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This year  ahead post was completed  mid Dec 2019 
I was disabled most of 2019 so this is IT for 2019


 The year ahead was posted Dec 2019 


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 here you find all sorts of subjects. rock and roll politics sports anything that is fun for me to rhitt about Sometimes I am funny too. 


lol where I am  coming from

my first moment of fame
 full front page story about me in the Philly Enquirer business section Oct 1999
 I did not stop working my appliance service company until early 2000
 working man did 30,000 service calls from 1980 till 2000 to support my wife and two daughters. I worked astroecon in my "spare" time from 1996 till 2000

my astro twin Neil Peart was busy playing drums from 1980 - 2000
 oh my Rush plays EVERY concert with appliances running on the stage as props when I first saw this I thought god was fucking with me.

I really am today's tom sawyer

I have proof astrology is the fabric of reality.. not bad for a hippy 
 washer  refrigerator repairman. 

a bit prophetic considering where are now



 I am told I resemble Rodney Dangerfeild I hope my humor is close too.

I am all in with rock and roll and will post my best finds on youtube to share I sugest you spend a few bucks to get ad free youtube premium

 I know my music
such a this one

when the music's over turn out the lights

lyrics version oh my



 so you are too young to understand or too old to  give a shit?

 educate yourself

there was a movement in the 60s and 70s that consisted of millions of good people working to see the age of Aquarius manifest in wide spread higher consciousness.

I was born within a half day of hall of frame drummer lyrist Neil Peart of the band Rush so Neil is my astro twin same planets and aspects
 I time markets Neil timed music I sit in front of a half circle of huge monitors not unlike a drum kit. 
btw on Jan 7 2020 I came close to passing myself on the same night Neil passed  I have had very serious health issues since 2014. 
I sincerely wish to earn a fraction of the respect Neil earned in my life's work by being a working man
 behold the best in the world

jazz too lol


 willow grove pa  my home town

 my astro twin Neil Peart wrote a hit song that captured the essence of growing up in the 60s and 70s in the mass production zone while  being groomed for success in the burbs

 a very long time reader of astroecon sent this on easter. omgf funny

The recession has hit everybody really hard.

My neighbor got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.

CEO's are now playing miniature golf.
 Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen.

A stripper was killed when her audience showered her with rolls of pennies while she danced.

I saw a Mormon with only one wife.

If the bank returns your check marked "Insufficient Funds," you call them and ask if they meant you or them.

McDonald's is selling the 1/4 ouncer.

Angelina Jolie adopted a child from America.

Parents in Beverly Hills fired their nannies and learned their children's names.

My cousin had an exorcism but couldn't afford to pay for it, and they re-possessed her!

A truckload of Americans was caught sneaking into Mexico.

A picture is now only worth 200 words.

The Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas is now managed by Somali pirates.

And, finally...

I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc., I called the Suicide Hotline. I got a call center in Pakistan, and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited, and asked if I could drive a truck.



Huston we have a troll problem
a bit of my history dealing with them 
3/13 2020

I started this site astroecon in January 1996 within  a few days of the www. internet which was released from the grip of AOL

the www. allowed freedom to expose the criminal mafia that consisted of three letter agencies in cahoots with financial crimes so large the average citizen thought it was just conspiracy theory.  By the end of 1996 several suspicious events likeTWA 800 were exposed as financial crime and market manipulation. 

 I spoke up and attracted the attention of the so called bad guys.   Mike Rivero started about the same time I did my first astroecon posts.  Mike suffered tremendous blowback for his work on Vince foster investigation. 

 The internet was new but the concept of TROLL was not new it emerged from within .gov from fans of east German Stasi spy on everyone social environment.

keep in mind who was in the Whitehouse in the 1990s. 
 I started to had run ins with human element trolls in 1998 and that continued  into the 1999 - 2000 y2k and the 2000 election. most of this came from people who wanted to be my friend. My associations often resulted in disruption of my performance.  I had several threats to shut down astroecon late 1999 if I did not retract something I wrote that were true

and then came 911.  those of us who were the core of what was the truth movement in the 1990s were not easily fooled by the propaganda and the obviously bungled execution of that false flag.  
 the stupidest conspiracy theory from 2001 till 2009 was official version of events on 911. so g w shrub  finally left but not until the 2008 crisis which stole trillions from the American people. His replacement Obama  who according to Joan Rivers was the first gay president and was married to a tranny. Poor joan died of a vocal cord injury within a very short time of blurting that out "truth"on teevee. Poor joan her doctor was a troll. 
 one of Obama first actions in 2009 was hire Cass Sunstien to disrupt the truth movement with a 10 billion dollars budget to hire hackers and human trolls to infiltrate any organization succeeding  to gain influence with estimates at the time at a 25% rate of infiltration. I was attacked within months by human trolls and hackers in 2009 and was forced to end a paid subscriber service to protect my customers from virus and started to write what I wanted here for  for free. In 2010 more human trolls  came along who tried to involve me in trading their bad money which I refused to do.. After my refusal almost all of my computers had hardware failures. a setback but I bought new better ones. 

2011 another troll wasted a lot of my time
2012 came along and sandy hook which was so poorly executed false flag I actually thought the truthers were going to win. Boston came along  in 2013 and that one was such a can of worms an obvious hoax a lot of heat was applied to prominent truthers like alex jones.

I move to chapel Hill nc in 2014 to get some healthcare and a month after I got insurance there ended up in hosp and was made broke as a result of shitty insurance plus my vascular system was damaged by surgeons  . When I lived in nc I had a guy befriend me who stank of cop. He was constantly playing with a gun when I was around him and he kept trying to get me to handle it and every time he visited my condo he would leave it laying around.  haha I refused to touch it even once  .  In fall of 2014 a false flag shooting occurred within a block or two from my condo which made me go humm. This incident made the news world wide.  I got rid of that guy from then on. 

2015 I moved back to my mt  nebo home to be a hermit.. during the 2015 - 2016 time period I minded my own business focused on less conspiracy and it seemed the troll problem was refocused on the crypto people during that time. 
My friend web bot clif dealt with an army of trolls

 2017 I had dental surgery and was repeatedly set back with a dysfunctional household and business problems . Then came 2019 and a stroke in January and then hideous vascular surgery at jack ruby memorial hospital in jp Morgantown wv  That left me disabled in hospital and landed me in a nursing home rehab until May 2019. Then on my birthday 9/13 2019 a Friday the troll doctors wanted to amputate my toe  but I escaped on foot. I barely made it to February 2020. I was hospitalized in Dec 2019 after being kidnapped from my bedroom by EMS but was allowed back home by my great country doctor and managed to survive the worst part of winter in January  to start writing astroecon again in February.  First week of February 2020 I had another encounter with human trolls that showed up from nowhere who ended up stealing significant money and anything not nailed down in my home. I wonder why that happened as soon as I got into writing again. 

As of this date of writing march 13 2020 I have a long way to go to become my old self.  The triple conjunction Jupiter Pluto Saturn has been transiting through my 1st house so pain and suffering is to be expected. 



special weekend astroecon update
3/7 - 3/8

A huge update this weekend be patient with it. 
lots of midnight oil burned doing this one. 

we are witness to the big shift of the ages. 

 The full moon  in Virgo on Monday is special. it lands exactly on 19 Virgo energized by sun conjunction to Neptune  19 Pisces on the most powerful spiritual axis in the zodiac

 Jupiter is sextile sun Neptune trine to moon in Virgo.  this is very musical energy considering my astro twins are hall of famers I decided to play that card this weekend
 indeed the magic is in the music and the music is in me

 If there ever was an astro alignment indicating the so called second coming is at hand this one is it.

probably important  day on Monday
note back when the music was born at woodstock  lsd was legal and many millions were able to find the god within. 

I am featuring some doors from back in the day. This song in particular. This one maybe got him murdered
The Spy 
Did this song cause the gov to start it's own psychic spying at SRI using Ingo Swann to find a way to accomplish it. ?

end of the night

This next song started an entire generation on the spiritual path to become the dawn of the age of Aquarius in the flesh in 1969 50 years ago
 Shaman's Blues

There will never be another one like you. There will never be another one who can do the things you do. Will you give another chance?, Will you try little try? Please stop and you remember we were together.
 Anyway, all right. And if you have a certain evening' you could lend to me, I'd give it all right back to you. Know how it has to be with you, I know your moods and your mind and your mind and your mind and your mind and your mind, and your mind and your mind. Will you stop and think and wonder just what you'll see out on the train yard? Nursin' penitentiary it's gone,
 I cry out long. Go ahead, brother. Did you stop to consider how it will feel cold grinded grizzly bear jaws hot on your heels
Do you often stop and whisper in Saturday's shore the whole world's a savior? Who could ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever ask for more? Do you remember?, 
Will you stop?, Will you stop the pain?
 There will never be another one like you. There will never be another one who can do the things you do. Will you give another chance?, Will you try little try? Please stop and you remember we were together. Anyway, all right. How you must of think and wondered how I must feel out on the meadows while you run the field?
 I'm alone for you, and I cry. Sweat, look at it, optical promise. You'll be dead and in hell before I'm born, sure thing. Brides maid, the only solution... Isn't it amazing

 oh and is this stanza revealing the fema quarantine camps out there on the timeline

Will you stop and think and wonder just what you'll see out on the train yard? Nursin' penitentiary it's gone,

the reference to bridesmaid

 from 1967
 the music is your special friend UNTIL THE END



the music is not over yet this section  below is from a musical event in 2016 simulcast to thousands of theaters around the world in perfect surround sound. historically good 

So the theme of this weekend update is rattle that lock loose those chains

ok those chains are? debt money

So go back to where we blew it? 
humm 1913 when money was created only as debt slavery

btw it is well worth the money to purchase the dvd to have at home It  is the very best concert film ever made recorded in dolby X  surround sound better than being there. My comment the first time I watched it on my super good audiophile home theatre with  sound up at live concert volume levels ... "IMPOSSIBLY GOOD"

indeed the ringing of the division bell has begun

one of these days
 19 year anniversary of 911 coming up

run like hell


oh ya sheep
 that's what you get for pretending the danger is not real. I have looked over Jordan and I have SEEN ..   
things are not what they seem

and the generals sat and the lines on the map moved from side to side

very good doc about dark side of the moon

 I was one of the privileged few thousand to see it played live for the very first time in philly in 1971  oh my




now that you are real

Part 1
Now you know that you are real,
Show your friends that you and me
Belong to the same world,
Turned on to the same word,
Have you heard?
Now you know that you are free,
Living all your life at ease.
Each day has its always,
A look down life's hallways, doorways,
To lead you there.
Part 2
Now you know how nice it feels,
Scatter good seed in the fields.
Life's ours for the making,
Eternity's waiting, waiting,
For you and me.
Now you know that you are real,
Show your friends that you and me
Belong to the same world,
Turned on to the same word,
Have you heard?
Have you heard?
Have you heard?
Have you heard?
Have you heard?






 I don't know if you are watching with delight like me seeing the dems implode

 they are berning down the house hahaha

I robot

imagine when the robots boss is AI 
 this is the future so who is AI boss/

artificial life form and sentient human creation.



the last time Jupiter Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in early 1980s

 this no party this aint no disco this aint no fooling around


 working man
my astro twin born 12 hours before me, Neil Peart, the worlds greatest drummer wrote this  song. My god he is astonishing and he gives me a hat tip by having appliances running on the stage every live show.  I was an appliance repair guy from 1980 to 2000 in that time I did 30 thousand service calls in suburban Philadelphia. I did astroecon too starting in 1996 I worked day and night and still do.
ya they call me a working man too!!


it is a miracle I am alive after suffering in Dr Frankenstein's dungeon at Jack Ruby Memorial hospital in j.p. Morgantown West Virgina. one year ago February 2019


 2/24  rant posted early on 2/23 at noon

real democracy requires a totally free and unfettered press

real prosperity in a free democracy requires totally free and unfettered markets

an informed public will bankrupt any corporation that does not serve the population interests

ok so what we have in the usa for a hundred years is a propaganda driven economy.  the truth movement I am still a part of is the antidote for propaganda. 

the oligarchs of today grew out of an environment of fed res debt money after 1913 replacing real intrinsic value currency with counterfeit fiat currency
an informed public will vote for what is in their true self  interest hence the ciaduh controls the media. 

example of a propaganda driven press creating a monster

the bush dynasty


Is covid 19 revenge for the gay plague of the 1980s. humm early 1980s a Jupiter Saturn Pluto triple conjunction like 2020. after aids spread hugely it was thought to be a bio weapon created in the usa to counter the sexual revolution of the 1960s which if it became  a world wide phenomena could have resulted in over population. 

green Luciferian movement came to be mainstream  in the 1980s
 over time matured into late 1990s with al gore and his climate change clown show


So odds favor the covid 19 outbreak was a bio weapon created in the usa and I have already pointed out a likely suspect in a position to create such a bug who admits to being a fan of depopulation
who would do such a thing? globalists who are depopulation advocates.

The support pivot at es 3000  is in play at any time. Be prepared the three legged stool of a market is unstable. Now or in April is one way or another to touch the pivot. 
 if one is going to day trade in this maelstrom  it would be wise to know some intraday astro

spy daily price chart




weekend astroecon  market update
 up at midnight working  on 2/23
Bernie does he have a chance? dob 9/8/1941

A Virgo sun moon in Aries. He has mercury in Libra so is good at consensus thinking and speaking. His Venus is in Libra. Men with Virgo sun and Venus in Libra very popular with women who perceive them to be good provider with boyish charm.. lol yours truly has the same sun Venus combo. I once got my hands on an interesting book written by a woman who rated men based on their sun sign /Venus sign, and Virgo sun/Venus Libra men was rated the number one good catch don't let that guy get away. humm explains his success as longest tenured congressman. He has sex appeal  also with his Venus in Libra opposed Mars in Aries. 

He has Saturn conjunct Uranus inside of a  two degree orb so "Huston we have a problem" This tells me if he gets elected and is inaugurated in jan 2021 the market is going to crash and the country will have to dig itself out of a depression. 

so based on personality and a perception of being a good person telling people what they want to hear yes he does have a chance and how great a chance is yet to be determined. WE have some uncertainty who would Bernie be running against if the nutty dems and deep state succeed in destroying trump it makes Bernie much more electable. 


election day 11/3 2020

Uranus in Taurus. will he be anti fed and pro bit coin I doubt bernie would be pro gold but could be a catalyst for a gold bull move to all time highs . 

Venus in Libra close to Bernie's natal mercury,  and transit mercury at stationary direct after being retrograde for three weeks before election day with that station landing on Bernie's natal Venus,  these are two very strong Venus mercury factors major positives for him


 If sanders runs against trump it obviously favors trump just common sense but Bernie's NATAL Jupiter lands on trump natal Gemini sun meaning trump benefits from Bernie's presence. 

Maybe Bernie will become a hero who takes the democrat party back from Looney women Hillary Pelosi Warren and restores it to a more effective changer of policy more in line with we the people desire for economic fairness. He can do this even if he loses to trump in a fair election that is close enough to allow him to use considerable political capital to make America great again in real ways by working with trump and not against him. He could be a very positive influence of trump

So maybe a best case scenario is trump can lead the country out of what looks like a world wide depression already in the making  in 2021 by having a by partisan congress making wise policy a habit .. 

So maybe I am looking at this election extremely positively  and why not. 

I think we real Americans need to visualize what we want.. We want America to be great in the ways the founders had in mind and a Bernie / trump cooperative form of governance  could be a best case scenario. Sink the deep state get rid of the monopolies and the oligarchs that come with them. Maybe we even get some public hangings of the criminals who stole trillions of we the people wealth for over 4 decades.  


lol no I am not taking happy pills tonight. 
 I did listen to this at midnight


You can have anything you want
You can drift, you can dream you can…walk on water 
anything you want 



2/22 post below

so this shows up on zero hedge

very interesting pictures in the link
this tells me there is dirt on a huge number of important people. 

so when will we see this??

the mars transit ahead at end of march 2020 represents political mayhem
the mars transit over Jupiter Saturn and Pluto  is on the horizon now
 march 18 is the starting gun for a very rare astrological transit. one you will not see again in your lifetime. 

mars appears as a wrecking ball starting march 18 the end of mars transit over the triple conjunction  in on march 30th. and drum roll
who is left standing is the big question. 

the chart of this coming April 1st
a doosy


So the thought occurred to me we have a high probability of an April tech wreck
April 7th has mars applying square to Uranus. 
well this is accident prone aspect so wreck is good definition of this aspect that maxes out  about April 9th when the moon forms a T square early in the am

"the puke clean up on aisle 6" is moon transit over the triple conjunction on April 14 -16

oh and about patriots day April 19th
dazed and confused a sense of chaotic change with sun Uranus conjunction and new moon conjunction to Uranus April 22nd

the end of April mercury starts to square the triple conjunction. this  is like a wave of fear concluding with mercury  Saturn square and then mercury conjunction with Uranus on drum roll MAY DAY May 1st

I think by May 1st a sense of everything has changed is in the air.
possible the so called reset has occurred

 humm a lot to think about
if the perception is the dems are a train wreck and the 

deep STATE a shambles
that is a trump big win if market lows during the end of April this could be a great low in equity markets with a strong rally lasting into September
retrace or new high then? time will tell 


 sums this period up



wow i feel so good about my productivity this weekend 2/22-23.. coming back to my old self   I just have to keep it up in spite of my disabled body I still have my mind thank god. 


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