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Uranus in Taurus

Robert Hitt


The planet of radical change moves from Aries into the money sign, Taurus, in May. Uranus stations and retrogrades back into Aries in November 2018 and moves back into Taurus in March of 2019. Uranus will stay in Taurus until 2027.  During the period between now and 2027, the theme of innovation will be in electronic money. Crypto is only PART of that equation because crypto is not just a decentralized block chained currency it is also un-mineable centralized fiat-based cryptocurrency. Buyer beware. 

I fully expect that SOON we will have announcements in major economies that cash in paper form is going to be phased out. That is going to force a LOT of cash money out of the stuffed mattress and from the drug lordsí stashes. I expect cash to be selling at a discount to cashless money because people will not want to take it due to inconvenience. Gold and silver, especially the US minted coins, are going to see huge premiums over spot. Counterfeit gold and silver coins with tungsten cores will be a problem, especially the so-called silver rounds not minted as US currency. Consider the experience in the Argentina currency crisis in 2000 as gold was only valued on the street at junk jewelry prices and numismatic value was not honored. I would say that the 1964 Kennedy silver half dollar with a still low premium is potentially the best coin to be usable as an everyday store of value if it comes to that. Privacy crypto coins will be an attempt to work around the surveillance state, but what good is a privacy coin if every phone and computer and even your refrigerator is spying on you? 

Want proof that this has been in the pipeline a long time? Notice the magic wand symbol? 

Looks like a VULTURE TO ME

There is a second "zodiac" that is the circle of stars that rotates the north pole stars by precession. The constellation CYGNUS, also known as a goose or swan, has great significance going back over 10,000 years maybe part of Gobekli Tepi artwork dating back to 11900 BC when the earth was shattered by a cataclysm. Hmm, a GOLDEN GOOSE or BLACK SWAN?  Or, maybe the vulture in the above pic. Cygnus_(constellation)



So, is there evidence of a long term multi-generational plan to enslave mankind by electronic means? Seems like it.      
Zbig Man called it technocracy. Patenting tyranny has been going on for a long time. DARPA is the lead dog in this. 
Is it the so called mark of the beast mentioned in the bible? Or, prophecy being made into reality by self-serving globalists? 2018/01/12/how-they-plan-to- control-everything-in-your- life/

Long article but worth the read. You humans are considered wet-ware. How quaint.