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Over on the right of this page is what I am willing to say. I am very aware that saying too much is more helpful to the bad guys than to the few good spirited traders left so COY is the way I write these days. 

My purpose here is of a spiritual nature now. I work for free and don't ask for anything other to for a reader consider what is posted here. I have done what I can to not be some sort of guru and do not like being pretentious if I can avoid it. I know my writing style is a bit "blunt" but I don't know any way to express myself but blunt so please forgive me. OH and I have a great need of an editor so forgive me for that too. 

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The year 2020


The year of the SEE er

seeing is teachable but requires abandoning of bias that fogs the crystal ball. Anyone who wants to be a SEEer needs to practice noticing self evident truth in so much of daily life.. In a way the day has many duhh moments with the proverbial light bulb  over one's head  the aha moments . 

I realized I could 'see' at a very young age. when I was 12 I had been in Sunday school since age 5 I knew that the Sunday school teacher was lying to me when I got scolded for asking questions about pantheism after reading the best seller STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND  
LOL ' "god does not want you to know about that"? Even at age 12 I took that statement as a direct challenge. I continued to push back so the teacher sat me down in front of the entire Sunday school and had them all pray for me.  They prayed I would take my vows and join the church which was expected of all 12 year old kids. lol I am thinking they want me to lie. 
OH MY I turned red as a tomato started to cry and walked out the door and walked 5 miles home ON FOOT.  I can count on my middle finger the number of times I went to church after that.


stranger in a strange land is about a man born on mars raised by Martians who had no belief system at all when he was rescued from Mars and taken back to earth he had full blown ESP.  I have lived outside of a belief system since I was 12.  so at age 19 I had studied metaphysics and then astrology as an empirical pursuit looking for proof. . People would love to say  to me I don't believe in astrology and I come back at that saying astrology is NOT a belief system it is how things here in 4D work.  Cycles everywhere all powered by the movement of the planets.  AS ABOVE SO BELOW astrology just works if mastery is accomplished by putting the 10,00 hours into it that is a requirement for mastering anything. 

I have talent I have the same astrological pedigree as Ingo Swann the father of remote viewing born 9/14/1933 exactly 19 years before me with the same Virgo sun and cancer moon. .  The way I do my work is I use a solar fire astro clock that I can run forward in time or backwards and go hour by hour so I can SEE into the chart what is in a particular time on the timeline.  Almost like I can remote view into a specific time ahead  SEEING the possibility field in a moment .  I also pay huge attention to the aspects order from one to the next that carries an energetic story line in the timeline.    one thing follows the next. I am specifically looking at 3 planet aspects like T squares for those pesky shit happens moments where the money is made or lost. 
BTW learn astrology FIRST before using it or even reading a good astro finance web site.   in the words of jimi back in the day 

Find yourself first
And then your tool
Find yourself first
Don't you be no fool

full lyric https://genius.com/Jimi-hendrix-message-of-love-lyrics

 best version live


 Don't try astro trading  at home trading it live unless you have good stop management skills and a sound technical methodology. astrology is NOT a stand alone trading methodology. astrology tells you when to look and when to ignore a technical signal.  oh and BTW I have issues with Gann.  I do like gann speed lines for projections. I like Elliott wave for psychological cues and fibbo levels. I use bollinger bands set at 89 period and 1.62 standard deviation for trade entry trigger and stop levels. 

                     personal situation awareness  regarding yours truly 
 over my career I have been quite open about this publicly as a disclosure about those times I could be less focused  and operating at less than 100%

So why am I not rich? trading from a position of weakness  sucks and going back to 2009 I was hacked in a way I thought was a threat to my customers so I went to the current mostly free format with no log in box   In 2014 medical fraud obamacare insurance ate up more after my heart issues  in 2014 than even my ex wife alimony cost me. soo I live on social security now age 67.  my human design type is heretic hermit.. lol I'm in the perfect place on mount Nebo for that dharma to be a lifestyle. 
After 2009 I attempted to work with few traders in real time  in a trading collective for a % of gains but I could have earned a better living as a walmart greeter. lol most traders who did not blow up after they first started live trading are in love with their own analysis and trying to fight through the bias that causes  is meh .. good luck. bye bye 14 hours a day at max stress is not healthy as I have come to grips with now as an old guy.  back in the days I was in the inner circle of high end banking there were times that  only a person under 40 was considered fit enough to handle the action. 

lol don't be insulted by my blunt way of saying things. just learn astrology. Then we can have an intelligent conversation. 



Astrological themes for 2020

  I know why..  we're crazy on a ship of fools.  
Bob Plant can speak for Bob Hitt


oh ya the lyrics are profound. 


Beneath a lover's moon I'm waiting
I am the pilot of the storms, adrift in pleasure I may drown
I built this ship it is my making
And furthermore, my self control, I can't rely on anymore

I know why
I know why

Crazy on a ship of fools

Turn this boat around, back to my loving ground
Oh, no, oh, no

Who claims that no man is an island?
While I land up in jeopardy, more distant from you by degrees
I walk this shore in isolation
And at my feet eternity draws ever sweeter plans for me

I know why


Hat tip to the brave truthers left standing who  continue to refuse to be gagged by those we cannot criticize.  


 this posted on the mt nebo blog regarding the year 2020. 


 the 19 year cycle
has us currently in post election 2000 when no one knew who won and the electoral college decided. 
 there is now uncertainty about trump remaining in office and it would not be surprise if the scotus rules on something in December to make this clear up a bit. 

equity market sold off in Jan 2001 and a lower low occurred in march of 2001 . a rally until may 2001 was last chance exit before 911 event which had obvious pricing in prior to the actual event.  the lowest low in 2001 was post 911 September. 

the way the aspects land in 2020 January and feb March like in 2001 would see some impulse down and also from a May high dropping into September lows like 2001. use this info as  a grain of salt template.. the bear action mid 2001 into 911 suggests fore knowledge.  Looking at the template above suggests trump is going to remain president and not be removed and also will be on the ballot. 
 there is also a chance of  neo911 event delaying the voting until an emergency has past.. In 2001 markets were closed for 5 trading days and if the event is cyber in nature there could be an E voting glitch. 
 in 2001 the war in Afghanistan began early well before Iraq. it was revealed  years later by benadir bhuto a few days before she was shot down in a parade that bin laden had died in December of 2001. I guess that was forbidden knowledge to reveal and it shows severe consequences for whistle blowers. 





 Saturn Pluto conjunction is the number one aspect for 2020 
 that one is strongest in January 2020 Saturn Pluto very strong early month around when a new congress is sworn in.  and lasts all month very close to exact end of month. freakin BRUTAL. imagine a mini age age freezing everything into a sub zero block of ice?

Saturn Uranus square in orb in spring 2020.  humm neo tech wreck  in play? INTERNET KILL SWITH BEING USED  AND THE GRID GOES DOWN LIKE A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY. . HUMM CRYPTO NOT LIKING THAT SHITE. 

oh and I get a strong notion the ECB is going to raise rates sharply in spring 2020. negative interest rates is something that could be a 2021 thing. 

 Jupiter Pluto conjunction EXACT APRIL 1ST.  Does god have a sense of humor?
this is huge political energy.  Primaries over and preps for the conventions so the dem debates around then should be comedy gold.  can I suggest stuttering john as moderator? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnrDJ_MtIOc

oh.. the second Jupiter conjunction with Pluto is very exact within 1 degree for election day 2020.  so also note that Mars is retro on election day and makes a direct station November 13th  at 15 Aries exactly opposed the USA natal Saturn at the tipping point of the scales.  15 Libra.   mars stays at 15 aries all the way till 11/24. Jupiter is exact to within a few minutes of arc in a conjunction to  Pluto also the 13th.  Can the supreme court dismiss the electoral college? we might find out. 

Jupiter is conjunct saturn on Dec 15.  Mars and Pluto in an approaching square  it is exact on dec 21 solstice. Jupiter Saturn hard aspects are rarely on exact turns of significance  so be smart shoppers on dips. Both Jupiter and Saturn move into early Aquarius on 12/25 ho ho ho. 


that covers most of what is appropriate to use from so far away. 




 the 19 year sun moon cycle of repeating zodiac degrees suggests it is wise to look at calendar year 2001 to see the wrinkles of time that year that are likely to repeat. 


 inauguration day 2001 featured Al gore sulking all day.  we got W just as the plan dictated. hard to say but if gore had been installed in 2001 rather than shrub the carbon taxation would already be a major drag on the world economy. 


 ya 911 would be something to pay attention to 19 years after first  911 also when the war started in Afghanistan  in 2001. 

 so 9/9 2020 has mars retro station in late Aries in a square to Saturn.  If I had to pick a day to see a repeat of sorts in 2020 that is the meanest aspect in the vicinity of 9/11 on the timeline. 


I will certainly be looking at every day in 2001 to see what the astro was and look forward  at 2020 to see if those calendar days have significant aspects defining similar events in 2020 daily details will be posted in the mount nebo  blog during next year depending on the tip jar. 


conclusions about 2020

brutal winter then a bear market wave one low in spring March April finishing off  a minor degree 5 wave sequence from a late 2019 high.   maybe winter last until May? Famine in the usa ? oh they want us to eat bugs and baby parts so no one will really starve.  CHINA CHEFS HAVE ALL KINDS OF DOG RECIPES TOO. 

battle of evermore

The apples turn to brown and black
The tyrant's face is red
Oh, war is the common cry
Pick up your swords and fly
The sky is filled with good and bad
Mortals never know, oh


LOL Al gore face is red? 

As of this writing I see that Trump has flubbed his mythicalrole as Perseus by letting medusa run away so history might not be so kind to him. My personal preference is the repubs run  a libertarian Rand Paul and Bill Weld ticket that could win outright no arguments . Someone has to step up and save us from the commies. 


you hold it till you need the value back out to pay bills. 
 If we have commies in charge  in 2021maybe the hyperinflation is out on the horizon 2021 2022. I think about it too would you trade a 1/10 oz gold penny for a juicy bug burger? no? then trade it for some Kennedy halfs the perfect spending money in a hyperinflation. 

  the post 2020 situation  

 February 2021 it this the actual start of the age of Aquarius. a stellium in Aquarius.  A Saturn square to Uranus suggests a systemic crisis confronts whoever the president is who is sworn in January 2021.  too early just now to say if trump wins. or is even on the ballot?  If he loses the odds favor a commie. god help us. nightmare scenario Bernie wins with AOC or Buttyguy as VP. Only Rand Paul can save us? 

Saturn Uranus square exact in Feb 2021.. tells me the market freaks out. even if Paul wins.  the end the Fed  message sent by a Paul decisive win in 2020 could be  a reason. 


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 message of love pretenders


lol the coming year  i focus myself on meaningful themes

Now the reason we're here
As man and woman
Is to love each other
Take care of each other
When love walks in the room
Everybody stand up
Oh it's good, good, good
Like brigitte bardot

Now look at the people
In the streets, in the bars
We are all of us in the gutter
But some of us are looking at the stars
Look round the room
Life is unkind
We fall but we keep gettin' up
Over and over and over and over and over and over...


best of luck in the year ahead.