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My studies of ancient wisdom started in my late teens back in 1969 and moved into astrology in my early twenties. At first, I engaged in the role of an astrology teacher, yet I quickly grew frustrated with the overall lack of credibility astrology had with the general public. In 1974 I decided to use astrology in a more practical way where a scorecard would prove out the validity. What I found was a lack of information to learn from, so I began doing my own in-depth research. This was the old days with no computers or internet, only paper books and graphs. Over the next 20-year period, I was able to find astonishing proofs that not only markets, but the events in the wider world, are driven by astrological correspondences. Up until the early 1990s, I was satisfied with just being a good astrologer and the discovery process was a hobby of sorts. My interest in combining astrological findings with advanced technical analysis started in 1992 and this is what led to the creation of the web site.

By 1996, as I continued to post my market findings, I ultimately came to realize that I was identifying accurate timing events in the markets more keenly than most technical analysts had ever seen. Later that year, AstroEcon offered a paid market service for traders which was a leader in the field for five years up until I was hired by a London bank in 2001. The experience of working at the highest levels in investment banking was insightful. Yes, the bank made money from my work. Their merger in late 2005 with another institution resulted in my "heading for the hills" of the eastern USA in 2006. I turned back to begin another round of research from a place I considered to be safe and immune from the greatest dangers of the times. My experience from 2006 till present has been more as an observer. I saw clearly and wrote a great deal about the 2007-2011 crisis. I have also found out that telling the truth in public at times can elicit potent blowback from powerful places.

My near-term aims are two-fold. I will be working with some great people to raise awareness about astrology and how it really does work. I am resuming working with some select high-end traders who are interested in raising capital through their trading with the intention to plow profits into ventures that serve the future. I can say with all honesty that I will continue to do my best work for my clients. Traders armed with the right tools can profit and effect positive change.


       Astrological research began in 1974
Worked with top traders at the CME

5-year market analysis consultant with a top UK investment bank 2001-2006
-Political analyst from 2006-2019


       Detailed the astrological reasons why the USA was at peak empire in 1996, with China due to surpass the USA in dominance in 2011

       Developed an astrological intraday methodology in 1998 that is now incorporated in software programs such as Wave 59


       Called the NASDAQ late 1999 rally

       Called the election tie weeks before November 2000 including the weeks of delay in resolution

       Called the 2000 DOW high

       Called 911 months in advance

       Called the low in NASDAQ in October 2002

       Called the Iraq war low in March 2003

       Called for a 5-year rise in stocks from the 2002 low to the 2007 high

       Called for the unraveling starting in 2007 that lead to the 2008 crisis

       Gave great details on the events and conditions including massive criminal acts in the fall of 2008 years in advance

       Called the low in March 2009

       Called for a major crisis in mid-2010

       The August of 2011 crisis with a high probability of war during the period into early November

       A generational low in markets in 2011

       Detailed the Mayan shift date would be late October 2011 and NOT 12/21/2012

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