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1/16 2018

Got hosed over Monday night because you had no way to place a stop order on a long crypto trade? I figure many had that happen because the exchanges are a mess. 

 I found a way to deal with that problem recently and have been testing it. The new crypto exchanges are at best shitty as things stand. There is a way to improve on that and it has been around for at least 10 - 15 years if not longer. If you are an American you have been left out in a big way.. Just for your "safety" don't ya know.. However there is a work around if you work a bit <sarc>. Non Americans have a much easier time funding this acct directly with local fiat. 

Use this link to see what I am talking about. SimpleFX

https://simplefx.com/?sfx-r=  ef57a5d7-731e-4655-915e-  3387fbcc83bf

If you are inside of the USD prison for your money, you have to fund the acct only with BTC and will get an anonymous wallet there to trade with. BTC in and BTC out as the base currency on cash out is the way that works. I like that idea as it is not taxable until converted to USD as best I can tell. If you are a brit you are already are familiar with this it is called spread betting. In the UK using a spread betting service means gains are NOT TAXABLE by law. Lucky them. 

This is NOT an exchange. It is a betting parlor but a very sophisticated one and this one has been around since 2014. Not only can you trade crypto there you can trade almost anything that is tradable too. Oil Euro US stocks and indexes plus all kinds of currency pairs. A lot of possibilities to be able to hedge against an event such as last night drop in crypto. Another thing you can do is use up to 500 to 1 leverage on some tradable instruments. Crypto is 3 to one leverage but that is as good as any exchange that deals in crypto. I have tested the ability to sell crypto short using the demo acct so it works. Trailing stops work and are drag and drop to change.. Take profit orders work too so you can bracket a trade and not have to sit and pay attention 24/7. This is a contracts for differences trading shop so they are able to do things that the crypto exchanges cannot seem to do. 

NOW is a perfect time to open an account which is FREE and start to play on it using a demo account to learn the ropes. There is no commission but there is a wider than most are used to spread between the bid and ask which is where the outfit makes it's cut. Kinda like the take a bookie gets on a point spread. 

https://simplefx.com/?sfx-r=  ef57a5d7-731e-4655-915e-  3387fbcc83bf

Go there and sign up for the free account because we here at astroecon have an affiliate agreement which will benefit us down the road when you get the acct funded eventually and start to trade real money. We wont get credit for you signing up there unless you use the link !!!!.. If I can sign up some active traders I can avoid having to charge a subscription fee for the daily work I do here. Everyone wins then. 


ADDENDUM To the above post 1/17/18 AM

Ewave counts changed on the drop below the 12/22 2017 low. The situation is overall bearish in crypto. There is not a single one that has a low that appears in place yet and it is wait and see time now. HODL is now out of fashion. 

 The cryto exchanges ARE THE WEAK LINK and was why I was not interested in working with crypto until the CME offered Futures contracts. MR MARKET ENTERED THE ROOM. get to know him and he is a really fair dude and is not out to get you IF you do your work. 

NOTE the review of simpleFX

https://www.cryptocoinjudge.  com/brokers/simplefx/