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Rewind to 2012 and look back at the new noon in Virgo on sept. 15/2012.
A LOT of planets were in the same signs  as they were at the  sept high in 1929. LOL I was all over it here on astroecon. 
As things worked out there was a huge set of important events associated with the 2012 new moon in Virgo. Uranus Pluto square exact. WOW


BiBi and the jets
remember this?


 I made fun of this cartoon performance here on the astroecon site  and got a very nasty anonymous phone call (a threat) a day later  geez they cant take a joke??


Oh and as I watched the market in 2012 it did start to trade the same way as 29 as far as the trading days COUNT after the high. I was watching for the STANDARD CRASH PATTERN for a major crash impulse wave down to come on or near the 28th trading day after the high AND  to culminate in a deep crash low on the 34th trading day AFTER THE HIGH.

Behold hurricane sandy enters the scene .. like a hurricane . 


Obama was going to lose to mitt zombie.  Hurricane Sandy was a monster at sea.  a geo engineered storm if I ever saw one. 

Sandy made landfall exactly on a full moon  not very far south of NYC and the easterly winds at 100 mph blew the ocean into the Hudson river and other waterways in Manhattan and flooded NYC and also the depository vaults holding trillions of paper wealth yes PAPER. So markets were closed for a few days for the emergency which just happened to be the 28th day after the high so the market dodged a bullet? After a few days of closed trading there was no crash move down but there was a few strong down days about the 29th - 33rdtrading day after the high when the markets opened back up. 

The post Sandy low came close to the 34th day after the high. Then the  market roared higher from the low.  A BIG RALLY. Helped Obama prospects a lot against Mitt The Twit and who can forget  gov. Christie groveling and giving New Jersey to Obama. 

oh and before I forget. The flooding of  the vaults ruined a few trillion in paper assets  bearer bonds they presumably were rehypothicated by the wave of a magic wand and a HUGE flood of liquidity hit the markets. BTW if you look the ultimate low right then it was post Sandy. A few days later the best bull run in decades that lasted into 2017..see what a trillion or two of  found money does for the bulls?  

Not to be "conspiracy Bob" again BUT I can't help myself. 
there is a lot of credible research done regarding 240 billion of US 20 year T bonds being counterfeited ( paper that is)  and put into the trading system on September 12 1981. humm 20 years exact before the two largest bond trading firms were hit with airplanes right in the office windows in WTC 1 And WTC2 on 911. Losing both titans of bonds caused Bush Jr to declare a special emergency clearing reg on bonds that lasted till the end of the week of 911. the counterfeit bonds were due to be cleared on 9/12/2001 because they were 20 year bonds lol. But as luck would have it the the phony bonds went right into the basement vaults  in the depository as good as gold. Oh and we know now that building 7 had almost all physical evidence of financial crimes for 20 years so the good luck for criminals came in 3s that day on 911.  Ok talk about luck how about the open door to the vaults where those paper bonds were laid to rest was opened " accidentally" during the flood turning everything into pulp lol all evidence disposed of courtesy of Sandy. 

So was Sandy a geo engineered hurricane? F'k if I know, but circumstantial evidence sure does look strange eh?I can say that I live many hundreds of miles inland from landfall and here at Mt Nebo, Sandy dropped 4 feet of we snow here in late October. yes FOUR FEET. Crushed homes and millions of trees with wet snow. Power out for 3 weeks 

well we have to go to cui bono and occams razor now so who benefits is kind of easy. OK if you think I am a conspiracy nut .  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gi9zFRBCIM


NEW MOON IN VIRGO A VERY BIG DEAL. I found out about that in the early 1990's when I started to study Chris Carolan's work. 


            The high before the 1929 crash was 9/3  on the exact day of the new moon in Virgo.

Mercury mars opposed to Uranus.  Uranus Pluto square just beginning  to get in orb and will become exact during the depression in the 1930s. The chart at the top of the page is the 9/15 NM in Virgo 2012. note in 2012 a Uranus square Pluto  is exact and that aspect was also exact landing in the middle of a depression like economy similar to during the early 1930s. Maybe Uranus squared Pluto is related to a communist takeover? Sure seemed it was a communist takeover in 2012  with 0bama and indeed it was also in 1930-1933 with FDR . 


NM in Virgo 1987 also within one day of the high before the crash. 

Uranus semisquared Pluto in 1987. humm The people of Iraq sure suffered a depression after the devastation of desert storm
A grand trine between the NM and Jupiter and Neptune in earth signs .  bubblein stocks based on a belief called portfolio insurance. LOL . oops. 

 on the exact day of the NM in Virgo in1987 ronny raygun declared sept 11 as a first responder day (Emergency day) honoring them  with a special day every year. https://www.politico.com/story/2018/08/26/this-day-in-politics-aug-26-1987-790830


 humm was 911 in the playbook already all the way back in 1987 14 years before the attack.  ya they had to do something clever about those 240 billion counterfeit bonds maturing on 9/12/2001.   the rabbit hole is very deep. 



sun mars conjunction sesquisquared pluto. this is a bit violent so heads up for an incident sunday night. 


The sun mars pluto hard aspect prevails into mid day Tuesday


Sun mars sesquisquared   still violence a factor plus Mercury sesquisquared Saturn still at 14 libra in a hard transit to the usa natal so no justice for you peeps

ditto for 8/29 markets still have a bullish bias for the day


pre NM not a bad day Jupiter Neptune square keeps the left in the hopey change mindset so lots of anti trump media even on a day nothing bad is happening 


COMING AT YA HERE IT IS this week is  New moon in Virgo

This date 8/30 has a great chance of being a surprise rally to a   higher high print before a crash like episode lasting until mid late September. 

conclusion for the week ahead
big day is Friday
this is a day to sell a rally or buy some puts .. expiry late sept and  a strike at or below august 6 low. My thought here is the left is organizing a market meltdown sort of like the blood moon vix meltdown so we shal see the strong rhyming with 87 and 29 is enough of a known to be a bit self fulfilling. lol dont get greedy play the hand you are dealt 


bonus reading assignment

Caitlin Johnstone rocks
If revolutionary change is to come, we must learn to tell a new story in language so beautiful, illuminating, and heart-rending that no one will listen to the lying words of child molesters, mass murderers, and those who hate and persecute truth tellers."

humm. comment on the above link
 I aspire to live up to the above. I think the truth rings true deep inside everyone. Years ago when Uranus went into Pisces I thought that a new drug would be used in a widespread trend that had a side effect that would make those who used it become psychic enough to have a huge boost in the functional bullshit detector they were born with which  was damaged by fluoride and other industrial byproducts. .. maybe we have a cure for third eye blindness condition many are suffering from.  Many don't know that  Ed Bernays was the man behind the introduction of fluoride into drinking water. humm to make it harder for consumers to "hear" the bullshitting in what is called advertising. Bernays was the father of propaganda (public relations) so it was HIM who was behind the current mind fuckery in  advertising as lies made plausible to those unaware. 

I've been writing about this week since May


Medusa vs Perseus
The election of Donald Trump was a recreation of the ancient myth

Note that in the myth trump should have turned the Clinton blackmail death machine ( gorgon stare) against the deep state. humm maybe it could turn out that way now that Epstein is "dead"


as I see it trump MUST get on with the swamp draining NOW and secure the border NOW. a perp walk for a swamp creature would be nice to see too. hey don release  Asange of the fear of extradition  NOW please he still has some dirt on Hilary. Maybe even let Snowden come home and Chelsea Manning could score you some fans on the left woke ones if "she" is freed  so cmon man.



50th anniversary 
no cell phones just fun
and ya I was there age 16 went by my self. 
I am proud to be a part of showing the world how to be gentle and happy no matter what. 



wooden ships




The Spirit of 69 still exists in the hearts of those of us among the living who were there. I feel like it is a lesson on what  true anarchic freedom is like. Everyone was allowing others to just be. as long as it was not hurting anyone. I guess it is the essence of freedom. 

nice museum. 
preserving the essence of a miracle






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