess of biblical proportions from a mile away even from  last year.

Saturn enters Aquarius soon  Uranus is in early Taurus 
 a series of triggers is coming when Mars is conjunct Saturn in last days of March. 
then Mars squares Uranus April 7th
Saturn does a retro station backs up and does not get to the square to Uranus yet
 Saturn backs into Capricorn and joins Jupiter and Pluto in a very rare triple conjunction in July

  •  THE MMT TALK is not going to sit well with bond holders 


I'm going out on a limb here but Jupiter is working into  square to Uranus which is extremely speculative energy in September. I am thinking a screaming equity rally into about my birthday on the 13th  of Sept 
Jupiter stations direct that day. mercury squares Jupiter. 
could be an ideal  tradable high. 


 new moon in Virgo on the 16th
 bankster new years day . 

be prepared for the second half of this year which  is the wildest astro period I have ever seen and I have been doing this work since 1974

I think I am the ONLY astrologer qualified to deal with this complex astrological maelstrom. 
 So all you billionaires out there who need an astrologer would be wise to pay me a retainer NOW so I will be in tip top shape for this greatest of all time trading opportunity. I am waiting for a bidding war for my services to develop from now on especially  in May . 
Keep in mind I knew the exact date of the 2008 crash 5 years in advance

my pay pal is over in the left column
I need money NOW
impress me!!!


this song life during wartime is ultra relevant
 lol more like prophetic... this concert vid is from 1983 in the wake of the last triple conjunction of Jupiter Saturn and Pluto
this aint no fooling around
this link below a must watch too
berning down the house?



near term situational awareness 

 humm this cluster of technical conditions dead ahead  is reminding me of April of 2000. twin mini crashes destroyed the day trading fad in tech stocks that April.  

 humm the 2000 election was contested and came down to the supreme court in December.. hanging Chad  haha

oh and on the horizon

January of 2021on  the 18th the holy fuck moment of 
 a political train wreck


I want to gear up. I want to hire a personal assistant very qualified in astrology and trading and willing to put in the time necessary to take astroecon up to perfect tuned up performance and be an on site person I have  extremely nice accommodation to offer in a natural paradise with perfect weather once spring has come,  also i need  helpers to get some construction work done on the mount nebo homestead and get 100%ready for trading action like nothing seen ever before . Fortunes will be made and lost in the next 10 months .. I need a team to form around me 

Cant you feel it now that spring has come

teammates should be ready and willing to not leave anything in the locker room. 
 it could be a monster if we all pull together as a team lol. 

I was the highest paid astrologer in the world not too long ago for a reason. Between now and May I am going to see that status come back again. 

I am motivated like never before it was 19 years I set a goal to make fuck you money after the ex wife decided to turn on me and I did it . My family has been uncooperative this past last year being cheapskates with me. I am so ready to spike the football right in their face.  I was not kidding about billionaires needing an astrologer. The ones who don't think they need one will become millionaires which are a dime a dozen nowadays.  



2/14 post
fake Armageddon made for tee vee war
the last time Jupiter made a conjunction with the already conjunct Saturn Pluto  that nasty astro was the Iran Iraq war  early 1980s
millions died
Israel bombed Iraq nuke reactor a major event that I believe provoked the Iran Iraq war 


 I did some research on the Saturn Pluto conjunction cycle back then early 1980s in my spare time I had a very busy business going back then working 6 1/2 days a week  fixing appliances. I did this 12 hour a day plus astrological research to support a  family I I planned to have soon. 
I bought and built a 7000 dollar heath kit computer I needed to run the very first astro trading computer program  developed by  Astrolabe which was designed by Rob Hand and Bill Meridian. That program cost 2000 but  wow I had the very best tools to start my quest to prove astrology was the director of human history Nine thousand dollars was a lot of money in the early 1980s
 I used that computer program into thoughout the 1980s I probably spent 10,00 hours of my so called spare time using it. money and time well spent. Over the years the Astrolabe astro finance research program was the key to my being able to start the AstroEcon web site in 1996. There was simply nothing else but that program that could do the work. Hat tip to Rob Hand and Bill Serubi my  using it for over a decade made my career possible. 

 It took until 1999 for something better  to be developed . I got my hands on Wave 59 in 1999 to become my tool of choice.
 lol Wave 59 had an intraday astro tool I invented in 1998 after standing in the CME trading pit a few hours built right into it.  I proved it worked by hand in 98 and 99  posting intraday prediction  every day on astroecon 
Wave 59 cost me 100 a month to lease so I had to pay to use an automated version of my own invention. it was worth it I hit pay dirt in 2000 when Adam Smith of TheStreet .com gave me a huge endorsement  bringing in 300 new subscribers to AstroEcon  in one day. the biggest pay day of my life. 




I found a Saturn Pluto conjunction was  in 1914.  ww1 started soon after and the federal reserve made the war possible BY CREATING HUGE PILE OF FRN DEBT AND CALLED IT "MONEY"

 I found a Saturn Pluto conjunction in 1947 the so called cold war started because the atomic bomb was used a few years before. oh and the state of Israel became a reality 


This Turkey Syria thing is the made for tee veee fake Armageddon  I have been warning about this since 2001
all scripted to conform to biblical prophesy

I am seeing the strong possibility of this passion play  becoming a nuclear war. 
If that happens the fear will become so great it will be the NWO dream of world government come true. World government will be communist so be ready for that
 good bye freedom of speech good bye constitution. Everyone a debt slave. 


Oh looking at 1918 Spanish flu that killed 30 million
Saturn Neptune  conjunction 
 a Jupiter Pluto conjugation 

 Oh the new moon in Pisces in 1918 looks very similar  as the new moon  coming in march a month from now 

Pluto nailing the usa natal Pluto in 1918 
now we have same going on in 2020 . 

wish I could do more writing today the neuropathy pain just sitting here is stopping me from going further. I have been working since 3 am today  this post was at 6 am. 


 listening to this as I clean up my typos lol

skating away on the thin ice of the new day


ok just trying to understand why I am broke and in constant pain


what do want from me/





round trip? from 666 to 3333

as Spock would say fascinating. there has been a fun with numbers element to the market after 911 sort of like having the joker laugh at you

the mid January high on the Es was 33333 and this is when the covid plague started

snp is running slightly above the January high but not by much. 
 the astro going forward into mid march has Jupiter transiting into a conjunction to Pluto.
Mars is chasing Jupiter and will catch up on 3/24making it a triple conjunction that is violent as in WAR!!!
 big big big politics both domestic and geo

I think trump is a bit too full of himself he must be humming that song all day long

one guy that is probably wanting  to wipe the smile off trumps face is Bezos who has the triple whammy Mars Jupiter Pluto astro land right on his natal sun 
 bezos has billions to use to meddle in the 2020 election. I expect some of that to start to go to work soon especially in March. 
 don't be surprised bezos may run for potus


 I want to be your sledgehammer

I will show for you will you show for me?

I want to be your sledgehammer
Why don't you call my name
You'd better call the sledgehammer
Put your mind at rest
I'm going to be-the sledgehammer
This can be my testimony
I'm your sledgehammer
Let there be no doubt about

I wonder how much I have to suffer to stay in a position to accomplish my life work. 
I have been butchered by surgeons and ripped the fuck off every time I have asked for help since the nightmare started in January 2019. This nightmare occurred at Jack Ruby memorial hospital in JPMorgantown WV.. a . gov dark site no doubt in my mind. i was butchered intentionally to shut me down. 

I have somehow recovered enough with almost zero assistance from friends and family since the day I escaped from Raleigh general hospital on my 67th birthday Friday the 13th of September they were going to butcher me again cut off my left toe so I ran on foot to escape. 

after that I had technology nightmare with only one post 
year ahead posted Dec 2019

my financial situation is dire I was ripped off by local drug addicts recently for what little i had left they took advantage of my disability . my home was ransacked they even stole  clothes.  my medicine to stop the pain and my one and only gun to defend myself i have owned it since 1981. my loss amounts to thousands. I consider them to be a threat to my life. their names William Jones and his brother David Jones from Oak Hill wv,


sadly I must consider leaving my home on Mount Nebo now that I continue to have my life threatened by doctors wanting to butcher me and now drug addicts robbing me blind 
very strange place here




bill gates interest in germs vaccine and virus has me thinking he might have something to do with corona virus. 

his chart 10/28 1955  he is a known depopulation advocate his transits right now indicate he could be batshit crazy enough now to do his culling the herd thing.

here is a buddy take on this

 I regularly communicate with him.. the thought about bill gates I noted below came to me as a self evident truth a day or two ago I see others see it as well. 
 the green luciferian mindset is humans are destructive, over populating and need to be exterminated in large numbers. 

msft just made an all time high yesterday. apple has stumbled badly recently so there is always footprints in markets to look at to see who does this or that with what  purpose . 
I also noted in private communication with close comrades mid January I saw a biblical war in (heaven ) cyberspace going on right in my office  between Microsoft and google as I was trying to retool .  so GOG and MAGOG revelation theatre was obvious to me almost exactly the day the outbreak started. 

Saturn Pluto conjunction was very near exact also mid January add in the mars square to Neptune the pandemic was on time getting started wow that was a very toxic astro mixture. 

Jupiter is ridding into town  passing over Saturn and Pluto soon in march so I expect him to make things a bit better as an antidote to the plague will be believed possible.  

I think this particular episode of pandemic panic theatre is going to have intermission in March when it is convenient to the ptb.. they are all in by then with preps and fascist rules and protocols all ready for the big show to come . new fema camps etc. 
they want a Chinese style of governance so watch "them' to see where we here in the old country formally USA are headed for   ahem.. all should pay attention and prep now.  

 a variant co-v of some kind  is going to be an election stopper in November  if the "wrong" candidate is a shoe in. 
haha a new online only election vote easily hacked after a delay is how that would play out 


haha so much for me being silent


glad to report some improvement
sometimes it is best not to say too much and let things stand and allow universe to catch up to the manifestation of dreams in progress

haha Peter Gabriel quote from Solsbury hill

 to keep in silence I resigned 
my friends would think I was a nut turning water into wine 
but open doors would soon be shut

nuf said for today
I do expect to come back full steam in due time. 

Saturn enters Aquarius mid march i think this change favors the leftist consider Saturn is co ruler of Aquarius 
i think in terms of this morphing into a mega nanny state where Saturn control limits personal freedom as that is outside of collectivist interest. the style of governance ahead is a collectivist oligarchy. a lot like china is today. 

the shit hits the fan  in march and comes on strong with mars conjunctions to Jupiter and Pluto with the moon trigger also into the 18th.. the so called cultural revolution in china was an example of widespread political violence. the leftist fantasy of hunting down trump supporters could be in the mix. . 

 do you think the current stock market is going to react well to such a change? I don't 


2/8 weekend update

the 19 year cycle is in play for me personally. 19 years ago I had to face my once wonderful family breaking up and having to walk away from the 3 story solar house I built in the mid 1980s .. divorce in Pennsylvania in the 2000s was very punitive to the father in a divorce so in a way I am reliving a series of events in 2001 now in 2020. 


 I think it might be time to walk away from mount nebo. the horrendous medical situation I was put in a year ago is not improving as much as I expected. by now
im in severe pain and am disabled to an alarming degree I cant use my left hand my left leg  is bad I and am still suffering from the rube Goldberg bypass surgery I had jan 2019 with pain at disabling   levels.   This is requiring I use a cane which is  not a situation where getting ambitious makes sense. 

looking at the 19 year cycle I moved in late spring 2001 so i am considering it this year. where? I still  might talk to my doctor here to try to upgrade my existing place to be a one man assisted living place here if I can afford  to stay in my own home. 


meanwhile markets react to the virus news and that has proven to be related to Saturn Pluto conjunction.  If the virus remains a huge issue for the amount of time that  aspect is still in orb it is questionable if the political conventions of 2020 produce candidates in a democratic way. Install more like it. it could come down to electoral college and supreme court   like 2000. 


moon is opposed Saturn and Pluto today is negative moon which makes for a depressed mood. I know i am feeling it. markets usually will will sell of off with this type of astro especially  when the opposition is landing on asc or midheaven at exchange location. 

I took a close look at the aspects during the democratic convention my god you have only seen the tip of the ice berg. . a lot of this lands on jeff bezos who I believe is a power broker who will have much to do with the outcome of the convention. who needs Russians when he is around.


It stands to reason the dems will throw a fit soon leaving the possibility of a post stou decline in stocks into march - April open with lows around 2800 with mid march a timeline target. desperate need  to take the market down to hurt trump before has worked so think blood moon 
 so it seems a short late today 3/6 with a trailing stop is a nice opportunity on a reversal of the 666 low down at 3330 lows to possible bear bet of a long term trade plan  into late 2020 Jan 2021 with a potential for a nasty low on a perception of a communist president in 2021 taking the helm 

 near term 

the moon will pass over the Saturn Pluto conjunction around 2/20 which should take the most luster off of gains. then Jupiter starts to transit over Saturn Pluto with a mars transit also over  the nasty Saturn Pluto would make 3/20. an attempt at trump life late in march which seems to be the at par Hillary play  oh and  bezos could be very active in the scenario I see he has late Capricorn natal sun. a power vacuum early march increases the chances of an April low around patriots day 4/19.  fibbos suggest swing low in the 2600 - 2500 support zone
 A low taking back all the trump gains at 2000 level is a much more likely for conclusion of a change of power in Whitehouse as a bear market  cycle low in a bear market that could be in place for even longer  starting from highs today an out of the money  leap put trade today initial stop at 3350 could be the best low risk bet. . 

just saying what I see.
 Hillary and Pete the mayor ticket maybe with Hilary as VP on that ticket maybe Pete has a knowledge of an aids problem but wants to run anyway so is a easy way to shove Hillary into potus and be a hero. 

ok i finally got a decent relatively pain free sleep last night and like my  3 AM 2/6 post for a good start to my comeback to being the golden goose I used to be ONCE AGAIN . please remember who was year ahead of the curve on this one. 

seeing some reasons for a btc bull move with a target at 27 k is also a long term play. 

OH and hat tip to Neil Peart Ghost 
I saw a live version of limelight this am from a 1997 concert with an old refrigerator running on stage.. my spirit has been with Neil quite some time

ya cannot make this shit up hysterical
 great song I loved it back in the 1990s so maybe Neil and me are sense8 twins even now. 
full concert a keeper

I feel close enough to this astro twin I even share my 3d reality even though he is in spirit now


holy molly i get up at 2 am finally get done resetting many computers up to work at 4:30 am  and look at zero hedge.  my god what a shit storm already today

wtf is wrong with Pelosi? nickname the clapper

trump is getting ready to kick some leftist ass so get your popcorn 

lol markets are entertained by this and keep pushing for new highs.  

stay tuned things are a bit chaotic here on mount nebo.. doing my best to keep up with things. new computers and new situation with some of my creative projects getting traction here at club bob on mount nebo. 


The day after groundhog day


lol very funny

Dems have no caucus results, blame 'coding issue'... 
Tech firm started by Clinton campaign vets linked to debacle... 
DHS head claims Dems refused to let test app... 
Warned About Problems Last Week... 
Also set to be used in Nevada! 
Systemwide Disaster...
Delegates decided by coin flips... 
Party Hangs Up On Precinct Captain On Live TV... 
SILVER: Might Have Screwed Up Whole Nomination Process... 
Muddle adds new urgency to NH, as candidates race there... 


nice rally today too. 




This is a note addressed to those who have known me a long time. this  posting below was posted on astroecon after I was butchered the first time at UNC   hosp in chapel hill in may 2014. 

 This was written in 2014 when I withdrew from providing a service for a fee after the doctors at unc ruined my vascular system with a botched heart catheter. all my medical issues started then. 

It was 40 years ago that I made a commitment to financial astrology as a profession my way of making a lifetime contribution using my god given talents for the greater good.. I felt strongly even back in 1974 that the way to change the world for the better was to "own" the markets by getting in front of the evil bastards trades.... keep in mind this was back in the days of Dick Nixon.

It has been a long and sometimes exhilarating journey the last 40 years. I refuse to brag about my accomplishments because that part is not mine to judge.. I can say that I do know I was one of the most talented people who was in the field but have no idea how well I did in using that talent.. Did I do more harm than good by being so outspoken about how it works? Did I inadvertently help the "enemy" of mankind making my predictions public? I know for a fact that people in high places such as Soros were using my work in the late 1990s. I guess I will know the score when the moment comes when my heart is weighed against the feather of truth.

The past year has been a huge struggle.. Years (20) of sitting like a stature in front of a dozen screens for 14 hours a day watching what can only be called a horror show called NWO trading reality was a very unhealthy lifestyle. It took a toll and it appears that I am destined to die young.. I can look at my attitude even in my youth and say that it would still have been a conscious choice to be the best rather than live to past the age of old.

In mid March I suffered a minor stroke which made me unable to speak for a day...  I was not treated I just had to sit with it.. That was a wake up call which prompted me to leave Mount Nebo and head for civilization where medical treatment was not a 2 hour drive away.  A few weeks later before I had time to move yet I had what I now know was a heart attack which I had to sit through without any treatment.. Ironically it was exactly 40 years after the career start in early May 1974 that the big one happened only 2 weeks after I had finished moving.  It was VERY CLOSE.. If I had not been 5 minutes away from the best cardiac ICU in the country I would be dead now. . BTW I drove myself to the emergency room..

So it is obviously time to "hang up my cleats" and retire.. My condition is such now that I could drop over at any time so I figure I may as well enjoy the moments left.. I did my best to serve the future and now it is up to those that still have a future left to care as much as I did about it for 40 years.  And.. Those of you out there .. those who stood around and did nothing while I wore myself out...   you know who you are..  The day will come when your own heart will be weighed against the feather of truth..


Amused To Death... roger waters

Doctor Doctor what is wrong with me
This supermarket line is getting long
What is the half life of a color TV
What is the shelf life of a teenage queen
Ooh western woman
Ooh western girl
News hound sniffs the air
When Jessica Hahn goes down
He latches on to that symbol
Of detachment
Attracted by the peeling away of feeling
The celebrity of the abused shell the belle
Ooh western woman
Ooh western girl
And the children of Melrose
Strut their stuff
Is absolute zero cold enough
And out in the valley warm and clean
The little ones sit by their TV screens
No thoughts to think
No tears to cry
All sucked dry
Down to the very last breath
Bartender what is wrong with me
Why am I so out of breath
The captain said excuse me ma'am
This species has amused itself to death
Amused itself to death
Amused itself to death
We watched the tragedy unfold
We did as we were told
We bought and sold
It was the greatest show on earth
But then it was over
We ohhed and aahed
We drove our racing cars
We ate our last few jars of caviar
And somewhere out there in the stars
A keen-eyed look-out
Spied a flickering light
Our last hurrah
And when they found our shadows
Grouped around the TV sets
They ran down every lead
They repeated every test
They checked out all the data on their lists
And then the alien anthropologists
Admitted they were still perplexed
But on eliminating every other reason for our sad demise
They logged the only explanation left
This species has amused itself to death
No tears to cry no feelings left
This species has amused itself to death


does life imitate art or does art imitate life

Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s ‘great fear’: Aliens have been to Earth — and thought we were dumb

Astrophysicist and Cosmos host Neil DeGrasse Tyson told MSNBC host Chris Hayes that while it’s audacious enough for human beings to say they’re capable of defining intelligence, he would still like to know if there’s other intelligent beings in the universe.

“My great fear is that we’ve in fact been visited by intelligent aliens,” DeGrasse Tyson said to Hayes. “But they chose not to make contact, on the conclusion that there’s no sign of intelligent life on Earth. How’s that for measures of intelligence?”