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My first live interview since 2009

I live in bandwidth hell here in "the sticks". It was a miracle the low quality internet feed here was at least good enough to give a tiny window in the corner to see me speak.

Thank you to Robert Cosmar. 


Follow up Q&A on the interview

Robert Cosmar audience has submitted questions. I did give some specific information regarding the near term to a year ahead in the interview and these questions below are more generalized answers to bigger picture issues. Keep in mind I am just a guy. I don't know everything and I learn every day. My experience in high end derivative trading for 20 years has taught me you are only as good as your last call. If new information makes my old information obsolete I change my opinion. 


How can I prepare for the collapse
The definition of collapse is where to start. History rhymes it does not repeat. I am not sure what I see is even what is thought of as a collapse. Marty Armstrong has called this phase we are in now as the collapse of Government and that is taking shape right in front of our eyes. If so an individual can make choices to insulate themselves from a situation where CORPorations become more powerful than government. CORP is a dead person and these dead persons are now given the same rights as living beings over us due to the citizens united supreme court ruling about 10 years ago. Remember when Mitt Romney said "corporations are people too"? 

So simple things. Become as self sufficient as possible without going to extremes. Early preppers who went to extremes 20 years ago now have caches of food that have gone bad and generators that wont even start and rural hideaways that are a financial burden. I think Catherine Austin Fitts has a good site with sensible small community development ideas that make more sense than holding out with guns in some backwoods bunker in a standoff with economic refugees. KNOW YOUR Neighbors would be a start to locate like minded people who offer skills and camaraderie in tough times. 

Tell us your prediction on our future economy

I started astroecon in 1996 to present a white paper on a long period cycle of 70 years that I discovered in the 1980s involving Uranus passing over the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto. (now lost in numerous computer crashes over the decades) 

Rather than rewrite a 40 page white paper again I summarize. 
My prediction back then in the first astroecon post was the USA was reaching a long term peak military and economic power in 1996-1997 and over the next 70 years from that time would fall into a state of irrelevance in world affairs while eastern Asia would rise into the dominance position the USA had in 1997. We are approximately half way into that process now with the USA failing to gracefully give up dominance. In 1996 I was ridiculed for saying China would become the new dominating world power peaking in 2065.. 

So it is almost obvious where things are headed now in 2019. The problem with the USA refusing to give up world dominance is that when the cycle asserts its inevitable shift in power change becomes more sudden. The US military is being used to keep the US dollar as the world reserve currency and is only backed with military force post 1971 Nixon taking US off the gold standard. If military force fails to impose the USD on the world the pure fiat USD is going to reflect the lack of value versus the other currency taking its place and I think this is the essence of the decades ahead. 

I see the next few years as the tipping point in this process. For starters it appears to me we are going to have a semi communist government SOON very close to what is seen in China today. The white European population of the USA is being replaced already and those engineering this are being supported by globalists who want to destroy nation states with a global NEW WORLD ORDER . 

There is a sort of silver lining in the next decades ahead in that the American people will become used to the servitude to a foreign power and will refocus in DOMESTIC development during a long period of PEACE. During this time American ingenuity will become a leader in the blending together of quantum physics and ancient wisdom and it will amount to spiritual science that can take mankind to the stars. 

What should I begin to do now financially

For starters DO NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS. Being educated is not as easy as it once was 20 years ago but there are many brave men and women who are risking their lives to present truth in alt press. I think being educated is JOB ONE. Two sites I recommend are Zero Hedge and and you should make it a point to read those sites daily. Every source of information now is tainted by propaganda so discernment is required. 

Giving advice is very difficult because everyone has their own circumstances. Keeping debt levels low and having a hedge against USD devaluation of savings is self evident. Becoming at least moderately competent in technical analysis of the price charts of your holdings can go a long way to keeping your assets in the least dangerous places to store value. Your choices are limited and the casino doors have been locked to keep you in the game. 

In the post 2008 period the best hedges were precious metals and Crypto currency. Metals are still relatively low historically but if you did not hedge with crypto 5 years ago it is a tougher place to justify as safe in the moment. Bitcoin technology is without a doubt the future of money. I am very skeptical about the near future and what the blockchain is going to be used for and the words BLOCK and CHAIN are unpleasant saturnine words. Uranus moves into the money sign of Taurus this year for 7 years and this is likely to change the definition of "money" going forward. The question is only will electronic money be centralized or decentralized. 

How bad will the future financial situation be

Collectively the process is worse than for the individual person. People can be wise and step out of harms way. Voting is still possible.. so use that and be an educated voter. We need people who work for the American people and do not serve globalists. 

Worst case scenarios post 2020 run to an extreme we see in Venezuela now. But even there not everyone is in poverty. 

The issue of climate change is a huge factor. The SUN is the driver of climate change and the sun is behaving similar to the historical period called the mulder minimum so a colder climate is ahead. Carbon taxation is being pushed and in my view this is a globalist attempt to tax the population for breathing. I can see famine possible if they have their way. "They" have gone from hating you for your freedom to hating you for your breathing. 

The AI and robotics are going to destroy many jobs. Being in a field that requires creative and intuitive skills is a hedge against a jobless future. 

Can this situation with the economy be avoided

NO.. time passes and changes are part of the natural evolution on this planet. The fittest survive. 
The debt based currency we call money is actually counterfeit money. In the end money is what WE the people say it is.. Native Americans used wampum which worked for 1000s of years. Then came Europeans with their psychopathic tendencies and their gold based currency. Fiat money as we think of it today is just another form of wampum. 

Near term up until fall of 2019 the astrological matrix shows a tendency to BELIEVE things will be going  to go on as normal. After August of 2019 there is a switch to a strongly punitive economic contraction as the election process of 2020 kicks in with a Saturn Pluto conjunction. This is a massive debt bubble popping and any attempt to RESET in 2020 faces political gridlock. The next president takes office in January 2021 with a Saturn Uranus square and odds favor a long period of systemic problems after that. I cannot see Donald Trump as president for a 2nd term. I don't know the exact reason but there are some correlations between Trump and JFK that I find disturbing. 



Archives are posted in the left column